Thelma & Louise (1991) - Adventure, Crime, Drama

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Two best friends set out on an adventure, but it soon turns around to a terrifying escape from being hunted by the police, as these two girls escape for the crimes they committed.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Ridley Scott
Stars: Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 35 out of 314 found boring (11.14%)

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The rape scene was very intense and disturbing.

Probably my favorite movie of 1991, THELMA AND LOUISE was an exciting, gripping, and deeply moving comedy/drama/adventure about girlfriends (Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis)who plan an innocent weekend away from their hum drum lives and the scummy men in their lives and due to some unforeseen circumstances, find themselves suddenly on the run from the law.

Neither one of their lives seems exciting at the moment.

Stunning drama with sensational acting and filming .

Thelma and Louise is an unrealistic melodramatic waste of time.

One of the best films of the nineties, and worth watching again to remind ourselves of the time when Feminism actually meant something.

A strong, bold screenplay Oscar winning screenplay matches up with two strong, engaging and fully believable Oscar nominated lead acting performances by Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis.

While the film does evoke a cynical atmosphere and shock value that probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, it's still incredibly entertaining.

eg the section where they were going thru the mountain played the evocative 'Ballad of Lucy Jordan' departing from the full-on honky-tonk blue collar' feel of the film to a sensitive harmonious esoteric experience.

As for the story itself, most of what happens keeps it interesting, but it seems to drag towards the middle and becomes somewhat tedious.

Sarandon in particular is riveting in this film, really living and breathing the character, and giving arguably her best performance in a long career of distinguished work.

The themes of bored housewives, international fugitives, female companionship and living life to the fullest are nothing new.

Khouri has no point, no answers, no hindsight, no foresight, no frame of reference, and was probably acting out of confusion.

Absolutely wonderful and extraordinarily breathtaking!!.

Not much has to be said for Scott's directing, he gives these characters the attention they need to blossom before us and does just enough to keep us guessing when they'll do some sudden and unpredictable.

This is a rare movie that puts women in the drivers seat and provides an interesting, and entertaining, spin on the repressed southern woman who has had her fill of abuse from men and won't take it anymore.

My favourite singer Tori Amos was inspired to talk about her own personal experiences after watching the intense rape scene.

Worst movie decision this year.

The storyline is far fetched at times but I doubt that the film was intended to be super realistic, rather to provide an engaging thrill ride.

An Exciting Adventure About Friendship.

7/10 well worth watching and so very nearly an 8.

but worth watching the rest of it.

Exhilarating and breathtaking road-picture .

Thelma is upbeat but naïve and controlled by her overbearing husband Daryl, whereas Louise is much tougher and resourceful despite her relationship with a musician going nowhere fast.

They complement each other, counter each other, are SO unbelievably entertaining and real in their emotions, raw, powerful and honest.

Putting its ending and its portrayal of its male characters aside, I think Thelma & Louise is a very enjoyable film that tackles subjects that aren't usually handled well and takes itself seriously.

Aside from the absolutely compelling performances by Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis, the prescient condemnation of male abuse of women is amazingly timely.

A pair of bored thirty something friends decide on a girl's weekend and in that time become the most wanted women in America.

Boring only good thing a young Brad Pitt and a short Harvey keitel .

It might have been interesting to show them blowing away, in cold blood, an innocent bystander of the opposite sex, but that would only jeopardize the contrived sympathy built into their roles.

As far as why they felt it necessary to commit, suicide, I didn't find that move convincing at all, but it was entertaining.

Though superbly acted, directed, and filmed, this film suffers from a lack of editing: plainly put, the scenes are way too long.

I must compliment Zimmer on his effective score, which helps this be immensely engaging.

And the stupid decisions the two women take, are just boring.

The plot was great and kept me on the edge of my seat.

It just seem so fantastic to me -- so unbelievable, yet so gripping.

" I mean, I've seen the movie one hundred times before (who hasn't), and I had always remembered liking it, but now that I'm older, I find a lot of it trite and full of boring cliches that I just don't find entertaining anymore.

most boring film i have ever seen .

