The Witcher (2019) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

IMDB: 9.2
Stars: Henry Cavill, Freya Allan
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 231 out of 1000 found boring (23.1%)

One-line Reviews (570)

I think monsters and fights can be used more instead of boring side quests with heaps of talking.

All in all the show is worth watching if you're into fantasy and mystical creatures

Some scenes are a complete waste of screen time.

Fun fantasy, confusing at first .

Boring .

The serie however is stunning...

On the first attempt I couldn't make it to the end of the first episode, too flat, simple, predictable, boring.

They wasted way too much time on pointless things, and gave too little time for important things like developing the characters better.

Bad casting bad timeline, just left me bored and laughing when it shouldn't be, Henry Cavill did a great job though just wished if they made him look older.

Boring boring weird and boring.

In summary a fascinating journey into a medieval realm with all aspects u might wish for.

However, it could be argued that GoT became really popular after season four, once it started deviating from the source material in favour of entertaining its audience (and making progressively less sense in the process).

It's pointless and doesn't seem to serve to really bond characters and develop their intimacy, I'd rather see more Cavill screentime than empty 'Game of Thrones' style romps that nobody asked for.

Totally confusing timeline that doesn't really make sense.

It is hard to follow the story line and even if you can follow, the story is rather dull.

I still have high hopes for next season, but they need to adjust the timeline (please slow down!

Confusion .

But whatever flaws it has, is redeemed by excellent production values, endearing and outstanding performances by the cast, and the fascinating central premise of the mutant-monster-hunter-investigator.

While the overarching plot is good enough to be invested in, it is the monster-hunter bits that I found most fascinating.

Flashbacks: In order to tie a bunch of stories together, early episodes in particular have flashbacks and they are confusing, as there could be a 'modern' exchange next to a flashback that took place 30 years ago and it isn't clear this is the case until usually much later on (sometimes the next episode).

Pacing being way too fast and very confusing especially for non book readersNilfgaardian Armor looking absolutely terribleBrokilon plots being completely pointless mainly caused by the unnecessary changes on the original plot from the books.

Kind of entertaining, though.

How would you rate TV show made for people that have either read books or played the game with so confusing narrative that it's impossible to figure out when it something happening (the first season is covering 70 years of events)?

I love this show so much, the music, scenery, fights are all thrilling and scintillating to watch...

A decent first series, worth watching.

And he doesn't get enough time because they're too busy with the boring minor characters.

Confusing plot .

Thoroughly enjoyed it .

Yennefer's more tragic origin tale is equally compelling as it delves deep into the troubled character's psyche and is anchored by an impressive Anya Chalotra.

Maybe the books are better than the show, I wouldn't know, but you shouldn't require the viewer to read them in order to understand what's going on in the world's most confusing, jumbled storyline.

I wanted to really like this and I did for the most part but it was really confusing couldn't keep up with the timeline.

The flashback scenes were also bad and confusing with no easy to discern timeline.

Pretty entertaining fantasy .

In general, all tracks are very evocative and adventurous, they perfectly fit the context of the series.

Saying that, the stories of the secondary characters feature plenty of exciting scenes.

Marvel and the other large franchises have done one major disservice to us viewers; they've standardized 'loud and exciting' and put 'story and quality' in the corner for a time out.

When you try to tell a story in this disjointed way with multiple time lines and set in a fantasy world; the acting have to sell it, and enough of the time it does not.

Terrible acting, bad casting, slow timing, Whats flashback and what not.


This series is boring fantasy that fails to make sense, plus bad camera work and odd looking costumes.

Definitely worth watching

The sword fight choreo between Vilgefortz and Cahir in the last episode was quite mundane and uninspired.

i'm a witcher video game player and i find it very enjoyable.

Non linear screenplay made some audience bored.

I have seen most Fantasy shows worth watching and some not worth watching, my interest Started with Hercules and Xena and have been watching ever since.

Character other than the Super Man is not charming at all, so pale and pointless.

Characters are boring and was not vested any of them or their fate.

I guess they can be seen as problematic and confusing.

I enjoyed it and was able to piece together the narrative.

I know that she doesn't have the easiest part to portray this strong, confident sorceress which is famous for her cleverness and breathtaking beauty, so it's maybe more the fault of the casting process than hers.

I gotta admit I was pleasantly surprised to see that the show is actually watchable, and even entertaining for the most part.

As for me i did neither of them i felt confused and what makes things even more confusing is the timelines !!

The contact lenses everyone wears in the series are egregious and the art direction is bland and uninteresting.

Ruined by a confusing timeline and the show fails to make you care about other characters.

I am still trying to figure out if this show is worth watching it all the way through?

I still really enjoyed it, too bad those moments, Looking forward to next season ;-)

A jumbled, incoherent and confusing mess of a show.

The main characters are well described and intriguing, so you do not need to remake them in a movie.

I may be suffering from a bias to the games but interactions with Yennefer and Geralt I found far more enjoyable there than in this show, and their relationship is an integral part of the story.

Its a little confusing to jump decades in time between the main characters and see people die in one episode and then see them very alive in the next.

It lacks coherence with its sudden time-line jumps which were confusing even to people familiar with the witcher games or books.

And waste of my time.


Overall, the series is entertaining and worth a watch.

Freya Allan's character, Cirilla, is just like the overall story, slow to figure out and like, then once you're in you're hooked.

The show overall was extremely confusing and forgettable.

For me there were two problems (1) I had zero interest in 2 of the three characters -- most uninteresting was imho the Witcher and (2) as others have noted, it was difficult to understand the differing time lines.

Mind blowing .

Are they doing this for propaganda purposes?

