Thor: Ragnarok (2017) - Action, Adventure, Comedy

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Imprisoned on the planet Sakaar, Thor must race against time to return to Asgard and stop Ragnarök, the destruction of his world, at the hands of the powerful and ruthless villain Hela.

IMDB: 7.9
Director: Taika Waititi
Stars: Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 121 out of 1000 found boring (12.1%)

One-line Reviews (484)

No emotions, no story background.

Both me and my dad went to see it at the Cinema on a Friday night and we both enjoyed it.

Following are some reasons why this film, which I did not watch in 3-D, is impressive and thrilling.

Spiderman Homecoming was a bit annoying and I found the humor to be tedious.

Other than that, the movie was very perfect to me and was completely enjoyable.

Then this movie is a waste of your time, money and phenomenal actors!

But guess what, it was actually entertaining !

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of fun moving pieces to this movie: - Cate Blanchett vamping up the villainy - Goldblum playing the hell out of Goldblum - The funny rock guy - All of the Viking and heavy metal aesthetics - The '80s synth scoreBut with all effort to jazz up the most boring Avenger, brevity may have been the movie's greatest asset.

This further adds to the confusion whether this supposed to be an action oriented, fun movie or a more cataclysmic story of destruction and loss.

Without fear of being mistaken, in the marrow of every fascinating feature is this proficient director, his diversity of ideas is absolutely comedic and his film determinations fit in the profile he desires for his projects with great diligence.

This one's definitely better than the 2 previous Thor movies and more entertaining than most other movies of the MCU until release of 'Thor: Ragnarok'.

The story is engaging and the director keeps things moving at a brisk pace.

A boring, immature movie.

After seeing the trailer for Thor Ragnarok, I guessed that this would be a good film to watch and in all honesty I enjoyed it, it's definitely entertaining and I was never bored.

Well Marvel I think you deserve the prize for the most childish, idiotic and worst movie of the year.

The humor in this movie is really really predictable, like MCU humor predictable.

Although overhaul is increasing, it's becoming more and more boring.

With such entertaining action the time went by quickly.

It must be difficult to keep coming up with new ideas for this universe, and new ways for our heroes to entertain us, but this film delivers a fresh and exciting storyline and great new characters while lifting the wit to a new level.

This time, an unexpected rematch somewhere in Space, and an effort to save Asgaard from evil "Hera" (my God, Cate Blanchett does do well here).

Hela is probably the most fascinating character in Thor Ragnarok because her abilities are so visually pleasing and she looks so cool and badass.

Probably one of the worst movies I've ever paid to watch.

Then I recognized a voice and really Taika directed it and had to rewatch it knowing it involved him and I enjoyed it so much more.

Good, entertaining movie.

In place of a Shakespearean hunk, we get a humorous, likable, and compelling hunk.

It's an excellent superhero movie that breaks apart from the norm and I highly recommend it for fans of the Avengers movie series.

phenomenally entertaining with bedazzling action .

I saw this movie more than a month ago, and I really hope I wasn't the only one who walked out of the hall both, in-splits and dissappointed.

The plot was meh and predictable and again another movie with that terrible Disney aftertaste.

This movie does its job - it's entertaining as hell!

It's an enjoyable ride.

Unfortunately, there is still the obligatory dose of comic book action, so it isn't all good, but overall it is a reasonably entertaining experience.

Entertaining .

The final war at Ascar, the song was so exciting for audiences.

The big change is the complete 360 turn in tone and atmosphere that the first two Thor films set; moving away from Earth, ditching the love interest sub plot, and taking itself way less seriously all open up the creative juices, crafting a colorful, explosive, wildly humorous buddy-cop-style romp in space, changes that evolve Thor into a much more interesting character and create a more entertaining film all around.

Trademarks of classic Hollywood movies were snappy, clever dialogue, well integrated music & pure craftsmanship.

Overall, Thor: Ragnarok is a very entertaining super-hero, popcorn flick.

Waste of time, some say.

Funny, daring and Visual Stunning A Great Cinematic expierience


A Downright Hilarious, Endlessly Entertaining & Thoroughly Satisfying Cosmic Adventure .

More than anything, simply enjoyable .

If you enjoy the Marvel universe, then chances are that you will enjoy this adrenaline-filled movie.

I have had some problems with the previous Thor movies - found them a bit boring and couldn't really care about anyone except for Thor and Loki.

I had an entertaining 2+ hours.

Still enjoyable .

Hilarious, visually oppressive and entertaining, Marvel Studios remains high on its prestige as it prepares for a wave of spasmodic and challenging releases, Among which stand out its very first motion picture starring an entirely black cast ("Black Panther"), its film with a female in the stellar role ("Captain Marvel") and the mega-event that will mean "Infinity War" when arrives our hearts in May 2018.

The story is full of surprises, actions from some Avengers heroes that appeared in some fun way, and of course unpredictable ending.

A typical hero movie but still worth watching.

My initial thoughts while viewing Thor: Ragnarok were it felt like I was in an early 90's video game and that it was campy like watching a mid-80's coming of age film about misfit boys.

It was very entertaining and Cate Blanchette's booty should get it's own movie.

Every year, with bated breath and absorbing one trailer after another, a huge audience of Marvel fans waiting for movies within their beloved universe.

This film was also enjoyable because of the way the director wrote the script and executed the movie.

It was just because I was tired, not because it was boring.

While this does make the movie quite enjoyable for the most part, it also, breaks immersion.

The movie is enjoyable and has some good laughs.

If you wanna waste your time.. def.

