Tideland (2005) - Drama, Fantasy, Horror

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Because of the actions of her irresponsible parents, a young girl is left alone on a decrepit country estate and survives inside her fantastic imagination.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: Terry Gilliam
Stars: Jeff Bridges, Jennifer Tilly
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 56 out of 201 found boring (27.86%)

One-line Reviews (164)

Richard Roeper said it nearly made him walk out of the theater, which ought to be recommendation enough right there.

and fascinating.

It was very unexpected for me.

Definitely worth watching!

This form was so outrageously boring I wanted to turn it off and break the DVD.

Once the action moves to the Prairies, however, I found the film predictable and not daring enough.

Even the Brothers Grimm, while easily his weakest film, was still pretty entertaining.

The camera movements were almost interesting, but became tiresome quickly with overuse.

I'm yawning now.

Anyone looking for 'formulaic' had better look elsewhere.

Her performance is the glue that beyond the beautiful cinematography, the masterful script, and the intense atmosphere, hold the film together.

There are people who found this film too dark, strange, and twisted; the critic's consensus even calls it unwatchable.

The result is a plodding, forgettable tale.

The main trouble with this movie is simple - it is boring and not very captivating.

You can name all novels, short stories or the movies about the little girls escaping their dreadful realities in the world of their imagination as well as "Wizard of Oz", Tennessee Williams' plays, Roman Polanski's "Repulsion" and one of the most stunning screen adaptations of "Alice in Wonderland", Jan Svankmajer's "Alice".

Tideland is repetitive and of unbearable length.

yawn .

While the story was compelling, the only question I found myself asking was "boy, wouldn't it be strange if...

All of the acting is absolutely stunning, ESPECIALLY Jodelle Ferland.

The most surprising thing of all is how dull it is.

The pointless eccentricities of the characters make viewing Tideland as profound as watching corn grow.

One of the worst movies ever made .

This of course leads to some pretty intense and dark scenes.

Being unpredictable is hard for most filmmakers.

Gilliam's was intense, concise...

It's everything we've come to expect from Gilliam; evocative and richly beautiful visuals, unforgettable characters, wonderful black humour, and disturbing imagery.

What a waste of time, money and energy.

The first half of the movie, though slow, did involve me with its disturbing characters and situations, and its entrancing visual style.

My Inner Child was Bored.

In summary, this was a big waste of my time and money and I feel like I would have been better off never having seen this movie.

Secondly, what triggers her imagination is SIMPLY GROTESQUE and UNBEARABLE.

this movie is boring and you know it.

This was a good film and has a chilling plot, it just felt a bit tedious and the time seemed to go a lot slower compared to movies like "Pan's Labyrinth" and "Bridge to Terabithia" which also has to deal with reality and the imagination colliding.

The story itself would've been intriguing enough, even without the great actors, in that it exposes the psyche of a young girl named Jeliza-Rose (Ferland) who must deal with the unpredictable, drug-addled behavior of her short-lived parents Queen (Tilly) and Noah (Bridges).

Technically it's breathtaking, an ambiance of suspense and mystery with a beautiful and wistful score.

I was getting sleepy around Act 3 cause it tended to drag and the story became predictable.

Many will be turned off by the film due to it's intense content and the many lines it crosses.

" I think it is a very scary film, probably even scarier for children, many of whom would find it extremely entertaining even though they probably should not be allowed to watch it.

However, it is extremely well directed and shot, highly 'psychadelic' (whatever that means), demanding in terms of patience and attention, darkly comic, and entertaining.

The description was fascinating.

The curiosity and the confusion over attraction mixed with revulsion that is the reality of an adolescent girl's perceptions is brilliantly manifested in Dickens' character.

unpredictable, to say the least.

They're strange, unpredictable creatures, somewhat brain damaged, who are obsessed with (symbolic) devices like submarines.

Tideland is pretentious and disgusting, and I can't understand why Gilliam would have made it in the first place.

But this film has an absorbing quality too, and I find that if I turn it on I am compelled to watch all of it.

