The World Is Not Enough (1999) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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James Bond uncovers a nuclear plot while protecting an oil heiress from her former kidnapper, an international terrorist who can't feel pain.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Michael Apted
Stars: Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau
Length: 128 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 118 out of 687 found boring (17.17%)

One-line Reviews (470)

It could have been a 9 but because of Denise Richards and Robert Carlyle, it's only an enjoyable 7/10.

That said, the action sequences are few and not very memorable, the plot is thin and completely uninteresting, Denise Richards might be the worst actress to appear in a Bond movie (it's a tough call between her and Tanya Roberts), the villian doesn't seem threatening at all, and the climax just happens- no suspense at all.

His bland, blow-dried good looks put me more in mind of an car salesman than a ruthless assassin.

The story-line is already written, the only task of the film's writers is to add engaging characters.

Gone is the boredom and slowness of GoldenEye, gone is the stupidity of Tomorrow Never Dies.

But even escapist fun gets boring if it's played without variation.

That´s exactly what makes the 007-movies so enjoyable.

I really enjoyed it and it seemed that so did all the other people in the packed theatre.

Bond's nemesis this time around is Renard (Carlyle), a nifty little villain who cannot feel pain and is a physical ticking time bomb of both rage and slow burning death, as a bullet lodged in his head slowly kills off his senses - although sight and sound are still incidentally prominent.

It even has a torture scene if that's "your thing.

Zzzzzzzzzz .

Congratulations to the producers and director for an exciting action packed film.

Renard, the villain of the week is largely wasted after an intriguing introduction that promises much then falls back onto familiar ground.

The stunts are truly spectacular, as is the action which is enough to make your adrenaline pump up, with the opening speedboat chase complimenting it perfectly.


In this one, he needs to be more intense because things get more personal and iffy all around, involving even M in some unexpected jeopardy.

As the plot thickens and dangers multiply, Bond finds an unexpected ally in Dr. Christmas Jones, an aloof American nuclear physicist who has witnessed Renard's theft of a nuclear warhead.

Maybe you need a Sean Connery to make such formulaic movies more interesting to watch.

Her role in the film would've been better filled by a really cool Bond gadget, yet she is dragged along, literally and figuratively, through the story with no other rationale than to show off her various augmented body parts.

Speaking of MI6, the regulars get a good workout in this one, which always makes for a more entertaining Bonder.

After that, there's a suspenseful and memorable ski chase (even though this certainly wasn't the first time they included a ski chase in a Bond film).

This Bond film is funny, engaging and exciting and right up there with the best of the Bond Films.

The plot is so ho-hum and unmemorable I have problems recalling the details.

But From Russia With Love and On Her Majesty's Secret Service had very suspenseful plots that added the tension that was needed to make them great Bond films.

Rendered enigmatic by her dual qualities of warm vulnerability and icy cold malevolence, she turns her every interaction with Bond into a fascinating duel of wills and wits.

Too much action, not enough suspense, not enough code breaking and mystery, and a very predictable happy ending are the main things that separate this from the classic 007 flicks.

Definitely worth watching.

Whereas Jonathan Pryce was effeminate and rather dull in the last outing, Carlyle is both menacing and melancholy, knowing he will soon die from a bullet in his head that means he cannot feel pain.

The story was not as good as Goldeneye (006 betraying Bond because he is a Lienz-Cossack) but the action was a lot more fast paced.

Robert Carlisle easily bags the credit for a magnificent portrayal of the villain, although I confess that the underlying theme behind the villain, Renard is too far fetched for words.. A living corpse with the slowest moving bullet in the world, killing off all senses in his body before ultimately completing the execution in a span of a couple of years!!!

Sloppy, and very very predictable, they weren't much to look at.

Perhaps this is because the villains were so weak and uninteresting.

Pierce Brosnan is better than ever in the role, and the opening sequence, culminating in a superbly choreographed chase around the metropolitan bits of the Thames, makes us settle back in our seats, fully expecting a long, exciting, satisfying ride.

In a vain effort to save this film, some privileged individuals with more money than friends splashed out to provide it with some admittedly stunning special effects.

unbearable .

All in all I would recommend this film to any one who wants to go to the theater and have a fun exciting time.

He is effortlessly charming, stylish, suave and funny in equal measure and makes for an extremely engaging and entertaining 007.

Don't be fooled by the slow paced opening shots, it gets realllllly intense quick.

Bond movies are supposed to be simply entertaining, not some cinematic masterpiece.

Brosnan's weakness has always been that he was slightly more bland than Connery and even Moore, who projected strong charisma.

*Please* don't waste your time and money on this...

I did think the third act dragged on a bit too long, although it did sum up our conflicts.

For the most part, despite the stumbles, "The World Is Not Enough" is a thrilling romp with quite a bit of humour.

The action sequences are extremely well done and choreographed but there are some lulls when the dialogue sequences get started.

So silly, so dumb, and above all else, so entertaining!

The action was 200 times more exciting in On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

How can this entry be so much more enjoyable than the last while simultaneously being as derivative of other instalments?

It may not be groundbreaking, but it's still an enjoyable film.

As the identity of a nearly-superhuman villain, dying terrorist Renard (a quite convincing Robert Carlyle) is revealed, Bond is assigned to protect oil heiress (and life-long friend of M) Elektra King (breathtaking French star, Sophie Marceau, 33), who had been once kidnapped by Renard, and appears an obvious target.

The editing for the most part is very good too, only a few parts of the film become boring and it all flows along nicely.

I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to see it again - immediately.