Everything in this film is so memorable, as it subverts the heavy seriousness of superhero films, creating the most enjoyable cinematic experience of 2017.

I don't remember what happened after 30 minutes in because I got so bored it was unbearable.

Boring entertainment.

This movie was very entertaining, I loved the jokes.

His ark is legitimately more predictable than the earth's rotation.


PLOT and STORY The premise is decent,the opening scenes are quite interesting actually,but then it all becomes so predictable,,,,the most powerful God's running from threat,the threat is shown to be invincible,the hero loses and reaches some safe haven,,rests,strengthens,accumulate his team,returns to fight the evil,,and wins,,,,Marvel has been so predictable since half a decade and they fail to acknowledge that.

When the original Thor came out, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

A terrific background score by Mark Mothersbaugh deserves a special mention for the imperative part that it has played in raising the adrenaline rush particularly during action sequences.

Just as the superhero market seemed repetitive, Marvel gave us a very refreshing Doc.

In sum, "Thor: Ragnarok" can be synthesized adequately in a brief and exciting name: Taika Waititi— of course, not downplaying the fabulous work done by the different areas of the film.

Mom and wife and grandmother Mary really enjoyed it.

This was a blast and I really enjoyed it!

Thor Raganrok is a fun and really entertaining movie.

There isn't a single point, where the film seems dull and yawn-inducing.

In the end, it's the most enjoyable superhero movie I have seen (and I've seen them all), because unlike the others that have cheesy, dull dialogue separating the stunning action sequences, Ragnarok is never boring between the action scenes.

This mostly entertaining at and times funny action-adventure is roughly hewn in its screenplay's comedic and dramatic elements.

Only money and political propaganda still count.

The only bigger waste of time I can envision is sitting through the 'new' version of "A Star is Born" due out later this year.

Only money and political propaganda still count.

And you can include engaging female characters even without said side story?

Scourge-Yet another vehicle for contrived jokes that adds shockingly little to the story.

Breathing a bounty of fresh air into the sinking series,Waititi's hilarious re-invention of Thor is undoubtedly a bold attempt from Marvel who have succeeded in making a thoroughly enjoyable superhero comedy that never lets you down for a moment in its runtime of around 130 minutes.

Valkyrie is just an alcoholic who kidnaps people for money, and yeah that's about all there is to her character, yeah the villain killed her wife but at the end when she's fighting Hela, she doesn't say, "That was for my lover" or anything related to that, that little bit of back story just felt pointless.

The screenplay is full of action and humor and the film is highly entertaining, a must-see for fans.

Overall I'd say movie is good and enjoyable.

Propaganda disguised as "entertainment".

I had a good impression on watching this the first time, then the second time it felt annoying and boring.

I prefer the original two, but this one is still entertaining .

And is definitely worth watching on imax and is inarguably the best superhero movie of 2017 , right beside wonder woman.

Their was a little too much humor for my taste, Thor isn't Deadpool or a Guardian of The Galaxy, but by and large it was still a very enjoyable film.

Thor w/o hammer was a bit unpredictable and nothing else was.

What made Thor Ragnarok enjoyable was that it stood well on its own.

This movie is so entertaining I'm a bit shocked by all the bad reviews.

Still not a really good movie, but a passable and enjoyable one.

Taika brought all the necessary elements together seamlessly, making watching this film a spectacle in storytelling, rather than a predictable going-through- the-motions that is so common with movies of this ilk.

I'm already annoyed by the slow spin...

The times it tries to have weight don't really manage to stand up, but otherwise there is a lot to like in a film that is entertaining, slick, well timed, and with everyone aligned to what it is trying to do.

A stunning ConclusionThis is how to do a movie and mix superheroes!

Entertaining despite the Disney Undertones .

Exciting, funny, and above all fun, Thor: Ragnarok is a colourful cosmic adventure that sets a new standard for its franchise -- and the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The title of this movie is somewhat confusing.

Loki's role is bland and unnecessary, even disappearing for quite a long time (who cares anyway, he just got lost in the Universe).

very fun and entertaining.

It is still entertaining and has a lot of imagery from the first Thor installment.

An Entertaining Identity Crisis .

If you're older, educated and have a brain, you'll know after 5 minutes of watching this it's going to be a waste of time.

Despite being wildly entertaining, Thor: Ragnarok is far from perfect.

Boring and predictable.

Moreover, the team-up of Thor, Loki, Valkyrie and Hulk is eye-popping and one of the funniest and the most entertaining team-ups ever.

Even though the fun times on Sakaar are occasionally interrupted by boring scenes on Asgard.

As most Marvel movies are funny and entertaining, they followed their storylines.

I think it was a brilliant decision to bring him into the marvel universe because if there's one thing these films have all been to date it's dry and uninteresting.

while the main story of the film regarding the destruction of asgard and the entry of the big evil sister could make a great enjoyable film it did not cause those beeps at marvel chose to show us an irrelevant boring secondary story which existed in the film for a beep 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The movie started on a great note, but slowly and gradually I felt the story line became dull, could have been way better.

A fun, entertaining rebirth of the 'Thor' saga .

This movie was solid - the comedic timing was on point, the characters' chemistry was flawless, and despite all the exciting colors and effects, the storyline was solid.

Some glaring weaknesses, but still pointless fun as a whole .

Still the same usual end, but I enjoyed it.

Immigrant Song just makes any scene betterIt's probably best Jaimie Alexander (Lady Sif) couldn't be part of the filmHulk talking is weird, confusing and please make it stop

The story is well crafted and gripping as we watch the characters band together and help build the groundwork for 2018's 'Avengers: Infinity Wars".


