Trainspotting (1996) - Drama

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Renton, deeply immersed in the Edinburgh drug scene, tries to clean up and get out, despite the allure of the drugs and influence of friends.

IMDB: 8.1
Director: Danny Boyle
Stars: Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner
Length: 93 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 37 out of 588 found boring (6.29%)

One-line Reviews (264)

However, it's pace allows it to always be entertaining.

Be advised, this film is more educational than entertaining, and definitely an experience.

Trainspotting is strong, realistic and highly enjoyable peek into rather grey Mondays in 1980s Scotland where life has its ups under the influence of heroin, alcohol, 'fitba' (soccer) and Iggy Pop gigs.

This ranks up there as being one of the worst movies of all time.

He battles the strain and the influences of his mates; including Sick Boy (Johnny Lee Miller) a man who stops at nothing to take all, Spud (Ewen Bremner) a fast-paced anxious performance and Francis Begbie (Robert Carylye) a frighteningly intense character who is possibly my favourite of all-time; and Renton's sex life.

This movie is the funniest, most entertaining and informative efforts to give insight on and discourage drug use.

It's raw, witty, and undeniably compelling.

) setting to showcase several interesting and entertaining episodes, the bottom line being entertainment, as opposed to documentation, education or political statement.

That's another point, another issue that affects Renton and the rest of his friends; the silly Spud (Ewen Bremmer), the unpredictable Sick Boy (Jonny Lee Miller) and the lost Tommy (Kevin McKidd).

If you haven't seen this film and have a strong stomach, I highly recommend it.

Ewan MacGregor simultaneously plays repulsive and engaging very well.

It's an objective view on drug addiction and the culture which surrounds it, and it still manages to be engaging, intriguing, and often hilarious.

He is a violent, angry, and unpredictable man whose every moves make you uncomfortable.

A Stunning Trip Into The Underbelly of Britain .

Although performances from most of the cast are rather nice, with special praise going to Ewan McGreggor and Robert Carlyle, the storyline still seems to be rather void of any life; it instead has to rely upon it's pop cultural references and controversial themes to keep both the plot and its audience plodding along nicely.

The characters, the pounding music, the clever touches and the stupid, STUPID frame of mind that completely saturate every gesture and word, makes it one of the most entertaining films of the 90's.

I never found a moment that was whimsical, in fact I had to rewind a couple of times after falling asleep.

The spend a lot of time drinking and shooting the crap around and the weather does some pretty dreary, for the most part they seem like the get along alright despite there drug problems!

Poor thing, if you're finding this all very confusing, remember you're truly not alone as this orb is old with dark truths where things rarely are as they seem, and as it should be Trainspotting lends credence to the rule and not the exception.

") and from get go, it went nowhere!

But the enjoyable caper that you settle comfortably into doesn't last for long and soon it's apparent that director Danny Boyle is showing the good and the bad; the Heaven and the Hell.

Instead, he maintains a rare objectivity throughout the film, depicting this fascinating array of complex, beautifully acted characters with an honesty that it seldom captured on film.

It is a dialogue driven movie, though, so if you don't get the lines, and don't understand the humor, which is very dry at times, and never comes in the form of a 'joke', you'll unknowingly call this movie "slow" or "depressing" or "bad.

Its interesting and funny to watch,together with a good sound track which makes in even more entertaining.

It simply uses a fascinating (yes, squalor on celluloid mostly IS fascinating, end of discussion!

A straight shot of fast paced energy .

Instead, he maintains a rare objectivity throughout the film, depicting this fascinating array of complex, beautifully acted characters with an honesty that it seldom captured on film.

Very well made and entertaining .

If you have nothing better to do then see this movie, but otherwise don't waste your precious time.

In fact the film can deliver these moral messages in more ways than one and actually turn them into entertaining scenes without ever feeling like a lecture or lesson.

Overall - the movie is entertaining, funny, and very recommended.

Gripping and exciting, the total movie .

It's engaging from start to finish; frankly, I could not take my eyes off it.

The addict lifestyle and worldview is portrayed as being just as pointless and empty of meaning as the materialistic values and aspirations that are promoted by mainstream society.

It is in short a tragic, but entertaining portrait of the world of a drug addict.

Embrace yourselves for one of the most thrilling, exciting and heart-beating endings in movie history.

Danny Boyle provides us with breathtaking camera work and has some Tarantino-ish qualities, that makes him one of the most talented filmmakers working in the independent film industry.