Total boring have to fast forward to finishOther than last episode nothing in the show

The first season was told in a non-linear manner, spanning different time periods, this mode of storytelling while confusing at the start worked great for the plotting and pacing.

Original and utmost entertaining .

I thought this show was really hard to follow and kind of cheesy.

For those not familiar with the material, it's very hard to follow at times.

The books have humor, good tension built, exciting romances and beautifil symbolisms which are changed, rushed or completely left out in the series.

Don't waste your time.

But that doesnt give you an excuse to write these horribly confusing episodes.

It started off perfect, the action is way more intense.

Most of the dialogue comes off as meaningless and after long and drawn out scenes of characters explaining the plot to each other, I started to lose my interest in the narrative and characters.

The time jumps are confusing, well you know the old saying, if you can't dazzle them with brilliance dazzle them with BS.

The story telling, which was out of chronological order, was done in a stunning ways.

Snooze fest .

Keep falling asleep, dont care for the characters and the story.

Anya Chalotra as Yennefer is beautiful and stunning.

The actors are good, the cgi is decent,I didn't read the books, neither played the games but i must say the timeline is so confusing that multiple times i lost track on whats happening.

And while the main actor does a decent job here, in general the show suffers from bad pacing, too many boring characters, an impossible to follow timeline, and way too much political correctness.

This show is an utter garbage for a number of reasons, here's some of them:its plot is boring as hell;its timeline is confusing as hell;its characters are totally miscats.

Every episode seems disjointed from the one before and new characters appear out of nowhere, while others disappear for now.

Everything else is ravishing, intriguing and immersive.

Mind blowing .

Lousy writing, very poor casting and difficult to follow "story line"; flashbacks are difficult to tell from the "now" storyline.

The costumes, the accents, the names, its a truly engrossing world, with exceptional acting ability across the board.

But step by step she overcomes her fears, harbors her ambitions and transforms into a stunning, ultra-confidant and an all powerful witch.

Problems;Confusing plot.

Meaningless encounters, uninteresting characters, lame CGI, awkward dialogues and most of all totally random events in the witches journey.

Must be fans of the books that score this waste of time series above average, and if you give this a 10 you are clueless.

Please don't waste your time.

Although the books are quite a different experience of course, especially when it comes to storytelling, I enjoyed them very much and read two books filled with intriguing short stories.

The unrelatable setting, poor casting, overall bad direction/acting, and lack of information establishing the fundamental rules governing this new universe, makes this show fail at delivering a believable or even enjoyable experience.

Haven't even gotten past the 2nd episode because it is SO BORING.


But then something happened and after episode 3 this title started to be boring.

This is a worst movie .

It's entertaining, and once I got through a few episode made I realized it's done more in the style of the Mandalorian where we follow the main character through a sprawling world on a different adventure with different characters and creatures in each episode.

Soooo Boring .

Like watching paint dry thought it would get better if I kept on watching it didn't got worst if anything worst series I've watched so far in 2020 don't get the high ratings like I didn't get the Witcher

this was a confusing ride.

There are some pointless blurred lines on the top and bottom of the camera...

Well, the actors-actresses are great, some scenes and ideas can be cool, but some parts are so cheesy, cliché.

henry cavill is the only one worth noting and every other character is just a bland npc, with the pinnacle of poor character depiction of yennefer.

The timeline is confusing and frustrating .

Boring .

As a fan of good old sword and sorcery (think D&D or a mix of "Lord of the Rings" and "Conan the Babarian") I enjoyed it a lot and will now read the books.

Entertaining but confusing timeline .

No story .

Complicated plot and confusing world building .

Too much happening in 8 episodes yet somehow the whole thing felt dragged out.

Hard to stay awake .

Fun & Engrossing Dark Fantasy Work .

Her story was strong for most of the series but boring for some of it.

The script and acting are far from bad, and the plot is engaging and pulls you along.

The scenes and story are always cut in awkward ways (not even talking about the different timelines, which might be confusing for most) - One moment, Yennefer is bad at magic & the next moment she is suddenly one of the strongest mages, with absolutely zero effort or progression shown between the two.

For the ones who weren't, the show is a confusing sequence of not so great swords' fights, low-budget monsters and random naked women's scenes.

I cant understand why it is highly rated I can not finish the first episode, it is boooooring and confusing

she is a bit too bland, moreover, why didn't they go with red hair?

The negative points are: the storytelling it's a bit slow and confusing, so much that it's boring at times and a certain character is very annoying while others are just uninteresting.

Instead of making the show deep and meaningful, with actual historical references that were present in the books, they went with boring and unnecessary cultural appropriation.

If you haven't seen anything about Witcher before, then the series isn't for you as I noticed most people who liked it are already fans of the games, as someone who hasn't read the books nor played the games I found Witcher confusing and bad, the characters are bland and dull with a not very consistant character development, their relationships are not convincing especially the romance, the CGI is terrible, the language they use is bad ( many times they said "ok" in a medieval inspired world), the costumes are nightmares, everything about this series is a mess and one particular episode they suddenly throw a lot of important things and expect you to get on with it, I don't recommend the series, I heard the books are good so maybe I'll read them instead.

The book is far clearer and more enjoyable than the TV series in my opinion.

As someone with no knowledge of the IP, the plot was confused, slow, and not very interesting.

Season 1 was a very entertaining show.

The story is totally boring with the usual cliches related to "middle-age" would-be fantasy epics.

No consistency, no logic, boring and overall a let down.

This show skipped many parts, timeline are confusing, there is no character development, they changed many important character names which is confusing.

The action is very entertaining to watch, as it's well choreographed and violent.

