Thinner (1996) - Fantasy, Horror

Hohum Score



An obese attorney is cursed by a gypsy to rapidly and uncontrollably lose weight.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: Tom Holland
Stars: Robert John Burke, Joe Mantegna
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 19 out of 137 found boring (13.86%)

One-line Reviews (72)

Simply stunning, I needed every one of the one hundred tacos I bought as sustenance specifically for this feast of horror.

Obviously the revelations at the end don't live up to the audience expectations, but the build-up is very suspenseful.

It was a slow night a few years back when I screened "Thinner", originally a Stephen King novella.

I'm not into horror, but the storyline seemed intriguing.

And it does have a dreadful, compelling fascination owing to the theme and the careful makeup work.

Joe Mantegna is hilarious as Ritchie the Hammer and Robert John Burke is intense ("I'm being ERASED!

Waste of time .

The subtle-to-intense horror present through the novel was sorely lacking in this representation.

Undeniably Entertaining to watch .

DVD has an behind the scenes feautrette and an entertaining commentary track by the director and actor:Joe Mantegna (Who has an supporting role as a gangster).

Some have pooh-poohed it, but I found it pretty enjoyable.

There is a slow, relentless horror to the whole thing, which doesn't rely on huge "jump out of the closet" shocks (although there are a few of those).

All in all, forgetable but worth watching just to see King in a cameo as the pharmacist.

Entertaining throughout, although never really frightening, it's worth seeing, especially if you are a fan of King's work.

There are a handful of King movie adaptations that are better than his books, and while this is not one of them, it stands on its own as entertaining with no cringe-worthy scenes and plot holes you can forgive.

However, it still has some thrills thanks to the makeup effects, notable film score, camera-work and a compelling performance from Robert John Burke.

Instead we get a hugely entertaining film that offers no scares what so ever.

(It might sound boring, but it really exciting.

Intriguing plot .

This is a fascinating horror film is loaded with dark humor.

IN OVERALL I GIVE THINNER ( 6 out of 10)GOOD POINTS OF FILM:Interesting Dialogues/Intense at times/Similar to great book.

Overall, worth watching during a Stephen King retrospective...

The worst movie I have ever seen.

Everything is muffled, dull, airless, and no fun to watch...

When i saw the cover of the video jacket, i knew i was in for a cheesy but probably enjoyable flick.

I was bored for most of the other half of this movie, despite it only being about 90 minutes long.

What you will discover is an intense film with great special FX.

The leading man and lady are both dull and uncharismatic.

Enjoyable horror yarn .

I'd have to say that THINNER is the worst movie known to the IMDB and public viewing for that matter, as is can barely call itself a thriller/horror the only thing that rattled me in the film is how someone can be so repulsively OVERWEIGHT!

There are lots of things i can criticise about this movie, far more than i can praise but when all is said and done Thinner is an Entertaining movie if you dont take it too seriously.

There's a slow tension which burns in the background here, a feeling of unstoppable damnation which follows Burke whenever he's on screen.

The film is dull,the first fifty minutes is pure crap,where almost nothing happens.

Overall, a very cringeworthy, predictable film.

Even the supposed adultery subplot here is just excruciatingly dull with absolutely nothing of any interest happening here and just making this one feel like forever before it really gets to anything decent or interesting and this manages to fulfill the fact that doing this makes for an enjoyable time here.

With 2 words, I can describe it as creepy and engrossing.

To those who say this is the worst movie they have ever seen, try sitting through Sunset Park, Con Air, or What Dreams May Come.

The ending, if predictable, is also nicely mean.

The characters in the movie are great, and the intrigue really put me on the edge of my seat.

It is, all told, a very mixed bag of a film, a thriller more than a horror, yet always entertaining and holding the attention as we wait to see how it will pan out.

A slow death, where he has to do anything or he will die.

The biggest factor going here is the rather enjoyable final half, which not only gets the really enjoyable but also has some solid action within the mafia assaults on the gypsy camp set-off by the early ambushes before the decent shootout to be found here that certainly sets this going rather well.

It's a highly entertaining tale, well told by co-screenwriter and director Tom Holland ("Fright Night", "Child's Play").

The film is still watchable and enjoyable on a certain level.

Pretty much every character in this film is unlikeable, and even though the movie is about 90 minutes, it's slow.

Caught this on TV, and was curious or bored enough to watch to the bitter end.

Worth watching.

Rating : Acceptable and passable picture, well worth watching for Stephen King fond.

The ending attempts to provide a 'twist', but I found it contrived and unsatisfying.

This movie just had poor acting, it was less scary, it was short, it was boring, and the part where he tried to convince the gypsy to take it off was really lame.

The story itself was still compelling enough to hold my interest for the length of the movie.

This is a very good and thrilling film.

The dialogue is fairly stupid and clunky, and the story is rather slow moving with an ending that felt reminiscent of a badly done parody of Tales from the Crypt or something or other.

This is an average entry, that has no right in being a feature length film, it would have worked much better as an episode of The Twilight Zone, because the film really fills itself out with pointless plot arcs, and narrative.

I think because of the slow pace and the laughable dialogue, not to mention the weak characterisation of most of the characters especially the negatively stereotyped Gypsies, there is a lack of genuine atmosphere in Thinner.

boring, annoying characters, BAD ACTORS.

The gypsy story itself was a little confusing,yet it had its moments,the thing that i really enjoyed about this film were the revenge scenes,they were intense and well done.

Think being inebriated and having a free afternoon/night would make this more enjoyable :) OK decided to watch again after reading the other comments and found the movie to b worse than my initial rating of 3!

It's not exactly one of King's best books ever, but Thinner is an entertaining and fast paced novel.

I thought this movie was incredibly boring.

There are no actually scary parts,a lot of slow,boring scenes.

There's also a gem of a supporting performance by the always entertaining Joe Mantegna as a mafia man whom Billy had successfully defended in court.

Stupid, but strangely entertaining...

("You want me to bend over like a hunchback, talk from the back of my throat, show all my teeth, and look bored, all at the same time?

Don't waste your time unless you are a die-hard Stephen King's fan.

Sure, you can say "I saw that coming" all day long, but the way it was presented was thoroughly entertaining.

Simply entertaining.

A start to finish snoozer.

Bad film is devoid of suspense, interest, or point, focusing on unpleasant characters you cannot empathize with in an increasingly empty film, with a grim ending.

At first its great, but latter on it becomes a slow burn, or as he puts it "I am being erased".

This engaging adaptation of the novel, which Stephen King wrote under his Richard Bachman pseudonym, stars the under rated Robert John Burke as Billy Halleck.

THINNER has an easy story that anyone could connect with and the questions it raises about revenge and the downfall of it are very entertaining.