Thor (2011) - Action, Adventure, Fantasy

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The powerful but arrogant god Thor is cast out of Asgard to live amongst humans in Midgard (Earth), where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders.

Director: Kenneth Branagh
Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Hopkins
Length: 115 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 177 out of 842 found boring (21.02%)

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In addition, Tom Hiddleston's performance as Loki was outstanding and I just love Natalie Portman, so the movie was quite compelling right from the beginning for me.

All in all, one worth watching especially if you can appreciate that it is a building block in a story that comes together in another film.

ActionIt is many, it is diverse, large-scale, beautiful, impressive and fascinating.

Put on your 3D glasses, and I can assure you, your in for a roller-coaster ride, that is filled with stunning effects, entertaining moments & intriguing performances.

This movie rates a full star out of ten for two reasons: Natalie Portman is hot One star is the lowest possible ratingThe movie starts with a long and superfluous intro, which is frankly boring.

I'm not saying that directing is bad, i just think that certain action sequences could've been done way more exciting and simply more cool, which would fit this kind of movie.

Once again, Marvel has managed to take one of their lesser known heroes and make them the subject of an entertaining film version, with energy and depth that is a bit unexpected.

Kinda boring .

The visuals are stunning.

Anthony Hopkins: Seems to be desperate for roles at the moment, he was okay, but his role was so cliché.

Engaging special FX, I might even say Brilliant the Rainbow bridge come to life in a way so unexpected the attention to details was to me Amazing and gratifying.

Thunderously entertaining and heartwarming.

An absolute breathtaking movie a true blockbuster.

It results in often some great dialog and performances by its cast, that help to keep the movie going and great, fun and compelling enough to watch, at all times.

Story: predictable – so much so that at times I just sat there in disbelief – do the writers really think that the public is that stupid 2.

The bland screenplay and characters don't help either, as they are the thing that really makes this film boring.

I don't know what else to say about this movie, but it was really good and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for thunder to strike.

One unexpected face was Rene Russo as Frigga, Odin's wife.

7) A few scenes are a bit longer or a bit slower than adequate for this movie genre.

The bad things: * The plot was 100% predictable, as were the dialogs.

It's an exciting and certainly an all-around entertaining comic book adaptation.

The 3D really made the movie feel more alive and intense.

The first volley of the summer movie season is a misfire -- a dull dud that fails as a spectacle, an adventure film or even a good movie.

It does, however, suffer from distinct changes in tone and disjointed plot elements, and a feeling of being three quarters finished due to the big rush towards Avengers Assemble.

All in all, Thor is one of the best comic book adaptations to date, an outstanding visual and a film that keeps you in the seat absorbed to this fascinating world.

Costumes help you get immersed in a world.

Plodding at times but when it comes to earth scenes, it's becoming somewhat unexpectedly boring.

It was so pointless.

Chris Hemsworth is charming as Thor and it's entertaining to see him learn the ways to behave rather than act all grandiose.

The legendary Anthony Hopkins joins the cast which automatically brings up the ante of this cast but even Hopkins' character as Thor's father is a little empty to me.

This is one of those movies that could've been great, but falls victim to formulaic Hollywood thinking.

The film opens with an exciting, albeit short set piece on Earth introducing us to Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) an Astro Physicist out in the middle of know where waiting for a storm.

Muddled action sequences that lacked any originality or tension and the dialogue, virtually every bit of it, was a cringe-worthy cliché.

Actually, Thor, is a really good, entertaining movie.

That wasn't the case here because I thought the picture was visually stunning.

The younger son seeking to take the throne that rightfully belongs to his brother, yawn central.

I mean as in BORED STIFF.

I was pretty surprised how moving this all was, especially when put in the middle of some otherwise-uninspiring hero pablem.

An immensely enjoyable Marvel entry that complements the tone of Iron Man films .

* Still, Branagh proves as adept at blockbuster filmmaking as he is at gilding classical wordplay, and, after a few cliché-courting opening moments in the (cool but fairly wobbly CGI) realm of Asgard, it only takes moments to be swept up in Thor's brisk pacing, crisp action interludes (excessive slow-mo notwithstanding), and ready levity, all skepticism receding to a dull ebb.

There was really no story at all, just bad CGI, pathetic "lovie-dovie" B.

So we have a coming of age film in a way as well as a super hero movie where he must defend against the big bad guy.

I just felt it's something enjoyable when I read this film's plot on a website.

Everything is overblown, and that's why the film is entertaining.

The visuals of Asgard are breathtaking.

While the Ultimate Aryan had a few entertaining moments and a surprisingly good cast, it failed to do more than throw as much information on the screen as possible while leaving an obviously incomplete story behind.

ACTION The action is boring, bland and has no creativity behind it.

We enjoyed it a lot.

"Thor" has some problems with the action but who cares, it's definitely great & entertaining.

I love the way they made Asgard look,absolutely breathtaking!!

The plot was boring, predictable, and poorly written.

With an all star cast, stunning visuals and good story telling, Thor is definitely one of Marvel's best.

Patrick Doyle's score is gripping and effective without leaving one with any memorable themes.

So Thor is every bit as entertaining as I thought it'd be.

The final battle on Asgard on the rainbow bridge is beautiful but a little boring.

As I previously said, it is a very entertaining movie with various positive elements, like Branagh's efficient direction, which drives the movie at a perfect rhythm.

Though thinly written, Portman makes the best out of her role, and it is to her credit that Jane becomes an engaging and believable character that the audience roots for.

This is a throw-off piece of Marvel fiction that is packed full of cliché and predictability...

There's CGI explosions, CGI battles… yawn.

However when the setting switches to earth, the tone seems all over the place and that's where the film gets dragged down.

Cliché .

The film is however pedestrian and plodding for the most part - my children (11 and 13) were both squirming in their seats for considerable portions of the movie.

Overall, I found THOR to be mildly enjoyable mostly because of the scenes on Earth.

Loki (Tom Hiddleson) changes from loyal brother/Son to evil traitor with no story or character development.

Even hawk eye had a pointless role.


The fight scenes are fast paced, with stunning special effects and interesting weaponry.

9/10Entertainment: Bottom line, I thought Thor was massively entertaining.

The myth of Thor is fleshed out in the beginning of the movie that adds to the intense conflicts Thor eventually faces on earth.

Overall definitely worth watching on the big screen and make sure you stay to watch the bit after the credits.

Unfortunately, just as Thor's character was becoming interesting, he got streamlined into a very predictable and ho-hum love story with Natalie Portman's Jane Foster; another underutilized talent, as was Rene Russo's Queen Frigga.

Then we go to Asgard and the visuals as expected are stunning.

It was easy and entertaining to watch.

The second act is very dull and a lot of unbelievable change seems to take place.

As I am from Denmark and I love the Nordic mythology because of the exciting funny stories, I hated this movie from the very beginning.

The Iron Man pictures have the cocky swagger of Tony Stark which proffers a bit of humour, but director Branagh (yes, the same Kenneth Branagh who made his name directing and starring in a litany of Shakespeare adaptations) has ensured the out-of-this-world concept, and the out-of-this-world locations, both of which could've very easily come across as ridiculous and tacky, are enjoyable thanks to his tongue being firmly in his cheek.

As I said above, it was entertaining all the way.

I have been dragged through the Marvel milieu by my son.

The battle near the beginning against the Frostbites was thrilling and exciting.

Hugely entertaining comic-book adventure that delivers pretty much everything you could want from a Thor movie, thanks to an outstanding script, note-flawless direction from Kenneth Branagh, a tremendous supporting cast and a charismatic, star-making central performance from Chris Hemsworth.

Otherwise save your money.

"Thor" is a little disappointing but it's still good because it's compelling.

This was one of the most enjoyable film experiences in quite some time.

The acting is fine with Chris Hemsworth giving his all in the role, Anthony Hopkins bringing some welcome gravitas to Odin rather than hamming up, Natalie Portman more than a pretty face and Tom Hiddleston's Loki a villain worth watching for.

The cinematic entry for this character, titled simply Thor, is among the better of the Marvel adaptations of recent years, mixing a good sense of fun, strong acting, and some Shakespearian level drama that makes for an especially entertaining time at the movies.

If you tried to name the original scores from Age of Ultron, Ant-Man 1 and 2, or even Infinity War and Iron Man 1 and 2, you just can't because they are just so bland and devoid of identity.

One dull day, while feeling snowed under and dissatisfied with his current situation and future outlook, out of nowhere, a strange woman emerges babbling amusingly about her princess ways and her old talking animal friends, the trees she'd sleep in, knights in shining armour only to then, in the best Hollywood fashion, stop caring about what is normal to just give in to the unashamed romance of the situation.

It is a bit bland and formulaic, and could have used a better story, but it has enjoyable characters, humor, and action, and is not bad overall.

At just under two hours in length, this is a thoroughly enjoyable action packed romp and takes you places you only usually dream of.

Predictable, cliché, poorly executed and poorly acted - don't believe the exaggerated hype .

-The movie can't seem to decide what direction it wants to take: Witty action comedy, or intense adventure epic.

Instead,Branagh shows a very unexpected J.

Thor is a god that his behaviors are predictable, as Odin.

While that might possibly be true, it's an enjoyable cheesy.

The action sequences are too far apart and they are done in a boring way.

In short there are a few colorful shots and nice monsters, but this is outweighed by corny dialogue, cheesy humor and story development that redefine boredom.

Pretty enjoyable.

Super action and stunning photography work.. Simple movie with crisp screenplay Chris Hemsworth really suits in that character and his actions scenes are cool.. I would say this is awesome and definitely watch movie.....

Overall, a very entertaining and fun movie that will not disappoint.

Storyline was OK but was pumped with cliché characters which are almost as bad as spider-man's.

But Branagh is able to mix equal parts Asgard gravitas and earth levity to make a film that is thoroughly enjoyable.

's inclusion is pointless, and the trio of human characters Thor hangs out with only subtract from the film.

The contrast of the two worlds of Asgard and Earth is an interesting one, though I will be honest in saying the scenes on Earth are nowhere near as fascinating as the scenes in Asgard.

Loki is not a one dimensional villain and although he is a villain, he can be engaging as he does have have qualities that make him not as bad as he seems at times.

Dialogue was completely predictable as well as was everything else in the movie.

