Toy Story 4 (2019) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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When a new toy called "Forky" joins Woody and the gang, a road trip alongside old and new friends reveals how big the world can be for a toy.

IMDB: 7.9
Director: Josh Cooley
Stars: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen
Length: 100 Minutes
PG Rating: G
Reviews: 101 out of 1000 found boring (10.1%)

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We laughed, we cried sad tears, we cried HAPpY tears and most of all we enjoyed it!!!

It's a shame how they portray characters like Buzz as dull and plain dumb, just following a very forced narrative.

Duke Caboom was also a new entertaining presence, while the pair of ventriloquist dummies reminded me of a couple 'Twilight Zone' episode characters back in the day which they resembled so much.

The storyline was engaging and never seemed 'streched out' or boring.

Overall it was enjoyable and the animation was absolutely gorgeous.

Toy Story 4 pushes away a majority of the characters we have grown up with, even Buzz who is given an extremely dumbed down role in the film, in favour of a slew of new characters that aren't given nearly enough time to be new franchise favourites, even if they are entertaining in their short moments onscreen (besides the snooze-inducing villain).

Not as funny as the other films, bit as engaging.

It revolves around "forky" who I absolutely hated so it was off to a bad start early and large parts of it are set in an antique store which proved to be both a boring and a creepy setting.

Robbie K here and get ready for another review this time on:Movie: Toy Story 4 (2019)Director: Josh Cooley Writers: John Lasseter (original story by), Andrew Stanton(original story by Stars: Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Annie Potts LIKES:Animation Voice Acting Fun Funny Good Pace Evolution Of Bo Peep and Woody Three-Dimensional Villain Super Emotional to Grip YouDISLIKESTrailers Revealed A lot/Predictable New Guys are Okay/Gimmicky The Ending Makes The Points In Three Pointless The Older Characters Are Not Utilized WellSummary: It's Disney and It's Pixar, you know the animation is going to be awesome as beautiful, and improving, graphics are integrated with color and sound design to bring the world to life.

Definitely worth watching, just don't expect the same level of story telling as the first three movies.

There were just a few times where I felt that it was a bit slow.

Toy Story 4 does an amazing job of letting the new characters take centre stage, we get to see a wide range of new and fascinating toys that each have their own separate personalities.

Fully entertaining movie must watch for animation fans

But overall, the movie is ok and worth watching AT LEAST ONCE.

First half of the movie very slow....

And the animation is STUNNING.

Seeing the characters all together again was so exciting!

Instead it just felt utterly pointless.

It is still a good Toy Story film if you look at it objectively, but not as good, entertaining or emotionally cohesive as the ones that came before.

Toy story 4 was enjoyable and gave me some laughs even as a teenager now, and even seeing the characters again gave me nostalgia and memories from my childhood.

This is the first time we walked out of the theater after watching a Toy Story movie and felt disappointed and unsatisfied with what was presented.

Besides these points, the whole movie was pretty predictable.

The third ended so beautifully that I just wanted them to leave the toys alone as a fond memory I could look back on rather than risk tarnishing them.

The animation is stunning,the new charcthers are great especially Keanu Reeves and Christina Hendricks.

With Toy Story 3 (2010) having just over a decade to improve its visuals, the technical progress and prowess shown on the screen were breathtaking.

Entire film full of boring conversation of the toys!

I left the theater with an ending that wasn't as satisfying as the third.

Some of it did feel a bit contrived like woody being left in the closet although that could be considered realistic as kids do forget or choose not to play with certain toys.

Toy Story Is the same story, Gabby Gabby Is a terribly villain and the movie Is kinda bored.

Possibly unnecessary, but extremely emotional fun and enjoyable.

The combination of thrill and emotion was very well made, I was impressed how this movie still got me shaken by its intense story.

The story line was pointless, the characters really lost their meaning.

The movie is boring and ruins everything about the other movies.

The animation was great, the voice acting is fine and above all it was funny, thrilling, frightening, sad and sweet.

There's a wide array of side characters both old and new (from Buzz and Jesse to the new Duke Caboom) that fill out the edges of the frame to entertaining effect.

Action packed and full of adventure.

But I really enjoyed it.

Yes, obviously, being animation, but 'Toy Story 3' had a rather mature theme and it was action-packed and exciting.

Toy Story 4 is an utterly entertaining film.

TL;DR: It is absolutely a testament to the talent behind Pixar that they managed to make a movie that is utterly pointless to existing still be a good movie.

I teared up at this part, only because Buzz and Woody splitting up was unexpected, and ridiculous with all the films having main themes revolving around the importance of friends and never giving up on each other.

Overall I enjoyed it and it was a good movie.

Really really boring .

bad script writing very predictable what will happen .

