Total Recall (1990) - Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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When a man goes for virtual vacation memories of the planet Mars, an unexpected and harrowing series of events forces him to go to the planet for real - or does he?

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Paul Verhoeven
Stars: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 40 out of 433 found boring (9.23%)

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The answer: Total RecallThis is a great movie that has it all: good, very exciting and hard action, a great story without huge holes, and with some plot twists that really leave you thinking, and of course Paul Verhoeven's perfect use of sarcasm and (not so subtle) humour.

Arnold, Sharon Stone, Michael Ironsides, Ronny Cox, Rachel Ticotin- all made their characters intense and real, as opposed to zombies standing in front of a green screen.

Aside from his cloud-like body, where his arm takes up the entire screen with its muscular awesomeness, he convinced me that he was a regular construction worker with an intense desire to go to "maas" (Mars in Schwarzeneggerish).

I admit that I used to find this find this film a little confusing with the story involving reality, identity and the subconscious, but eventually I got the hang of it and could enjoy all of, the characters are all great, it has entertaining chases, fights and action, the violence is part of the fun, it is just a perfect science- fiction thriller.

Great premise, very entertaining .

It keeps you guessing until the end, with clever and intense scenes that will really make you wonder if Quaid is only playing out his Mars vacation at Recall, or if it is all real.

Another example of extreme self-indulgence by the director and the special effects people.

Though not on the same par as the Terminator films, director Paul Verhoeven (who did Robocop and Starship Troopers) has given us an exciting film with some unusual and funny characters that pop up on the screen at different times.

It's a very exciting, atmospheric and VIOLENT ride.

It provides breathless, balls-to-the-wall action and an intriguing, ultimately fulfilling narrative filled with well-rounded characters and genuinely clever concepts.

One of them is the 1990 version of Total Recall, a gruesome violent, entertaining sci-fi action flick with plenty of substance.

You don't need some gimmicky symbolism or a juxtaposition of universes, to make an entertaining AND intelligent AND multi-layered movie.

The death scenes are brutal and some of the special effects are just stunning.

I've always been a HUGE Arnold Schwarzenegger fan, because in his prime in the 80s and early 90s, he made hugely profitable and entertaining movies.

The script one of the best ever, and is both entertaining and thought provoking all the way.

In final word,if you love Arnold Schwarzenegger,Paul Verhoeven,Action or SCI-FI,I highly suggest you see Total Recall,an excellent and thrilling SCI-FI/Action classic that you will watch again and again.

FINAL RATING: 9/10 A believable original plot, great direction, good cast, gripping script, and excellent production values make this a movie with very few weaknesses.

i'll start with the downers: if you are not an Arnie or sci-fi fan, you probably won't enjoy the high levels of violence or the one liners, and the plot may seem too confusing for it's own good.

But it is an undeniably entertaining watch, with some interesting ideas about the future and no lack of visual craziness.

Total Recall is also futuristic film told in a big and large scale that is fast paced and never slows down going from Earth to Mars on a journey that is violent and bizarre,intense and mind blowing as well as awe-inspiring and at times darkly Humorous.

The plot was by no means as complex as I remember it being, and Mars seemed even more contrived than in my first viewing.

Verhoeven nearly always delivers plenty of extreme, brutal violence(with that said, this isn't downright grotesque, as was the case with RoboCop, in spite of the cast members they have in common), a ton of awesome, exciting and fun action(shoot-outs, fights and chases), a solid serving of sex(at times including nudity, though not often in this; Stone is a fox), and *excellent* FX(seriously, stunning work, well done, Bottin, as you always do).

the one liners are great, the fighting scenes are fast paced and enjoyable, and the plot is interesting and keeps you guessing.

Michael Ironside and Ronny Cox make for entertaining villains, Sharon Stone (just shy of her infamous Basic Instinct role) is OK, as is Rachel Ticotin.

The idea of replacing a man's memories for me is a fascinating one and one that reminded me of Dennis Potter's excellent TV drama "Karaoke" from around the same time starring Albert Finney.

I hope its just as violent as this one, and as well made, and as entertaining as the original, well i have hope.

The story to the movie is very strange and very different,not a story line that anyone could come up with,it can get kind of confusing,but not too confusing,nothing like Inception basically,but if your like me you will find certain parts of the movie hard to follow.

But, sometimes the movie can be confusing to viewers because Arnold Schwarznegger is sort of playing himself and someone else in his false identity.

