The Warrior's Way (2010) - Action, Fantasy, Western

Hohum Score



A warrior-assassin is forced to hide in a small town in the American Badlands after refusing a mission.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Sngmoo Lee
Stars: Dong-Gun Jang, Kate Bosworth
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 20 out of 106 found boring (18.86%)

One-line Reviews (98)

It makes for gripping tension as you try to work out what will happen next, or, as I now tend to do, just sit back and enjoy the sumptuous presentation you know you are going to get.

Worst movie i've had to endure.

The visuals were stunning, they blended green-screen with either matte paintings of photographed Sky's and backgrounds and it worked brilliantly to give this very unusual highly stylized look.

A bit slow at parts with the usual tripe about the ultimate badass learning there's more to life than just cutting down one's enemies like so much wheat.

The story is somewhat formulaic, an assassin sent to destroy a rival clan stops at killing the last survivor, a baby girl.

This is pure waste everybodys time and of the $45million price tag.

The movie has its pros – intense battle sequences, really cool slow motion scenes (from bullets to sword swipes), and of course with the point of the baby being a target for the rest of the Sad Flutes, it has its joyful and tearful moments.

Let's go step by step:1) Claim of visually stunning is overrated 2) Absolutely everybody's acting is overrated 3) Storyline is predictable and uninspired 4) sword action is absolutely terrible.

This movie is not worth watching at all, because it is a bore!

Even then I recommend waiting for DVD so you can fast forward through the drama to get to the highly entertaining ending

This movie crossed so many genres and remained entertaining throughout.

The plot is simple and boring, the amount of unreal going on is a mockery of sci-fi/fantasy movies with an attempt to disguise poor acting and ridiculous plot lines.


However, fed on a diet of repetitive, dull Hollywood movies day in and day out, it was nice to see something a little different.

Artificial and Dull .

Like many people, I was excited to see a visually stunning, kick-ass CGI ninja vs.

Style over substance mix of genres will bore some delight others .

It is entertaining in a lot of ways though and has at least something pleasing to offer almost any viewer.

A must see for people that want to see something different - I enjoyed it very much and look forward to watching it again.

then the next moment your lulled into the surreal landscape, wonderful costumes and excellent soundtrack, just a little on the soundtrack at most times the music matched perfectly and beautifully to the screen then other times the music formed an almost comical juxtaposition.. great stuff!!...

It's exciting without going overboard.

what a waste of time.

I was just glad they kept at the run time they did because if it was longer I would have given it a negative review because if it was a longer film it may have become unbearable.

It turned out to be a very interesting blend beyond the intriguing Ninja-cowboy dynamic.

Much to my surprise though, the film had an interesting and cohesive storyline with depth; a good varied cast; solid characters; some mild unexpected slapstick; some subtle, and sometimes sweet humor; and an unexpected emotional range.

I'm desperately trying to write a longer review about this film, but it is so completely empty, that it's like trying to detail the nutritional benefits of cotton candy.

But to be frank the rest seemed to be fairly enjoyable.

It is stunning.

That's because you must endure (and yes it's sleep inducing) the love story for the first hour of the film that basically has as much spark as a wet match...

I know I'm second-guessing the 6 myself… call it more a rounded up 5.6 than a rounded down 6.4. The Warrior's Way is stylish and pretty entertaining even if it is hardly vital cinema.

By the time the big ending had arrived I was pretty bored and didn't really care about the characters, except the baby.

In fact it was one of the most lifeless dull action films I have seen in a long time.

I then fell asleep about 6 mins into the end fight scene occasionally waking to see a slice of action and then dozing off again.

However, the it's worth the ultimate, and predictable, payoff in blood, guts, and gore.

"Lies" cinematographer Woo-Hyung Kim provides visually compelling compositions galore that hold your attention.

Just things like the main character walking off into the sunset (cliche) and the voice over saying "and some say he never stopped walking".

While the slightly uneven pace may glaze some reviewers down a star or two, the nigh perfect display of action and drama will undoubtedly keep you interested, and the intriguing blend of two worlds only adds to that effect.

The action scenes are ho-hum (as well as almost non- existent until the very end and so special effects heavy that they almost could have been made with no actors whatsoever), the frequent attempts to add pathos to the story universally fail, and the whole effort just boils down to a dull mess.

It is a story of an empty-eyed warrior who trained his life to achieve one purpose – to become the greatest swordsman.

The story line was boring and absolutely absurd.

But in fact I ended up seeing a waste of my money.

Exciting overlap of Wild west and Ninja genre .

Still, entertaining as hell, but don't waste your money on seeing in that XD format (which stands for eXtreme Digital).

This film is about entertaining and fun.

If you overlook the slow pace in-between (during what seems like forever) and the lead actor's lack of emotion or enthusiasm (he is an assassin anyway), then Sngmoo Lee could be given the benefit of the doubt for an otherwise decent action flick, inclusive of some exceptional cinematography.

The pacing is slow at times, which leaves you more time to enjoy the visuals.