The two leading ladies Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis looked absolutely stunning in the movie.

There are other small weaknesses but in all, it is a good, moving film which is worth watching.

Thelma and Louise was boring and rubbish it was not my kind of film i like si-fi and action the start was a bit slow,the film is more for women the middle was a bit all right it was a bit better then the start and the was a bit better they drove off the cliff

Gripping, exciting adventure .

The murder was the major turning point, and thereafter the women experienced a successive changing, which was obvious as the tone of the picture and the actual physical appearances of the women went from bright and beautiful, to more dull and rugged.

This is my first review I have ever written and I'm writing it because this is the worst movie I have seen in a good while.

Louise has to come up with a plan and soon the oppressed housewife Thelma show unexpected potential.

A powerful leading duo who make this film what it is and whilst the conceptual nature of this film is fascinating, the American actresses make this film so.

Dust and dirt flittering from the tires of the girls' Thunderbird, plus stunning vistas and sunsets.

With Sarandon and Davis on top form and with the stunning settings and dramatically tense and exciting plot, this picture is a must see.

This outstanding final metaphor just aims at making sure that you understand how appropriate and conventional, ie impoverished and empty, this insipid guys flick is

But it is all worth it when you reach the end where you realize what might have seemed tedious before was actually just build up for a riveting ending that sent chills through my body.

I think the storyline is well thought out and planned because theres something exciting happening all the time.

It was exciting and interesting.

Slow to get going, gets better when the girls meet Pitt.

Instead, it drags out a cliché back story for Thelma involving a past rape, so that we have an easy and tidy way to justify away her sociopathic behavior.

Considering this movie's content (2 women kill a man, then spend the rest of the story driving through the South on a spree of robbery, assault, boozing, and adultery), I enjoyed it considerably.

The two work in perfect balance creating strong, relatable and fascinating characters whose flaws make them so human.

I found the rape scene was really intense and sick, it does show how Sexual assault affects individuals mental health.

"Thelma" is already a nutcake; to see "Lousie" shaky and unsure certainly sets the scene for some exciting activity.

She said, "They were probably acting out of confusion.

We were inspired by the movie and it's stunning road scenery and the vigorous feeling of being totally, euphorically and completely free(fortunately we didn't break any laws along the way!

Therefore, the film supplied me with a very entertaining and light-hearted tone throughout, whilst simultaneously providing social commentary (in terms of equality for women) in an appropriate manner.

As a cool Hollywood road movie, there's been a helluva lot worse, or more contrived.

Whilst there are some laughs along the way to endure (such as the pair blowing up a foul-mouthed van drivers vehicle up), Thelma And Louise stands as a compelling and riveting drama.

Apparently, the same male crowd who openly cheers as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid rob trains and banks, repeatedly dodge the law, and go out in a final blaze of heroic movie glory, have somehow taken umbrage at this as feminist propaganda.

Thelma & Louise have their moments on their little adventure, but in the end, it's familiar, predictable, and forgettable.

In just two hours you'll get believable characters with strong backstories and even better development during the film, wide specter of relationships, entertaining road-trip adventure, a well-measured dose of quality humor, and the extremely emotional finale you won't ever forget.

The smell and taste of these creatures were too unbearable even for the aliens.

A powerful, memorable and engaging story about female friendship and liberation .

Mind blowing good .

acting out of confusion .

It moves at a rapid pace which I found gripping.

The ending is poignant but breathtaking.

With a slow start, the film has a number of impactful moments when it kicks into higher gear, spread throughout the film.

Their story and inner struggles penetrate in the viewer's perspective as if we were there, driving with them, as if we could feel that wide range of sensations, from freedom, to fear, from joy to desperation, a whole category of human feelings concentrated in a single journey, and the emotional impact is truly intense.

I cannot describe the emotion I felt as I recalled with unexpected precision scene after scene what was going to happen, some exact script lines and even the particular mood and gestures of the actors before they executed some of the scenes.

