To Rome with Love (2012) - Comedy, Music, Romance

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The lives of some visitors and residents of Rome and the romances, adventures and predicaments they get into.

IMDB: 6.3
Director: Woody Allen
Stars: Woody Allen, Penélope Cruz
Length: 112 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 62 out of 174 found boring (35.63%)

One-line Reviews (166)

Enjoyable, okay.

Confusing Time Frames, Fleeting Life of Being Famous and Changing A Marriage .

Probably Woody Allen's worst movie.

Woody Allen's Love Affair With Europe Continues In This Disjointed Mess Of A Motion Picture .

To go into more depth would bore the pants off anyone with a sane mind.

Cartoonish with bad contrived forced acting (like a dry run-through of a script).

Like in Paris' movie before that, Darius Khondji's camera finds unexpected and hidden angles of famous Rome beauty.

It was another over sentimental nostalgic sickening tribute to European cities and his own irritating pretentious ideas.

Finally, an ordinary and rather boring man (Benigni) wakes up one morning and is forced to be a celebrity for no other reason than he's a celebrity.

It's a thoroughly pleasant comedy with some unexpected original laughs and is well worth a watch.

It's just so damned bland.

Enjoyable Woody Allen Flick .

Yet even setups like the mortician who can sing glorious opera only when he is in the shower lead Woody to opera scenes that bore after the first splash of shower (the allusion to Woody's own successful staging of Puccini's Gianni Schicchi makes this sequence even more painful by contrast).

Some stories are entertaining, while others just flat-out don't even matter.

Only Judy Davis survives in this tedious story.

It is thrilling to see him acting again.

Someone commented that this movie is too long or draggy.

Unwatchable nonsense as we flit between four stories that are too boring to reveal here.

The only time I even chuckled in the whole movie was when the lost Italian women was trying to get directions from strangers on the street ("go the next road over, take it down to where it ends at the fish restaurant, you can't miss it, turn right there over the bridge, go past the stairs then take the next two lefts and it's on your right", etc.). Alec Baldwin's character had some witty lines, but his capricious presence/absence in that story line was so confusing it was hard to appreciate anything he said.

Don't waste your time.

Although nowhere near Woody Allen's great films like Annie Hall, Manhattan, Hannah and her Sisters and Midnight in Paris, To Rome with Love is still a charming, and entertaining film.

Through a silly and contrived sequence of events which only serve to set up a ridiculous situation, Antonio winds up with a stunningly gorgeous prostitute, Anna (Penelope Cruz), and Milly winds up tempted by her most favorite actor in the world.

The movie was overlong and a bit boring at times.

However, this is a very watchable and fully enjoyable movie for the summer.

Until then, I wouldn't waste your time or money I'm afraid.

This movie was a waste of two hours of my time.

Expect the unexpected here, with the primary couple being faced with temptation just when they least expect it!

Weaving in and out of these disconnected plot lines is fun and most of them are quite enjoyable.


In episode 3 (probably the best), Jack (Jesse Eisenberg) is an American student living in Rome with his sweet if somewhat bland girlfriend, Sally (Greta Gerwig).

The young American actors, fine as they are, are asked to play very tedious characters.

A minor Allen film, but still very enjoyable.

Refreshing, enjoyable summer movie .

This is a lighthearted, enjoyable film full of humor and irony over human condition.

Un-researched Cliché .

Set in beautiful, breathtaking Rome, the film tells four stories: A retired opera director (Allen) visiting his daughter and her new fiancée discovers the boy's father can sing like Caruso; a prostitute (Penelope Cruz) is mistaken for a man's wife by his family; the man's wife is quite naive, ends up on a film studio and is taken to the apartment of one of her favorite actors; a man (Alec Baldwin) returns to the place of his youth and serves as the conscience/adviser to a young man (Jesse Eisenberg) about to fall for his girlfriend's friend (Ellen Page).

While the vignette is clearly synonymous with the fact at how so many undeserving people are "famous" for doing things that are unworthy of recognition and just being themselves, the comedic value is tiresome, the satire is there at the same time it isn't, and Benigni himself becomes rather uninspired as time goes on.

Even the "little" plot twists were very predictable.

Woody Allen's Worst Movie.

 Think ending of the match point,  the intense encounters of Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona.

