The Time Traveler's Wife (2009) - Drama, Fantasy, Romance

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A Chicago librarian has a gene that causes him to involuntarily time travel, creating complications in his marriage.

IMDB: 7.1
Director: Robert Schwentke
Stars: Eric Bana, Rachel McAdams
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 49 out of 257 found boring (19.06%)

One-line Reviews (173)

No amount of crocodile tears and whining by the Time Traveler's Wife that her husband never spends enough time at home, can save this flick from devolving into what it is: a predictable soap opera.

A very boring clichéd movie thats all about time travel .

Based on the novel by Audrey Niffenegger about a librarian with a paranormal genetic disorder which allowed him to go back in time and build a romantic relationship with a woman,Clare Abshire,who will become his future wife,The Time Traveler's Wife which stars Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams provides us an entertaining and interesting romantic and dramatic film.

Cute but confusing .

I feel -- kind of -- all empty inside when you're -- not with me.

Had its problems, but I still enjoyed it.

I missed the part where he lost his foot due to falling asleep for 10 minutes; large parts of the film's dialogue is conducted in sleep inducing whispers which led me to feel that I had entered some kind of nightmarish lullaby.

Henry's random and unpredictable escapades are often dangerous, terrifying and sometimes life-threatening ordeals because he ends up buck-naked and starving in unknown places and times.

By making it about Clare and how her life is affected, you only see Henry's condition as a nuisance rather than a life-threatening affliction that could tear them apart forever, (I liked the very intriguing Joy Division cover at the wedding, pertaining to this fact).

Lovely to look at, with two gorgeous stars, but the story has so many flaws that it ultimately becomes pointless .

I might even go as far as to describe it as a film designed more for women, only I enjoyed it more than pretty much every woman who I know who's seen it!

However, the beginning of the movie starts predictably, and then enters 25 minutes of confusing the viewer, and by the time the romance gets going and the drama kicks in, you'll stop caring.

I was eager to buy into the exciting premise that Henry (Eric Bana) is spontaneously traveling to random points in time as I was relishing the boundless possibilities of how time lines can be affected and anticipation of an intricate plot.

It was fascinating how the author managed to string such a complicated plot together through time and space.

The director tries for a tone of poignant whimsy, but slow pacing and a Lifetime Movie-ish score (that hits the viewer over the head with the emotions she or he is supposed to feel) undermines his effort.

Rachel McAdams makes a stunning Claire, her scenes revolving around the pregnancy issues they have are completely believable and heartfelt.

While being somewhat poignant and touching, THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE is a largely contrived affair that telegraphs the emotional beats from miles away, robbing it of a great deal of the impact it otherwise could have had.

It is a bit confusing as to why he can be in the same place as two different versions of himself.

There are some fascinating scenes that are breakthroughs for time travel movies and it sets a new level of sophistication.

Utterly illogical yet fairly engaging .

Very Confusing...

Despite the fact that it is a typical chick flick and it does not have a refreshing nor an original fantasy romantic drama,both lead stars - Bana and McAdams - provide a great and compelling performance that the viewer becomes focused on their characters - Henry DeTamble and Clare DeTamble - being on a long-distance romance with respect to time and their actions to have a successful and fulfillment in their relationship.

The colors are rich and sharp, and the film has a haunting quality about it, with several twists and turns, some of which are predictable and others quite surprising.

If you find yourself walking out of a movie and pondering over it, i would say that it was most likely worth watching

Even though it's in the book the quote "Long ago, men went to sea, and women waited for them, standing on the edge of the water, scanning the horizon for the tiny ship.

Fate is fascinating in that it has the ability to negate your immediate first person experiences of freewill (Henry isn't able to make significant changes to history).

This time travel is something that he cannot control and it affects his life in an exciting and scary way.

Again, I'm not saying the movie was bad, I just think I would have enjoyed it much, much more if I hadn't read the book first.

The movie was so boring that I wrote out my shopping list to pass the time.

Directing was very confusing and the multiple 'flash-backs' are not helpful and only stops the viewer from the happy involvement suspension of belief'.

I found it confusing and unsatisfying.

The film follows Henry's story next to hers, with his parts broken into fragments and confusing time lines.