As 2019 follows 2018 big Hollywood is failing it's audiences as one so so remake - sequel - prequel - franchise instalment - reboot - spin off after the other dulls the senses with dearie barely adequate increasingly boring story telling.

Pixar have made stunning leaps and bounds with their animation, and this is without a doubt the most beautiful looking film of their repertoire to date.

And the so called villain was just awful and boring and her ventriloquist dummies guards were just creepy.

For my perspective, who watch Toy Story movies since a kid, and now I'm 20 years old, is bad ending, disappointed, even moral values, and comedy in this movie is entertaining.

Bland really.

Most boring storyline ever .

I would compare it to a boring action flick.

This movie is really fun and its unexpected, there are so many things happening, not once is it boring.

Yes you might say it is the destiny of every toy but it just leaves you empty ....

What should've been a TV movie or direct-to-home-video / streaming release got stretched into a mildly entertaining 1hr.

I think stand alone it's fine, but I also feel disjointed with other movies in the franchise.

I know this is going to seem like a trivial point but if you compare Scud (bad dog in Toy Story) and the cat in this movie you can see how Pixar's fixation on photorealism and re-arranging tropes render the film exceptionally rote and dull.

Enjoyable adventure .

Toy story 4 is about as entertaining as watching a strong franchise get mutilated and twisted which can be akin to how Cid treated his toys in the first movie.

Despite all the disappointments stated above, this movie is still entertaining and fun to watch.

That said, I feel as though the story did sometimes feel cliché.

Instead of lively, enjoyable flicks, we often get dour, distasteful flicks like Venom (2018), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014), or Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice (2016) from the other studios.

We wondered if they would tell a story which takes place during some other time before the events of TS3, or if they would explore new and intriguing themes, or introduce fresh and fun characters.

Toy Story 4 is a near perfect entry in one of the strongest animated franchises of all time" 9/10Toy Story is a series of Pixar animated films that have been entertaining audiences of all ages for over 20 years.

It's all recycled material which results in the film feeling tedious.

The plot felt scattered and pointless.

Boring and no depth at all.

Glass to be dragged back to this universe again without being disappointed.

But still very entertaining.

An emotional, humorous, sometime menacing, always entertaining story.

It's well done, worth seeing, entertaining, good story , I don't understand all the negative hate reviews go see the film it's worth it it's excellent

A gripping continuation ring.

Bo Peep the returning protagonist was predictable and had no real values that she didn't change to support Woody as soon as the story needed it.

Is this one entertaining?

There was very little story, depressing feeling the entire film, boring, not witty and funny, new characters were so melancholy, AND THE WORST...

Just like the picture frame, however, the middle was absolutely empty.

My kid, I think, enjoyed it, and I wasn't bored.

While Woody's journey in this film does have interesting moments, Toy Story 4 feels far more linear and uninspired than any of the other movies, ranging from boring, to frustrating when the film ends on a moment that is meant to be tearjerking and heartbreaking, and is instead incredibly frustrating as it feels like a waste of everything in the series so far, rapidly throwing away the character relationships we've grown up to love and cherish as audiences.

The movie starts off narratively slow and takes a long time to build.

While the overall story is strong and raises very fascinating existential questions for the toys, there are things that don't quite hold up.

The cliche plot didnt really mind me and the new characters had a lot of potential to even go further movies if they feel like it.

Its just the right amount of thrilling, heart warming and hilarious with breathtaking animation and attention to detail.

What is especially beautiful about this film: it allows you to be completely immersed in the story, turn off your brain and munch away on your popcorn.

But that in itself is mind boggling, I doubt the moon launch was a more impressive a collaborative effort.

I don't know if I was missing something or not, but this was absolutely awful, boring, went nowhere, confusing, and had no real plot.

On top of that, it makes his entire arch in TS 3 pointless.

I found the plot to be a bit cheap and bland, as if an excuse to make a fourth installment.

Unnecessary 4th Instalment, but Enjoyable .

Special notice needs to be made of Keanu Reeves work as Canadian Daredevil toy Duke Kaboom (the Canadian Evil Kneivel), it is the most entertaining - to me - of all the new characters.

Toy story 4 is a waste of time, stupid story, pointless, lacking charm, heart, passion, soul of what made the first three films special.

It's so unnecessary, pointless, forgettable, and lacks the charm of the previous parts.

Yeah in conclusion I enjoyed it more that I thought I would.

It's a truly heart-warming and entertaining film that delivers a beautiful conclusion to the series, and I was relieved that Pixar managed to pull it off in the way that they did.

There were a half dozen good parts of the movie, but it was mostly just DULL -- like the Disney movies I grew up with that I generally didn't care to watch.

There are no sadistic kids or malevolent toys, yet there is still plenty of exciting action and also a genuine deep emotional connection that takes the audience to another level.

