To Catch a Thief (1955) - Comedy, Mystery, Romance

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A retired jewel thief sets out to prove his innocence after being suspected of returning to his former occupation.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Stars: Cary Grant, Grace Kelly
Length: 106 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 32 out of 225 found boring (14.22%)

One-line Reviews (221)

It absolutely has that genuine timeless classic feel and I am officially a Cary Grant fan and officially have a classic crush on the stunning Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly is good in her part and the locations are spectacular but this movie drags way too much and is way too predictable.

Perhaps it would have been a shame to take the focus off of all this pleasant scenery with a more serious story, and the plot here is mostly entertaining as it is, even if it is somewhat lightweight and mostly implausible.

The film seems to loll along and is quite lazy in it's approach- considering it's highly exciting premise of jewel thievery in the French Riviera, this is a major flaw.

See this for Grace Kelly whose cool and playful demeanor and statuesque beauty form the heart of this somewhat languid romantic thriller.

I do like this movie, due to the old days setting, beautiful nature, cars, French landscape - and now even more as I have been in that area more times - but this movie is boring.

There are plenty of amusing moments and a few twists and turns before the identity of the thief is exposed in a thrilling roof-top finale.

Firework displays being cover-ups for sex scenes is considered a bit of a cliché of classic cinema, although it was probably thought a little corny even then as there is a sense of irony to the way it's shot.

Overall; maybe not the best example of what Hitchcock is capable of, but a really enjoyable film with a great cast.

By the drawn-out party scene, we don't really care who the real thief is; we are sticking with it to see how Grace Kelly and Cary Grant hook up.

Nonetheless it is enjoyable movie with plenty of mystery, suspense (only Hitchcock manages to end lighthearted comedy with such thrilling final scene) and of course humor.

This film is available on DVD and Blu-Ray and is worth watching.

This very slow-moving and uninteresting story is not Hitchcock's finest hour, complete with corny shots of fireworks while Grant and Kelly make out.

Perhaps Hitchcock was becoming a little bored with his own brand, because it's around this point in the mid-50s where he starts to poke fun at his own formulae.

) There are chase scenes throughout the Riviera but the film is dull.

The mystery soon shifts into a romance with the beautifully stunning Grace Kelly, playing the daughter of a wealthy widow.

The playful banter between Grant and Kelly and sexual innuendo are hugely entertaining.

How much jewelry and gems can be exciting, their stealing is more exciting.

Thoroughly enjoyable, though.

The dialogue between them sparkles throughout and is a pleasure to watch even if the course of their relationship is predictable.

It's an enjoyable film and it accomplishes its purpose of entertaining the audience as it takes us through the gorgeous Riviera of France and introduces us to these beautiful beaches and mansions.

Hitch is setting you up: the languor, the witty but pointless dialog, and the slow pacing that others complain about are there to lull.

But the color photography which won an Oscar of the French Riviera is breathtaking and Cary Grant and Grace Kelly play the whole thing with such style that you really don't care.

Highly entertaining .

It's a light-hearted escapade that bolsters riveting performances and exquisite direction from the master himself.

Although this was a surprisingly conventional film for Hitch, it remains an enjoyable experience.

My Take: One of Hitchcock's lighter efforts, and a truly pleasant and entertaining one at that.

It's an intelligent, suspenseful, romantic movie with two exciting lead actors, beautiful locations well photographed, gorgeous costumes that enhance character and plot (e.

There was enough in this movie to make it worth watching.

It may be a forgettable film coming from Hitchcock but it is far more entertaining than most of the light movies we are exposed to in the theaters today.

The colourful costume party and final roof scenes make this a very memorable & enjoyable film indeed.

Still, it is an entertaining movie and shows Hitchcock's versatility.

It actually took me two attempts to get through this film - I fell asleep the first time and therefore decided I'd watch it again and nearly fell asleep on the second viewing.

That's confusing.

Though perhaps not groundbreaking, this is still a very enjoyable film.

Kelly, though, is the hands down star of the show and not because she's physically stunning in a way few females have ever been.

If anything, this film is a great deal of fun to watch, not much happens and if anything big DOES happen, it all seems quite a bit contrived.

However, the dialog here is so strong and the performances are so engaging, it's easy to imagine another filmmaker taking this same script and cast and turning out something almost as funny and captivating as the original.

" This film is not his usual genre, and while it's supposed to be witty and sharp, I find it dull and uninspired.

Cary Grant And Grace Kelly Make This Worth Watching .