Dont waste your time.

They went all in the dull jokes in Ragnarok.

An exciting storyline which left me hooked and the action scenes were visually stunning.

The god of mischief and lies shouldn't be predictable.

CHARACTERS and ACTING Some new interesting ones,,like Hela(Cate Blanchett) and Grandmaster(JEff Goldblum),,some same old propaganda ones like Valkyrie(Tessa Thompson) and Executioner(Karl Urban),,,acting's pretty good for a super-hero flick,,could have been a better without cheesy dialogues.

But director Taikai Waitia was given creative freedom to craft Ragnarok mostly in his vision, and this was the change Thor needed, regardless of the similarities to GotG, which, after all, was a tremendously entertaining flick and one of Marvel's best, and now, Ragnarok is no different.

For me this movie lacked a real villian helia for me wasnt even a villian more a jealous sister who got a grudge against her dad and with dead of odin she can come out and play loved thor and hulk scenes i laughed so much with these two i would pay to see a movie with only hulk and thor vs the other avengers like cival war 2.0 thor his new power where amazing now hes realy a god of thunder and loki doing again what he is good in trying to trick thor i loved the help scene where they pretended they needed help i added a -1 score for : helia because she was meh just a boring i dont knowh what she supposed to be character the lack of real villian story because like i mentioned before theres' no real villian in this movie

yet for all the thrilling action and epic scenery...

Enjoyable and a treat to watch .

It has the most compelling plot, the most interesting guest stars, and adds a little more humor to the proceedings while keeping a nice balance between the amusing parts and the serious ones.

A movie that Chris Hemsworth deserved after all this years playing the rather simple minded and dull Thor.

Plot was predictable and corny and Hulk was an unnecessary addition to an already poorly written cast.

The acting is phenomenal, the visuals are spectacular, the plot line is captivating, the characters are enjoyable, and the humor is clever.

However, at the end of the day, the story is still about fighting a generic villain with bland motivation.

The characters are intriguing and really help progress the story.

Waititi's style works perfectly to fix the usually bland marvel universe .

The movie is very entertaining though, so that's a plus.

Seriously the film becomes most entertaining with the entry of hulk.

A giant waste of time and oppotunities, indeed.

Under the pressure of a sinister Hela with emotional deathtraps making it creepier and more thrilling with what's next to come.

As for the actors there's the always annoying, uninteresting, no-count lead actor who plays thor-what's his name again?

The plot was dumb, overall a waste of time.

Honestly, I enjoyed it.

However this was not good; he plot was way to predicable, the dialogue was trash trying way to much to be comedic, the character roles were boring and could not hold my interest even in the first 5 minutes.

I've never considered myself much of a Led Zeppelin fan, but the combination of "Immigrant Song" and the sight of Thor doing battle with a fire demon is shockingly entertaining.

Different but enjoyable to an open mind .

First Thor was so dull and bland.

Overall, this was a breathtaking movie that has got me very excited for Avengers: Infinity War!

Simply a blast - some great scenes (Thor's opening fight is simply enjoyable), good comedy, good action.

It's stunning.

Generic boring undeveloped characters, simplistic plot, its a movie where nobody cares about anything.

54 minutes in and I'm bored with 116 to go.

My wife, son and myself particularly love all the characters and the story that unfolds in an entertaining manner.


Way too long.

Old 30's & 40's movies had lots of cool snappy lines.

Thoroughly enjoyable film worth every penny.

Waste of talents like Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum.. We never care for anyone, we just have pure action all the time.

The music is excellent & very retro 80s style, the movies cinematography is stunning with popping colourful imagery & beautiful detail, this is easily the best "Thor" movie & easily one of the greatest "Marvel" movies ever made & an instant CLASSIC comic book movie!!.

Waste of money.

Chris Hemsworth was given plenty of room to exercise his comedic chops for this one, giving a newer but still awesome take on the God of Thunder, while Mark Ruffalo's Hulk is better than ever in Ragnarok, getting a huge character upgrade, making Hulk more exciting and layered.

The Grandmaster's scenes were fun at times, but the planet scenes (Sakaar) were boring and uninspiring - that middle part was the slowest for my kids as they said they got bored.

Just have big stars, bad jokes and lot of pointless action and effects, and that's it.

The Kiwi style comedy and references in it really hit close to home and made the movie all the more enjoyable and connectable.

Don't waste your money....

The humor in the film perfectly dilutes the intense and epic moments.

Some of the battle scenes with Led Zeppelins 'Immigrant Song' are absolutely stunning & they are MUSIC VIDEOS TOO.

I think Marvel really did a great job with this one, but I did fall asleep during it.

Maybe I am the most boring human being in the world for not laughing in this movie.

The story diminishes and fades to obscurity and the script becomes cryptic, lewd, crude, and boring.

First half of the movie is really slow and boring.

An absolute visual and audial spectacle and a thoroughly enjoyable ride, from start to finish.

Kiwi director Taika Waititi comes as a breath of fresh air to the MCU and hopefully would continue to explore new and exciting dimensions along with worthy peers like James Gunn and the Russo brothers.

When ever a movie uses that cliche it essentially means that some behind the scenes drama was happening and they couldn't get the actress back to do another film.

The set of characters and their actors were fantastic, the story was engaging and well paced, the action and humor were a total blast, etc, etc, etc. Thor: Ragnarok is simply down right fun to watch, and I couldn't ask for anything better than that.

She is presented with no personality whatsoever, and with the sheer motivation of "conquering the world", which is fine if the character is deep, but being so one-dimensional makes it such a cliche that really falls flat.

