Thunderball (1965) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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James Bond heads to the Bahamas to recover two nuclear warheads stolen by S.P.E.C.T.R.E. Agent Emilio Largo in an international extortion scheme.

Director: Terence Young
Stars: Sean Connery, Claudine Auger
Length: 130 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 65 out of 306 found boring (21.24%)

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One of the key culprits of this is the film's latter portion, including a long, drawn out underwater battle.

The only problems I had with this film was the slow pace of the scenes between fights and "cool" bits (as mentioned above) and the evil woman, who just irritated me.

As a result, Largo is a compelling villain and a real menace throughout.

Thunderball is quite boring and way too long.

However, I also found that a lot of the film bored me, such as certain overlong underwater scenes, or at least one of them early on.

Whilst it's undeniable that when it hits the high points it excites royally (the extended underwater battle is eye popping brilliance), but there's too much languid passages in the overlong running time.

While entertaining, and there are a good amount of positives to this movie, I would still rank this number four out of the six Connery films.

The regulars are all as effective as ever but Adolfo Celi makes for a poor villain as Emilio Largo while Claudine Auger, who has surprisingly little screen time for the main Bond girl, is just dull as Domino Derval.

This a great film, flawed by its at times slow pacing; the cause of which is the abundance and length of underwater scenes.

It's just too slow and too long.

From beginning to end I find this one of the most enjoyable Bond flicks.

Starts out good, becomes boring .

Yet when the action switches to the Bahamas, where SPECTRE Number 2 Emilio Largo( played very convincingly by Adolfo Celi) is hiding the missiles, the film can be a little slow, as a fair part of it is filmed in the dark.

After having missed out on "Goldfinger", Terence Young reclaims his place in the director's chair and once more serves a delicious Bond-cocktail with all the ingredients that make the series recognizable: breathtaking women (Claudine Auger, Martine Beswick and – especially – the lethally ravishing Luciana Paluzzi), charismatic villains (Adolfo Celi doesn't even need his eye patch in order to look menacing), dreamy filming locations (Paris, Bahama's …), eccentric scenery and gimmicks (luxury yachts named "Flying Saucer", shark-infested swimming pools) and – as top of the bill – masterfully choreographed albeit slightly overlong underwater battle sequences.

But still, too long and slow paced underwater scenes prevents me to rate this one higher as6 out of 10.

An entertaining film.

Largo is pretty bland and not really bad-ass or interesting.

The underwater battle, so exciting at the time, now seems badly executed, with a lot of repeated shots in it.

There is quite a bit of action in this movie, which makes for some exciting moments, such as Bond running through a parade from his captors as they chase him.

The action is mostly underwater and that is what usually divides fans of the series since some find them sleep-inducing.

Boring .


The character development outside of Bond is quite good: Fiona Volpe is the best Bond villainess ever and Largo is a convincing and realistic (if somewhat boring) bad guy.

Thunderball is also very intriguing, I can't even count the number of times I have seen it over the years.

I know the directors must have thought all of the underwater shoots looked really cool and hip back in the day when this movie was made, but they just drag out far too long and to be honest were boring and way overdone, especially the fight scenes.

*Emotion- An exciting and enjoyable film, well worth your time seeing.

In short, I thought that this was an enjoyable film in an equally enjoyable series.

I only struggled to finish watching this uninteresting mess so I would never be tempted to try to do so again.

Thunderball does have some exciting action, but it's undermined by some painfully boring underwater sequences which really tested my patience.

I'd also add that at 129-minutes the film goes on way too long.

Well may this have been the "biggest Bond to date," the most "epic" in stature and with those sprawling underwater sequences but I gotta tell you, this one just plain bored me stupid.

The score overall is one of Barry's most suspenseful from the build-up to the opening fight through the hijacking of the Vulcan bomber and beyond.

Overall, probably the most entertaining Bond ever.

Slowest moving of all Bond films, including the Timothy Dalton ones.

) underwater battle was rather drawn out, OK, almost interminable, I think Goldfinger still is the better film overall – both excellent, and both excellent bookend companions to each other.

But I do think that he sometimes looks bored, and this is the first film where he begins to show his age.

Sean Connery is still looking sharp as James Bond and the first half of this film is tight and suspenseful.

The first half of the movie was pretty good but the second half dragged out at times.

Even if the matte shots used in the fight in the hydrofoil's cabin – as it skims precariously between the reefs - are quite blatantly speeded-up the resulting action is as vicariously exciting as Connery's battle with Robert Shaw in From Russia with Love, a furiously cramped bout of kicks, scuffles and bone-breaking blows, with music and editing used to maximum effect.

If you're watching Thunderball on an ordinary pan-and-scan video, then the underwater sequences probably are stodgy and hard to follow.

And then the final fight on the boat is really brisk and exciting, if only the rest of the movie was as exciting as the finale.