Relatively lightweight when compared to the couple of Hitchcock films that preceded it, To Catch a Thief is nevertheless engaging from its first frame & presents the esteemed director ingeniously tying up the elements of mystery & thriller with romance to deliver a cinema that's hard to resist and also invites the audience to solve the perplexing case along with its characters.

The finale is contrived again, all is well in that sunny corner for the rich who don't need to be perturbed by actual problems, but bits of it are fascinating.

It is also slightly predictable and it wasn't too hard to guess the 'real cat burglar'.

The outstanding moment is a car chase along the narrow clifftop roads which manages to be breathtaking – even with that back projection!

But who cares when the film is so visually entertaining?

Slick, delectable, and completely entertaining, it should never be remade.

All in all a waste of time except, perhaps, unless you are a die-hard Hitch fan and need to see this for personal reasons.

As Hitchcock keeps us guessing about what each lover truly desires in the other, he gives this romance great depth and verity by engaging our own desire to be close to these fascinating intelligent characters and by enticing us with the irony of their conflicting motives.

Most of the film, being very listlessly dialogue driven was quite boring, only gaining in excitement near the end of the film.

There aren't many better choices for a classic movie of this type, I highly recommend it.

Starring 2 of Hollywood's most appealing and reliable actors of the 1950s (Grace Kelly and Cary Grant) - TCAT is a riveting roller-coaster ride that takes the viewer to the cosmopolitan location of the French Riviera where jewel thieving, romance, and glamour all go hand-in-hand.

She finds his being a thief exciting, the film's unusual element; he finds her attempts to tempt him with other jewels amusing--he has reformed.

Star power, coy plot, but a slow affair .

This arrives at a clever and exciting climax.

Hitchcock's favorite male and female leads Kelly and Grant share rewarding chemistry (despite a large age gap) and look stunning together as Frances Stevens and John Robie.

The suspense is a mere piffle with only one really suspenseful moment on a rooftop with Grant exposing the real culprit--and the one-liners meant to titillate are almost puerile by comparison with the witticisms in other Hitchcock films of this nature.

the locales were breathtaking.

Great photography along the French Riviera and all European cast with exception of Kelly and Landis make for an entertaining film.

Breathless vehicle chases through the stunning scenery of Southern France.

The scenery is just breathtaking and only accentuated by the cinematography, deservedly Oscar-winning, that is both colourful and sweeping.

And while the scenery is breathtaking, a bit more intrigue might have been a plus.

But the thing that got us was the slowness of the relationship between Kelly and Grant and how they went on talking about it all the time, it was just too much.

All I wanted is a good entertaining film to watch, and To Catch a Thief fit that bill more than perfectly.

Some of the new James Bond dialog writers wish they could write dialogs as snappy as the one in this film.

The plot itself was a little predictable but still enjoyable to watch.

Grant is always worth watching and gives a suave, deft performance here (and is tan beyond belief!

Although I am no Cary Grant fan, and am certainly tired of what he was doing by 1955, simply playing Cary Grant, I did find his acting and the dialogue exchange between he and Grace Kelly thoroughly enjoyable.

Anti-climactic, a bit boring, and just a bit too cute for Hitchcock.

This is a completely enjoyable and entertaining film with Grant and Kelly doing what they do best with Hitch at the helm.

I enjoyed it completely.

Even though this movie may not have been as popular as some of Hitchcock's other works, I enjoyed it just as much!

This was my first Cary Grant film and only the second time I'v seen Grace Kelly on screen so perhaps that's why I enjoyed it so much.

Engaging and stylish .

The direction by Hitchcock is very good as the whole plot is beautifully structured & is narrated in a controlled but gripping manner.

Enjoyable Hitchcock .

The sparks fly between these two characters and their intense chemistry on screen is rarely equaled in modern films.

He is clearly bored most of the time.

a big, classy, glossy and enormously entertaining "A-List" Hitchcock movie .

Which says a lot about Hitchcock that he could make something so entertaining and stylish without his own sensibility being the dominant feature.

Kelly's character starts as very plain and nearly boring and I thought that this was just another stereotypical snobby upper class girl that falls in love with a "low-class" thief.

Very worth watching

On the other hand, light so bright it seems to wash out most all the shadows might be preferable to some of the dreary shot-in-shadow epics of the last decade or so.

The supporting cast is excellent and it has only lost a rating point due to the fact that the story at times is rather confusing and contrived

) His character as John Robie is very well done and fascinating.

Predictable plot, horrible (as usual) Technicolor and Grace Kelly's dreadful delivery of some mildly witty dialogue (seemingly written for a quite different actress of the wisecracking variety like Ginger Rogers) made it something of a yawn.

The acting is like a script read with a monotone voice and without emotions.