A dull, monotonous, sonorous lead character who seems to be falling asleep throughout due to all the exertions of walking around appearing drowsy.

The book is written very well, the story is engaging, logical, funny where it should be and sad when it is needed.

Enjoyable Fantasy Series!

It was dumb, stupid, insulting, pandering and boring.

Confusing, yet Intriguing for a Witcher Virgin .

Yennefer is so boring and just takes her clothes off for no reason, Geralt says F all the time and Ciri doesn't really do anything.

This started out great, then got confusing and lost me .

The combo between the barb and the Witcher was some of the most meaningful and riveting dynamics I've seen in many years and the development of the witch is intriguing.

The first two episodes were so boring that I almost decided to skip it.

Season 1 this was really boring and like a boring good i guess.

This is a worst movie of my life...

Not read the books, and not overly familiar with the game, but quite frankly you shouldn't have to be to find any series enjoyable.

Boring boring boring.

overall amazing and entertaining to watch looking forward to 2nd season!

The cinematography is weak and the production values suck, you have a party in medieval times that looks like a pretentious modern party with bricks partially exposed and cheap lighting.

Confusing and poor support cast .

Anything following the Witcher himself was entertaining, funny and exciting.

It is enjoyable.

Boring, at least.

This makes the storyline very confusing and exhausting, especially because the storyline does not exist.

Her acting is bland, boring, and let's face it, she isn't as beautiful as this role requires.

I'm a huge fan of the Witcher RPG games so I had high hopes for this show after watching three episodes I could barely even watch anymore it is extremely weird and extremely boring.

I love that this season has a story whilst also building setup for another season, which after watching the show I realized is what most people were excited for, but I thought this season does a good job at creating setup, but being enjoyable and immersive enough to be a good first season.

This show is pointless.

The Witcher might have the least effective world-building of any fantasy show in history, a remarkably bland palette that kills any desire to pay attention.

Awful, confusing and literally a garbage in comparison to the games and the books.

If you love swords and sorcery this is highly enjoyable.

It's a thrilling show & definitely worth to watch can't wait till season 2 comes available

I would say that its always enjoyable with its ups and downs and I would highly recommend it.

Very predictable - I knew immediately ogre which was actually a gorgeous women.

It seemed puzzled and confusing but for me it was intriguing .

I just so happened to watch this series before I started the books and truly enjoyed it the first time through.

Boredom and anger inducing substance.

Anya Chalotra is stunning as Yennefer and is involved in many of the best scenes.

The world is stunning, visually enticing.

The show is mostly enjoyable and decent+ and I would probably recommend it.

a quite enjoyable adventure .

Cavill was great as Geralt but the show itself is bizarrely disjointed and really poorly executed.

The way in which the narrative plays out episodically with a relatively stand alone narrative taking focus in the first 5-6 or so episodes but with a connected storyline playing out in a more secondary role and gradually taking more focus in the last couple of episodes was very engaging to watch and showed who the characters personality rather than just a magic hunter or a mage.

To everyone saying that this series is incomprehensible or confusing.

Storylines seem super rushed and it's hard to follow the plot.

The show has confusing timeline.. They should have done it better.

First of all,The star of the show of course Henry Cavill did a spectacular job,I couldn't imagine anyone else doing Geralt but him now,He set the golden standard for this character,And Anya also did an amazing job and she honestly had one of the best character developments considering it happened across one season,What i didn't like about the show was how they didn't clarify in which time does the events for each character unfold,I mean it got really confusing sometimes,The fight scenes are really well done.

Confusing Timeline, Weak Story Connection, Bad Character Choosing .

I know I'm going to received a lot of flack over this review BUT I am finding "The Witcher" more enjoyable than "Game of Thrones" (which I loved, BTW).

It is dumb and boring.

Worth watching.

This makes the show feel disconnected and slightly confusing.

There are many an unexpected plot twists.

Way overhyped with a confusing narrative .

Other than that, Netfix's Witcher has give me a week of my life enjoyable.

The first episode I found hard to follow and I didn't enjoy it.

some bad reason and logic here and there it may annoy you like me "why she didn't do that" but because show keep slap you with confusing stuff all the time so I didn't know what they did wrong at that time.

Story: Has enough depth and material to really bring a fantasy world to life, all the while engaging the viewer to stick to, despite the many negatives as mentioned below.

The books are intriguing and I was expecting a so so adaptation for the screen, oh boy I was wrong, the show creators and the actors are awesome, they are doing an incredible job to follow the books and the main actors nailed the characters from the book.

the directing is vague and boring.

But how can you stay interested if there's so little going on that's exciting.

For the uninitiated the first few episodes will leave some questions, while for those familiar with the books it'll have some small annoyances, like the engaging but confusing Ciri story line.

The series degrades with each episode, starting unimpressive in the first episode and becoming downright unwatchable by the 8th.

Generally Yennefer's history in Aretuza, romance with Istredd (that actually happened, but much later) and story of loosing fertility is made up and dull.

Boring story.

However, since Geralt's separate adventures actually happen before the main narrative starts - and we are shown this narrative already underway in E1, we are treated to some badly done and confusing time jumps.

I have still enjoyed it a bit and i was interested to continue watching through it.

Kinda Lacking but still Entertaining.

If you're looking for an entertaining show I would recommend watching.

Some episodes are so devoid of content they're nearly pointless.

Few episodes are full boring love scenes between Witcher and Yennefer.

Plot and character development is confusing at best.

Very confusing to understand and they don't explain anything.

She definitely looks the part but sometimes (and this maybe done intentionally), her acting appears bland.