Thunderball is highly entertaining.

The film is simply too slow after Goldfinger, Largo is a weak villain, the theme song is poor, the action is mostly underwater making in completely unexciting and difficult to understand as it is so dark.

She's incredibly sexy, but she is kinda boring at times, and her acing isn't that good.

Whereas, Fiona Volpe who works with Largo, acts as a much more compelling villain and is the first femme fatale that the series has to offer.

I rate it personally as the dullest of the series even the universally disliked VIEW TO A KILL left it for dead!

We get to see beautiful women strut around in very little, the ladies got to see Sean Connery strut around in very little, and the seaside locations opened up vast possibilities when it comes to action scenes that are thrilling and seem fresh, even though they are basically the same chase sequences we've seen in the previous three Bond films.

Engaging Mixture Of Action And Character Interplay .

Despite always charming Sean Connery and witty humor lines, beautiful & chesty Bond "villain-girl" (25 years old Italian Luciana Paluzzi) and exotic locations (The Bahamas), I just couldn't get rid a feeling, that this is probably one of the slowest 007 movie.

But it does have glaring issues with Largo being extremely dull, Domino not being that interesting, mostly weak action sequences and the underwater scenes drag on forever.

The action, thrills and splendid special effects of the 007 films continue with this movie, and the exciting and entertaining factor of this film really signaled that the Bond franchise continues to sore to new heights.

"Thunderball"'s climax is, appropriately, an underwater skirmish, and is one of the other scenes that could've been shortened, as entertaining as it is.

I liked this film because the plot was very entertaining and action packed.

The problem for me were the long tedious underwater scenes.

The audience are always on the edge of their seats, waiting excitedly for what happens next.

And, despite overlong underwater sequences, and a growing reliance on gadgets over plot, the film still gave fans what they wanted; adventure on a massive scale, breathtaking women, and Sean Connery, 35, more 'cool' and dangerous than ever.

Also, there was some extremely fast paced editing done several times in the film that was in the same style as during the infamous murder scene in Psycho, although not nearly at that level of skill and precision.

The movie has a huge impact on me it has incredible underwater scene including climatic action packed battle between US Air Force and Largo's henchman.

When people say the underwater scenes are too long, I agree, the length of them tend to slow down the pace of the film.

The underwater scenes are slow and could have been trimmed a bit as this film is 2h12.

What a horrible, narcissistic, ridiculous and over pretentious film from beginning to end.

It is 60's Bond, after all, so you can expect some fun one-liners delivered well by Connery and a bunch of strikingly beautiful women which the script always finds contrived reasons to barely clothe.

After the underwater scene, which can be entertaining at times, the ending is not bad at all.

However, even without these four glamorous ladies, it would still be a very entertaining movie.

The ending manages to feel fresh and exciting and with an increased level of violence, with all manner of bloody stabbings and impalings that wouldn't be allowed were the action taking place above ground.

Any Bond film with Connery has at least one redeeming quality, but "Thunderball" has other elements that make it worth watching.

The film is too long; many of the early scenes could easily have been trimmed to improve flow.

A Thunderous Bore .

Despite the fact that the first hour is great, with classy opening scene and a sequel in England (Shrublands health spa), but soon we are witness too a slow paced underwater scenes, where I nearly fell a sleep.

In this Bond film, Bond has many more gadgets then previous films, and who can forget the great escape he did in the short but exciting entry into the film and from there we see some of the best action in any Connery film before and after this.

"Thunderball" is an exciting ride from start to finish, with stunning cinematography, superb, epic action scenes, and some great one-liners(Although it has one of the stupidest lines in the series...


It was meant to be the first James Bond film, but Thunderball became part of a long drawn out legal battle between Kevin McClory, Jack Whittingham and Ian Fleming.

The underwater fight scene at the end makes this move worth watching over and over....

The story however is a bit confusing to follow sometimes as it moves abruptly and quickly at times.

This movie creates a suspenseful atmosphere and gives us a credible picture of Bond at work rest AND play during this deadly mission.

The epic end battle is still exciting to this day and puts most big budget CGI event films to shame.

Many of the action sequences are well staged as well, it is mostly the last quarter of the film that is a bit repetitive.

Compared to other Bond films I think this is one of my favourite as it is mysterious, action packed, beautifully directed, has great characters (even though confused at times wondering who was who) and the narrative is consistent and energetic, one of the best Bond films.

Despite their novelty at the time, they feel somewhat sluggish now and do slow the film's pace.

For me, however, there were too many boring underwater scenes (snorkeling, diving, or whatever he was doing), and that drags the rating down to a 6/10.

It takes far too long to get going and nothing is left for the audience to work out, it shows us exactly what is happening and that takes some of the edge off proceedings.

There are far too many underwater scenes, all of which are slow and bring to the pace to a grinding halt.

