The Weather Man (2005) - Comedy, Drama

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A Chicago weather man, separated from his wife and children, debates whether professional and personal success are mutually exclusive.

IMDB: 6.6
Director: Gore Verbinski
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Hope Davis
Length: 102 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 105 out of 324 found boring (32.4%)

One-line Reviews (249)

What it is in reality is dreck, boring, plodding, mind-numbing dreck.

I am sure it's about alienation in modern life and how empty life can be in the western world...

There were very few laughs connected by long stretches of boring, uninspired material.

other than that, i enjoyed it.

The events and characters are interesting, but no plot line really lasts long enough to carry this movie to the end.

The chemistry between them is quite enjoyable.

The Weather Man with it's style of dark humour and just with it's different odd characters makes it a quirky and original film and I really enjoyed it for that.

all the elements of a contrived plot.

slow and disappointing .

The acting was okay, but I could find the point of the plot, as a matter of fact there is no plot.

This is a really very entertaining film.

Thus, the film's deficiencies stem mostly from an uneven script and a very slow-moving pace.

Again I'd say this movie was enjoyable without being spectacular, a victim of its own self consciousness when it had the potential to be excellent.


There are those people out there that are saying this movie is boring, not funny, and terrible.

Michael Caine's pseudo-accent was the worst since Dick Van Dyck in "Mary Poppins" and his role was utterly pointless.

Language was offensive to the mixed gender audience and was unnecessary to the story AND what little of a story there was - was boring.

And, if you are one of those people that seem to like the movies most people think are a waste of time, then this one is for you.

Maybe I've been dulled by Hollywoods previous predictable plots that leave me feeling warm fuzzies?

The characters are uninteresting, the acting and dialogue are horrible, and the plot is simply uninteresting.

The Weather man is a decent film that's fairly funny at times but overall a bit boring.

Well I think it is pointless and boring.

This is an enjoyable, quirky little film despite the fact that nothing much really happens.

You become lazy and bored, because you think you have everything.

The narration of the movie added a nice touch and made it more enjoyable to watch, because we could hear what he was thinking.

The most ironic thing with this movie was the fact that I sat until the end to see if it would get any better, but that proved to be a fruitless waste of time.

But be prepared to walk out feeling empty.

This may be the worst movie that I have ever seen.


Save your money.

He can really deliver an intense character role that can get one thinking about human character in general.

The Weather Man is about as bland as you think a real weather man's daily life would be, and the film plays off those stereotypes.

In the former, David's childlike innocence, intense longing and desperation touch you deep down so much that you would want to help him in any way you can and in the latter, which most of us would identify with, we would be drawn into introspection on how we have changed over the course of our lives, be it for better or worse.

They were able to make a movie about real-life occurrences and make it both heartfelt and entertaining.

Weather Man is the drab story of "weather man" Dave Spritz (Nicolas Cage), who is playing his stock character: the pathetic, stuttering, socially inept and boring every-man.

Worth Watching for Camel Toe Sequence.

A convoluted, but partially enjoyable mess .

What some viewers did not expect to see - a somber, dreary and gray looking film and the characters that match the film visual palette perfectly.

Worst movie I've seen in years .

A good compelling movie from one of the best actors as far as i'm concerned in the business.

The Weatherman delivers a good message, but the pace is very slow .

He's superb in rendering David's confusion and describing this really engrossing character who makes us smile with his anxieties.

The whole movie was slow paced, drawn out, heavy handed and lacked comic timing.

In spite of that, it left me feeling empty because the ending didn't achieve what one would have hoped---whether it is positive or negative---the goal is to be moved.

He replied that he thought it was dull and stupid.

Save your money and buy a Big Mac and fries and go throw it at a movie studio chief.

The comedy is quite raunchy, the tone is bleak, and the story is anything but formulaic, throwing industry conventions right out the window, which leads to a film that's more believable than most.

I highly recommend it.

A very enjoyable film .

that is his problem there is just nothing to say about it because it is just an empty film.

The plot lines were predictable and unsatisfying.

It is filled with pointless vulgarity that is obviously just stuck in for a shock and awe effect.

Billed appropriately as a Comedy/Drama it succeeds in both genres due to eccentric, unpredictable intertwining scenes and the acting chops of Cage.