Other newly conceived characters such as Gaby Gaby, Bensons, Duke Caboom, Ducky, Bunny and Giggle McDimples were enjoyable although lacking emotional connect.

Introduction: Like many people, I thought this film would be the weakest in the series, and a pointless sequel.

Very basic, bland, and not a captivating enough storyline to put into such a great franchise.

However, the story line itself was entertaining, despite it being a little disappointing and a bit to 'Disney like' with its ending of all the toys being friends, and they did incorporate some more adult themes, looking at Woody trying to understand and get used to the fact that he was loved as much any more.

The Climax is emotional and unexpected.

Now the animation in this is absolutely stunning.

Shame on Pixar, as a loyal Toy Story fan since I was just a kid in the 90's, who enjoyed the second part and who closed a perfect cycle with Toy Story 3 as a young man, now as a young adult who's hitting the 30's and still love animated films (specially the ones from Pixar), I can tell you how unnecessary and boring Toy Story 4 is.

But once it does, it's such an enjoyable ride.

) The look of the film was mostly very enjoyable too.

I thought this was something different and I was intrigued to see where the story was going to go from there until the whole Forky character showed up and Woody being obsessed with making him believe he was a toy to please Bonnie just got too over the top and dragged on.

I found the movie to be a bit dull at points, particularly at the center of the movie.

The story is thrilling enough and easy to follow and relative to the affectionate dependence that toys have to their children owners.

I agree with others, it was kinda boring.

The plot is paper thin and covers all the old ground of the other movies but significantly worse, the voice acting was passable with Tom Hanks probably giving the strongest performance, the animation and lighting was easily the most enjoyable part of the film, this is Pixar's best looking film and it's a marvel seeing how far they've evolved since the original Toy Story.

Will it be as entertaining as the previous ones?

However, this one was just boring.. and a bit depressing.

The film moves along at a fast-pace with very few dull moments.

The story is immaculate, characters are vibrant & compelling, themes are addressed with care & compassion, animation is breathtaking, and the film as a whole brims with a genuine sense of heart, warmth, tenderness & finality.

Fun and enjoyable .

All in all, it's frequently laugh out loud funny, emotionally powerful and thoroughly enjoyable.

This utilization of storytelling and character development, is the example of Disney's ability to make emotionally gripping tales that pulled me into the adventure once more, keeping my interest and I believe pulling younger members in as well.

Yet, what unfolds is far from predictable, perhaps even poignant.

The graphics were stunning, the script was clever and humorous, and the plot was both moving and compelling.

Perhaps more interesting of a story than any critique of the film (which was totally fine and entertaining!

It bore no resemblance to any previous movie in the franchise.

You will leave with some mixed feelings about how this story ends but overall it is fun and exciting and keeps the Toy Story spirit alive and they did a good job of bringing it back one last time (allegedly.

As far as this number 4 goes, the decisions made were indeed confusing.

I love the first 3 Toy Story movies, but this one was very disappointing and also really boring.

They new characters introduced were either one dimensional or had small character arcs, but were very entertaining non the less.

So, now we see how the Disney of its early days became the boring, heavy-handed Disney of my childhood.

I highly recommend it, for those who enjoy the works of Pixar and those who don't.

This highly engaging film has more to say about the human condition than most animated or, for that matter, live action movies nowadays.

On its own, away from the franchise, it's an enjoyable enough film.

It's rated "G" for some mild language and frightening and intense scenes and has a running time of 1 hour & 40 minutes.

This is definitely right up there with the original and is worth the watch for new and 90's era fans !

Toy Story 4 continues the tradition of a charming and entertaining story similar to the others in the series.

Never, ever, in the past have I ever started to fall asleep during a pure Pixar movie.

A Fourth Installment Absolutely Worth Watching .

I'll admit I cried when I walked out on the third one, and went in thinking if this is as good as they say I'll cry again.

I was literally bored and just waiting for the next thing to happen.

The storylines are pretty good and I love the unexpected ending.

2) You know that pretentious "Woman Power" of the latest years?

The first three movies were fantastic and managed to build on the previous stories whilst being breathtaking in their own right.

The animation is just unbelievable, Pixar has come along way with their animation, the first movie's animation was groundbreaking and new, they improved film by film, but here they really outdone themselves, this attention to detail in the animation is just incredible, each character has a wonderful design to them, the new characters look especially interesting, with Forky being the best looking character with what he can do, the backgrounds are photo realistic and beautiful, it's got great character animation and movement to it, when it comes to the fair ground, there's colour and beauty to it, the antic shop is old and grey but also somewhat scary, it has amazing lighting and cinematography to it, not much else to say but a visual achievement by a incredible animation studio, they went from groundbreaking animation, to mind blowing and jaw dropping animation, this is why Pixar is amazing at that they do.

Toy storys 4 is boring and dull story.

