The Two Popes (2019) - Biography, Comedy, Drama

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Behind Vatican walls, the conservative Pope Benedict and the liberal future Pope Francis must find common ground to forge a new path for the Catholic Church.

IMDB: 7.7
Director: Fernando Meirelles
Stars: Anthony Hopkins, Jonathan Pryce
Length: 125 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 29 out of 350 found boring (8.28%)

One-line Reviews (157)

Engaging enough .

This film is a propaganda piece for Francis's left-wing ministry.

The locations are stunning and the cinematography is impeccable.

Finally, this movie proves that a simple, slow, engaging narrative with two exceptional actors can culminate in a pleasurable and thought-provoking movie.

Is this movie worth watching?

I thought it was confusing why the director made those choices.

Liberation Theology Propaganda .

With an intriguing, albeit simple approach to its source material, The Two Popes makes for a nice, lighthearted film that pertains to the significance of listening to other people's perspectives on the world around them and how it can end up being a positive influence on you.

If you like unrealistic, pro-marxist, open border propaganda with good acting this is the movie for you.

(Regardless if its accurate or propaganda.

The story itself was interesting but the film often had some slower moments because a lot of the conversations were not too interesting or leading to anything.

Catholic, Athiest, Hindu, or Church of Tom Cruise of Latter Day Scientologists, this move is worth watching.

The initial meeting between these two strong heads and their exchange of opinions and views were absolutely thrilling to hear.

This is a very enjoyable and interesting drama about Pope Benedict meeting the future Pope Francis before his resignation.

I'm glad I persevered as I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Stunning .

Absolutely fascinating performances .

In truth, I was expecting it to be dry & boring and expected to switch it off within a few minutes.

Filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick openly was saying how much he admires Polish filmmakers for their contribution to world cinema and as a master director he himself perfected this technic summing it up in my favorite quote: "If you really want to communicate something, even if it's just an emotion or an attitude, let alone an idea, the least effective and least enjoyable way is directly.

Wonderful Performances Make for an Entertaining Watch .

I did however struggle with the first 45 minutes but the next 1 hour 15min was riveting.

), the story is actually quite engaging and.

It is a very riveting movie with hidden messages to the world To be better.

What should be a dull and dry story about the direction of the Catholic church.

But in the end this was a very entertaining film which is surprising given the subject matter.

Amazing that Hollywood continues to pump out blatant propaganda.

The movie is enjoyable and instructive, I suggest you to eat pizza before or after it.

However, it also goes on for way too long, gets tedious during the second half, and finishes as a mediocre & forgettable biopic.

A thoroughly enjoyable match .

Propaganda .

I enjoyed it very much except for the subtitles.

Because it IS slow.

A fascinating movie about how these two Popes reached a solution that may salvage the Catholicism and make it finally be closer to their believers.

How to make an entertaining movie of two hours about a serious, conflicted and, excuse my holy French, most of the time boring subject as the Pope and catholic church?

Here is where you could see the magic of Anthony McCarten with his pen - the dialogues were snappy and punches both views strongly.

Hopkins and Pryce are fantastic and the Two Popes is worth the watch just for that itself.

Riveting .

Here is where you could see the magic of Anthony McCarten with his pen - the dialogues were snappy and punches both views strongly.

I enjoyed it.

It's funny, it's engaging and most importantly it's a masterclass in acting.

This was an absorbing biography inspiration of Popes Benedict (Anthony Hopkins) & Francis (Jonathan Pryce) .

The film is always compelling.

First Hit: Very engaging film about the Catholic Church's 2012 shift towards being more liberal.

You will be immersed in this film from the first minute to the last, many moving scenes which are beautifully played by Hopkins and Price.

The initial meeting between these two strong heads and their exchange of opinions and views were absolutely thrilling to hear.

Entirely fictionalised, but surprisingly entertaining and well-written, even though it maybe skirts the line of propaganda a little too closely.

Nice cinematography and editing but Zzzzz .

After all, I don't give a rat's ass about the British royal family either, but I thought "The Queen" was a fascinating character study.

CONS:-It's so freaking slow that I got bore in the first 10 minutes and after 40 minutes, I almost got sleep.

Similar style, slow and long, legendary actors, who became victims of their success and play essentially themselves, linear and simple story - memories and regrets of two old timers.

For a movie about two old religious guys talking to each other it's surprisingly colourful and dynamic (see the handheld camerawork, lively soundtrack, and bright and goofy end credits) but it's got dramatic weight too: the leads excel and the great and hefty dialogue is complemented by plenty of personal character moments and an intriguing look at papacy politics (superbly edited).