It breaks down into a very simple equation, that is to say if one has seen mostly any Hollywood western produced between 1935 and 1960, one will not find anything in Sngmoo Lee's directed, Peter Jackson funded piece that is particularly new; if one has seen either Kung-fu Hustle, or heard any of the music from Sergio Leone's Spaghetti Westerns, or even watched any of those recent, elegant Chinese films along the lines of Curse of the Golden Flower, then one has seen mostly everything that makes The Warriror's Way stick out as the aesthetically stately or viscerally exciting film that it might be.

This, coupled with the lifeless and dreary townsfolk of which we know nothing about, doesn't at all persuade me to care what happens to the place, and more so, makes me wonder why it is worth saving in the first place.

It is difficult for action movies to be thoroughly gripping for me since I have seen so many over the years.

Ninjas floating in and out of the action add an extra oomph, complemented by an equally engrossing soundtrack.

This film is very entertaining, the visuals are beautiful, the story-line is a classic morality play,and acting very believable.

It doesn't always work, but when it does it is exciting stuff.

tired, boring film.

Mostly you hear swoosh sounds and see blood flow 5) Dialogues are flat, and drawn out 6) The so called action is overrated.

From the beginning to the end the movie kept me on the edge of my seat.

Weird but engaging .

I am not a huge fan of martial arts movies, but the preview for this one looked really exciting so I was looking forward to it.

A total waste of time you have to wonder why they bothered making .

However, it was highly thrilling, and literally kept me on the edge of my seat during some scenes.

With the build up of this movie, I was expecting an enjoyable movie.

I watched more entertaining anime, I assume the only reason they refer anime is because the action is supposed to be artsy, for a movie that's supposed to be about the "BEST SWORDSMAN EVER" there's almost NO ACTUAL SWORD FIGHTING.

Cut with a dull knife .

A painfully clichéd, predictable story which lacks any sense of style or substance to set it apart from any other sort of film like this, with a weak villain in Huston and a similarly apathetic hero with Jang, whilst renowned thesp Geoffrey Rush is unrecognisable in a supporting role and pint size Tony Cox can't reprise his Bad Santa aggressive short guy act to such great effect.

Very drab settings.

It was just too slow.

This is a fascinating intermixing of the oriental fighting movies and the old western shoot-'em-ups.

some awesome effects and fighting will jolt you from much of the boredom experienced prior.

Oddly enough, this dust raiser of a western was lensed in location in Australia with the liberal use of CGI so it has a contrived "Wizard of Oz" staginess that some critics have derided.

Mainly because the action sequences are choreographed very well and very entertaining to watch.

A stunning, must-see film, in my opinion.

Here, in action scenes there was nothing funny - the action scenes, just like in any ACTION movie, focused on intense fighting, CGI, and gushing blood.

It's an interesting and visually engaging movie.

Then BANG your dragged back from all the serenity into a "kill Bill" stylised gore fest...

Though an Eastern swordsmen interacting with Western gunslingers sounds intriguing, the borrowed narrative, bungling actors and computer-generated action makes this regrettable.

Devoid of originality, and arriving with a gloomy, heavy air about proceedings that doesn't compliment the pastiche ridden content in a way the similarly made The Good, the Bad, the Weird did not fall foul of, The Warrior's Way is a trite and ambling effort.

A little past midpoint the film screeches to a halts with a meandering laughable pointless series of scenes with Geoffrey Rush and Jang Dong-gun having "deep thoughts" at the desert garden which now grows beautiful foliage.

Very a-b-cThe storyline is predictable, the acting is poor and the whole movie is set in some low end budget studio.

thanks in large part to Jang Dong-Gun's emotionless, monotone acting, he is nothing more than a robotic person delivering bad one-liners.

Plus there's the slow-mo slashing (combine a sword slash from 300 and put the dude from Ninja Assassin in the Spartan's position and that's what you have here) and as always in similar films, the victors of the battles are predictable.

A moderately entertaining no-brainer.

And I give it a 7 out of 10, it did its job of entertaining.

The cross between mystical east and cliché west elements worked alright and goes in a bit of a cartoonish direction.

It is stylish, theatrical when the dramatic content demands it, beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, terrific story telling, great action pieces, and, most importantly, entertaining.

Old wild west music was used to create the environment but the iconic Ninja movie music was not used at all, which is a bit shame because it could have made the movie more intriguing.

This is the worst movie i've seen, maybe in history

The bonding parts which take up most of the running time was dull is dull and boring to watch.

Their selection and use is intriguing.

The sword fighting is completely over the top but very, very entertaining.

these kind of movies are much more enjoyable specially on the big screen.

Plus it's certainly better than the dull Wild West flick Jonah Hex that was released earlier this year.

Visually stunning and great trip .

On top of that the action was dull and always seemed like it was just going through the motions.

Please don't be swayed by the ridiculous reviews and ratings..if you like creatively, visually stunning films and have any unique taste at all you wont be disappointing.

So yeah besides the clash of eastern and western in some aspects, the plot is cliché and predictable for the most part.

Entertaining, Stylish, not much Substance .

All in all, really enjoyable and would like to recommend.

It is beautifully photographed - very striking visually - fairly violent, often quite amusing, and always engaging.

But the choices were fascinating and intelligent.