This film was pointless.

Finally, the accents were very hard to follow.

just DULL.

Ewan McGregor is great but Robert Carlyle is even better as the psychotic, and totally unpredictable Begbie.

I give this film an eight out of ten, and I think this film did the only thing it possibly could to make it better than 'A Clockwork Orange,' which was to add an exciting ending, and an official climax.

His witty and clever narration is very enjoyable, and the best part of the movie.

Other times, in case of movies like Trainspotting, immaturity is just generic, boring, and I've seen this so many times I know exactly what's going to happen in five minutes, oh look!

His whole philosophy is you can choose life and have to work for something impure and unfulfilling, or you can choose something else-- addiction, which in his mind is more enjoyable.

Not for the faint of heart, but well worth viewing as a realistic and entertaining reminder of the horrors of drug use.

Trainspotting is fast, furious and unrelenting in its content that can be funny; suspenseful; quite scary and downright disgusting – it's one of those film viewing experiences you don't forget in a hurry.

Entertaining and truthful movie .

Most boring movie I ever watched.

It is a very powerful and enjoyable, sometimes comical film.

I must say that this movies bears a striking resemblance to A Clockwork Orange with the themes and characters, etc. But this movie is very electrifying, entertaining, and very very hilarious at moments.

The music is psychedelically absorbing, the editing is simply perfect, and the cinematography is, well, electrically vibrant, hysterical, spot-on and artistic.

It's a classic that, for those of us who never really experienced the drug subculture of that time, is still a fascinating and incredible film.

Renton (Ewan McGregor), deeply immersed in the Edinburgh drug scene, tries to clean up and get out, despite the allure of the drugs and influence of friends.

I didn't actually see it until a month or so ago and, while I enjoyed it, I wasn't sure why it was such a big deal.

The insightful and often candid portrayal of the characters allows the story to delve into the deepest pockets of human emotion, making it moving and intriguing, irrespective of whether you identify with the characters.

The realistic feel and emotions mixed with the serial elements is superb and make the movie all the more mind blowing.

But tbh, the whole in a nutshell is pointless.

The teens sit around shooting heroin and talking about mostly uninteresting things in thick accents laden with Scottish slang.

Totally engrossing, you won't look away from beginning to end.

TrainspottingFew such drug related features gets it right and the primary reason it does, is the resonance towards the practicality among these pragmatic characters whose trajectories are unpredictable and justifying; the perfect balance that every writer dreams for.

I found Spud the most entertaining to watch with his baffled expressions.


A film that tackles any hot-button social issue can, and usually does, simply become a didactic propaganda piece.

It doesn't make "Trainspotting" a terribly heavy movie to watch but more of a realistic, non-forced entertaining one.

A Utterly Shocking, Humorous, and Engaging Film .

I also think it is the film that best describes the life style of the '90s, and the life of the teenager lost in this fast paced age.

Moreover, McGregor's voice-over makes the movie more thrilling.

however don't think this film is completely depressing, it is also very comical and entertaining because we sympathise with the main character and laugh and moan at his mistakes as the film progresses.

It is all those elements that stimulate the soul that makes this such a compelling and wonderful film.

At the beginning of the film, I found myself bored.

It is amazing how the story can focus on such a controversial story and contain an incredible amount of humour, as well as intense sadness and fear.

Another entertaining film with a similar "feel", I thought, was Spun.

Basically, the movie gives each and every inch of the heroine user's experience its due, from the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows, from the the cravings, the mania, and high jinx, and along the way a compelling portrait of the types of personalities who frequent the bars, bathrooms and slums where heroine users shoot up, to the fear and depression and despair that come from getting off the stuff or trying to score and coming up short.

For all the subject matter it feels a little safe, a little content to hide behind the stylistic touches that gives the film much of its energy - using a flurry of cuts for mundane occurrences like drinking milkshakes, throwing in dutch angles that flip around to reveal reflections, dollying along the nightmarish elongated room (or prison).

Pointless film.

Boring, pretentious, depressing and defiantly over ratted.

Both men are engaging interviewees and, had I heard the interviews before seeing the film, I might have had even higher expectations.

Don't waste your time!!.

What was once avant-garde in "Trainspotting" is now commonplace, yet 20 years later it still has an exciting edginess to it that will likely still connect with future generations of viewers.