Overall, it is a familiar and enjoyable feel good experience.

The movie went from a slow moving plot to a montage in moments.

Surround sound effects are immersive and constant allowing for a truly engaging cinematic experience.

The marketeers at Disney appear to have won the battle against the storytellers by sidelining Woody and our favourite toys from the previous films with new and relatively uninteresting new ones.

I too felt that following "Toy Story 3" another sequel would be pushing it, and I'm not sure if that opinion coloured the whole experience for me, but through pretty enjoyable, I came away from "Toy Story 4" a little underwhelmed.

An intense existentialist journey by two anachronistic toys that teaches children and adults alike that we don't have to sacrifice who we want to be in favor for who we are supposed to be.

, this series feels completed now, after Toy Story 3 I didn't know how the fourth movie was going to top it, but it found a way and it did it in a amazing way, Toy Story 4 is a strong Pixar movie with incredible writing, animation that is mind boggling, characters with humour, heart and purpose along with terrific voice acting, Josh Cooley did a amazing job directing this movie, now...


Wonderfully enjoyable Toy Story sequel .

The story is forgettable, all of the new characters are either uninteresting or underdeveloped and almost all of the original toys are dismissed and barely in the movie.

It was a great time, I enjoyed it.

But here we are back again for Toy Story 4 & it's ok because the film is absolutely Brilliant & is the most visually stunning of the whole franchise!!.

Forky is an enjoyable character who surprisingly isn't annoying and gets better as the story goes on.

To be fair everyone under 10 in the audience loved the cookie cutter moralising but the storyline was beyond repetitive.

Based on the first 20 minutes, I began to think I was right because I started to doze off like I do with every movie I feel is not going to be good.

I thought it boring.

Engaging and adventurous .

Repetitive cookie cutter moralising.

The character development was ruined, forget about all the "inclusive" messages, the rythm of the entire movie was awful, boring movie.

It's fun, funny, fast paced, and emotional.

Not that it didn't have a couple of moments, but I really thought the overall story was boring.

And may I say, for a sequel we may not have needed, I still enjoyed it to the fullest because of how they made another aspect of toys come to life.

Its a new adventure, new toys, new kid and amazingly like the other 3, always entertaining.

As I own the first three Toy Story films (which I've seen lots of times on TV) and two specials ('Toy Story Of Terror' and 'That Time Forgot') on DVD, I went to see 'Toy Story 4' which had just been released in cinemas last Friday and kinda enjoyed it.

MY VERDICT : Toy story 4 is worth watching , even if you'd think it to be bad.

The adventurous journey turns into an unexpected reunion as Woody's slight detour leads him to his long-lost friend Bo Peep.


The quality of PIXAR productions has been down ever since "Wall-E" and the "Toy Story" franchise is already limited in what it can do, so, in hindsight, this movie's lackluster existence shouldn't be unexpected.

Also need to say that the new character was unpredictable and really good.

It's ample to say that the movie is a lot of fun, with both old and new characters who are very entertaining.

Great storytelling an enjoyable family animated classic from start to finish .

It was enjoyable enough.

This movie was utterly enjoyable, make no mistake.

after 45min we walked to the next door screening, the pets , which was more entertaining!

Her Whole character arc of being a lost toy was really intriguing and a new plot that they have not gone into before in the franchise.

Well worth the watch, and buy in my opinion.

Enjoyable .

This movie is pretty much photorealistic, and Pixar uses a number of setpieces that involve both weather and lighting to put their mastery on full display, with stunning results.

A Visually Stunning Wonderful Time .

The stand out was bo peep as a rough tough independent woman, but woody really needed a much more exciting story and a better supporting cast.

Highly recommend it!!!

I left the theater feeling like I missed something.

Visually stunning, storyline half baked .

It's funny, it's heartfelt, it's engaging, and it's all around a great time, I give it 95%.

About the new characters, I find them to be enjoyable and funny (thanks to Ducky and Bunny, both voiced by the witty Key and Peele).

Fun and enjoyable.

In many ways, the teaser trailer was accurate: the arrival of Forky, a good idea with a bland execution, singlehandedly derails the series in a weak plot that seems fit for an extended short more than a feature film.

Some may say the first three Toy Story movies are a prime example of the practically perfect trilogy; heart-warming, intelligent and entertaining, Woody, Buzz and the gang have become pop culture staples that have defined the childhoods of a generation.

It proves that you can tell an extremely entertaining and funny story which even small childeren will understand, and by doing so, discuss real serious matters, even the very meaning of life, in a deep, non-trivial manner.

The thing is, this movie is pointless.

My only thing, isn't really a thing, but the cliche "Be yourself" idea is just getting tiresome, just so much of it in ANY Disney movie.

Boring .