A Bond film is always an entertaining action movie with gorgeous women and humour.

Perhaps not the best of the Bonds, but definitely entertaining, with some rather funny, if a tad predictable, one-liners.

Overall, this was a very entertaining movie.

The skiing sequence seemed absolutely boring compared to the ones in "The Spy Who Loved Me" and "For Your Eyes Only.

Denise Richards, by being so stiff and boring, took over that title from Tanya Roberts.

Being British myself, I have to say that this was one of the most exciting Bond adventures and ranks right up there with `From Russia with Love' and `GoldenEye'.

This installment concentrated on taking the action and stunts to a new and exciting level and in that regard succeeded brilliantly.

As a stand alone watch only if you like explosions and hard to follow story.

The opening scene, while lengthy, fast paced and exciting, is so ludicrously overdone that it plays like a parody of itself.

That' s fine, but does that mean that a Bond story have also to be as confusing as stupid?

One of the worst movies Bond movies...

This works towards the film's advantage; unexpected plot twists are rare in a Bond thriller by this time.

Everybody knows that Bond movies are per definitionem formulaic.

Solidly Entertaining 007 Episode .

There is an intriguing storyline and one of the castlists to appear in the entire series.

"The World Is Not Enough" begins with an exciting pre-credits sequence: a wild speedboat chase on the river Thames.

I actually think the plainer and less slick style suits the tone of the film, with so many scenes of dialogue and intense action it works rather well.


Nothing happens that is worth mentioning.

This Bond is so lame even the action sequences are boring.

the spy who bored me .

Brosnan is getting boring.

I'll keep this review short, because I don' t think this bland homogenized mess of a movie deserves more.

The whole film was very ho hum, down to the boring Robbie Coltrane and the surprisingly rubbish Robert Carlyle - who with his silly scar and huge rollover sweater was a dead ringer for those huge necked aliens out of Doctor Who.

Even the locations are uninteresting.

I hear a lot of complaining concerning that this film is bland, slow and boring.

The action is waaay intense, from the Thames chase to the climax under the sea, Bond delivers all out stops with everything he got.

It's all very confusing and to be honest not very interesting - mainly because none of the actors and actresses on screen appear to be getting into their roles, instead looking simply bored.

It's amazing to see action taking place in London for a change and see M -How dared they waste such a class act like Judi Dench in Goldeneye and Tomorrow never dies- Q and the rest of MI6 being more involved not only for the sake of it, like it could have easily been done but actually play an integral part of a convincing story which can be felt wasn't just pulled up someone's ass but actually was worked on and taken time with for it is congruent and pays great attention to detail.

Plenty of action, but occasionally too drawn out.

Any action packed film could compete with this one "The World Is Not Enough"The James Bond we've come to know and love is emotionless and has CLASS.

The Worst Movie of the Year .

Silly but enjoyable .

The fault lies elsewhere - the tiresome set-pieces, directed without speed or invention; the inappropriate villainess who belongs more to a Kieslowski chamber piece than an action extravaganza - her naval-gazing slows down an already sluggish pace; a Bond girl whose every elucidation of nuclear physics makes her seem even more like an airhead.

Carlyle makes Renard a quietly intense Bond villain, and his bedroom scene with Elektra evokes a certain degree of pity for him.

Especially once the extremely imaginative and potentially thrilling character details became known.

Entertaining and Solid Entry into the 007 series .

Strong, wry, dedicated though vulnerable, Brosnan IS Ian Fleming's dedicated secret agent, and the film stands as one of the most exciting, unusual adventures of the series.

6 FIGHTS, CHASES, EXPLOSIONS: The skiing chase scene turns up tobe a little dull, until the end.

Not because the event itself, but for replacing him with totally uninteresting buffoon, who would take off the importance of being the earnest Q in front of reckless 007.

She's a fascinating character and her death scene was handled very well.

Overall it is a great watchable enjoyable film.

For example, the entertaining boat chase at the very beginning is preceded by a very short scene in Spain that only serves to put the timing of the opening credits off.

The skiing scene really was plain boring, and offered very little in terms of excitement.

His scenes were at least entertaining in this otherwise unbearable movie.

We have a great and thrilling pre credit sequence that is also tide with what is about to come.

It's also one of the best which begins with an out of the ordinary escape from a building, includes a thrilling boat chase around London and ends with an obvious explosion!

The producers also shyed away from the by now cliche "Dr.

The opening to the 19th Bond is a very exciting affair with Bond chasing a villain in a speedboat with the then newly constructed Millennium Dome in the background.

If anybody wants to see a truly exciting, funny and original ski-chase sequence, check out Jackie Chan's "First Strike", where he ends up falling in a lake (hilarious).

Some stunning set pieces including a para-hawk ambush in the Caucas Mountains, a helicopter-mounted buzz-saw pursuit in a caviar factory belonging to 'Valentin Zukovsky' ( Robbie Coltrane, in his second appearance in the role since 'Goldeneye' ), and finally, a struggle in a sinking submarine.

The opening teaser has not one but two spectacular action scenes, including a intense boat chase scene on the River Thames.

The acting is top-notch (mostly), the characters show some complexity, and there are lots of exciting James Bond moments to enjoy.

) Fearing an attempt will be made on the life of King's daughter 'Elektra' ( the stunning Sophie Marceau ), M assigns Bond to be her bodyguard.

It is 15 minutes of pure nautical adrenaline, with a cool end taking place on top of still being built Millennium Dome.