From acting to writing to directing, you will be hard pressed to find a more enjoyable way to spend two hours.

This is a compelling film worth watching.

Surprisingly entertaining and quite moving .

I personally like pope Francis, but it was extremely hard (and boring) for me to watch this film - it lacks any conflict.

When i sat down to watch it i thought it will be boring...

I particularly like the scene where the two popes talk in the garden, as it is intense.

She complained that it was slow, boring, that nothing happened, that it was just the two popes talking and that she already knew the end.


This is a really enjoyable thought provoking film with some beautiful scenes.

Their portrayal was utterly compelling and totally engaging throughout, pulling the viewer into a film is devoid of anything except intense thought provoking dialogue.

Sterling cinematography further enhances and complements the unique narrative style and riveting acting.

Great dialogue with stunning performance that fascinate and elevate the desire to become a Catholic.

I must admit I loved this picture extremely enjoyable film with great performances , Johnathan Pryce is magnificent Oscar worthy performance ,the directing and the writing are another powerful thing to add the dialogue is funny convincing and sincere

A very entertaining film.

Other than that, it is entertaining.

While I enjoyed the films overall attempt at this fascinating story, I found myself distracted at times at just how utterly underwhelming the film's overall cinematography, coming off as a lower budgeted film; I felt there was , at times, a real loss at intimacy.

Who would've thought a dialogue-heavy movie about popes could be so entertaining?

It is a movie worth watching as both protagonists are excellent in their roles.

Pretentious and boring.

The setting is the Holy See Has some moving moments, top notch performances and exhibits unexpected mundane moments and significative hobbies of both that shake the script

The result is that the film loses its balance and slides too far into the positive aspects, gaining a little air of propaganda in favor of the papacy and its servants.

He has been nominated for one directing Oscar (for "City of God"), and here he shows his ability to maintain both visual interest and intellectual fascination through two hours of what amounts to an intense, extended talk.

Being driven forwards by an engaging and thoughtful feel-good story & the highly enjoyable and amusing acting duo of Jonathan Pryce and Anthony Hopkins, "The Two Popes" deliver the heartfelt entertainment.

The Two Popes: Boring.

The filming is beautiful and the sets awe inspiring.

It is a very engaging film.

So fascinating and beautifully produced .

That's also due to a really great and engaging script.

The animated reaction over the exciting moments in the game is pure joy to watch.

It seems simple story but in fact it is a really fascinating story.

Also super fascinating was how the votes were sewn together with red yarn.

After a slow and bumpy opening, this move came together for me in a way I never expected.

The year is winding down but be sure to check out The Two Popes, its a film that is definitely worth watching for its introspective performances.

Huge swaths in Italian and Spanish make it hard to follow .

The cinematography made me raise an eyebrow once or twice, it's a bit bland at times.

This movie tells this exciting and unusual story of Pope Benedict's ascension after Pope John Paul II passed away and his subsequent resignation.

I was amazed how the filmmakers got access to the real-world locations and the cinematography was simply stunning.

The movie gets slow, feels too long, subtitles makes it hard to follow.

Also, the set of the re-created Sistine Chapel is breathtaking and accurate.

For supposedly two great theologians, there conversations on that topic are indeed just trite and shallow - no further depth to it than two adolescents testing their immature tongues around the topic.

A propaganda fantasy .

So how does The Two Popes keep from becoming a kind of long, boring Firing Line?

Very boring, nothing happens .

I'm no expert but i know what i like, and i was hoping that this was a good movie, the shoddy camera work makes this unwatchable and i hope this isnt a trend that other filmmakers would follow.

I enjoyed it and will recommend it to others .

Fascinating acting!

The performances were wonderful, the acting was top-notch, the music terrific, but was really took the cake was the absolutely stunning cinematography.

Really enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

Good movie, good acting but its propaganda to make the church look better in lights of recent cases.

Compelling dialogue, superb locations and definite oscar nomination for Jonathan Pryce.

The story between two opposing popes is presented so light, so elegant that ended with something truly unexpected.

Yawn .

This movie is pure propaganda for Liberation Theology and Marxist ideology.

Outstanding performances for a compelling drama .

It's not a good film , it is a beautifully written, perfectly acted film which really digs into the heart of the Catholic Church and makes it fascinating, moving and riveting.

Besides the director and the cast, it was also the sort of unexpected Golden Globe nomination for "The Two Popes" as the best motion picture (drama) that intrigued me.