This is an exciting sci-fi Arnold flick with unending gun action and outrageous stunts.

Making things more confusing, Quaid is contacted by a "buddy" from Mars he doesn't remember and given a suitcase containing a vast compilation of Martian money, weird tools, a hologram projection wristwatch, and a video message machine from.......

Furthermore , rousing and thrilling musical score by the great composer Jerry Goldsmith , today become a classic soundtrack.

TOTAL breathtaking RECALL .

Basically, I lost touch with the plot about halfway through, but I still enjoyed it throughout.

Arnie is in top form as the everyday man who exchanges routine and security for confusion and paranoia when a vacation company toys with his mind.

Total Recall is a brilliant and thrilling SCI-FI/Action film that teamed up Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger and Director Paul Verhoeven together and with the star power of Schwarzenegger and amazing over the the top Comic Book style of Verhoeven not only created a Box Office hit,but also created one of the most entertaining,memorable and unforgettable SCI-FI/Action movies ever made that re-watchable to this very day.

Buichi Terasawa's manga "Space Adventure Cobra" from 1977 about a poor salesman who thinks his life is dreadfully boring.

It's enjoyable on all levels.

This movie is real good and is definitely worth watching, I will rate it 9/10.

And at this time, when Paul Verhoeven did a very exciting movie.

This was a mostly entertaining film until the dreadful ending, which made me think they had suddenly run out of shooting time and had to wrap it up quick.

Exciting, Violent, Mind-Twisting Martian Espionage Science-Fiction Action Thriller .

One of the worst movies I've ever seen .

The action scenes are bloody but thrilling and entertaining whilst the suspense builds throughout the film, towards the impressive climax.

The Special and Practical Make-up Effects by Rob Bottin are stunning,well-done and is among his best work.

The story itself, without spoilers, keeps you gripped with constant twists and unexpected turns to the story making this film quiet an epic.

It of course stars Arnold Schwarzenegger who at the time was on a run of highly entertaining action flicks.

Yet, it's a highly entertaining action sci-fi.

Very thrilling&awesome movie for true Philip K.

I never get bored of this film, it is definitely one of the most entertaining films I have ever seen.

Thrilling sci-fi/action film .

An Exciting Action-Packed Sci-Fi Film .

Based on a short story by science fiction author Philip K Dick, this is, without a doubt, the funniest and more action packed film to come out of one of his story adaptations.

It is as good as a solid action packed film.

Thanks to crisp cinematography and its "elusive" plot, "Total Recall" still survives today as an exciting action flick.

I have to say that the first part of the movie is interesting and good, but after the character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger travels to Mars and meets Melina, "Total Recall" becomes in a movie for children from 8 to 10 years old, this is the part which I found boring and naive.

Tons of great action sequences (complete with over-the-top violence), a compelling and interesting storyline that will give your brain a workout, excellent special effects (still to this day), a wonderful score, and great acting.

When a man (Arnold Schwarzenegger) goes for virtual vacation memories of the planet Mars, an unexpected and harrowing series of events forces him to go to the planet for real, or does he?

For Sharon Stone,she was simply stunning!

Paul Verhoeven spy thriller set in space is one of the most thoroughly enjoyable movies ever made.

Meanwhile, the (intentional) "comedy" is provided by a prostitute with three breasts, Arnie swearing (something which happens a lot) and by an endless sequence of comic-book fight scenes that are neither convincing, exciting or funny (unless one happens to regard Sharon Stone kicking Arnie in the balls as inherently hilarious: one really needs to do so to enjoy this film, as this also happens on numerous occasions).

For a basic plot summary, "Total Recall" follows the very strange set of circumstances surrounding one Douglas Quaid (Schwarzenegger), who one day is living the married life with Lori (Sharon Stone), and the next moment is caught up in an intrigue plot involving a stunning vixen named Melina (Rachel Ticotin) who tells Quaid he is not exactly what (or who) he thinks he is.

Action Packed & Thought-Provoking .


Because it is extremely entertaining and funny.

Overall, an entertaining concept, performance and movie.

However, the plot is pretty exciting, depicting the hapless people of Mars yearning for their planet to be free from control under the dictator, Cohaagen.

Definitely worth your money and time, entertaining and memorable.

The make-up and the special FX made by Rob Bottin were stunning (remember the female Marsian with THREE breasts or Cuato, the leader of the rebells...

