TMNT (2007) - Animation, Action, Adventure

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When the world is threatened by an ancient evil, the four adolescent turtles must reunite and overcome their faults in order to stand against it.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Kevin Munroe
Stars: Patrick Stewart, Mako
Length: 103 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 27 out of 217 found boring (12.44%)

One-line Reviews (150)

But this movie is full of inventive ideas, a surprisingly compelling plot, beautiful animation, great voice acting and just loads more.

Enjoyable CG romp .

As it is, 'TMNT' is still a very entertaining and surprisingly moving film.

The downsides are the opening stage-setting scene, which will be a bit boring and hard to follow for the youngsters and the lack of any type of catchy music for the characters.

Saw this movie last night, really enjoyed it.

Surpringly dramatic, surprisingly entertaining and surprisingly good.


Thankfully, the actual storyline is littered with dialogue references and actions, leaving very little to slow down the film, and even less filler material.

Never a dull moment, as it's very action packed, with very well done fights.

plus,it just moves too slow.

The writers (and even director Munroe) tried, but what we get is a story that is vastly confusing with huge, overzealous plot holes and a total lack of explanation.

I've read several reviewers on IMDb that called the story simplistic and boring and I can't even imagine that.

it is a good action film and a good family film-- adults and non-fans shouldn't be bored.

Great animation, good voice work, and an entertaining story make it a revival worth watching again and again, and it was exciting watching the heroes in a half shell kick ass again.

Every single turtles' adaptation has had one major setback: they have been unable to truly convey the stunning art of the ninja.

I think more duologue was necessary and would have built up more of more exciting ending.

The first and second movies were awesome, and for the first animated movie of the series this one is wonderfully exciting!

Some liked it, saying that it was just as entertaining for adults as it was for children.

The animation to be blunt is simply breathtaking.

)The humor is, in my opinion, as enjoyable as in the first film, though not as prolific, and not as goofy overall.

More action packed then 300 even was.

" This is supposed to be a fun, entertaining movie - especially for those who grew up with this story (and not just the people who saw a couple cartoons and expect it to be the same).

I wasn't honestly so worried about the main plot, as I wanted to see the Ninja Turtles after all and the way I saw them was positively entertaining.

Epic clashes between characters, long-awaited action, stunning CGI, and true-to-the-source material all combine to make TMNT a truly satisfying action-adventure.

They waste no time getting into the story, the develop it very well, and the conclusion is great, and they set up for another movie.

Thankfully, the plot is explained well enough that while being slightly predictable, does not become a total dreaded cliché.

The action is well-done, choreographed well and exciting.

And that makes it enjoyable even if you grew out of turtlemania a decade ago.

This movie is really fascinating to me.

Maybe it sounded awesome on paper, maybe a lot of scenes were cut, whatever the reason, the main story here is unfocused, confusing, and sloppy.

I grew up watching the adventures of 'TMNT' and I must say, 'TMNT' is an Awesome Watch, that's visually breath-taking & throughly entertaining.

Casey was dorky, April was not right, The Foot Clan and the girl they were with were pointless, Splinter did not have any of his original charm, and the turtles were just second rate knock offs of what they should have been.

You've probably been hearing comments of how stunning the animation was.

i found the story lacking and uninteresting.

The film isn't entirely without flaws, far from it, as the story is quickly gets a little dull.

Also very predictable and could have been done better.

Snappy one-liners and some tongue-in-cheek comments younger viewers will not get did really make this a great CGI-movie.

It's definitely more polished that its predecessors, but what it comes down to is being a simply more action packed, visually appealing sequel to nearly ancient movies.

However, the bland storyline almost doesn't matter.

And the action sequences themselves sometimes felt a bit jumpy and too fast paced - so instead of admiring fast action you may be a little off put by it not feeling fluid enough.

Things either move too fast or too slow.

I've just come back from a preview of TMNT with my son, and although I thought the movie dragged occasionally, he enjoyed it, and it seemed to entertain the other kids in the audience (evidenced by the lack of fidgeting or chatter).