What a sad waste of a competent cast including Alec Baldwin, Judy Davis, Roberto Benigni (from "Life is Beautiful") Penelope Cruz, and Ellen Page etc. The only joy for me in this film was the brief time that Penelope Cruz spends on the screen; she at least marvelously delivers her small part as only she can, despite everything else dragging this movie down.

The film looks absolutely gorgeous, Rome is stunning and very like a character itself and the photography compliments it wonderfully.

After his witty and highly entertaining Oscar-winning film, Midnight in Paris, the Woodsman sets sail to another European location to create cinematic situations that deal with fame, infidelity, young love, unbridled passion, past regrets, and any flaw that makes us human.

Overall this movie is a tedious viewing and not at all worth watching for substance.

I left the theater feeling I had undergone a social experiment by someone who wanted to see, after the success of "Midnight in Paris", if someone would stand up and shout "The king is naked!

Ultimately, you will feel like this film is an absolute waste of time.

It makes a very superficial analysis of the Italian society, which is described as totally frivolous, uninteresting and where women are driven by sexual curiosity rather than principals.

This is the worst movie I've ever seen.

The entertaining and amusing story line could have easily been made into a feature length story of its own.

All their scenarios slowed the pace and made it tedious.

Not the least bit funny or amusing, and they become increasingly boring.

The plots are like fantasy daydreams but still manage to be incredibly tiresome.

Far from Allen's best, but undeniably entertaining .

Allen's irony enjoyable as usual .

Of the four disconnected story lines of 2RWL, the plot with the newlywed couple, the hooker and the movie star was completely dispensable, the plot with the shower singer was recycled early Allen shtick that could have been a sketch from Without Feathers 45 years ago, but the plot with Benigni's schmuck becoming a celebrity was enjoyable (and I never thought I'd want to see Benigni in anything ever again).

I enjoyed it the most out of all the subplot.

The most tiresome sequence is Roberto Begnini as a mundane worker bee who inexplicably wakes up to find himself the most famous man in the world.

Not only that it is badly written,but also very boring.

It's like channel surfing four mundane TV comedies incapable of holding your attention beyond five minutes.

Overall an okay film to see if you enjoy stories of human interaction and connection it's proves love and discovery are strange and unexpected.

Unfortunately it is silly, simple, and above all very predictable.

Sure, it's not plausible (neither were Marx Brothers films) but that didn't matter to me, I was laughing out aloud in an empty room, which is usually a good sign of a good movie.

A waste of two hours of my life that I will never get back.

So unbearable that after about 25 minute,s me and my friends made a run*literally* as fast as we could out of the movie theatre.

This story is also annoying and the dialogues bad and repetitive.

The jokes are old, lifted from other (better) movies or simply predictable.

It was predictable and dull.

Likewise the total movie is a criticism in that it which incorporates an over abundance of Italian music and formulaic plots.

As dragged out as it became though, it got increasingly ridiculous.

The Italian and English mix was confusing at times, and certain plot elements were vague or undisclosed (like the ending of the storyline with Penelope Cruz, that ended quite abruptly) and left me wanting something more.

Don't waste your time.

Rome is Boring in the hands of Woody Allen.. .

It's funny to see him mobbed by the press, but it's intentionally repetitive, true to Woody's gripe with the banality of journalism, focussing on boring, talentless people.

The boring clerk who suddenly becomes a celebrity for no reason.

The Italian language plots I mostly lost track of after a while because I got bored of reading the subtitles for such an inconsequential endeavor.

Those encounters help them discover something within themselves that will most likely help them improve what seems like a boring marriage that they have.

To sum up my feelings on the film all I have to say was I looked at my watch many times watching the film which is not a good thing when watching a film because it means it's boring.

This is the most boring woody Allen movie I have ever seen.

But through it all their characters retain a human quality; you can sympathize with their feelings of indecision, confusion, uncertainty and excitement.

Writer-director Woody Allen not only continues to make a movie almost every year, but also continues his European exploration genre of films with his latest movie, "To Rome with Love", which even though it didn't have the same taste and wonder found in "Midnight in Paris" or "Vicky Cristina Barcelona", it's still a decent and enjoyable motion picture from Woody Allen.

Even with some of the slower moments To Rome With Love is light and fun, and will entertain Woody Allen fans.

I classify this flick as mildly entertaining, at best.

The other stories were also entertaining.

Bland .

While not great Woody Allen – it's neither profound, moving nor funny enough for that title, it is quite enjoyable.

