The Wedding Date (2005) - Comedy, Romance

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Single-girl anxiety causes Kat Ellis to hire a male escort to pose as her boyfriend at her sister's wedding. Her plan, an attempt to dupe her ex-fiancé, who dumped her a couple years prior, proves to be her undoing.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Clare Kilner
Stars: Dermot Mulroney, Debra Messing
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 57 out of 258 found boring (22.09%)

One-line Reviews (156)

Thanks for making such an enjoyable film!

A waste of time.

The quality of the actors pulls the movie upwards, the lack of pacing by the director pulls the movie downwards (films like this need to have a snappy, zippy pace to gloss over the obvious nonsense of the storyline).

(1) It's implausible that Debra Messing would pay $6000 for a hired date without first meeting that date; (2) Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney get along too well from the very start, thus depriving the movie of that give-and-take sparring which sparks most romantic-comedies; (3) Debra Messing is too wimpy to be genuinely appealing; (4) the "back story" involving Debra Messing and her half-sister having once been involved with the same man is cumbersome and contrived; (5) there's no real point in setting the wedding in England.

The most exciting part was that it had a completely different ending from all the other stupid romantic comedy.

It was your typical romantic comedy, but with a few unexpected twists and turns.

Ladies, it is worth watching just to see this hot man.

There really didn't need to be any connection to England at all, and an eleventh hour plot complication is just a big waste of time.

Nick Mercer is a dull character throughout the whole movie.

I could stand if the movie was just cliché like half of the other movies in Hollywood.

The result is that you get an hour and thirty minutes of mind-numbingly boring performances.

What might have made this interesting is if the film examined escorts as oppose to reducing itself to dreary romantic drivel.

This is also after Kat finds out that her sister (who's a half sister even though you don't find this out until half way into the movie) has slept with her ex-fiancé who is her sister's fiancé's best friend (yeah, its that confusing).

I enjoyed it; what more needs to be said?

It is boringly predictable.

There were enough twists in the plot to keep it from being cliché.

There was such an enjoyable feel to watching of all of the characters.

When you walk out of the theater it leaves you smiling.

The only way I got through it was by staying angry by repeatedly reminding myself that I paid to see it, and as for my girlfriend, she found peace of mind by falling asleep!

She's disgusted, he's bored.

This film has just the right amount of comedy and romance and is thoroughly enjoyable and very watchable.

Enjoyable romantic escapism .

They can be the most standard, formulaic flick, and I'll still get teary when they couple finally finds each other at the end of the film.

I seemed crafted in a bit of a dull manner that kinda killed it.

The plot is really slow and dull.

The plot sucks and over used and the jokes are boring, dull, and recycled from better (and worse) material.

While some of the plot seemed not too well planned or realistic, it is still enjoyable.

Save your money.

My guess would be the scenes which set up the characters and attempted to address some of these questions ended up on the cutting room floor probably because they were even more tedious and boring than the scenes that ended up in the film.

Like critics say, it was predictable.

My Girlfriend had a choice of this movie or Hitch, I did not want to see either, but I got dragged to see the Wedding Date.

this is definitely a fun one to see with friends, especially if you're tired of this year's pretentious and often wildly depressing Oscar fare.

Predictable, Borrowed but Entertaining .

It's enjoyable, has great romance and romantic chemistry, and a great twist.

Did the director and writers just fall asleep one-fourth of the way through making this movie?

An entertaining, well-acted, romantic comedy with a competent cast .

So dull and no structure.

After some predictable bumpy moments between 'Nick' and 'Kat' after this shocking revelation, they decide that they belong together and 'Nick' gets out of the escort profession and presumably marries 'Kat'.

ho hum.

It was fun and entertaining and a bit above many romantic comedies in the last few years because these two people were actually interesting.

uninteresting supporting characters.

Many times i skip some scenes..boring scenes.

Now I have nothing against romantic comedies, some I like, some I don't(it's like that with all genres really), but when I saw the Wedding Date I thought it had its moments but it was also rather dull and limp.

Rest assured that in this movie, like every other chick flick before it, the predictable conflict will come to a head 15 minutes before the end, and will quickly be solved.

Worst movie in the history of movies .