Dick (who also wrote the story "Blade Runner" was based on), and directed by Paul Verhoeven ("Robocop"), "Total Recall" is consistently thrilling and amazing, with some incredible visuals, including the barren surface of the planet Mars, and the station where the residents of Mars are housed.

Manual worker Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger), mildly out of sorts with life, takes a virtual holiday with Recall, a company which implants exciting memories of the holiday you didn't have (as, for instance, a spy).

it should be thrown in the large dumpster reserved for all of the worst movies ever made.

This exciting picture is based on a short story titled "We Can Remember It For You Wholesale" by Philip K.

The success of the production is that the action and effects are kept second to the veering conspiracy storyline and that is what makes the movie very interesting, in addition to very exciting.

Entertaining sci fi action-drama .

Dick short story, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, and provides an engrossing look at the question of "what is reality?

All in all Total Recall is a stunning Science Fiction film and it incorporates many action elements that are innovative and stunning, there is also some very good visual effects in the film which really give the film an impressive visual style to it, you also get to see some subsequent sequences of the planet Mars, it does looks slightly superficial and overdone but it does looks fairly realistic, the action is very stylistic but as mentioned it does become a bit mind numbing towards the end like in most Schwarzengger movies, as throughout most of the film you will see so many people getting blown away and shot to pieces that you will just grow numb to all the gore.

If you compare the original 1990 version to the 2012 version, then this older gem far outshines the new movies and it is much more entertaining.

So my word to describe this sci-fi action movie is: Entertaining!

The acton scenes and humor made up for a slow and somewhat odd middle.

Dr. Lull is asking Douglas some questions and shows him some alien artifacts.

I will say that this captures the essence pretty nicely(without being confusing), and it is an immensely entertaining ride.

He goes to a place called Rekall, where the doctors there implant their clients with memories of the most unusual but exciting sort.

But in all the confusion, this movie has lots of great action scenes, interesting special effects, hilarious one-liners and pure exhilarating entertainment.

Director Paul Verhoeven made every moment lively and exciting throughout, with a stimulation screenplay the movie gets high and high on every moment with its spark-tone of visuals and dark humor of the actors.

With Total Recall, he once again takes the audience on a wild ride of OTT action and gore, delivering a hugely enjoyable, if somewhat far-fetched, tale based on the Philip K.

One especially exciting scene was his memorable and heart-pounding fight scene with Sharon.

Featuring an array of then stunning visual effects, now perhaps gloriously out dated.

As a PS, I would like to add that the Special Edition DVD version of this movie is much more enjoyable with advanced digital sound, remastered Widescreen visuals and a commentary with AS and the director Paul Verhoeven.

At first it seems like its going to be a brilliant suspensful sci fi mystery and the movie is exciting.

When Quaid gets his ass to mars from then on the movie loses its plot and it goes down hill so it gets boring and tasteless and obviously predictable.

The writers must have been confusing each other, though, because it seems that near the end they completely forgot that Hauser's evil persona was false.

Total Recall is an excellent,thrilling SCI-FI/Action classic that combines amazing direction,a terrific cast,intense Action,great special make-up and visual effects and a memorable score.

And nobody deserves more credit for this than director Paul Verhoeven for his exciting visionary style.

I thought that was pretty stunning until I caught another review by a guy who says he saw it over a HUNDRED times!!!

Schwarzenegger is much more entertaining in this sci-fi thriller.

**Contains Spoliers**"Total Recall's" thoughtfulness, good story telling, compelling twists and plots, action and adventure, not to mention a rolling/continuous storyline, backed up with wit, some humour, and Arnold Schwarzennegger, make Total Recall one of the est sci-fi movies to touch cinema in the last 50 years.

However, some plot developments feel a bit clumsy and contrived.

But the sets are dreary, claustrophobic, and full of cheesy '80s neon.

The set-pieces, especially Quaids vision of the alien furnaces, are just ludicrously entertaining and the 'is it a dream or is it real' premise puts such a wonderfully surreal twist on the whole thing.

Think hard: the moments from our dreams that are the most intense often happen at the tail end of them, do they not?

Verhoeven made one half-decent film, the original Robocop (even if it was obviously right-wing, conservative propaganda masquerading as satire, that totally ripped off Judge Dredd).