Two of the subplots are rather ridiculous that they end up being confusing and annoying, and not entertaining or fun.

If you are looking for a highly entertaining, tears-producing funny diversion for a couple of hours, Run!

The last story is splintered in two parts, and the case of mistaken identity is a lot of fun, particularly with an actress as engaging and luminous as Cruz at the helm.

But, I did love the Leopoldo storyline ~ a man who lives an especially mundane life only to wake one day to find that he's become a national celebrity!

The plots are like fantasy daydreams but still manage to be incredibly tiresome.

Yet, it's also hilarious and one of the most entertaining films of 2012.

And our last stop in "To Rome with Love" was the most entertaining narrative of the movie.

Roberto Benigni stars in what is probably the least entertaining story line as a man with a boring office job doing the same thing everyday who wakes up as a famous celebrity for no apparent reason.

From the intense drama and suspense of "Match Point", to the neurosis of "Annie Hall", "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" and "Deconstructing Harry".

The characters are all under-developed, and un-relatable; Their corresponding plots are either predictable or just incomprehensible.

With half the film spoken in Italian, the Italian cast do a good job of showcasing the frenetic energy of Rome and with comedic elements thrown into the mix these scenes are enjoyable to watch.

Watch "Midnight in Paris","Annie Hall", "Manhattan" or "Hannah and Her Sisters"; but don't waste your time with this film.

Alec Baldwin did his usual charming old man routine and for the most part he was the most entertaining English speaking participant.

But in the end, all we sample is watered-down broth, poorly seasoned, with stale recollections of the spicy flavors that made Match Point, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, and Midnight in Paris so thoroughly original and enjoyable.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but it's getting tiresome.

The story was just too contrived and thin with the much-overdue moral far too obvious, and Benigni in a very underwritten role comes across as too much of a clown, especially when he is in the road shouting his head off.

Others are mostly quite dull and meaningless, though they all have their moments.

Overall, I'd say that 'To Rome, with Love' is guaranteed to be one of the most enjoyable films of the year, even though it has very little cohesiveness; none of the stories are really expansive enough for a feature-length film.

How bored is an older gentlemen that he has to spend days following a group of unimpressive students around, and how is it the students tolerate him?

Much doesn't work though, the pacing is very uneven, some of it feels rushed and others too drawn out.

I also liked the unexpected use of Ellen Page as a "sexual predator" who is deceptively frail and modest.

Save your money!

and it bores the hell out of me.

His last few movies have all involved stunning European locations, as if the movie is more a travel guide than a drama.

The movie is paced fast and tends to overlook the other aspects of the movie(which is in a way predictable).

He can simply stay in the frame, even in the background and keep silent, and his face will express a range of feelings and emotions, the predominant being a mixture of confusion and dumbfoundedness.

It is nice to see Woody Allen has finally accepted modern sound design, it makes the movie much more enjoyable.

This story gets old quick, and drags down what would otherwise be at least a mildly entertaining film.

'To Rome With Love' is a clichéd Woody Allen piece with his hackneyed signatures like multi-layered love stories, couples that came together due to accidents and a babbling, irritating Woody Allen in whichever boring roles he wrote for himself - that last bit has not changed a bit since Annie Hall and man, that was over 30 years ago.

It's a one-joke premise that goes on for far too long, and since Begnini's boring drone doesn't get any more interesting as a result of what he's experienced, neither does the story.

The character he plays is hackneyed, worn out, and predictable.

Annie Hall, Crimes and Misdemeanors, Manhatten, Husbands and Wives and Hannah and Her Sisters I love, and Midnight in Paris was also hugely enjoyable.

It was so nonsensical and yet predictable that it could almost be strung with the most surrealist Allen's moments and enough to earn this film two extra points of rating.

To Rome With Love belongs to the first group, and it definitely offers a charming and hugely entertaining experience which is full of the classic humor and acute observations which have identified Allen many times.

The dull performance from Jesse Eisenberg had me hoping he would be killed off early so I wouldn't have to endure his presence on screen.

Woody Allen's worst movie ever .

Well, a retread would have been more welcome than this meandering, unformed, and undisciplined collection of predictable vignettes.

Woody Allen's worst movie ever?

The story featuring Eisenberg, Gerwig and Page is the standard Allen's fodder of a young man falling for a neurotic/pretentious/unreliable female, in the past the classic Keaton's role.