ThorBranagh has a fluent zip in his vocab that can make even a tiresome script look easy.

This is a fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping Marvel film featuring the super god Thor (Chris Hemsworth), who was cast out of his home on Planet Asgard by his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) for his arrogance and sent to live on Earth with the humans.

Also, the breathtaking art direction of Bo Welch, the amazing visual effects, and the incredible costume design by Alexandra Byrne, is all enchanting and wonderful.

The plot is well explained and engaging.

It's more of a compelling drama fantasy with a little action and a lot more sense.

Thor is a light, enjoyable comic book movie.

The mythology was very engaging and the choice of Tom Hiddleston as Loki was a damn good one.

Maybe it's the way her character was written, but I found Jane so stereotypical and boring that I actually kept forgetting that her character even existed and when she did show up, I impatiently wished for the scene to just end already.

Derive is the operative word here in this entirely predictable, rather dull script.

If you want a movie with just dumb action and no plot then stay away from this exceptional film.

Thor manages to combine stunning special effects with hilarious comedy and superb dramatic acting.

Even Odin was bored of the movie so he took a nap .

The result is entertaining and fun, although the visuals are often stronger than the plot or the dialogue.

Absolutely horribleThis movie had to be the most predictable thing I've ever watched.

"Thor" is defiantly engrossing.

Now the wait is officially over, I must say the outcome of this incompatible combo tastes quite bland.

The sub-plot regarding Thor's road to redemption meanders in to cliché and is therefore predictable, relying on his trademark hammer as a threadbare tool to punctuate the point.

Her "relationship" with Thor was totally contrived and out of nowhere.

Scenes tend to succeed each other without much dynamic and soon, you settle for a mighty boredom.

Entertaining Fantasy That Rarely Slows Down .

There are moments when it is a clever, dramatic and well-paced movie and others where it's cliched, rushed and dull.

Worth watching, if you are a teen, or you have teenage children and are in need of a family event :)

While this concept may still work, I think the characters are extremely superficial and boring.

Asgard looked stunning in this new age of CGI landscaping, and more and more it's getting better every time.

If you have a very basic knowledge of Scandinavian mythology, then you will probably miss all the twisted parts of the mythology here and you will just enjoy a very enjoyable film for what it is...

Yawn .

Despite these two casting mistakes, the film is an enjoyable diversion, and it works well—as long as you're not expecting it to be something other than what it claims to be.

" All in all this is just one of many cliché movies with totally predictable stories.

I thought the pacing was slow and the story jerky and didn't work particularly well.

However, it is an enjoyable movie, and is a good waste of 2 hours with ones friends.

Based loosely on the Norse legends, which are referenced in the movie as being inspired by the fictional Asgardian race, which is a nice bit of confusing 'chicken and the egg' theorem.

The fight scenes were boring and lacked any kind of choreography.

This movie version of Thor was quite an exciting movie to watch .

Thor-oughly enjoyable.

Therefore, Kenneth Branaugh's new adaptation of the Marvel Comic superhero is my introduction to the whole enterprise and, by that introduction, I can say that while it is an enjoyable movie, it didn't make me want to do any further reading.

Don't waste your money on this movie.

very dull enemies.

the plot was simple, and moved in a some what good pace, though i did feel it dragged a bit midway, probably felt more during those supposedly romantic moments between Portman and Thor.

Hemsworth is surprisingly good, buff, entertaining and more than willing to make fun of himself, essential attributes in any comic book film adaptation.

(Clones in that they were all boring).

And the trite, little romance that transpired between that big, blundering oaf, Thor, and the mousy, non-charismatic Jane, sucked to the 10th power.

Here is a film that simultaneously familiarises and dazzles us through a predictable narrative.

I can't say more without spoiling the film, but I will just say that the special effects were truly MIND BOGGLING.

Okay a few good things were included the graphics and the boring movie ended a few minutes before the time as shown in VLC.

My advice: save your money and wait for Marvel's X-Men First Class and Avenger.

On the one hand it is an excellent, comic derivative story with outstanding fx, attractive & able cast and fine, exciting musical score.

it's as bland as its name(also, The Day The Earth Stood Still called, it wants Gort back), honestly, you have this cornucopia of fascinating creatures and you come up with a shiny robot with halitosis?

There are predictable double crosses, some romance and opportunities for redemption.

The only epic thing about Thor is what a bore it was and where I felt myself drifting towards sleep halfway through.

Meanwhile, the mischievous Loki is already planning his cliché coup against the incapacitated king, who for whatever reason is engaged in some sort of cryosleep for the rest of the film – I sort of dozed off around this point.

Good visuals but a stupid and predictable story.

Put on your 3D glasses, and I can assure you, your in for a roller-coaster ride, that is filled with stunning effects, entertaining moments & intriguing performances.

As for the action sequences, they were very entertaining and there were also a few priceless comical moments.

And while I say that the SPECIAL EFFECTS during the action scenes are good, the action scenes themselves are often pretty short and boring, and of course...

It was so entertaining I could not stand up from my sit.

Loki wasn't bad either, but it was difficult to follow his emotional turmoil as his goals and manipulations change throughout the film.


So banal.

The story of Thor's evil brother is also way to typical to make me interested in the least and the bad guys (frost giants) are quite boring.

Nevertheless, this film is an enjoyable ride for either long-time Thor fans or novices of Norse/Marvel mythology.

Thankfully though any thought of a long drawn out yawn fest is immediately cut short as we cut straight to a ceremony with proud Dad Odin (Anthony Hopkins) bestowing the King's crown to the cocksure and arrogant Thor (Chris Hemsworth) with thousands of citizens bearing witness, including grown up (pasty) Loki.

Well this ones right, very right, from start to finish, epic, spectacular, warm, funny, action packed.

The story itself is very enjoyable and has been well adapted for the big screen, not an easy feat considering the source material.

Naturally Thor is effects driven and the story has a little more depth than most recent comic book adaptations but the earth bound periods are rather uninspiring while the enjoyment comes from the action on Asgard.

Marvel does fantasy and fish-out-of-water with Kenneth Branagh's "Thor," a superhero film that film that explores different realms to engaging results.

Visually Stunning, good story,a touch of humor and some action .

The story is basically a coming of age story.

Now Marvel have to turned to another on of their properties, Thor, and again made another entertaining superhero film.

Jane must only be thinking with her crotch because Thor is stunning; nothing else seems to happen between the two of them.

Otherwise you might as well spare yourself from this glorious waste of time and brain cells.

The story's a little predictable, especially if you're already familiar with the comics or Norse myth.

While it did sag in the middle, and could have used a tad more action, I found the movie to be enjoyable from start to finish.

The film is down right entertaining, especially the first half and it is all thanks to Chris Hemsworth, who single handedly won me over as Thor.

Absolutely stunning FX.

My hopes of another Marvel triumph were somewhat dashed, but thankfully, with the arrival of Chris Hemsworth as Thor, and a bit of character development, the film started to become the enjoyable romp that it is.

Most of the portrayals were two dimensional or predictable (you see Loki's deceit and villainy a mile away) and even Natalie Portman, who in my book can do no wrong, was painful to watch.

I enjoyed it and would watch it again.

This film was very enjoyable, I really felt for Thor and Loki, the acting was amazing.

From the spectacularly depicted realm of Asgard, to the brutal battle with the frost giants and through the funny moments of Thor's introduction to our planet, there is entertainment galore and with Chris Hemsworth's cheeky Norse-like persona, Thor is all the more enjoyable.

Better yet they know how to adapt them from their source material and make them into entertaining, humorous, and action packed movies.

compound is realistic and thrilling, while the showdown between Thor and the Destroyer is another mind-blowing action scene.

The CGI is brilliant and the wardrobe is quite stunning.

Boring .

Oh, and Loki as the villain is very compelling when he's revealed as such and one more thing, look for creator Stan Lee in a cameo since this is a Marvel-based movie of a character he created...

* The stories as we recall, were exciting, even epic in nature.

Overall this film is a very enjoyable film for both those who have read the comics and those who have not.

These things are not strong enough to bring the film up to a higher rating, but they are still somewhat enjoyable.

Astonishingly Entertaining .

His character development is awkward and cliché, not to mention how he changes from arrogant and self-serving, to protective, honorable and gentle almost overnight.

It had both thrilling fights and good laughs.

'Thor', like so many other films, contains the cliché of unnecessary heterosexual romance.

Mildly Entertaining; Nothing Wow About It .

And I liked the fact that it was used in a way that I didn't jump in the seat from some item "coming out of the screen", it just made it more exciting to watch.

But no matter how many misfires you can find in certain aspects of the film, its devotion to its core conflict and character arcs helps make everything more entertaining.

"Thor" is an entertaining adventure based on the character of the comic book published by Marvel Comics.

An average movie with some stunning visuals.

Distracting spectacle but disappointingly empty of ideas and full of franchise "stuff" (mild SPOILERS) .

The first act was really slow and the third act was kind of hard to be invested in.

It was all VERY predictable.


It's the definition of disjointed as, in the end, we get several plots which all feel incomplete.

I enjoyed it immensely.

Overall, Thor is a good coming of age story.

All is forgiven though - "Thor" is an above-average superhero movie, not extremely exciting, but definitely intriguing.

Don't waste your time.

This movie is like a weird mix of Mythology and sci-fi, though it is very entertaining.

Was it entertaining or boring?

What we got here is a beautiful leading man and leading lady so eye candy is provided here for all plus an entertaining and visually rich film.

The opening war on Asgaard is far too long.

This is far from being a bad superhero movie and has some good aspects to it, even if it has it's flaws it had some entertaining parts.

The CGI is mostly well done – some of the vistas created are stunning – although extreme wide shots which try to integrate people suffer from a glitchy effect which makes it look noticeably fake.

Charming but boring .

" It is a little cheesy, a little over the top, but if you find it funny it is enjoyable, just don't tell anyone I said that.

While it would have been easy for the scenes set on Earth to feel slower and more boring than those set in Asgard, it's these three human characters and their interaction with Thor that keeps their scenes entertaining/interesting.

Sickeningly boring and predictable.

Nice visuals, no plot.

The flick felt empty without proper villain and without anything that is a major wow factor (scenes) to hold my interest too.

I found myself yawning more than anything.