Tocci is called again to help the director) Costumes: 7/10 (Erica Edell Phillips gives the characters another subtle dimension) Music and/or Score: 7/10 (The music department provided a tasteful Sci-Fi feel to the film)Total Score: 77/100For a film with plenty of action, explosive sounds and visual effects it still delivers an entertaining experience.

A minor strike against the film is violence, while not senseless, limits the film to be as enjoyable for everyone as 'Minority Report.

This is where the confusion comes in.

He's such an awful, unbearable actor and turns every movie he shows up in to crap.

Also, Sharon Stone looks stunning.

When TR forgets that it is a Ahnald flick it's actually pretty entertaining and intellectually engaging.

The teenagers (16 and 19) enjoyed it, as did the reviewer, Dad.

Despite a few silly and cheesy moments, this is a wonderful, if violent action thriller that is both entertaining, and rather thought provoking.

it's funny,fast paced.

Dick's sci-fi short story is both visually exciting and challenging.

), pretentious performance and dialogues backed up by violence (remember the evil character shooting a lady in the bar just to show them who's the boss and his face expressions), too many trash-talking characters - especially mutants - making it all look hectic like some crowd scenes of "Star Wars" are ruining it, at least to me.

A somewhat dated, but extremely entertaining sci-fi flick .

Shot at Carolco's studio in Mexico, the production proved rigorous but enjoyable, with Schwarzenegger keeping the atmosphere light and productive.

In it's day it was hailed for its special effects and make-up effects and while these have dated slightly, it still holds its own as an entertaining science fiction.

For 113 minutes,Total Recall is an absolute blast and an Action packed thrill and roller coaster ride from start to finish,a movie that when the Action and Adventure starts it never ends and you as a viewer are going to have a ball.

If you can appreciate all those super-entertaining details, then it is possibly a movie for you.

Awe inspiring action.

This movie has it all: Snappy one liners, lots of violence, blood, gore, coarse language, nudity and it wraps it up in a futuristic Sci-Fi plot that's chalk full of twists and turns.

This movie is wicked and worth watching for the cocky come backs, Arnie bein wicked hXc and the 80's dancin, i mean honestly!

While this is hardly not a contender for the best movie by Schwarzenegger, then it is still an entertaining movie and one that does stand out in his repertoire of movies, given the nature of the movie and its combination of action and Sci-Fi.

The bad-guys are too much cliché.

TOTAL RECALL has to be one of my favourite science fiction films, and stands up to repeated viewing, whether you view it on a pure adrenaline level or as a crazy ride through drugs and fantasy.

The dialogue just wasn't much and came across as lazy to me, and the plot line dwindled, and I got bored with the film.

Confusing as is exhilarating .

Verhoeven knows how to tell a compelling and intelligent story like no other director can, which is obvious here with his complete understanding of the material.

The film's plot keeps twisting and turning in ways that are entertaining without getting rid of logic, which puts second-rate wannabes like The Matrix in their place.

Great plot, great cast ,entertaining, punch lines, twists, and endless action.

Truly a time capsule of a bygone era, "Total Recall" pre-dates the CGI revolution brought on in later years by the likes of "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and "Jurassic Park" and yet looks every bit as stunning today as it did when it was first released.

The film is hugely entertaining and the enthusiasm of the cast + the black humour cover over all the plot holes.

A Snappy Ride.

The potentially fascinating questions, `What is the nature of the self?

Verhoeven will never, ever win an Oscar for best director, but his movies will at least be entertaining in most respects.

"Total Recall" is one of the best sci-fi action films ever made thanks to the excellent direction of Paul ("RoboCop") Verhoeven and the intriguing storyline with unpredictable twists and turns.

A, cliché words incoming, compelling and thought-provoking story centers around Arnold's character, Douglas Quaid, going to a company called Recall that provides fake memories of vacations, so he can take a vacation to Mars without having to make his wife unhappy.

Some of Arnies acting is awful here (see the scene where he first goes to Recall) it's not Raw Deal bad, but it's still bad, and the effects have not aged well at all, buy it's still very entertaining.

As a thrill ride it's simply excellent, and arguably one of Arnold's most entertaining films.

As for the story itself, it's intriguing and the main characters are either very good or very bad.

Total Recall was a most enjoyable Arnold Schwarzenegger-Paul Verhoeven movie .

It always kept me on the edge of my seat.

(I started the very long book 6 days prior, and even though I'm a slow reader, I did everything I could to get it done by the film's premiere.

