The Ugly Truth (2009) - Comedy, Romance

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An uptight television producer takes control of a morning show segment on modern relationships hosted by a misogynistic man.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Robert Luketic
Stars: Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 50 out of 175 found boring (28.57%)

One-line Reviews (137)

I'm not the typical fan of romantic comedies (I'm male), and I thought that the movie was enjoyable, funny, entertaining, and not too stupid.

Now I liked this romantic comedy, it was cliché at times and if you seen the trailer for this movie the chances of you knowing how just about everything is going to go down is pretty high, but still it is ambiguous and entertaining romantic comedy.

Although you have your typical chick flick ending, there is some delightfully unpredictable comedy mixed in!

The ending unfortunately has them in a contrived scene involving a hot air balloon.

It was a predictable ending that I did not really enjoy as much as I would have if it was something that was not as classic in a romantic comedy.

The final step to bring the movie to its very predictable end, is that Abby must lose her dreams and Mike lose his pre-conceived notions and take a risk based on the feelings they have developed for each other.

Clichés may be especially annoying, but somehow with Heigl and Butler taking centre-stage, it becomes something of an enjoyable guilty pleasure.

The characters were so cliché'd that they just became caricatures, i never cared for any of them, i didn't care if they ended up together or not.

Towards the end of the movie, it gets really intense with those in the hot air balloon, where Abby, after having finally found out she's in love with Mike, is going on about how men are big chickens, while Mike is standing there, saying she's stupid not to realize that he loves her.

For those who wonder why Katherine Heigl's so-called movie career was such a bust might want to check out a tiresome 2009 comedy called The Ugly Truth.

However this does not make it dull, predictable and monotonous as some would think, Katherine and Gerard work in inharmonious harmony to create an attention-grabbing film keeping one entertained throughout.

Enjoyable film .

Together they form a duo that makes any shortcomings of the mannered and formulaic script fade into the background.

There are storytellers who give a very vague, uneventful image of men and women against each other and then there are those who go right for the throat.

Also the pacing is so sluggish, and with everything else so poor the whole film was a dull chore to sit through, and on top of all that with how some of the characters behave and treat each other here some of it felt sexist.

I have watched this several times and it is a ROM COM that follows a predictable formula.

This is honestly the worst movie I have seen in years.

It's nearly unwatchable.

None of it was there, no chemistry, no good acting, no script, no laughs.

It was not the best comedy I have ever seen, but it was highly enjoyable.

This is actually a very enjoyable movie, and at times (I'm thinking of the scene in the restaurant) it's downright hilarious.

Luketic obviously has a way of bringing out the best in a character and you just really relate and you feel like you know them and care about them making everything they do more entertaining and essentially more funny.

It's a romcom that ticks all the convention and cliché boxes, never once straining from the confines of the genre.

Uninteresting movie .

'The Ugly Truth' follows the similar storypath as other romantic comedies but this one has a doze of 'adultness' to it.

While there are some entertaining moments in it, mostly the movie relies too much on filthy language and unflattering sexual references for its "comedy.

Worth the watch due to Butler .

I am sure a lot of guys got dragged to this movie by their girlfriends.

To him, love is simply an intense form of lust.

This is a chick flick and i'm not usually one for chick flicks, but they added romance that i think actually had chemistry on screen and made the movie very enjoyable.

She gives a riveting performance, ending with a shocking twist.

The movie is predictable just because the characters don't act unusual - they act exactly as you would expect them to...

Well, besides being obvious and banal cinematically, it made me laugh … a lot actually.

A likable, but all-too-predictable battle of the sexes romantic comedy.

Like I said before, some of the jokes are good but most of them have been already done so they felt pretty bland.

That said, there are enough laugh-out-loud moments in this movie to make it relatively enjoyable as "chick flicks" go, even for the guys.

I do think I enjoyed it more than "The Proposal".

Sure, some of the subject matter and the language might prove offensive, but this guy-wants-gal, guy-loses-gal, and guy-gets-gal back is infectiously entertaining stuff without a mean-spirit to be found anywhere in its trim 96-minutes.