The scenes underwater are boring to watch, and unfortunately there are many scenes under water.

Based on the huge and seemingly undiminished popularity of the franchise I guess this movie probably supplies everything necessary for a good night at the movies, but for me this one is particularly dull even compared to the average James Bond film.

Despite having a rather boring finale and not much of a villain Thunderball still manages to settle somewhere midtable in my overall Bond rankings.

In the hands of some hack, "Thunderball" could have easily been an overlong boring disastrous attempt, but Young fills the screen with the same thrilling charm and glamour that made the first two Bonds so unique.

But the movie is just so bland!

By this point of course Bond had already reached Major Stardom status and the directors and actors needed new exciting adventures to partake in.

I recommend this Bond installment to people who like those films with some slow-moving scenes and very well-organized and scheming battle scenes.

With a decent title theme from Tom Jones, a fine score in general, and an entertaining title sequence, this is a really fun movie, and a decent entry in the long running series.

This certainly has all the elements for a great Bond film but despite some memorable moments, it gets pretty boring and feels very long A lot of scenes are fairly pointless and it's really a plot by numbers at times.

-Bland villain-Tired of Spectre henchmen5.8/10

Spectacular James Bond film, slightly too contrived to live up to the standard of its predecessors.

The result is a thrilling action film even nearly fifty years later.

Barry's suspenseful pieces masterfully turn into action pieces in an instant.

All in all this is one of the better Bond films and well worth watching if one sets out for 2 hours of pure adventurous entertainment with a standard-formula story.

This is an exciting exotic adventure where our secret agent again seduces attractive beauties, while constantly keeping pace with dangerous enemies, and after all of that, he finds time to appropriate jokes.

The stunts are good fun and some of the things involved go a long way to entertain you, I especially liked that this film didn't have to rely on car chases for fun, it has more thrilling chases and a lot of boats are involved too.

James Bond is the most dull character in the movies – he never changes his character.

The highlight is without question the final sequence underwater when we get a fifteen-minute, action packed ride that contains some great fights and some even better and very violent death scenes.

Thunderball for me is a dreary Bond film.

It just has some boring parts that make it a below average Bond film.

It was always going to be hard to follow the classic ‘Goldfinger' with a better Bond film, and even though ‘Thunderball' grossed more than its predecessor, it stands today as overlong and lacking action.

Domino is definitely one of the better Bond girls and 007's romancing of her is highly entertaining.

Evocative photography ,much of the film was shot on location, with only a bare minimum of back projection used ; something quite unusual for a film of 1965 .

But it is a decent Bond film, and hardcore Bond fans (such as myself) will find it watchable and enjoyable to a certain degree!

I enjoyed most of the exciting scenes, as well as the plot of the film, the locations, the good woman and the performance of Sean Connery as Bond himself.

Her and Connery had zero chemistry and she was so dull in the role sadly.

The underwater harpoon fight is confusing, and it keeps dragging on!

Nice underwater theme, but gets pretty boring .

My Take: One of the more entertaining 007 adventures.

The film's far too long and pales in comparison to the first three.

On the side of good, Claudine Auger, who plays Largo's naive mistress Domino, is stunning to look at, and even though she isn't as strong-willed as Fiona, she isn't completely wasted and helps the plot move forward.

Therefore the real problem a Bond movie can face is not a thin ( even nonsensical ) plot, or cardboard characters, but a plodding, non action pace.

I'm not referring to the climactic battle which, if at least seen in widescreen DVD or Laserdisc, on a big screen, can be exciting (the muddy TV broadcast versions are just no go).

And although I guess it probably pleases the hardcore James Bond fanbase – after all, it's one of the ones with Connery – for me it is a near-complete bore.

In 1983, the rogue remake 'Never Say Never Again' appeared, and, while entertaining for the most part, could not hope to - and did not - match 'Thunderball'.

The result was Thunderball a high octane action packed movie with high stakes.

The underwater battles are too complicated, and as many directors have pointed out, too slow.

The only thing I could really find wrong with this film is that at times it can be slow and maybe just a bit boring, I feel this was only because the film has one setting for the majority of the film and although it is an interesting plot, maybe the over use of location effects it.

It's a long film, but it is consistently thrilling and it has a satisfying payoff.

Pretty good but kind of boring.

" Even second-billed "Bond Girl" Claudine Auger (Domino) narrowly escapes a torture session at the hands of the man who beds her before and after having her favorite brother killed.

The only decent thing, logical thing, sensible, exciting and entertaining 'thing' in this film is the sequence in which SPECTRE members steal Nukes from a downed RAF's Vulcan bombers.

However, there is a really big acion sequence which takes place under water, which is really lazy shot, and above all confusing.

Another con is that first twenty minutes are pretty hard to follow.

