The Uninvited (2009) - Drama, Horror, Mystery

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Anna returns home after a stint in a mental hospital, but her recovery is jeopardized by her cruel stepmother and ghastly visions of her dead mother.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Charles Guard
Stars: Emily Browning, Arielle Kebbel
Length: 87 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 35 out of 190 found boring (18.42%)

One-line Reviews (147)

The picture is a sleek production with acceptable budget and packs genuine chills , suspense , tension , and shocks , it's a terror-thriller very exciting .

The music was also well done, really setting the suspenseful atmosphere.

Things start from civil encounters, escalating to murderous violence in the unpredictable climax.

There are some obvious scenes where it is really trying to build up the atmosphere and scare you but it really doesn't work, it all feels a little too predictable and leaves you thinking 'I've seen this done a thousand times'.

Sure, similar plot twists have come about before - but it was really unexpected- and the funny thing is, after thinking about it, there are clues that are dropped along the way.

Entertaining spooky thriller .

However, I was left with an empty feeling of HOW DOES A FILM LIKE THIS GET MADE???

Oh yes, much like the 2 other "horror" films I've seen for 2009 -- My Bloody Valentine 3D and The Unborn -- The Uninvited boasts an unexpected twist that is more than shocking.

Suspenseful, scary at the right moments, with a hint of a flavor you don't see in most movies.

Indeed, even though I caught the conclusion coming off a fair distance away, the final bow nevertheless packs a punch, and adds a few unexpected revelations in there too.

It was plain predictable drek with so many devices being used one wonders what the "real screenplay" read like?

Don't waste your time.

It is not stretched out long, to make the audience get bored, it has a handy duration of 80 minutes, and the director is able to express what he has in mind, in these 80 minutes.

The actors are bland and unemotive.

Enter in a boring subplot of a "boyfriend" and the sister egging on mischievous behavior does not make a great movie.

Worth the watch .

Enjoyable with a solid story and twist I didn't guess.

The movie was mostly just boring and i wanted it to be over already.

Well I thought it was a poor remake of A Tale and Two Sisters, which I thought was mind blowing good.

I'm all for unexpected twist endings, as long as they make logical sense with the rest of the plot and don't feel like they were added in at the last minute because the story was too boring.

Bad movie don't waste you money, especially if you want a horror movie.

The story was pretty intriguing and kept my attention.

(think Sixth Sense, Fight Club, Hide and Seek, Identity, Shutter Island, Angel Heart, etc. etc. etc. - which have provided seemingly countless and now highly repetitive variations on the same theme).

Don't waste you money .

In hindsight, not every single thing made sense but I still find this a very entertaining, intriguing movie and I recommend it for fans of the genre.

The vibrator was probably employed to wake up the audience members who, like me, we're falling asleep half –way through.

My girlfriend was gripping the sides of her seat!

The effects are generally uninteresting.

There is no better way to show how shallow, crass, uncreative, nonspiritual, intellectually bankrupt and basically unwatchable (for anyone with half a brain) most American films are today than to compare the Korean masterpiece A Tale Of Two Sisters (2003) with its American so-called "remake" The Uninvited (2009)!

THe movie had it's parts that were actually entertaining.

Another great plus is the short running time of 84 minutes that helped me and my wife to spend an entertaining Saturday evening.

I typically find newer horror movies to be cheesy, humorous, boring, and above all: not scary.

The movie is really enjoyable and if that is what matters to you, don't hesitate and watch it.

This film revolves around a young woman who returns home after a season in a psychiatric clinic, motivated by the early and unexpected death of her mother.

I mean the scary scenes are quite predictable, which is where I find myself going 'yeah something is gonna pop up', 'yep that is definitely a dream sequence' - and in most cases I am usually right.

These here all make this one quite fun and enjoyable enough to help hold this up over the few minor flaws here.

Since this is a remake, the Uninvited has lots of potential, but failed which turns it into a confusing movie.

I like this movie as an entertaining horror movie.

This is not an Oscar contender, but a pretty good movie that if you take it for what it is, a pretty entertaining movie that will leave you thinking about what you just saw as your driving home.

A Re-Make worth watching!.

The mystery that surrounds the death of the mother was intriguing and the father's new girlfriend was mysterious as well.

This debut film by the Guard Brothers on the other hand is anything but a pretentious swindle, existing merely for a final hurrah.

You usually end up getting a watered down, cliché ridden, bore fest.

Either make a script thats worth watching or don't make garbage like this !

Even though this was one of the most predictable movies I've seen in a long time, I really wondered how they would tie this mess up in the end.

Emily Browning is fantastic and pretty attractive, but the real key to success is the stunning and rather sexy Elizabeth Banks.