It presents many of the events of the novel, though many are left out as well, but it does so in a very bland "well here's what happened" sort of way.

Other than that, the two leads were solid and the movie is entertaining.

FINAL VERDICT: Too confusing for me.

Furthermore, Henry's appearances and disappearances are unpredictable.

Well if you want a touching romantic movie with fascinating time traveling aspects then this your film!

Eric Bana is dull and lifeless, he can rarely have given a worse performance or he wouldn't be in the position he is in today (reasonably successful I am lead to believe).. Rachel McAdams is pretty.. thats about it!

I had written this movie off as a "chick flick" and was dragged to see this by my wife as it her was her choice this week.

I was also amused and found it overall relatively enjoyable.

In all, a waste of my time and an awful waste of such good subject matter.

It created a lot of confusion for me.

Give it a watch, see if you enjoy yourself, but you might find yourself yawning.

This movie, however, solves the intriguing problem with one mindless broad stroke – you simply meet, talk and touch the other "you" as if it were two different persons.

Anyway, Traveller is a fantastic entertaining drama that is well told and the actors make the characters ever so much more likable.

His true love sits around with no real life, no friends, empty holidays, while waiting for an occasional visit from Mr. TT.

This is where I believe Schwentke makes a mistake, not taking full advantage of his actors, and giving the tale a narrative rhythm that, while enjoyable (with effort, I might add), is never comfortable for a viewer who wants to connect with what's happening on screen.

Overall, the movie has some significant directing and screen writing flaws but does make for an unpretentious and above-average romantic tragedy thanks to its two compelling leads.

Romance isn't a shocker, but the whole shebang is quite stunning.


Many said it was worth a look but I found it confusing and full of plot holes.

Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.

Still the confusion is a part of the experience- living life with a time traveler, or as a time traveler is confusing.

We both enjoyed it immensely.

Even knowing the story I did find this confusing at times, trying to figure out "when" Henry was supposed to be.

All of the turns are throughly predictable the chemistry between the leads is surprisingly generic and so are ther performances.

The most gripping aspect of the story is Claire's journey, not Henry's.

Other than that, the film's lousy, sloppy, borderline incoherent script and uninspired direction result in a dreary, messy, bore.

The whole concept was terrible and the film was just so boring to look at.

They are all so predictable and slow.

So regardless of some clumsy repetitive narrative loops and circular logic, McAdams and Bana make you care about their love story.

And Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams do play a likable role in this movie, even though their acting is at times dull and uncreative (which again I would not class as their own fault).

I'm happy that it stayed fairly true to its roots, and produced a stunning and genuinely moving picture, even for those who won't have read the book.

worst movie ever i watch!

Overall, this film was not a let down to a lover of the book, I enjoyed it as an extension of the story of Henry and Claire and found the emotions real and well developed.

This film is so confused, contrived, messy and improbable, that there is no evidence of anyone's having thought their way through the contradictions that riddle any time-travel plot.

simply waste of time!!

It is a good story full of emotion and you feel sympathetic towards both the man who has this disorder and his wife who has to try and get used to it, the special effects for the time travelling bits are clever, and overall it feels like a good tragic love story, I can agree it could have been better in places, but overall it is a relatively enjoyable romantic science-fiction drama.

This particular problem needed far more serious development to grab me, and I became bored with the continual scenes of how the three main characters (man, woman, their child) reacted to the appearances and disappearances since there's not much else happening in the movie.

A few scenes are genuinely romantic, constructed with tears that the camera emphasizes and a choice of original score (a fine work by Mychael Danna, in a film that is more connected with music than it seems to be) that, from the beginning, sets an intense and melancholic mood that the movie embraces with every image.

Waiting for Henry to return for Clare makes time run slower and when she is with him time seem to move by so very fast.

Yes, it's more of a romance "chick flick" but it's entertaining for either sex and, as a fantasy film, puts you elsewhere for a couple of hours of entertainment.

The nature of the time travel caused me a bit of confusion.

This movie was a definite tear-jerker even for me but really enjoyed it.

All in all, a film worth watching with the kids.

The entire film just becomes tedious as it becomes very predictable.

It wasn't even funny or witty, it was self-indulged in its gooey 'romantic' self and piled on the clichés and decided to be unreasonably confusing.