It is amazing and most certainly worth watching.

Thought-provoking in every way and extremely enjoyable in others, it brings us characters that we would rather not deal with and makes us feel for them in a way no other film can.

All in all, I think this movie is worth watching, hard as some of the scenes are to take.

It is totally worth watching.

I have just watched this movie for the umpteenth time, and throughly enjoyed it for the umpteenth time, so I would be hard pressed to say anything negative about it.

Oh goody, yet another boring film about drugs.

Disturbing Yet Worth Watching .

It's a film that made British cinema seem exciting again and restored its golden period rather than a fusty factory of period dramas which was ongoing for half a decade.

An Intense, Surreal Look at Drug Abuse, .

The screenplay is incredibly witty and thought-provoking; the characters are well-rounded and the fast pace makes it very engaging.

Shocking and riveting .

Every moment of the film is gripping and never leaves you tired.

the film is very gritty and realistic but also entertaining.

Trainspotting is strong, realistic and highly enjoyable peek into rather grey Mondays in 1980s Scotland .

great movie, great culture, some bizarre surrealism that has unexpected/hidden meanings.

"A perfect examination of this director's films: Unsympathetic characters, no plot, and no point.

This movie is very fast paced, funny, powerful, and hooks you from first to last frame.

Mark Renton is compelling because he is the best we've got.

I can definitely see quite a number of people hating this film based on the subject matter alone but to most people with the right outlook this film can be very easily enjoyable.

Robert Carlyle is intense and fabulous as always.

That's how Renton sees this safe, domestic path of life - aimless, boring.

Surely worth watching.

The answer lies in its' scripting, casting and uninspiring set.

It's a drama about drugs and is a very powerful movie with an intense plot squeezed into less than 90 minutes so it won't bore you either.

Being a pretty straight up person I've had little dealings with them in my life, and so find the subject matter quite fascinating.

Things started off well enough: I loved Ewan McGregor's opening monologue, describing the pointless, cliché choices we as civilized humans tend to make in regards to our lives...

"I have no idea what Trainspotting actually means, but this 1996 Danny Boyle film is truly an entertaining cinematic experience.

I would rank this film among the ranks of Requiem of a Dream and Traffic, as it delivers a strong anti-drug message while maintaining a compelling plot and well-rounded characters.

Over all i was on the edge of my seat with this movie and i loved every minute of it

what a waste of time.

All the characters work well to create a smorgasbord of crazy enjoyable characters.

In saying that, though, it most definitely makes for compelling viewing.

Absolutely hilarious, riveting, terrifying and occationally devistating.

what a waste of time , skip it !.

And a waste of time.

It doesn't really go anywhere, and the scenes involving what happens to the baby are a little slow, since the filmmakers seem uncomfortable that they're dealing with a subject they can't have fun with, so they don't quite know what to do.

This movie takes having for all intensive purpose crappy life and makes it seem OK.

I found the characters bland and that of Robert Carlyle simply stupid and psychotic – as in here we go again with another violent scene with fists and beer glasses flying.

The best part of this movie is that it's fast paced and never get's dull, so that you feel exactly like the characters when they are on drugs, and it get 's a bit slower and more feverish when they are on withdrawal.

That's tragic stuff, and totally unexpected.

Throughout it's duration, Trainspotting hosts a commendable number of stunning and original scenes.

This movie could be very boring.

Trainspotting's soundtrack is another high-point and remains entertaining, quirky and also flawlessly fitting to the scenes it accompanies.

The story is fast paced, full of crazy and surreal situations, unforgettable scenes, black humor, and phenomenal dialogue and monologues.

It was extremely creative and provided a great look at the life of a Scottish heroine addict Ewan McGregor played a stunning account of Renton, the main character.

Enjoyable ride .

Some people might find it boring or weird.

His group of friends, ranging from fellow junkies Sick Boy and Spud to a psychopathic, adrenaline-addicted Begbie, keep him tied to his old habits, whether he wants to be or not.

2) Trainspotting (as in watching trains passing stations for a hobby) is as stupid and pointless as doing drugs.

Don't remember the plot in detail, but it eventually thickens as the 3 main characters (highly developed and fascinating characters I might add) try to complete a large heroin deal to make a ton of cash.

European film-makers generally make slow paced films that work on the characters - their eccentricities, their behaviour, their emotional contrasts and develop their "being".