This movie is just exciting, every moment you become more and more excitedand the ending just throws you for loopsAnother remake of Asian Horror, this one actually delivers and I would believe it does the original justice.

Here we are way too spoon fed and the full circle completed in a most boring fashion.

Further, they had the skill of using the original storyline with an intriguing supernatural and non-complicated plot and an excellent plot point that provides a satisfactory explanation for the events that triggered the whole process in Anna's mind.

Watching them unravel the mystery is fun and easy and intense at the same time.

The twist at the end was pretty good, but predictable is you paid attention.

Well done and enjoyable to see .

It looks nicer, the acting is better, the story is more unpredictable, the pacing is more fitting.

The film's music score is extremely effective at creating a suspenseful and uneasy viewer sensation, which I think deserves full appreciation for the movie's ghostly flavor.

Well, I don't know, maybe it's personal preference but I just felt we were being led along a very, VERY predictable path from the first scene in her bedroom after she had gone to sleep (not giving any specifics away of course) Honestly, the whole thing just felt like complete cardboard.

A surprisingly good movie with an unexpected twist...

Impeccably shot, acted and boasting a finale that is as gripping and disturbing as it is shocking,The Uninvited is the best film of this young year.

Overall this here was quite the impressive and overly enjoyable remake.

The film overall was really unpredictable in most respects, that is unless you have seen the original Korean film (which I have not, so I was very interested all along).

The ending makes it filled with flaws and confusion .

it leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next.

This movie actually has an interesting plot with grounded characters and some suspenseful moments.

I stared at their shapely legs while combating cliché fatigue.

If you just want something very entertaining and fun to watch and most importantly it leaves you satisfied.

All in all if you get scared easily and want to see a "decent" film, I would recommend this to you, but if you're like me and you're just tired of the same elements of all the recent horror movies, save your money.

It is entertaining and is kept aboard by the great twist and the film's three leading ladies.

Although the performances and direction are adequate enough, this is a hugely disappointing exercise in lazy unimaginative scriptwriting plodding relentlessly down a far too familiar path.

The location is stunning.

The screenplay is somewhat sluggish but it's the twist in the end which makes the film worth watching.

I think a lot of people should watch this movie it's suspenseful,funny,and AMAZING!

What they ended up with was a movie that was boring, tedious, and predictable.

There are some compelling moments.

Also, on of the twists is quite predictable.

Very good the schizophrenia plot, the suspense was intense and I really recommend this movie.

I enjoyed it and I score it 7/10.

Why did I even waste my time?

While The Uninvited, a remake of the Asian film A Tale of Two Sisters, is by no means flawless, it is however tense, well acted and boasts one of the best and most unexpected twist endings since last years The Orphanage.

It is fascinating to watch this picture a second time, and to note with what consummate skill the filmmakers have played fair with their game.

Primarily I just did NOT like the acting at all; sure, Strathairn is an excellent actor, but right from the beginning, Emily Browning's acting in the Psychiatrists office, her little predictable 'pensive' and 'ooh, do you really think so' expressions, etc., just did NOT ring true to me at all at any level whatsoever.

What I hoped to be a good thriller/ mystery movie was just a boring film filled with cheap scares that really didn't scare me at all.

They will call them uninspirational, uninteresting, and not original enough.

So-called hits like "Ringu" and "Ju-On the Grudge" were actually just tame and infantile mainstream flicks, but "A Tale of Two Sisters" was the real thing with a genuinely haunting atmosphere, a strong story concept and unpredictable twists.

Unoriginal but enjoyable .

Don't waste your money seeing or renting this one.

Other than that the plot is fairly good, acting is OK, well made, overall enjoyable.

bottom line, don't waste your time, watch the original instead, even if you don't like subtitles, American remakes of Japanese films suck.

I was so bored with this film i was beginning to wonder why this is labelled as a horror film at all .

With some notable exceptions (Unforgiven, The Untouchables, The Unbearable Lightness Of Being), movies sporting the prefix 'un' in their titles are frequently hostages to fortune.

I'm sure the my rating would have dropped if this had been dragged out with a 120 minute run-time.

Predictable .

The ending is what some people find so enjoyable about this flick, but I find it confusing as hell.

Just yesterday, I bashed a horror film called "The Forgotten Ones" for being just a rehash of cliché horror sequences.

The Uninvited tries too hard to be surprising and interesting and in the process becomes confusing and hard to believe.

That movie had also offered a simultaneously dynamic and parsimonious tone, solid performances, an excellent atmosphere and an unexpected and very ingenious twist in the end which does not leave any plot holes.

So predictable and ho hum .

So stunning, in fact, that I found myself staring at the surroundings, and paying less attention to the performances.

What makes this movie particularly enjoyable is the attractive female cast, the good acting, and the cinematography.