A Beautifully-Photographed Mystery-Romance; Unusual and Absorbing .

Kelly's Last Film Was Enjoyable To Watch .

This is an all around entertaining film.

it can be predictable, artificial, almost common.

"If you want to be thrilled by Hitchcockian twists and turns or thrilled by the undercurrent of mystery in every conversation then look at some of Hitchcock's other better regarded films but if you just want and easy breezy fall asleep on the couch on Sunday kind of a film starring beautiful people in a beautiful place, then, hey!

It's really all TOO entertaining!

TO CATCH A THIEF is one solid mix between an entertaining thriller, a elegant romance and a healthy comedy.

Nothing serious, but certainly entertaining, optimistic and beautiful.

Hitchcock has made a dull film, even though it was shot on location in the Côte d'Azur, a lot of it looks blue screened.

This film is escapism at its finest, and what, pray tell, is wrong with escapism in this ever-more-dreary and stressful world?

The intention from the very start is partaking in a light comedy-thriller,and on this level it is very enjoyable.

Stunning visuals in Hitchcock's most entertaining movie .

A Light , Enjoyable Comedy.

Landscape shots of the Mediterranean coastline, whilst still focusing on gentle car pursuits as if everyone were Sunday drivers, encapsulate the breathtaking French air that these characters reside in.

Aside from that,fans are treated into a comedic and enjoyable film wherein the viewers are charmed no end by the good looks of both Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.

The French countryside is stunning and beautiful and a near perfect setting for the film.

The costumes and scenery are breathtaking.

This movie was very predictable when it comes to the mystery itself.

On an overall scale, To Catch a Thief is an exquisite, intriguing & entertaining thriller that invites its viewers into its interesting premise & I can assure you that; you're gonna have real fun playing the detective here.

One of the most enjoyable films I've seen...

To Catch a Thief (1955): Dir: Alfred Hitchcock / Cast: Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Jesse Royce Landis, Brigitte Auber, John Williams: Glorious and enchanting mystery with rousing suspense, an unidentified villain, quirky dialogue, intriguing characters, and romance that is fastened into beautiful Riviera photography.

Stunning colour in HD, a simple plot with hammy acting typical of a Hitchcock movie.

In this one Hitchcock is purely making an entertaining piece for those in the right frame of mind, a splendid mixture of comedy and romance which also culminates in no shortage of dramatic entertainment as well.

While this is not a great Hitchcock film, it does keep your attention and mysteriously draws you into the plot all the way through to the somewhat suspenseful "roof top" chase.

Two specific reasons make this a real pleasure to watch: 1) Grace Kelly, who looks astonishingly gorgeous, 2) the striking cinematography, which is equally breathtaking as Kelly.

The storyline I suggest bears out my minor cavil on what is an engrossing film with rather good characters and a definite difference about it.

I love Hitchcock, have seen almost all of his films but honestly, Cary Grant just is about as exciting as cardboard.

I wouldn't watch this film again, but if you haven't seen it, I'd recommend it simply for the breathtaking beauty of the location it was filmed in.

Based on the novel by David Dodge , being well adapted by John Michael Hayes who writes a snappy dialog .

"Other than breathtaking cinematography of the French Riviera, this film really has little to offer.

The dialogue of this film was very snappy and entertaining, and was able to keep my attention.

A bore.

The old, unique, character-filled buildings make for stunning backdrops to the unfolding story.

The great Alfred Hitchcock eschews any great camera shots or scintillating tension in favor of a frothy romance between Grant and tourist Grace Kelly, who's stunning.

Worth watching just to see Grace Kelly, in the white dress and the diamonds, in the dark room with the fireworks outside the window.

A charming and entertaining film from the Master .

These two can make the most mundane of scenes look like a million dollars.

It wasn't an incredible film, but I enjoyed it.

This film does little for me except make me yawn.

The views of HER are magnificent and breathtaking with her array of costumes and glowing tan.

The film is not going to rank with Rear Window as Alfred's best, but it is thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless.

This is a very entertaining movie from the master.

It dragged a lot in the middle and I was waiting for more of the story to unfold.

7/10 - Shows how good a director Hitchcock was that this can be considered one of his lesser films still an entertaining roller coaster from possibly the greatest director of all time?

A thoroughly entertaining light hearted film which is dominated by the romantic exuberant backdrop of the 50's French Riviera.

It is a stunning display of the landscapes of South-France, with cars filmed from helicopters, terraces, marinas, skylines filmed from boats.

Grace Kelly seems to be at the height of her beauty during this film, she looks absolutely stunning.

It was a really entertaining adventure-romance film, Hitch.