The Screenplay is very entertaining and the Action-Sequences are superbly done.

Still the animation is absolutely breath taking, the scene with Raphael and Leonard on the rooftop in the rain is just stunning.

What it all builds to is a VERY Ghostbusters-like ending, but it's still damn entertaining and miles better than most family-orientated movies these days.

It was unbelievable that finally the animated screens are finally thinking of starting to create a movie that was worth watching.

This is the first CG animation movie for TMNT and it still blow people off with its cool action and intense chase.

The action sequences were great and the story was compelling and moving.

While it's entertaining and easy to swallow, it lacks the substance that the first film had (if you remember, that film was true to the grittier origins of the Turtles while keeping their fun-loving spirit alive as well).

Visually stunning in every way, and a movie the whole family could see, although true fans of the comics will probably get more fulfillment out of it, and adults will probably understand parts of it better.

It was really entertaining.

TMNT, the fourth theatrically released feature film with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (now given a fairly low denominator for a title), is a shallow nostalgia trip that does get the job done, of entertaining the fans to an extent.

Their fight, like the film is intense, emotional, and makes the turtles face things they otherwise would turn a blind eye to.

Disney, Associated Artist or earlier MGM) were in my opinion worth watching.

There were even a main theme in the music for the Turtles and to me that was very fitting and compelling, by having Klaus Badelt (who we know for example from the first "Pirates of the Caribbean") as the composer the compositions changed from dramatic to explosive and followed the whole main theme in an astonishing way.

So, the movie was totally boring and no action at all.

The full screen version looks so muffled and obviously cropped, it's a waste of disc space, on an already pretty empty disc.

I was very sceptical of a CGI redux of the Turtles especially as a child the live action movie was a Friday night staple but I can happily say that TMNT is the best Turtles film yet and one of the most entertaining films I've seen so far this year.

A little confusing as to who was the 'bad guy' and why.

and, we both enjoyed it.

The visuals are great, the action is riveting, and the plot actually isn't that bad.

It was totally Boring and no Action at all .

The plot's pretty weak, and the baddies are rather dull and forgettable.

The fights were pretty good but I think most adults will be bored by this thing.

It all plays out as an extremely extended and dull TV episode, not something you'll enjoy watching on the big screen.

The animation was breathtaking, with two exceptions: The humans all looked like they came straight out of the Incredibles.

Especially the hyper-kinetic camera work and the rather unusual scene setups were really intriguing.

His Nighwatcher alter ego seemed a bit pointless.

Other than that, it's standard but enjoyable stuff story-wise with plenty of amazing animation to keep the kids entertained.

The Stone Villains started out fairly intimidating and mysterious until they start to have dialogue, since all of their dialogue is clichéd and predictable, Max Winters was a good enough villain on his own and I felt shortchanged when he basically got screwed over by his henchmen and they became the villains, even if the reason for their mutiny made sense.

TMNT was exactly what I expected it to be: entertaining and funny, with solid action sequences.

As the humans we get Patrick Stewart in a role surprisingly unlike he usually does, Sarah Michelle Gellar who fitted perfectly into the role of Abi, Chris Evans who does a pretty decent job, hell even Kevin Smith is along for the ride in a slightly pointless but enjoyable to point him out role.

Good) good pointless fun, likable characters, some cool villains, animation Bad) dialogue, tries too hard at a story, doesn't make me want to get involved in the series Why) Bother?

I was feeling bored and 7 years later revisit our green reptilian friends and was once again thoroughly entertained.

It's without doubt the film's strongest, most engaging scene.

The characters are interesting and it's really exciting.

Like i said before, more action and duologue was needed to wrap up the end of the film, other than that it was definitely worth the watch!

It's pretty bland, and he spends most of his time praising himself and the others that worked on the film.

On the one hand, the tired cliché of an ancient evil destroying life as we know it is way overused, and kind of grated on my nerves.

The writers seriously thought of something worth watching.