Same for Alec Baldwin – the dialogue was predictable.

The other two threads are little bumpier but still hugely entertaining and full of laughs.

If you drop your critical eye and just enjoy this movie, it is entertaining.

This is perhaps the best part of Allen's film: the other plots, while being mildly entertaining, are largely unmemorable, save for the farcical sight of Giancarlo (Fabio Armilato) singing on stage in an opera production staged by Jerry (Woody Allen) while showering himself at the same time.

Roberto Benigni character fully represents that with paparazzi chasing him around asking the most banal questions and hanging tight on each - even more banal - answer.

Pointless is an understatement .

His genius allows him to pepper occasionally incoherent plots with enough funny moments to make them worth watching.

Anna - is the character from the fourth story which is about newlyweds who came to Rome for a honeymoon from the small town and the cheerful confusion that occurred when the young bride stepped out of the hotel and got lost in the maze of the Rome's streets.

Predictably, Allen does manage to steal one segment, playing a bored American retiree who is accompanying his wife to Italy.

There is no plot, just a series of conversations that speak to some neurosis of Woody's that must have been bothering him when he was working on the script.

This has to be the worst movie he's ever made.

I find him in many of his so called astounding movies, boring because of his uninterrupted dialogs and his permanent excitement and so on and so forth.

Woody Allen's worst movie .

Messy but very enjoyable .

Finally,the plot lines also fail to become one coherent story telling that a viewer may find it somewhat boring and uninteresting at some parts of the movie.

Roberto Benigni had never convinced the general audience that his 1997 Oscar was truly deserved, and has long since grown tiresome, unfunny.

However Jesse Eisenberg is simply tiresome – he has no tonality and I simply find him boring.

Rome was dull and depressing here.

 It's his quirkiness, unexpected twists, parallel stories...

He was the best actor playing the most original character - sort of Buster Keaton of our times - trying hard to be a proper member of society but having too many hidden quirks which makes him a very fascinating comedic personality.

Allen and the stars must be laughing themselves silly about having anyone with any sense of critically rating a movie would find this anything other than other than one worn out cliché after the other.

My conclusion - any Allen's movie, even average comparing to his best work, is worth watching.

TO ROME WITH LOVE might be a slight piece, but it is filmed and performed with a considerable degree of élan, and is well worth watching.

In my opinion, some of the humor bordered on slapstick, and much of the script was predictable.

Even if you're not, there is something very enjoyable about it.

The story is contrived and too cutesy to be either believable or a fantasy.

too cheesy that it made the movie unbearable to watch!

The wife disappears while out to get her hair done and Cruz's character assumes the role of his wife when the stodgy aunts and uncles misinterpret why she's caught in bed with the husband in the couple's hotel room.

why cant the non English shots have had English subtitles imlicit in the movie why have to watch the whole with subtitles because of makers mistakethe movie is so slow and has so many disconnects it seems to be just a desperate attempt or maybe an experiment by a newbiewhy cant the non English shots have had English subtitles imlicit in the movie why have to watch the whole with subtitles because of makers mistake

same recipes, only few different spices, same relationship web, same humor and this does it predictable in too more measure.

Slightly boring and a little bit of a random story line.

After all the infidelity the Eternal City induces on visitors and locals alike, the film becomes just postcards of famous places like the Trevi Fountain and The Spanish Steps, places that become a cliché like this film.

And, it is here that the opera singing goes on for way too long at times.

The fourth plot was for me the most unbearable, featuring Allen himself at his most Allenish.

As it's indeed dull, i'm not disappointed.

It's a bit confusing.

save your money and time and just don't go!

As for the Roberto Benigni segment, it's pointless, unfunny and repetitive.

Some very good actors get stuck with trite material and Woody Allen is still playing the same loser character he's been doing for forty years.

Unlike that 2011 feature, To Rome With Love is devoid of any charm or the snappy dialogue and finessed editing of Allen's older films.

Woody Allen's worst movie ever.

Although I loved seeing Woody as a retired, avant-garde producer of operas, grousing in his usual way about the world's annoyances such as airline discomfort, the rest of the story, which involves instances of Seventh Commandment violations along with the illusions of celebrity, is generally dull and will be unprofitable for the Woodman: "You're famous for being famous" is one person's answer to why the negligible Leopoldo (Roberto Benigni) is besieged by reporters.