Almost 50 years ago now, many of the special effects look very crude by today's standards, but for me it is a more enjoyable "007" movie than some of the more recent ones.

Two years later, You Only Live Twice (1967) would be even more spectacular, but the movie somewhat lacked a sense of danger, Sean Connery seemed bored to play James Bond, and Bond himself was too passive throughout the film.

A couple of high points worthy of note are some great gadgetry (I love the splitting boat),and the rather exciting finale which features a well done underwater fight scene.

However there are very many who really enjoy this film and I'm one of them, it's still one of the most solid and enjoyable entries in the series and ultimately satisfying.

If you want a good James Bond film for a fun night in, choose either the brilliant classic ‘Goldfinger', which proceeded ‘Thunderball', or the action packed ‘You only live Twice', which came after it.

And Bond's invincibility in fight scenes is a little tedious.

And Thunderball is slow, painfully slow.

Underwater scenes slow down action .

I mean, some people may find it boring, but I found it intriguing.

This is a very effects-intensive film and it would be rewarded with a deserving Oscar.

Villains: Adolfo Celi is a contender for the most boring Bond villain of all time as Largo, simply giving someone as eyepatch doesn't make them interesting.

THUNDERBALL is one of the harder 007 movies for me to comment on because, and I'm not exaggerating, this movie bores me to the point where I have a hard time paying full attention to it.

Connery has the character he disliked so much at it's zenith, the plot is gripping & the action spectacular.

The fight in the runaway boat was totally contrived looking, and none of the combatants bled a drop.

Just imagine how boring is to watch "Death on the Nile" once somebody has told you who the murderer is.

It was inevitable that in their next Bond outing, they would make it bigger, more action packed, and louder than Goldfinger.

Both had very little personality and frankly were dull in almost every way (you can probably guess how they weren't).

That doesn't make "Thunderball" better, but it does make it the first most lavish "Bond" entry and an exciting one in ways new to the franchise.

Still, this is a Bond movie, and well worth watching.

They are way too slow paced and really long to watch.

Much of this film takes place underwater and this leads to it moving at a slow pace, especially during the last hour.

And then there was the utterly boring and pointless 'Mardi Gras' sequence!

forces engage Largo and his men in a long, drawn-out underwater battle.

*** end spoilers ***However, it's still a very entertaining movie and it's also the first Bond in 2.35:1. For widescreen addicts like me, this is certainly a huge plus.

It soon becomes repetitive shots of two men floating in circles trying to best each other along with a few wide shots where rising air bubbles are potentially distracting.

He makes some of the underwater scenes more enjoyable and, like Connery, he is firmly settled into his role by this point.

Despite some flaws "Thunderball" is an entertaining Bond episode.

And they're still entertaining.

This longest chapter of the franchise, up till then, seems like a literal waste of time, for as far as brain is concerned, it doesn't have the ability to provoke us in using it.

They're both classic Sean Connery James Bond's, with mid-60's outlandishness, inventiveness and innocence shining through holey, nonsensical and entertaining plots, and both have stood the test of time and generations of critical carping.

After this tedious middle it does pick up when Bond escapes through the carnival and the final underwater fight scene and the part on the boat are also impressive, it's just a shame it couldn't reach a consistent level.

The film is enjoyable entertainment from start to finish but there are boring bits in between the action sequences which are far bigger and impressive for its time.

It's way too overlong and sometimes (the first quarter especially) very confusing.

Sean Connery is now looking bored silly and is surprisingly flat in this movie, which is a surprise after 3 great performances before.

From the exciting pre credit sequence where he straps on a rocket bag to make his escape from a château after a vicious combat with a SPECTRE member, to another entanglement with another SPECTRE member in a health centre, from his being drawn into the operation to retrieve the bombs and his lethal cat and mouse game with the beautiful female assassin Fiona Volpe and her boss Largo which culminates in an epic underwater battle, Connery holds his own and proves without a doubt why most people still regard him as the best Bond ever.

The opening half-hour, as many have said, is very confusing and not a little dull.

It was still very entertaining in its own right.

Some of the 'action' scenes are painfully slow - largely because 'underwater' features heavily in the film's plot (about Spectra trying to blackmail the world governments using nuclear weapons).

Largo is such a dull villian (you can tell hes evil becuase he has a eye patch)that he must be trying to bore Bond to death, a trick which nearly works on the audience.

Martine Beswick (who I saw earlier this week in an Italian Western, incidentally) is the most fun to me because her character is sort of sneaky and unpredictable (relatively speaking).

Then we have a brief but rollicking car chase featuring the iconic Aston Martin DB5 as well as an intense foot chase through a crowded carnival procession.

Many folks will say that it makes this one of the duller movies.

I enjoyed it a lot then and I enjoy it now.

Although Largo does participate in the proud tradition of Bond villains by having a pool filled with man-eating sharks, he's dull and not as menacing as Goldfinger and has no memorable henchman.