Scott's Thelma and Louise is an entertaining and amusing film regarding the growing friendship of its female leads.

The script has a lot of life to it and even if Thelma and Louise were the only two characters in the film it would still be entertaining for a while to watch them interact.

The stunning cinematography helped giving the movie its full of style look.

The acting was SENSATIONAL, both Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis gave absolutely stunning performances, no flaws, beautifully done, ladies!

They're a joy to watch and their chemistry is riveting.

I enjoyed it although there were a couple of niggles that I will tell you about after this brief summary.

The chemistry between these two women is intense and very impressive.

A truly breathtaking and heartbreaking film .

Rather, I was bored by the overlong conversations.

It's your present condition and mood, together with your past experiences that influence the way it gets to you: in this case, with "Thelma & Louise", the original strong emotion I felt when I first saw it many years ago, was strengthened by the vivid remembrance of an amazing on the road journey, I have recently made with a friend, of those infinite roads leading to nowhere, those desolate lands, those squalid motels and houses appearing as ghosts in the middle of nothing, stirring a sense of deep nostalgia, but at the same time making the movie more intense and vivid.

I saw this film at the cinema in 1991, I remember how much I enjoyed it, the great cinematography by R.

The road chases kept me on the edge of my seat and I couldnt of walked out half way through if you paid me.

Very well-made and compelling.

Good movie with an intriguing plot with some twists which makes the movie better.

At they still retain elements of the super natural (like the magic car or winged beings) but this lacks everything, no real plot, no explosions or no shocks, just depressed lesbians shouting at men in a desert.

An inventive and consistently entertaining movie that effectively mixes drama, suspense,action and humor.

Eventually we discover that she finds it exciting and behaves childish in order to improve the "adventure".

With the introduction of Brad Pitt the movie becomes twice as good as the first rather dull part.

Timid housewife Thelma Dickinson (Geena Davis) and hardworking waitress Louise Sawyer (Susan Sarandon) take off on a weekend vacation together to have some fun and escape their tedious daily lives.

Personally i thought that this film was boring.

As bold and relevant as ever, it remains a vastly entertaining must-see.

I said at the beginning that I had a couple of niggles, well, here goes, one is that the film starts off really well and then has a bit of a dull stodgy middle part before picking up again towards the end.

Thelma and Louise is I think more of a Road exciting movie than a chick-flick it's very appealing because it's exciting Sexy and Inspirational for women it spoke to women to become more empowered back in them days it was known that men were more empowered and had the say and do in everything but in this outstanding movie it inspired women.

Ridley Scott was successful in making it so engaging movie.

Overall, one of the most enjoyable movies ever, great direction and performances 9.5/10

The attempted rape scene is very intense, so if you are very sensitive to the subject of rape, you probably should not watch this movie since you may not be able to get past that scene.

This is one of the most enjoyable movies I've ever seen.

Callie Khouri wrote a fascinating script, capturing the 'female power' beautifully.

The fact 'Thelma & Louise' genuinely felt evocative of the 80s (or at least very early 90s) arguably made the film even more enjoyable for me.

For an action/buddy movie the pacing is surprisingly slow, the dialogue ponderous, and the characters one-dimensional.

This intense drama shows that a woman can be just as good of a runaway than a man.

Pretty good movie,but an empty script .

Everything about this movie is exactly how it should be, it's entertaining, it's thrilling, it has good action sequences, it has some romance in it, and it really truly captures the meaning of true friendship.

The film is visually stunning like most of Scott's films and it has a very interesting story of independence and freedom.

From it's crazy unexpected plot to the dynamic relationship between the two friends.

you dont know whats going to happen next it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

And then, call this feminist propaganda.

First things first, the plot: Well, there's not much I can say without spoiling the plot, but what I can say is this story of friendship unfolds fast, and carries the viewer through the entire adventure on the edge of his seat.

With realistic characters who intermingle with total clichés, it becomes alternately a social issue drama that periodically doubles back on itself, and a fascinating road movie about self-actualization.

