The Witcher (2019) - Action, Adventure, Drama

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Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts.

IMDB: 9.2
Stars: Henry Cavill, Freya Allan
Length: 60 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 194 out of 1000 found boring (19.4%)

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In episode 7 it's further confusing, as in the earlier episodes we are given the impression Ciri the Princess hasn't met the Witcher, then in episode 7 they show the Ciri meeting the Witcher when she's younger.

Like others, I've found it confusing the back & forth through time which isn't really defined at all.

Better than boring and overrated g.

Passable at best, it's all very cliche, I so wanted this to work, anyway what's even more jarring is the decision to change characters races, and skin colors.

It's an enjoyable Merlin-like adventure with a little sauce of sex and gore.

They are also very entertaining and funny.

An intense series that will no doubt light the imagination of many!

The story is great but hard to follow.

Too boring for me to persevere .

Over all, entertaining enough Not be bored while watching it.

-I am 70% intrigued by Ciri but still looking forward to see her progress in future seasons (hoping for more seasons please) -The lore from the books were changed but I find it normal to tweak some for audiences to easily digest the story -Triss looked lacking (compared to the books and games) -Definitely an entertaining watch!

Dialogues, that gave spice to main characters and actually formed their personalities were turned into something dull and not really expressive.


Cringy, uninteresting .

It's lack of depth and lack of logical cohesion tries to, in vain, hide itself behind a confusing narrative spanning several timelines and location which the directors made no attempt to somehow visually indicate to the audience.

After watching this, you have only questions, who are all this empty characters and why I should care about them?

Upon checking it out I found it interesting but a little hard to follow at times.


), uninteresting and sometimes confusing plot, poor script, uninteresting characters, average CGI, average fighting scenes with some flashes of good choreography, and average acting (bad casting?

Boring, bad screen writting, bad production....

If you haven't played the games or read the books and you judge it on its own, it is so boring!!!

Beautiful and stunning series with great and powerful characters.

4 - Story - I touched on this but the entire season felt, disjointed, with each short story from the book - a separate entity.

Negatives: A bit slow and sometimes clueless.

Although the story is inadequate, it is very exciting to gradually discover the eggs before it.

Also the battle scenes, visuals and music were breathtaking.

Anything following the Witcher himself was entertaining, funny and exciting.

A decent first series, worth watching.

But as I have made my way though episodes, I have enjoyed it more and more.

Complete waste of time .

The Witcher looks absolutely beautiful and production value seems to be through the roof, but ultimately falls short due to lazy and boring writing.

Though entertaining, the last few episodes make no logical sense, which kind of reduces the quality of the earlier ones, since you find out that none of the interesting things that happened early on mattered at all.

The storyline is too sporadic per episode making it hard work to follow initially and the dialogue between characters is too cliche, especially in the later episodes.

Seemed rushed.. seems pointless..Not my cuppa tea

Confusing story and bad script.

Very enjoyable show!...

I was very much looking forward to this series as I had played the witcher 3 the wild hunt on ps4 and thoroughly enjoyed it.

As a fan of good old sword and sorcery (think D&D or a mix of "Lord of the Rings" and "Conan the Babarian") I enjoyed it a lot and will now read the books.

Sooo boring....

Most of the dialogue comes off as meaningless and after long and drawn out scenes of characters explaining the plot to each other, I started to lose my interest in the narrative and characters.

I'll give my props to the writers for managing to make it somewhat coherent however the changing between timelines is just confusing and unless you're paying full attention you will end up feeling very confused as the show goes on.

Disappointed, poor act,not appealing characters ,poor lines and dialogues,and very boring storyline .

I highly recommend it.

My husband played the game and was so excited to see this series, watched it with him and it was entertaining.

Season 1 has great fight scenes brilliant acting by both henry and anya but show has very confusing timeline and story with too much waste dialougues just making episodes longer unnecassirily

I just want to start off by saying "Henry Cavill is really good as Geralt" but mostly the pacing is off.

That became repetitive.

I'm a huge GOT fan, but this light years away from being close to as enjoyable.

Instead of making the show deep and meaningful, with actual historical references that were present in the books, they went with boring and unnecessary cultural appropriation.

Story is confusing since sometimes it feels like time traveling or watching the episodes in random order.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

The book is written very well, the story is engaging, logical, funny where it should be and sad when it is needed.

But it's a very entertaining fantasy series with interesting characters, situations and monsters.

However, it is Anya Chalotra as the bullied, abused, betrayed and ultimately heartbroken Yennefer that steals the show with a breathtaking performance.

This makes the storyline very confusing and exhausting, especially because the storyline does not exist.

Her acting is bland, boring, and let's face it, she isn't as beautiful as this role requires.

Introducing ethnic diversity could be done with more thought and background information, in my opinion, but it was decent and made me think back on the all-Caucasian world presented in the games as rather bland and incomplete in this aspect.

Engaging, cinematic, beautiful .

Very boring, bad acting, unending dialogue about nothing of interest.

Exclude Cavil who I think is the only one worth praise and worth watching to the end, this show mises pretty much on all targets.

Bored of this classic netflix agenda.