It is drab, sad, and most surprisingly, dirty.

Boring guy splits with his wife and has trouble relating to his kids.

A Pointless Waste of Time .

The movie is set in Chicago, but the weather is unrealistically dreary.

The film is slow and boring with Cage providing a narration of situations throughout.

This movie ranks near the top of my list of the worst movies I've ever spent money to see.

This biography of a normal, uneventful, topically messed-up life of the average, albeit rich, human being is just the kind of movie that would expose Nick's underachieving style of acting that underrates the talent an actor of his status has.

But even Cage's sad sack of a character has to give long drawn narratives spoken in the typical slow annoying voice of Nicholas Cage on how he dreads his life and existence.

"The Weatherman" is a tediously boring movie with irritating characters.

Not realistic at all, but the concept did make for some half-funny, but contrived, scenes along the way such as the crude "camel toe" running joke.

Going nowhere slowly .

And the pace of many scenes is pretty slow -- something that didn't bother me -- my wife said it felt like fingernails on chalk board to her.

I hate how in America it seems that a high percentage of family problems/crises seem to start from the most banal issues of who is going to take the garbage out, in this case his tartar sauce ordeal with his wife.

The moral of this movie is that life, similar to the weather, is unpredictable and will variate and surprise you.

Its funny at times and overall a decent film but it was a bit boring.

Finally, the film was simply pointless.

Nicholas Cage does the rest, leading the good cast in making this movie entertaining, though not in an orthodox manner.

This movie follows a curious recent Hollywood trend in making movies about depressed and uninteresting characters.

This turns out to be very dull and execrable and just made me want to vomit.

"Entertaining" can be different things at different times .

There are some moments of comedy and they are enjoyable.

Well worth watching; unusual because not gimmicky .

I have almost a normal IQ and could not figure out what message this movie sent, other than that some lives are empty.

In the middle of this movie, I started to get bored.

But still there are some mild rays of sunshine in this shallow but entertaining Dramedy.

Just to hear Sir Michael Caine use the expression "camel toe" is pretty unexpected.

It's an homage to melancholic French film noir, with lots of drab snow and blue filtered lenses.

As Unpredictable as the Weather .

This is unfortunately the worst movie I've seen in years.

This is a very slow and internally monologued film, which is of itself, doesn't automatically translate into a bad film, because much of said dialog feels honest.

Save your money.

Was it entertaining....

But, together with the recurring theme of stuff being hurled at David by disgruntled Chicagoans, the unexpected, intertwining scenes keep one's interest piqued, because, at times, you truly don't know what will come next.

The only reason I watched this movie was because of the intriguing title and that Nicolas Cage was in it.

A very enjoyable movie.

The monotone and the bluish hue keeps everything down.

Boring, stupid dialogue, stupid characters and embarrassing .

Utter waste of time.

Overall it was somewhat confusing

The film is beautifully visual, with the monotone Chicago winter weather dominating and mirroring David's personal crisis.

Illinois' weather is some of the most unpredictable in the nation, going from below freezing one day to 80-plus the next.

And lets also have a look at the Michael Caine character, who I think was still being the best and most enjoyable thing about this movie.

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

I felt like I was about to fall asleep, half of the people in the theater walked out and I would have too if my friend wasn't the ride home.

it's quite a slow film with some funny moments and you'll either find it poetic or boring, if you like action and high paced movies it's probably not worth your time.

I believe it had it's low points but, if you look past the fact of that you will find a pretty entertaining movie.

Cage's dopey hairdo and laconic demeanor also are enjoyable to watch.

Bland .

Despite a few funny moments (the montage of Cage having all sorts of fast food items thrown at him being the best), I was as bored as Nicolas Cage looks the entire movie.

It's an attempt at a slow paced dramady about one man's life in what he thinks is the shadow of his father.

So (yawn), he tries to straighten his life and learns that taking a piece of the American Way or something, is the way to go after all, which is taking the job in New York and go for the money.

" If you are one who likes dry films that are more about the writers goal of creating a masterpiece then making a film that is enjoyable to sit through, then by all means see this film.