The trailers I had seen were a good indication that this was totally a "chic-flick" so had a bit of a giggle to myself at the number of guys that were dragged along, kicking and screaming no doubt.

So just wait for the DVD rental and save yourself the price of admission which for this movie was a waste of time and money.


Furthermore, the jokes are not set up especially for the audience, but it feels as if the audience is an uninteresting bystander in this movie.

Even the big secret mentioned above is extremely predictable long before it's said outright.

Has its moments, but rather dull and limp .

The story is very predictable and dull, while the script is unfunny and thin and the direction is limp.

Now normally with silly little romantic comedies such as this one, I try to ignore the fact that it is indeed formulaic and has been done before.

It is a formulaic movie and there isn't anything mysterious or confusing about it, which makes it a nice movie for fun.

I found the whole story compelling.

For Kat, what starts out as a pretend relationship with Nick begins to turn into something entirely unexpected.

I enjoyed it.

OK, so if you are like many others, you need something to distract yourself and stay awake during the dull acting of "The Wedding Date".

Worth watching twice because, you can concentrate on the small stuff and not follow the plot.

While the movie is pretty bad, it's also pretty harmless and bland.

If you have any discerning taste at all - don't waste your time or brain cells on this sad excuse for romantic comedy!

Typical Female love movie, witty but dull worth a look though due to the beautiful Debra Messing.

boring dialog.

You will be thinking about this movie after you've seen it - whether its because parts (or lack thereof) bothered you or because Dermot's intense looks struck a chord with you!

I just bought his album "It's Time" several weeks ago, and it's really exciting to hear your favorite songs in a movie, right?

It's clear that Kat will fall for Nick, and vice-versa in this predictable story.

), but the film is a bore with the obvious happy ending.

While the movie did have a very simple plot it was made totally enjoyable by the wacky cast of characters and great one-liners that they tossed out.

I loved it and it's definitely worth watching.

Very boring!

uninspiring direction.

The Wedding Date is a fairly predictable romantic comedy.

Dermot Mulroney is even worse, offering a completely dull and mundane performance.

but the subtitles are just sexual and pointless.

The film is just as predictable as the story is generic.

I went to this movie hoping for a fun enjoyable romantic comedy.

Got dragged to the movie for Valentines Day!!.

It has zero laughs (literally, I didn't laugh a single time), its characters are totally unlikeable and as a result boring to watch -- and worst of all, the biggest crime of any romantic comedy...

The story is not that deep, but worth watching.

Dialogs are blunt, dull and built for 10 year olds.

The rare events in this empty movie are not built up to look believable.

This 'feel good' movie is a nice reminder that life does not need to be always serious, and while some people are simply not redeemable that is, they are not good boyfriends or partners, and can waste our time and our life, there are always other fish in the sea.

Before "Wedding Date" finally ground to its all too predictable ending I was counting the Fruit Gums in my pocket to make sure I had enough left for the journey home.

2-1/2 Men's mother plays Messing's mother with perfection and the the English countryside makes an excellent stage for this engaging comedy.

The only actress to offer an engaging performance is Amy Adams.

I was already regretting ever having to sit down and watch this film (and yes, I DID have to watch it) when all of a sudden one of the characters lists every boring thing that was going to happen.

It's a waste of everyone's time, IMO.

That' s sheer nonsense and boredom.

The ending was predictable, well 90% Predictable, but in this case not a bad thing.

If you have a bunch other other people watching it with you, it usually makes the movie more fun, enjoyable, and bearable.

We never see them getting to know each other and as such, it feels hopelessly contrived when they do fall in love.

On the contrary to most critics, I found this film to be very entertaining.

Even though "The Wedding Date" is predictable, it is able to stand on its own.

I just loved the wedding date it was an unexpected treat, I always loved Debra Messing she is adorable and I never saw Dermot Mulroney before and I just cannot get enough of him I thought he was the most romantic and gorgeous man on the planet and that was a year ago and today I pop that DVD in and I am in heaven.

On second thoughts it is quite probable that this was written by programmed robots, so formulaic and dangerously close to parody it was.

Plus location is rather stunning to watch.

Somewhat predictable as most of this type of movie are.

This easily gets my vote as one of the worst movies I've ever wasted time on.