He is lacking the very qualities that would make him a man, thus leaving him entirely dependent on the care of the girl who is eventually left alone against a landscape of devastation and confusion.

but so so boring.

If you watch the movie with that in mind it's an unforgettable picture with striking visuals in a world between dream and reality, starring breathtaking child actress Jodelle Ferland and the no less superb Brendan Fletcher as a lunatic with a plan.

The movie is very fine on tone and atmosphere but failed for its slow story.

Brief scenes of grotesque ugliness bookend a staggeringly dull, seemingly endless story where basically nothing happens.

Disturbing and yet beautiful film, but also a bit tedious .

In Tideland, he relies on the acting, which is good but pointless without a crafty story.

This film is certainly worth watching, though falls short in content.

For about the first 40 minutes I kept wishing something interesting and unexpected would happen, and then when it finally started to, it wasn't dramatic enough or it didn't seem to fit with what I believed to be the backbone of the story.

It's merely a prolonged empty jabber which I refer to as "gilliamspeak".

This won't be the best film you've ever seen, not by a long shot, but it will be one of the most fascinating, and will leave it's mark on any watcher for a very long time.

As you can imagine, there were people who walked out of the theatre.

A little, cute girl's bored, so her imagination wanders...

" This whole movie was a waste of time and I could have gone my entire lifetime without letting these disturbing, grotesque images into my mind, thank you very much.

I'll believe Terry Gilliam is capable of making an unwatchable film when I believe I'd turn down an "indecent proposal" from Halle Berry.

A young girl playing up her femininity with a slightly slow young man does not constitute anything close to pedophilia.

It's a pretentious folly - it tries so hard to shock that it comes off like an old John Waters film without the youthful snickering and it seems to think that if you wrap it all in very forced allusions to "Alice in Wonderland," you've got yourself some art.

I hadn't heard a single thing about this movie before I saw it, which is pretty rare for me, and I suspect that I enjoyed it more as a result.

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

Gillian has done some great things this is not one of them, really it ultimately is a waste of time and Fletcher probably belongs in a hall of shame somewhere for this performance.

Strange, disturbing, and pointless .

But beyond the brilliance of the narrative, this film boasts tremendous acting (Jeff Bridges in all states is perfect throughout the film) and surrealistically compelling cinematography (pause the film at pretty much any moment and you have a perfectly composed, visually brilliant shot).

Her intense (to us, as adult viewers), bizarre experiences are created in large part, from interactions with the strange, selfish, and often ugly universes of the adults she is surrounded by.

You'll probably be bored though; I only described the flaws that mattered most to me.

You can of course try and search for an inner message if you want - but I doubt you'll make it to the end of the movie, considering how painfully boring it is.

Yikes, what a snore!

Tideland starts by plunging me back into Fear & Loathing, so unbearable a film that I couldn't finish it.

But if you haven't seen that supreme and pure fantasy, go away and watch it right now) Terry Gilliam's Tideland is a movie that deserved, and deserves, a much better reception than it got in the theaters, to which it was barely released, and from the critics, who found it "disturbing and mostly unwatchable" according to Rotten Tomatoes.

This film is in the top 2 worst movies ever .

It is engrossing with some haunting moments and wonderful performances by the entire cast.

I suppose I have to credit a movie, though, that has (SPOILERS) talking doll heads, comatose heroin addicts, a one-eyed bee lady, a tongue-kissing granny, a magic rabbit hole, stuffed rotting corpses, a rib cage point-of-view shot, dynamite, a train wreck, etc, etc, etc, and it STILL manages to BORE me senseless.

The ideal flick for people who believe that being bored by a movie means it is artistic and intelligent.

I was disgusted with myself for having enjoyed it.

The biggest risk about seeing this movie is falling asleep.

The movie can be a little confusing at times, as the narrator is a little girl and the filming takes the girl's perspective on things, using very subtle effects to achieve what I felt to be a very accurate portrayal of the world inside a little girl's mind.

I can't really grade this film, as it is so weird and at the same time compelling.