I didn't like nor care about any of the characters, and instead of having realistic, heartfelt dialogue, the film is just full of pointless vulgarity (and a lot of it, I might add).

These features are very well done and intriguing to watch.

The exploration of his relationship with his dysfunctional family is gently perceptive, but it leads nowhere exciting.

Ho hum.

WARNING: This movie has no plot & uses excessive profanity .

He's like a big kid who's never grown up, yet during the course of the movie, he realizes that he must and begins the slow, painful process of doing so.

Something could have been made of this basic story (man's success in career comes at the expense of his home life), but nothing that could have been made of it, even trite, overused clichés from other bad comedies weren't used here.

Director Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Caribbean, The Ring) has given us a film that at first glance seems simple enough, but which ends up being as absolutely unpredictable as the science of meteorology itself.

"If I wanted to view this movie again, I would become a psychiatrist or an attorney for which this movie must be a complete bore.

Wholey pessimistic, yet somehow profound and engaging .

I highly recommend it for men and women alike.

Utterly bored.

The movie revolves around the character of Dave Spritz, a weatherman whose job is to predict the unpredictable.

How many ways are there to dislike this waste of film and time?

This is a nice original movie that is funny, emotional, intelligent, and overall entertaining.

David's relationship with his children, however, is shown from the viewpoint of his efforts in trying to get back together with them, and it makes for engaging viewing.

It's just drab and uninspired.

Even if you like difficult movies for what insights they can provide, this one is too dreary to finish.

Usually with a horrible film you walk out and think "I wouldn't recommend that to someone," in this case I walked out thinking "I'm going to tell everyone I know not to waste their money seeing it!

We could not believe two great actors, which are favorites of ours; Nicolas Cage and Michael Caine, would agree to do such a disgusting, boring, stupid dysfunctional family type of film.

All the while, we watch Cage wander about in a state of confusion, Michael Caine dispensing vacuous advice, he shrew ex-wife castrating him at every opportunity and his screwed up kids whine.

Save your money.

Funny at times but overall its a bit boring .

There's message on the surface that most people think is pretentious or dull and then there's the underlying message that is simply beautiful.

There is so much I could say about this film, which bored me to tears because I went in expecting a comedy.

I guess it's typical for a movie with minimal substance and dialogue to take advantage of slow motion and languid dialogue to pass the time.

Definitely worth watching with your loved one or with the whole family (except that some of the language may be inappropriate for little kids).

It only served to add to the confusion of understanding what this movie was supposed to be.

The film was an entire waste of time.

The best part of this comes clearly from the fact that Cage,who really IS a very engaging and talented actor,gets a chance to show this off once more after years of being mostly sad-faced action heroes in brain-restricted films(Next,Ghost Rider,National Treasure 1 and 2,most recently).

Every story element and situation was complete cliché.

When I first saw the advertisements for "The Weather Man", it seemed like the movie was going to be another formulaic, feel good Hollywood redemption tale.

Very disjointed film.

worst movie of the decade .

David Spritz is a Chicago TV weatherman whose life has become as imprecise and unpredictable as the forecasts he delivers to the waiting and often highly skeptical masses (he is quick to point out that he is no certified meteorologist).

This is a darkly evocative and insightful examination of one mans journey to reconcile his youthful aspirations of the man he wanted to be, with the man he has become.

Very entertaining quality movie .

The ex-wife is is an attractive but bland individual with an equally bland boyfriend/fiancée.

it dragged in a few parts.

An unexpected gem .

And to be honest i would rather watch paint dry.

I guess the above comments are correct but personally i found the movie slow and a little pathetic, Nicolas Cage is a fine actor wasted on what is really a poorly based story, i found it hard to believe any man in front of a camera with such ease ( in the story ) could be so poor in life, for me the story and swearing let it down, Fine actors telling a poor story.

I have never once walked out of the room so upset - I shocked myself and my parents.

That made the movie much more enjoyable and intimate.

of course I couldn't argue back not having seen the film, however, I will now be able to report back that i have indeed seen it and actually rather enjoyed it.

A depressed man who has divorced his wife is bored with his job and has a hard time being a good father to his kids.

Was the plot fascinating....

This film had it's moments, but they were very few and far between, with huge gaps of boredom and uselessness separating them.