And this all is also confusingly told and involved in the story - combined with the huge red herring (described below), this creates scenes of legitimate confusion - for instance I still have no real idea what happened with the wooden leg guy and his death and that whole scene, or who did what in that scene or what it meant.

So the film's saddled with a complicated and confusing and kind of weird backstory, that the screenplay doesn't do the deftest job of communicating to the viewer.

Had the majority of the film focused on catching the thief rather than Kelly and Grant's dull and lifeless conversations then I'm sure this film might have been a lot more enjoyable.

or Britain, but actually quite a fascinating actor in his own right in France (on screen and television).

Today we expect a film to be all absorbing, to thrill or make us laugh.

The film is well paced and has a thrilling end, although it is easily spotted who the intrigue is all about before the end, it has beautiful scenery, set in Monaco, and filmed there as well as other parts of southern France, and is well photographed, although once or twice, a studio replaces the scenery and it showed.

It's reasonably well edited, save for perhaps a few scenes at the final costume ball leading up to the 'unexpected' climax.

Cleverly written and magnificently delivered snappy dialogue causes many chuckles and even couple of loud laughs.

I'll watch the rest of it because I am a big Grace Kelly fan and she made so few films but whereas she looks absolutely breathtaking, Grant is way too tanned and almost looks African-American in some scenes.

The pace is too slow, and many scenes are irrelevant to the resolve of the mystery and thus useless in pushing forward the plot.

Putting aside the typical "old man romanticises with young woman" cliché from this era of filmmaking, her elusive and alluring persona made her the prime jewel on a gold necklace.

I once tried to lull myself to sleep by counting the number of times John Williams, as the insurance investigator, had played an insurance investigator, detective, or lawyer, but I fell asleep before I could finish.

3) breathtaking scenery -- an escapist PBS travelogue in VistaVision.

"To Catch a Thief" is quite a boring movie.

This dragged on a bit, the romance was as predictable as they get and I saw the ending coming a mile off.

The whole French resistance backstory is confusing, and confusingly handled.

Actually I found the plot rather engaging...

A very entertaining romp through the French Riviera with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly.

The Lady Vanishes featured a rogues gallery of comical supporting players who could pop in and out of the narrative whenever a dull moment loomed.

Hitch and cinematographer Robert Burks (who won an Oscar for his work in this film) uses VistaVision as an advantage to give the audience a scenic view of the breathtaking locales.

Still, it's a good story, and Hitchcock livens it up over the book with a much better and suspenseful ending.

It's dull.

This isn't the most typical movie to expect from the master of suspense, but it has to be one of his most enjoyable ones.

Frances Stevens is really quite an exciting girl.

In "Suspicion" he and Hitch toyed with and deconstructed his normal screen persona – but this film is tome even more impressive and enjoyable because it took that persona and instead of contradicting it ("Suspicion") or simply undermining it (i.

It really started to go downhill when Grace Kelly's character was introduced and from this point on the film becomes pretentious, monotonous and downright boring.

The story does not have a lot of intrigue per se, but remains engaging due to developments between the characters through memorable scenes and dialogue.

Frances Stevens was so beautiful in it, but her character was annoying to me, I just wanted her to leave John Robi alone!

You left the theater feeling that the right people got abandoned by a lacking script.

It's ultimately uninteresting, lacking the vital ingrediants of Hitchcock's earlier (and later - Psycho, anyone?

From the time she arrives, things are far more entertaining, not to mention appealing to the eye.

In a Moving Picture the emphasis should always be on the adjective - Burks was an outstanding talent, but please see his stunning photography in Rear Window, Vertigo or The Birds, where the camera actually tells the story and adds immensely to the atmosphere, as opposed to just sitting back and recording a pile of talky scenes.

Both made very satisfying and enjoyable performances, with some good chemistry based on their charm, full of word games, looks and smiles.

Maybe it's because she is even more stunning than she was in Rear Window, perhaps as good as she has ever looked - passerbys turn their heads to take second glances and cannot believe how lucky Robie is to have her on his arm.

To Catch A Thief is a fun and intense movie with a great cast a lot going for it.

There are a couple of entertaining and sometimes surprising moments.

The Cat's storyline, which is completely unrefined, suspenseless and tensionless, is in fact just an excuse for what apparently is the true nature of this movie, an uninteresting romance between Grant and Kelly where dialogs are pompous and endless.

Enjoyable, through and through!!

This was very entertaining.

Beautiful scenery, beautiful Grace Kelly, beautiful Cary Grant, beautiful costumes, interesting supporting cast, with well-defined faces and personalities, amusing and witty script, engaging plot.

I found this so boring and it didn't feel like a Hitchcock film at all.