There is a number of big stunts that feature in the film, and this ensures that the disappointment mounts more as despite the fact that most of them are heavy on explosions etc - there isn't one that I'm going to remember by this time next month, so it just seems like a big waste of money.

I thought the plot was pedestrian, the action scenes dull, and the 2 Bond women delivered completely inept performances.

I remember the best scene in Tomorrow Never Dies, a thrilling car chase with Bond steering on a cellular phone.

Instead, we have gunfights and explosions and predictable chase scenes.

All in all this film is a action packed movie which unlike its older brother lives up to the bond name.

Probably the least exciting Bond movie ever made.

Though the action is weak, the movie is dramatic and exciting, especially from the half way point onwards.

), humor (In the theatre I was in almost no one laughed at any of the "jokes"), villains (bland and uninteresting), and most importantly action (except for the boat chase at the begining the rest is just explosion after explosion and don't even get me started on the submarine squence).

Brosnan is excellent in a more grounded performance, Sophie Marceau's Elektra is just superb, the action is as enjoyable as ever, the dialogue is good and I love how the film uses its gritty themes of love and vengeance.

Top casting and exciting action make this one of the most entertaining Bond films for a while.

"Die Another Day" was a step down from the first three, but still quite enjoyable - and certainly better than most of the slop Hollywood churns out these days.

"At first I felt I was not being completely fair, that maybe my expectations were too high after "Tomorrow Never Dies," one of the best constructed and most exciting action films ever made.

The plot is very exciting and nervewracking and thoughtful and well written and I give that a 9.

In summary, this is a very entertaining Bond movie from beginning to end.

She is gorgeous, but her acting is bad, her character is boring and unlike to Marceau she has no chemistry with Brosnan.

Now there were bland entrees in the James Bond series.

Instead of long suspenseful segments on a train or underwater, we're subjected to explosion after explosion after explosion.

The plot was interesting, the action very exciting, the special effects well done, and James his typical unflappable and impeccably dressed self.

Did anyone else feel like the flying snowmobile scene was totally contrived?

A twisting, exciting movie .

There's nothing revolutionary here, but the stunts and shootouts are about as entertaining as they could be.

First of all, the opening sequence seemed way too long.

Unfortunately the second half of the movie was slow and the ending was definitely forgettable.

M is also involved in the storyline a little more than usual,which is also enjoyable.

Yawn, yawn.

The cinematography is bland, the locations are rarely attractive.

Robert Carlyle is OK, but makes for a rather bland villain.

at times even boring.

Renard was incredibly ordinary with Caryle bringing a potentially classic villain to life by underplaying it into a bland and lifeless costar confined to the sideline.

Take it for what it is and you will have an enjoyable movie experience.

The first hour is very entertaining, though.

This is a fairly average Bond film but even average Bond is quite entertaining.

Towards the end the sound system was the only thing that kept me from falling asleep.

Dull, recycled Bond Flick.

In this he is injured and carries his ailment throughout the film, making him more vulnerable and real in life threaten situations, leaving the entertaining but bland Tomorrow Never Dies behind.

The traditional Bond formula is - thrilling opening, a new case, lots of action, lots of romance, lots of villains, all villains dead at the end and Bond having a very happy ending with some beautiful woman, and The World is not Enough is no different.

The ski chase (which Bond movies usually do well) is boring (is that a Blue run Bond is skiing down?

"The World is Not Enough" opens with the best pre-title sequence in any Bond film, a brilliantly-shot, utterly thrilling 12 minutes of pure action, and we even get to see Brosnan's Bond be much meaner than he was in "Tomorrow Never Dies".

" It was Q's fishing boat for his retirement… There's a splendid boat chase along the River Thames between 007 and the stunning Maria Grazia Cucinotta, the "Cigar Girl" – who worked as a barmaid at the village inn in "Il Postino.

All in all, a very average, plain, forgettable movie with a wooden performance by Brosnan and company and some tedious dialogue.

Bond, Dull Bond .

Elektra is an incredible character-truly unique and truly fascinating.

I normally stay for credits, but I walked out during the credits of "TWINE" because I could not bear the music.

The movie is far too long and has some flat places.

What it doesn't have is anything new, unexpected, or original.

Mostly, you're left with the flash and sound of explosions ringing in your eyes are you leave the theater.

formulaic but highly enjoyable.

The worst movie I've seen since that re-make of "The Haunting".

Fast and action packed with gadgets, this opening sequence will please audiences of any age who will simply smile when we see the straightening of the tie moment.

But the movie, for the most part, was very enjoyable and one I'll probably see again.

I just saw TWINE yesterday, and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

All told, the movie means well but falls fairly hard, proving how difficult it is to pull off a Bond movie that is fun and exciting, with a successful balance of fantasy and realism.

Goldeneye was good, but the last two Bond outings just seem bland and boring!

Exciting, action-filled and well acted 007 adventure .

The action scenes are totally screwed up, and the dialogues are too cliche and predictable.

The formula I want has elaborate sets, great fights and a rousing climax.

On Her Majesty's Secret Service because it was very suspenseful and dramatic ending.

The World is Not Enough is exciting from one end of the film to the other.

It did drag on in a couple of parts, but for the most part kept me on the edge of my seat.

To start with the pre-credit sequence is getting to be far more exciting than the lackluster climaxes and TWINE has one of the weakest of the series.

This film has 3 bond girls, not long lived, and of course, as predictable, Bond does not marry any of them.

A typical bland Bond girl, she is too young to be an expert in nuclear physics and is rather unconvincingly portrayed.