The pre-title scene contains one of the series' most rousing and creative brawls followed by one its most delightful surprises.

The plot has all the makings for an intense story, though it is told well enough it never takes full advantage of what could have been a gripping story.

All in all, very enjoyable, highly recommended.

The action,even if mostly underwater,is exciting,including Bond escaping from a shark pool,and climaxing in a spectacular underwater battle which is still awesome in it's sheer scale and a thrilling fight on an out of control boat.

Terence Young's direction is stylishly old-fashioned (lots of long shots, few close-ups) yet searingly intense in scenes of violence.

The lengthy underwater sequences look grand enough, but precisely because they are underwater it becomes difficult to follow the action, and confusion and boredom set in.

Lastly, the movie usually makes the espionage world of James Bond pretty entertaining.

Terence Young may have shaped the whole look of the Bond films for years to come, but with scenes were the action should be rousing he fails.

There indeed are more girls, gadgets, and gats, but they slow down the story.

Most of the film feels like James Bond on holiday and that isn't a bad thing, but it makes everything seem slow and a bit uninteresting.

But the plot gets bogged down in all of the tedious underwater sequences.

This is the last time we see Connery at his best portraying 007 before he was eventually bored with the in later entries, particularly in "Diamonds are Forever".

Martine Beswick is underused as Bond's ally Paula and is a bit of a pointless addition.

The opening intro where Bond uses the famous, though silly looking, rocket jet-pack to escape, the SPECTRE briefing scene where mysterious faceless leader executes a traitor, Bond's unrelenting attempts to seduce a nurse in health clinic and the already mentioned underwater battle, though long very beautiful, are all worth the watch.

While the narrative itself meanders somewhat throughout the hefty 130-minute duration (requiring extensive underwater footage), the plot involving SPECTRE's appropriation of atom bombs for extortion purposes is both topical (in view of the recent Cuban missile crisis and the ongoing Cold War) and suspenseful.

Unfortunately, for however many of the film's previous strengths, the film descends into utter chaos during the film's final quarter with a painfully repetitive and indecipherable underwater battle (it is increasingly difficult to tell which underwater army is which, who is winning, or why it should even retain our interest) a boat chase flaunting special effects which have dated decidedly unfavourably, and laughably inexplicable character motivations seemingly thrown in to finally tie up the increasingly unravelling mess.

as with all other Connery Bond films, this is worth watching a few times for sheer enjoyment

So if one can skip the underwater sequences and overlook Celi, Thunderball is a pretty entertaining ride.

However, the film does boast some strong cinematography (and some stunning locations), the action sequences (including a tense chase sequence through a Mardi Gras parade) are solid, and an unreasonably catchy Tom Jones title track surprisingly helps not hinders the film.

It would be criminal to avoid mention of Tom Jones' sublime title song, which introduces the stunning sounds of the brass and musical motifs that appear throughout the film.

I hate how people sometimes detest that the underwater fight scenes go for too long, for me they're pretty entertaining and I really can't see how people can't find this scene fun, the makers tried really hard to make it so give them some credit.

Conclusion: Thunderball has just enough engaging elements to keep things entertaining despite its many flaws.

Bond fighting of henchmen and sharks is pretty cool at first, but it gets boring quickly.

What you get is 'action' scenes set underwater, therefore they're - by definition - slow moving and it's hard to tell who's who with all the scuba gear.

The song is rather slow for my taste, and the lyrics are downright annoying.

Casual viewers my find it a bit boring, though.

But some scenes especially the ones near the end go on for far too long and are very clunky and dark making it hard to see who's fighting who underwater.

The script does a good job of sneaking in the times when Bond must use them, which makes the movie that much more exciting.

"Thunderball" spends far too much time displaying the mundane.

It's not terrible, but it's incredibly boring.

It goes on way too long and the shots of the battle overhead make one ask why didn't they just strafe the area from a helicopter?

On a more general note, though, it is the fascinating andintricate story that makes Thunderball such a good installment in the Bond series, as well as excellently created tension throughout the film.

Best Bond movie starring Sean Connery - Spectacular, thrilling, bondian, and action-packed.

Instead, I was bored out of my mind.

The problem is that they went on for far too long.

Connery still cuts it as the suave and cool super spy, he certainly gets more physical stuff to do, Celi is good as the eye- patch wearing villain, Auger is definitely the least memorable Bond girl of all, you could argue that a majority of the film is set underwater, but there are plenty of action packed scenes out the water as well, overall it is a worthwhile spy adventure.

From action sequence to witty lines, suspenseful plotting and interesting character's the script by Richard Maibaum and John Hopkins brings together everything that makes a good Bond film.

The rest is an overlong bore in my opinion .