Great story, great acting and stunning visuals, especially for the time it was made.

A good way to waste 120 minutes of your life.

The Eye Popping Scenes, for Example, go on way Too Long and are used Three Times.

I enjoyed it enough, again, after all these years.

Moving on, The Writing is solid at places, but goes confusing at times.

The wisdoms it gives are of the laughable type, in the cliché action-movie style.

The best thing about the movie is Jerry Goldsmith's action packed music score.

All in all, a solid entertaining movie, developing a very modern and soon-to-be-problematic topic.

Arnie is Doug Quaid, a simple construction worker who is bored with his uneventful life and wishes to be more and to do something meaningful.

The special effects were pretty good and convincing and there is plenty of adventure and twists and turns to make this roller coaster of a movie an entertaining feature.

But personally I liked the remake and it was entertaining for me.

If the screenplay is a bit different from the short story, it's however a excellent story about identity, space colonization and the movie is totally gripping with talent everywhere: Goldsmith's soundtrack is extraordinary, Stone new coming is remarkable, Ironside is the definition of hard-boiled and as in Robocop, the big boss is really this dirty CEO.

A bit dated 20 years later, but an exciting action thriller with a strong core .

But also the technology mainly the Recall machine which is an interesting and fascinating concept because it's the ability and freedom to create memories and identity anyway you want, let's say I decided my memory vacation would be New York City and I gave myself the identity role of a superhero Batman and I was in some ongoing situation and kicking butt, I would really believe I was Batman at that point in time because that dream vacation is part of my memories.

Enjoyable farce in a disturbing futuristic vision .

), and the boredom sets in again.

This is simply too entertaining a movie to ever come out of Hollywood today- it would probably be looked at as too much work, or they may CGI it out while forgetting to hire truly good actors, or care less to edit it down to prevent it from boredom.

"Total Recall" offers fine slam bang action and an intriguing, twist-laden story, co-scripted by Ronald Shusett & Dan O'Bannon ("Alien", "Dead & Buried") based on the story "We Can Remember it for You Wholesale" by Philip K.

With a supposed budget of about $65,000,000 Total Recall looks the business, it's sets, special effects, production design, rousing music by Jerry Goldsmith are all top notch although Rob Bottin's special make-up effects are strangely average & don't bear close scrutiny.

This movie is funny, exciting, action-packed and at the same time thought-provoking.

A Satirical Technological Commentary, While Still Being An Enjoyable Sci-Fi Romp .

" premise that is far more intriguing than the standard alien artifact subplot, and overly violent story.

I liked it and would recommend it as an enjoyable pop-corn flick.

I remember seeing this in the theaters in 1990, and how people were exiting shaking their heads and smiling in amazement at what they just witnessed, the pure adrenaline rush it had given them.

The action is fast, Schwarzenegger is not the worst actor of the cast and although there is a lot of overacting in the film (Ironside, Cox), it still is very enjoyable to watch.

Overall an enjoyable film and one I always remember for people's eyes popping out their heads.

Dynamite sci-fi action movie has remarkable, mind-blowing special effects, endless and intriguing plot twists, violent, pumped-up action scenes, and more than enough innovative ideas.

If nothing is real and everything is fake, the movement into the final act whereby intense shootouts and near death experiences are all the rage seems fitting, as this constant dicing with death as the denouement looms intensifies the experience.

Sleazy But Entertaining Sci-Fi Farce .

Total Recall is an action packed, bloody, surrealistic, and sometimes confusing sci-fi movie.

An entertaining film with a lot of action and interesting ideas about alternative realities and technological future possibilities like virtual holidays ( why to take risks for doing something when you can have the same sensation of living it just installing artificial memories ?

The Action is Intense and Bloody, the Look and Satire have a Verhoeven Sheen.

The film is confusing and difficult to follow, and that is exactly what makes it wonderful, different from the pre-chewed plots we're forced to swallow everyday.

You are grabbed from the opening by a beautiful and stunning montage of 3-dimensional credits, dropping down over what looks like the face of Mars.

Definitely one of the most entertaining movies of all time, and that's what really counts I think.

It can be repetitive at times but it does create the tension it needs to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats.

thrilling, bloody, complicated what more can I say.

'A' as in Arnold-movie; this movie, along with T2 and Predator, is one of the best examples of a genre all its own, which sets an impressive standard for adrenaline-level and imagery.