The biggest problem with this predictable chick flick is the horrible miscasting of the female lead.

But go if you want to leave the theatre with a smile on your face and a song in your heart this is exactly what you're looking for.

She's just so funny and stunning to watch.

The "perfect man" is a horrifically crappy actor, and as he spouts out romantic philosophy, you fall asleep.

Like I say, this movie is as predictable as they come and if you are prepared to accept this and accept the film for what it is, then you will enjoy yourself.

'The Wedding Date' was the laziest, most utterly depressing waste of time and money I have ever paid to see.

He's the lightest, most throwaway character in the movie, but Jack Davenport makes him the most compelling.

One of the Worst Movies I have Ever Seen .

However lets look at some of the positives; NOTHING And the negs; Well where to begin, London as a location is a joke and so mundane, try Portugal or somewhere exotic you plebeians.

I enjoyed it.

And it's full of boring nonsense.

I also found the score for the film quite annoying, cookie cutter choices of pop songs inserted in a formulaic and artless manner.

I fell asleep for a few min.

Given this was conceived as "pretty woman with gender role reversal", I found it to be a completely different take on the dynamic, and more enjoyable in some aspects.

It is a sweet and simple, feel good movie, and worth watching.

Should you be looking for something you can watch while needing a distraction from boring paperwork or mundane housework, that is light, fun, fast moving and so not needing to be taken seriously 'The Wedding Date' is perfect!

excellent and entertaining .

I left the theater giggling to myself...

It's light and enjoyable so go watch.

But seriously, this was very boring and not entertaining at all.

I figured it would be, at the very least, mildly entertaining and humorous.

Godawful boring rehash of every other chik-lit wedding picture .

But I still enjoyed it at the end of the day.

I find overly critical critics a bore--this is not rocket science, this is entertainment and I found this movie entertaining.

Overally, I found it quite enjoyable, really almost perfect.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable romantic comedy.

The film is still predictable since love conquers all.

Very enjoyable.

She is enjoyable as is Dermont Mulroney.

Save your money, and rent something else.

Enjoyable, light, fun, romantic comedy.

There also seemed to be quite a bit of jumpy editing and a lot of the plot felt contrived.

Kilner, it seems, also failed to stay awake during Film-making 101.

I was falling asleep.

Worth watching again and again.

My male other half enjoyed it too.

The audience I saw it with was mostly female and over 50, and they were bored out of their minds.

The story line was definitely entertaining and kept me, as well as the rest of the packed audience, laughing.

Too Much of Something Borrowed Grade B-Super Bowl Sunday is one of the slowest days at movie theaters every year.

This is all lighthearted fare which will not disappoint Messing's fans and anyone else in need of an undemanding, cliché-ridden romance novel of a comedy.

Great idea is rushed before developed and the story structure is formula and predictable.

However, if you're looking for an empty-headed flick and you don't mind cringe-worthy family scenes, this one's for you.

The characters are intriguing and the story unpredictable.

I was dragged to it by my wife as penance for making her watch Boogeyman .

The rest of the movie is hardly worth going into, except to say that first-time screenwriter Dana Fox provides some good lines, predictable plot turns, and an interesting and quite unexpected note of melancholy toward the inevitably happy ending.

Even my husband enjoyed it and thats a lot to say seeing how he does not like "chick flicks".

Either way, there are more laughs and charisma in watching paint dry!

Oddly, they're the only thing worth watching in this movie.

I found the ending particularly trite and predictable - all the loose ends were tied up and the couples remained intact.

From the preposterous plot to the bland acting, this was not an enjoyable film.

The picture is just a puff pastry: pleasant, predictable, and immediately disposable.

It wasn't a bad movie, just predictable and "unorigional" (I made that word up).

Why Hollywood cannot get their writers to write decent stories I don't know but this must have been written on a napkin over the writers dinner, as it was a dreary movie.

Bland and forgettable bullplop.

I have been to see this film twice already because I enjoyed it so much!!

Highly Predictable **possible plot spoiler** .

The plot is just strange and I am sooo glad that I never ended up seeing it in theaters, but it was still a waste of money as a rental.

A very stunning-and-says-all-the-right-things Nick Mercer (Dermot Mulrooney), is the male escort Kat hires as a date for her little sister's wedding.