The picture contains Connery's stylish acting , comic-strip adventure , sensational pursuits , spectacular set pieces , great stunts , tongue-in check humor , frantic unstopped action , amazing gimmicks and stimulating images like are the spectacular chases , the overwhelming underwater scenes made by Ricou Browning , and the breathtaking fights .

As a big James Bond Fan I can say that this is one of the most boring film under the Bond name!

But this one is still quite entertaining when it gets over itself.

What results is McClory's vision of Bond, which is overall dull.

The underwater battle at the end, while beautifully choreographed, got very boring after a while.

But it's far from compelling for this movie fan.

and on the subject of SPECTRE, i find this evil organization to be a very entertaining concept.

The script too could be really, really exciting, with Largo and SPECTRE holding the world to ransom with Nuclear Hardware [one wishes Guy Hamilton had been given this to direct] But the direction and acting is too slow, and this makes it uninteresting.

Pre-Titles: We get a really exciting pre-titles sequence that sees Bond engage in a vicious fight with a SPECTRE agent who was disguised as a woman before fleeing via jetpack.

Enjoyable title song and stirring musical score fitting to action by John Barry in his classic style , the score allegedly still contains riffs from Monty Norman's work on ¨Doctor No¨.

THUNDERBALL is More Style than Substance and, Worst of All, Dull .

Some aspects seems a little dated today but still worth watching over and over.

A lot of people have made negative comments about Moore's films like "A View To a kill" or "Octopussy", but at least they were entertaining.

I am also a little bit minded to think that the underwater scenes dragged out a little.

Anyway, what I liked about this film was that it had just about all of the ingredients that have made this series so entertaining.

I thought the story was very good and quite entertaining.

You've never seen anything like this, and it's very enjoyable to watch.

It is a disappointment indeed to see what started out with such promise sink into such a banal conclusion.

It all gets so tedious that the camera even occasionally wanders from the fight to explore some of the colourful underwater wildlife.

It's the hallmark of "Thunderball", the underwater sequences, that slow it down the most.

Some of these ("It's sooo boring!!

The film's spectacular underwater finalé is well staged and the cinematography is good, but it lacks a sense of genuine excitement, the action seemingly moving at half speed, failing to generate the adrenaline rush one might expect from a climatic Bond battle.

Thunderball keeps you on the edge of your seat and time really went by fast in this iconic spy film.

Besides the frogmen, the movie also offers viewers a brief glimpse of a real, fully operational jet pack (designed for short-range military use) and a look at an exciting Skyhook rescue.

Claudine Auger is one stunning-looking woman and her acting skills are above average for the time.

Basically, I think one of the major problems with this film is that it's too slow.

His handling of the Junkanoo carnival chase (one of the best sequences in the series) is a riot of exciting vibrant colour.

Action: The action ranges from decent to horrendously boring.

Connery gets in a slew of amusing wisecracks, but overall, it's still formulaic and nothing remotely special.

People have criticised it as being boring, slow, and with too many gadgets.

Mechanical chairs that kill their user, high-tech underwater weaponry, amazing gadgets and stunning women make this a truly memorable picture.

The only drawback with this film is some confusion at the end of the film with the underwater sequencing.

My biggest complaint aside from the dull moments of this movie is the much appraised underwater climactic scene.

For one,there are too many action scenes underwater,and they feel more boring than exciting.

It is a long adventure that might strain the patience of many viewers, but I think it's classy, sexy, exciting stuff.

The action in this opening scene is intense, and a number of really cool gadgets are put on display, like the jetpack, and the iconic Aston Martin makes a grand return.

The action is slower underwater, and the people can be obscured by the action.

Empty thunder.

Other than that, Thunderball has a clichéd villain (he even has an eye patch), boring action sequences, forgettable Bond girls, and an unrealistic climax.

Thunderball looks big and epic, but it is really something of an empty shell, drowning in its own underwater world.

Thunderball typifies the early James Bond era with a lot of great use of color, great soundtrack from John Barry and some exciting fight sequences throughout.

Too many boring underwater scenes .

2 points "Bond, James Bond": Could it be that Connery is getting bored with the character already?

An Enjoyable Film from an Equally Enjoyable Series .

With Sean Connery in top form, 'Thunderball' is worth a look, both as an entertaining spy adventure, and as a characteristic entry into the James Bond canon.

The film is still exciting...

This film is entertaining in a lot of areas, while incorporating quite a bit of action sequences into the equation.

Finally the villain who was wonderfully played by Adolfo Celi - Largo was a fascinating character.

I found it slow moving, fight scenes underwater that went on, and on, and on way too long.

It's the most lacking in entertainment value, contains Connery's worst performance as Bond outside of "Diamonds are Forever" (he's still alright, though), an uninspired score from genius composer John Barry, features a middling, mostly uninteresting plot and villains that will never rank among the more memorable among 007's screen adventures, and is incredibly bloated and somewhat stale, culminating in a climatic action scene that amounts to little more than a waste of all the effort that must have gone into filming the underwater scenes.

a bit of a snoozer...