Whatever it means, Thor's third thrilling ride is a blast, with familiar and new characters zooming into view just long enough for us to pay a tiny bit of heed and move on.

It is also a nice change of pace from the bland story's of previous marvel movies.

And to be honest, it will remind you of the Guardians of The Galaxy movies - but that's far better than watching the tedious scenes in Thor 1 and 2 which truthfully made them the weakest Marvel movies.

That flashback scene of Hela destroying the Valkyrie had the kind of stunning imagery usually captured in the fantasy paintings of Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo.

Ragnarok is the exception as they have finally put together a story that remains gripping throughout the film, largely due to all the laughs the movie provides.

The movie will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what's going to come next.

The action set pieces are entertaining as always.

The first 20 minutes or so feels disjointed and uninteresting, and anything with the bland and cliché villain on Asgard is so tiresome.

Bore: Rubbish Schlock .

Boring, predictable and just a waste of time .

Hemsworth's physique too seems to fluctuate betweeen being heavily bulked up to being significantly not, (obviously not filmed in sequence) Equally there was no character development,with the few new characters having been poorly imagined to the extent that there was no story to carry them.

She is just boring because you sense no threat coming from her.

As we've seen in previous Marvel films, Loki was a mischievous and a clever villain, who was so thrilling.

The cinematography by Javier Agurresarobe looks stunning full of bright colours and textures.

A fantastic marvel film and standalone piece Ragnarok is a massive improvement upon the previous instalments in the 'Thor' universe and is an easy film to watch, light hearted, action packed and vibrant it feels alive and bustling.

From the beginning, it has been kind of confusing, maybe because I had forgotten what went on before this started.

Ragnarok is by far the best, most action packed, funniest and intrinsic Thor Chris Hemsworth has done!!

zzzzzzzz .

The best part was the plot was well-written and compelling.

This was a very entertaining, fun, exhilarating movie.

Ragnarok also uses color to make the movie pop out on screen and it looks stunning .


'Ragnarok' also does a good job of continuing to weave together others from the Marvel universe, from Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) to the boring as watching paint dry Bruce Banner/Hulk (Mark Ruffalo).

Visually Stunning, Great Acting.

Very funny, entertaining, just overall good.

There isn't a single point, where the film seems dull and yawn-inducing.

It was very funny, action packed, and just 20 billion times better than anything DC makes.

This movie is entertaining, funny, and has beautiful and charming visual effects, good acting, Chris Hemsworth is very sexy in this film .......

Movie finishing is visually stunning to watch and 3D works surprising well.

Hela is still a normal Marvel villain but her dialogue is more enjoyable.

VILLAIN Hela is a bad villain who had an alright motivation but was bland cause lack of screen time.

Just as Netflix learns from every view, binge, and pause, it is as if Marvel Studios has taken advantage of the last decade of movie making to tap in to what makes an enjoyable movie.

Enjoyable from start to finish .

A much needed reinvigoration of a dull character that turns Thor into one of the most likeable and imentertaining heroes in Marvels seemingly never ending line up.

It's colorful, fantasy driven, and action packed.

Loki has this charisma that makes him so entertaining to watch.

It's a film that's more about fun than thinking or engaging you in story.

Ragnarok is an exciting, funny and most of all fun experience bathed in all manner of colours (unlike a certain other franchise).

This movie is a good one with spectacular CGI, but it is too long and put me into La La Land several times.

But, it was still an enjoyable watch and a good film.

Kate, my god, could they have found a more boring vanilla private school teacher with all the curves of a 14 year old boy.

That was pointless.

Timing is perfect and movie offers enjoyable mix of action and comedy.

>Climax Sequence is very funny and entertaining.

Her backstory was intriguing with her relations to Odin.

As we've seen in previous Marvel films, Loki was a mischievous and a clever villain, who was so thrilling.

Big disappointment and boredom .

Now if the alternative to the more comedic approach is The Dark World, (a grey, bland, melodrama with Kat Dennings for comedic relief) then I'll take Ragnarok any day.

But taking all of my issues into consideration, it sits at the very bottom of the barrel for me when it comes to the MCU - and I have not once walked out of a single MCU movie outright hating it prior to the night I saw Ragnarok.

Once again we get some thrilling action, combat and fast paced chases.

The incessant stabs at cutesy or inappropriate humor at unfitting moments gets really old, really fast, especially when more than half of all these forced jokes involve either contrived slapstick or references to sex or genitalia.

You can tell that the director was bored while filming the scenes an Asgard.

If you're expecting an exciting Marvel adventure you're gonna be disappointed.

A must, even if you don't like the Super hero films, this is just so entertaining.

As it stands, another lame boring Stupor Hero flick.

The rapport developed between Thor, Banner, Valkyrie, and Loki was interesting and entertaining.

A little too polished, but very entertaining and fun .

The second Thor movie, while not horrible, teetered on the edge of taking itself too seriously.

They were shallow, predictable and felt, for the most part, forced.

It had an ok start, slow middle, and ok ending.

Amazing Movie ( Thoroughly Enjoyable ) .

Rather than the usual boring CGI, action and nothing else this movie is quite funny, with some great one-liners (though Waititi generally reserves the best ones for himself, as Korg).

I was dragged, kicking and screaming, into this joke movie, and came out entertained and happy.

With a fitting score and soundtrack amplifying the emotions of the characters, Taika Waititi's seamless blend of comedy and drama is rousing.

The music when Thor unleashes his thunder at Hela's army is pure adrenaline rush, there's loads & loads of humor, the action is so well choreographed and of course the performances are very good.

THOR-oughly enjoyed it.