At this point I stopped watching because I was so bored.

It's a bit meh, but it's a bit entertaining, although it's not something I'd want to watch more than once.

Thor is a very enjoyable film with just enough action and laughs to make it one that most anyone can enjoy with an open mind.

the movie is fast paced and very enjoyable.

My eyes were stretched to breaking point, trying to drink in all the details of this new, exciting and opulent world.

Peter Parker was a dweeb; Bruce Wayne lost his parents; Clark Kent was abandoned at birth; great comic heroes have compelling origin stories.

pretty enjoyable .

Some of the scenery was breathtaking, the 3D in certain scenes was well implemented and Anthony Hopkins gave a great performance.

Thoroughly entertaining .

), and the relationships the characters attempt to establish with each other are either unbelievable and bland, or just plain cheesy...

After a slow start, with lots of actors speaking in stiff, we-are-an- ancient-peoples voices, Thor picks up as the vain, arrogant god comes to earth and hooks up with some scientists.

He comes off so relatable but so hateable as well and it makes the film so much more enjoyable.

But more importantly, it is visually stunning.

Although not on the same level as "Spider-Man", it was still good and highly enjoyable.

Plain and simple - when the humans show up the movie dies a slow death.

Bringing an impeccable comedic timing, and boisterous charisma as colossal as his dazzling physique, Hemsworth commits to his performance with such enormous, brazenly sincerity that his fall from grace and reclamation of honour are somehow as primally resonant and compelling as any high melodrama.

Chris Hemsworth does an excellent performance as Thor, Natalie Portman quite improves at her role in the movie, Anthony Hopkins does brilliant work as Odin, and Tom Hiddleston does a breathtaking performance as Loki.

The Destroyer is absolutely stunning, though it only appear for like 3-5 mins.

Thor is a boring cliché that somehow lasted longer than all the Blue Beetles put together.

Norse mythology set against the backdrop of the Marvel Cinematic Universe delivers with awesome, otherworldly special effects, epic battle scenes, intense hand-to-hand combat, a compelling story, and a surprising sense of humor.

But, there is enough in the film to spark the imagination for it to be entertaining and quite funny.

Shallow, Superficial, Boring...

Also there was a lot of funny parts that I found entertaining.

All the interesting bits happen on Asgard with Thor's family, but unfortunately since Thor is the main character it's his sleep inducing antics on earth that we have to follow the most and not the far more captivating Asgardian plot points.

Watch this just waste your time and money.

Poor story development, very predictable, No real plot behind the pretentious effects.

And kudos to the Marvel team for doing it once again with "Thor", a thoroughly entertaining blockbuster of a film that succeeds thanks to the unlikely choices of Kenneth Branagh as director and Chris Hemsworth as the star of the titular character.

Thor has just landed on Earth and I fell asleep after looking at him in his black levi's and 6 pack abs.

Tom, on the other hand, is deliciously snarky playing the sibling jealous of Thor's impending ascension to the throne, and the British actor gives a surprisingly intimate and affecting villainous turn that brings unexpected depth to his character.

All in all, this is a very successful film: exciting, interesting, and surprisingly intelligent.

The movie is interesting as well as entertaining.

But be careful with the sequel, because the only thing that tint this movie bad is love relationship, which is again being portrayed without any substance that will provide some feedback from the audience, it is flat and uninteresting.

Almost every time, I found myself more focused watching those scenes that keep jumping in, and was ridiculously bored by everything else.

"Thor" is a fantasy movie with door-busting action and intense fight scenes.

The fight scenes are always cool, but of course the final battle goes on for too long, complete with every cliché in the book.

It was kind of a Drama which was enjoyable.

There's lots of unresolved sexual tension between him and Portman, and he promises to come back for her once he's reclaimed his um, hammer, but nothing happens because, you know, (SPOILER) he can't get the um, hammer up.

Hardcore Thor enthusiasts will be fully satisfied with this amazing adaptation of the Asgardian hero, and for the rest of us who have no knowledge or background on the Marvel character, it will still be an enjoyable and unforgettable ride.

It was pretty and all, but the story was very uninteresting.

In general terms, I would say that on Earth, the stranger-in-a-strange-land development is somewhat predictable yet enjoyable to follow.

I know we are being bombarded with a lot of superhero movies, but as long as they keep on making them this entertaining I have no problem with that.

The story was very exciting.

His Loki gives us the most compelling bad guy with a personality.

Thor starts out really slow.

There were also some pretty entertaining action sequences, too.

Despite, on paper, sounding like the superhero genre's most absurd entry, Thor excels as one of its most straightforward, breezy, deceptively intimate and character-driven, and invigoratingly enjoyable.

The surprise is that this is a very entertaining movie.

Luckily I saw the film in 2D, and it was an enjoyable romp.

It was incredibly formulaic and had nothing interesting to offer.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh, Thor gets many things right from start to finish whether it's properly introducing the Asgardian culture to its audience, fab use of humour blended with cleverly weighed human drama, separate tints for separate realms present in its story, brilliant production design plus a pleasing score by Patrick Doyle but its plot is also too predictable & generic while its visual effects fluctuate in either directions.

The writers have ensured that the action sequences feel necessary rather than like needless fluff; the tension of the story keeps the fights engaging and Branagh retains focus on the characters involved.

Pretty formulaic and more style than substance.

Boring .

Also the other scientists might as well not be there as they do nothing for the plot, especially Kat Dennings who brings a few pointless lines.

Anthony Hopkins is a safe choice for his patented Older Mentor/Authority Figure performance (enjoy that check, Anthony), and Tom Hiddleston is somewhat intriguing as Loki.

It was a somewhat entertaining movie.

Unfortunately, however, despite its creativity, it's a bit bland and formulaic.

This movie is a Hollywood cliché...

A wonderfully enjoyable performance in a film which is non-stop entertainment.

Thor has a significant contribution to the convolution of characters in the avengers.. entertaining till the very end u r bound to glued to this marvel..The well chiseled out Australian Chris Hemsworth is a treat to watch in his demigod outfit; Natalie Portman emotes and oozes into Jane foster's character.

Some scenes of Asgard, Thor and Loki interacting, ho-hum, and then he is banished to earth for starting a war (that never actually got off the ground...

Since her riveting, award-winning turn in Black Swan, the woman seems determined to prevent us from taking her seriously.

There is an awkward moment, a recycled formulaic similarity of robotic invaders from past films, from the animated Iron Giant to 1951's Gort (from The Day the Earth Stood Still ) to Ironman itself.

Unlike the average hero, the arrogant Thor begins his titular film at peak power, and the film's biggest action blowout is in its first act, where he lets loose with all the thrilling, trailer-stinger hammer-'n-lightning blowout moments against an army of frost giants in the tundra wastelands of Jotunheim.

A nice one excellent in its inconsequentiality and well worth watching – Gary Son Of Jan has so decreed.

The battle between the Frost giants and Thor and his friends at the beginning looked stunning.

Where Iron Man went so right with its self depricating humour and quick wit Thor has languid scenes, flacid romance and wooden character interaction.

The architecture is an amazing combination of detail and perspective, where all the elements combine into a stunning ensemble.

It sometimes puzzles you wherever the shoot is being taken, it sometimes results boring due to the redundant I-have-never-ever-been-on-earth-before Thor's attitude.

Asgard felt like an empty shell only harboring a handful of characters.

The plot was a simple hero's journey but the growth and action has made this film even more enjoyable with each viewing.

Roll credits and massive yawning from this audience member.

This is so unexpected given the numerous screen and story writers involved: Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz, Don Payne, J.

I watched the film in 3D and frankly it's a tiresome technology that adds nothing to a film like this.

OVERALL: 10/10 PROS: -Great acting -One of the best scripts of 2011 -Awesome cinematography -Thrilling Action -Movie is appropriately paced, allowing equal amounts of action and character development CONS: -See it in 2D.

nice try but very boring .

All the family like friendship's and family relationships and betrayals, which were quite predictable by the way, give this movie that tragic undertone which Shakespeares work always had.

The story is slow to develop as much time is taken to set the scene.

It is worth noting that the romance subplot is not always great, and there's a couple lines that unnecessarily provide further levity than need be, but I must commend Branagh for committing to this project, and for creating a movie that is entirely sure of itself, and entirely entertaining.

If you're expecting something cheesy and predictable, don't.

Thor is an unfamiliar, untested, and in most cases brand new character in the pantheon of Marvel movies - and yet, it is pretty freaking enjoyable.

An entertaining movie that I strongly recommend watching if you haven't already.

Relentless and indulgent CGI, dreadful acting, the most laughable dialogue coupled with an inflated soundtrack and a hopelessly idiotic and disjointed storyline DO NOT make a watchable movie.

Entertaining to watch, mostly for the novelty of an ancient god being ejected into modern day life.

I believe it was entertaining enough, thus, to call Thor an "ersatz" (a replacement product) by some of the finest movie reviewers out there is simply nonsense.

Although there were a few cringe-worthy moments, especially when the film attempted humor, and the whole premise that beings who don't age might still have a human-style tradition of sons succeeding fathers to kingship is a little silly, overall it was enjoyable and a positive depiction of our gods.

Brannagh really knows how to set the stage for clever and suspenseful drama.

The length of the film just felt too short, though I admit I'd much rather have a tight experience like this than an overlong or boring one.

And also, we get to see Jeremy Remmer as Hawkeye, in a brilliant, if totally pointless, cameo.

We like you , we really do but when you take something which is meant to be entertaining and turn it into a boring melodramatic tale of fathers and sons who like to play with trippy lights and hammers which go underutilised in one place throughout most of the film......

Thor character is a character with a cliche designed lousy.

The visual effects are stunning as well as is the artwork behind them.

All in all, it's an enjoyable movie, especially to Marvel fans, and it's a great stepping stone on the way to the Avengers.

Worse, his exile to Earth fails to evoke awe amongst mortal humans and is the dullest part of the movie.

While a few of the things are lacking the action sequences are very entertaining.

The scenes that are on Asgard and the frost giants world are stunning and something else to see.

My main problem was that the story was full of clichés and was very predictable.

Thor was, frankly, boring.

Final view on the film:A gripping,action/adventure comic-book film,with a fantastic performance from Hemsworth,and unexpectedly stunning action scenes from Branagh.

