The Vanishing (2018) - Crime, Mystery, Thriller

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Three lighthouse keepers on the remote Flannan Isles find a hidden trunk of gold, leading to their mysterious disappearance.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Kristoffer Nyholm
Stars: Gerard Butler, Peter Mullan
Length: 107 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 26 out of 108 found boring (24.07%)

One-line Reviews (93)

Took an intriguing mystery and removed all mystery.

Although the story isn´t the very best, it serves as good entertainment at a slow and steady pace.

The problem with Nyholm's film is that despite the mystery on which the film is based upon, Vanishing plays out in a mostly predictable and rather dour way, there's little flair or surprising plot developments to be found once the films key plot point is developed in the form of some washed up gold bars, which is a shame as much tension and intrigue could've been mined for the story and the audience had Nyholm chosen to keep things a little less by the numbers.

If you like a slow burning drama filmed in very few locations with fewer actors, then the story may prove interesting enough together with the great performances.

The only reason I watched this was for Gerard Butler phenomenal actor but I regret watching any of this a new definition of boring

It's a story that's been told before so that's what makes the ending predictable, which is a shame as it would have been a fine film otherwise for the formulaic ending.

Way to slow and gets booring.

Waste of time

Excellent acting, boring movie.

Boring, dull, and a waste of good talent.

What a boring, stupid, idiotic film.

This is an intense, gripping, haunting, and well scripted movie - ignore the negative reviews .

But their performances are dull and boring.

This one is lame, slow, irritating and senseless.

Obviously only inspired by true events Director Kristoffer Nylholm's film is a tense slow burn thriller that relies on the three actors to drive the story through dialogue rather than action.

The slow burn storytelling adds a great deal of suspense as we ourselves examine and analyze what could happen, what I also loved is that through the film itself is dealing with a moral problem as its characters struggle to cope with their new situations, it is really beautiful to watch.

Boring .

Action packed .

There were a few good intense scenes, storyline was okay.

Much of the film is the mundane relationship the men had and their daily chores.

Stunning scenery.. I felt I was walking on the cliffs.

The story and maybe the direction do not have a good pace in drawing the viewer in, this movie already lets you know the people involved - went missing, so what is the point of this slow paced and predictable film, sorry I found it to fall into the same stuff that has become the norm, it explains why going to movie theaters has declined, what is the point.

What is wrong with a slow film?

I personally can attest that this is a really boring movie ...

The director of "Taboo", a very intriguing premise, good mix of genres, pretty high metascore & Gerrard Butler - of course I had to watch this!

Stunning acting from seasoned actors Tom Mullan and Gerard Butler also adds the power of the film which has this charming cinematography.

The cast was boring with the characters.

intense .

Whether it's a Fallen film, Geostorm or submarine bore Hunter Killer, the last few years have not been kind to the one time Hollywood A-lister, with blame falling squarely at the actor who was clearly not pushing himself out of his comfort zone.

These characters were boring.

A thrilling watch, based on a true story and a theory, it had us talking for ages afterwards.

Very slow movie.

Whacking emotion through a touch of cold psycho-drama, as well as spurring adrenaline with high tension in some scenes (typical thriller films), The Vanishing is an emotional play by combining uneasy feelings of anxiety and fear!

Good story, gripping.

Life's too short to waste your time on crap like this.

Next praise goes to the outstanding score, which set the suspense and tension perfectly, and to the stunning setting visuals.

Most of them complain about the film being slow.

I'm giving it 10 stars because the acting is superb, sets, costumes and locations beautiful, the story is dark and compelling.

It's a film for those who love films with slow plots and blur endings.

The story starts off very slow, but once the story kicks in, it is very engaging.

Cold Psycho-Drama with Thrilling Tension .

A very fanciful hypothesis on what may have happened on the islet, but quite riveting nonetheless.

Peter does his best to be the voice of reason with their unpredictable behavior.

Brilliant actinf, dark, intense and sad.

The Vanishing is a dull, boring, and pointless psychological thriller film about three men following their shift at a lighthouse.

Save your money and see something else.

Gripping thriller.

Tense and gripping from that moment on I really enjoyed the movie and the ripple effect of every action there after makes.

The answer a brilliant cast, a stab at answering the mystery for themselves and a few unexpected twists and turns along the way.

The plot is predictable as it is a basic people-torn-apart-by-a-dark-secret-and/or-greed-story that doesn't do anything to set it apart from its predecessors, such as The Treasure of Sierra Madre and Shallow Grave.

The idea was good and had lots of promise but it just dragged along and seemed to give up with no clear ending...

Starring the brilliant Peter Mullan as elderly lighthouse keeper Thomas Marshall, Gerard Butler as experienced keeper James Ducat and Connor Swindells as upstart Donald McCarthur, Kristoffer Nyholm's bleak and grey coloured thriller places a capable cast in a somewhat predictable affair that sadly eschews mystery in favour of a more predictable and by the numbers affair featuring gold, insanity and cold blooded murder.

Gripping Thriller .

Boring movie.

no special effects just plain good old fashioned acting (good actually) and an ending kind of predictable, still enjoyable (again if you like tragedies).

The first few acts are intriguing but it quickly becomes a long drawn out tale which has a few twists and turns along the way but ultimately the ending is disappointingly predictable.

Nevertheless, still enjoyable and a well deserved 7/10 from me.

This movie was gripping, horrifying and thrilling all at the same time.

This movie comes up with a sordid, suspenseful tale of what happened to them.

It is indeed a tad slow, but all in all well worth watching and see what you think..!

), unnecessary scenes and dialogue, long length, and slow pacing.

it gets kind of boring after the first act.

The story was dull.


Boring,slow and depressing for some, drama lovers may find it interesting.

Worth watching.

Yes, it is indeed a slow film...

So a good solid well written and acted film, beautifully shot, with also some psychological insight becomes worth of just 1, 2 or 3 stars and is disappointing to them because it is "slow" and doesn't replicate hollywood style s h i t .

Gripping, tense, a must see.

An engaging story .

This movie is a great suspenseful film, has a great cast with considerable acting ability and is well produced in a beautiful setting.

Boring .

Worst movie ever .

Ladies and gentlemen, films can be slow, can't they?

I found it a bit slow.

A bit slow to start with, but then builds into a quite gripping and fairly original drama which keeps you guessing and asks some interesting questions about the nature of greed and mistrust.

I think my biggest gripe with the film is how slow it is...

Based on the true Flannan Isles mystery that saw three lighthouse keepers mysteriously disappear in 1900 without a trace, The Vanishing (formally known as The Keepers) creates an intriguing narrative with an experienced cast that once more showcases that greed is never good.

Builds to a steady finale and worth watching.

Slow and boring .

Intense and holds your interest right from the start.

This slow empty causes a dark cloud to become another player with a strong presence.

It is worth the watch.

Initially intriguing but ultimately predictable .

The start is slow.


This movie takes a stab at an explanation which is to say I doubt it is the actual turn of events, yet it's compelling.

To slow .

This film was so slow it was painful to watch I actually set the movie on 2X speed and it seemed better.

While I agree with many reviews that it's slow and that the third act is a bit contrieved, it was still good entertainment.

This was unwatchable

Extremely boring and slow .

One of the worst movie ever.