All the actors were good and engaging (especially Emily Browning as Anna and Elizabeth Banks as Rachel), and I found myself drawn into their world.

They took an intense and creepy ghost story and mutilated it.

Who knew it'd be such an incredibly unexpected twist of events?

Check this out if you're a fan of any of the actresses or if you're bored.

The setting, just north of Vancouver, British Columbia is stunning.

Unlike most of these Hollywood riddle-me-rees however, there's little that was formulaic or pat about 2003's powerful and poignant A Tale Of Two Sisters (aka Janghwa, Hongryeon).

Crap, what a waste of $4.50! I wish I could have that money back right about now.

thought-provoking and enjoyable for horror fans .

It's boring.

It will save you a lot of time and boredom.

Still, it was a mostly enjoyable 90 minutes.

Hopefully, she'll soon put such bland fare behind her; although Banks and Srathairn should frankly be sent to bed without any supper.

It's a shocker how undeniably entertaining this horror-thriller really is.

Possibly the most predictable twist I have seen in a movie for a long time.

It kept the viewer engaged right up to the ending and while it seemed somewhat formulaic in terms of plot development and things that go bump in the night, it had plenty of scary moments and more than served its purpose, which was a few hours of entertainment.

Other proposals for you: - The Unnecessary - The Uninspired Ideas - The Underwhelming - The Uninteresting - The Unbelievably BadYet the hits keep coming, here we have a remake of the Korean movie "A Tale Of Two Sisters", which was an effective little chiller that I saw a few years back.

Still, I give it 5/10, if you don't watch a lot of these, it's probably entertaining enough.

She's so dull and bland.

Pointless hokey horror film that is visually well made in a way that will likely be deemed invited by horror fans only.

There's no sound in the audience, just confusion from what supposed to be a scary moment was nothing more then a cheap ploy by the film maker to make people jump out of their seat(to which no one did).

I left the theater wanting more.

These days with horrors I just think they just want to make more slashers which is getting the same old same old stuff After seeing this, I was really surprised and very much enjoyed it.

The uninvited is a pretty entertaining movie with scary scenes and good plot twists.

Chilling and thrilling as it satisfies.

More like a slow burn thriller than a horror, this complacent tale of distrust plods along without going anywhere interesting.

Again, it's basically a very long string of inconsequential, undynamic dialogue scenes in different, consistently bland settings with a few mediocre horror scenes interspersed.

Which makes me wonder just how much it'll take for shockmeisters to scare seasoned audiences since they're getting savvier, and easily bored with the same old bag of tricks.

In fact we can say this movie is a bit unoriginal and has a large amount of clichés, but it is suspenseful and has an interesting mysterious plot that grabs the viewer into the end.

One Word: cliché .

Therefore it tries hard to create suspense but many scenes were too predictable that you see miles away coming the creepy performances what I have seen many times before.

SPOILER BELOW..! The movie itself was way to predictable for me.

The Grudge was an American remake of Ju-on but was still enjoyable.

The script is very good, full of twists that enrich and heighten the drama, grabbing the public until the end, absolutely unexpected, despite the subliminal messages that have prepared it since the beginning, and the public ignored.

the most pointless remake I've ever seen .

It somehow is slow at some points.

Asian horror remakes are tough and usually come off as dull, boring and misinterpreted.

In fact, it's a rather boring "which dead child-ghost" will pop up next and how the over-actor Browning will react to sauce under the oven.

These fun scenes give this one a wholly fun and enjoyable build here to the engrossing mystery at the heart of the film, from their search into her name and the connection with her previous job using the online pictures and reports combined with the ghostly prompting from her visions at the funeral create a really strong sense here that goes hand-in-hand with the stellar twist at the end here for a really great story.

"The Uninvited" has a very intriguing premise and surprise ending.

Pointless remake #3847 .

What we get is a poorly constructed and somewhat confusing series of events that play out as if they were thrown together at the last moment to appeal to the teeny-bopper generation.

And the final shot is an innocently creepy seal on the envelope of a clever and entertaining horror movie.

I found it very very entertaining and I found it haunting and very creepy.

I should also mention that every main character is very easy on the eyes, especially Browning, who is simply stunning in every scene.

I saw this movie BEFORE the original Korean horror film ('A Tale of Two Sisters' ) that it was based on and I found this a bland, blunter, popcorn shocker version of the film.

I found the ending a bit confusing though.

I was actually kinda bored while watching this film.

I haven't seen the original film so I don't have any say on that, but I found the plot of the film fairly interesting and suspenseful in parts.

'The Uninvited' started off very subtle, and became more intense as it progressed, with good character development.

The pacing of the film is slow and sometimes confusing.