Very dull most of the time, very exaggerated in other occasions.

Their chemistry is friendly at best, dull at worst.

Entertaining and fun .

when my boyfriends asked me to go to see this movie, both of us though ''I think is just another action, special effects and so on movie, but at least, it'd be entertaining''.

I really got the feeling of a medieval "who shall be king" battle going on in modern day New Mexico which is a lot of compelling fun to watch.

Besides Jeremy Renner, Thor's brother was enjoyable to watch.

Half is good, half is boring...

So overall, it was worth the admission ticket for sure, some decent performances and decent plot, mixed with some very enjoyable moments and top notch special effects and big budget sets and CGI.

This action adventure drama starring Chris Hems worth ( Thor), Natalie Portman( Jane foster) the always entertaining Sir Anthony Hopkins as(Odin king of Asgard) and Kat Dennings(Darcy Lewis)for just the right amount of comic relief .

The initial 5 to 10 minutes, with flashbacks, were confusing: for example, not enough ground work was laid for the viewers to know why and how Jane Forster's team were able to be at that particular spot and time to expect the appearance of a "worm hole".

It was enjoyable for one viewing.

Everything was very predictable, i mean, how would such a intrigue end in every child's mind?

What follows is a bunch of cliché jokes centered around Thor not understanding the norms of Earth's society.

Uninspiring romance, weak foundation for character growth plus side: i love family drama

Bore, sorry, Thor fails to entertain .

Besides them Jaimie Alexander did stood out as she looked Stunning as Sif.

Excellent entertaining summer movie.

Because of that, the movie quickly becomes very boring.

Statement: Nothing happens with the rest of the blue people.

The problem with this movie is that the plot is painfully formulaic, and the "twists" they throw in are so predictable it is insulting.

Some work could have been in the middle and maybe towards the end, but overall i left the theater feeling very satisfied.

This wasn't "Iron Man" with its smart and quippy dialogue, this was so cliché it hurt to watch.

But what he has yet to learn is that while he begins to grow fond of life on earth, treachery is abound as his jealous brother Loki is appointed king in the wake of his father's unexpected sudden illness.

However the whole movie has a twist that completely hinges on your knowledge of Norse mythology (I have read bull finches mythology book) and the whole movie seemed kind of pointless and kind of silly if one knows about the positions of the Aesir.

The action scenes are very exciting, particularly the battles with the Frost Giants at Jotunheim and with the Destroyer in New Mexico.

Natalie Portman gives an amazing performance as Jane foster the scientist who takes in Thor is part of some hilarious moments but also dramatic and exciting scenes that you expect.

It is a visually stunning film with excellent cinematography and editing and the costumes, settings and effects look wonderful.

There were a few lulls/slow spots during the first half of the movie.

Give the film the benefit of the doubt in these instances, and it really is enjoyable.

Throughly enjoyable.

For this reviewer, the main failure starts with the non-engaging plot.

Fails with certain things, but still highly entertaining.

This film is especially enjoyable for it's story telling.

That is one of the main problem's i had with the movie, it's too predictable and certain things just don't work and are very poorly done.

A Truly Enjoyable Film On Every Level .

I mean, everything mostly works but the story seems very formulaic...

Really good film, very enjoyable and much better than some reviews suggested .

Summary: Great film, really enjoyed it.

I am glad to say not only did I enjoy Thor, I enjoyed it a lot.

Darcy is always there to brighten the day, and the link with avengers is intriguing beyond doubt.

Having said that, the visuals are quite stunning, the scenes in Asgard and the other worlds are quite breathtaking.

The majority of the actors were under utilized, except to look pretty (such as Thor's companions, the Queen, Odin, and everyone but Thor), leaving it with a pretty dull, and unimaginative story, with a large number of too unlikely plot devices to save the hero.

Loki's change in attitude is confusing and not developed, with the 'twists' in the film being completely nonsensical, and his story has more loose ends than a bowl of spaghetti.

Thor - I beg your pardon, dear journalist - is far from being an ersatz: it is - at times - dull, and focuses only on the action, but it is an enjoyable ride until the next classic comes out.

Throw in an engaging story, amazing special effects and an awesome soundtrack, which by the way, was one of the better soundtracks for a comic book movie in recent years, you have a great movie.

All in all I believe Thor is a very enjoyable ride.

An entertaining if largely forgettable and very familiar story of a should-be king (Chris Hemsworth) cast down into exile after starting a war in the distant realm of Asgard.

The cast could have been better, since I hated Natalie Portman perform and Stellan Skasgård does terrible, and Anthony Hopkins is boring.

The movie felt refreshing and although a bit cheesy, it was entertaining.

There was certain things that made you think "yeah right you would act like that" kind of thing but it was enjoyable.

However, if you go in expecting to be entertained for two hours and not be grossed out, offended, depressed, or bored, you'll get that.

The CGI-Environments were all breathtaking.

" And I did except for 3 minutes when toward the climax it became a little confusing.

An entertaining epic that updates the hero's quest .

Two different but connected plots, one following Thor on earth, learning to live in our culture and in a way, coming of age, another on Asgard, following Loki's revelation and betrayal, come crashing back together at the end of the film, and it's marvelous (excuse the pun) to see how both Thor and his brother have grown as characters.

In the movie Thor, the filmmakers drew a lot from the legends from Norse mythology and made it into an enjoyable sci-fi movie.

Some said the middle dragged, others thought the more interesting story/character development took place on Earth and could've been developed at a slower pace.

Those scenes create something really new and exciting.

But both are extremely enjoyable to watch as Thor and Loki, and I liked a lot of the other Asgardians as well.

Any "funny" or exciting part, I had already seen a hundred times in the trailer.

And is very well worth watching.

With it's solid screenplay, acting, visual affects, humor and a tremendous action punch to go with it, THOR is everything you look for in an entertaining super hero filled movie.

They are truly breathtaking, and provide one of the only reasons anyone should bother watching the film.

Loki was also nicely development as a sympathetic antagonist rather than some bland 'black and white' villain.

The action sequences are amazing and breathtaking to say the least.

Perhaps I don't like it, because of the effect of deep and well executed stories of movies like Drive and Europa Report, everything on THOR felt like shallow, superficial and boring...

Instead, Marvel's challenge of selling Norse mythology as hip, blockbuster entertainment provides a intriguing opportunity to repackage the rote, superhero 'learning powers/coming of age' tropes as something altogether more mature.

Thor = a poor film, which became an agonising chore to watch and ends being a complete bore.

Some viewers might expect a version of the Viking gods adventure, but this is clearly a fairy tale version - tripping between the earth realm and the home of the gods, and that in and of itself make the film more enjoyable: it doesn't seem to take itself too seriously and that is refreshing.

I was expecting an intense, epic battle, not just a one hit kill.

and the fun begins..Nice story with quite a few twists, likable characters (even if a bit one-dimensional but this is a fantasy fast paced adventure, so we don't care much!

Perhaps the producers felt it was long enough to tie him into Avengers and wanted to leave other surprises.

So this movie is worth watching it with your girl friend as well.

But it's so much more than just the spectacle that Avatar was (that's all Avatar was to me, Yeah I said it), the action is fantastic, the characters are endlessly entertaining (especially the Viking God on Earth) and both story and script are tight and well-paced, no slow points.

Well before the tedious 114 minutes were over I was finding myself constantly looking at my watch and praying for time to fly and the end credits to roll.

The cinematography of these scenes combined with wicked special effects and terrific creature design immediately got my adrenaline pumping and my excitement over this film only continued to grow.

The film's use of color and space was fairly stunning.

I had very low expectations for this movie when my daughter dragged me to the 12:01am showing of "Thor" on opening night here in the States.

I looked up the rating while i was waiting for it to start and after I left the theater I could not stop talking about how good it was and how impressed I was (as well as having to rate it at at least a 9/10 when I get home).

Somehow, even The Bourne Identity (2002) action scenes are more exciting and compelling than those found in this movie which relies on spectacular special effects even considering the God-like powers supposedly at the director's disposal for this movie.

Apart from being entertaining, Thor is also impressive and surprisingly rather beautiful.

Of course we all know that superhero films are pretty predictable....

Thor is a fun, action packed ride, which guides you through this fabulous, Norse myth era of MARVEL comics, hosted by none other, then the one and only Kenneth Branagh.

His performance is rock solid and extremely enjoyable.

It's very well choreographed, and the special effects are stunning.

Cutting between the real world and Asgar, it is clear that Loki with only a rather boring staff to his name, will make mischief whilst his brother is away.

While I have no problem with Dennings, I thought Darcy was completely pointless in the film.

The pace was perfect and everything was very visible to see even trough intense and shaky battle scenes.

This was a surprisingly entertaining movie with some interesting plot twists.

Entertaining cliché:) .

Out of all the MCU films I've seen thus far, Thor got to be one of the most visually stunning, the effects and production design is eye-popping; Asgard just might be one of the most astonishing landscapes I've ever seen.

Marvel studio's Thor, directed Kenneth Branagh and written by Zak Penn is the first of several major big screen comic book adaptations slated for a 2011 release and is defiantly one of the most enjoyable superhero themed films currently in existence.

Anyway, was a very boring and dull film.

The twelve year old, who'd been so enthusiastic to see this film, announced that it had been dull and he didn't want the DVD when it came out.

Thor-oughly entertaining .

The part of the story that took place in Mdgard was what dragged the film down anyway.

Absolutely breathtaking.

For one, I feel that too much time was spent on building the back story while the climax and ending were somewhat rushed and entirely predictable.

What the movie does succeed in is turning a relatively enraging plot (putting an "alien" into our society and see him interact with it) to an entertaining spectacle.

Some moments were meant to be touching or even dramatic, but they were so predictable and cliché they were just very funny.

It is a waste of money.

After a rather inconsistent start with three movies of varying quality, Thor blew me away with its old fashioned charm, it's wild sense of humour, a flawless cast and a stunning collision of two completely different worlds.

To say this part of the movie was very boring would be like me saying rain is wet.

The giants and mythical scores made this flick a typical fantasy premiere but it's not an ordinary superhero movie, it has a deep storyline and the storytelling made this movie even more interesting and entertaining.

An excellent and thrilling superhero film wonderfully directed by Kenneth Branagh .

Just don't waste your money.

Highly entertaining.