Do we need to have everything made simple, generic and boring ?

The editing of the plot progress was confusing sometimes, made me wonder what the heck is going on, unfortunately not in a good way.

What really surprised me is how they finally did a perfect fantasy series mixing these styles, creating something really new and AUTHENTIC FANTASY where you can breathe the smell of the spells, the incantations, the wild monsters, the atmosphere of the dungeons (videogamers will understand me) everything with a breathtaking soundtrack and great actors!

There are some episode that fill in some details of the supporting characters, which is nice but can be a little confusing in the timeline.

Yennefer was a little miscast, and most of the characters were boring and flat (apart from Jaskier, Yennefer and Ciri).

An incoherent, skill-less, rushed exercise of connecting trailer shots into an hour of dull, confused narrative nothingness.

My main take away is confusion.

The books have humor, good tension built, exciting romances and beautifil symbolisms which are changed, rushed or completely left out in the series.

The dull and quickly ended fight scenes, some actors are plain trash I might add such as triss marigolds performance was yawn inducing, too much forced romance for the sake of romance was corny, what a dissatisfying experience.

For people who haven't read the book or played the games, it can be a little confusing.

Was a big waste of my time.

Lets say, this peace of series is worth watching if you like fantasy in a cheesy and boring way, with costumes that looks too clean for middle age, with settings that might be in a children's dream, with a storyline that's boring.

It is hard to follow the story line and even if you can follow, the story is rather dull.

They are young and often reckless which makes watching their arcs so entertaining.

the queen dying was confusing,they made no attempt to show she was hurt or to have a healer look at her or her magician do anything?

Overall I still enjoyed it there were some great action scenes and I'm intrigued to see if season 2 improves the show further.

Confusion .

Compelling .

This show is stupid, hard to follow and is not good.

The timeline is hard to follow which just makes is feel choppy.

This isn't likely to win any awards just yet, but it's entertaining, it's plot is intriguing, it's different to the other fantasy offerings and it has a solid foundation to work from.

I have still enjoyed it a bit and i was interested to continue watching through it.

For the fans of the witcher series, this 100 worth watching.

Destiny mantra gets bit boring and individuals behind casting have weird fascination for strange looking and big noses.

Every episode seems disjointed from the one before and new characters appear out of nowhere, while others disappear for now.

And that is what was lacking in "The Witcher": a slower pace and a better script.

The action is very entertaining to watch, as it's well choreographed and violent.

Waste of Time .

I've seen lots of people comparing this to GoT's and the main reason it reminds me of it is because I enjoyed it so much.

The storytelling varies from fascinating to convoluted.

Both Yen and Triss look extremely smart, classy and stunning, and in the movie the girls look nothing like the part.

The reason for it's large success was due to gripping realistic story lines with fantasy aspects sprinkled in overtime.

Mind blowing .

The whole story telling is terrible, the dialogue is cliche, the actors don't feet the characters and the characters are not believable, they do things that normal human beings (even in a fantasy world) would not.

They should look stunning like supermodels because of magic.

There wasn't any character building and as a result, the only intriguing story line is The Witcher's, and there isn't enough of his story.

But it was too confusing.

The dialogues seem contrived, often even annoying; the characters´ actions often seem unwarranted and contradictory.

An incoherent mess from beginning to end, the confusing timeline is splattered allover the place like a Jackson Pollock painting with no explanation.

That alone is never the measure of a good show, nor can it ensure production value, nevertheless it's certainly worth watching (and we can probably say that it is worth its cost).

It's definitely worth watching if you're fan.

I had to fast forward many parts because it's that boring.

The whole Geralt and Balladeer dynamic is enjoyable.

Flaws, in my opinion, are also its uniqueness, which is its narrative structure and storytelling which, at first, may be too unexpected for "casual, regular audience".

Although the books are quite a different experience of course, especially when it comes to storytelling, I enjoyed them very much and read two books filled with intriguing short stories.

we want these kinda shows Great, fascinating, seductive...

It contains certain amount of empty spots hoping to be filled in next installment.

Freya Allan pulled out Ciri just fine; however, I think her time to shine is yet to come, as her plotline so far is pretty dull in comparison to what awaits her throughout the story.

A confusing screenplay, mediocre CGI-effects, some irrational story changes and quite bad actresses for important roles may be the reasons for it.

Marvel and the other large franchises have done one major disservice to us viewers; they've standardized 'loud and exciting' and put 'story and quality' in the corner for a time out.

i'm a witcher video game player and i find it very enjoyable.

I have read the books and played the games and really enjoyed it.

UNWATCHABLE after 3rd episode!!.

Boring .

Nowhere near as clever or as intriguing as Game of Thrones (ofcourse I am not including Season 8 in this).

Please don't waste your time.

The Witcher wants you to take in the stunning visuals while trying to catalog all of the information they are spewing on you each episode.

I felt that Geralt was by far the most fascinating character of the show followed by Jaskier.

Confusing plot, zero charachters development.

From playing the game to watching this season it was pretty good, enjoyed it a lot.

The timeline confusion could have been avoided if there was reference to a common event in all 3 timelines.