The most import substantial point of criticism i have is the confusing timeline, and the fact that little help is offered to guide the viewer through the chronology of the story.

Geralt is one dimensional and boring,its a shame because the actor is good and was so awesome in man of steel.

Having said that it is, on its own merits, quite entertaining.

Great production values, REALLY boring .

It's one of the worst tv shows i have ever seen, don't waste your time, go watch cartoons instead.

You couldn't care less about any character besides Gerald who is such a plain, uninteresting, 'i have such good morals and heart' character.

Dialogues are bad, plot's confusing.

Why did they do the confusing timlines?

Confusing and just nutz .

However, the moment-to-moment writing in this show is very enjoyable, especially with Cavill giving us an incredible character to follow.

The story gets a bit confusing especially for those who aren't very good at connecting flashbacks.. You know who you are.. ;) lol Thats where a bit of back story or distinction could help.

Otherwise it is boring.

I'm at episode 7 and honestly I'm bored af, watched 3 episodes while I was on my phone.. I want my time back.

It's lack of depth and lack of logical cohesion tries to, in vain, hide itself behind a confusing narrative spanning several timelines and location which the directors made no attempt to somehow visually indicate to the audience.

Way too confusing .

This is more concerned with spectacle than developing an engaging story.

Sapkowsky gave the plot on the plate and it was interesting, logical and entertaining, smart.

) is an extremely entertaining new series set in a world known as The Continent and consisting of a collection of creatures: humans, elves, mages, monsters and most importantly, witchers.

Confusing story, mostly bad actors, stupid writing, boring story-telling, awkward CGi, average music ...

Yennefer going from barely knowing magic to pushing eels into a pool is just really confusing.

Quite Entertaining.

The storyline is too sporadic per episode making it hard work to follow initially and the dialogue between characters is too cliche, especially in the later episodes.

For someone who doesn't know the story, the screenplay and directing make it hard to follow.

Unlogical, boring, for teenagers only .

Confusing, incoherent, muddled and awfully scripted.

Boring boring weird and boring .

The plot starts off thinly and quickly turns into a confusing mess that goes all over the place.

Cavill has talent and he's damn great looking to boot, but why leave motion pictures for monotone acting in a dime-a-dozen Netflix series that does nothing to bring the novels to fruition?

Things smoothed out though and it became quite a gripping and addictive show.

dont waste ur time...

The show is good, the switching between story lines could have been better though and a bit more clear, but overall I really enjoyed it.

Episode 4 , Geralt is fishing for a Genie to "cure insomnia".

Confusing plot, zero charachters development.

Boring as hell .

Though entertaining, the last few episodes make no logical sense, which kind of reduces the quality of the earlier ones, since you find out that none of the interesting things that happened early on mattered at all.

If you watch this you will be bored throughout apart from the times you laugh at how stupid something is I cant believe there are people who see this and think that this is ok or in any way acceptable let alone the masterpiece some people have been describing it as, giving shows like this high ratings gives incentive to these production companies to keep churning out garbage because it makes money.

"The Witcher" is a reasonably entertaining fantasy show in the style of "Xena: Warrior Princess".

Instead of galloping away the witcher punches the bard in the stomach and continues his way at slow pace.

However, the different timelines in the story are kind of confusing (at least that's the case for me, a person who has only played the 3rd game and has no idea about the things that happened before that game, I haven't read the books either).

There wasn't any character building and as a result, the only intriguing story line is The Witcher's, and there isn't enough of his story.

Confusing !.

The Series are hyped up and over dramatic American stereotype of what Americans think polish myths are, sprinkled with ugly actresses and boring actors.

confusing mess .

How that is received as anything more than a plain and boring power fantasy of the author's is beyond me.

Unfortunately the ending seemed really well boring, nothing really happened, watching a final episode with the main character on the back of a cart poisoned was well weak and boring, just kept waiting for him to do something awesome.

I'm not sure if this is bad because of poor last minute DIY Halloween costumes or uninteresting dialogs.


Found it really confusing, couldn't keep focussed.

It is so hard to follow and none of the characters are charismatic.

Im sure the game was much more enjoyable.

Passable at best, it's all very cliche, I so wanted this to work, anyway what's even more jarring is the decision to change characters races, and skin colors.

The time-jumps can be confusing at first, although it is unavoidable given the season was based on collection short stories.

Having only a bunch of strong female witches and queens do strong acts becomes boring rather quickly.

Hope there's more Geralt and Jaskier scenes in the next season, it's the only really entertaining part of the show

For watching this, it should be an absolute obligation to play the game or read the books, otherwise it is a huge waste of time.

Overall I was struggling to watch all of the episodes, fact is that show is boring.


The idiotic plotwists, the slow pace of the story and the non-intruiging politics.

The editing of the plot progress was confusing sometimes, made me wonder what the heck is going on, unfortunately not in a good way.

Characters are so poorly made and ruined by political agenda of the writersOverall big disappointment, 4 stars for some enjoyable scenes and Well done action

Don't waste your time with this.

Finally to the character Geralt of Rivia himself: Looking sad and bored all the time, without talking much, doesn't make you look smart: it infects the viewer who gets bored as well.

Firstly, the writing in this show was cringy, boring, flat, and seems like it came from a teenager's mind.

Names and locations of kingdoms this series is very confusing coming from a person who has neither played the games nor read the books and I'm sure I'm not alone.

My main take away is confusion.

From playing the game to watching this season it was pretty good, enjoyed it a lot.

The key events like Geralt's first meeting with Ciri in Brokilon or Yennefer, or Ciri again after the Cintra's fall (I will not list all of them, I am too depressed) were changed dramatically, which made the overall story flat, boring and without sense.

confusing timelines?