They're as pointless as the frost giants.

Overall Thor is a very fun, very entertaining comic book movie that only heightens my anticipation for the upcoming Captain America and Avengers movies.

The last 30 minutes was unbearable as the ending was dragged out.

I've seen some down right wacky Loki's over the years, but this one was just bland and boring.

Obviously over the course of his own and The Avengers' franchises he has really delivered an entertaining character.

The plot was sickeningly predictable.

The story: It's basically cut in two equally engaging sections surrounding the two brothers: Thor and Loki.

Thor's change in attitude is sudden, unexpected, and completely against all his character development up to that point in the film.

Entertaining and relatively intelligent movie .

Hemsworth is juicy - just for a glimpse, and what is being a god, or a mortal, or a in-between state, let me yawn.

The action was exciting.

We get a good chemistry between Odin and Thor, but Thor's relationship with every other character in the movie is so trite or compressed that you simply don't care about them or the plot.

So the start - the backstory - was boring.

'Bore' .

I left the theater drawing comparisons with Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Superman, Terminator (a reversed version), 13th Warrior, and Lord of the Rings, as well as the story of Jesus Christ.

After seeing this film on the weekend, I can't help but praise it, as it was a entertaining, action packed, mystical and even had some great comedic humor to compliment it.

The plot was weak, and predictable.

The plot: so predictable, boring, lame and it had product placement in it.

Jackson, Rene Russo and Colm Forree, this is one of the best Marvel movies ever and a very enjoyable fantasy story that leads to the biggest Marvel event ever.

Being familiar with some of his other films (particularly the incredible visual treat "Frankenstein", which despite having poor pacing is worth watching for Branagh's stylish direction and visuals), this is clearly and completely one of his films.

Nice effects and cinematography, cheesy and predictable script/plot .

Thor is a visually stunning comic book adaptation .

So overall, fun -- if rather predictable.

Michael Strazynski, and mix it with top notch special effects and you end up with a movie that is halfway believable (in a comic book way) and very entertaining.

Like most superhero/action/sci-fi movies it starts well then blows everything up with a dull predictable supposed climax.

The script wasn't too corny, but just kind of bland and a hodgepodge of clichés.

An awesome action epic and a great cast it was so entertaining and thrilling children can watch it who are over 4 I'd say cause of a long kiss scene and 3 big action scenes throughout.

Thor went from an amazing character to a tabby pussy cat and incredibly boring and loses interest.

This Thor is good looking and boring, completely overwhelmed in the role.

Thor's love interest is amply provided by the stunning Natalie Portman as Jane Foster.

Unwatchable .

- How exciting!

Of course, this is no Henry V, this is just pure popcorn entertainment but a thoroughly enjoyable introduction to Thor for the big screen.


The script is entertaining and will take you through the movie, can't wait for avengers!

They made Robert Downey , Jr's character Tony Stark in Iron Man overly comical and Spider Man was too slow throughout the series.

The acting from both Portman and Hemsworth however, allowed me to ignore this and the movie just became more and more intriguing.

It delivers mind-bending visuals but it still very intelligent and thrilling.

Very entertaining.

Doing these things could make the film enjoyable.

With vast tracking shots through the stunning Asgardian landscapes and unbelievable battle sequences with a race of Frost Giants, its hard to see any other super hero film match this.

Undeniably, Thor is an exciting adventure.

I thought this remarkable movie was smart, well written, visually stunning, very well directed, and struck just the right tone for the material.

-The pacing is weird and a very simple plot is made difficult to follow through a very bizarre narrative.

More enjoyable than expected.

Good 3d, no plot .

Thor is everything a summer superhero blockbuster should be: funny, visually spectacular, action packed and most importantly entertaining.

She and her sister decides to help Thor, despite their undeniable confusion towards his actions and behaviors.

Nevertheless, I found it intelligent, competent, engrossing, AND respectful of its source material - namely Stan Lee's interpretation of Norse Mythology.

The celestial science fiction world of Thor, Anthony Hopkins and the immortals quite grandly shown with epic battles stunning backdrops and serious words.

The opening sequence is so long and drawn out that it really could've been trimmed down as it was only the set-up and then the plot could have gotten a little more loving.

So I'll just say WASTE OF TIME.

The fight scenes were very exciting.

Cue a couple of scenes where the now "grown up " Thor gazes off into vast distances while mooning for his human squeeze (Portman) who's shown trying to develop her own Bifrost Bridge (the original having been destroyed in the extended and frankly dull final battle scenes).

What makes it very enjoyable for me is the cast, particularly Hemsworth in the lead - he looks the business, has a big time movie star swagger which belies his inexperience, is funny and sweet, and paces the character brilliantly.

But overall it did a pretty good job and the movie was entertaining with some good CGI fight sequences.

Part of the problem with the Earth-side story is that it's boring.

Even the jokes became dull, who couldn't predict Natalie was going to hit Thor with her car again?

I dreaded returning to the dull life on Asgard.

Let it also be said that Kat dennings character was totally pointless and very irritating.

As you would expect, the film is exciting and quite funny, but what I find most fascinating is how Branagh establishes his own take on the superhero genre through his pacing and the direction of his cast.

The story is exciting, again a simple tale but as Avatar proved tell a simple tale well and you will entertain, no clever story tricks or sneaky twists, merely an entertaining story, which can, in the right directors hands be elevated above what it is.

It pulled out all the stops and delivered one heavy punch after another, staying wildly entertaining for two hours and restoring my faith in the quality of superhero movies.

I'll just cut to the chase and say that Thor was very enjoyable and entertaining.

It's like they were trying to make a good villain for the movie, but then changed their minds half way through, and making Loki a "frost giant" was just pointless.

Pointless, repetitive, superficial, shallow...

I thought Anthony Hopkins was intimidating but noble and real intense as Odin.

I have yet to finish this movie I keep falling asleep.

The setting is so overwrought with grandiose Art Deco style and Celtic inspired patterns that one wonders if the gods may have time traveled to future centuries and taken too many courses in art history and fashion design for such pretentious surroundings.

Now for the complaints - when they do these computerized battles, I find it hard to follow what it is they're showing me - can we slow it down a little, or would that expose the magic?

Save your money and enjoy this riveting film the classic way: good 'ol 2D style.

nicely fast paced, visually impressive and enjoyable.

So it's a good thing they were able to make such an enjoyable movie out of his character otherwise he could have brought down the Avengers in a way.

Thrilling and refreshing too is the involvement of monsters, giants and archaic robot menaces as well as real-world threat and suspense in a superhero movie for almost the first time in the cycle of superhero movies since 'X-Men's' rekindling of the genre.

-He meets Natalie Portman, love interest there- SO predictable.

Worth Watching!!

Still, the real problem is that the character is uninteresting.

Chris hemsworth is amazing as Thorpacing is a little offaction is pretty entertaining for the most partjust feels a little too Shakespearean for for a kids film

The Action Sequences are bombastic, while the Special Effects, as mentioned before, are stunning and come as a pleasure to your eyes.

This movie has clashes between evil powers and the heroes - worth the watch!

The visuals were stunning and diverse and the costume design for the Asgardians looked damn cool.

Kenneth Branaugh seems a strange choice to direct this material but he pulls it off with breathtaking visual effects of skyscrapers of gold and silver.


From her body language- it is always fascinating to experience the change in energy in the room when Chris Hemsworth takes out his shirt- to her subtle innuendos of leaning towards the god like creature, is some of the pure delights that the film has to offer.

We have also the boring uninteresting side character that we are supposed to believe are Thor's best friends.

Slow going, not very much action nor awe-inspiring .


Everybody fits the cliché role of any other superhero flick.

When viewed in preparation for the Avengers then this is more than required but by its self it is a predictable story of man who overcomes a character flaw with a romance slapped on the side of it.

They avoid the pitfall of long, drawn out fight scenes leaving you saying "yeah right" after they are over.

The special effects in this film are breathtaking, and while the irascible Mr Hopkins may have thought them overused it is hard to see how the film could have been made with any less than we see.

The scenes on earth are smartly funny and are interrupted by uninteresting scenes on Asgard.

I genuinely cannot believe the positive reviews on here that sing the praises of this hackneyed, tedious and pretentious load of old codswallop.

The movie relied a lot on the special effects but the core conflict between Thor and Loki was what made the movie heart-warming and entertaining at the same time.

Among the early Marvel movies, Kenneth Branagh's "Thor" is easily the most visually stunning entry.

For what it's worth, Thor is a mildly entertaining superhero flick.

The graphics were amazing, the storyline kept me on the edge of my seat and it was the introduction to the other superhero movies (and the new justice avengers released next year).

The main set pieces show some good ideas and are loud and exciting enough.

It's thrilling big spectacle entertainment and at the same time it never takes itself too seriously; it has fun with itself and plays out somewhat tongue in cheek at times.

All in all, an immensely enjoyable film.

The first time I watched Thor (on a bootleg DVD in Afghanistan), I was bored with all the Asgard stuff and just wanted to get on with the story that mattered, the one of Thor on Earth interacting with S.

I also found the movie to be awfully predictable and it was easy to tell what was coming next, and how it was all going to play out at the end.

The images of heroes hurtling through space and time, the battle-scenes of unleashing otherworldly, God-like power, and the panoramic images of the supernatural universe were utterly breathtaking.

The good physician came about his new identity quite by accident; by picking up the hammer of Thor, which bore a warning sign.

This one has adrenaline rushing action all through the movie and really good 3D graphics and the superb quality.

If you want a movie with just dumb action and no plot then stay away from this exceptional film.

My wife fell asleep.

Thor in IMAX 3D has to be the most visually stunning film I've ever seen.

It's not one of my favorite seasons of the year for films, but if the rest of the movies can live up to what Kenneth Branagh has accomplished with Thor it will be an exciting and entertaining season at the movies.

Following a foundation of pretentious melodrama set in a Seussian CGI metropolis, even the more successful attempts at humor later on play foreign and weird.

Portman doesn't butcher her role by any means, but suffers from a formulaic script lacking any interest in thorough character development.

the characters tired cliché's.

It's a very nicely made film and a fun ride, if a little boring in places and lacking in inspiration overall...

The movie is entertaining from the beginning to the very end of it, filled with great acting from every actor on camera, to great dialogs.