Often there are a number of "voices" taking at the same time, so it can get exceedingly confusing.

Boring comes to mind.

But it's honestly not all that shocking, disturbing or even scary, it's just creepy, leaden and dull.

Gilliam at his most self-indulgent; Two hours of pure tedium .

Beyond that, I had no expectations -- I knew nothing of the plot, setting, actors, etc.The opening scene of the little girl hiding in an upturned bus and squealing with delight when a train roars by was great and intriguing, and it was followed by some amusing scenes of her family life.

Admittedly, the cinematography has moments of brilliance, especially during the outdoor wide angle shots, but this is interspersed with a repeated use of skewed camera angles which becomes tiresome and ineffective after a few minutes.

I would've gave this a 10 but the story got boring near the ending so it lost a point there.

Tideland: Unsettling, Engrossing, Insightful .

No wait, it's also one-dimensional, creepy, poorly edited and has as much point as nailing a dead raccoon to the ceiling, and I'm pretty sure that was found somewhere in this dreary schizophrenia.

I mean this film is a self-indulgent "art" piece that's sole purpose is to make the audience feel repulsed and uncomfortable.

His direction in Tideland is purposeful, sure-handed, as precise as a brain surgeon's scalpel, yet with the same sense of whelming confusion and malicious paranoia that he accomplished in the much less focused Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

I found this film oddly intriguing, actually...

Unwatchable it most emphatically is not.

Tideland is too long and it needed a better edition and the movie could have had 30 minutes less and,like that,the movie could have been more dynamic.

The many breaks I took here, and throughout what was to follow, were to some small degree motivated by discomfort by what was portrayed, but mostly I was just bored.

I thought it started with Alice getting bored with her sister's no-picture books??!!!!

TIDELAND is compelling, beautiful, dark, tragic, weird, magical, and darkly funny.

Tideland was, although not particularly thought provoking, very well executed, entertaining and at times modestly shocking.

It was so horribly pointless that I did not want to stop watching it in hopes of a redemption for my time wasted.

That would have been the only real attachment I felt to the story, except that even the direction of that scene seemed to be forced and cliché to me.

Visually stunning and one of the best endings to any movie ever.

I'm not looking for pure Hollywood, but something that's at least enjoyable to watch.

Stunning work.

The main disappointment about "Tideland" is that I found it tedious.

The rest is just painful, utter boredom with hysterical loonatics jumping on and off screen, wearing strange costumes, screaming and overacting in a way that is beyond description.

And boring.

Watch the whole thing and it's something of a bore.

Well, I am one of those simpletons that still exist in our planet, who still value the beauty of a sunset, the positive images of human beings involved in improving the human race and boring things like that.

Unwatchable .

Paired with the pretentious camera-work, any emotional connections in the utterly ridiculous plot feel completely outweighed by meaningless artistic excess, merely a compensation device for the startling lack of depth.

But if you are looking for an entertaining flick for a Saturday afternoon or something to watch with the kids, go somewhere else.

To sum up my thoughts: No Plot Uncomprehensable dialog Illogical charactersPrior to this movie I thought necrophilia and pedophilia where things to joke about...

tedious misfire on most all levels .

Gilliam is walking on the edge and he is doing great!

Those who are "altered" on whatever they choose to be might have a chance at digging this, might, you're really got to just be into one bad joke or distasteful situation being dragged out.

Don't waste your time on this - I haven't seen such a bad movie since What Dreams May Come!

There's the further problem that- again like Fear and Loathing- there's no plot or sequence or events.

So clueless and desperately lost was Gilliam regarding how to wrap up this pointless non-story that he even threw in a rather ridiculous train-wreck at the end of the movie.

But this time he is dazzling and pointless.

This was not Gilliam's finest work, but it is his best product in some years, and definitely worth watching.

This by far was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Boring & foul, bad screenplay and a (temporarily?

I don't know if this is intended, but to me the real world and the characters in it just seem unbelievable, stupid, overacted and uninteresting.

So check your reality at the front door, and let Gilliam take over everything that you are about to see and hear, because this is one mind blowing, amazing film.