Weak story, dull plot lines and more monotone dialogues than the Walking Dead.

Flat, confused and boring .

They have great chemistry and seeing them on screen is always entertaining.

And waste of my time.

Give it a chance, it's a fun and enjoyable experience with some better than expected acting and action.

Besides the bad acting and the dull dialogues, the story is so boring and depressing that I couldn't continue watching the show.

While the overarching plot is good enough to be invested in, it is the monster-hunter bits that I found most fascinating.

Dialogue is confusing which causes the plot line to be lost to most.

Waste of time.

The acting at times can be tiresome, the fight scenes would make anyone thats seen combat laugh and shake their heads, and the casting at some times is just wrong.

Few episodes are full boring love scenes between Witcher and Yennefer.

It has a stellar cast, great writing and is very intriguing and entertaining.

Confusing .

It's boring, the sidekick minstrel is annoying and pathetic, I can't see any redeeming feature in this series.

While Triss is mostly confusing visually, Istredd-- is missing some of the intensity his book archetype possessed.

She definitely looks the part but sometimes (and this maybe done intentionally), her acting appears bland.

The streaming service where fighting the system is copying mainstream politicial propaganda.

Very confusing to understand and they don't explain anything.

very boring

It is truly a unique achievement to turn a ready-to-use masterpiece into an average plot with slightly dull dialogues and loads of logical gaps.

I enjoyed the series but some of the episodes felt boring and dull and considering the Witcher is about monsters and ghouls...

I gotta admit I was pleasantly surprised to see that the show is actually watchable, and even entertaining for the most part.

The show is sometimes boring, pointless and other times entertaining.

Great effects and imaginative world is dragged down by mediocre writing .

Don't know the game, haven't read the books but great characters, compelling storyline and as for Cavill.....

I can accept different skin color in the same race, even it's confusing.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed the show, Henry Cavill was fantastic, and all the characters are intriguing to watch.

2-Time jumps were confusing 3- Triss merigold character was the most disappointing character in the series for me.

Boring as hell .

The quality of most are poor and they are repetitive.

Confusing newcomers and baffling regulars, the series opens up with three different time periods, offering us A-plot/B-plot or even A/B/C-plot structure in almost every episode.

Too much magic, mess of a narrative, slow narrative, great acting, cinematics and story.

Be aware that the storytelling can be very confusing in terms of the chronology of events, and as such a supplemental Wiki reading may be necessary for newcomers to the Witcher world.

Overall, the series is entertaining and worth a watch.

Some of the fight scenes were well executed as well as entertaining and exciting to watch.

Great but sometimes confusing.

Way overhyped with a confusing narrative .

Very entertaining and loved every single character, I will be anxiously waiting for next season.

Even shows like Xena or Hercules are better than this because at least they were entertaining while this is boring instead.

This story was very geeky, very over the top and somehow boring.

And also, stunning landscapesCONS: Dubious casting choices.

The camerawork/directing also really let's it down often with some awkward cuts and finally the script - I am well versed in Witcher lore having played all three games to death but the plots are bland and confusing.

Thrilling, mysterious and aesthetically pleasing.

Though The Witcher; based on novels, that lead to games, that then lead to this tv series, is fairly entertaining in its dialogue and ability to bring in new audiences, it is far from perfect.

What they needed to do was to take it slow and do what they did in the first episode(which was the best of the season imo) i.

Sapkowsky gave the plot on the plate and it was interesting, logical and entertaining, smart.

The show is poorly written, kinda boring sometimes, the plot isn't clear and the flashbacks are really not obvious, without cliffhangers there is no intensive to keep watching.

A huge thank you to Cavill and Chalotra for the early Christmas gift - unexpected and wonderful.

Chalota's portrayal of femme fatale Yennefer is also enjoyable.

Poor cgi, character development,fast paced .

With the foundation set out by season 1, I have high hope for an action packed lore filled season 2.

But the storytelling is far away of confusing if you're paying attention to the dialogues and details in scene.

Entertaining some times, others is SLOOOOOW....

But this series offers big big interests and intriguing story line.

It makes the show exceptional hard to follow.

This series is boring fantasy that fails to make sense, plus bad camera work and odd looking costumes.

5 stars because I like the fantasy genre, and the show was entertaining enough that I actually watched the whole season.

Watch and enjoy it because its worth watching.

The dialogue at times is hilariously bad, often making a scene that should be exciting turn into something more like a parody.

Finally to the character Geralt of Rivia himself: Looking sad and bored all the time, without talking much, doesn't make you look smart: it infects the viewer who gets bored as well.

I enjoyed it and was able to piece together the narrative.

People find the timeline confusing, to which I respond...

Overall, the series is enjoyable and I am looking forward to more seasons!

I found it very confusing.

The storyline is a mess, they tried to jump the timelines making it quite boring and confusing even for someone that played the games and knows the characters.

Reminds me of Mad Men in how everything is on a deliberate slow pace and yet it's still engaging.

As someone who has never read the books and played the games, I found the first three episodes of the show rather confusing because of the time jumps as the main characters, Geralt, Yennefer and Cirilla had to be introduced.