Definitely worth watching!!

However I have seen the other 2 Thor movies and as such this is the best or at least the most entertaining one of the bunch.

I could sit here for hours telling you the things wrong with this movie and how bad the CGI is but I'll just wrap this up by saying this movie is painfully awful and you shouldn't waste your time sitting through it.

Hands down one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

An entertaining setup for greater things to come, I give Thor: Ragnarok 3.5 stars out of 5.

Except for this fact, this film is really great and I've totally enjoyed it.

Surprisingly entertaining .

Some of the scenes - most notably the Valkyrie attack on Hela are stunning.

Spectacular and entertaining .

I actually enjoyed it as a very entertaining movie with every scene.

With "Thor: Ragnarok", Marvel Studios managed to take a mediocre franchise and complete the trilogy with one of the most thoroughly entertaining Marvel productions to date.

The special effects, if not particularly novel or imaginative, are excellently rendered and the supporting cast (humans and otherwise) entertaining.

It is funny, and entertaining.

Big action, big story, great cast (a superbly ripped Chris Hemsworth) good mix of heroes (I missed Lady Sif, though, but hopefully she escaped the slaughter and will show up in the next movie), convincing villain, twists and turns, stellar CG, entertaining, spot on humour.

But all in all it was an entertaining film for the most part and I have rated it accordingly.

I could go on, but this movie already robbed me of 2hrs, so I'll simply finish by saying this is right up there with the very worst movies I've ever seen.

Cate does a good job as Hela and scenes with her are enjoyable.

And not just stupid jokes inappropriately, but ingenious, bursting typical Marvel banter patterns, riveting to the screen from the first minutes of viewing.

I would have loved to see that scene slow down just a bit to fully take in the arena and all the crazy looking spectators.

For a movie titled Ragnarok - essentially the apocalypse - it all feels somewhat inconsequential as soon as you come away from it, however it is a contender for one of the most entertaining MCU offerings.

" This concept slowly starts to bore me.

A thundering bore...

This movie puts emphasis on family and friends while keeping things funny and entertaining.

Fun, dazzling, exciting, hilarious!!!.

Funny, action packed and with an altogether stellar cast (including the two famous cameos in the "play scene" who will not be named!

In short, if you want pointless fun this is for you, if you are a fan you should be furious.

enjoyable because it's a dreadful film, Don't take it too serious because it doesn't represent nordic mythology (I'm a french viking so I know my history) anyway we liked the context and the childish sense of humor...

The actors, as always, do superb jobs but there is no story, no real plot, no suspense - just Guardians of the Galaxy goofiness.

Anyway I'll wrap this up, if you want an entertaining albeit silly dumb superhero movie, then you can't go wrong with Thor Ragnarok.

Here's a giant powerful creature with a mind, a snappy wit, and no desire to hog the glory.

The scenes where Thor is on Sakaar are the best scenes in the movie, but the scenes on Asgard are quite dull and you don't want to stay there for long.

Thor looks like Starlord, Vlakyria looks like Gamora and it's ok, Hulk is a mix of Drax and Groot and you say good bye to the Hulk of the MCU, Loki looks like Rocket but is really bland compared to the best villain of the MCU!!

Fun and entertaining for what it was...

Hilarious Action Packed Movie.

If you feel the need to not miss any possible reference points in Infinity War, then you could waste your time on something worse, but a technically inferior picture would probably prove more entertaining in a perverse way.

It's filled so many eye popping visuals from the retro 80s look of the waste planet Sakaar down to the exciting crowd pleasing action scenes.

Despite an incessantly episodic narrative structure, it's a rare second sequel that's teeming with fun, and blows its bland and forgettable predecessors out of the water.

Surprisingly entertaining .

Interessing and exciting situactions in that film is really cool.

First off, the movie is enjoyable.

Lots of other characters were simply not engaging, and the cross over cameos has become a cliché and annoyance.

A second viewing of the film, following the home video release shows that though still highly enjoyable, the film was perhaps so memorable that the rewatch suffered in comparison.

The stars of the show (Thor, Loki and Hulk) are all massively enjoyable; there's dazzling action, strong chemistry, deep character development and plenty of brilliantly hilarious dialogue between the three to run the show for the entire film.

In overall it is a good fantasy movie , worth watching and i recomend it to all fantasy lovers.

One of the all time great actors, Anthony Hopkins, is totally disrespected in the sad and uneventful death of his character Odin.

The result is a boring, unenfaging film.

Thor sense of humor is like a boy trying so hard to make a girl notice him, Hulk totally lost the presence of the dark side, he is a joke in this movie or more like a little child..To sum it up this movie is just to tell you that Thor hammer is not his source of power *Only a tool to make him can focus his powers* and thus upgrading Thor combat style because he is getting boring!?

It's fun, it's entertaining.

This film works well because it keeps you smiling and on the edge of your seat ready to see what's coming next.

Boring and unfunny (and should not even have tried to be funny) .

Most enjoyable movie for me.

I found the first two Thor movies rather earnest and dull; with the exception of Loki, all the characters were quite bland.

Hilarious, Action packed, good comeback for the thor franchise .

The story is well written and keep a good pace, so it is hard to get bored.

In the end, if you want an enjoyable and very funny movie with some violence, then this movie would be up your alley.

This 3rd Thor adventure is full on action-packed fun & full of beautiful production design & amazing sets & stunning special fx, there's so many hilarious moments that is was a total joy sitting through this movie, Chris Hemsworth is a hilarious guy & here he gives it his all & gifts us with his greatest performance as Thor & he's absolutely amazing!!.

