The Wraith (1986) - Action, Horror, Romance

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After a young man is murdered by a road-racing gang of motor-heads, a mysterious fast-driving spirit descends from the sky to take revenge.

Director: Mike Marvin
Stars: Charlie Sheen, Nick Cassavetes
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 11 out of 111 found boring (9.9%)

One-line Reviews (51)

Consequently, the Wraith experience is all about the superficial elements: slick car action, hot 80s pop, eye-pleasing girls, etc. Also noteworthy, however, is the colorful supporting cast, including Randy Quaid as the sheriff, and scene-stealing comic relief cretins Skank, Gutterboy, and Rughead (the eternally fascinating Clint Howard sporting an Eraserhead 'do).

I did enjoy this movie very much in a B-movie type way, but I also feel they failed to execute on the potentially riveting storyline.

i found this movie to be quite entertaining.

Cult 80's confusion .

Formulaic but enjoyable cheese.

This movie is very enjoyable for what it is.

Admittedly, some parts were kind of hokey but all things considered I found the overall film to enjoyable enough and I have rated it accordingly.

Sure, I watched it 15 years ago as a teenager and found it thoroughly entertaining.

Sheryl Fenn looks stunning - I admit that's the real reason I wanted to see this - golden-tanned Baywatchesque.

In summary a truly enjoyable movie,where you strap yourself along for the ride.

Fights are ho-hum, only one cool explosion in the whole movie (not at the end either).

Overall, the film is based on a very good idea but is let down by it's confusing plot and direction.

On paper, it sounds quite promising, updating the classic western story to modern times with cars instead of horses and the drag races (full of point-of-view shots) are admittedly exciting.

just kinda dull sometimes.

His menacing performance was quite riveting.

so I don't waste your time or mine rehashing all of that.

Actually very enjoyable, even today...

It's a shame that The Wraith is, essentially, a predictable, repetitive mess of a film; because it's so quintessentially eighties that I almost feel guilty for slating it.

There are many scenes which drag on and the film is intermingled with confusing flashbacks.

this movie was a little predictable in the death and racing scenes, such has how he stops in front of the cars and kills them and saves the leader for last and kills him in a different way than the rest.

Entertaining & Laughable Fodder .

Very few films past or present stray from the predictable form of a fluid linear narrative.

Yes this movie, is quite a riot and very entertaining, rarely is it slow at any point, it's also on "the bleeding edge of hi-tech" due to Charlie's killer wheel's (the REAL star of the movie), plus, his special super-suit complete with full-helmet and dark visor and his magical shotgun, that never needs to be reloaded (I counted over 40 shots!

But Randy, when given this dialogue, applies some much needed redneck enthusiasm, making the lines snappy and more digestible.

What it becomes is an obviously plotted comic-book venture, where the blisteringly loud (who turned the volume up) rock soundtrack and adrenaline-packed car stunts take centre stage.

But somehow it all seems so bland.

I mean at first it was kind of interesting, wow a challenge, but then it becomes boring when you realize that there's a serial killer with a fast car that races everybody and then kills them, and you still want to race him.

Charlie Sheen is killed by a gang of road pirates and is resurrected to incite his revenge using an intense killing machine...

" It features a good cast, neat effects, thrilling race sequences & great score.

This adds nothing to the film, except for decade-cliché.

All in all, it's a great and entertaining movie with terrific race scenes and good character development for all the principal characters as well as the major supporting characters.

" Well this movie is simply pure-80's cheese of high thoroughbred and for the most part, is fast-paced and highly entertaining.

It's not a bad film, just very predictable and as I previously mentioned repetitive.

Director Marvin brings little imagination to the action scenes, two cars racing along a virtually deserted road starts to become tedious after the fourth time.

"The Wraith" is an entertaining movie with a good story, fast car races and a fairly good cast that includes Charlie Sheen, Sherilyn Fenn and Randy Quaid.

Noisy, full of the usual OTT action, some mindless violence, a few predictable race scenes and a plot which bore an uncomfortable similarity to Clint Eastwood's "High Plains Drifter".

Highly enjoyable fast food trash.

If you haven't already seen "The Wraith" then you should take the time to sit down and watch it because it is rather enjoyable.

Sherilynn Fenn had trouble retorting after such a dull performance...

It's a cheesy silly B-movie, that because of that also at the same time becomes very entertaining to watch.

A small Arizona town is intimidated by a group of punk teens that like to drag race their done up cars against mostly pressured victims, along a empty stretch of a highway.

The story is, as other reviewers have noted, pretty hopelessly stupid, with dialogue alternating between bland and quotably goofy.

A very enjoyable, good looking, silly, cheesy, typical '80's flick, that you just have to take for what it is.

While all of the silly landmarks in the film were cheesily named at best, it proved to be an enjoyable and campy film to watch.

However if you accept this and make allowances for the films amateurish production it is an enjoyable film.

Entertaining Movie .

The only two characters I think are entertaining to watch were Skank and Gutterboy.

The story is ridiculous but quite entertaining (I love revenge ;)) and there are many strange plot-holes through the whole movie.

Despite of all the negatives, this flick can be somehow entertaining on a weird level...

And if so, more importantly, will we be able to ever again stomach the banality of traditional film?

One of the high-lights of The Wraith is all the great road racing footage, which is always between two sports cars (with the exception of one scene), roaring down winding, sun-baked, desert roads; the photography and editing of these sequences really make them pop and are quite intense.