To End All Wars (2001) - Action, Drama, War

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A true story about four Allied POWs who endure harsh treatment from their Japanese captors during World War II while being forced to build a railroad through the Burmese jungle. Ultimately ...

Director: David L. Cunningham
Stars: Robert Carlyle, Kiefer Sutherland
Length: 117 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 7 out of 170 found boring (4.11%)

One-line Reviews (54)

The acting is exceptional, and the production value is stunning for a film that was not produced a big studio budget.

It starts slowly, and the numerous characters make it a bit confusing.

I found the movie a refreshing change from the normal "war is hell" or "violence is exciting" approach.

Total waste of time.

I enjoyed it and I'm sure most people will.

Many gripping moments of self-realization, facing reality and appreciation for life and death.

And the title, trite by any other name, since "The War To End All Wars" was what WWI was called and was all about.

The hell of the camp and building the railroad is simply a background for pretentious waffle.

Fragmented, boring .

It was visually powerful, emotionally compelling.

I've had the opportunity to see 2 separate screenings of "To End All Wars", and I enjoyed it both times.

He is an empty man hopeful for redemption.

It makes them ineffective and also makes the movie feel all the more formulaic and forced.

In the way that opening scenes from "Saving Private Ryan" were both riveting and disturbing, and the theme of average individuals rising to rare levels of sacrifice and honor was portrayed in the same movie, I was deeply impacted by this retelling of real life events.

Boring .

The film picks up with the gripping details of the Japanese prison camps where "Bridge over the River Kwai" left off.

A fascinating way to view humanity .

How to keep your humanity from disintegrating, how to keep compassion alive in your heart, how to live with honor and courage -- all are addressed in psychologically and philosophically compelling terms.

I do think it is a movie worth watching for the history alone.

The characters are intriguing and some heroically moral.

The filmmakers provide a fascinating contrast between Eastern and Western cultural values, as well as between Christianity and the Japanese Bushido code of behavior.

Joining in the company of other war films dealing with moral and ethical dilemmas such as "All Quiet on the Western Front" and "The Conscientious Objector", To End All Wars deals with many intense topics such as: purpose for life, world views, cross-cultural moral dilemmas, justice, hope, forgiveness, vengeance, and redemption.

An intense, graphical and challenging movie that provides unique insight into the conditions and determination of POW's in WWII.

And it is fascinating that though Dusty is the person who starts this by saving Ernie by sacrificing his own life, the person he saves is the one who goes on to effect these powerful character shifts in the bulk of the camp's prisoners.

The ending alone is worth watching the whole movie.

Too formulaic and overdone.

A Film of Breathtaking Oscar Worthy Performances and Beautiful Film-making About A True Story of the Will to Survive and the Courage to Forgive .

The music was a mix of Celtic and Far East, and I enjoyed it.

it's an intense raw warmhearted all in one give me some war flick.

The extremely fine performances of the actors, the gripping script, the completely appropriate camera work and production design, the strong direction, the historical accuracy, as well as all the other technical aspects of putting together a film were unquestionably of the highest quality.

Very well done; certainly worth watching .

) and Mr. Gardiner (Cinematographer) have interpreted with a stunning, first person, and visual realism able to capture the imagination and compel the viewer to come along.

A gripping portrayal of those who went through so much when this was REALLY going on in their lives.

This film is worth watching several times.

Worth watching .

Secondly as several people have already pointed out much of the story feels like cliche .

But all of those moments are rather predictable and you can sense them coming from miles away.

Deeply absorbing tale of the power to forgive .

Powerful, riveting, emotional, refreshing.

Powerful, engaging, thought provoking look at true freedom.

If you like a good, straightforward and easy to follow, good guy versus bad guy, don't make me think, summer blockbuster, action and no story flick, watered-down and without depth .

By turns it's an escape movie, a life is meaningless movie, a knowledge makes life worth living movie--it tries to be too much.

I found this movie very powerful and moving and I highly recommend it!

The characters ultimately remain relatively static, in spite of the wonderful potential supplied by the plot to turn any one of these men into a compelling portrait.

The tracks themselves are enjoyable, except for one or two (Although to be fair some of them were unoriginal).

It goes beyond the normal anti-war film message of "War is hell, therefor we should stop engaging in war.

I was prepared for an entertaining movie.

I heartily recommend it for anyone who is tired of the well-worn, formulaic movies that Hollywood seems to be cranking out these days.

The eerie quiteness, the wet eyes, the tissues being used as people left the theater were a silent tribute to the way it had grabbed each individual there and caused them to feel and think deeply.

Mr. Godawa has written an excellent adaptation with tight dialogue and a compelling visual story that Mr. Cunningham (Dir.

It was often an intense viewing, with never a dull moment, and does not try to be biased or nationalistic.

I loved this movie and would highly recommend it to others, especially if you like movies like "the flowers of war, Saving Private Ryan, Schindlers list, The Thin Red line, K-19, Fury" and other of the greatest war dramas in Cinema.

However, the movie gets more interesting, intense and meaningful as it goes along and concludes with a satisfying ending.

Gripping performance worthy of the heroism of the real-life experience.