Tiger Zinda Hai (2017) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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When a group of Indian and Pakistani nurses are held hostage in Iraq by a terrorist organization, a secret agent is drawn out of hiding to rescue them.

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar
Stars: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif
Length: 161 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 34 out of 162 found boring (20.98%)

One-line Reviews (74)

Katrina looks stunning, and she can pack quite a punch with her action sequences.

If you're bored at home on a weekend and don't know where to take your family then buy yourselves a ticket and go watch this funtastic movie!!!

However, this movie was quite predictable and overstretched in terms of the running time.

go watch it at ur own risk if u want to waste ur precious time in ur precious life.

Gripping plot, thrilling action sequences & excellent sets are highlights of this spy flick.

Well scripted, well shot and engaging TZH is a good watch and a very entertaining film.

Second half is hasty and sometimes boring, especially the pre climax long action sequence.

if you like action packed movies ..you would like this movie ...

Julius Packaim background score was very average and he stuck to Tiger's tune in many scenes which was unbearable to hear after a point.

Things I loved: The production value, everything seemed real Action sequences, all the songs, and the background music Performances by Salman, surprisingly Katrina, Paresh Rawal, the villain, actually everyone did what they were supposed to do very wellAlthough the 1st half of the movie was bit slower than I expected but they were doing all the work to build it up for the super fast paced 2nd half.

Waste of time , money and emotions.

Overall, Tiger Zinda Hai is an ACTION packed entertainer which is a must watch for every Salman Khan fan.

That cliche statement...

the film has no story at all.

Truly full entertaining movie.

Action Packed Fun .

It is thrilling and supports the action scenes in giving Goosebumps!

The most thrilling action film ever made in India, Ali Abbas zafar is great,he never let you expect what will happen in the next scene , Salman Khan acting is brilliant, and the moves of Katrina is eye catching.

this movie deserves Oscar For Worst Movie Category .

Indian cinema in a sorry state waste of money stupid songs overacting

The story of the movie with an ISIS militant as the antagonist and rather than giving him the dangerous feeling it made him enter the heroic atmosphere of "Tiger" made the ending quite predictable.

The movie plot was predictable from the beginning with little twist of India Pakistan agents getting together to save hostages.

Worst movie in Bollywood History .

Movie was good for first 10 minutes and after salman khan entry it became boring.

Bakwas movie hay ekdam dont waste you money on this type of movie

The plot keeps you gripped the entire time, the action sequences thru out the movie were engrossing.

Aspect to see some bullets coming out of the heavy guns in slow mo.

The action looks realistic, the plot is generally tight and believable, and the film is overall enjoyable.

It is big and thrilling.

Movie is very slow and boring.

ACTION packed entertainer for every Salman Khan Fan.

waste of money.

Boring .

The story is good and has been made compatible for Salman Khan's huge on screen personality and his character - Tiger, and also comes across as a engaging plot.

Action packed adventure - Blockbuster .

Another 1/10 for the fight scenes, which I later took away thinking how unbearable the movie was.

Worst movie of salman after dabaangg .

But the Sallu fans out there will agree with me that they are entertaining.

Salman need to do some serious meaning movies, it is very predictable one & I think writers didn't do any work on this film even South's movie has more logic than this one.

every movie in bollywood starring superstars are all just crap as they have no plot, no standard, no sense of science and no logic.

Extremely boring and pathetic film by salmon khan mad Katrina ka if and there was nothing entertaining in this movie and even the songs were torturous except one song by atif aslam.

Not much as expected, but what was expected the movie didnt to the expected.. Apart from final arnorld machine gun move everything was boring.. Katrina did some.

Yes, it is a good enjoyable movie.

Worst Movie .

8) Action scenes had several explosions, most of them happened in empty cars with no enemy around.

Movie: Tiger Zinda Hai (UA): Action - HindiPositives:The film is very engaging from beginning to the end, thanks to the excellent screenplay.


All the frames are very predictable.

You just have to remain seated to bear it without a bit of thrill because nothing is established, just everything keeps happening on screen and as an audience , you helplessly watch blast, gun shots and bear their loud sound effects with some boring emotional dialogues in between actions.

Save your money and your soul .

I recommend this movie for all who interested in fast paced action thriller this is what you want and every thing in it action romance comedy emotions.

The whole idea of watching a movie is to get entertained, forgetting one's daily grind and getting immersed in a fairy tale created using light and sound while blissfully munching on a tub of popcorn.

As dumb as it gets trying to earn money by pleasing pakistanis and fake peace loving propaganda bullshit all the way.

Waste of time and movie .

8) Action scenes had several explosions, most of them happened in empty cars with no enemy around.

A good enjoyable movie .

Worst movie ever made in human history,even this is a new level of crap for salman

The plot was too far fetched and the gripping elements were a bit too low.

Couldn't understand the plot clearly what message crew wants to convey, no humor, no depth in story, plot is boring & it seems the direction and writing is overshadowed by the exulted message of Indo-Pak brotherhood, isi and raw working together in a mission to save nurses as hostages what a bullshit, one raw agent and another isi agent, excuse me what exactly you want to tell us in the name of patriotism, complete bullshit.

Her dialogues were too cheesy and bleak which made some scenes a snoozer.

Just Brilliant, Awesome, Mind blowing, Rocking movie.

It has stunning visuals, a thrilling plot, a very predictable story and some great action.

Tiger Zinda Hai is extremely entertaining from start to finish, and the is often very gripping as well.

Movie is fast paced with little punches of humor packed from time to time.

Truly full entertaining movie.

No storyline , only melodramatic drama and music.

worst movie of the year!!.

This movie has a good concept; I'll give them that, but it is also one of the top five worst movie I've seen this year.

The film is way too long and should have been trimmed for most of the scenes.

It's a slow paced movie.

Excellent story, totally balanced script and action was thrilling and amazing.

Another boring flick .

No story, no logics only action that will irritate you the most.

One of the worst movie ever .