The Tooth Fairy (2006) - Horror, Thriller

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Darcy Wagner and her ten-and-a-half-year-old daughter Pamela "Pammy" are heading to the bed and breakfast of her boyfriend Peter Campbell in the River Bend Road in Northern California. ...

IMDB: 4.5
Director: Chuck Bowman
Stars: Lochlyn Munro, Chandra West
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 5 out of 32 found boring (15.62%)

One-line Reviews (21)

The adult leads were also believable and therefore helped to keep the show entertaining.

The overt supernatural tones present here make for even more fun here with the presence of the ghostly children, the catering to the supernatural traditions and the rather extensive and involved rules that have to be followed to keep everything in line to follow-up on are all quite a bit of fun and really make for this being a rather enjoyable effort.

Even more so, the finale is where it really starts hitting it's stride with a multitude of frenetic chases, some intense stalking scenes and plenty of suspense and action mixed together into one wholesome, complete package that's quite entertaining.

The second half of the film improves slightly but even then it's hardly spectacular stuff, there are a few decent set-piece gore scenes but apart from that it's all very predictable & forgettable stuff.

This movie had a solid ending and I enjoyed it.

Good story, a sufficient amount of gore, interesting characters, and the requisite titties; all combine to make an enjoyable slasher film.

The film starts off with a small back story for the witch, or, more like a pointless introduction of two little kids who are going to go meet the tooth fairy in hopes of her giving them a shiny new bicycle for their tooth.

Worth watching to see how America like to try to scare you nowadays, IE not very much.

Highly enjoyable and better than expected .

On the plus side, there's some excessive gore at parts (including a fairly cool (yet painfully predictable)) woodchipper scene and a pretty vicious nailgun scene.

it's also slow and fairly predictable.

All in all an enjoyable night of movie watching.

Low expectations are needed, as I wouldn't class it as an success, but I found it be to marginally entertaining.

His pacing can slow up in parts and there's the odd and unnecessary slow-motion scene put in, but nonetheless it never gets too stodgy with something active occurring which made sure that I wasn't bored.

Worth watching with the missus.

But nevertheless the character provides the movie with all of its suspenseful moments, as well as its most brutal ones.

Fun and enjoyable for fans of this sub-genre of Horror, nothing exceptionally good or bad.

I mean in this movie a man gets killed and chopped in a wood-grinder to little bloody pieces and few minutes later the mother and the kid talk calmly at the table as nothing happened and drink coffee.

entertaining, and scary at some points.

The visuals range from fairly good to plain boring.

Therefore, I must have enjoyed it a lot more than the average viewer.