This started out great, then got confusing and lost me .

Very slow.

Don't waste your time.

Even so it was quite entertaining, the cgi was good, fights good, acting good, just don't know what I was watching, that's why I gave a five

Boring and not one character you what to get into.

I understand what is going on as well, though I think it is done poorly and may seriously confuse people with the disjointed use of time period and cut up narrative - it just wasn't necessary and they've done it to make it feel "clever" and "complex" hoping you won't notice how empty and cringey it is otherwise.

Fantastical background was a welcome addition, yet even without dragons and monsters, it offered satisfying amount of highly engaging drama.

Only critique: plot can be hard to follow, the three or so storylines only converge on episode 4 or even later.

As it is, her character barely does anything interesting, and makes the timeline confusing even for someone who has read the books and played the games.

Worth watching.

For the ones who weren't, the show is a confusing sequence of not so great swords' fights, low-budget monsters and random naked women's scenes.

The cheap quality gives off the vibe that you are watching a soap opera or stage play instead of being immersed in the world.

I believe HBO could have done a better job not because of GOT (I am NOT comparing "The Witcher" to GOT) but because HBO tv series are slower.

Thrilling .

Instead of galloping away the witcher punches the bard in the stomach and continues his way at slow pace.

Quite Entertaining.

Having more breathing space would give the series much better score as the neck-breaking speed of exposition in three timelines was what made this season the confusing experience.

Overall, this first season was very entertaining.

Also Ciri's plot lacked originality - she was just another bored princess without any personality.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope they continue to produce it at such a high-quality.

It honestly feels like the writers wanted to tell this story in the most tedious way possible.

Honestly don't waste your time.

Really good and entertaining.

Having said that it is, on its own merits, quite entertaining.

As a long time fan I had 3 major problems with the first season : 1- Ciri's story in first season was bland.

Some scenes are a complete waste of screen time.

Don't waste your time.

It is dumb and boring.

Extremely Boring .

I finished the first season and I enjoyed it very much as a vivid fan of The Witcher videogame series.

The timeline is confusing and frustrating .

And, Anya Chalotra is stunning in her reveal.

It was very jarring and even confusing at times, almost like a montage of scenes sloppily thrown together.

There are plenty of occasions when stunning his enemies would have made more sense than hacking and slashing.

Once you get your head around the timeline of the series it's hugely enjoyable.

I've read the books and found them enjoyable, not amazing in any way, but the main characters were intriguing to follow.

The acting is excellent and the story line intriguing.

However, with each passing episode, the show got more and more confusing.

Saying that, the stories of the secondary characters feature plenty of exciting scenes.

Confusing, yet Intriguing for a Witcher Virgin .

The actors are good, the cgi is decent,I didn't read the books, neither played the games but i must say the timeline is so confusing that multiple times i lost track on whats happening.

The viewer has to sit through drawn out segments of dialogue used to fill in the story line, without anything happening.


Fantastik - but confusing at first .

Only issues I found were Ciri's scenes were boring and I felt Triss was miscast.

Original and utmost entertaining .

It's confusing not complex, it doesn't offer anything new that other shows of the same genre have offered in the past.

It's not a perfect show, no such thing, but it is very entertaining.

The effects are mind blowing, I remember watching the first episode with my mouth open in shock and fascination.

The 3 main actors are immersed in their characters and the bard brings a comedy element.

But her acting is otherwise rather poor when it comes to show more complex emotions; the scene where her grandmother passes away presented a bland performance lacking in depth.

The story is totally boring with the usual cliches related to "middle-age" would-be fantasy epics.

The end result is interesting and entertaining and has left me thirsty for more.

But the plot is refreshing and compelling.

Solidly entertaining.

I enjoyed it more than game of thrones which was overrated a bit.

Furthermore it contains irony, which makes scenes enjoyable.

It's supposed to please the fans as well as introduce the world to the new audience, and that was executed rather poorly; no world building, no answers whatsoever, magic has no clear rules, plotlines are tangled in such an uneccessarily weird way (and I'm not stupid, obviously I managed to piece it together after some time but it was very tedious nonetheless), the dialogue is full of cliche lines and there's a bunch of random characters in each episode you fell zero connection to by the time the episode ends.

Henry Cavill speaks in an unemotional monotone.

Jesus Christ this was boring .

This was confusing, unimaginative, generic.

Hard to follow .

Some episodes are so devoid of content they're nearly pointless.

Add to that the never ending rambling of pointless dialogue, and cheesy displays of intense emotions every other second, and you get a show that is cheap trash.

Witcher is just way overhyped, too low budget looking and too confusing to be rated a good TV show.

First of all for someone who didnt play the game or read the books its really hard to follow the rushed story as it jumps from one act to an other without connecting them and introduces so many elements of the witcher universe that does not explain.

to some extent), and I'm pretty sure this will make somewhat difficult to follow the events for "vanilla" viewers.

So cliche.

Yennefer's storyline was super-boring and uninteresting (the way they showed it).

The plot is so confusing I'm not sure there's one, or a story we could perceive as one.

