The Wolf's Call (2019) - Action, Thriller

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In the near future, a French submarine finds itself in a crisis situation.

Director: Antonin Baudry
Stars: François Civil, Omar Sy
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-14
Reviews: 9 out of 93 found boring (9.67%)

One-line Reviews (42)

Definitely a good watch however and I enjoyed it .

Worth watching

I entered the theater ready to be bored, being there to please some friends, and we ended the dinner endlessly talking about it.

Nice directing, nice shooting, nice acting yet so poor script that it becames so boring and ridicouly that at some point is hilarious.

This movie is so worth watching!!

Thoroughly enjoyable watching and I couldn't turn away.

Breathtaking and Heartwrenching .

After a brief interlude wherethe pace got somewhat slower, I just couldn't stop watching it.

The beginning was a bit confusing, mostly because what happened on ground seems messy.

tired cliché #1: the XO's fighting the captain again.

This film is like many war films, created by studios and directors that are more interested in making something look exciting than making it realistic.

This movie had alot of potential, and with just a few adjustments could have been a very realistic, exciting movie that poses good questions to ponder.

And yes, of course, tired cliché #2: a torpedo falls and injures a sailor.

I think that's the reason the story is so compelling, and why I personally found the movie so immersive.

Gripping .

If you're really bored, it's ...

The movie look like yet another shameless western propaganda due to its geopolitical context, which includes all the "usual suspects".

Definitely an enjoyable movie.

It was fast paced and the twists were incredible.

The first half of this movie is gripping, and though the submarine genre may already be saturated, it tells it's story from a unique perspective, that of the sub's expert sonar technician.

Very intelligent plot, still suffers from some cliche characters.

All in all, very entertaining, and recommended.

A very entertaining movie and one will empathize for each and every character.

Breathtaking .

A riveting, breath taking movie with a very dark atmosphere and an ending that Hollywood film industry will never give us anymore.

Pure waste of time .

Frigate men must fell asleep.

Submarines are exciting, maybe because there aren't that many films involving them.

Well worth watching .

But third act aside, the movie is still really solid and entertaining.

Cinematographically, this film is very compelling, capturing tangibly the inherent claustrophobia and constant danger of a sub at war.

There's something vaguely mystical about gliding through the water in darkness listening for the sound of other predators in a dangerous game of hide and seek that I've always found fascinating, and 'The Wolf's Call', the title a reference to that idea, is an excellent contribution to the genre.

It kept you on the edge of your seat, & as someone who worked on the Seawolf support group I found this movie very accurate.

Le Chant du Loup is a simple, yet complex story, with solid acting and compelling narrative and a strong reminiscence of the great classics of the genre.

All in all, an entertaining couple of hours - apart from the last thirty minutes.

Silly and a bit slow .

still stupid, but hey, you can spend your time hating instead of boredom.


Capitalising on that, it builds a suspenseful thriller that keeps you on edge all the way through.

Some very funny one liners in my opinion and some great tense moments which kept me on the edge of my seat.

In addition, it was just too slow for my taste, and in some cases, overly technical.

The story is great and the acting has well the main characters is great But the supporting actors are also engaging as well alldo very well at commanding our attention.