It is just your average Bond, with lots of big explosions, nasty villains, cunning plans and pretty ladies, but at least it is enjoyable, and the menacing Renard keeps everything nice and evil on the villains' front.

Without a doubt, this nineteenth installment in the official James Bond movie franchise has a very steady beginning, starting with 007's mission in Spain, and going from there to London, where Bond chases after an assassin following the explosion, which is very exciting and sometimes humorous as well.

The World Is Not Enough is another entertaining James Bond adventure.

Fairly entertaining with a couple of unexpected turns.

However, the boat chase at the beginning is truly boring, like something out of a Batman movie, complete with the Batboat jumping out of the Batcave.

Best Brosnan 007 Outing is Exciting, Suspenseful Thriller...

The whole thing on the submarine at the end is boring as well.

She's bad, and she's Dull.

And the henchmen were boring to.

The script was appalling - yes, we expect Bond movies to follow a formula but this was formulaic and convoluted at the same time.

The action is well conceived and the stunts are in places fabulous but the direction is so lame and flat that the sequences come across as dull and uninspired.

An exciting thriller .

The theme song is uninspired and uninspiring.

As impressive as the action was, I still long for the days when James Bond films were stories of international intrigue, with strong and mysterious plot lines, rather than a predictable succession of death defying chase scenes.

Indeed it does feel somewhat disjointed, and a better forecast of the film's pacing would not have gone amiss.

But still a highly entertaining Bond.

It continues with a fascinating plot, full of twists and turns, and - quite a novelty for a Bond movie - some genuine character development.

Director Michael Apted gives us a couple of really thrilling stunt sequences including a ski chase, a shootout in an underground weapons facility, and a nifty little finale aboard a submarine.

While the genre still suffers from formulaic plots, this one seems to take that into consideration.

fun and exciting .

This one has the most dull and cheesy jokes ever with a totally wasted John Cleese.

A confusing entry then, as it pulls back from the precipice of being total fluff without really filling you with confidence that the series is recovering.

As for the end sequence well it really was tiresome and not dramatic or exciting one little bit.

This is the 19th Bond film and the most dragged out feature ive ever seen.

But after all it was quite entertaining.

I have them all on video and tend to watch them reasonably regularly but after having watched this one once, I've no desire to see it again because it's just too bland.

Sophie Marceau looks stunning and plays the femme fatale.

So, if you want to see yet another Bond movie with the same old formulaic plot, the same old cliches and no new surprises, you'll love this film.

And when a plot gets too complicated, it gets boring.

A film worth watching before Y2K.

Classy, elegant, sexy, enigmatic and complex - her Elektra is one of the more fascinating Bond characters.

The only thing worth watching when she was on screen was when she was in a tank-top or wet t-shirt.

Boring .

The dialog between the two is so contrived.

I like the action packed beginning sequence as well as a storyline that tied it all together.

The opening credits are the dullest and silliest ever.

The storyline was good, but the thrilling introduction did it no favours as people were expecting it to be as action packed as the start.

The special effects were as exciting and unbelievable as ever.

Those 128 minutes flew by and what a great beginning - a stunning movie.

The range of critiques for TWINE is stunning.

All in all a complete waste of time and not one to see again.

There was of course some exciting action as ever.

The ski chase is easily the worst action scene of the lot, and even that is pretty entertaining and uses the width of the screen really well.

The main villain uninteresting.

The plot was somewhat hard to follow, as scenes shifted from location to location in the world losing its audience really fast.

On the upper hand it has exciting action scenes and good acting.

John Cleese is hilarious in his cameo as R, and though he's not quite as good as Llwelyen (here or in "Die Another Day"), he still is worth watching.

It's all so dull and boring and in the end doesn't leave you Hungry for more.

But although it doesn't break any new ground, it is entertaining nonetheless.

An exciting movie that should not disappoint 007 fans.

The plot is confusing and the dialogue is terrible.

The opening sequence reveals itself to be one of the very best in the series, taut and exciting, flawlessly directed and perfectly executed.

What really blew me of was the fantastic cast - especially the best Bond girls ever, the incredibly breathtaking Sophie Marceau and hot Denise "Lara Croft" Richards.

Things get worse : the ski chase is extremely tedious (how on EARTH can you mess up a Bond ski scene so badly?

The gadgets are all very impressive, from the Q-boat (in one of the most thrilling pre-generic of the series) to the X-glasses (I want the same!!

The movie isn't all that bad in the beginning, other than having a few outrageous stunts (even for a Bond film), but it's from the midway on that bores me.

This whole scene is unnecessary and, to make it worse, it's followed by one of those breaks where the plot is explained boringly through a bit of dialogue.

But some was quite original, loveably over-the-top, and high on adrenaline.

However I still found this movie to be very entertaining and engaging!

I enjoyed it.

Only if you are bored.

While my favourite Brosnan film is still "GoldenEye", this is nevertheless a great film which is far more entertaining than its predecessor in spite of a rather ill-judged casting choice.

He became more caricature than hero, dependent on gadgets and gimmicks, and bore little resemblance to the original source material.

The film actually tries to create something meaningful, it tries to be compelling and different and it tries to have an interested gimmick villain.

But this movies' real problem lies in the fact that it has no story.

Each of James Bond movies offers us every time lot of action, plots, twists, damn good special effects, nice sound tracks, romance, adventure and thrilling moments.

The action scenes were also very ho-hum.

It opens with an impressive pre-credits sequence which gets your adrenaline pumping.

This movie was dull and boring .

