The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair (2018) - Crime, Drama

Hohum Score



A writer gets caught up in a murder investigation involving his mentor, an esteemed American author.

IMDB: 7.4
Stars: Patrick Dempsey, Ben Schnetzer
Length: 55 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 8 out of 58 found boring (13.79%)

One-line Reviews (24)

Great casting, thrilling story-line, unexpected plot twists, a must-see!

Bloated, pretentious, flavourless, you name it.

From the first one (dance in the rain) to the last , all scenes are so predictable.

But even if you dont find it as gripping one hopefully see the serie for what it is.

Also, the girl's disturbingly young age feels tediously predictable.

excellent - even if the first couple of episodes are a little slow .

So far I have really enjoyed it.

Hello boredom, clichés, inconsistencies .

But, this series has a little bit of everything: bad writing, bad direction, poor research and editing, lighting and photography is plastic and boring, poor production design, and even the costume design is pretty silly.

So slow, rubbish acting.

Parts that, most likely, are set for suspense continuously deliver boredom.

boring and predictable .

unpredictable !?!?!

The main character, played by Patrick Dempsey leads the viewer on an unexpected journey with many twists and turns.

Patrick Dempsey has never been that bad, looks like he swallowed tranquilizers, he's just dull, as the rest of the cast.

Bored bored bored.

With the intriguing who done it plot!

An exciting film to watch as it unfolds into a tale of terror.

The beautiful house in Maine, the successful NewYorker young author, (the fatty actor is unbearable) the lecture about Clinton, the ..I watched thr entire 1 episode.

However in my opinion, the story is completely absorbing and well written.

I'm so bored .

This series was intriguing and original...

The story was unpredictable and so well put together.

The production value seems really cheap, the acting is bad, the story has just been completely lost in a confusing muddle.