In the beginning of the film, the story starts off very contrived as Henry needs to explain his ability (or curse) or time travelling.

There is no arc to the story, which flat-lines for almost two hours of convoluted tedium, making me wonder how boring the book must be.

All in all, the film is totally confused and confusing; the makers don't appear to have thought anything through with even a semblance of logic and clearly have no real idea what they are trying to say.

Every so often there comes a movie so stupid, so revoltingly idiotic, so painfully dull, it pretty much affects your I.

Enjoyed it more than the book.

This film is dour, tedious and soul-less.

As far as time travelling love stories go this one was great and my gf and myself really enjoyed it and look forward to reading the book.

Mostly Dull With A Dash of Emotion .

The film flirts on the edge of Sci-fi which is quite interesting, especially if you try and imagine if that was your life.


The time paradoxes are at once fun, confusing, and for the people in the story, frustrating.

The book was a bit confusing at times because of its particular narrative structure and the movie inherits the same problem.

Bruce Joel Rubin mad the hint of "life's a hunt" to be understood by the book readers leaving the viewers to a yawn forcing boredom taking the best of them.

Sloppy, Dreary, Incoherent; Bana, as Ever, Is Fine .

There's random time traveling throughout the movie and the darn thing is still as predictable as a New York Knicks basketball season .

It's a fascinating and at-times FRUSTRATING experience for the characters, because they're never fully sure just when things may "change" for them & him (&, as he says, at times, he's in "competition" with HIMSELF).

People who are hoping for something dramatic and exciting, that is not what this film is about.

Curious premise, pointless story .

The movie is entertaining, and has attractive elements for fans of both sci-fi and romantic movies.

It was an interesting premise to see and i enjoyed it.

But it is a good story, and the actors are enjoyable to watch.

Lucky that, eh....? It is also hard to follow at times which version of himself is where and when.

Basically, if you haven't read the book and you're thinking of watching this, you'll need to be in the mood for a slow-moving love story with an incidental sc-fi element.

Confused, contrived, messy and totally improbable .

This one fails and falls with a dull thud.

Rather than having a plot with an overarching goal that drives the narrative forward, it's more just a series of events and somewhat contrived obstacles in a loving relationship that is doomed to end.

Also the book is very long with many key events and characters.

Unfortunately this movie is just too jumbled to be enjoyable.

A nude man appears, and they make a pact to meet thereafter, but the timing will be unpredictable.

There was no spontaneity to it, and it was extremely predictable.

Even though the film is thoroughly enjoyable, the constant skips back and forth through time are rather mind-boggling.

This challenging storyline has a script that actually manages to penetrate to the core or of commonplace time, and cracks open the real possibility of time as the literal fourth-dimension and as such, all the confusion, paradoxical, and yes implausible becomes a playfully dramatic, comedic, and sad movie, a fusion of science fiction with the real.

The film is a confusing mess and unless you've read the book, you'll find this film just plain annoying.

I will have to read the book since it will be different enough from the movie to be an enjoyable experience all by itself.


Instead, time travel elevates key moments in the story to focus your attention on the experience of a tragedy, made more intense the more it comes out of necessity.

When I entered this one, I thought it would be another Kate Hudson/Matthew McConaughey, Richard Gere/Julia Roberts,Diane Lane, wuvvy-duvvey-cutesy-wootsy boring predictable love movie.

I used to find time travel fascinating: being able to travel to the past and see what really happened during controversial historical episodes.

One more point BRAD PITT is the executive producer & I do hope he makes more films this enjoyable.

I did find it quite hard to engage with any of the characters and I did find it a little too drawn out at the end.

Of course, this can take a comical spin, as the "Back to the Future" classic did, and, well, for the better, because I have come to consider that comedy on such matters is more enjoyable and actually insightful.

" Even so, I would say that movie itself still is a compelling story, although in a typical Hollyweird style perhaps.

Only late in the story do unexpected complications bring enough richness to the proceedings for the film to come close to achieving its aim.

The tale can be confusing if the viewer is not willing to enter the realm of 'possible' and the main guide of the film seems to focus on the fact that whenever Henry time travels, he ends up in his new destination naked (there are many scenes of Eric Bana just searching for clothes).