Though everyone did play their roles well, not everyone got a balanced amount of screen time, which if done would've made them more engaging.

The entire cast is engaging – and some very nice to look at, depending on your persuasion – and all in all it's a well-told glorious spectacle.

I guess I was spoiled with the fresh and exciting action scenes in FAST FIVE the week before.

Boring fight scenes.

In a highly predictable series of events, Thor alienates everyone with his bizarreness, gets imprisoned by the government, gets rescued by his human friends, starts bonding with them and falling for Portman's character, she starts falling for him, blah blah blah...

There are at least two other money sequences- Thor's duel with a hulking piece of metal known as the Destroyer (which Coulson first tongue-in-cheek mistakes to be one of Stark's equipment) in a small New Mexico town; and the thrilling climactic battle between Thor and Loki back on Asgard.

I must admit, I'm not a superhero movie fan, but this was entertaining enough to keep me interested.

And with the help of Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman (Who had the worst lines of all), Anthony Hopkins, and our lead star Chris Hemsworth, Thor survives past the clichés, past the slow middle act, and survives the sometimes-crummy dialogue.

Like I said, when there is action going on, it's entertaining, and the writing is also pretty funny as well.

A couple of the Avengers preview sequences are somewhat confusing, though.

Asgard seems like a real place where real alien gods live – and sure it's all hideously tacky and you keep expecting Queen to start playing or Brian Blessed to pop up, but that's quite refreshing when most fantasy these days is so bland and unimaginative.

Movies Worth Watching More than Once (tm).

I always thought Thor was quite boring before watching this.

By this I'm of course referring to a lack of compelling characters and, more so, an even lesser tale to tell.

The only good things about this movie is that it laid the foundation for inclusion of Thor in future Avengers movies, and that Chris Hemsworth is an engaging hunk.

The stand out sequence in the small town between the "Destroyer" and the merry band is entertaining, as the medieval knight like automaton, dispatches obstacles in it's path with a rather nifty heat lamp hidden behind it's mask.

I wish I had managed to stay awake for the whole thing but still, this was a highly enjoyable movie to watch in a cinema.

The first act starts out very cliché-ridden and reminded me heavily of "Clash of the Titans", except less cheesier.

Natalie Portman, as an intense workaholic scientist is surprisingly funny and light on her feet.

Add some intense sibling rivalry, great action and romantic entanglements and Thor may just be the best movie of the summer.

It is the battles, the characters, the settings on Asgard that offer the most fascinating, engaging and enjoyable scenes in the entire film.

Very Entertaining and funny film .

The love interest is undeveloped and pointless, the main hero is an obnoxious jerk who achieves personal growth with no visible challenges to his self, and half the picture is just CGI and fantasy lore that lack any sort of heart or reason for you to care.

OK, the not so good stuff: I am beginning to despise 3-D (it adds nothing, while diminishing the brightness of colors); Jotunheim (land of the Frost Giants) is just plain, gray and boring; Natalie Portman, fresh off an Oscar is just terrible as an astro-physicist with a teenage crush on Thor; Tom Hiddleston as Loki is one of the weakest villains I have ever seen in a super-hero/comic book movie; Rene Russo must not have read the script prior to accepting her role - she has about 3 lines and is totally wasted.

It is so very entertaining, and really very funny.

Entertaining Adventure .

This disappointment is also felt with Natalie's performance (who was my main motivation to watch this flick) as she just brought her friendly smile to an empty character.

Although she sadly does not get the chance to participate in the stunning fight scenes,Portman still does a very entertaining performance,with the many scenes she shares with Chris Hemsworth brilliantly showing the natural chemistry that both actors have with each other,which also helps to side a very different side to Thor.


Anthony Hopkins lends Odin the requisite thunderous gravitas while largely resisting the expected sleepiness and impulse to phone it in, while Stellan Skarsgård is unreasonably entertaining as the resident 'straight-man scientist,' fishing perennial incredulous humour out of the chaos with practiced ease.

This movie is an epic waste of time.

It bored me.

So tedious.

Add a great pre-credits teaser for The Avengers (plus one exciting appearance from a minor member), and I couldn't be more hyped.

Given Branagh's qualifications in Shakespeare and literary adaptations, one would assume that the royal and familial plot on Asgard would be the film's highlights, but these scenes are indeed very tedious, and occasionally fairly stilted.

Just watched Thor in 3-D with my movie theatre-working friend and while I admit I fell asleep during some of the beginning parts, by the time the title character's brother Loki reveals his intentions, I was riveted the rest of the picture.

I enjoyed myself, but left the theater feeling that this film will not reward re-watching, as so much of its pleasure comes from wondering what will happen next and the pleasure of how the writer and director worked things out.

Worst movie I have seen in a long time.

is what some of us suffer when dealing with boring and tedious subjects.

But the King is furious and banishes Thor to earth minus his powers and that's when the movie starts to get duller.

The earthlings played by Portman and company are satisfactory if uninspiring.

And that to me is just a waste of time since nothing happened here.

Loki's progression from protagonist to villain is incredibly fascinating, and his realistic motivations and charming exterior make him a memorable one.

As an outsider to this side of the Marvel universe, I have to admit that the opening 20 minutes are very hard to follow.

Though it might seem a bit rushed at points and slow at others, the many plot threads are easy to follow and tie up nicely by the end.

From the epic opening set on Asgard, to the awesome battle with the Destroyer back on Earth, Thor is filled with plenty of action, a compelling story and some superb direction from Branagh.

Enjoyable Fluff .

The cinematic entry for this character, titled simply Thor, is among the better of the Marvel adaptations of recent years, mixing a good sense of fun, strong acting, and some Shakespearian level drama that makes for an especially entertaining time at the movies.

- the hairdos are awful, the roles are as cliché-ed as it gets, I could go on.

The effects in Asgaard are great but the story on Earth is much more intriguing.

6 out of 10 bored Gods

which really made me feel like the movie was missing something, like it was a bit empty.

From the beginning until the end, we're treated to a non-stop barrage of overdone clichés, painfully unfunny one-liners, a linear, predictable, and uninspiring story...

"Thor" proves the viability of the Marvel cinematic universe's ability to take stylistic and narrative risks, and it all makes for an rousing, entertaining experience.

The changes of the story of "Thor" is very fascinating.

But the lack of action sequence make this movie seem much slower than it should be.

The mixture of magic and technology that is showcased in the frankly stunning CGI city of Asgard helps us identify with the characters and grounds them nicely into our world, explaining that the more primitive humans in the past had to explain their technology away as being Gods, which created our myths and legends.

A few entertaining moments with an incomplete story .

A very good fantasy movie, that offers an entertaining visual experience.

As for the action scenes, I found them to be well filmed, with the exception of a few excessive close-ups which made them occasionally confusing; I think that is the only thing I can say against Branagh's direction.

The movie itself was entertaining with nice comedy and action.

the visuals were stunning and the action was great.

But then again, Earth based characters, such as Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) are left very shallow and ultimately uninteresting.

The action gets a lot more boring from then on.

I really like super hero movies and honestly this movie is really awesome.. from starting to near ending the movie was awesome i just didn't like the ending because i was expecting a happier ending.. actually it is story of Thor from a angry young warrior to wise one the movie is a great time pass and i really loved it the action, suspense, story & everything was so awesome i wish they make a sequel to this movie.. my advice is simple watch the movie and don't waste time on reviews some time you just have to watch a movie and then write the reviews by yourself ;).. watch it now 9/10 cause i don't like the ending other wise superb movie

All this makes for a very exciting Marvel melodrama to entertain many different ages of movie goers.

And why were they paired with totally boring clones??

Entertaining Superhero Escapism .

anything but waste your time with this ****.

Natalie Portman's character could have been played by anyone, Anthony Hopkins seems bored and tired, and the cute Amanda Sefreid is completely wasted and adds absolutely nothing to the proceedings as Portman's pal.

With the comics this all adds up to a rich, though often confusing, depth to the character and his history – something that tends to be true for most comic book characters that have lasted for a long time: there are debates about what is canon and what never really happened; things get re-imagined or revised – over 50 years these characters can develop and change tremendous amounts.

It is great if you value:special effects, mindless action, cliché characters it is a poorly made movie if you value: plot, character development, emotional connection.

For the first half, it runs beautifully, hitting the mark, being entertaining to the max.

It contains everything needed to make it fun and entertaining with lots of action, great special effects, a few laughs and then topped off with more action.

Thor is flashy, exciting, and at times, downright epic.

The fish out of water jokes work well because the scenes are actually funny and unexpected.

I never read the comics, but Thor is a great character in the old Norse folklore and seeing him as an alien in this film was just as entertaining as the old Scandinavians must have found him entertaining in the good old days when they still spat on Christianity.

If you can suspend your disbelief enough to accept the premise of the film, I think this movie is very entertaining and enjoyable.

Thor is an enjoyable adventure featuring a great cast, a great director, plenty of laugh aloud humour and boasting great visual effects that go beyond the expected death and destruction.

I thought the idea, silly and stupid.. Thor the god of thunder, how could they make the story compelling ?

It was a waste of my money to spend watching this in 3D.

That's not to say that there aren't fantastical element, Asgard is breathtaking and incredible.

Thor is as he should be; a good hearted, arrogant, slightly dumb, but enjoyable character who loves to drink, fight, drink and fight some more.

Though the central character arc is relatively complete and almost constantly at the heart of the piece, the transformation from arrogant and frankly annoying Asgardian to humbled and king-worthy warrior occurs pretty late on and over just a couple of scenes so that, though the motivations and key moments do generally land, 'Thor' tends to feel fairly rushed and the payoff never seems quite as important as the flick wants it to (especially considering it falls into the old and frustrating 'revive the dead hero just in time to save the day' trope); the best moments are the ones where the eponymous hero acts as a 'fish out of water' in his newfound dimension, as these are the sequences that provide the most character development and the least overly-serious exposition, whereas the action set- pieces are honestly some of the worst as they are chopping edited and the CGI leaves something to be desired, to put it politely, but in the end it's really the fact that the piece is so contrived and actually pretty consistently dull that cements it as possibly the worst that the so-called 'MCU' has to offer, tied only with its equally monotonous sequel.

It is quite surprising how a teenage "stimulus for imagination" can be turned in such fun and entertaining movies for virtually every generation, subtly avoiding the dangers of banality.