This movie is truly original and very entertaining.

Moreover, Verhoeven made of Mars, a dangerous and dreadful planet where you have to mistrust everyone and where everything can happen, especially the unexpected.

The action of this movie is colossal, always moving and nobody gets bored.

Paul Verhoeven's Box-Office Winner 'Total Recall' is a Weird, Interesting, Gruesome & at times, Confusing film, that can be viewed only by those who can digest 'Gore' in cinema.

The characters are highly entertaining as is the action.

Movies like this don't work without the overplayed violence, cheesy one-liners and stunning effects.

to watch this over to actually get how it worked and i thought it was well written well presented and really enjoyable si-fi with Arnold at the helm is was really awesome mind bender.

There are many fun and exciting action pieces as Douglas goes from Earth to Mars.

It is the mixture of Sci-Fi and action that makes this 1990 movie an enjoyable movie to watch.

This movie reveals everything that Hollywood no longer is, exposing all of its flaws, clichés, bad scripts, horrible acting, no charisma talent, and boring movies.

While the excessive violence was somewhat entertaining it has to be said.

I have seen "Total Recall" a couple of times since it was initially released, and the movie continues to be as entertaining as it was back then.

This represents one of the reasons I love Paul Verhoeven as a director: despite the fact that his films come across on the surface as pointless exercises in extreme violence, there is substance behind it all.

His passion has led to several violent nightmares that alarm his wife Lori, and eventually leads him to Rekall, a company that implants fake "memories" of exciting vacations in the brains of curious clients.

DVD has an entertaining commentary by the director and actor:Schwarzenegger.

Also, Sharon Stone looks stunning.

What the cab driver does is very predictable(I won't give anything away).

This fast paced Arnold movie is a futuristic blood bath.

An Excellent,Thrilling SCI-FI/Action Classic.

Dick (whose work has made it to the big screen also in the form of "Minority Report" and "Blade Runner," to name a few), "Total Recall" is a landmark both for its stunning visual effects as well as its non-stop pace and over-the-top action.

When Douglas Quaid goes for virtual vacation memories of the planet Mars, an unexpected and harrowing series of events forces him to go to the planet for real, or does he?

I will say that most of the movie is enjoyable, understanding that this adaptation of Philip K.

Much like his other hit movies ROBOCOP and STARSHIP TROOPERS, Dutch director Paul Verhoeven here delivers another exciting, entertaining and wholly fun slice of science fiction, packed to the brim with violence and gore.

Some may find this frantic story line a little confusing.

I know that the plot of Total Recall is confusing especially for anyone who just watches it for the first time, or for anyone who watches Total Recall many times and understands the plot such as myself, still the film makes me have very different thoughts and feelings it entertains your mind.

only the over-the-top gore actually fits beautifully into the story in the most entertaining way possible, even when it is so 80s cheese that it's almost comical.

An enjoyable one?

Lastly, the scene in which the villainous mastermind (Ronny Cox) reveals his stunning machinations qualifies as a mindbender.

Using elaborate sets and effects, which are pre-digital landscapes so that makes them even more amazing, the film shows an engrossing vision of the future.

Like those films, it's somewhat handicapped by a lack of heart, but it's an engaging mindtrip when you ponder to think of the three different hypotheses it offers.

Brilliant Entertaining Satirical Si-Fi Ride .

) and Paul Verhoeven became one of the most fascinating and provocative directors in Hollywood.

Many other films do what this movie does which is have a bunch of Rebels fight against the state and then have an action man come to the rescue but what makes this movie works is a combination great scenes, both exotic and mundane mixed together with futuristic concepts like going to Mars,cosmopolitan atmosphere and Arnold beating up really nasty folks.

He feels rage, confusion, love and sadness.

Much like a lot of Arnold Schwarzenegger's films, Total Recall is action packed, boasts great special effects, and one-liners.

The film toys with the belief that memories make us who we are, a concept that's inherently fascinating (and was done with superior execution in Dark City).

It is right at the beginning of the movie where he meets this boy Ernie and dr. Lull.

Taut and often gripping future-set thriller with a real idea at its heart and a genuinely pleasing film making ethic to it.

It's tangible, exciting, inventive and, generally, just entertaining.

Watching this movie and comparing it to so many films of the past two decades had me wondering if today's directors are just so pretentious and trying so hard to be artsy that their films come off as too long, poorly paced, boring, and with so many scenes that should have been edited out.