This film involved a lot of scenes involving water, but I'm not complaining, because it was really fascinating to see that instead of the usual dry land scenes.

‘Thunderball' does have some fantastic underwater scenes featuring beautiful scenery, but, as many reviews here say, the underwater sequences go on way too long.

The film simply gets a bit boring at times.

Adolfo Celi turns in a rather dull performance as the main villain, Emilio Largo, and although Claudine Auger looks good in a diving suit, she does not make Domino one of the more memorable Bond girls.

It is because it is too slow.

The next we see Bond is shrublands which starts the slow pace.

Domino--the fierce, hotblooded and spunky woman of Fleming's novel--is now cold and distant; Largo--originally conceived as a sort of evil mirror image of Bond--has been miscast and turned into a dull mafia reject; and Bond---well, he's not given very much to do.

Like mentioned in many other reviews, the underwater sequences are really slow and boring.

Some claim Thunderballs underwater scenes boring.

Its a dull film all throughout the runtime.

But the movie's many underwater scenes -- which at times slow the plot to a crawl -- prove to be a big liability.

He had already done so many exciting things in the good but a little boring "Dr.

Furthermore, the direction and the screenplay are all top-notch and while the editing in the film's climax could do with some work, the climax is one of the most exciting in the series.

And that context made them extremely enjoyable (when made well).

The pace is a lot slower this time around.

With all of that said, what makes the film worth watching are the amazing underwater sequences.

As overlong and let down by some unfortunate overuse of budget and dated special effects as the film may be, Thunderball is nonetheless a noteworthy and suitably engaging early Bond effort.

Sadly this would be his last great performance as Bond because he had grown bored of playing the role.

The girls are abundant, pretty and very willing as always, however I found them a bit similar looking and sometimes it was confusing who was who if one was dosing off after a big X-Mas dinner.

Since a lot of this film is related to the sea and being under water it was quite enjoyable to watch some good action sequences under water.

Also the reappearance of the Aston Martin from Goldfinger early on, a villain in drag( shades of Diamonds Are Forever, but very daring for 1965) and SPECTRE's secret headquarters made the first half hour very entertaining.

), this was surprisingly dull.

It may not have some of the more iconic Bond moments or villains, but it's about as fun and exciting as they come.

The most cinematic of all Fleming novels, the movie is quite faithful to its source material while adding some welcomed changes (the character of Fiona Volpe for example) an therefore making it a more entertaining movie-going experience.

This section is actually pretty slow, and is devoted more to setting up the rest of the plot and characters than explosions and gun fights.

As I've stated the underwater scenes drag on for too long and given how slow they are it can get quite tedious.

The film is still exciting...

Is he going to make another serious Bond film which resembles a spy thriller, or a silly but still entertaining Bond flick as Goldfinger was!

Thunderball, which was the most successful James Bond movie in terms of ticket sales, is an exciting ride.

I've read quite a few comments stating that the underwater scenes dragged on too long, but I must say that I felt even that bit to be quite entertaining and thrilling.

For me, it strays to close into the same slow moving teritory as Dr No [1962] and From Russia With Love [1963].

Here, he accidentally stumbles onto a horrible plot--one of the more exciting ideas from the Bond films.

Entertaining Underwater Adventure .

More intense than "Goldfinger," it sees SPECTRE at its most aggressive.

This gripping slightly less action based plot is always entertaining through a snappy quickly written plot with many action scenes to sustain audience interest.

Call me ebullient, but this is easily one of the best Bond films to have graced the silver screen, powered by its gratifying, absorbing and exciting nature.

That being said, it's all still very enjoyable and provides Connery the room needed to show off some great Bond moments, like when he steals a grape from a bad guy's room.

S navy SEALS was a rousing segment of action.

This movie is long and slow paced and definitely way out of style.

Thunderball still takes itself relatively seriously, with several surprisingly dark moments, which help counterbalance the slightly comical yet still thrilling sight of of seeing Connery in a jet pack, and dramatically aid the overall quality of the film.

As is like a roller-coaster , as is fast-paced , light, excitement, funny and entertaining ; it's a winner for oo7 fans and non-fans alike .

This one is a bit overlong and moves a little slower.

The cinematography is beautiful to look at, but even that gets boring when the underwater sequences are so dull with scuba scenes that failed to maintain my interest.

The start of the film is very confusing also – you really have to listen extra carefully to follow it.

A better villain is Fiona Volpe (Paluzzi), a quite stunning visual specimen whose sexual appeal; aggression and involvement, epitomised when they are clay pigeon shooting and she puts him in his place with a series of lines of dialogue, has her stand out more.

