Till Human Voices Wake Us (2002) - Drama, Romance

Hohum Score



A man returns to Victoria, Australia, where he grew up, and encounters a mysterious woman who reminds him of someone he once knew.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Michael Petroni
Stars: Guy Pearce, Helena Bonham Carter
Length: 101 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 15 out of 49 found boring (30.61%)

One-line Reviews (45)

Not a fast-moving film and not truly supernatural, yet gripping in its way.

The most intriguing character, the father of the psychiatrist's girlfriend when he was a teenager, is barely seen.

This long-winded, albeit visually stunning oeuvre overburdens itself with pseudo-psychoanalysis and symbolism.

It seems if you have "set in a typical Aussie outback town with slow moving deep thinking characters" you'll get funded for sure; irrelevant of whether or not there is a decent story to be told.

This a slow moving but engrossing story which flits back and forth from Sams childhood to the current day as we get to know what shaped him into a lonely and tortured soul.

Actually, the film seemed fairly pointless to me.

Beautiful, flimsy, rambling, tedious .

Perhaps, after a hard day in the cubicle, a facile, louder adventure may be more entertaining.

the films editing is terrible,pace is slow i don't want the backstory just show me the characters & take the story forward unfortunately main lead actors make a late entry in the film & i lost interest maybe i expected a different film like some slow burning suspense thriller of two lovers with extreme romance & lots of hot sex,none of it is here this film is about 2 people who like each other as kids they go their own ways when they grow up they meet again and their romance begins again & ends on a dull note with a sad ending or rather stupid one.

Boring and Pretentious .

Pearce and Carter do their best with this material and they're both such interesting performers and they keep the film from being a total bore.

Till Human Voices Bore Us .

Tiring, difficult to follow, arduous, unappealing.

For the average moviegoer, the seemingly total absence of a plot curve and character development will make sitting through this one somewhat tedious to downright torture.

It is a haunting, intriguing film.

Beautifully boring .

And the pace of the thing is slow enough for us to steep in ambiguities.

The pace is boring.

*POSSIBLE MILD SPOILERS*This film, written and directed by newcomer Michael Petroni, takes its intriguing and poetic title from the closing lines of T.

Slow and pretentious.

While the premise is intriguing, the film fails to deliver in any of the genres it aspires toward: supernatural tale, or psychological study, or old fashioned love story.

It was amazing: the movie is just as vacuous and boring at high speed.

Good work on a difficult and slow paced psychological drama.

This movie was boring, contrived and predictable, did I mention boring?

Obviously this character won't last, she's got leg-braces, she doesn't "fit in" she reads poetry and oh yeah, SHE'S AS BORING AS THE REST OF THE MOVIE.

The pace and music are deliberately slow to evoke a sleep-like world, so don't lose patience.

The childhood scenes were what made the film worth watching.

The only thing to mar the film was the miscasting of Helena Bonham Carter and the sometimes trite method of revealing Ruby's identity.

It is tedious which is sad because it has an interesting concept.

This film was so slow that I kept getting up to look at the clock to see how much longer I had to endure it, as I had already worked out the ending in the first 15 minutes or less.

HB Carter is as always: strained, wispy, frail, intense, wispy, strained, punctuated, precocious, wispy and frail.

It was so long, slow, and boring.

These characters are all boring tired cliches.

SPOILERS BELOW:Some reviewers have panned this film for being a lame and predictable ghost story.

The whole is an exercise and/or ritual to allow him to release her from his psyche, so that he might be healed from the guilt and confusion that has since colored his life.

Tiring, difficult to follow, arduous, unappealing.

The musical score is evocative and serves the film well.

It was sooo predictable and it seemed to barely scrape the surface.

About as close as you can get to a complete waste of time .

If you are used to, and expect, the sort of product coming out of Hollywood, you might be bored.

The telling of the teen romance, and the appearance of a woman in the town where he is burying his father, and their subsequent realationship, are interwoven in an engaging fashion.

The "story" is so very dull and uneventful.

The music was appropriately atmospheric whithout being trite, and the pacing of the film was great.

Her roles appear slow moving to others, but that I personally find intriguing, lyrical, and meditative.

The two friends become romantic, but the movie is particularly slow getting there.