Haven't read the books nor played the games, but this was unwatchable.

The gritty, realistic and cold universe of the books and games, is replaced by a bland and forgettable americanized version.

This show is pointless.

The character interactions seem inauthentic and unnatural in just about every scene, which made it boring as hell to watch.

The script and acting are far from bad, and the plot is engaging and pulls you along.

The world is stunning, visually enticing.

The storyline is very engaging and the characters developed very well and very quickly.

), I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This show is better then GOT Story is mind blowing not boring like got

The new Netflix Witcher show kinda sucks It feels like a low budget B series, with amateurish directing, lots of dramatic overacting, endless cliches, Wal-Mart costume design, awkward pacing and timeline, hilariously forced and pointless romances, weird CGI, and a very weak script.

The story of Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Vengerberg and Cirlla of Cintra, starts off slow and in three different timelines.

But this one does, captivating and exciting it lived up to the images I had in my head.

As a number of other people have said this show is initially very confusing.

My wife and I really enjoyed it.

Too confusing I stop watching it.

Characters just briefly appear, start spewing confusing pretentious dialogues, and then the episode ends.

Season 1 was a very entertaining show.

urghh)However, when it's good, it really is very entertaining.

Granted, the timelines are a bit confusing.

Get more to the point, dont follow boring depictions from the book and the games too much.

Confuse and slow.

Hard to follow the storyline.

The time-jumps can be confusing at first, although it is unavoidable given the season was based on collection short stories.

The start can be confusing with untitled flashbacks but ultimately it made it more intriguing.

I loved "See" and "The Mandalorian" but steaming competition is about to ruin original TV shows and waste our time, if you remember "Spartacus" on "Starz", "The Witcher" is quite similar to that show.

~Boring and Confusing~ .

Engaging story.

Besides Henry Cavill, the other two leading ladies of the show are relatively new actresses but I think they're great so far and their performances are compelling and captivating.

Many of Cavill's lines are cheesy, and the storyline is often hard to follow because of the garbled speech.

Must be fans of the books that score this waste of time series above average, and if you give this a 10 you are clueless.

I'm sick of reading scathing reviews of a something that turns out to be pretty damn entertaining (I'm talking about you Metacritic).

Beautiful buy boring .

The story of Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Vengerberg and Cirlla of Cintra, starts off slow and in three different timelines.

This is so boring, no chance I'll continue it.

It was really extrodinary how good Cavil was in the role and how entertaining the other actors are by giving their best.

Boring boring boring.

Great Show with confusing casting and plot decisions .

However, it is Anya Chalotra as the bullied, abused, betrayed and ultimately heartbroken Yennefer that steals the show with a breathtaking performance.

The episode with the dragon was also quite boring.

Not much makes any sense, but it's too damn entertaining in a "so bad, it's good" way.

First, a man fighting a monster, meeting a few weird people, a Royal family dynamic that was in dire straights with an enemy storming the castle, women being gathered up by a stern woman for an unknown reason, characters being added each episode that didn't seem to fit with those already introduced in previous episodes, hard to follow dialogues not aided by bizarre dialects and accents, battle scenes between armored men fighting for Lord knows what and dying from split or decapitated heads, add some magic, a few mutant animals and I couldn't have been more lost.

The jumping timelines allow for a lot of confusion with regards to chronology and it is unclear that the storylines are even set in different time periods until a few episodes in.

It sometimes is difficult to follow with all the characters introduced, and, as has previously been mentioned, is hard to distinguish between flashback and current scenes.

i picked up on story strands as they weaved together pretty early on,so expected the unexpected and wasn't disapointed.

3 or 4 on the show becomes very enjoyable to watch.

With that said, the show has excellent fighting scenes accompanied by superior sound effects that make you feel immersed in the fight with every rib crunching or skin slicing sound.

Utterly confusing .

The plot is amazing, the main characters feel fleshed out and intriguing, and the world feels lived in.

the directing is vague and boring.

Once you realise that then your in for an enjoyable swords and sorcery series, just a shame it's only 8 episodes as a few more episodes would of been welcome.

His voice, the fighting, his very dry sense of humor.

Its really boring until the action starts which mostly is tens mins broken up in hour long epsiodes

Story is very confusing and boring.

Music was tiring and repetitive to my ears (to much violin solo) and it didnt have enough charm and ambience to submerge me into this magic world .

All in all, I feel most of the changes make sense and allowed the creation of a believable, coherent, and exciting world.

They have zero consideration for character development plus an overly confusing timelines which will genuinely give you headaches.

No storyline, just some cool fight scenes.

Why did they do the confusing timlines?

Kind of entertaining, though.

Which is complete, precisely detailed, and utterly engaging.

Some of the performance are laughable (my favorite is Freya Allan's autistic screeching) and i think the season finale is boring af.

Onto my title and what I mean is as of right now I know this show deserves another watch because it is downright confusing.

The dialog is hard to follow and often times impossible to understand the actors, the story-line is confusing and easy for the viewer to drift off.

I find that sort of empty rubbish annoying and indicative of bad writing.