Anyone who likes dark British humor (eg, Naked) will find this entertaining, at least to a point, as I did.

That being said, I still think that anyone and everyone should see this movie for the striking visuals, cool music and absorbing story.

The film is surprisingly void of any intense drama, which I sort of expected considering the subject matter.

; with an engaging plot.

Trainspotting is a story that manages to be both sweet and humorous, as well as gripping and horrifying.

In the aftermath of "Pulp Fiction", much of the filmmaking of the 1990s thrived upon attempts to appear "edgy" within the constructs of independent films, or merely to provide empty shock value clichés.

By using over-the-top visuals (the sequence with the dead infant in the crib is one that I won't be able to shake for sometime) and a rapid MTV music video style editing, Boyle makes the film visually fascinating while showing the truth behind the life of the average drug addict.

Thought Provoking and Enjoyable .

At times the film is funny, at times depressing, at times optimistic, but at all time engaging.

what trainspotting does is go deeper into why a person does it, having valid reasons, and seeing what is intriguing about heroin.

With its flat and ridiculous characters and romanticising of narcotics, the film to me is just mildly entertaining - if unpleasant at times - crap.

There's just so much to mention about the film, so many funny, shocking and bizarre moments that make you want to watch the film again (the fast paced opening, Renton's trip into the toilette, Begbie assaulting a man in a bar, and lets not forget the cold-turkey scene).

Too easy and makes for a dull movie.

It combines an intense desire to not hold anything back with an amazing world of characters who have analyzed life and chosen not to live it.

Intense and very well acted, Trainspotting is a film that I would certainly recommend to anyone looking for a good drama.

While Trainspotting was less intense than Requiem for a Dream, they both had stunning visuals to help the audience understand the drug experience.

With that being said, I went into "Trainspotting" fully prepared to feast on the dark nature of the film and find myself immersed in a cast of characters that I could relate to.

He carries the film perfectly,but all the supporting cast do a tremendous job of things as well,especially Miller as the well-spoken and thoroughly engaging Sick Boy and Carlyle in mesmerizing debut form as the psychotic,ultra violent,knife wielding thug Begbie,a performance he contrasted well with his much calmer,more reserved approach in coming roles.

It is by turns compelling, hilarious, and horrific.

There isn't much going on plot wise in the sense that the film focuses on these five friends who spend pretty much every day getting high and partying, but at the same time there are so many engaging and funny moments that allow for the viewer to relate to these characters.

It's a really vulgar film, with lots of disgusting scatological humor, pointless violence, and the pain of a life on heroin.

Above all, this is a modern masterpiece because it is intelligent as well as entertaining.

A mind blowing masterpiece.

I think this film express for me just waste of time.

Each of the characters is very distinctive and entertaining in their own way, though none of Renton's friends generate sympathy like he does.

If you haven't seen "Trainspotting" yet, I highly recommend it.

I notice something new every time I watch this movie, it's always enjoyable and it always makes me say no to drugs!

The acting is terrific, it's very stylish and it is entertaining at the least.

The film becomes repetitive.

The result is a movie which not only boasts incredible acting, but a tangible plot line, and a lesson that one can learn because it is immersed in such a vibrant and...

The story is tight and compelling.

While very enjoyable and engaging I found myself feeling like I was watching something that wasn't for me, by almost any means.

It was so entertaining, different and fun, I just kept watching.

An entertaining film .

The disturbing and disgusting and yet realistic aspects of what comes with wanting that bit of pleasure is humorous and yet intriguing at times.

Trainspotting assaults you from beginning to end with non-stop images, intriguing characters, and some great lines.

'Trainspotting' is as hilarious as it is deeply disturbing, but most importantly (and unlike many other films concerned with addiction) it's one hell of an entertaining flick and doesn't drag for a second.

How did Trainspotting tell such a story of desperate criminal activity whilst still managing to be relatable and enjoyable?

The end scene is one of the most suspenseful scenes I have ever seen in my life.

I highly recommend it(along with Shallow Grave and A Life Less Ordinary).

While the characters in the film are shot full of heroin we the audience get a straight shot of very fast paced, entertaining, and hardly slowing energy.

They inhabit dreary, run-down shacks, they beat up posh Americans in bar bathrooms, their bodies are withered and eyes darting.

These characters are not duped by evil drug pushers, but consciously choose drugs over the banality of well, pretty much everything else.