Natalie Portman is as breathtaking as ever and the rest of the supporting cast adds a combination of depth and humor.

And Branagh's competent direction, the excellent performances and the solid screenplay make Thor to be a very entertaining movie.

Suprisingly enjoyable .

the story fun and riveting and the special effects superb.

Though, I got to say Iron Man had some witty dialogues which made it more entertaining.

Confusing as to why, considering Hemsworth owns the character, the story has a great arc for the character, and it is a very funny movie.

His direction of the film allowed for an entertaining, hilarious and captivating film for the audience.

Thor is entertaining, and probably what the comic fans expected.

After Insomnia I was just in awe of what the man is truly capable of and here in the states they always use him as a window curtain.

The romance is irrelevant and the political drama seems contrived and unimaginative.


I find the storytelling aspect of this movie extremely engaging, The parallel story lines between Thor's planets and that of earth adds to the complexity of Thor's character.

Wait for DVD if you really must see this, else don't waste 2 hours of your life + money.


Spectacular And Enjoyable Marvel Comics Blockbuster Of Norse God Banished To Earth .

One of the most enjoyable aspects of the film is when Thor finds himself in the real world, while still retaining his traditional Norse mannerisms.

The good stuff: Enjoyable movie, nice cast, some fun dialogs, nice costumes, the special effects weren't too exaggerated, beautiful story, allusions to other Marvel movies.

There is no story development of any kind.

But all was not lost, and the film does manage to do a few surprising things and I guessing that the writers' hands were tied to a certain degree by having to bring everything together for the Avengers film (Hawkeye puts in a brief and pointless appearance too).

More like snore.

One of the worst movies Ive ever seen .

The journey into Jotenheim was stunning and Asgard itself was just beautiful to behold.

The film is a very enjoyable ride and is surprisingly funny for a film of the genre.

This is quite entertaining.

And so was the whole movie, kind of "old fashioned" but nevertheless funny, entertaining and with way more soul than a lot of other hero-flicks and recent blockbusters.

During that time, I kind of prepare myself for failure if I have been anticipating for a movie once I see trailers that look suspenseful.

Bo Welch has created some stunning designs, with Heimdall's Observatory, the celestial portal that connects the various realms, a particular triumph.

The action was nearly non stop and the visual effects were stunning.

I don't know what else to say about this movie, but it was really good and I was on the edge of my seat waiting for thunder to strike.

The first 45 minutes was very entertaining with some good special effects.

Thor is an entertaining superhero flick that is thoroughly refreshing, thanks to its source material, which is pretty different from the other superheroes we've seen on the big screen from Marvel's camp.

Truly well worth watching and a must before you get to see The Avengers film.

However through Kenneth Branagh's directing he is successful in making an enjoyable action film about the God of thunder.

The final clash aside – which is a letdown – the action is tough, exciting and shot with flair.

firstly the 3d conversion is utterly pointless, makes the film look very wishy washy, now to the main complaints, this is a film about a super hero, well, he is actually Thor for about 12 minutes in a two hour movie.

Thor is also just, well, boring.

The relationship between Thor and Jane Foster is totally predictable from the first scene and the speed with which she enchants with it's embarrassing.

A small problem with being straight forward is that the film was a bit predictable since it still followed a typical superhero plot (redemption, save the girl, etc.) but this does little to bog down the fact that the film is enjoyable.

The first half hour of this silly movie is indeed a drag as it's too sanctimonious, but once Thor discovers himself in the deserts of New Mexico, it's priceless, and all the more so as it's so unexpected, to see these very relatable mere mortals look on while he speaks in some sort of imitation-medieval English.

A later scene where Thor fights to retrieve his mystical hammer, Mjolnir, is gritty and intense, whilst another great set-piece sees the metallic being known as The Destroyer hunting Thor and destroying most of a desert town in the process.

The charm of Thor and his discovery of what has happened to him after he is sent to earth is really a fun part of this film and it is rather enjoyable to watch.

It's a good flick that is accessible and entertaining even if you haven't a clue why a god carries a hammer around.

I think Kenneth Branagh did a commendable job pulling this story together and giving the movie going public a very enjoyable 114 minutes.

This film was an amalgamation of every "superhero" cliché from start to finish.

Come on director if you're going to be cliché at least try not to be so obvious about it.

Jackson, meeting up with Portman's elder associate Stellan Skarsgard, in the post-credits teaser: this one is quite intriguing and there is even an announcement that "Thor will return in THE AVENGERS"!

It does drag at most points, mainly on Earth, which makes the movie kind of bland at points.

Fine adaptation, entertaining film.

Despite all of my many flaws with 'Thor', it was mostly entertaining, and had a couple of exiting parts.

The Norse God's arrival on Earth was imminent from the appearance of his hammer, Mjolnir at the end of 'IronMan 2' and director Kenneth Branagh presents The God of Thunder upon our humble planet while making it entertaining with fantastic scenes of the realm of Asgard and quirky moments of Thor adapting to life on Earth.

But after this lengthy stint in the magical realm something unexpected happens: the film develops a sense of humour.

Enjoyable for young kids who will like the 3D stuff and all the action and okay for their parents who were raised on this stuff.

Apart from a few dodgy moments, the visual effects are stunning; in fact, this is probably the most visually impressive film I have seen from Marvel thus far.

It was a little predictable...

The warrior Prince who needs to learn a little compassion and the Shakespearean feel, to me, make it entertaining.

Throw in an engaging story, amazing special effects and an awesome soundtrack, which by the way, was one of the better soundtracks for a comic book movie in recent years, you have a great movie.

Repetitive actions scenes, awful editing that cut the middle of conversations and light humour from Thors friends (puke) and the terrible Kat Dennings made for a challenging viewing experience all round.

We meet Thor and brother Loki as children, in a scene which seems to set up a lengthy (and usually tedious) 'sibling rivalry through the years' montage.

The fourth Marvel Studios film is another triumph that's witty, dramatic and entertaining.

The film was entertaining overall, but nothing special happens, and there are only about two scenes that I found exciting.

Kenneth Branaugh crafts a warmly entertaining thrill ride that nicely meets the bar of summer superhero movies.

When I went into the theatre to watch the film, I was honestly expecting to hate it after having been disappointed by "Iron Man 2" (and if you read above you can see how much I loved the first "Iron Man"), I thought to myself "how can they possibly explain the different realms, the magic, the Gods and still make a fun and entertaining film?

Most boring movie .

This aspect was not developed well, mainly because Thor's time on Earth is more concerned with bringing humour and establishing a very boring and highly unconvincing relationship with Jane, the physicist.

Despite a good central character arc and some interesting 'fish out of water' moments, this is one of the weakest films in the 'MCU' mainly because it is actually pretty dull.

Even though the storyline was somewhat predictable, it was still a riveting one.

The visuals are stunning, and the cinematography is good too.

I have to say the dialog was snappy and the humor was not over the top or silly.

This movie is action packed and has great humor.

It's not bad, it's enjoyable, it's entertaining, well shot, visually pretty impressive, pretty funny at times and they nailed the casting once again.


Next to "X-Men : First Class" this is the best comic book movie of the summer, as well as one of the most exciting movies of the year.

The Same Boring Thing with a new cape.

The fighting scenes were all really intense and my eyes were really glued to the screen.

Overall, the absolute best thing about Thor is that it combines quick and intense action scenes, with both plot and character development.

the story is well told with compelling and likable characters, it really draws you in.

It might make it boring for you, of course.

Overall, I still enjoyed it thoroughly as one of my favorite characters came to life.

Boring and very disappointing .

The production gleams, and action beats are sturdy and thrilling.

It felt like all of her scenes were filmed in one day and she looks so bored in all of them.

In the end, it all seems to have fallen apart and we're left with a sloppy script, cliché, stereotypical characters, wasted renowned actors'/actresses' talents, and a poorly done and predictable storyline that probably would have been better off left in comics/cartoons.

Asgard could've felt more populated, the scenes of Thor on earth were quite bland and uninspiring and i cant say i really felt anything hems worth and portmans relationship.

It's cheap and cliché not to mention poor acting.

Nothing against Portman, Dennings, and Skarsgård they perform well, it's just after seeing the world of Asgard we are thrust to a bland Earth in a New Mexico dessert of all places.

it's a bit of fun in some cases, but overall it's just over the top, silly, and kind of pointless.

It's way too long and boring and it takes itself way too seriously.

Save your money, watch it at a friends place sometime, no rush.

His sacrifice for the safety of the humans, towards the end of the film, is the only real change we see from the hot headed Thor at the start of the film, bringing to question the worthiness of the last fifty minutes of apparently pointless character creation and storyline for this one off action of pure selflessness.

this movie was so overrated and may i ask one question how can eny one like this piece of crap it was boring i fell asleep in the theatres and trust me i was not missing enything i rewatched it on DVD and it was still very bad i have heard that a sequel is in the works why?

Very dull.

The comedy, perhaps, saved the story from becoming trite.

It is visually stunning too.

The only thing I looked forward to, aside from seeing the breathtaking Chris Hemsworth on screen, was the never-ending The Avengers/S.

Then there's Natalie Portman who, despite playing the gushing love interest decently enough, tends to slow things down when tensions run high, with less compelling (normal maybe) dialogue in what is otherwise a great, campy, extremely colorful fairytale about gods and monsters in a neat 90 minute, pg13 fantasy action adventure...

but lacked in character development and had it's share of some cliché moments.

So painfully predictable.

He gradually transforms from anger and confusion to comprehension and resignation as a mere mortal.

Ironically the visuals during the ending credits are some of the most intriguing, under-utilized as part of the credits instead of being better incorporated into the movie itself.

You have given us so many wonderful characters and stories that -are now becoming very fun and exciting movies.

And last of all, if you're going to make these basic formulaic mistakes in making a movie...

Thor (or "The Mighty Thor" as some would call him) is admittedly and personally one of the most uninteresting characters in the MARVEL universe.

Like Iron Man, the movie was so much fun and enjoyable that I easily overlooked any flaws.

Seeing it without the 3D variation that accompanied the theatrical release was a further detriment in deciding to watch it, but when a director of the caliber of Kenneth Branagh and a cast of both seasoned performers and exciting new faces pass the credit notification then it is tempting to give it a try.