Story wise, it's pretty basic and boring.

Tessa Thompson character Valkyrie is uninteresting just like any other marvel side-character.

Hela is a powerful and extremely dangerous villain with a compelling background and motivation which a lot of superhero movies lack.

Now, I knew Thor himself wouldn't die because, hey, he's a highly marketable character, but the stakes nevertheless are raised and that alone makes for a compelling reason to go into this next step on his journey.

Marvel seems to produce high quality and enjoyable films with ease.

Exciting,Funny and the best.

Overall though it's a thoroughly enjoyable film that never slows down.

but when everything is treated as a joke, the whole movie becomes pointless and depressing.

I now understand how utterly pointless it is to pay attention to what exactly any of these characters are; sooner or later, they'll all devolve into uncreative, cackling zombie clones of Tony Stark and Peter Quell.

Overall I rate it a 7/10 because of the lack of story and plot in the middle section of the film.

The movie has all the elements of a blockbuster - great action scenes, humor, stunning visual effects, a decent story and talented actors.

Whether a marvel nerd a Waititi fan a comedy snob or just someone who needs escaping into another world for a few hours; this film is well worth the watch!

This has got to be the worse, most disjointed Marvel movie to date.

The intro was cool, and the climax was okay but the plot got dragged out and the concept hence the title "Ragnarok" wasn't put into context as much.

I think this might be the most entertaining film I have ever watched .

It is one of those marvellous films that place no strain on your focus because it is relentlessly entertaining.

One reason my dad doesn't watch Transformers is due to the fast paced fight scenes.

Completely predictable.

The characters and events did become predictable.

Thor movies have always teetered on the edge of being flat out comedy.

Also, with the presence of the Mufasa- like Odin initiating his super-saiyan form, it made the only potentially emotional scenes rather dull in that department.

I consider myself a pretty good barometer for movies in general and found this to be one of the most satisfying, entertaining and enjoyable cinematic experiences of late.


The films also possessed annoying and cliché "tough-girls" in Tessa Thompson's 'Valkyrie' and Cate Blanchett's 'Hela', the antagonist of the film.

Overall, while I did get a few kicks out of "Thor: Ragnarok", it went the wrong direction, its potential in compelling storytelling wasted.

Not necessarily following the comic 100% by any means, much like how there are separate universes within the marvel comics itself, but the cinematic universe is doing it's own thing to a degree and entertaining the masses across the globe.

Absolutely loved it Action packed It was long in duration.

Whereas previous entries have been a little technological and filled with complicated bits, this takes things back to basics, just creating a simple story of a prophesied apocalypse and the hero needing to save the world, but what makes this entry much more interesting is not just the brilliant special effects and fight sequences, but there is much more comedy as well, very witty dialogue and deliberately silly stuff, overall it is a fresh, highly entertaining and exciting fantasy action adventure film.

Highly entertaining!

A very very very entertaining movie.

The storyline traverses through unpredictable paths that are outrageously wild and funny with quirky one-liners and dedicated performances from everyone in the cast.

Another problem is that this movie is still based around Asgard which bugs me because the whole idea of Asgard makes me bored as I never found it a good concept from the first Thor movie.

Even with a boring villain at the center of the story, there are so many obscure and hilarious characters(Korg) and events(everything on Sakar) to make the movie a must see.

However thought Cate Blanchett as the baddie was convincing enough It's entertaining I suppose if you let your brain cells have a couple of hours off, though think the CGI looked liked it was CGI!

The last Thor movies were held down by the normal boring people like marvel thought we needed someone to relate to since the regular moviegoer isn't a god of thunder.

This is one of the most enjoyable rides of the summer.

)} New era for Thor that infuses Fun with a capital "F" into a previously somber series- Entertaining battle scenes with an electrifying soundtrack, Wish they focused less on pizzaz and more on character depth, plot coherence, and capable writing.

Don't waste a dime on this movie.

Entertaining, so people can laugh and forget, or Inspiring, so people gasped while watching then proud and thrilled to become better person after it.

Don't listen to the haters, empty your head and go watch it.

Entertaining and best Thor movie .

More like, BORE: Ragnarock .

corny and trite.

Most entertaining of the Thor trilogy.

Also, for a movie with such a colourful poster, why does the movie itself look so dull?

It's action packed, well-acted, hilarious, and even has some surprising twists.

It's fresh,It's entertaining, the cast delivers and it has that comic-book feeling, Completely changes the game and brings a new era and ideas.

e, believable characters you care about in unbelievable situations, with a unique balance of gripping drama, action and lively humour - seems to be tipping more and more into only humour.

This is what you get from a generation which has no roots in the classics - American, English and World - and who can't even manage cursive writing because it "is a waste of time"!

I just didn't get the need for all of the cheesy one-liners that peppered the film like cringe-worthy moments from a stand-up act gone wrong, it truly was unbearable after a while.

This focused more on the mythological elements of the Thor legend, rather than the "Thor in America" direction -- arguably making it a much more enjoyable film rather than it being a fish out of water tale.

I find this movie fascinating due to its marvelous acting, comical script, and astonishing photography.

Unfortunately, some of the comedy seemed a bit unnecessary and the numerous subplots sometimes made it difficult to follow as well.

Loki is very enjoyable in this movie.

The second one was a step down form the first but still enjoyable.

This film is exciting and overall...

It is here we realize the time on Grandmaster's planet was way too long.

First off the CGI in this movie looks to dull, being a huge film, they could have worked on it for a better output.

His constant cheeky remarks quickly get tiresome.

Like everyother Marvel movie, this is worth watching

Absorbing what he felt when shooting the movie.