I know that she doesn't have the easiest part to portray this strong, confident sorceress which is famous for her cleverness and breathtaking beauty, so it's maybe more the fault of the casting process than hers.

The show is mostly enjoyable and decent+ and I would probably recommend it.

Fast paced show, most of the time.

The script writing is dreadful, pacing is slow and dull at times.

Amazing cast and so enjoyable to watch.

" How can I concisely sum up the grandeur, the utter brilliance, the mind blowing originality, the dazzling spectacle that was the twenty minute span I was able to tolerate until the nausea took hold and overcame my defenses?

This is sooooooo boring I've tried watching the first episode like three times.

Evocative, thematic storytelling .

Here are some flaws: those time jumps were obvious weak point, those "big" battles were weak and pointless to show, there were some really outrageous props (nilfgardian armor and weapons, those pikes...

I was confused and figured that it was a flashback but made it hard to follow.

Besides that the action scenes are excellent, stunning fight choreography that perfectly captures how lethal Geralt is meant to be.

The narrative seems quite slow and generic, with no twists or turns that will really shake you, nor does it have any characters you'll be sympathising for.

But the time twists are somewhat unpredictable and confusing, characters pop up and disappear adding what to the story?

), music is terrible (trying too hard to push feelings), character development (after four episodes I don't feel anything for a single character), boring and confusing.

Wonderful narrative, excellent writing, intriguing CG cinematic world building action scenes, and great cast.

It's early doors yet but from a really enjoyable first series I can see the show going on from strength to strength and having more time to breathe thus ironing out the criticisms being levelled at it.

The flashback scenes were also bad and confusing with no easy to discern timeline.

I admit episode 1 of the Witcher is a bit confusing.

Started well, but then got super confusing with the multiple timelines.

Really enjoyable .

It's entertaining, and once I got through a few episode made I realized it's done more in the style of the Mandalorian where we follow the main character through a sprawling world on a different adventure with different characters and creatures in each episode.

If you watch this you will be bored throughout apart from the times you laugh at how stupid something is I cant believe there are people who see this and think that this is ok or in any way acceptable let alone the masterpiece some people have been describing it as, giving shows like this high ratings gives incentive to these production companies to keep churning out garbage because it makes money.

And the show becomes increasingly compelling and the season finale is stunning...

So much disappointment and confusion and bad effects and bad main characters.

However, the main storyline is compelling, the characters are well developed, and I can't wait for more!

The first few episodes do get you involved in the witcher universe & while I was slightly disappointed with the final episodes and slightly disjointed story-telling this was a quite enjoyable fantasy dramaThe first thing to note is that the world of the Witcher is quite well evolved.

The one hour long per episode may be sometimes too much, and there are some filler scenes, that will slow down the narration.

Some very confusing time lines interwoven along with some poor scripts never really hooked me.

this was a confusing ride.

Very Enjoyable .

Except for maybe the battle in the last episode since it was a bit boring.

Totally confusing timeline that doesn't really make sense.

Waste of time..episode 2 so boring ...

The plot is pretty confusing and the acting by some of the other cast is average.

Triss looks very bland, like a gipsy whos been on the road for to long with no chance to bath or clean herself.

From then on it is quite entertaining, as we see Geralt, Ciri and Yennefer's adventures.

Dark and magical but also confusing with the time zones which makes it so good to follow.

The key character, played convincingly by Henry Cavill, is mired beneath thick, tedious layers, of feminism, diversity and other preachy PC musings.

Mildly entertaining.

The Witcher is a well crafted, intelligent, and entertaining series.

By the middle of the first season, it gets very confusing.

While at first I thought that the direction was kind of "unelegant" or "too fast paced", it took me a second viewing of the first episode to understand the direction and style they chose for the story they were going to tell and the narrative structure of its entire season.

Amazing cast with confusing plot .

Good adaptation from the books, full of charm and very entertaining!

g stick to book 1, it would make for a more engaging and cohesive storytelling.

Enough to make you realize how bored you are with the current scene, vs a comparable series like Game of Thrones that kept the pacing steady and the action consistent.

I will be on the edge of my seat until season two.

There are some pointless blurred lines on the top and bottom of the camera...

Anya Chalotra is the best Yennefer I've seen so far, and she managed to pull out the problematic transition from a worthless, disfigured girl to a stunning, proud, powerful, and ambitious sorceress.

Unfortunately this latter aspect despite the slow tease of its promise was not worked out as well as it should have been and we left, in their ultimate encounter, having little idea of what it is they are now supposed to achieve.

Its a show that know what is and commits to it, and its not pretending to be anything else, which make for a very entertaining watching experience.

It's a thrilling show & definitely worth to watch can't wait till season 2 comes available

If you love swords and sorcery this is highly enjoyable.

the timeline is so confusing and the characters' emotional ties to one another changes every 5 mins.

Cavill is excellent in this entertaining series .

We should only follow one character, and the story should go slower, because the lore should be better explained instead.

The production values are good but the story and majority of the scenes are just bland and boring.

Lousy writing, very poor casting and difficult to follow "story line"; flashbacks are difficult to tell from the "now" storyline.

It's slow, rambling, poorly acted and uninteresting.