The script is plodding and transparent, Robert Carlyle is wasted, and the whole mess has gotten an unhealthy dose of stupidity.

As the plot develops, revelations about Renard's ultimate goal, his accomplices, and the importance of M (Judi Dench, in her finest performance as Bond's boss) would offer a series of twists leading to a stunning ultimate denouement.

After complaints of how formulaic the franchise had become and the less than impressive reception of Tomorrow never dies, the Bond franchise once again ran the risk of remaining stuck in the past and to look plain ridiculous at a time when movies like the Matrix, the Sixth Sense and the Blair Witch Project explored new ground and wowed audiences all over the world, a deeper Bond movie seemed demanded.

Other suspenseful highlights include the trip through the pipeline, and M learning the truth.

Heavily under-appreciated, THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH is exciting and spectacular.

Boring, dull, WORST bond film ever.

Bland, boring, slow-moving, preposterous .

I don't ordinarily go for action movies, but this one was very exciting and fun.

Still I found it to be whity and entertaining.

A disjointed, utterly tedious screenplay, a feeble villain who posed about as much threat as The Hooded Claw, mind-numbing 'action' sequences and the less said about Ms Richards, the better.

Flawed but enjoyable Bond film .

But Brosnan's second film had been criticized for its lack of plot and, perhaps taking this criticism onboard, brought a change of pace for Brosnan's third Bond film, The World Is Not Enough.

Over all The world's not enough does allot right, but it's all over shadowed by a how boring it is.

The submarine sequences were a little confusing - maybe I will understand exactly what Denis Richards is doing with the red and green lights when I see the film for a second time.

This movie flaters in all respects - story (Blowing up Istanbul with a nuclear sub - boring!

The plot is weakly held together by half-handed dialogue and is incredibly confusing to those outside of the oil-shipping industry.

Over all the movie was slow and the casting was awful.

Boy was this movie boring.

Action scenes are generally very weak, slowly paced, badly choreographed and lacking geography.

The film starts off nicely with a spectacular boat chase down the river Thames, completely over-the-top in the best Bond tradition but great fun to watch (unfortunately it also serves to highlight just how tedious and robotic the action scenes are in the second half of the film).

James Bond has always had some level of complexity in it's plots, and while 'the World is not Enough' is very hard to follow at points, I think that if you look deep into it, you'll see a very entertaining, almost surreal plot that will jump at you from out of nowhere.

The pre-credit sequence, the longest in the films history is worth the entrance fee alone, an amazing chase along the river Thames it is simply stunning and should really only be viewed on a big screen.

His Renard is not merely a homicidal terrorist, but also a fractured and seriously disturbed and reflective man, balancing the menacing overtones with a philosophical streak, making him a truly compelling villain.

Ho hum.

James Bonds 2000 entry is certainly an interesting and entertaining film.

Unfortunately,the film features such lame,predictable,anti-climactic set-pieces that the whole thing becomes a boring mess.

Slick, action packed and well constructed.

The opening scene in Spain is rather dull although the subsequent chase along the Thames is terrific, we finally got some value out of the Millennium Dome.

Lacks depth and kind of uninteresting .

but after that i felt it was based solely on the "wet T-shirt contest winner" and a ton of bland action with mostly explosions.

Director Michael Apted seemed an odd choice to me and he has succeeded in making every single scene as dull and leaden and unimpressive as it is possible.

Bond: Pierce Brosnan is so comfortable in the role now that it is pointless to complain.

Overblown, disconnected, confusing...

Oh well, it's still a very exciting movie, and worth a rental.

In his final appearance in a Bond movie, Desmond, as Q, is given the most ridiculously repetitive lines, which he had been saying over and over again and had gotten stale by 1965.

Sophie Marceau also proves to be easily the most complex and intriguing "Bond girl" to date with her exquisite performance as Elektra King, the troubled daughter and heiress to an extensive oil pipeline.

The first half of the story is riddled with interesting vignettes and exciting chase sequences that hark back to the very best in Bond tradition.

Ah, and this had to of been the most engrossing Bond plot I have ever watched on screen.

After two years of intense speculation over plot, cast and budget, James Bond returned, and more spectacular than ever.

The action sequences are getting more laughable than thrilling.

Good plot, nice action sequences but somewhat bored Brosnan .

They are all entertaining, to be sure, full of non-stop action and special effects.

More beautiful Bond women, both Good and Bad and exciting and intense.

There was a six year break after Licence To Kill (1989) starring Timothy Dalton, six years for Bond to mend his wounds and indulge in some fast paced recreation in Luxemburg, lounging with gorgeous women and dry Martinis.

There is a twist, but it's fairly predictable, and the worst fault of the film, like many of its genre, is that it fails to present any convincing or complex characters.

It had an interesting storyline, the action pieces were exciting and I found the different characters interesting too.

In short, the more suspenseful and over-the-top, the better.

That's not to say I hate it, or that it's the worst movie in the series.

It makes the mistake of the basic confusion between two things - audience expectation and the established world of the characters.

disappointing and dull .

In earlier parts of the film, the plot is somewhat hard to follow, and this is later fixed with a corny and unprofessional explaination from Denise Richards.

There is a concerted attempt to get away from traditional Bond glamour,but visually the film is dull.

An intense thriller that made me happy from beginning to end.

It's boring.

There is also a chase scene involving snow and skiing- something that has perhaps become an over-familiar cliché in Bond movies.

Its action scenes were recycled, Pierce Brosnan's 007 was unremarkable, and the plot and acting were simply uninteresting.