I don't want my Marvel movies to be dark, intense and dreary.

Fun, entertaining and more than worth a watch .

Very enjoyable movie with great acting and one juicy cameo.

I found the whole thing with the fire creature demon to be very confusing and I do not feel like he has ever been mentioned before.

Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was an entertaining movie which contained ample amounts of action and comedy.

"We expect something unexpected.

'Thor: Ragnarok' is a riveting film that features a lot more than our expectations.

Entertaining, and better than the average comic book movie.

But there are other departments too of course that make it an enjoyable watch.

Though the characters introduced here were great, it was a pretty boring planet, and I was finding myself thriving for them to return to Asgard, where they should have been brought back sooner.

" "Team Thor" garnered a lot of attention as most people enjoyed it.

The film spends most of it's time on the junk planet Sakaar, and when the story is there it's flows at a good speed and it's very enjoyable, but when the film goes back to Asgard it slows and it's gets boring.

" Although given his image in Thor (2011), and Thor: the Dark World (2013), he should be the "most boring avenger.

Blanchet is simply stunning, Hiddleston is at his usual excellence and let us give some credits to Hemsworth here, always playing in the right tones.

I am a fan of movies that are fun, exciting, and have standout moments.

What this film has in abundance, apart from the usual Marvel goodies of great action, stunning visuals and all that good stuff, is style.

It was worth watching, THAT, I'd say for sure.

But the biggest win was it was nonstop one liners from start to finish and they all worked, i'm sure when they were filming they woulda had to do countless takes to get around the cast pissing themselves with laughter, i found myself laughing for most of the movie,It was an enjoyable 2hrs and 15mins.

Given his earlier stand-alone movies, Thor might have had better luck cracking the code if he'd copped to being the "most boring Avenger.

Save your money and, if you really feel the need to see it, wait until you can do so free on the Comet/Nickelodeon channel in a few months.

And the thing is that the movie is entertaining.

But as soon as you feel the vibe you get cut off by predictable or unpredictable humor.

I laughed so much in this movie, and I enjoyed it so much, I've watched it about 10 times already.

This film was what thor and hulk needed all along,making thor less serious was a controversial move but it works so good on this film because all the jokes are actually funny and it is very entertaining unlike the other thor movies.

When I see movies that are rated 8.0 and higher I assume that they're exceptional and thus worth the watch.

The MCU has plenty of engaging action scenes, and this is no exception.

That's way more exciting and interesting.

It's an enjoyable movie if you look at it as another interpretation of Guardians.

Very entertaining .

Exciting and Hilarious: A Huge Hit.

I for one found this movie to be highly entertaining from start to finish.

It was hoakie, disjointed and way tooo easy to pause.

Yes, the plot was a little cliché, but the comedy and movie references made this movie hilarious and worth watching.


Enjoyable ride-Start to Finish!.

Prior to this film, Thor was boring.

She meets a predictable demise, and is likely going to become a villain who is forgotten by the next marvel flick.

And Korg was an unexpected surprise.

Overall,with an impeccable sense of humor, exhilarating musical score,stunning action blocks and impressive lead performances this sequel to The Dark world can be counted among the best films ever from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

This is all special affects and no story.

Had it taken any other road, and we would've ended with another dark and tedious drag filled with mumbo jumbo and long fighting scenes with gloomy faces.

Keeping up with the times and proving themselves to be in a league of their own, the MCU has delivered an action packed sci fi fantasy.

The acting is quite entertaining throughout, with no one quite taking their roles too seriously.

How Funny and Enjoyable ble this movie this .

) such as the destruction of Asgard, Thor's hammer etc. All the characters are so well written and engaging.

But unfortunately that process gets buried under the countless jokes, one-liners, slapstick and buddy humour, added with countless pointless cameos and a Grandmaster who was more a comedian, than a menacing, mysterious entity.

This movie was visually stunning, funny, and definitely the best of the trilogy!

The visuals are phenomenal, the action scenes are enjoyable and returning characters are a lot of fun - with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) once again stealing the show.

Everything comes together nicely in time for the grand climax, though, and I left the theater with a huge grin and a new favorite of the MCU.

The quips are funny; the action suspenseful and the world very colorful.

This Thor movie took an unexpected direction IMO a bit like the first one on the fun side, and it was an excellent choice!

Tired, boring with stupid jokes that I would laugh with if I was 8 years old.

This is easily in my top ten movies of all time and by far my favourite and most enjoyable superhero film to date.

But if you want a decent movie with emotion, character , and some depth, then this movie is a waste of time.

This is what makes you will stay awake from the beginning until the end.

It was funny and entertaining with great performances from the cast.

She's a great actress, but Hela was written as a pretty bland villain.

Director Taika Waititi reinvented this movie from the previous tediousness into a silly and joyous comedy.

Not everyone has to be one-liner quipping, generic Marvel hero to be entertaining.

While Dark Word was admittedly dull, I feel this complete revamp of tone was uncalled for.

The old tradition of snappy Hollywood Dialogue has been sadly neglected too.

Mostly enjoyable flash, boom, bam popcorn flick.

Wouldn't it be boring for Marvel to feed us the same kind of movie, without ever changing just a little bit of how it works?

The villain in this film is Hela who is a fun villain but like most of the Marvel villains, she is quite lackluster and dull.

This film, sadly is a waste of time.

I have seen some bad movies before, but this is the first time I walked out of the cinema in the middle of the movie (1 hour in).

The characters are entertaining.

Sophomoric, banal and ridiculuously stapled to the whole fakery of political correctness and social engineering madness.