Very enjoyable.

Episode 4 , Geralt is fishing for a Genie to "cure insomnia".

Good but hard to follow .

Entertaining with a grain of salt.

This can be confusing as well.

I enjoyed it.

Enjoyed a lot, story is very intriguing.

Apparently, whoever produced this crap latched on to the fantasy/mystical aspect of GOT, but completely disregarded compelling storytelling, deep character development and making any damn sense.

In summary a fascinating journey into a medieval realm with all aspects u might wish for.

Boring boring weird and boring .

Boring boring weird and boring.

don't waste your time on it.

The Witcher (Henry) speaks in a dead monotone, vocal fry heavy voice and it took me a while to began to pick up his dialogue clearly and while I came to the series for Henry Cavill, I stayed for Anya Chalotra (Yennifer).

I believe the latter, in which case there are a number of pointless sub plots.

It's def worth watching.

Characters are great but over all boring

For the uninitiated the first few episodes will leave some questions, while for those familiar with the books it'll have some small annoyances, like the engaging but confusing Ciri story line.

The field looks so empty.

The different timelines were a bit too confusing and so on...

The costumes, the accents, the names, its a truly engrossing world, with exceptional acting ability across the board.

Unsure how future seasons of Witcher will go, but hopefully not like Vikings or GOT where it became dulled, predictable and pander to people who preferred to be feed rather than think.

Confusing Timeline .

Not enough time spent with Geralt, and at this point other characters seem much more interesting, engaging and important.

Good but Confusing .

It lacks coherence with its sudden time-line jumps which were confusing even to people familiar with the witcher games or books.

For someone who doesn't know the story, the screenplay and directing make it hard to follow.

Instead we got confusing time jumps, the main character is pushed aside to make room for 2 more origin stories (Yen and Ciri) and some GoT-like-half-baked attempt at showing the politics that move the world (ep 8).

Netflix does it again with their fascinating entertainment and cinematography.

It's engaging .

In general, all tracks are very evocative and adventurous, they perfectly fit the context of the series.

One of the most boring series ever.

There are many an unexpected plot twists.

The key events like Geralt's first meeting with Ciri in Brokilon or Yennefer, or Ciri again after the Cintra's fall (I will not list all of them, I am too depressed) were changed dramatically, which made the overall story flat, boring and without sense.

For watching this, it should be an absolute obligation to play the game or read the books, otherwise it is a huge waste of time.

As a viewer I don't care about most of the characters, and the dialogues make me yawn.

I had to persevere with episodes 1 to 3 but then the characters became more engaging.

With contrived dark fantasy tropes and absolutely ridiculous writing this ensemble of B movie pedigree stumbles along with the dark hope Henry Cavill will save the series on his own presence.

Some casting or costume decisions are somewhat confusing like Fringilla, Triss Merigold, Dryads and always appearing black or asian actors that are playing guards, peasants or dwarfs does not make any sense inside "The Witcher" Universe.

I may be suffering from a bias to the games but interactions with Yennefer and Geralt I found far more enjoyable there than in this show, and their relationship is an integral part of the story.

So boring .

Too much happening in 8 episodes yet somehow the whole thing felt dragged out.

Boring So apparently my review is too short...

The thing that annoyed me the most was that the time lines are super confusing.

Plus, it's visually stunning, from the set decor to the costumes, to the special effects.

I was really excited to watch the show, but unfortunately it left me with confusion and disappointment.

Great potential but very hard to follow.

Plot and character development is confusing at best.

This tv-series is boring, with too much unnecessary magic...

Truly entertaining for the ones who didn't know about the books and games .

The themes are few and far between and again smack you over the head obvious and more than a little repetitive (muh destiny.

Complete waste of time.

Generally Yennefer's history in Aretuza, romance with Istredd (that actually happened, but much later) and story of loosing fertility is made up and dull.

I wasted 1 hour for the first episode and it was sooooo slow and booooring.

Definitely worth watching.

Now, don't get me wrong, it's enjoyable and quite watchable.

But overall the whole show is flat, boring, without imagination behind it or any (not necessarily Slavic) climate.

But it's weak, it's similar like game of thrones the scenario or battles (similar if you don't read the books), maybe I am making confusion, but I prefer more action than slow conversation!

But the producers of Witcher have plenty of runway to tell some of the well-crafted smaller stories in multiple books before they plunge ahead, and Netflix has the resources to allow them to make it look every bit as stunning as HBO did with GoT.

First of all, boring (I fell asleep during first episode...

But whatever flaws it has, is redeemed by excellent production values, endearing and outstanding performances by the cast, and the fascinating central premise of the mutant-monster-hunter-investigator.

Boring and lacked promise.

Having only a bunch of strong female witches and queens do strong acts becomes boring rather quickly.

Until you realize that it's showing things from different time periods, it gets really confusing.

No consistency, no logic, boring and overall a let down.


I get there's only so much Cavill can do with the emotional situation of his character and the rather poor dialogue he's been given but it is a bit awkward and underwhelming especially with the monotone voice.

Good to watch in a boring weekend when you look for the least good quality GoT-ripoffs.