Confusing for those who are not already familiar with the show.

Boring So apparently my review is too short...

The confusion for me started as soon as ep1, "when i thought: how can this Calanthe be the grandmother of Siri, her being so young still, or maybe i just misunderstood?

Overall, a very entertaining fantasy adventure.

I highly suggest watching more than once because it can be hard to follow sometimes and you might miss something.

Horrible female cast, dumb n awkward humor, character development lacking common sense, Henry is excellent, breathtaking cinematography n production, not gunna quick judge the story its only season one "just" overall it must be taken seriously noone is looking for comedy in here.

Story is good but confusing because makers didn't feel any need to mention year when there are 3 stories are going on , i can get the point when my confusion took me to Wikipedia to understand its episodes , some episodes are out of this world but mostly boring .

Confusing But Gripping .

An incoherent mess from beginning to end, the confusing timeline is splattered allover the place like a Jackson Pollock painting with no explanation.

My husband played the game and was so excited to see this series, watched it with him and it was entertaining.

Also I am not fun of Netflix way of just giving all episodes in one day but I will that this show benefits from it, without that, some people wouldn't be very happy waiting episodes as first few can be as said before little bit confusing for some viewers, so Netflix way of just giving us all episodes at once works with Witcher quite nicely.

Amazing cast and so enjoyable to watch.

Fast paced show, most of the time.

As it is, her character barely does anything interesting, and makes the timeline confusing even for someone who has read the books and played the games.

And I would consider myself a Witcher fan, having played the Witcher 3 and very much enjoyed it.

Boring .

Badish acting and full of cliche .

I mean sure if your only goal is to look at him, you will be rewarded as I think in all 8 episodes he is shirtless at some point and he definitely broods but his character and and acting are boring.

Don't waste your time on this show, slow and boring with a ridiculous story.

As a long time fan I had 3 major problems with the first season : 1- Ciri's story in first season was bland.

So boring!!!


Confusing .

Don't waste your time .

Here's hoping for a slightly slower paced season 2...

There were tons of confusing things that they don't really explain.

Netflix does it again with their fascinating entertainment and cinematography.

The part about the time jumping and confusing chronology though: kind of a big factor in what this series could have been vs what it turned out to be.

These timeline jumps just make it so incredibly boring.

And it's really confusing.

OMG, this show is boring, confusing, disjointed and stupid.

The plot is so convoluted and boring.


Yennefer looks stunning.

This is sooooooo boring I've tried watching the first episode like three times.

I hope Witcher be more creative, unpredictable and contain less violence and nudity.

The script is poor the dialogue is bad, the story line is uninteresting and it just didn't quite engage me.

Waste of time..episode 2 so boring ...

There are numerous examples and nearly every episode has omitted key information that would have made the story more enjoyable.

Thrilling .

+ The GoT comparisons need to stop, any sane viewer knows its nowhere near as compelling as the early seasons of GoT.

Enjoyable .

The storyline is fascinating and attention to detail is amazing as well.

A very entertaining series for the fans of the fantasy genre to get into, my only complaint, the first season was too short.

Confusing .

I thought that for the most part the show was entertaining.

Terrible acting, predictable dialogues and incredibly shallow and plain characters.

Anyway, overall it was an entertaining show and I must definitely will watch the second season.

Here are some flaws: those time jumps were obvious weak point, those "big" battles were weak and pointless to show, there were some really outrageous props (nilfgardian armor and weapons, those pikes...

Expository dialogue is obvious and tiresome.

Solidly entertaining.

Without whom, I would never have gotten to see Henry, as a stunning silver/white fox.

Waste of Time .

I loved how the spirit of the books, the universe, the mentality were captured, yet still expanded into something new, something interesting and exciting.

very boring

Unfortunately this latter aspect despite the slow tease of its promise was not worked out as well as it should have been and we left, in their ultimate encounter, having little idea of what it is they are now supposed to achieve.

Very boring show about unknown women.

A good 9/10 for the Witcher but I give the show 3/10 because I felt bored most of the time since I didn't not really care about Yennefer except when she showed her boobs.

The pacing is terrible, the dialogue is contrived, and the plot 'twists' are, well, no more than slight turns (and always in a predictable way).

So much disappointment and confusion and bad effects and bad main characters.

Waste of Time .

The different timelines were a bit too confusing and so on...

I was hoping to like it but as others have said it's basically a boring version of Xena with shiny Netflix production.

A bit confusing at first with the different time lines but very engrossing not to mention the fight scenes are fantastic.

Add to that the never ending rambling of pointless dialogue, and cheesy displays of intense emotions every other second, and you get a show that is cheap trash.

As for the acting, it's bland.

But we can't look past poor dialogues, a confusing storyline and rushed storytelling.

The Witcher is a well crafted, intelligent, and entertaining series.

The storytelling varies from fascinating to convoluted.

While it doesn't belong in the same league as Game of Thrones, it's quite enjoyable.

It's just so predictable and boring.

Good but Confusing .

the timeline is so confusing and the characters' emotional ties to one another changes every 5 mins.

Utterly confusing .

It's also not the kind of show that holds your hand and leads you from plot point to plot point, like some paint by numbers bore-fest.

The timeline is hard to follow which just makes is feel choppy.

After watching this, you have only questions, who are all this empty characters and why I should care about them?

Hard to follow .

Overall a good show and still enjoyable

Very confusing and shallow writing.

The timeline of the show was confusing and I would have preferred if they had made it more clear as to what was happening without struggling to figure it all out.

the Pacing and rythm of the show is slow and dull .

Weak screenplay and confusing storyline .