) Had I seen this film at its original release in 1996, I would have thought Boyle an exciting and highly promising new director; with the benefit of hindsight, having seen the insipid "The Beach" and "28 Days Later", which was merely adequate without being bad or excellent, I wonder instead what went wrong.

However,there are some pointless story arcs in this film such as McGregor's romance that ends up not being resolved and comes across as a bit of a waste of time.

The nihilistic characters are trite and safe, copy/pasted from some MTV reality show that contains 2% reality and 98% what looks cool.

Watch the Beach again, and Trance, the boring Sunshine, and he just comes across as if he's just graduated from film school and has all these cool tricks to try out.

But, that's not really something to get bent out of shape about, because the rest of the film is always engrossing especially the magnificent and extensive soundtrack including music from Blur, Lou Reed and Iggy Pop.

Trainspotting was one of my favorite movies, with fabulous dialogue and intriguing local colloquial slang.

There really is no story per se and I don't think that this movie could ever match up to the likes of Snatch and Requiem for a dream.

An entertaining look into the experiences of drug addicts.

However, if there is one movie that I cannot stress the old trite adage on enough it is "Trainspotting.

We all know how the overuse and dependency of drugs can destroy a life, the gripping struggle many endure to pull themselves out of that toilet, and the ruin they can bring to others around them.

It shows what happens to those that are immersed in the drug scene and the desperation that such actions bring about.

This movie achieves to entertain, with a near-perfect pace, gorgeous performances and unbelievably wit lines, and still manages to tell an actually very important story, to reflect the view of the world that most of the people of our age share deep inside: the anger towards the modern empty ideals and the futility in resisting them.

It's all done in an unique and entertaining way and the movie is made with lots of style and humor.

But with the inevitable one-last-hit always standing in his way, he seems doomed to waste his life with fellow comrades Spud, Sick-Boy Tom and the almost psychotic Begbie.

Disgusting, but also intriguing.

The film follows the misadventures of a group of extremely dysfunctional characters who are immersed in an underworld of addiction, crime, and violence.

The other immensely enjoyable aspect of "Trainspotting" is the fantastic cast.

Something about it felt empty to me, and it wasn't nearly as impacting as I had hoped it would be.

Boring .

It's fun, humorous, sad, and exciting.

waste of time .

The pacing keeps you interested as the scenes move fast, which might make up for the slower-moving plot.

The commends about big movies and big actors was fascinating.

Though it has the potential to be a very drab, gritty film - and the potential to be preachy - the simple use of bright colors gives it a vibrant look and a somewhat upbeat feel.

The most fascinating movie of the year.

They are led by Mark Renton (played by Ewan McGregor - Star Wars, Moulin Rouge) the central character and narrator of this macabre yet intriguing tale.

And that is what makes it such an exciting film.

the seemingly pointless and mind-numbing hobby of train spotting: Those who are "trainspotters" make an effort to "spot" all of a certain type of rolling stock.

As it is, however, the film is definitely worth watching for its superb visuals, its caricature-like individuals, its humor, and its portrayal of drug culture...

Trainspotting is gross, sad, and dirty, while it is simultaneously energetic, entertaining, and funny.

Confusing and surreal use of colour and detail on walls (for eg the opening shot of the wall with "Welcome to Mother Superior's" and the door of the Volcano Bar as Diane exits) keep you involved and intrigued, while the more surreal incidents (Renton's swim in the toilet and later "leap" from the wall at the pub to Mother Superior's floor) give the story a fevered tinge of unreality that drags us into the heroin nightmare without detracting from the naked realism.

Entertaining and intriguing.

The film is very innovative with it's camera angles and storytelling, and includes great acting with a great story and a surprisingly suspenseful ending.

and the rest of the cast is stunning as well.

Cinema should be about entertaining primarily, and while one way to entertain is intellectually by making you think about the subject matter, this should never overtake the enjoyment of the film for the viewer.

I thought it was one of my favourite films very exciting and interesting, I was born near Edinburgh so it was great.


This movie is a real masterpiece, because it is as thrilling as an action movie and sometimes as realistic as a documentary.

Yet to be fair it's not quite as bad as Fear and Loathing in Las Vagas, which was boring, overlong and pretentious.

There is no real plot.

But it's very well done, with a snappy, realistic script, lots of genuinely funny moments, some truly moving and sad scenes about this horrible existence, and, in the end, many important things to say.