Watching it for free is a waste of time.

This movie was the worst movie I have seen in the last 10 years.

If The Weather Man accomplished anything it was to cause me to reevaluate what I waste my time on.

It is slow.

David has a few parts of his life worth being depressed about but hardly humorous: a Pulitzer winning father (David's weather man is like a dentist envying a medical doctor—he's not a meteorologist and dad is a writer who creates and doesn't suffer his son gladly), a wife glad to be rid of him, an dull, overweight daughter, and a druggie son who may be gay.

The Weatherman summarizes the pain of divorce, loss of a loved one, empty career, and life after divorce.

Director Gore Verbinski in The Weather Man has miscalculated the comedic qualities of a life so bereft of joy, so ignorant of the value of anything valuable in life that he has mistaken Nicolas Cage's splendid turn as an alcoholic in Leaving Las Vegas for an equally inspired reprisal as David Spritz, a dreary Chicago weather man lost in his negative thoughts about his audience and loss of his family.

The script gives Spritz all the accouterments of upper middle class success including a big suburban home in which his ex-wife and children live, a trendy Chicago apartment for himself, and some quirks: a 14 year old son with a drug problem who is being hit on by his pedophile counselor, and a 12 year old daughter who is seriously overweight and bored with life.

Its bland message - be the best you can be - is an underwhelming conclusion to what, at times, promised to be a savage black comedy, a satire, or at least a parody of suburban living.

It is deeply disturbing that such a pointless and flabby movie could pass for deep and profound.

The trailers misled the viewer into anticipating a rich comedy but in fact The Weather Man is a dull, dark comedy centered around characters with a flat affect.

Seeing Cage being hit with every fast food product you can think of is entertaining, as well as when he slaps a man in the face with his glove as if he were from the 15th century.

What director Gore Verbinski (yes, the same one who made Pirates of the Caribbean) fails to understand is that it takes more than just weird music and prolonged shots of people looking distressed to make a film on par with the two aforementioned titles.

This movie is a waste of money & time.

A slow paced movie must have enough to think about to keep interest.

Also saw some predictable negative reviews by people like Joe Morgenstern of the Wall Street Journal -- if you get a chance, read the review, it's a lesson in what a review shouldn't be.

" Ironically Spongebob was the most enjoyable part of "The Weather Man.

Arguments escalate and jump from nowhere, and while some might call it 'realistic', I just found it tedious.

) but it was not to be - it's just something to happen on screenOverall, it's one of those movies that, in their insistence on not being conventional - the desire, perhaps, to have a whiff of "indie" sensibility - loses sight of any hope of being edifying, original, or, in the end, entertaining in more than the most superficial way.

The movie heavy handedly hammers home the theme: life is like the weather, unpredictable and random and like the wind, just blows around.

Its just the conflicts were dragged out and should have been resolved earlier, well truthfully I'm not sure if the conflicts got resolved, because I didn't stick around see the end.

The sex scene was pointless.

It had a feeling like the director and the writer were just being smug by putting together a story of someone so mundane and self-centered that they could pass this off as dark comedy.

Secondary characters are insipid, especially the haughty father and the bored daughter.

Depressing, Dull, and Ultimately Brilliant .

Nothing really ever gets resolved in this movie, which in the end makes this movie seem like quite a pointless one.

Very existential and confusing...

Monotone as Nicolas .

I kept hoping to see some of the entertainment the previews promised, but gave up and walked out after the first hour.

Still, this is an entertaining movie even though it keeps leading you on thinking the life forecast could be sunny with fair skies ahead.

Interesting, yet pointless...

A very dreary, dreadful movie.

Both The Weather Man and Elizabethtown looked great in their previews, but I guess the minute and a half of preview footage was the minute and a half of entertaining moments in their respective films.

The screenplay tends to get predictable at times and too conventional.

Unfortunately, the movie was a little too slow at times, and frankly it surprises me that the producers thought it would do well; I can't imagine who the target audience was supposed to be.

His unfortunate preteen daughter is troubled and BLAND, a quality she most likely got from her father.

I have been fearing that a movie starring Nick (and same with Kevin -- at least Waterworld had action) would come out and be as bland as his acting; now it has.