Bad, boring, poor writing, bad acting,b class series .

But it's a very entertaining fantasy series with interesting characters, situations and monsters.

Seemed rushed.. seems pointless..Not my cuppa tea

Slow, boring, and not worth the time spent.

He makes the show worth watching.

The show starts off slow and didn't hook me until about episode 3.

If you thought Henry Cavill was boring and dull as Superman, you need to watch this.

He's this feared fighter but he gets owned in literally almost every fight (apart from when fighting random males), the story throws in literally every single fairy tale cliché that it can bastardise and the woke virtue signalling and agenda promotion builds and builds until it becomes nauseating.

Some say that this a Confusing time line ....

So many pointless things happening that lead to nowhere.

As a number of other people have said this show is initially very confusing.


First, a man fighting a monster, meeting a few weird people, a Royal family dynamic that was in dire straights with an enemy storming the castle, women being gathered up by a stern woman for an unknown reason, characters being added each episode that didn't seem to fit with those already introduced in previous episodes, hard to follow dialogues not aided by bizarre dialects and accents, battle scenes between armored men fighting for Lord knows what and dying from split or decapitated heads, add some magic, a few mutant animals and I couldn't have been more lost.

Confusing Timeline .

The non-linear story telling is very difficult to follow for anyone who has not read the books.

to some extent), and I'm pretty sure this will make somewhat difficult to follow the events for "vanilla" viewers.

Very enjoyable show!...

I can only imagine how confusing this would be for someone who is not familiar with The Witcher universe.

Enjoyable without being great .

There were some action scenes which kept me interested but I was mostly confused and bored that I was about to give up on the show and not bother watching anymore episodes.

Has entertaining scenes, nothing special though.

The dull and quickly ended fight scenes, some actors are plain trash I might add such as triss marigolds performance was yawn inducing, too much forced romance for the sake of romance was corny, what a dissatisfying experience.

slow and very meek, almost as if it was afraid of going "too" far, a strange decision considering that "Game of Thrones" is ten times bloodier (and better).

The shows timeline was very confusing and was not very good of making the audience aware that the characters were in different timelines, not till half way into the season did i understand that the timelines were different.

The action was fun to watch and the plot was well written and engaging.

I was confused and figured that it was a flashback but made it hard to follow.

the queen dying was confusing,they made no attempt to show she was hurt or to have a healer look at her or her magician do anything?

" How can I concisely sum up the grandeur, the utter brilliance, the mind blowing originality, the dazzling spectacle that was the twenty minute span I was able to tolerate until the nausea took hold and overcame my defenses?

Boring .

I only deducted 3 points because of the highly confusing timelines of flashbacks, atleast write in the subs "12 years earlier" or something so people, when they see Calanthe in episode 5 and 7; dont get confused as to why she is still live?

This is my first review on IMDB because usually I wouldn't care for sharing my opinion but for all of the repetitive "this story is so disjointed" comments I've seen I just HAD to try and give my two cents.


When you start out a new complex world like this you have to start at a slower pace in order to let the actors breathe life into the characters so that newcomers will get to know them and the different factions of the world.

The negatives: A bit confusing from mid episode 2 until episode 4 or 5, and although that is fixed later on it is not very good storytelling.

2-Time jumps were confusing 3- Triss merigold character was the most disappointing character in the series for me.

It honestly feels like the writers wanted to tell this story in the most tedious way possible.

The first few episodes do get you involved in the witcher universe & while I was slightly disappointed with the final episodes and slightly disjointed story-telling this was a quite enjoyable fantasy dramaThe first thing to note is that the world of the Witcher is quite well evolved.

Apart from that I enjoyed it very much.

But still it's a pretty fun and enjoyable show to watch.

The Witcher was a very enjoyable show.

Really Good Show, worth watching .

This feels like it was written in the 1980's, a completely uninteresting and antiquated tale of a perfect hero who ravages the land in pursuit of monsters and maidens for the delight of the audience.

This isn't likely to win any awards just yet, but it's entertaining, it's plot is intriguing, it's different to the other fantasy offerings and it has a solid foundation to work from.

Disappointing, Confusing, Not for the fans of Witcher game series .

They have zero consideration for character development plus an overly confusing timelines which will genuinely give you headaches.

However, despite the high budget and amazing source material, the show feels rather cheap, shallow, and boring, and contains numerous flaws.

The one hour long per episode may be sometimes too much, and there are some filler scenes, that will slow down the narration.

Unsure how future seasons of Witcher will go, but hopefully not like Vikings or GOT where it became dulled, predictable and pander to people who preferred to be feed rather than think.

Awesome,Confusing .

Weak story, dull plot lines and more monotone dialogues than the Walking Dead.

Fantastik - but confusing at first .

Henry Cavill speaks in an unemotional monotone.

I thought it was cheap looking, cliche, confusing, with weak writing and boring characters that I really couldn't warm to, and entire episodes that were literally like watching Hercules Legendary Journeys in the 1990's.

Action scene was also nice and in-spite of bad CGI, the episode was enjoyable.

Story is confusing!

The show is sometimes boring, pointless and other times entertaining.

The story (or plot) is confusing, don't really get the point of him existing because he does more talking the disposing monsters upto episode 3.

Season one, episode one, didn't bother to establish comfort for those new to the story, just confusion as scene after scene, character after character is thrown into the mix.

It's definitely worth watching if you're fan.

Constant timeline jumps are incredibly confusing .

The characters were well crafted, the action was phenomenal, and the visuals stunning.

Good to watch in a boring weekend when you look for the least good quality GoT-ripoffs.

The confusion could be solved by adding text that says Past, Present, and Future of the overall plot...