Best sequence is inside a corpses empty chest.

Gilliam pretty much continues where he left off with the abysmal mess he called "Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas", huddling a bunch of non-eventful, irrelevant scenes together, giving the actors appallingly dull dialog, and then waiting for the viewers to either fall asleep or quit the projection in disgust.

Talk about a waste of life by watching this.

could have been dark, was just boring .

There is almost no story (none that I can discern anyway), it is very boring while at the same time very repulsive.

It took me more than one viewing to grasp what director Terry Gilliam was trying to achieve, and the movie did initially seem like little more than a monotone montage of depravity and derangement.

It is a study in how a child protected herself from her unbearable reality by retreating into a fantasy world.

We are introduced to a menacing Wicked Witch of the East character, who's epileptic brother has had a lobotomy to help him but has resulted in making him mentally slow.

Movies I described as being monotonous, pointless or pretentious in fact never were.

Tideland makes fascinating demands of us as an audience.

Fascinating and mind-boggling .

Some scenes worth watching .

The fourth problem is that it is long and boring.

I found it pointless I guess.

I'm still sorting through my feelings on this; it was at times rather depressing and difficult to watch, perhaps because of what I'm bringing to it at the moment myself, but it's a beautiful film (unfortunately marred by a DVD transfer that cuts the 'scope aspect ratio down to 1.85, God knows why) and it does, in fact, fit in extraordinarily well with Gilliam's overarching theme of the power of fantasy and imagination and its inability to ever be completely squelched by the nature of ordinary, dull reality.

Not Mr. Gilliam's best directorial achievement, but certainly highly entertaining and grossly underrated.

Later in the film, her adult companions include a simple-minded brother (brilliantly portrayed by Fletcher)and a demented sister (another powerful, intriguing performance)...

It's the juxtaposition of fantasy and horror that makes the film wholly intriguing.

This pointless version of "Alice in Wonderland" meets "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" simply lays there like a log and never catches fire - even in spite of the expected Gilliam-inspired art direction and great performances from the little girl actress and the mental boy next door.

The cinematography is innovative and stunning.

Terry Gilliam seems to have used this movie to relax his obsession with spectacle, but as therapeutic it is for him, it is a boring tape cassette of director's notes for the audience.

As monotone as the buzzing of a beehive .

It felt very contrived with Jeliza-Rose mistaking an injured passenger for Dickens and her finding another apparent lost soul.

The stops along the way are intense, bewildering, and pretty twisted.

original and sad to admit it, but BORING .

snarling and dull .

By the end of the movie, the viewer is (hopefully) as immersed in the fantasy as Jeliza is, and while the climactic last moments force us back into reality, there is a piece of the viewer that is forever lost in the proverbial rabbit hole.

Tideland is beautifully shot and wildly imaginative, completely unexpected from anything you may think this film is about.

I will say Jodelle Ferland and Brendan Fletcher are SUPERB in their roles as Jeliza Rose and Dickens, but it feels like 2 great performances in a boring, supposed-to-shock-me, Natural Born Killers-esque affair that has already been done.

Stunning work.

I think that people today expect a sort of social contract with films -- the films will stay films, will entertain but never challenge, you will feel you have your popcorn's worth, yawn, and go home (stopping on the way to get a happy meal with a film tie-in toy).

At times this film meanders and is quite redundant so much so I was bored to the point of sleepiness.

I'm not sure if there's a minimal size for a review/clue on IMDb, but here is my reading of what this movies's about..Just watched Tideland for the first time and really enjoyed it.

I do have to admit the situations she's finds herself in are mildly interesting and entertaining, but it all seemed a little obvious and predictable.

I just need to watch again and hopefully get my brain better wrapped around this extremely unsettling, but also engaging trip down the Rabbit Hole!

It's been called impenetrable, but then there are people who've merely been disappointed, found it dull and uneventful.

Don't waste your time with this tripe.

Somehow the presumably grotesque seemed banal.

Yes, much like a dream, but a dull one.