Toy story 4 has Stunning visuals, a good story, and a Heartwarming finale to the series (NO SPOILERS) Toy story 4 is a huge event for the summer that is definitely going to wake up your tear ducts again.

The big old Antique shop setting is stunning in it's look & detail, There's such an exciting old style atmosphere whenever the Toys are there.

No matter how many people lauded Disney's movies for being wonderful children's movies when I was a kid, all I saw was boring.

With this being the fourth installment of the Toy Story franchise, it surprisingly works out great and is super enjoyable.

Boring and dull story .

From beginning to end, the film is thematically rich, entertaining, and a joy to watch.

So I watched this movie over the weekend and was excited because I heard some people say they actually enjoyed it and thought it was cute.

They had some funny stuff in last 30 mins but it was mostly boring and it seemed like it was just trying to ride the coat tails of the previous movies.

Action packed, scary dolls, and a cracking script.

Further, while the toy characters were intriguing, to include an astronaut, Little Bo Peep and all her sheep, a Sheriff and other characters that intrigue...

Waste of time and money .

I felt like the film was completely forgettable, with the plot being below par and, honestly, kind of predictable.

This movie was so frustrating and I felt completely bored most of the time.

Watching this in the cinema feels like watching a live-action film immersed with details.

Unpredictable twist and ending, whether you like it or not.

A very entertaining continuation of the Toy Story movies.

To cap it all off, all the other Toy Story movies have an iconic "playtime" or gripping, exciting scene to kick it off.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening at the theatre.

enjoyable overall (1 viewing 11/22/19)

It was a good watch really enjoyed it and felt it was a good close to the series.

JIM'S REVIEW: Toy Story 4 still follows its heart-warming, yet predictable, formula of lost toys and childhood innocence and the film wisely relies heavily on its well-established and beloved characters.

First half slow rest okish .

She was interested for about the first hour but it became long and boring after that first hour.

Overall, I felt like I left the movie a little empty, unsure if I agreed with Woody's final decision.

Really enjoyed it.

Great new adventure, great new characters, really funny and very entertaining.

Still, the technical aspects of this film are beautifully rendered with stunning use of stark shadows and bright lighting.

Conclusion: In conclusion, this film is an entertaining watch, a logical progression of the story, and a surprisingly satisfying film.

His confusion about the notion of an "inner voice" was poorly executed and kind of pushed him back in the direction that he's spent 3 films moving away from.

The second worst movie I have ever seen ( The Shape of Water of course, being the worst of all time ).

There's a point in Toy Story 4 that made it appear that this sequel would be decent if not great movie, but then later on as the movie literally worn on, it became stronger and stronger until by the end the compelling and heart-felt storyline blossomed fully by the end of the movie.

However, this movie still has beautiful,enjoyable and laughable moments.

Toy Boring.

The whole entire movie felt like a boring cash grab and when I saw this movie I was bored to death.

The worst one, but still entertaining .

When I first walked out of Toy Story 4, I wasn't a huge fan.

Boring storyline just some nostalgia .

I mentioned that it achieved only one of the three expectations - fresh and exciting characters.

Best Unexpected Sequel ever.

The intense scenes are well balanced with the outstanding humorous ones.

Now that the formulaic themes and story is in place and the annoying characters are all set to go, "Toy Story 4" just heaps them all together in a forced and poorly written plot.

But it came at the cost of an engaging story, and great character development; something that the first three films excelled at.

All 3 of us were looking at each other bored trying to see who to blame for picking this movie.

But, what you end up with is, overall, BORING.

Also the movie is bland and it feels like the first 3 movies never happened and plus the other characters like buzz and Jessie are hardly in the movie so I don't recommend it.

The Bad Things: Lack of good story, New characters are pointless, plot twists comparing to the first 3, Only a few emotions, Weak ending for the beautiful franchise.

From beginning to end, the animation was consistently stunning and is one of the best looking computer-animated movies I've seen.

To me, the third version was the most exciting and unique of all, Because this version was more exciting and daunting, And sometimes it gave me a very scary feeling

For a simple straightforward unoriginal uninspired plot of a rescue mission, the movie sure does get dragged out.

The weakest Toy Story, terrible forced ending, but enjoyable .

Toy Story 4 is an emotionally engaging, beautifully animated and incredibly entertaining film that, while not as good as Toy Story 3, is nearly on par with the first and second, which is still VERY good.

The whole film was an extremely fun watch and entertaining.

The outline and all the key ends of the film were glorious, visually stunning, and well structured.

It was fun, mind blowing, and actually got a laugh out of me.

The evolving of Woody as a person amongst many other character developments really makes the movie quite enjoyable.

Another Enjoyable Addition .

It's tiring and repetitive, with the same rescue scenes again and again, making the whole thing seem tiresome and badly paced.

I totally enjoyed it!!.