Quite often, the palpable love (if you can call it that) between them felt genuine due to the personable and enjoyable screenplay written by Hayes.

Slow, slow, slow .

Grace Kelly as Frances Stevens was a real lady, spoiled daughter and exciting adventuress at the same time.

I thought it was a very entertaining movie!

He seems to have been more relaxed in the production of Thief and thats quite enjoyable to witness, as the film is far less serious and self-involved than his works such as Psycho or Topaz.

Enjoyable and riveting comedy-thriller by master of suspense , the great Alfred Hitchcock .

Two scenes alone make this film worthwhile, both infused with that great Hitchcockian wit and insight: the moment when Kelly first dispels her good breeding by planting Grant with a serene and unexpected kiss; and especially the brilliant sequence where she recklessly speeds along the clifftop roads, making the hitherto unruffled Grant increasing nervous (the cuts to his restless hands are classic).

The whole film is a splendid buffet of exciting movie elements: gleaming cars, beautiful women,jewels,the cops chasing the wrong guy,ten percent of the dialog in untranslated French,chase scenes, faces slapped, a costume ball, sexy dialog.

The supporting cast members are entertaining as well.

In fact, the most suspenseful thing about this picture is whether Cary Grant will get together with Grace Kelley.

Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, two of the most gorgeous stars in film history, as a suave thief and his equally stunning love interest.

Grace Kelly is her typical yawn, good thing she was so utterly beautiful, because her acting really is ordinary.

More like To Fall Asleep.. .

Though not a golden classic like some of Hitchcock's other work, this is still one very enjoyable film.

I would like for John Robie to have a more exciting action packed ending.

If international espionage is an escapist subject for viewing, then the film's stunning, on-location photography of the French Riviera will surely send the viewer into orbit.

You can be sure - Hitchcock offers you a story of deadly intrigue that accelerates into an adrenaline-rush climax that's guaranteed to keep you glued to your seat till the final credits start rolling by.

There's not much suspense in this minor mystery, save for a well-shot car chase; even the denouement is predictable.

and the shots of the French Riviera hillside are absolutely breathtaking.

Still, I love the engaging mood, of picnics and beaches, every shot a postcard.

Too slow .

My guess is, it's the snappy dialogue and interchange between the beautiful Grace Kelly and the smooth Cary Grant...

My only complaint lies in the fact that the resolution wasn't as strong as the opening and mid section of this film, but the pacing was well established and I enjoyed it.

One big yawn .

It seems the roof-top chase could be more vertigo-inducing and more thrilling.

Overall, a solid, enjoyable suspense movie 8/10.

The story is slight, the action quite slow-moving, the background music overly-frivolous and intrusive, with too many scenes guilty of running on too long, even the car chase scene is uninvolving and ends dully.

This is a very enjoyable romance mystery, with a good script, good actors, and a great direction.

Perhaps I'm finding I've watched too many, but I found this rather tiresome.

" Grace Kelly is always wonderful but even her part here feels bland.

Overall, I had a hard time engaging with To Catch a Thief.

Most surprisingly for Hitchcock, humour and thrills are minimal - the scene where Foussard dies is a flub; a bunch of static shots and then a confusing, badly lit struggle of someone we've hardly met falling off a cliff we didn't know was there.

The predictable plot, boring old Hitchcock shot, and far too many frocks turned a possibly OK movie into what this is.

I find it rather dull and uninspiring.

It's the thrilling story of a retired thief who must catch a copycat in order to clear his own name, at the same time a young rich woman is attempting to "catch" him.

This film is beautiful to watch, with stunning locations, gorgeous costumes & wonderful chemistry between Cary Grant & Grace Kelly.

The snappy dialog with the sexual innuendo was done perfectly.

It has some interesting scenes, the Cote D'Azur locales are very glamorous and picturesque, and there are some glimpses of Hitchcock's brilliance, but for the most part I just find it dull.

But it is highly entertaining as it is a piece of escapism its easy to see in Grant's performance here why he was originally considered for the role of James Bond.

I must admit that I expected a more exciting movie.

Absolutely stunning scenery and cinematography (of which Robert Burks won an Oscar) embracing the new colour film technology of its time.

Beautiful view - boring acting - not a great love story or plot .

The story itself is rather bland and predictable, reminding me of a James Bond flick from, say, the sixties as though toned down for an audience of old maids.

I found this movie to be rather boring.

Shot in often stunning south-of-France locales, this is viewing made easy: there's nothing to challenge or provoke and the joy comes of watching the natural charisma of two stars at the top of their game (and seeing how many double entendres they can get past the censor).

Worth watching, once.