Judi Dench as usual gives her riveting performance as M, sometimes eclipsing even the indomitable Bernard Lee.

by surprise and totaly unexpected.

It just becomes dull.

), but "The World Is Not Enough" is still entertaining and enjoyable.

Plus, somehow they have projected Brosnan as a bit Sherlock-ian who is now apparently an overly sung hero in any intense sequence that breathes how belittling everything is and how The World Is Not Enough

Particularly intriguing are the similarities between Brosnan's action sequences and those of other Bond heroes in previous films.

Claims of it being `boring' and `dull' were often tossed about.

Michael Apted has created a very enjoyable movie, with mind blowing fast pace action.

although it may not be the best bond ever made, it is still highly enjoyable, so you had might as well give this a try.

In fact 007 is getting boring.

) How come the Q boat doesn't ever quite catch up with the larger, slower craft in the pre-credits?

It's not that she's too young -- Goldeneye's beautiful Russian computer programmer was young, too, but she was delightfully snappy, smart and quick-witted.

Also, the action sequences are all drawn out interminably, particularly the warehouse scene.

This is a movie that is focused and yet at the same time goes in so many different directions and contains so many unexpected twists, it is hard to keep up with it.

I highly recommend it for any Bond connoisseur.

), and well paced and tight action sequences throughout the movie, though the scene with the helicopters was a little much to believe, though exciting nonetheless.

The film did feel slightly drawn out through the middle, and I was surprised to learn that they actually cut over 30 minutes from the original running time.

I found her character dull, almost unimportant.

They were fast paced and quite visually stunning, although some of them were a bit hard to believe.

Aside from being so unpredictable event, it was the unprecedented step to turn the evil guy in a Bond movie into evil girl.

The MGM/UA anamorphic widescreen DVD is absolutely stunning.

Sophie Marceau is a redeeming feature, her performance is excellent, though the scene in Istanbul between her and 'Renard' is slightly tortuous, lacking the chemistry it sorely needed, though I guess that could be put down to the rather bland nature of 'Renard'.

On the whole, a very enjoyable picture that is definitely one of the best Bond films to date.

While "Tomorrow Never Dies" was one of the better entries in the series, this followup is pretty ho-hum.

Frequently Thrilling and Preposterous At the Same Time .

If you're at all inclined towards seeing this film, I highly recommend it.

"The World is Not Enough" is decent as James Bond films go, and for an action movie buff like me, I found it worth watching.

It's surrounded by a lot of other crummy characters, boring over-the-top action sequences, and pointless plot cul-de-sacs.

And the revenge factor, with M's personal vendetta made it very intriguing, given her line in Goldeneye to not make it personal.

Robert Carlyle character Renard is given depth and ulterior motives as the villain but he still is cliché Bond Villain with scars.

Predictable lightweight Bond movie.

There is a particularly good opening sequence in which Bond takes part in a thrilling speedboat chase along the Thames and in which the Millennium Dome makes its first screen appearance.

The chase scenes were exciting and well choreographed, and the story line was good.

The World Is Not Enough is certainly no Goldeneye, but it is enjoyable in it's own ways.

Or are Bond films just getting a little tiresome now!

Overall the film is a bit on the slow side.

I loved that The World is Not Enough was a welcome return to the gritty glamour as seen in From Russia With Love, and that the story is quite hard-hitting as well as suspenseful and thrilling.

Bond racing through the pipeline to stop a nuclear bomb is goofy but still entertaining, as is Bond having to avoid a helicopter with a razorblade extension.

It had a different look about it, and it was a little more intense compared to TND.

An entertaining Bond film .

The "best Bond since Connery" is regurgitated by any critic going, yet all I see is a bland, shallow characterisation that trades in his "licence to kill" for indiscriminately machine-gunning his enemies.

The story line is a bit too complicated for the typical fast paced style of all Bond films.

Hard to believe it, but the Brosnan Bond series gets even worse with this dreadful entry that features one of the dullest plots ever (oil pipeline....

By the end of TWINE it was starting to get a little tiresome and the sight of Denise Richards trying to act was embarrassing to say the least, lets just say her two best friends must have won her the role.

The acting is sour, the action scenes are dull and tasteless, and the characters are poorly represented.

The first scene of this movie is one of the longest and most intense scene's I can ever remember.

Pierce is somewhat compelling.

For those looking for an intriguing plot line, probably not.

As always, profusion often leads to confusion as more and more characters are introduced then dispatched before we have had time to register exactly who they are or what part they play in the proceedings.

The shift in tone may be slight and the film itself only a notch more concerned with the mechanism of a story and slightly meatier drama but it's enough to make it watchable and entertaining as opposed to cringe worthy.

Plenty of fast action sequences and thrilling stunt scenes in this movie as well, especially the ski scene.

As the darkest, most dramatic, and most intense of all the Bond films, there is a great need for comic relief, and it comes in good supply without ruining the tone of the film.

I don't know if its the writers fault or what, but he is awfully boring.

So is there anything enjoyable about the whole new Bond experience?

Boring low point of Brosnan Bond era .

There was also some good scenes when Bond was skiing with Elektra and the scene where Elektra had Bond in a torture machine reminded me of Goldfinger where Connery was strapped to a machine with a laser heading for his groin.

When it comes to exciting, generally inoffensive action films, you can't really do any better than a bond film.

There was a six year break after Licence To Kill (1989) starring Timothy Dalton, six years for Bond to mend his wounds and indulge in some fast paced recreation in Luxemburg, lounging with gorgeous women and dry Martinis.