Everything from action sequences to tall buildings to small blades of grass looks absolutely stunning.

I walked out of the theater and was wowed by the movie.

Having grown up and not seen anything related to the show or movies in anyway, I was still interested in seeing this film and after it was through I quite enjoyed it.

When the plot indulges in itself about the monsters coming loose and blah blah blah, I caught myself yawning a couple times.

This was also sadly the last film for the magnificent Mako and his gruff voice is always a welcome addition to any film but here he sounds rather bored and not sure of how to deliver the lines.

They pack SO MUCH ACTION into that hour and a half that you walk away really just having trouble REMEMBERING the entertaining parts of the movie.

We found it very entertaining.

maybe it loses out there in that it will be a bit confusing for younger viewers wanting more action, less plot.

The action was intense, the character relationships were well played, the voice acting was incredible, and there's still more they can do with the series.


The film takes place after the events of the 90's live action films and here we see a fascinating slice of life with Turtles who are maybe coming to the send of their teenage years and having to accept responsibilities of adulthood.

But now I'm 20 going on 21 and I've experienced the Turtles when I was a young kid, there's a certain feeling that I'm missing when I tried watching it but i still enjoyed it.

I love the personalities in this, though Don, my favorite Turtle, oddly has anything to do, the relationship between Leo and Raph is very intense and more then makes up for less screen time for the other two.

In fact, I was very much impressed by this entertaining, funny, moving, and action-packed CGI adventure of our four mutant heroes.

What is enjoyable as well is the styling of the virtual environment.

And it's not even just a minor one that is mostly invisible, it makes the otherwise well-told story somewhat confusing.

It's not gruesomely violent, but some scary monsters and intense fighting gears it towards older children and adults.

The all thing is rather childlike and repetitive (especially the immortals made of stone...

On the plus side, the inner turmoil between Leonardo and Raphael is intriguing and interesting while it lasts.

the plot is still interesting and fast paced, and the villains are credible.

The story was a pleasant surprise in that it played well from beginning to end, included the more endearing characters of the live action series, and gave you an intriguing plot with competently engaging sub-plots.

The story itself wasn't quite what I expected, it was pretty corny and didn't actually include any twists, it was pretty predictable.

It was lame, it was hokey and the jokes were targeted toward younger people (fortunate seeing as I went with my seven and five year old cousins) but it was well done and definitely entertaining.

As a fan of the TMNT franchise, I found this movie very enjoyable and will probably watch it multiple times in the coming years.

Some parts were mildly entertaining but in general it was pretty dull.

I guess what I really enjoyed from this film is that it was entertaining throughout and it always kept my interest and for a film that will probably appeal more to younger viewers I felt there was enough to entertain and keep the attention of those over 18 as well.

But this is still an enjoyable flick for everyone to watch, even if you're not a Turtle fan.

My MPAA: Rated PG-13 for intense action violence.

A wonderful animated film, a gripping brotherly drama and an entertaining martial arts epic.

Some plot points are hard to follow for some of the kids, so it has the element to be an adult film too.

The movie was totally boring and no action at all.

It’s still basically a kiddie film – with an underlying moral about loyalty and integrity – but, at least, emerges to be equally entertaining for adults.

Things become more exciting in New York, when Leonardo returns from his year long training.

All in all, a film worth watching if you've known and loved ninja turtles as a child, and if you're my age how could you not?

The storyline and plot were entertaining.

The Generation Gap Amidst An Animated Film That's Surprisingly Entertaining (or Most Film Critics Are Out Of Touch) .

Looking at the preview stills, it might look like a hit, and given his adequately entertaining take on TMNT, with a sequel suggested, I can't wait.

Some solid computer animation allows the action sequences to be fluid , dynamic and exciting -the best being Raphael and Leonardo's rain soaked roof top battle (which is easily the best part in the film ).

This movie was also my worst movie in my life and it was very disappointment movie.

As an adult, I witnessed the first "TMNT" movie, and felt that I had lost brain cells while being subjected to such an insulting waste of money that this film was.