) As for you potential viewers, do yourself a favor: Rather than waste a couple of dreary, lifeless hours viewing this film, go outside and count cracks in the sidewalk.

No matter how many whispery promises and jangly poetry-slam guitars, this has GOT to get tiresome after a point.

To sum up: a cute, sad and enjoyable film for those who like to be moved a bit.

"The Time Traveler's Wife" has no new insight with regards to time travel, but it does give a backdrop for an intense and touching love story.

And like I said I love fantasy films(depending on what they are) and yes folks I even liked Kate & Leopold too(another film that has time-travelling as their plot device) but this film was just dull and crap.

Among the negatives was few scenes that looked repetitive and few unexplained scenes like the one where Henry was beating a guy or the relationship between Henry and his father that came from nowhere...

The Time Traveler's Wife does have an intriguing premise and holds your interest to the end.

Also, whenever a movie about unexpected and random time travel becomes predictable, we have a serious problem on our hands.

) We focus on one aspect of this strange man's life: his intense life-long love for Clare.

"Anyway, I still enjoyed it.

Plot less for the first 30minutes, pointless for the remaining 90.

Thoroughly enjoyable, carefully and professionally made.

Nevertheless, the movie is rather enjoyable and entertaining.

Watchable, but silly and contrived .

It was tediously predictable and full of progressive Hollywood clichés.

The most intriguing part was placing yourself in -Henry's (Eric Bana) shoes and wondering how you would react if you were him.

They say love conquers but the time plot was simply too preposterous and confusing; if they have made it a farcical comedy, it might have worked.

Just avoid it, the movie sucks, and there's so much better out there and so many other superior ways to waste 107 minutes of your life.

I haven't walked out of a movie since the 1980's.

An Entertaining Romantic Drama .

In spite of this, Rachel McAdams is stunning.

They are basically happy, but Clare gets tired of his unexpected disappearance.

The key to a film like this is to do a good job with investing us in these people and their lives, or else it just becomes crazy empty time travel film.

In the end it's sad while somehow, ultimately, heart lifting and entertaining.

) It was certainly an enjoyable movie all the way through.

Also, confusing was why did his involuntary time travel take him back over and over to the field where little Clare played as she grew up?

One of the worst movies .

This film is definitely worth watching - and I would recommend it.

It's not a perfect film, but it is very entertaining and clever.

The story is strong and intriguing, I don't remember getting confused while watching the film, and the direction is good.

The movie started off a little confusing and Eric Bana seemed a little stiff in the lead role and i was worried this movie was going to be a big disappointment.

Fate is a fascinating topic in "The Time Traveler's Wife" and perhaps it's the idea (along with love) that holds the story together, giving it a heightened emotional feel for some viewers.

This movie was disappointing, not because of the two gorgeous, touching stars or the cinematography, but the story's fantasy premise has so many flaws, so many inconsistencies that it collapses, making the whole affair rather pointless, in my opinion.

But maybe if the actress was somebody else, it could be more enjoyable.

Henry and Clare certainly make an attractive, sexy couple, but they seem to be boring, ordinary people leading boring, ordinary lives.

Among of the most fascinating things in sci-fi is the paradox of time travel – what happens when you encounter yourself in a different time slot.

It would have been far more interesting to see Henry try to at least save his mother, rather than boringly stating that he couldn't.

But the way it is put together is so confusing.

.. a most enjoyable journey thru fantasy .

In many ways, this convoluted, disjointed, time-shifting movie might be considered an effort in futility and chaos.

The film was linear and predictable, at no point did I feel my emotions change.

(That's what makes the first third of "Somewhere in Time" so boring.

The script is rather uneven, there are times when it lacks drive, and the pacing is a little too slow in places.

I have read the book twice and really enjoyed it.

Sooner they get married, but the life of Clare becomes troubled with the successive unexpected travels of her beloved husband.

After the explaining is done, the story gets engaging and touching.

Apparently, they are not determined enough, and we are invited to witness the two argue and make up in repetitive misery and within the flawed function and logic of its time travel.

Thus, more of a balance of sentimental and exciting scenes.

So if you like romantic comedies, this one sure will be an enjoyable film for you.

It's breathtaking...

This film was just so enjoyable to me, it zipped by, felt like no time had gone by because of how engaged I was.

Boring and predictable .