Trade (2007) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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Adriana, 13, is kidnapped in Mexico City by Russian sex traffickers. Her criminal 17 y.o. brother starts looking for her. Across the border in Texas, he gets help from a cop.

IMDB: 7.4
Director: Marco Kreuzpaintner
Stars: Kevin Kline, Kathleen Gati
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 15 out of 98 found boring (15.3%)

One-line Reviews (56)

It seems a comedy, very predictable, with erratic situations, outside the logic or continuity of what happened, sometimes slow and repetitive.

But on the whole it is a gripping and involving movie, telling its hard-hitting story without compromise or sentiment.

The hunt begins to feel far-fetched as the film progresses, and Kline is as dull as usual.

Finally, without giving to much away, you will be on the edge of your seat with everything that goes on in the movie, from going to a normal life, to having everything turned around in an instant.

She made her scenes gripping.

While it is extremely gripping and harrowing for much of its running time and manages to expose the obscene trafficking of children and women for the purposes of prostitution without sensationalising, it does suffer from some serious lapses in logic and a final reel that is as close as you well get to seeing a decent film self-destructing.

I discovered comments like, "hard to find it entertaining" and "playing up the terrorizing of the women detracted from the film.

The entire film has intense moments, this is one of those films you watch and feel as if you've gotten the entire package.

However, I do believe that this movie should be very intriguing and eye catching to all viewers.

Has its moments but too contrived .

On rare occasions, movies must become a primary medium to inform the public and/or increase awareness regarding compelling humanitarian issues and human suffering.

So overall I'm going to give this action packed movie a good 7/10.

Despite its minimal amount of unrealism and spotty acting in some areas, the film was overall entertaining and a very good work of art.

Riveting and Disturbing .

Don't waste your time with this piece of dung!!!!!

While it has some Hollywood moments thrown in for commercial appeal, it's still as compelling as any film I've seen recently.

for example: when the two kidnappers drive over a very high mountain and that one guy gets out to punish Veronica who tried to escape few minutes ago, you just wonder: well, why are they doing it stupidly on the edge of a cliff?

This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Despite the inclusion of Kevin Kline, this potentially harrowing experience is rendered weaker by some mediocre performances and a fairly bland script.

The film Trade is definitely worth watching.

It is so heartbreaking that it would keep you on the edge of your seat .

This movie has lots of compelling characters and a simply horrific story to tell on its own.

This movie was very eye opening, interesting, and intriguing.

The film Trade is definitely worth watching.

He faces many problems along the way, and it leaves you on the edge of your seat and breathless.

Don't waste your time watching it.

Even on its own terms it fails, since the plot is implausible, the male heroes are annoying, the resolution is boring, and the theme excites more than educates.

The characters are wonderful, especially (Jorge), He grabs your attention from the beginning and keeps you completely immersed in the story..he wraps u into his pain and his love for his sister.

This is a great movie, but is constantly dragged down by the director's lack of trust in themselves, their actors, and the story itself.

Additionally, you won't be able to help getting into the movie, and you'll be on the edge of your seat waiting to see what will happen in the end.

    Trade is an emotional roller-coaster, you may feel sad at one point, then the adrenaline builds up and you feel like you are gonna go crazy with anxiety, for an example when Jorge (Cesar Ramos) discovers that his sister Adriana (Paulina Gaitán) has been abducted he goes on the hunt like any brother/friend/parent would do.

This is an incredibly compelling story - enough on its own.

directors should have asked at least one person to review the story and see how boring and unreal and unnecessarily exaggerating it looks like.

What a bore.

Although it has few acclaimed stars, it is well worth watching.

The story unfolds with a pace that is both compelling and harrowing as inhumanities are heaped upon Jorge's sister and a Polish woman lured to America with false promises of a new life (well, not so false when you think about it).

Waste of time that will drive you mad!!

First, Ceasar Ramos (Jorge) gives a legendary performance in this film and is absolutely breathtaking.

There are times when Trade is frustratingly uneven (for example, the scenes charting Gaitán's terrifying journey are always more compelling and believable than the scenes featuring those desperately hunting for her).

The filmmakers waste little time in setting up a pursuit-type plot and then adeptly goes through International locations and scenery.

Another nice feature in the film is that in fast paced scenes the camera work is shaken up and sporadic (though not to a point you'll get motion sick or can't tell what's going on) to add a chaotic effect for the viewer's point of view.

The first part of the film is drawn out way too much and is essentially a chase movie.

It's a gripping, uncompromising story of the kidnapping, brutalizing, smuggling, and sale of young women and boys, from Mexico into the United States.

Unfortunately there are quite a few incoherencies that make this film painful at times:*SPOILERS BELOW*The attempts to poke fun at Americans in Jorge's dialogue with Ray is very predictable and unfunny.

I highly recommend it.

The Mexico City setting alone is a plus to this roller-coaster of thrills and yawns.

From then on the movie got better and better, drawing me in each time something suspenseful happened.

This was a really gripping and very emotional movie, and in my opinion this was the best movie-ending ever, at least the best one I have ever seen.

A roller-coaster of thrills and yawns.

Gaitán gives a superb performance as the young victim, matched by the intense desperation of Ramos as her brother and Bachleda as the Polish woman whom she befriends during the ordeal.

It does feel a bit dragged at the beginning, I guess it is needed to expose all the details of the business chain, the storyline flows naturally and keeps me hooked for 2 hours.

how primitive it is to draw the line between ART on the good and ENTERTAINMENT on the bad side should be common sense, and Kreuzpaintner did succeed with his relaxed but intense coming out-drama "Sommersturm".

3 there is no web page with such info as shown in movie, 4 Iam tired of idiots who don't portray the real world then no one learns of issue of great importance 5 someone does not get kidnapped in front of police and a page, 6 collect calls to Poland do not happen,7 I have never seen such stupid acting, stupid directionthis movie was a waste of money.

**Watching the movie Trade is very suspenseful, realistic movie I've seen about Trafficking.

It was realistic and intriguing.

On the other hand Kevin Kline came out extremely bland and uninspiring, ergo he basically functioned as a script tool to somehow get the character of Jorge to New Jersey.