That aside it's an enjoyable show with a good cast.

It's still a very entertaining show!

Wonderful narrative, excellent writing, intriguing CG cinematic world building action scenes, and great cast.

Overall, this first season was very entertaining.

Ppl of imdb, dont waste your time and just read the books, netflix is never good at making amazing films and series anyways

The show failed to make you like the side characters which ends up making you bored.

maybe they wanted it to be a bit confusing.....

Very confusing to watch.

A fantasy show only works if the world it takes place in feels relatable to the viewer so you get immersed into the story so when the magical part of the fantasy kicks in you are more easy to accept the magic.

They should look stunning like supermodels because of magic.

Total boring .

The authors also make the questionable decision to mix monster-of-the-week episodes in-between the ones about the main plot, the way "X Files" used to do, but given the short number of episodes here, everything simply gets even more confusing.

After a pretty good introduction episode, she becomes boring and unlikable and takes up way too many screentime, especially in the final episode, in which we barely get to see Geralt.

What they needed to do was to take it slow and do what they did in the first episode(which was the best of the season imo) i.

The show is boring at times.

Nothing is done right, timeline is especially confusing.

definitely entertaining...

I was very much looking forward to this series as I had played the witcher 3 the wild hunt on ps4 and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The different timelines were a bit too confusing and so on...

Locations are really evocative and suggestive, CGI is well done, monsters are terrifying, and in general effects are pretty solid.

With contrived dark fantasy tropes and absolutely ridiculous writing this ensemble of B movie pedigree stumbles along with the dark hope Henry Cavill will save the series on his own presence.

), music is terrible (trying too hard to push feelings), character development (after four episodes I don't feel anything for a single character), boring and confusing.

He is intriguing, sexy and surprisingly likeable.

Although many were annoyed by the lack of clarity in the shows storyline, I found it to be an enjoyable mystery that drew me into the world.

This was confusing, unimaginative, generic.

This is one of the most confusing show I've ever watched.

Overall I found the show boring, hard to follow (even when I know how it ends) and lost interest on episode 4 or 5.

The Witcher is a very entertaining show that balances its approach to mature subjects and some of its humour quite well.

People bashing the "confusing" nature of the flashbacks must not understand that there are no flashbacks.

However, the main storyline is compelling, the characters are well developed, and I can't wait for more!

After that it all fell into place and I really enjoyed it.


Confusing newcomers and baffling regulars, the series opens up with three different time periods, offering us A-plot/B-plot or even A/B/C-plot structure in almost every episode.

Alternately confusing and boring .

), I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The answer is no, don't waste your time.

The narrative is disjointed.

Ciri's actress is good but she literally does nothing the entire season, her whole storyline felt completely pointless.

However, with each passing episode, the show got more and more confusing.

Terrible, Overrated and Boring .

Some TV shows are entertaining enough.

I can recommend this stunning masters piece and kudos to all that have been involved making it.

Granted, the timelines are a bit confusing.

Yes, it doesnt over-explain itself, and yes many character hardly age, but if you care to pay proper attention, this is a show with exceptional cinemathografy, a fast paced, never dragging, dynamic and interesting story, cast members that couldnt have fitted their roles better and a beatiful, original and absolutely epic score.

Also the battle scenes, visuals and music were breathtaking.

This story was very geeky, very over the top and somehow boring.

Yennefer was a little miscast, and most of the characters were boring and flat (apart from Jaskier, Yennefer and Ciri).

I was really excited to watch the show, but unfortunately it left me with confusion and disappointment.

The plot is amazing, the main characters feel fleshed out and intriguing, and the world feels lived in.

But this series offers big big interests and intriguing story line.

I believe HBO could have done a better job not because of GOT (I am NOT comparing "The Witcher" to GOT) but because HBO tv series are slower.

This made it all too confusing.

8 star just because is hard to follow the plot ,if you didnt read the book.

A confusing screenplay, mediocre CGI-effects, some irrational story changes and quite bad actresses for important roles may be the reasons for it.

It is hard to follow time line and all events for the firts 4 episodes.

It's a totally different story, very entertaining if you are into that kind of stuff, which I am, with a lot of weird creatures, bizarre characters, and good battles.

Poor and disjointed storytelling and pacing .

Nice story and characters present and past lot of confusion it is more over like trailing movir at the end you actually understand whats happen and happening.

Still nobody gives that much heed to staying true to origin and it is still really enjoyable.

urghh)However, when it's good, it really is very entertaining.

This show is super weird and boring.

It's slow, rambling, poorly acted and uninteresting.

By the middle of the first season, it gets very confusing.

I have read the books and played the games and really enjoyed it.

Cavill's attempt to mimic the video game's monotone gravel is so dull and poorly done that it almost seems like it's joke.

Short but intense 8 episodes.

I had hoped to be immersed into a dark, at times witty, and for me culturally exotic, slavic fantasy world with interesting characters and some kind of story arc.

And the back and forth from past and present is so confusing, there is not a clear transition or a remark for the viewer to know which is which.

Turns out that I was missing out on something very enjoyable.

The timeline is so confusing that if you didn't read the fiction you would not know what is happening at all.

The middle of the season can be slow moving with its direction following Yennefer and Geralt.

The main flaw with the series is that it can be confusing on the first watching because of the time jumps.

Also the geography Of the fighting is fascinating not everyone can do that.

Ok, i'm not a Witcher game player, but all i see is a weak screenplay and confusing storyline, bad actors, cheesy costumes, silly names and funny accents...

It is set of events that makes "Witcher" more enjoyable.

The individual stories contained in each episode are generally enjoyable.