Thoroughly enjoyed it .

It is completely boring and the story shows that it is made only to raise money.

The story is engaging and adventurous, which are elements which captures viewers' hearts.

The story however was boring and disappointing, when comparing it to the previous films.

Had it been funnier, more exciting and more than middling Pixar, it wouldn't have been such a problem that it reopened the 'Toy Story'.

Quite an entertaining animation, Toy Story 4 contains tricky plots and excitement.

Long, repetitive.

Typically enjoyable Pixar movie with surprising character inconsistencies .

The second was my least favorite, but I still enjoyed it immensely.

It was funny, heartwarming, and enjoyable.

I enjoyed it.

I was scared he was going to be an annoying side character, but he ended up being quite a depth and layered character and was very enjoyable in the film.

I literally walked out of the theater in a daze wondering what I'd just seen.

Yet again Disney manage to dismantle an exceptional film franchise piece by piece, for the sake of introducing new but uninteresting characters in the hope that they can flog more toys.

Eat Pray Love Bopeep and boring .

Sure he was a delusional "space ranger" when Andy first got him, but after all of that confusion was over, he became confident and calm.

There are some pros tho: the setting (which funnily enough they don't make the most out of), the stunning visuals, Annie Potts' performance of Bo Peep.

An enjoyable contribution to the Toy Story saga.

They find answers in unexpected places as they cross paths with other toys in their journey.

I hated that they focused waaaay too much on all these boring, weird new characters who were so different from the original crew and basically took way too much screen time while the beloved side characters like Rex and Ham were demoted to just background characters with 3 lines each.

The plot was slow and the jokes were tired.

I must say the Keegan-Michael Key & Jordan Peele characters were the best of the film, and the lack of these would've made TS4 just unbearable and utterly annoying.

Toy Story 4, was an emotional, exciting and hilarious film, that I had a great time watching.

Toy story 3 wrapped up the series nicely, this was boring and detracted from the film's that preceded it.

It is probably the most mature of all four of the films with its main messages even though the film isn't as emotionally thematic as the previous film, but is still very heartwarming, enjoyable and beautiful looking film.

Many new toy characters are introduced, all of which are funny and entertaining.

In Toy Story 4, you see glints of the fun, interesting Pixar of old, but you're constantly bombarded with boring storyline that doesn't seem to go anywhere.

As a fan of Toy Story growing up, this movie brought many memories back to me , it also had me laughing through out the film making me think I was a kid again , it was a really enjoyable experience to watch this , the animation was incredible once again by Disney and Pixar.

To my surprise it was just bad and honestly kinda predictable if you actually followed all the buzz and followed the story.

I was just bored to death when I watched this movie.

Of course when comparing this to the other Toy Story films, it is my least favorite, but the movie was able to still be entertaining.

IN BRIEF: A visually dazzling sequel whose animated heroes work overtime to save their film from a formulaic action-driven plot.

Unexpected surprise .

She is awesome and entertaining and tough and all that stuff.

My daughter was bored and I hope they don't do a 5.

Dragged out by what?

Strangely boring...

My guess is that kids will still eat this one up, but adults may leave the theater feeling as if that "old magic" has been sapped from the proceedings.

A predictable and 'satisfying' happy ending so many people long for would feel cheap and repetitive.

As with any sequels, I would recommend engaging yourself with the prequels first in order to understand how Toy Story sets itself up as a series of movies (that includes the characters as well).

In regards to the film, while the plot may seem quite cliche of the 'Toy Story' franchise (that being Woody is set with another mission that he feels obliged to complete), the narrative behind the simple plot is absolutely wonderful; layered and beautifully crafted.

Stunning ending.

This leads to the introduction of our newest member, the surprising engaging 'Forky'.

I was super excited to see it but it falls flat: the story is boring, most of the jokes aren't funny and the ending replaces the heartfelt and perfect one established in its predecessor with a dull and aggravating bummer.

The movie felt empty...

I did not expect much from this film at first, but I was completely in awe of this fascinating film.

I like that they had "Sid" vibes but because I was so bored I didn't care for it.

Sad to tell that this story was really disappointing and boring.

This Toy Story made me reflect on my favourite childhood toy Crow Shoot and I'm glad that on the occasional wet day I can suspend the reality of Adulthood and return to the innocent and uncomplicated days of my early childhood I highly recommend it to everyone, it's great to take your inner child out for the day.

It's funny, exciting and sweet.

The pseudo-emotional ending felt completely contrived, unfeasible, flat and too short.

Though as entertaining as all of the new characters are, it would have been nice to see some more from the original gang like Hamm, Rex and Jessie.

Buzz following his buttons when deciding what to do seemed contrived and like a step backward rather than forward for his character.

From the rainy outside to the dusty corners of an antique shop to a vibrant fairground, the movie vigorously sweats to keep itself looking visually stunning.