) Anyway, I found the movie Thor very satisfying- I've watched it repeatedly, and enjoyed it with each repetition (though my husband is now sick of it!

Thor is a powerful entry into summer comic book fantasy as director Kenneth Branagh infuses enough humanity into the CGI inter-dimensional portal travel to make a reasonable story of love and coming of age to offset the large number of combat scenes replete with exotic explosions.

The graphics whilst not perfect look good, some beautiful Asgardian shots and some amazing 3D moments, I love 3D, it's exciting and Thor is the kind of film it would seem made for, sumptuous, beautiful sets, dripping in colour and scope.

It's an epic adventure with the right amount of humor and pathos to make this an entertaining summer blockbuster.

I would have given this film a higher rating but there were a few elements to the story that were confusing or just stupid.

Who can possibly like such a meaningless and dull movie.

The fights are imaginative and exciting and the visuals of the strange other worlds are stunning.


It's an awesome comic-book film that is definitely worth watching and one of 2011's best movie's.

Vacuous, noisy and utterly pointless.

The action scenes were very entertaining, and there was a healthy sense of humour to the proceedings too, which made the film very enjoyable.

I'll say that "Thor," like most blockbuster superhero movies of late, is a breathtaking wall-to-wall action flick.

Other standouts for me is the unpredictable nature of Loki when you expect him to go one way and he goes in a totally different direction and the battle between Loki and Thor at the end of the film.

We all knew the story, but it was worth watching again.

Add in some stunning scenery and fantastic acting and you have a great film!

)Just like The Green Lantern (which is still much worse), my biggest criticism is that they don't spend enough time in the foreign landscape of Asgard (Oa in GL), and head to dull old planet Earth in no time.

A visually stunning experience .

But entertaining it is, just don't expect to go anywhere you haven't been before.

The movie does manage to get your heart pumping with adrenaline, which is a good sign.

Strangely Shakespearean superhero film; a bit rushed, but enjoyable .

Her character, the scientist with brains and looks, was drowned out by Kat Dennings' Darcy character, who managed to delivery a few moments of levity amongst the many minutes of boredom.

On the day of his proclamation something unexpected occurs and three Frost Giants manage to enter Asgard and almost steal the cube which holds their power.

Granted i have only read a few of the Thor comics, and in my honest opinion, they were a little too boring for my taste.

The acting is not present - I mean, why even bother acting when the characters are just stereotypes and say the most cliché things you can imagine?

Overall the movie was thoroughly entertaining...

Instead of making a case for the character, Branagh and a gaggle of screenwriters cement his lame duck status in this bludgeoningly boring popcorn flick.

While not a classic, 'Thor' is a solidly entertaining origin story and a serviceable cog in the Marvel machine.


There is nothing earthshattering her, but its all handled in a pleasant and entertaining manner, which befits a film drawn from light entertainment.

" But hey this is not really much of a criticism as there are plenty of films out there that follow the same formula, but at least they were enjoyable like Spiderman or the Batman films, the old or new ones.

As with most comicbook adaptations, this is a mixture of the stunning and banal.

Along with Hugh Jackman and Robert Downey Jr,Hemsworth shows that he is a perfect fit for this role,with Chris being able to do the amazing fight scenes, (which help to show the intense level of training that Hemsworth put himself through for the role) and the more dramatic/light-hearted scenes where Hemsworth shows Thor slowly transform,from a self-centre,blood thirsty warrior,into a warrior that is (beginning) to understand the art of war.

Aside from that, it was an entertaining film.

The Action Sequences are bombastic, while the Special Effects, as mentioned before, are stunning and come as a pleasure to your eyes.

The story is an easy one to follow, and it obviously builds up to Avengers Assemble, just like Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk did, the special effects are fantastic, and there are some great moments of action to catch your eye, an enjoyable fantasy adventure.

"Thor" works so well because it's more than just a bunch mindless superhero mumbo jumbo and exciting action/CGI.

The first thing I can say about the movie is that it was entertaining enough for me to want to go see it twice in two days.

Marvels latest hit is Stunning and full of action!

"The aesthetic of "Thor" is as bland as its players.

The first 20 minutes or so were even boring, then some events began to develop...

It's a lesser installment in the superhero adaptation bubble, but one that is wonderfully entertaining on its own restricted conditions.

In the same way, all the characters in the film sucked with cliché.

Immensely enjoyable .

It's a soap opera with very expensive Visuals - such a waste of acting skills on some of the guys in the movie - well, this is where the money is - people like easy entertainment.

I also felt that the romance between Natalie Portman and Thor was forced and cliché.

Amazingly, before you can shake a sceptre, it's all coalesced in a din of flamboyant opposites that (somehow) achieve thrilling counterpoint, woven together by the strains of Patrick Doyle's handsomely heroic musical score.

The visuals of Asgard (and Jotunheim) are stunning and truly worthy of gods, whereas the effects involved in the Bifrost scenes are also wonderful.

But Jane is pretty bad, she is just this boring bland love interest of Thor.

Thrilling and romantic .

Despite the weaknesses, I found the movie to be entertaining enough thanks to the scenes with Thor and Odin.

But I'm afraid the fun of the Earth-bound half of the film is crippled by the dull Asgaard plot.

This portion of the film is quite effective and makes for rousing fantasy entertainment.

Plot as advertised seems interesting but is a pure bore as nothing as expected happens and I just kept waiting throughout the movie that something good is about to happen.

Offering stunning visuals and performances made this film a decent flick.

), there's no plot other than arrogant son, exiled to earth.

Boring story, boring 3D, boring effects...

The first hour of the film flies by in the blink of an eye, and all of it was extremely engaging.

This, of course, is boring because we have known for more than ten years that computers can create fake armies battling each other.

Loki as a character was confusing and his motives were not clear.

All of their films have been extremely entertaining though some have more faults than others.

The earth scenes were a desert and of course very dry and boring looking.

Not typically the type of flick I watch, but I will say that I enjoyed it.

The lame movie features basically bad actors, (Gregg is OK) a boring set and no drama down on Earth.

With great fx, great performances from the cast, and a snappy pace, this is a great way to start the summer blockbuster season and brings hope that rest of the Marvel films coming will follow suit and be just as good.

Especially since the script is so utterly banal and dully acted, for the most part.

This is an entertaining summer blockbuster that continues the trend of early summer films from Fast Five.

It is exciting, perfectly paced (the first MCU movie to not drag at all), and for all my discussion of the tonal changes, it balances serious themes in a responsible and forward thinking way for the franchise.

What remains is still great and compelling.

It was also exciting to see a cameo by Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton ("Hawkeye") with his bow and arrow!

Dull, purposeless, boring .

It was flat, boring, and not nearly as well executed as others in the genre.

A thrilling blend of action and drama- with some comedy thrown in for good measure- Marvel's latest superhero addition is perfect summer entertainment .

Overall, Thor is an enjoyable film.

The small scenes of comedy comes very strongly too like the Stark jokes throughout and Thor adjusting to Earth are very funny and makes some boring scenes enjoyable and almost memorable.

This is one of the most cliché "someone from a different time/world/realm comes to modern day earth" movies I have seen and to make matters worse they (the film-makers) insist that it's funny!

This film was one of the most tedious experiences of my life.

It plays out exactly as a standard popcorn movie does: good guy versus bad guy, pretty, independent girl who suddenly is overcome by burly protagonist's masculinity etc. Where Thor excels beyond mediocrity is through its strong cast (Hiddlestone in particular), unbelievably stunning visuals (Asgard just blew me away) and a lack of reliance on action scenes to fill out the running time.

Full of thunderous riveting action scenes .

Asgard is very Shakespearean in dialogue and feel while earth feels more dull and grounded.

Hiddleston was eerily compelling to see and Hopkins, well, there's no one quite like him to bring Odin to life.

It's a comic book movie that stands out from a lot that have come before, and is a genuinely entertaining movie on all accounts.

But while the action is big and poised to satisfy the adrenaline craving summer blockbuster crowd, director Kenneth Branagh seems to have become enamored with the "Michael Bay School of Camera-work".

Then came then finale which, again, was boring.

I though all the earth scenes were pretty useless and boring.

Honestly, all the humans, serve little to no purpose plot wise, what so ever, one must wonder why is a big name like Natalie Portman chosen to play such a puny meaningless moronic love interest role (Oh thats right, she a box office grabbing machine), let alone why do these powerful beings want anything to do with our bland Earth at all.

The 'fish out of water' scenes with Thor on Earth were handled well, but it was the sequences on Asgard that were the most visually and dramatically stunning.

Natalie Portman and the rest of the supporting cast to a great job as well, with Portman acting her usual adorable self while appearing to have a lot of fun in the role, which helps make her performance that much more enjoyable.

The parts of the movie that take place in Asgard are excruciatingly, watch-checkingly boring, and the parts that take place on Earth are bearable at least, and occasionally amusing.

Like I said earlier in my review, the film did have a few too many slow parts, making the film kind of boring.

Here is a film that simultaneously familiarises and dazzles us through a predictable narrative .

It's goofy, cheesy, pretentious, and altogether predictable.

I thought that some of the action sequences were not exciting, a very small number that even that entertaining.

Save your money.

Storyline is dull, and something we have seen a million times before.

) The Earth-based story/dialogue is boring.

Denning's character comment s on how hot Thor is, a predictable and very corny romance starts that just grated on my nerves throughout.

It being uneven due to the fact that every scene that takes place on Asgard just slows the movie down and is slightly boring.

This movie is pretty boring.

This seems to fail also, there is a huge lack of humour and the love interest is slightly boring!!

Overall, an engrossing feature with strong scale and screenplay and is definitely a must watch!!

Brannagh knows how to pace the action and is happy to give the audience plenty of breathing space with the slower scenes.

The opening ten minutes, which condenses the history of Asgard and its war with the Frost Giants, is a confusing and silly blur of CGI and narration.

There is plenty of exciting action scenes that are somewhat preposterous at times, but they are a lot of fun and enjoyable.

The conspiracy involving the Frost Giants was boring and nearly incomprehensible.

At least Odin, blessed with divine knowledge, managed to take a nap through the dullest areas of the film.

This film does have cliche, especially with the love story between Thor and Jane (Natalie Portman).