I am pretty sure Katherine Heigl attempted to hit herself with a brick several times after realizing she has done probably the worst movie in her career, and that's saying a lot.

Eric Winter is a somewhat likable, if a little bland love interest of Heigl's.

It is such a waste of money!

The ending to this movie, is predictable just by watching the trailer.

The script is incredibly unfunny and mean-spirited, and the story is predictable and hackneyed with an ending you can smell a mile off.

Sometimes a battle between the two sexes can be annoying and even offensive, but in this film the battle is fun and entertaining.

Also the formulaic story allows one to focus more on the scripting and acting, which IMO is where this movie truly shines.

It actually feels like I walked out of the theater with a breath of fresh air.

Yet thru it all in the end it's a growing experience as each polar opposite will find their true selves and discover unexpected love.

Still a movie worth watching!

As for Heigl's character, she was so predictable, literally boring and so clichéd I barely could watch her on the screen.

I enjoyed it a lot.

More unexpected than daring I would say.

The most enjoyable sequences were the ones with Butler and Heigl where their characters challenge one another with their polar opposite viewpoints, trying to prove the other wrong.

)drawn out conversational story that goes through so many people's reasoning about finding who's who and what works.

Obviously a knock-off of Meg Ryan's fake orgasm scene in "When Harry Meets Sally…", the most notoriously contrived episode involves a pair of electronic panties that cause her to writhe uncontrollably in front of her corporate sponsors.

But for a few laughs, this is worth watching.

Be it live action or in the form of anime, romantic comedies tend to be very mediocre IMO with only a handful that turn out really funny and enjoyable.

This, however, proved to be quite entertaining.

The storyline is a bit bland and the conclusion of the film happens before anything has really happened in the film.

;-)The film was thoroughly entertaining on a primal level as it only intended to be.

It is a funny, entertaining date flick.

A Predictable, Unbelievable Failure .

The ending is predictable and poorly matted on a hot-air balloon, and the denouement brings an unnecessarily cynical exclamation point to the whole venture.

Mike winds up coaching Abby all the way into her dream guys arms and in this process his vulgar wit and charm and her smart snappy comebacks keep you laughing the whole way through.

Funny But Predictable And Not For Those Who Are Easily Offended .

'The Ugly Truth' is yet another predictable rom-com where you can see the ending coming a mile off.

An enjoyable, humorous film.

Somehow, there must be a guy with a cliché checklist for romantic comedies and he insisted that at least half of them should be checked by any movie.

Yes, never try to be original, always repeat what has been done and be very predictable.

Sometimes I enjoy predictable movies because I don't want a surprise.

Predictable rom-com .

Overall, I disliked it, because I found it dull with a poor story and script with characters I felt nothing for.

Yes, it's pretty formulaic and yes it's pretty predictable, but it's still a very enjoyable fun and often times warm hearted movie.

The humor and the characters provide a sense of 2009 in the film and I found THE UGLY TRUTH a very entertaining and "truthful" film to see this Summer of 2009.

In conclusion, The Ugly Truth is a very enjoyable comedy for men and women.

Although I think the movie is a little predictable and with some corny moments, it is also very enjoyable and funny.

A pretentious woman looking for true, passionate love and a guy who's a complete jerk and believes men only care about looks of a woman, hate each other.

From watching the scenes of the slow eating of a hot dog and listening to the script clearly you notice that it's a crude and sass comedy.

The ending scene in the airplane balloon is funny, but so much is really predictable here.

" Lou Lumenick of the New York Post called it "crass and contrived.

Certainly, it is contrived, plotted out by a shockingly predictable formula, and it is indeed vulgar, though I would not go so far as to label it crass.

All in all despite it's clichéd and predictable plot Heigel and Butler turn it into a refreshing, entertaining and welcoming rom/com.

So not only are the previews for the movie hilarious, but literally the entire movie I was sitting on the edge of my seat laughing at all of the raunchy comedy that Hiegl and Butler put together.

The ugly truth is this movie is enormously unfunny and predictable.

I had little expectations to this movie, as it is a romantic comedy, and the romantic comedies that come out of Hollywood tend to be sappy and boring.

Love Gerard Butler, but don't waste your time with this one.