This also accounts to to some grim, but fascinating character studies.

Thelma & Louise is such a great movie with an enjoyable storyline and it truly is one of the best films I've ever seen.

The story follows our title characters as they break the shackles of their ordinary, dull lives and hit the road for a weekend of fun.

Ridley Scott's dark comedy is both shocking and cynical, but incredibly entertaining .

Davis and Sarandon displayed female companionship to the fullest and Brad Pitt's performance was also enjoyable.

He had some surrealist moments (the Jamaican guy smoking pot in the desert) that were very cute and enjoyable.

While these types of films are enjoyable, they are, essentially, patriarchal fantasies.

In conclusion, one of the most touching and intriguing movies I've ever seen.


The mishaps these two have on their way to Mexico present increasingly more complex dilemmas to work out of, and the excellent performances of Sarandon and Davis keep it entertaining most of the way through.

part entertaining road movie, part decent Lifetime-channel movie, good acting all around .

This film is entertaining, gripping and exciting.

The trio of women behind this film: writer Chali Khouri, along with actresses Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis make for a powerful, bold and engaging film.

It's a thrilling tale full of life affirming energy and the two leads each deserved twenty Oscars each!

The gripping story, the action, the well developed characters, the great acting, the dramatic tension and the dark humor kept me on the edge of my seat.

Khalli Couri's outstanding screenplay did win an Oscar and Ridley Scott's direction is equally compelling.

The two deepest wishes of the women are fulfilled: Louise is asked the question and offered the ring by her long time boyfriend, and Thelma befriends a young and exciting bad boy hitchhiker, having great sex with him.

Well, I'm here to say that either my eye is more jaundiced than ever or this really is pretentious tripe.

Mix the whole thing with tons of moralistic clichés and some unbearable pop country music and you got it.

And somehow the introduction to the whole story is too long.

One unpredictable character in particular comes in the form of Harvey Kietel as the sympathetic chief of police.

If you can imagine a blend of "9 to 5", "Smokey and the Bandit" and "Bonnie and Clyde", you should come up with an approximation of "Thelma and Louise": a mix of adventure, humor and comrade in the style of the Bert Reynold's chase movies, and getting even with the stereotypical men who try to abuse, control or recapture these two women intent to enjoy a short escape from their boring lives.

No, this really IS pretentious tripe.

A brilliant, witty, emotional script, 2 top notch leading ladies, and a flawless supporting cast make this chick-flick enjoyable for everyone!

Otherwise, this movie might bore the hell out of you if this isn't really your thing.

Good, enjoyable.

Secondly, I found the film a little too long, cut out some of the stodgy middle and I would have been a little happier.

The two women grow in their confidence and ruthlessness whilst the scenarios grow more and more intense.

Exciting, Sincere And Stylish Female Outlaws Road Movie .

But just like other iconic 90s movies with well known endings - The Usual Suspects, The Silence of the Lambs, Titanic - its the journey to the final act that makes the film so enjoyable, and renders surprise at the ending unnecessary.

It was action packed, with drama, and love.

I found it extremely entertaining, as I believe it tackles issues facing women in today's society very well.

In a modern age of feminists who want to depict women as heroes and men as simpering morons, this just takes the cake as a real waste of time.

This is a good one worth watching and, no, it is not a feminist movie...

Davis's performance is multi-layered, making it open to question whether Thelma's transformation is liberation, or a type of mental collapse brought about by years of grinding boredom as a housewife.

Other than that, it doesn't plow any new ground, but the Oscar-winning script by Khouri is an entertaining mixture of action, drama, and comedy.

This act sets the film in motion and from here on in, this is a fascinating changing drama.

Unexpected things happen, and they become fugitives on the run from state to state.

Incredibly Enjoyable .

Thelma (Geena Davis) and Louise (Susan Sarandon) go off from their banal existences to a trip that heads up poop creek really REALLY fast.