Stunning film .

Thoroughly enjoyable film with two British actors at the top of their game.

Overall it's definitely flawed but it's definitely worth watching for Hopkins and Pryce alone and it just goes to show that at times Netflix does have decent content, if it's done by good directors and good actors.

how a dialogue-based movie could make me sooo immersed in it, i cried three times during the movie.

While The Two Popes has been touted as an in-depth conversation between two esteemed men of the church, a promotion that does not sound very promising, given the quality of the performances and the overall production, the film is surprisingly entertaining and quite moving.

And with intriguing camerawork by Meirelles (City of God), that gives the movie a documentary-like vibe, the film sucks you into the story without ever getting bored.

Much enjoyable.

And for a naturally slower-than-most film, the pacing of 'Popes' never feels off - it fits perfectly.

Both leads are incredible and the story is compelling and makes you want to watch more and more.

The performances by Pryce and Hopkins were exceptional - very humorous, and the subtleties of there characters made for a fascinating chemistry.

In the end the sights and sounds of these 2 acting giants bouncing off each other, including many a witty line, makes this is highly original and thoroughly entertaining experience.

The filming and sets are very beautiful with a recreated Sistine Chapel - very brightly illuminated and fascinating to look at.

This is a slow moving movie based on dialog and the acting.

Bad ratings and repetitive story-lines means a new character is shoehorned into the cast.

Flow-wise, for a biographical drama on such historical figures, I'd say it's more engaging than most people would expect it to be.

The scenario was pretty boring, the only thing that was pretty amazing was the performance of Anthony Hopkins!!

Simply stunning .

A riveting watch & delight from start to finish !

Does "The Two Popes" ever risk becoming boring?

The Two Popes is an engaging story about two people navigating the future of the Catholic Church .

Bur worth watching.

Apocrypha, perhaps, but entertaining nonetheless.

Well executed, terrible propaganda .

This was entertaining for me as someone who's somewhere between an atheist and a holly roller.

There are so many stunning moments in the film, I don't even know where to start.

Take the time to actually SLOW DOWN and want to change.

Needless to say, this film is a remarkably gripping and profound portrait of how the Catholic Church has evolved over the late-twentieth and early twenty-first century.

I'll be honest I saw what the film was about d expected it to be extremely dull if somewhat well acted at best but this took me by surprise it was thoroughly engaging and connected emotionally with a much greater ease than I expected.

Could certainly be a play, but there's such unexpected cinematic flair and genuine visual beauty only possible in the film forum.

The music is fantastic and the visuals are gorgeous, all accompanied by a riveting script.

I myself have great difficulty in accepting the palatial surroundings that support the Vatican and its occupants, even more difficulty in accepting the summer villas and the helicopter /jet transport, but then I realize that all of this is funded by voluntary donations from all over the world and I accept that the worshipers feel it is all justified in the cause of honoring The AlmightyA thought provoking movie, well worth watching.

Worth the watch just to see two phenomenal actors sparring at their best.

There's a stunning air of magic and enthusiasm present throughout the entirety of the film as Meirelles and his production team bring to life a series of visually stunning locations (highlights include a faithfully recreated version of the Sistine Chapel) that provide wonderful backdrops for Hopkins and Pryce to act around.

But in a nutshell this is a really boring and slow film during which hardly anything happens.

The Two Popes is a very soft narrative and at the same time a very compelling history.

Ignore the naysayers, it's worth the watch .

And enjoyed it greatly.

The time shifts were hard to follow at the being.

I enjoyed it very much.

Nevertheless, Fernando Meirelles has managed to create a highly enjoyable Netflix flick.

The writer's thoroughly imagined what each other would say and it was quite engaging and very well researched.

So intense acting!

Engaging perspective about recent events in the papacy of the Roman Catholic Church .

In all, The Two Popes is surprisingly engaging, being a film of more than just two old men talking.

THE TWO POPES (2019) English, Movie review, My rating : 3.5/5A dramatic, humane and humour-laced rendition of the dialogues between two wise geriatrics with opposite ideals that gives an engrossing movie watching experience.

It's so enjoyable to watch them act with a great sensitivity for their characters, depth and humour.

Heavy Handed Netflix Propaganda .

The movie becomes something witty and riveting in the hands of director Fernando Meirelles who shows the two men as human who have both made mistakes and have doubts about themselves.

The short verdict is: It's not an exceptional piece of cinema, but a relevant, feel-good and entertaining drama.

I am an atheist and enjoyed it.