The confusion could be solved by adding text that says Past, Present, and Future of the overall plot...

I'm really surprised that Netflix would allow this as it really made the plot hard to follow.

I love that this season has a story whilst also building setup for another season, which after watching the show I realized is what most people were excited for, but I thought this season does a good job at creating setup, but being enjoyable and immersive enough to be a good first season.

Pacing being way too fast and very confusing especially for non book readersNilfgaardian Armor looking absolutely terribleBrokilon plots being completely pointless mainly caused by the unnecessary changes on the original plot from the books.

Absolutely wonderful entertaining show.

Overall the show was definitely watchable and at times quite enjoyable, but it was also kind of disappointing because the writing was so disjointed and the ending was kind of predictable.

Also I am not fun of Netflix way of just giving all episodes in one day but I will that this show benefits from it, without that, some people wouldn't be very happy waiting episodes as first few can be as said before little bit confusing for some viewers, so Netflix way of just giving us all episodes at once works with Witcher quite nicely.

The plot line is extremely confusing as things are not explained in a linear manner, Geralt's over exaggerated voice is an annoyance and makes it all feel very fake...

Anya Chalotra is great as Yennefer as well, only being brought down by confusing character motives and bad writing.

Many unnecessary changes from the Books source plot pointsVery rushed Short Stories that felt very bland and wasn't able to capture the soul of the books.

Locations are really evocative and suggestive, CGI is well done, monsters are terrifying, and in general effects are pretty solid.

But how can you stay interested if there's so little going on that's exciting.

Very confusing and shallow writing.

The series itself is entertaining, suspenseful, and balanced; every episode is action-packed.

But I thoroughly enjoyed it!

The action was fun to watch and the plot was well written and engaging.

Engaging fantasy that needs better development and plotting .

The magic system is also confusing, as it appears to not be consistent.

How would you rate TV show made for people that have either read books or played the game with so confusing narrative that it's impossible to figure out when it something happening (the first season is covering 70 years of events)?

As a fan of Henry Cavill, I came into this wanting to enjoy it, but then the 1st episode hit me like a rock, a very boring, very confusing rock.

It's created needless confusion which detracts from the show.

Good show generally, sometimes confusing story .

Spectacular fight scenes with stills and close ups in pretty bloody and brutal moments are balanced nicely with an intriguing story.

The serie however is stunning...

Her storyline was so boring that I fast forwarded through some of the scenes.

Sometimes the storytelling came across a bit too slow, despite being introductionaryAll in all, I'm anxious for season 2 where we are promised a more action-orientated and more on-the-go type of storytelling!

Geralt is one dimensional and boring,its a shame because the actor is good and was so awesome in man of steel.

Uninteresting .

The main characters are well described and intriguing, so you do not need to remake them in a movie.

This made it all too confusing.

Characters are boring and was not vested any of them or their fate.

Yennefer back story is boring and superfluous, I actually stopped watching during some scene at the school of magic.

It started off perfect, the action is way more intense.

It's also not the kind of show that holds your hand and leads you from plot point to plot point, like some paint by numbers bore-fest.

I assume we're on beloved video game ground, so I apologize, but Imagine if Gladiator began with a bizarre editing choice, followed by an impossibility slow, modern day-seeming boring bar scene?

I'm a huge fan of the Witcher RPG games so I had high hopes for this show after watching three episodes I could barely even watch anymore it is extremely weird and extremely boring.

They needed to slow down and build the world organically.

Beautifully filmed and has a good, yet sometimes confusing, story.

On its own, the show is OK but still has a confusing plot.

+ The GoT comparisons need to stop, any sane viewer knows its nowhere near as compelling as the early seasons of GoT.

Everything else the writers decided to throw in as their own idea was just bad - unnecessary and uninteresting.

I enjoyed it .

It's pointless and doesn't seem to serve to really bond characters and develop their intimacy, I'd rather see more Cavill screentime than empty 'Game of Thrones' style romps that nobody asked for.

Unlogical, boring, for teenagers only .

By the end of the first season I found it riveting viewing.

He is intriguing, sexy and surprisingly likeable.

Gripping characters set in a mystical world, with exciting storylines - best series I have seen in a long time.

Timeline is confusing.

Felt so boring.

Kinda boring at times...

The pacing is terrible, the dialogue is contrived, and the plot 'twists' are, well, no more than slight turns (and always in a predictable way).

Snooze fest .

And it's really confusing.

I would say that its always enjoyable with its ups and downs and I would highly recommend it.

The main flaw with the series is that it can be confusing on the first watching because of the time jumps.

Not knowing anything about the books and video games, I find this show so engaging and just entertaining.

Season one, episode one, didn't bother to establish comfort for those new to the story, just confusion as scene after scene, character after character is thrown into the mix.

Boring, hard to follow!

After that things get confusing for anyone who's not familiar with the witcher universe as it hops back and forth.

Boring .

Enjoyable but confusing at times .

Far more entertaining.

It quickly got very confusing and messy.

This show is so entertaining and brilliant to watch.

I hope Witcher be more creative, unpredictable and contain less violence and nudity.