Yes, the men are all two-dimensional stereotypes (good cop, bad cowboy, confused boyfriend, insensitive husband), but the two title characters are equally insubstantial, and the inevitable (and again, predictable) merging of their contrary personalities is finally achieved in a convenient, unresolved freeze-frame non-climax designed to avoid the necessity of a genuine ending.

It's a waste of time and money.

Nevertheless it's funny, exciting, touching and one wild ride!

It's exciting to watch and I absolutely loved the adventure that the friendship of Thelma & Louise takes us on!

Although their cynical views on society and callous behavior don't make for the most likable characters, Ridley Scott does a pleasant job as providing them with a heart and humanity rather than savage criminals, and successfully maps a compelling character-driven plot up to it's shocking finale.

Thelma and Louise is an exciting, hilarious, and interesting experience to take with these two characters.

fun and enjoyable .

Outstanding performances from the lead actresses, breathtaking scenery, superb direction from Ridley Scott and a brilliant musical score by Hans Zimmer make this a must see for anyone who appreciates good movie making.

Overlong, but entertaining and well-made .

Sarandon and Davis are both sensational, somehow intense and goofy simultaneously, and Keitel and Madsen are brilliantly cast against type as the sympathetic males (although for me Keitel's character is just a tad too compassionate for a detective).

There are slow sections in this movie.

It is clever, exciting, and funny and is shot in the middle of the breathtaking scenery of the American Southwest.

What that means is that it emphasises the everyday and unspectacular; a feeling I certainly got once they were deep into the middle of the desert during which the film hits a segment of pure unpredictability, in a very entertaining way.

This gripping and gritty road movie turns all buddy movies on their head from westerns to outlaw flicks this film give us tough yet vulunerable female leads speeding through the vast emotional landscape that ranges from joy to rage through comic moments that fill this exciting movie and their crime spree this film deserved more oscars than it got with the two of the most captivating oringinal infamous heroe's to burst on screen this film is two hours long this is gave 7/10 this is my 256 review

The plot sees two women going on a weekend trip to get away from their mundane, housewife style everyday lives.

What we have in Thelma and Louise is a true testament to how life can take us on some unforeseeable excursions, regardless of our intentions, and to how the unexpected can actually end up being just what we needed.

Escaping from their boring and demented lives, Thelma and Louise decide to take a road trip in their 1966 Ford Thunderbird Convertible.

It is simultaneously an incredibly enjoyable and thought-provoking film with stellar performances all-round, I highly recommend it to everyone.

A waste of time and money .

And what an entertaining movie!

An Arkansas Waitress Louise (Oscar-Winner:Susan Sarandon) and an bored housewife Thelma (Oscar-Winner:Geena Davis) are going camping for the weekend.

Directed by Ridley Scott (American Gangster, Black Hawk Down, Kingdom of Heaven) made an extremely entertaining, road film with plenty of humour, drama and heart as well.

Breathtaking .

I found this movie to be a very easy to watch and enjoyable film.

The interaction of the cast is predominantly very engaging.

Otherwise, this movie might bore the hell out of you if this isn't really your thing.

The decision to continue the life of violence is made at this point, when Thelma decides to emulate the exciting bad boy criminal and rob a store.

Ultimately cornered in the desert on the edge of a canyon, Thelma persuades Louise to go out in defiant style by driving off the cliff.

The story is negligible, and what little there is somehow manages to be both preposterous and tediously predictable.

My lady friend insisted that my dislike for the film would change and that my first viewing (I left the theater nauseus with anger) was with a jaundiced eye.

The fact that both women were often foul mouthed, smoked and occasionally went to seedy bars turns off some viewers, who label them as brainless white trash who perhaps deserved some of the misadventures they suffered in their attempt at a short escape from their boring lives.

What a pointless movie.

Though there is some humor and cleverness to be encountered from it's two lead actresses, this road-trip flick has something much more provocative to say than just light-hearted entertaining set pieces.

I saw the movie ages ago, enjoyed it, and forgot about it.