These are the only real comedic and memorable moments in an otherwise dull film.

self-indulgent, including gratuitous sex, pedophilia, archery, and adolescent camel toe.

It's too slow, and I found the listless, rather dreamy style of narrative annoying after a while.

The Weather Man is a low key movie about a boring person who is deluded about life in a clueless manner.

) This was just a long, SLOW, depressing movie, about a guy's failed marriage, and subsequent descent into depression.

All of these terrible things swirl around David Spritz, similar to the unpredictable weather.

After the movie, a man commented that this was the worst movie he had ever seen.

) Don't waste your money on a poorly acted, poorly written, and disappointing piece of crap.

A waste of time .

+Semi-interesting look into a weather man's life-Bland-Truly cringe worthy moments5.3/10

The script is witty – as one would expect from Steve Conrad, who penned the underrated 'Wrestling Ernest Hemmingway', contains one or two very funny moments, and avoids saccharine sentimentality and an everything-in-the-garden-is-rosy cliché ending.

His much more famous and well-respected father is dying, his wife divorced him, he can't connect with his kids, and he feels his job is empty.

But, for me, this movie was a little on the long side and some boring parts.

The film is pretty monotone in term of story and visual to underline exactly how bland the guy and his job are.

His daughter is just a poor chubby, cross-eyed girl and is played very bland and uninspiring by the young actress.


I find it hard to believe that anyone would spend the energy, time or expense to put such a pointless, depressing story on film.

It had a good decent underlying story, but was disjointed and hap hazard the way it was put together.

Short of watching 'date movie', this probably ranks as the slowest, unfunny film I have had the misfortune to have seen.

The Weather Man: The Unpredictable and The Grayness of Being Human .

Just excuse me while I yawn in your face and say, "Yeah, whatever.

There is really no story in this chilly tale set in Chicago in the chilly winter.

A disjointed journey towards contentment .

One finds the characters in disconcertingly angular frames with vast expanses of empty space above their heads.

I really enjoyed it and came away feeling refreshed and thoughtful, and can't wait to see more films along the same lines.

The Hollywood version is a painfully clumsy pastiche, stumbling from cliché to cliché in a rote, barely aware fashion.

Mostly boring and pointless .

only more pointless.

It was pointless.

Boring and slow .

Folks either really liked this (quirky, witty, character study) or hated it (slow, plot less, profanity-laced).

It's simply because that right after this movie and while thinking more and more about it, it just seems like such an incredibly pointless one, that achieves nothing in the end.

The acting isn't horrible, but the plot is thin and contrived.

Empty and Pointless .

Boring, vulgar, slower than a corpse.

Pointless .

They agreed that it was puerile, embarrassing and depressing and we all stood up and walked out.

Trite, meaningless garbage.

There was no storyline worth waiting for at all!

The marketing likely scared away a lot of people who would enjoy the film, while attracting an audience who was presented with something unexpected and perhaps uncomfortable.

While this film tries to be emotionally mature and possess depth, to me the script is superficial and the storyline shallow and boring.

The movie doesn't go in for grand speechifying or neatly tied-up resolutions, preferring instead to see life for the absurdly unpredictable and jumbled mess it truly is.

Four points for the cod - Freud,otherwise this piece of vainglorious nonsense is too self - regarding,posturing and attitudinising to be worth watching.

Put a cast together for an idea then write a disjointed and unfulfilling story that has a few moments of connection.

The weather, like life, is unpredictable.

The movie was well acted and well directed, but the declining action at the beginning of the film was drawn out.

Everything else was a waste of time.

His wife has left him for another man, his father is sick, he doesn't see his kids as much as he wants to, and his job is boring though it pays well.

Save your money.

I was as bored as Nicolas Cage looks the entire movie.

It is weak, thin, very dry, and most of the time it DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!

Real life can be pretty boring also, so I guess the movie was trying to capture that aspect.

Please, don't waste your time or money.

It needs to be more entertaining.

Save your money and read my review .

This kind of film is actually becoming a cliché in Hollywood - successful white guy has mid-life crisis and questions his existence.


I am talking about the confusion of one's identity.

This man is on the edge because of the things that are happening in his life, and you can sympathize.