It was cool that Casey also bore some resemblance to Elias Koteas, since I liked him in that role.

The music played an important role in the movie and that was also one of the more enjoyable things I liked.

The story finds the turtle brothers in a boring post-Shredder universe.

The first big screen Ninja Turtle film after 1993's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (which is infamous for being one of the worst movies ever made, as well as a good example of why a third movie to any franchise ends up not being as good), this film tells a new story, where the Turtles must reunite to face a new threat after they have defeated Shredder, as businessman Maxwell Winters hires the Foot Clan, led by Karai, to capture thirteen monsters.

The filmmaker, Kevin Monroe, is far more interested in getting the turtles into perilous, stupendously inane action scenes involving metal alien robots and monsters conjured by some "myth" from Central America than keeping the original characters from the TV series, comic books and movies in an enjoyable enough click.

The action is intense and what worse can happen?

It was all very cliché.

Pros: Excellent design and aesthetic style, puts other CGI Turtles to shame, turtles themselves have so much character in their expressions and designs, they have a hint of the charm of the 80s Saturday Morning Cartoon Turtles, but with just the right balance of grit that made the 2003 Turtles so entertaining, also the best-looking Master Splinter hands down in my opinion, several great designs.

The animation of the actual city is breathtaking, and when the animation comes to a fight in the rain it looks beautiful.

This movie, while enjoyable, does not hold that essence of the Ninja Turtles.

This is a movie that knows what it is, its a fun, action packed, comedy filled thrill ride from beginning to end, and you know what I wouldn't want it any other way.

The movie's storyline was just tedious and repetitive (turtles have to stop monsters from bringing about the end of the world) which made the film seem like a three-part Saturday morning cartoon brought to the big screen.

I found that the rating was a little mild for an intense action-packed movie.

Entertaining Update.

Also, it should absolutely be noted that my kids (son, 9, and daughter, 6) enjoyed it immensely and neither of them are easily amused.

every Turtles fan imagines the heroes in the half-shell as swift and very ninja-like, rather than the plodding, slow-kicking creatures the older films made them out to be.

I found this a most enjoyable addition to the Turtleverse, and highly recommend it to anyone who was disappointed in the live action series.

The conflict between Leonardo and Raphael (Nolan North) is predictable and adds little to the overall story.

Mildly entertaining throughout .

Otherwise, the reworking helps give this movie epic proportions in a fascinating way, though I'm still a little disappointed that Michelangelo and Donatello almost have less screen presence combined than Karai ("Who's that?

Though it was intended for children and many of them probably enjoyed it

The Stone Generals have extremely bland personalities, as their only goal is world domination and their entire methods of attempting to do so seem very unique as the addition of 13 monsters who would easily be mistaken to be part of the challenges for the turtles did not work very well in the plot.

I don't wanna give away anything but just to say that this film is funny, action packed, and great storyline, i recommend this to anyone, not just turtle fans.

I enjoyed it, and I'd like to see a sequel that ups the ante in story and character.

The elements of a tragic villain makes the movie more enjoyable the Turtles still act as themselves even though they are a bit older I wish they made a squeal to the first to at least explain some things the Animation is still great and I don't know why in Youtube, people hate this movie it is not a bad flim and the monsters that come out are terrifying when I was this when I was a kid.

So for having some great backgrounds, good character scenes and for just being a flat out entertaining movie that I would call a popcorn film (not some Oscar worthy masterpiece) that was a lot of fun just for the sake of seeing something light and entertaining then I recommend Tmnt to children and fans of the series, comics and movies and for the adult viewers who will no doubt be going to the movie with their children then there may be enough to keep them entertained as well.

The turtles came off a bit bland and the only ones who got the most character progression were Leo and Raph.

Cartoony for the kids, compelling and interesting plot for the teens, and very good morals to remind the parents of what they should be teaching their kids.

I nearly fell asleep typing that out.

"TMNT" is very entertaining and beautifully made!