Actually this film was somewhat amoral – and the longer it went on the more tiresome it became (how many times does one need to see someone injecting heroin into his veins?

This is a repetitve and ultimately pointless exercise that keeps them occupied as time passes on.

The first 40 minutes are great and very enjoyable.

It´s a very intelligent movie, talking about hard subjects on a very peculiar way which makes it both entertaining and true to real life at the same time.

Ewen Bremner, Jonny Lee Miller & Kevin McKidd are compelling.

A group of "friends" hit by the boring days in Scotland.

good,entertaining film .

This bland feeling overpowered me through most of the movie, and I found myself checking the running time to see how much time had elapsed, which is usually always a bad sign while watching any movie.

Very boring, and being a british movie made it hard to watch.

The characters are fascinating and you just like them so much you want to know what they are up to even though it's most likely screwing their lives up even more.

It's riveting, brilliant, stupendous, captivating and over all makes you fall for "Mark".

An entertaining look into the experiences of drug addicts, I give Trainspotting 4.0 stars out of 5.

That being said, those things do not take anything away from the film, the quality of plot and story, or the acting which is Stunning!

The exploits they get themselves into are absolutely riveting, and the cast is probably the best ensemble cast I've ever witnessed.

The rest of them are just horrible and self-indulgent narcissists perfectly happy to stab each other in the back when the plot serves that need, most notably Renton's betrayal of both Spud in the courtroom early on and then his ultimate back stab at the end.

Very explicit sex and drug use which made you feel more involved and made the movie more intense.

There are so many entertaining moments in the simple dialogues that an actual plot isn't really needed.

Sounds a drag, but believe me, it's one of the most entertaining films you'll ever see!

Everything he does in this movie makes me laugh, and his accent is intense.

Making the characters engaging and believable.

Very entertaining.

It has a more realistic view than most movies that deal with this subject and that fact alone makes it worth watching.

As the film dragged on and on, I found myself caring less and less about these guys and their sorry little lives.

This movie showed me a lot of the intricacies of Scottish culture, and was a generally enjoyable film.

Entertaining characters in a story of the dangers of loyalty.

no story in it , total waste of time , I don't know why many people like it !!??.

However, he keeps on being dragged back into it as every attempt he tries, doesn't work for him.

Begbie might have been more entertaining if I could hear past his accent.

At times funny, always intriguing rather than entertaining.

Shallow Grave was great, Life Less Ordinary was odd but very good, The Beach I found entertaining and very watch able as did 28 Days Later which is Boyle's most interesting film and then Trainspotting which comes after Shallow Grave really which is a film that follows the life of a small town Scottish lad trying to get through the days with his struggle of heroin with his outcast mates.

Worth watching: 10/10

Trainspotting's soundtrack is another high-point and remains entertaining, quirky and also flawlessly fitting to the scenes it accompanies.

Other than those two small points I think that this is a movie worth watching by every adult.

I just know that my free time is becoming more and more limited at this stage of my life so that I'd like to spend the little time I have for movies watching ones that are unique, spectacular, entertaining, uplifting, insightful, engaging, or just plain fun.

But this film simply has no plot and no purpose.

Also, the flow of the movie is really enjoyable, as the ending leaves its impact on the audience.

His philosophy, though very disagreeable, is very intriguing.

The comedic timing in this movie is on par with most, if not every joke seemed to hit it's mark, and sometimes the humour came from the most unexpected places.

Enjoyable, if you can handle the content.

Raw, Honest, and Intriguing .

It was so slow, just some guy running around talking about drugs and the problems he has trying to quit.

It's Pointless And The Plot Is Outrageous.

The first novel I read by Welsh was Filth, and his writing style is absolutely fascinating.

The only identity they have is that, they're boring, flat, copy/paste characters who are addicted to heroin .

The lines where he said too ill to sleep and too tired to stay awake couldn't have been put any better.

Even though it did contain some shocking scenes, it was still a watchable an enjoyable movie as compared to the shock-fest "REQUIEM FOR A DREAM".

Renton's two best friends are also junkies: Sick Boy, a snappy dresser obsessed with James Bond, and Spud, a guileless nerd who suggests Pee Wee Herman's debauched cousin.

And Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller, and Robert Carlyle bring a remarkable compassion and depth to their portrayals of characters that could have easily lapsed into cliché.

In this way the movie is totally compelling and I highly recommend it.