Which is ironic, but maybe 20+ movies is too long.


Bond is chased in a series of boring medium close-ups by vehicles that looked so slow my grandmother could have outrun them in a wheelchair.

While the concluding action face off between Bond and Renard is effective (thanks, in no small part, to the quality performance from Carlyle) and even fairly exciting, it dissolves into dumb action film cliché as Bond (of course) gets the girl.

The fight scenes at the end are entertaining.

M should be a civil servant, slightly bored with the whole affair and waiting for his/her pension.

However, I thought that this film was a little on the boring side, particular in the middle scenes where it lacks action and adventure - it's just a lot of lackluster talk.

This Bond film is funny, engaging and exciting and right up there with the best of the Bond Films.

I found the last Bond movie to be a little slow and had my reservations about this one.

Some good action scenes on snow, and an action-packed ending with thrilling moments.

Interesting and Entertaining.

I have to be honest, I was bored by this film.

When I go to one of these movies, the last thing I expect is to be bored.

), but this was so incredibly boring, it just wasn't interesting!

So overall it's watchable and rather entertaining, just not nearly as good as it could have been had it been made specifically for adults instead of trying to appeal to the short-attention-span teenage market as well.

The explosion at the MI6 headquarters and the subsequent boat chase down the Thames is rousing.

I think this was a time that Hollywood thought people just wanted to see explosions and no plot or dialogue.

After watching this Pierce Brosnan snoozer, I thought back to "From Russia with Love", "Goldfinger" and even Moore's "The Spy Who Loved Me" and remembered such memorable characters as Red Grant, Pussy Galore, Odd Job, and Jaws.

As Bond films go, this was one of the more entertaining in recent memory.

Except for the very,very good boat chase on the thames and the title song, the movie is a utter waste of time.

This is easily the worst movie of the year.

The World is Not Enough is a fast paced action thriller based on the suave British intelligence agent James Bond played by Pierce Brosnan.

The action was excellent, but in most cases it was so ridiculously exaggerated and unrealistic that it made it funnier than exciting.

How can that result in this movie being called bland and boring?

Enjoyable .

His images of naked women wallowing in or being drenched by gooey black crude is about as sexually exciting as mud wrestling.

At least you eventually saw Blofeld after all the mystery was built up and he was a compelling villain.

` was boring and worthless.

When I was 10, I loved it, despite the dull middle part.

Although this show could be a lot better, I found The World is Not Enough to be an entertaining Bond movie.

The plot moves along smoothly, the action scenes are intense, the actors are smashing, and the characters are (mostly) well-developed.

A waste of good money .

Above all else this film is exciting entertainment, and for that there is only one name...

That Renaud guy (boring as well) didn't seem particularly menacing either, and the one interesting idea in this film, a villain who can't feel pain was never used right.

Instead we are confronted with a collage of confusing action sequences which are loosely bound to each other by flat sex jokes and "hot" bed scenes which remind the viewer at real cheap soft porns from the 70s.

The action is mostly enjoyable, except for the underachieving Istanbul climax.

The 'this time it's personal' tag behind the film is an action movie cliche we've heard 4 million times before.

Instead it comes across as uneven and frankly, boring.

The World Is Not Enough opens with a thrilling boat chase along the Thames River.

I cannot understand how somebody can be bored by all these events.

Like other Bond films - thrilling .

The victim of a highly profile kidnapping case several years earlier, she is one of the most intriguing Bond girls.

i hated Electra king played by Sophie Marceau but she was so great in it after Tanya Roberts in a view to a kill 1985i have seen this film more then 5 times on DVD this is a must buy for bond fans as action in this film is mind blowing.

The film is too long and it's a little unsettling that Alexa's billionaire father seems to be able to use MI6 as his personal muscle?

Polished, vibrant, and entertaining throughout, The World Is Not Enough is classic James Bond.

He made a good movie, but averagely entertaining, and without intended seriousness !

While the opening sequences starts in a rather low-key way, it eventually becomes one of the most exciting in the series' history.

Overall this is a very enjoyable action flick, might just be the best of the Brosnan ones.

Pierce does a great job even doing the cliche's and innuendos.

Though still a good film, the plot is rather complex and uninteresting.

As an action/suspense movie THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH is pretty enjoyable and will keep you in your seat.

2) The second half of the film dragged on forever with little or no action at all.

This film is as action packed as they possibly could have made it, with some of the best physical stunts I've seen in a while, but its mindless entertainment at best- even though it is thoroughly enjoyable.

Bland, James Bland .

Now for the flaws: they are minor because the flawed scenes are still enjoyable.

This Bond film commits the greatest sin ANY movie can commit: It's boring.

A great, fun, entertaining and exciting movie.

The locations used were also rather dull and uninteresting, again with the exception of the Greenwich scenes.

too coincidental and contrived, I remember that we used to watch Q spout out some of the weird and wonderful things, such as the keychain in 'The Living Daylights' and we'd see them used in really neat ways.

In the end despite numerous flaws this remains a entertaining time and an above average 007 film.

This film tries to cover all this, and of course the beautiful women are here, but the rest is rather bland in comparison to other Bond movies.

zzzzzzzzzzzzz I remember bond films as having a fair amount of suspense, this thing had none.

Brosnan was average at best and the only redeeming feature was the gorgeous Denise Richards in several scantily clad outfits - although having her dunked in water just so that she could get a wet t-shirt was a bit off - and even the lines about her name (character's name was Christmas Jones), such as "and I thought Christmas only came once a year" were predictable from the second that she mentioned her name.