Recall is worth watching, even a couple times.

Directed by the always entertaining except in the case of Showgirls filmmaker Paul Verhoeven who has a unique style.

Also noteworthy are Eric Brevig's marvellous visual effects, with some pioneering digital work (the nail-painter, the swooping shots through the huge secret generator), and a top-notch rousing score by Jerry Goldsmith that blasts everything along with booming brass and cracking percussion.

Paul Verhoeven spy thriller set in space is one of the most thoroughly enjoyable movies ever made.

All in all, this film is a rather tragic waste of time and money.

The story line is confusing.

It gets "out there" a little bit but nevertheless is entertaining in that respect alone.

This is a great, entertaining thrill ride of a movie.

This is arguably his most compelling and watchable one, filled with mutants, beautiful women, a massive brothel, and not to spoil it, an unexpectedly sweet ending, which only enhances the films appeal.

Exciting science fiction.

One of the hang ups with action films is the reality that too much of it can and will grow boring.

Ignoring all the science which by all intense and purposes is fantasy this movie is plain and simply a fight against evil doers.

In typical Arnie fashion, his presentation in the film leaves a lot to the imagination, with many lines delivered with that clichéd monotone delivery with corny 'one liners' that he is so famous for.

" Everything about this movie was a standard Sci-Fi book cliché and it hurt my soul to watch it...

There are many Arnold movies - but this one seemed the best done imo with the intriguing storyline, fun cast, indicative of the energy on the screen; and it is still fun to sit back and watch every so often.

Most Fascinating .

We are dealing with dreams and memories here, so things are, perhaps inevitably, rather contrived.

worst movie ever made .

A surprisingly entertaining but still cliche sci-fi shootfest.

Director Verhoeven keeps the action moving and the scenarios coming, really taking this premise of someone torn from their existence and thrust into another set of circumstances whilst running with it for an extraordinary amount of time: keeping it fresh, keeping it frightening, keeping it exciting.

For its time, it had cutting edge Special effects, and was visually stunning depicting the decay of "MARS".

This film is about a man who leads a fairly dull life.

Arnold stars as Quaid, a construction worker who is bored with his blue-collar life and decides to take part in a "virtual vacation", where he is able to pick the location he travels to.

However, like 2002's 'Minority Report' this is also a terrific, twisty, adrenaline-rush of a film.

The martian landscapes are awe inspiring (despite looking like scale miniatures) and the plot twists leave you wondering if Quaid is inside the memory he paid for, or is really "--an invincible secret agent from Mars, victim to an interplanetary conspiracy to make him think he's a lowly construction worker.

All of which leaves me personally with a film that I find to be a hugely enjoyable piece of uber violent popcorn fodder.

They're big and largely and visually exciting, and of course, this one doesn't change that.

Let's get it straight, he can't act, when it comes to emotion he just fails, but in this film he shows confusion and vulnerability and strangely he delivers.

I watched it when I was pretty young and loved it, and after a few years I watched it again and found out many things I didn't understand or didn't notice, so I enjoyed it even more.

He begins to fall asleep while they are monitoring his mind.

With exceptionally filmed action scenes, a sly sense of humor, and an unexpected ambiguous ending.

Both have deep themes, and both are supremely entertaining and can be watched over and over again.

Entertaining sci fi action-drama.

Three films in a row of non stop action and compelling plot and characters that just keep the film going at full ride.

I am referring to the *exteriors* where, whatever the filmmaking techniques used, a very evocative picture is painted of another world, both romantic and bleak at the same time.

From the intense shootouts to the insane chases, this movie delivers on the action.

Something, however, goes wrong and he thinks he's living the dream (so to speak) without the final programming having been carried out – thus, an adventure involving all sorts of new and exciting people, as well as new and exciting places, kicks off and we have in our midst one of the smarter, better sci-fi/action films of its era.

There is a lot of typical Hollywood-formula corniness--some awesomely bad lines, uninteresting romantic plot, stock bad guys.

Total Recall is a fascinating concept as we find ourselves wondering what in fact is reality?

Ideal for movie fans of "intelligent action", those where blowing things up is just a detail within a complex story full of breathtaking twists.

This Arnold Schwarzennegger action vehicle has a superb opening half-hour, mixing just the right amount of intrigue, bloody action, and dark humor to make for a suspenseful mind-boggler.

Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was an exciting action-packed sci-fi film which had an interesting plot that takes several sharp turns with some unique special effects along the way.

While the acting is a little overboard with a cast that include Sharon Stone, Michael Ironside and Marshall Bell it's saved by the intriguing story that moves along at a fast pace and Schwarzenegger performance.

For example, in the scene when Arnold's character wants to get his memory wiped off to Mars and then he flips out in the chair, this is a very entertaining scene in being very ridiculous (try to listen to what he says, or don't as its near unintelligible) as well as following a darker trek in the story.

Much of what it poses is pure hokum; it's certainly NOT science fiction, but fantasy at its most brash, so nit-picking is pointless.

Even when the films themselves aren't always the best, I've always found Dick's ideas to be fascinating.

This is one of those special films that are so bad they are actually enjoyable.

Stunning Sci-Fi movie with an entertaining intrigue full of thrills , twists and turns .

Despite the fact that the movie is now a bit dated, the special effects remain stunning.

More dull than you would expect from Schwarzenegger.

The book originally had the character (Named Quail in the story) get a secret agent vacation to break up his dull life only to wind up awakening his past, where he actually was a secret agent, in the movie though it basically toys with the idea that this is either a dream, his artificial vacation, reality or a product of his lobotomized mind.

When Total Recall was first released, I dragged a friend to see it.

The plot can be extremely confusing but if paid attention to, it shouldn't be that hard to follow.

There are very few films that have such an outstanding and believable sci-fi/futuristic script, even fewer that would mean that arnies often plastic on screen appearances do not detract from your immersion in the film, this is well worth watching and i honestly doubt any further remakes will ever truly compete with the original masterpiece.

Even his patented tough guy one-liners were predictable and lame (he says "consider that a divorce" after shooting Sharon Stone, his pretend wife, in the head).

An Exciting film .

It was fun, exciting, funny, thrilling, suspenseful, had a great score and great graphics.

Recall has no Plot .

The storyline is very complex as are the film's freaky looking characters, as some of the Martians who you see in the film adopt the same visual looks as characters who you may have seen in Star Wars, the action is great and down right harrowing at times and there is also a good stellar cast, Sharon Stone delivers a chilling performance as Quaid's indisputable wife, Michael Ironside who gives a stunning action packed performance as the corrupt government official Richter, and ultimately there is the film's main villain being the malicious tyrant Vilas Cohaggen who is played brilliantly by Ronny Cox.

' However, it remains a thrilling science fiction actioner that ranks among Arnold's few truly great movies.

This rather unexpected moment is both hilarious and philosophical.

Thats the most exciting part of this version.

Also, Sharon Stone looks stunning

A entertaining movie to watch.

Directed by Paul Verhoeven (The Hollow Man, Robocop, Starship Troopers) made an entertaining over the top Sci-Fi/Action/Thriller.

Arnold Schwarzzenager movies tend to be pretty entertaining, and this one is no exception.

It could be cool to have some new exciting memories, but it can also cause a great deal of confusion for the one whose memories have been altered.

But it is oh so enjoyable, mostly because the special effects are quite nice - especially the one involving Arnie's nose - and because of the Martian scenery.

Arnie's Total Recall has all the elements that make for a very entertaining film, where the newer one has none of it...

The story is intriguing, well scripted and has enough Arnold action style to entertain anybody who likes action stories.

It gives the movie a certain intriguing tension that ordinary action flick lack, and lifts it up slightly above a ordinary popcorn movie.

If you love Arnold, Rachel Ticotin, Sharon Stone, Ronny Cox, Michael Ironside, Marshall Bell, Robert Costanzo, Robert Picardo, Action, Science Fiction, Thriller, Adventure, one of the greatest musical scores, and exciting violence then I strongly recommend that you get the film today!

I enjoyed this theme immensely as it absolutely made the movie more exciting to watch.

However there is enough greatness to work and it is an entertaining movie.

And it's also one of the more exciting and quotable of those shameless examples of how to do an action film.

Total Recall is a fast paced sci-fi action movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat all the way from beginning to end.

Unique , action packed sci-fi adventure with some cheesy effects .

A quality action packed thrill ride that wonderfully mixes sci-fi with action, ideas, weirdness, humor and graphic gore galore.

Like most of Arnie's movies, this one is extremely entertaining.

I was stoked and on the edge of my seat before the movie began.

one of the most enjoyable of the Arnold action vehicles .