Ticker (2001) - Action, Crime, Thriller

Hohum Score



After a San Francisco detective's partner is murdered by Northern Irish terrorists, the officer joins the bomb squad in order to bring them to justice.

IMDB: 3.6
Director: Albert Pyun
Stars: Tom Sizemore, Dennis Hopper
Length: 92 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 35 out of 95 found boring (36.84%)

One-line Reviews (73)

Hmmm.. maybe bringing (Tom Sizemore) himself would be good idea as his own twin brother, OH YEAH that would've made it more worth watching !

But otherwise, pure entertaining value (i mean, almost no artistic)!

The story was a fair one, the characters and their backgrounds quite engrossing.

A very slow movie with almost no martial arts.

There is no acting, hot moments, or anything exciting at all (except one witty surprise in the end).

Albert Pyun is sometimes very good and funny(BRAIN SMASHER, NEMESIS, CYBORG), but sometimes boring as hell(NEMESIS 2,3,4, CRAZY SIX).

but everything gets confusing and lost.

However, within the first 20 mins of this film, the only thing that was apparant was that it had no story, it had been shot on a lower than standard quality film which was far beneath TV movie quality, the editing was riddled with mistakes, the lines were very badly written and that the film was saturated with irritating cheap electronic background music present in practically every single scene.

On Deadly Ground is very confusing and fast.

the storyline was confusion, the scences where mixed up very bad and i thougth there where some explosions of some other movies in there.

A waste of money.

Don't waste your time with this – it is telling that simply by viewing it, I actually invested more time and effort than many of those involved.

The delivery of it lacks any sort of urgency and I was actually surprised by just how lacklustre the whole thing was – the "big" finish is a fine example, as it is plodding and as exciting as cold tea.

You watch and wonder how long this plot-less, stock footage montage of action can go on.

He is usually in entertaining movies with very good fight scenes.

The film editing leaves you thinking you fell asleep during large periods of plot development (blink and you'll miss it, or sometimes they just won't show it).

Steven Seagal (fearless Zen Warrior and leader of the Bomb Squad) and Tom Sizemore (a Cop on the edge) team up to foil his evil plans.

It is the worst movie that I saw in the last years!

It starts slow and stays that way.

Mr Tom Sizemore plays a "burnout" cop on the edge(yawn,yawn) and Mr Dennis Hopper beats his personal best as an Irish Terrorist in a performance beyond the wildest dreams of scenery - chewing camp.

The story features a terrorist bomber who is blowing up the city (Die Hard), a cop on the edge (Lethal Weapon) and Steven Seagal (Under Siege).

For normal people is Ticker an OK movie, but for filmfans is realy, really familiar and boring.

BORING is an "easy" word to describe this movie .

The cliche ridden,tedium inducing script and flat,uninteresting dialogue are the first of many noticeably bad factors to the film.

In fact, it is their worst movie ever.

Very derivative, lazy and uninteresting story.

Don't waste your time watching this junk.

Tom Sizemore is a cop on the edge (his wife and son were killed by a car bomb) and he and his partner stumble on the mad bombers plotting to blow up some stuff.

The story is a jumbled mess,confusing and disjointed,and the film also has a really tatty,cheap feel,especially in the action sequences.

San Francisco Detective Ray Nettles (Sizemore) is a cop on the edge, with a new partner named Fuzzy (Nas).

This is a real entertaining flick.

either way i've watched games of lawn bowls that are more entertaining.. in closing.. this is now one of my favourite bad movies of all time

for me one of the worst movies ever.

as long as you set your expectations to the levels these other reviewers have set them, it will be a reasonably entertaining film, if almost immediatly forgettable.

Don't waste your time!.

the plot revolves around hopper, a madman bombing buildings all over the joint while sizemore is the 'cop on the edge'.

Though it will probably not be the quality of any of the previous movies they starred in, it must be good enough to waste your time on.

Dennis Hopper was very uninspiring as the villain.

dont waste your money !

The end scene with the bombs was particularly exciting with, what i now like to call, 'Seagal Time' where Seagal can slow down time and make 1 minute seem like an hour, in which he had time to give a nice little speech and teach Sizemore how to defuse a, excuse me, treat a device.

I fell asleep the end and was only disturbed from my slumber by a lot of banging going on (guns or bombs, or guns and bombs).

And Seagal looked like he was bored with the whole thing,and just wanted to be paid so he could go home.

and nothing happens!

The acting is worse than only bad ,it's horrible , action is extremely boring, screenplay was written by 4 year old kid.

Sadly, this is a predictable film, which really needs to have a large humour injection.

Seagal does the same and mumbles lots of "deep" stuff, confusing mumbling with being cool.

one of the worst movies ever .

The stunning stunts of Steven Seagal are amazing, the one he jumped of the roof and landed on the object he actually broke his fingernail in that scene, amazing.

It was so boring here to wait that long to watch him in a fight (and it was just ONE fight !

Tom Sizemore plays a cop on the edge.

Entertaining value (not much) .

Sizemore looks bored.

No, this i one of the worst movies I've ever seen, crap acting to a crap plot by everyone.

In what seems like a bid budget for a B Movie, Pyun didn't know how to take advantage of that, and the result is a slow-moving, sometimes boring, confusing action flick.

Take my word for it, don't waste your time or money watching this film.

This is a typical cliche story; bad cop trying to get his act together and save San Francisco from lunatic bomber.

Margolis must take a large part of the blame for his painfully cliche'd screenplay.

These films were at least entertaining, and far more watchable.

This must be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Unwatchable mess.

I only have seen the five first minutes and I'm sure that this is one of the worst movies in the last five years.

Ticker must be one of the worst movies ever made.

In fact, he was actually quite boring in this film.

B for boring.

Seagal and Hopper's worst movie.

Sizemore is Nettles, a cop on the edge who is going to blow if he doesn't went some of his frustration from having his wife and son blown up by a car bomb (or so his partners say).

I nominate this movie as the worst movie of 2001, maybe even for the whole history of filmmaking!

And those three hombres are probably the only reason to watch this dull movie.

but as the movie dragged on it became obvious.

During one of my frequent visits to IMDb, I checked out Albert Pyun's page of cinematic offenses, and noticed that the guy is responsible for at least half of what I would call the worst movies of the 90's.

This film was so bad that it was worth watching just to see how bad it could get!

If an eighth grade class raided their parents liquor cabinet, passed around a bottle, got good and loaded and took it upon themselves to make their own version of every 90's action cliché, it would look something like Ticker, a wonderfully inept mad bomber tale that starts at rock bottom and cheerfully drills farther down, as well as into critics collective patience, it seems.

The action is very cheap looking, as it relies on boring looking explosions and stock footage taken from other films.