The "ugly truth" from this film is that it has a forced premise, it is boring, there are too many clichés, it follows the cloying recipe from a lot of romantic comedies and that Robert Luketic (who has a wide experience on the romantic comedy genre)'s direction is absolutely insipid.

This movie is a mindless, but entertaining, dumbing down of what women need to do to catch and hold man's basic desires.

This film is just terribly clichéd and really rather dull, dull, dull.

Gerard Butler doesn't really come off as funny, just as crass and trite, which is fine as I suppose that was his character.

It is not smart, but it is thoroughly enjoyable.

The movie is fast paced and does not drag.

It does what it sets out to do, it does it well and it's highly enjoyable for both sexes even while things wind towards an ending that you can see coming from the time the opening titles appear.

This movie is completely predictable.

The film is mean spirited, not funny, not charming, boring, dull, and clichéd.

Neither plots were "predictable" except that in such films, it almost always ends well for the main players.

Dull, Dull, Dull.

But surprisingly I didn't get that here, I got enjoyable funny adult comedy.

The whole thing ends in such a predictable manner in a sky filled with balloons that the film might have been written by simply taking discarded parts of other scripts and tossing them in.

Entertaining Rom-Com with Katherine Heigl and Gerald Butler.

Don't waste your time.

It becomes tiresome very quickly.

An entertaining romantic comedy .

engaging in uncommitted sexual relationships with many nameless women, whereas the rest of the movie is about whether the female character succeeds in keeping her virginity until she finally falls for Mr. Right.

The movie may be a little predictable, but it's still enjoyable.

I thought it would be a typical Katherine Heigel movie, but Gerard Butler's character was really entertaining.

The movie is extremely predictable with hardly any specific storyline.

The result was another mediocre and boring romantic comedy.

This caveman wisdom, and other harsh realities of the dating scene, are the core of this enjoyable chick flick.

This might be one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my entire life.

She agrees and gets Colin and then the predictable complications ensure.

the plot though, is predictable as is the narrative, and you can almost go 3...

Cliché after cliché, boring cock references, the wit and humor are missing, but the offensive sexism's are omnipresent.

And I enjoyed it.

It's Not Excellent, But i definitely laughed a lot and enjoyed it very much.

A pretty entertaining adult comedy.

I was dragged to see the proposal by my girlfriend and thought it was hilarious.

"The Ugly Truth" is an entertaining romantic comedy.

)Yes, by the end it's quite predictable and the last 20 minutes or so become a little dull to be honest.

What a total waste of time!

The Ugly Truth is a entertaining romantic comedy about Abby Richter, a romantically challenged morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left her hopelessly single.

The contrived set-pieces, such as the vibrating knickers scene, are dismally unfunny and actually embarrassing to watch.

Men are predictable.

Its a must watch if you wanna have a good time and also feel that you dint waste your time.

This couple finally gets together, but my daughter and I felt liked we'd been dragged through the mud with them to get there.

Although the movie follows a romantic formula,it fails to deliver it flawless as it was predictable from beginning to end.

Another reviewer talks about Heigl: "Despite her big talk about portrayals of women in film, she returns again and again to gender stereotypes that are so formulaic they make me cringe.

Her workplace is full of the stock characters you would expect in this type of formulaic movie - the demanding station manager, the show's vainglorious co-hosts with empty smiles and non-ironic deliveries, the inane segments that make up Abby's struggling show.

Romantic comedies are so predictable and unrealistic.

It was more entertaining then I expected it to be.

Now like I said, it's a predictable romantic comedy but I enjoyed it, it is wicked fun even if the ending seemed to be really rushed.

Romantic comedies are usually predictable (probably their greatest downfall) and this one is more predictable than most.

There is some pesky cinematography, with a cliché use of cameras circling people in conversation.

Katherine Heigl's character is a walking cliché.

What a total waste of time!

This is where the movie starts to degenerate into the predictable rom-com M.

I laughed much more than i though i would and they stuck some drama and realness into the movie that evened out things to make it nice and enjoyable for me.

The Ugly Truth passed the time for me easily enough, but it was a bit too bland tasting for my liking.