Toy Story Snore .

But as for me, whether it's kids or adults, Toy Story animations are really enjoyable.

Boring and disgraceful movie.


Sadly, I found Toy Story 4 predictable as soon as Woody reunited with Bo-Peep.

The animation is stunning and the evolution of Pixar's animation is spectacular.

Despite being the fourth installment in the series, this latest feature is just as engaging as its predecessors, with a well-crafted story that manages to unfold in very surprising ways, along with stellar animation, terrific vocal work, plus the charm and nostalgia of spending time with so many characters that fans have grown to love.

It's heartwarming and keeps a steady and suspenseful pace.

This movie is about making a decision, woman empowerment (equality), character development, but it seems dull.

Very sad; might leave you with a hollow, empty feeling like the loss of something dear, or death...

The story felt predictable, the Forkie character began to feel flat after the novelty wore off.

I enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu-Ray.

A waste of money .

the saddest and most unexpected ending ever .

I thought the movie was entertaining and somewhat heartwarming when I saw it with a friend.

Entertaining and funny .

The story is silly and weak, some of the new characters are unlikable and some others are confusing you don't know whether to hate them or sympathize with them.

Thankfully this source of personal irritation is lulled by a tender scene, ran by Woody.

The color palette is breathtaking and the characters are more emotive than ever.

There isn't much of a greater meaning to the story, its just male doofus characters and the always strangely competent females, it goes through the motions and feels empty, new characters are just new attempts to sell toys.

The storyline was basic and the film was boring.

Enjoyed it as much as previous Toy Stories.

There is something of the same entertaining and emotional connectivity as Incredibles 2 (2018).

Now that I've seen the film, I'm extremely happy with the direction that they took characters, and I highly recommend it to all movie-goers.

Do I think it's still an enjoyable ride overall with plenty of laughs?

Story was boring and contrite.

The toys and the humans are stunning.

It also blurs the line a bit between good and bad, which could be confusing to a young child - or maybe even an adult like me.

If you get to see this film in the cinema before it comes out on DVD, I recommend that you see it in 4DX 3D because the movement, rain and wind made for a much more exciting experience that you and your kids will no doubt love!

Various moments throughout the film feel disjointed from the rest of the movie.

, first off this is a really well crafted story, it has messages and themes throughout the entire movie just like the other movies, but the themes here are more meaningful and it can connect and relate to those who find the themes in the movie amazing, it is also funny, lots of clever humour and funny moments sprinkled throughout, it still has the same amount of heart that it always had, it's touching and especially emotional towards the end (don't worry, I won't give anything away), it's entertaining throughout and it put a big grin on my face, it had a lot of amazing ideas put into it as well and...

I thought this gonna be boring movie.

The simple truth is this film has a predictable story line which isn't even really a good one, it feels messy and written with dollar signs in mind.

I highly recommend it and hope this marks a continuation of the series!

Entertaining mostly with stretched that drag.

After they wrapped up the series beautifully in the 3rd installment, this movie felt like a waste of time and a story that did not need to be told.

i could have left the theater and been okay not knowing the ending.

This movie was very new to me but it was overall enjoyable.



Despite all these vein attempts at trying to make her compelling, she remains a cardboard cut-out of a character who cannot carry the movie in any impressive way as all she does is bark orders and has several airborne moments.

This might be the worst movie Pixar has developed and biggest mistake.

Keanu Reeves voices a character named Duke Caboom who is also entertaining.

His whole journey is pretty compelling.

Animation was great and there were certainly some laughs but the story was disjointed, disappointing and so far from what we know of these characters and their choices.

I took my four year old grandson to see it and he enjoyed it.

This feels like a forced and unnecessary spin-off of sorts, yet is still a greatly enjoyable film that I would still recommend watching.

Enjoyed it from beginning to end.

With an intense character like him it was a breath of fresh air to see a new take on a role.

You get Woody's repetitive dialogue about why one toy is the most important thing to a child and the movie repeats the same scene over and over and over and over,...

In my opinion there are some minor flaws with the film, namely pacing during the second act, I thought it got a little slow and I think the movie could have benefited from being a little bit shorter (maybe 5-10 min reduction).

Incredible movie and definitely enjoyable for young adults, as well as kids.

Still worth watching if you are a loyal Toy Story fan.

Each of their characters are incredibly entertaining and hilarious to watch on the big screen.

A compelling story that is moving and compelling.

It's story was exciting, funny and emotional as ever, and was a brilliant addition to the trilogy.

Little kids may find it complex and hard to understand an enjoy, but as an adult it's message of scary and unexpected new beginnings hits home all to real.

Highly recommend it.

There are some pretty intense and scary scenes, most Toy Story films have them, so it might not be good for smaller kids.

