The U.S. vs. John Lennon (2006) - Documentary, Biography, Music

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A documentary on the life of John Lennon, with a focus on the time in his life when he transformed from a musician into an antiwar activist.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: David Leaf
Stars: John Lennon, Yoko Ono
Length: 99 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 4 out of 57 found boring (7.01%)

One-line Reviews (29)

As a die-hard Beatles and John Lennon fan I deliberately dragged my feet in catching this recent documentary, thinking I'd probably have seen it all, particularly with respect to rare footage.

Bland, with about 20 minutes of new information .

An interesting and engaging documentary that sits as a fitting tribute to who John Lennon was, even if it focuses on a specific period in his life.

An unexpected insight...

If you get a chance to see it, I highly recommend it.

John Lennon* has all the potential to be another stab through the heart of an administration struggling for credibility (the Bush fiasco), but never quite extricates itself from its own subject matter, ultimately about an activist who is dead (Lennon) and his dissent over a conflict that is over (Viet Nam), so misses the mark on compelling.

John Lennon is a compelling documentary about John Lennon's life regarding his journey and his wife's in the U.

In addition to being treated to various vintage pieces of exciting Lennon footage, what I loved about this presentation most was that I thought it nailed John as a person right on the bullseye.

I found this documentary fascinating, which gave an excellent insight into Lennon's participation in and effect on the anti-war movement in the US during the Vietnam War.

The one problem is that it veers off course from the source material at the time in some parts, leaving the theme of Nixon's harassment of Lennon and playing more like your typical biography of Lennon's life and, in turn, becomes a little meandering and boring, especially towards the end.

Thankfully, others (besides the vapid commentary on this board about this Propaganda Film) throughout history knew the true cost of FREEDOM, and were willing to sacrifice for a better life for all.

John Lennon is the compelling and provocative story of John Lennon's evolution from beloved Beatle to outspoken artist and activist to iconic inspiration for peace, and how, in the midst of one of the most tumultuous times in American history, Lennon stood his ground, refused to be silenced and courageously won his battle with the U.

Most enjoyable are all of the many archival film pieces that litter the documentary and give the viewer that "Wow, where did that come from" feeling.

Filmmakers David Leaf and John Scheinfeld II present for our approval an evocative glimpse at the all-out efforts of Richard Nixon's administration and J.

Presented from the perspective of those who knew Lennon and others involved in observing and/or participating in his activism, this entertaining and eternally relevant look at the 20th century's most important song writer of popular music demonstrates that his perseverance to prove that free speech in America isn't easy was a worthy cause that exposed the hypocrites who tried to silence him for the benefit of their war machine that continues to make the world a more dangerous place with each passing day.

Left-leaning perhaps but an interesting, accessible and enjoyable documentary on Lennon's life after the Beatles .

Essentially, I went into the movie expecting to learn something I didn't know, but instead came out bored stupid and amazed that even I, a child of the 80's who had no personal experience with the Lennon era, already knew everything the movie had presented, and then some.

Instead, the movie dragged on for an hour and a half serving no other purpose other than that of a drive down memory lane for Beatles fans.

John Lennon, a very entertaining and interesting documentary that first take us to what we already knew about Lennon to end focusing in his deportation problem.

Under *Imagine* the film hits another low point in cliché, giving us still-frame flashpoints in Viet Nam (the bloated dead in graves, the child soldier, the gun to the head of a prisoner – you know the manipulative mantra).

The music alone will likely rekindle or begin new memories, and the documentary is a fascinating review of an important era in recent history.

The film could have been a fascinating look at the time, and the life of an amazing Creative Force, but instead, it flops on the old political blindness and propaganda efforts of the small minded.

It was intellectual, at times emotional and very engaging.

Lennon," Leaf, Scheinfeld and their editors have done a suburb job of blending source materials and creating often stunning photomontages.

But they are presented compelling enough so that they can offer up some bits of insights for newer audiences to Lennon's music and politics.

For how revolutionary the subject matter is, there's little revolutionary about this bland doc (except maybe the cool graphics).

Fascinating and Enlightening Documentary .

Although some parts were something of a rehash about the anti-war movement in general, the skillful editing along with use of numerous interviews and recorded material still made it enjoyable and informative.

The second half is certainly the more entertaining segment because it's rather interesting seeing all the FBI files and so on.