Enjoyable if taken with a pinch of salt (or a lot) .

Also it felt like it wasn't too draggingly narrated, there were only a few scenes that were too slow.

The action scenes in particular at the end of the movie on Asgaard, were enjoyable and at times almost completely thrilling.

Very fun and entertaining action movie!

What has been created her is something far more enjoyable than the Avengers movies.

It was at the start of the MCU and it was an entertaining watch.

Only drawback I felt was some portions are dull when Thor is trapped in sakaar.

Overall, fantastically enjoyable movie that was made extremely well by a director who had a vision.

It is funny, colorful and visually stunning adventure.

Don't waste your money on it.

The actors worked well together and their chemistry seemed real, the music was awesome, the last battle was entertaining, and the colorful visuals were very fun.

completely ruining the pace of the end battle.. I'm hoping for a marvel action packed movie, not some slap stick comedy.

Moreover, the team-up of Thor, Loki, Valkyrie and Hulk is eye-popping and one of the funniest and the most entertaining team-ups ever.

Very childish humor, boring fighting scenes and an uninteresting plot.

Not only was the movie surprisingly different from other Marvel's adaptations, but it was also quite easy to watch and very enjoyable and exciting at the same time.

The movie concludes with an intense final battle against Hela and her army of the undead.

It would have made her a much more compelling villain as what drove her was her right to claim the Asguardian Kingdom.

This film is really on a high level technically including sound, visual effects, but also sets etc. Definitely worth watching if these are the most important fields for you.

Ragnarok while being a fun movie felt extremely dull regarding overall tone and execution.

And can actually seem quite boring after a while.

Very entertaining.

The lack of urgency and care about what is going on shows on the actor's faces but ultimately bores the audience, at least me and a very small minority it appears.

The original Thor was truly a great origin story for the character, and even though it's sequel, The Dark World, was a decent second act, it certainly lacked that certain pizzazz that makes MCU films so engaging.

The dialogue is as trite as any in the very worst TV soaps, and the adolescent attempts at humour cringe-making.

Thor: Ragnarok is a electric and deliciously entertaining film that allows its audience to have a glorious experience.

Though the movie introduced some unexpected changes to the future storyline, it was a thorough fun-ride.

Waste of time...

Thor: Ragnarok is a pretty entertaining movie from the beginning.

First of all, I like this movie, I enjoyed it while watching it.

So entertaining & funny.

familiar faces and stand out new characters work together to create this visually stunning and solid story film that leads into Infinity War.

This one had so many funny moments to it I think I may just have enjoyed it more than the previous Thor related movies.

The all-father, one of the most powerful characters of Thor franchise looks tired and bored to continue with the series.

There were two fights scenes in particular that are stunning feats of animation and cinematography.

Hilarious and Very Entertaining .

I initially disliked the constant stream of wisecracks and sight-gags, but after a while got into the spirt of the film and for the most part enjoyed it.

An entertaining setup for greater things to come.

It's still not that good of a film but once you get into the story, it could be enjoyable.

They are getting boring, repetitive and undermine the story with stupid jokes every 2 minutes (2 minutes is the maximum.

Exciting, funny, and above all fun throughout.

Went in with fairly low expectations but this was a hoot, something different and unexpected.

'Thor: Ragnarok' is a riveting film that features a lot more than our expectations.

What a waste of money and waste of a decent character that has succeeded in its first two parts with flying colours until some idiot decided to turn into a comic book just for the hell of it.. While I don't like serious things that has potential turn into a brainless laughing stock like that past Fast & The Furious part...

This worked for The Guardians of the Galaxy or Fox's Deadpool, but they had the advantage of making up for thin, predictable plots with being funny (even after multiple viewings).

The sequel to 2011's Thor and 2013's Thor: The Dark World (both entertaining films), 'Thor: Ragnarok' has to be the silliest superhero movie in a while.

all the realms are supposed to burn, if you make a movie, especially with this high of a budget named "Ragnarok" at least take the folklore for good, the actual description of Ragnarok is way more intense, interesting amazing then this joke of a movie will ever be, why just ragnarok?

The summary 10's / "perfect" scores these films are mandatorily slapped across their Down's continuance with, is evidence irrefutable that (i) film industry shilling has reached CCP propaganda division levels of absurdity and (ii) that the collective I.

This movie has great performances, particularly by Cate Blanchett and Jeff Goldblum, as well as stunning visuals and great improvisational comedy from the actors involved.

Rather, there's a refreshing and entertaining sense of honesty.

Thor: Ragnarok is an action packed roller coaster ride that you don't want to end.

It's not all bad though; the movie is colourful enough, has some entertaining action and I can't say that I was ever bored.

Possibly what makes this even more delightful is how unexpected it is.

but ends up being wooden, dull and boring in general.

Reviews of this genre tend to always be generous, but this film (led amazingly by Chris Hemsworth) was genuinely worth the watch for all the reasons superheroes should be.

Granted there is a slight issue with parts which feel a bit of a drag in comparison and Jeff Goldblum's character who feels irrelevant but that aside is thoroughly entertaining

Overall, Ragnarok is one of the best Marvel movies to date which is saying a lot considering the quality of most Marvel movies, and hopefully Marvel (Disney) will continue to allow directors like Waititi and Gunn to create these werid but extremely enjoyable, fun movies.

The ending is predictable and even the cameos (of which there are plenty) don't do much in way of excitement- In fact, after some time they start becoming annoying.

But the test for me is I watched it the 2nd time one day after and found it equally entertaining, that time analyzing why the film holds your attention nonstop, scene to scene from start to finish.