It certainly was great new take for the franchise especially because you do have really intense antagonists in the previous films, Lotso especially in the 3rd film.

Entertaining but Ending Will Leave You Empty Inside .

The movie was entertaining and still held the elements from the first movie that just leave a mark on your heart.

I expected this to be a lazy, cynical cash grab but it turned out to be a funny, exciting, even emotional chapter in the series.


My three year old daughter and six year old niece were somewhat bored by Toy Story 4.

I love animations but this movie seemed dumbed down and left me bored wondering how much longer until I can leave the theatre.

I really enjoyed it and it doesn't matter if you missed or saw 1,2 or 3

This movie was terrible, perhaps that is a bit unfair - this movie was twisted, demonic, pointless and without the uplifting light that had been in previous versions of the franchise.

But great episode of this saga and worth the watch.

Each shot is just BREATHTAKING.....

Toy story 4 is in my eyes one of the most over hyped, boring, forced, stupid, lackluster and disapointting films.

This new toy story movie is boring and bland.

We are also not given nearly enough of some of our favorite characters, in favor of drab tired side characters who lack much purpose.

I am so sad that Pixar chose to conclude this wonderful animated series with such a poorly written, dreary and depressing show.

Thrilling and very funny.

You could argue that Bo Peep's personality has changed significantly, there is that little something missing that causes it to be not quite as magical as the previous movies, and the ending is a little questionable, it is probably a good idea this will be truly the last film made, but I guess it concludes Woody's story, all in all, it is an enjoyable computer-animated comedy adventure.

Toy story has always made me leave the theater thinking "wow what a great experience.

Slow to get going, the story gets stuck in a loop.

While it may start slow, the opening sequence is quintessential Pixar, a delightful recap (that I was more than grateful for), brimming with warmth and emotion, just lovely storytelling.

I was hoping for another great Toy Story movie, but this one was really boring.

The film does provide an enjoyable watching experience with a story that is exciting and interesting.


second half pretty good but felt quite rushed due to first half being slow Too predictable not like the other 3 movies Overall decent movie would watch again, animation bang on👍🏼

This made the ending, instead of tear-bringing and pulling at my heartstrings, made me cringe and bored.

The characters are truly wonderful, old and new, Woody is a even more fleshed out character then before, there's More purpose to him, he has a goal and hard choices to choose in the course of this movie, but still charming and loveable as ever, Buzz is still the loyal friend to Woody who would always help him whenever he needs it, Jessie is still a entertaining and likeable character, in fact the rest of the supporting characters from the other movies like Hamm, Rex, Slinky, Bullseye, Mr. And Mrs. Potato head are still funny and entertaining, the toys that Bonnie have are also the same, Bo Beep returns and is even better then she was before, her chemistry with Woody is wonderful and funny, now for the new characters, there's Forky who's charming, funny and plays a somewhat big part in the movie, Gabby Gabby was one character I didn't expect to love, but she was great, there's more to her then you would expect, Bunny and Ducky are really funny supporting characters, Duke Ca-Boom is a lot of fun, not only are the characters just amazing, same can apply to the voice acting, Tom Hanks is just incredible as Woody, Tim Allen is amazing as Buzz, Joan Cusack is wonderful as Jesse, everyone from the previous movies are amazing, the new characters have great voice actors too, Tony Hale is charming as Forky, Christina Hendricks is quite intense as Gabby Gabby, Key and Peele are funny as Bunny and Ducky, Keanu Reeves is surprisingly great as Duke Ca-Boom, the characters fully represent what it's like to be a toy, they have humour, heart, entertainment, whit, charm and great voice actors behind them, it's what make them truly a wonderful group of toys.

It's a 'happy' film, it's funny, hopeful & very entertaining.

The plot here-on is repetitive, and eventually repetitive and boring, with woody rescuing forky from the antique store 3 times!

One of the worst movie ever.

One moment which really stuck with me was an establishing shot of Woody and Bo Peep in the rain, which was so awe inspiring that it's a moment I found myself completely lost in.

The new characters are fun, the world is still colorful, and it's all presented in an entertaining and meaningful pace that I thoroughly enjoy.

Everything about this movie was fanstastic, from the incredibly detailed and beautiful looking animation aswell as the stunning locations and characters old and new.

as a whole its an entertaining 90 minutes filled with humor and good storytelling, and what's more you get to revisit these wonderful characters again.

Dreary and boring .

Just bad bad bad from start to, well, I assume finish, for those die hard who actually endured to the end of this animated yawn fest.

That was too contrived to steer the plot in the direction the writers wanted.

Beautiful picture boring story .

All in all, Toy Story 4 may not be a revelation but it's a kind-hearted, amusing and entertaining film that harks back to everything you loved about the other movies.

I came back feeling happy from the film and that's something very intriguing.