All the Bells and Whistles stock Bond--only if you are bored .

The action scenes were boring and literally TOOO over the top, even for a James Bond film.

The elaborate chase scenes and requisite "outrunning fire" scene look slow and unbelievable.

Finally, the film itself was far too long.

Nevertheless, the rest of the cast, including a short cameo by John Cleese add up to make this a very enjoyable film for Bond fans everywhere.

There were many disconnects with plot, which was confusing, especially in the last 10 minutes.

The action sequences were uninspiring, with the obvious exception of the blistering pre-credits scenes.

He takes the toughness of Connery and the humour of Moore, ignores dreary Dalton and puts it into this modern day superhero.

Aside from the thrilling start, they suffer with the problem of not being as interesting as they probably were on paper.

actually, no, I don't remember the storyline - something about oil, bankers and wanting to take over the world - but the visuals are superb, the acting fairly solid with flashes of brilliance, adequately directed and greatly enjoyable.

The story is obviously far-fetched but it is still entertaining and has a good twist part way thorough.

Possibly containing the longest and most spectacularly entertaining opening; The World Is Not Enough undoubtedly knows how to wow its audience.

Even the stunning Denise Richards and Sophie Marceau can't save this film.

A Great Watchable Enjoyable Film .

The story, as simple as it seems in the beginning has more layers to it than one would expect in the beginning and that, along with some good chemistry between the main characters, good action and good wit, make this film enjoyable and entertaining as a whole.

This is what makes millions of people still going to see some typically pointless, silly and simplistic movie.

Now GoldenEye was and still is a masterpiece, and Tomorrow Never Dies was not as good, but slightly more entertaining in a way!

The plot is quite good, with the twist unexpected and quite surprising.

But it is as entertaining as Tomorrow Never Dies.

Another exciting choreographed action scene that will leave you breathless.

He's just too bland to make any real impression, and somewhere along the way you start feeling sorry for him rather than hate him (which any good Bond villain should make you do).

It is slow at times, but the plot is so actually interesting and engaging that is actually suits the movie best.

I know that Bond is formulaic, but with seeing that same end, many times before, that's boringly formulaic !

I was on the edge of my seat during the submarine scene where she flaunted herself ...

This standard Bond flick seems to be continuing the slow move toward set pieces separated by weak storyline, although in this film two things stood out, and they weren't attached to Denise Richards!

Overall, a great entertaining Bond film and surely worth checking!

What I can say about TWINE is that it has probably the best starts to a Bond film, it is such a cool intro, but once the stylish credits are over the film becomes slow, and there isn't enough action, though there seems to be a lot of gadgets, and did the BMW have to suffer such an painful death.

) They could at least have given him the chance for a Roy Batty-style slow, natural death (and, God forbid, a bit of philosophising) instead of the sigh-inducing Standard Villain Finisher we get here.

After a great start with Goldeneye and the hugely enjoyable Tomorrow Never Dies, Brosnan's run as Bond hits the jackpot with this fantastic action film that is undeniably one of the best James Bond films ever made.

The World Is Indeed Enough In This Spit-Polished And Solidly Entertaining Take On The Bond Formula .

This was one of the most impressively stunt intense films I've ever seen.

As for the film itself, I am sorry to report I found, not necessarily predictable, but nevertheless, boring.

We get a ski chase which is enjoyable and a fight inside a missile base that nicely intense.

Each scene following this series of events is exciting and forward moving.

The story has an exciting twist to it, so it is an unpredictable movie that would be captivating for the audience.

After this, it leads to a boring boat chase.

The only bad things about this film were that the plot gets a little confusing at times and I didn't like Bond's Z8 getting chopped in half.

The Ski sequence with Marceau and Brosnan was stunning, and the pre-credits chase from Vauxhall Cross (London's real MI6 HQ) up the river Thames to the Millennium Dome was classic Bond - pacy, death-defying and keep me on the edge of my seat.

The rest is an unbroken succession of bore after bore after bore.

reasonably entertaining Bond flick .

At best she seemed to be reading her lines in a monotone off cue cards, sticking out embarrassingly in an otherwise incredibly quality film.

After "Tomorrow Never Dies" this TWINE could only be better, but the outcome was very enjoyable.

Sophie Marceau was stunning as Elektra, and the other women gave us our fill of eye candy.

Breathtaking action .

The scenes all past the opening are empty.

In truth it was very uninspiring and yawn enducing, and not a patch on Roger Moore's swamp powerboat chase of the mid 70s (Live + Let Die ??

Bond disposes of the bankers and then to escape makes a thrilling jump out of the window.

Somewhat more entertaining and comical is Robbie Coltrane's Valentin Zukovsky, returning from GOLDENEYE.

Very Exciting.

Add to that the exciting action scenes, and we can say this is a Bond movie that was hard to beat for the follow up (and in my opinion Die another day didn't do better than The world is not enough).

To begin with we (the audience) get more action packed into the first 15 minutes than most full length movies provide.

That said, overall TWINE is entertaining stuff - a great opening sequence, good title (always important), some nice visual flourishes and a real groaner of a closing line that makes you laugh like you did at the end of Roger Moore's outings.

You'll understand when you see one of the most boring film of the year.

This has definetly been the problem with the latest bonds lacking the classic villains like Blofeld or Goldfinger opting instead for the boringly normal Trelyan and Karver.

However, even entertaining movies have to make sense and have "decent" actors/actresses.

I liked this movie better than TND because there were slow scenes.