There's also no dialogue going on underwater, so these scuba sequences just feel rather dull now.

worst movie of 2006 .

Thunderball had all the hallmarks of a classic with its exotic locations, stunning scenery and electrifying charisma, intellect and style which would make Leslie Phillips look like less flattering Pinky (Pinky and the Brain) The basic plot of the plot of the movie involves James Bond (Sean Connery) involved in a sadistic plan by vain Ernst Stavro Blofeld to threaten to detonate two major bombs in a powerful city in the U.

well a bit dull compared to the others due to long instances of no dialogue and not much action.

Each new scene offers something that's either thrilling or alluring.

Thunderball is an example of a Bond film that starts out interesting, but turns boring and excessive towards the end.

Film made a stunning $141 million at the box office!

Claudine Anger is certainly attractive enough, but her character is bit limp and nowhere near as entertaining as Honor Blackman's Pussy Galore was.

But the biggest problem with "Thunderball" are its long, tedious and chaotic underwater scenes.

The fourth Bond film, while no "Goldfinger", is nonetheless an enjoyable movie.

Thunderball, while good, is super-slow and not all that interesting.

It is also clear that Connery is as enjoyable as ever as Bond, the locations are wonderful and that there is an interesting story at the root of it all.

The film opens with an exciting and involving pre-title sequence that shows Bond (Sean Connery) narrowly escaping death when he once again butts heads with an agent of SPECTRE (they seem to turn up everywhere!

Overall, it is still a very enjoyable movie, and better by far for sheer tension than many later ones of the 70's and early 80's.

The name's Bland, James Bland.

It's one of the best ones until that extremely boring underwater scene.

The entire 20 minute action sequence leading up to the films' finale is nearly unwatchable as there is too much going on, too many henchman swimming around thus rendering it impossible to tell who is who and who is doing what and it is too damn dark to try and make any sense of it anyway.

There are also far too many slow scenes that really tend to drag on.

While better than the first two, Dr. No and From Russia with Love, but nowhere near the exciting adventure of Goldfinger, this chapter was simply, just there.

Thunderball is moderately entertaining, although it's so slow paced compared to the latest Bond movies today's youngsters will find it dull.

In a series where the titles tend to be a play on words or catch phrases, THUNDERBALL stands out for its banality.

There are also numerous underwater scenes that, while advanced for its time, become tedious due to poor editing, especially the muddled, climactic battle scene that seems to go on forever, sapping all excitement.

This movie is hands down one of the worst movies to ever be a box-office blockbuster.

‘Never Say Never Again', the 1980's remake again with Sean, is 100 times better and much more enjoyable and entertaining.

Just as the underwater scenes, the ending fight between Bond and the villain is drawn out way too long.

The same thing goes for the music, John Barry returns for the fourth time providing us with the tunes of the title song and the traditional theme music, the music score itself ranges from dark and brooding to upbeat and exciting and even romantic.

Bond's by play with M, Q and Felix Leiter (Nutter very enjoyable and more charismatic than Cec Linder in Goldfinger) is well scripted and performed.

Lots of people have brayed--with the regularity of sheep--about how supposedly slow and dull the underwater sequences are.

This leads to a final act that becomes ponderous.

The movie begins with an excellently choreographed fistfight followed by a rousing jetpack ride.

A competent villain, a thrilling adventure in an unusual setting, great Bond Babes and one of the series' all-time best scenes.

Soon Bond is in the Bahamas, facing villain Emilio Largo (Italian actor Adolfo Celi), his sexy 'hit' woman, Fiona Volpe (sexy Italian Luciana Paluzzi), and the actual NATO pilot's sister, Largo's mistress, Domino (breathtaking ex-Miss France Claudine Auger).

Despite its brief appearance, the Spectre office is a gorgeous Ken Adams set that is simply breathtaking.

This is a very entertaining James Bond flick.

) which I find fascinating, and adds to all of these Points of Extensiveness I just say here.

L007K UP, LOO7K DOWN, L007K OUT; This Bond Movie comes down to earth with a dull Bang.

The plot fails to hold the attention either, which is a pity because the basic scenario - SPECTRE steals two nuclear missiles and holds the world to ransom - had the potential to be much more exciting.

Riveting and fancy main titles by habitual Maurice Binder , he returned to the series to design the main title sequence for this movie after being absent from the previous two Bond movies ; for the opening main title sequence, title designer Binder filmed swimmers swimming naked in black and white before adding in the color by an optical process afterward.

1/4 of Thunderball involves underwater action sequences, and especially during the third act it starts to feel dragged out ; 15 minutes could have been trimmed off easily.

It's brimming with colorful and fascinating cinematography by cameraman Ted Moore .

Some will argue that this dates the movie horribly, but in my opinion the utilisation of this technique makes the action scenes in older movies like this one all the more enjoyable.