My favourite character is definitely Yennefer she has the best story and the character is fascinating to watch.

Couldn't finish it - confusing, boring and miscast .

Though I enjoyed it overal there was just sooo much wrong.

What really surprised me is how they finally did a perfect fantasy series mixing these styles, creating something really new and AUTHENTIC FANTASY where you can breathe the smell of the spells, the incantations, the wild monsters, the atmosphere of the dungeons (videogamers will understand me) everything with a breathtaking soundtrack and great actors!

Where Westworld managed to keep me only mildly disoriented so as to be entertaining and suspenseful, The Witcher seems to keep wanting to push me around not caring whether I'm following or not.

I really enjoyed it and now I'm waiting for Season 2.

Very confusing until about the 4th episode .

It has a stellar cast, great writing and is very intriguing and entertaining.

Boring cheaply made and terrible actors.

To wrap it up, "The Witcher" is a show that has its high points, but is dragged down to being mediocre by its anxiety to please.

Really enjoyable .

Timeliness are too confusing during first episodes, even for person who knows history.

Poorly written, difficult to follow the jumps around between time and characters, and so poorly acted you wonder if the cast even bothered to read the script.

A thrilling, gritty and sometimes humorous dark fantasy series adapted from Polish novels.

Each episode more intense than the last one and the characters portray such virility in a way that makes it seem so real.

Having more breathing space would give the series much better score as the neck-breaking speed of exposition in three timelines was what made this season the confusing experience.

The story is entertaining and the characters are likeable.

I said the story is entertaining.

I had to fast forward many parts because it's that boring.

Poor cgi, character development,fast paced .

They may get beaten up a little in one episode, but are entirely fine by the next, acting as though nothing happened.

Characters are great but over all boring

This tv-series is boring, with too much unnecessary magic...

The story is also very confusing to follow.

Nor do I really care, because I found "The Witcher" to be very enjoyable entertainment.

The Witcher: An engaging show worth your while .

Amateurish and boring .

The troubadour is annoying, and not even funny annoying, but genuinely irritating and none of his off-key songs are catchy, entertaining, or memorable.

While Triss is mostly confusing visually, Istredd-- is missing some of the intensity his book archetype possessed.

For the fans of the witcher series, this 100 worth watching.

The whole Geralt and Balladeer dynamic is enjoyable.

The storyline is a mess, they tried to jump the timelines making it quite boring and confusing even for someone that played the games and knows the characters.

Engaging fantasy that needs better development and plotting .

The show is engaging, captivating, interesting, and grants us with a new depth to this tale that just pulls you into that world.

Boring, hard to follow!

Telling stories can be boring.

And I have heard many people say they found it too confusing.

Fantasy world created on a larger scale purely shows the ancient world of Magic, Wizards, Sorcerers, Curses, Mages, Prophecies etc. Despite having a different experience and different in a good way I still had mixed feelings about the show as there were some underwhelming aspects which follows, Timelines: The Witcher showcases the past & present events both running simultaneously and at times it was very confusing as an audience to bifurcate which events were from past and vice versa.

the back and forth sometimes got very confusing and I lost track for a while of what was going on.

Worth watching .

Reminds me of Mad Men in how everything is on a deliberate slow pace and yet it's still engaging.

Most of the quests are uninteresting and the characters personalities/goals change from one episode to another.

Spectacular fight scenes with stills and close ups in pretty bloody and brutal moments are balanced nicely with an intriguing story.

The story is what you can call at some times really confusing, time leaps that weren't explained.

And that is what was lacking in "The Witcher": a slower pace and a better script.

Not knowing anything about the books and video games, I find this show so engaging and just entertaining.

Witcher is just way overhyped, too low budget looking and too confusing to be rated a good TV show.

Intriguing .

My wife and I really enjoyed it.

Locations seem empty and generic.

The production, world and (main) characters are all enjoyable.

This is soooo boring ive actually created the account to tell you all about it with The Witcher playing in the background.

The film is not shown in chronological order, so it's a little hard to follow the first time.

The end result is interesting and entertaining and has left me thirsty for more.

I do not understand all the fuss about this series, it is so boring that I had to forward most of the episodes to get it through it.

Geralt of Rivia is a flat character who has no flaws and expresses no emotions besides lust (Henry Cavil is a handsome man, but he can't act for his life; people say he "carries" the series because his character has no emotions, motivations or any kind of depth, so the actor fits like a glove, delivering monotone line after line).

Just boring .

Even though the timeline gets a little confusing by the middle and the CGI is a little cringe inducing...

But the producers of Witcher have plenty of runway to tell some of the well-crafted smaller stories in multiple books before they plunge ahead, and Netflix has the resources to allow them to make it look every bit as stunning as HBO did with GoT.

i dont like it and this is one of the rare tv shows that i just cant finish, too boring 👎👎👎

Yennefer was a little miscast, and most of the characters were boring and flat (apart from Jaskier, Yennefer and Ciri).

PLEASE for god sake, dont mix your propaganda with fantasy genre!

The finale picks up with a battle that was entertaining and exciting.

The timeline is hard to follow.

I felt that Geralt was by far the most fascinating character of the show followed by Jaskier.

Don't waste your time.

Hard to follow .

The second episode really kicked up a gear and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Too many jumps in the timeline and dragged out meeting with the princess.

we want these kinda shows Great, fascinating, seductive...

Three stars only for Cavills performance, apart from that it is a waste of time.

It's hard to follow and jumps around, there's no character development.

But it is entertaining and exciting.

Many unnecessary changes from the Books source plot pointsVery rushed Short Stories that felt very bland and wasn't able to capture the soul of the books.

The field looks so empty.