Traitor (2008) - Action, Crime, Drama

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When straight arrow FBI agent Roy Clayton heads up the investigation into a dangerous international conspiracy, all clues seem to lead back to former U.S. Special Operations officer, Samir Horn.

Director: Jeffrey Nachmanoff
Stars: Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce
Length: 114 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 31 out of 134 found boring (23.13%)

One-line Reviews (115)

Great beginning and ending, boring middle This is a movie that dragged me through few moods, interesting beginning, boring too detailed, slow middle part and pretty good ending with a great twist.

Traitor's "social role" broadly speaking is to sooth and lull qualms about how Washington's rulers go about "protecting" us.

This was an excellent movie, a very intriguing and topical story involving terrorism with the basic message that there are good and bad people everywhere, of all races, religions, sects, whatever.

You don't feel fooled, you feel too immersed to have known.

Intense situations build up, only to dissolve with lazy writing cop-outs like "oh, I have a stomach ache" in order to move the plot along.

It was interesting and absorbing with only a few plot goofs to get in the way.

Traitor cannot be considered as a thriller, there is very little to be thrilled about, and as far as drama is concerned, this already experienced dull venture of right and wrong is getting outdated.

Unfortunately, he has no control over Traitor, a cheaply made, sometimes thrilling, kind of sort of good thriller about terrorists.

Compelling and Convincing Terrorist Thriller .

Some things I did like was the final twist, which was clever and unexpected, and even made the whole theater laugh.

The moral dilemma and the perspective of West and East towards each other was portrayed promisingly at the start but gets repetitive and dragging at a certain point.

The film is uniformly exciting, nail-biting, and fascinating.

There is lots of action and intense dialog.

Don Cheadle does a solid job with a subtle, intense and studied performance.

For some reason, Guy Pearce was given the task of speaking like Matthew McConaughey's brother, which in itself is a bit entertaining.

By the numbers thriller with predictable outcome.

Or doze off when I am not really tired - like 1:00pm/ afternoon.

If you're looking for an entertaining film to pass the time this weekend, Traitor is worth checking out if you remember not to analyze it afterwords.

Even with the monotonous action scenes and few dull moments of the movie, the wonderful cast and marvelous settings make up for it.

This makes the movie very enjoyable.

Such intense sequences are often and should, enter the film in its latter stages, in order to convey the fear or the stakes among the viewers.

From here though the film is more of a genre piece than it had been in the first stages but it is still pretty free-flowing and enjoyable.

The final twist is great, if initially confusing and unintentionally hilarious.

I suggest only seeing it if you are a fan of any of the main actors; otherwise, you may find it to boring.

The movie (as is common with these types of stories) includes a sometimes bewildering array of locations that makes it sometimes a bit hard to follow.

The story was way to confusing and was jumping all over.

The film packs adequate,evocative cinematography by Michael Muro and agreeable musical score by Mark Kilian with Arabs overtones.

He plays it really well in both halves of the film and regardless makes for an intense presence on the screen, making his bit work well.

A Pretentious Close-Call.

The star of this movie was Guy Pearce who gives a compelling performance as a government operative.

It wanted to be a grown up film about the failure of the human spirit that is war, it ended up being and empty double agent non-thriller.

I reasoned that he used fake explosives and I was eagerly looking forward to the look of utter frustration on the faces of the terrorists when they pushed their buttons and nothing happened.

A genre film but an enjoyable one.

The first half of "Traitor" is quite compelling and effective as it establishes the characters and sets the story in motion.

As I've already said, this is a very intriguing film tackling a very delicate subject, which I thought was done pretty well.

Make no mistake, they're the Nazis of the movie -- they do what villains always do in propaganda movies; they unhesitatingly kill one of their own when he turns out to be a weakling.

it was suspenseful, had great twists, the acting was superb, and was a great story.

TraitorNachmanoff is far from being serious about the sincerity he ought to ooze in such geo-political themed film, the final answer is unbearable.

For certain, this oh so dreary spy/political film was in dire need of comedic moments.

keeping in mind the way all blockbusters are made today - predictable and plot less.

It Overcomes A Slow Start To Become Pretty Suspenseful By The End .

Cheadle gives a low-key performance — that's a kind way of saying "boring" — and the manufactured suspense is undercut by too many dull, talky scenes.

As the film progresses, the producer and director execute the art of confusing their audience very well as Samir struggles to identify himself as a spy for the FBI or a terrorist.

It is entertaining, suspenseful, thought-provoking, and action-packed.

These are given lowest common denominator treatment, so that while the film is moderately exciting, it's not very intelligent.

great acting, intense all the way through and worth the watch.

On a boring Friday morning with time to kill I went to see Traitor.

Hardcore Pentagon Propaganda .

The usual twists and turns in narrative are here (so much so that I'm consciously going to avoid giving any form of a synopsis for the sake of preserving vital turning points), but they refuse to submit to banal contrivances and absurd mystery tangents that take far too long to reveal themselves.

After one of the better villainous performances of the year in Vantage Point, Taghmaoui delivers a performance just as deep and riveting as Cheadle's.

Great beginning and ending, boring middle .

Not as political as I had imagined and expected, which is actually a relief considering the slew of preachy, self-righteous and pretentious politically-charged movies out there spawned since 9/11.

Traitor is a fascinating study of religious fanaticism, government lies and innuendo and how far a nation will go to ostensibly protect itself and it's citizens from the supposed terrorists that are plotting their next fiasco as you read this.

It was waste of my time and i don't recommend this to anyone who want to watch a good movie.

No one can deny that yes there is a bunch of terrorists who are Muslims, so I'm not going to attach the movie, just because it brings these bad muslims to light, since directing a movie about normal muslims will be very boring.

After a bit of a slow start and a somewhat convoluted story, "Traitor" manages to overcome those weaknesses and becomes a decent suspense flick about the planning of a major terrorist attack on the United States, and the fight by various members of the law enforcement/intelligence communities to prevent it.

Cardboard characters, clumsy emotional manipulation, implausible storyline and cliché twists weigh against decent production values, competent acting and a reasonably balanced portrayal of participants in the war on terror.

He plays the intense character named Omar, whom Cheadle genuinely befriends.

In the end however, it's this consistency in grit and cerebrally engaging tone that makes Traitor a far greater whole than the sum of its parts.

It is gripping and well spread out through the movie and the 1 hour 48 minutes flies by in this gripping drama/ Thriller.

Don Cheadle makes this compelling by his will of personality.

It did get a little bogged down in the last third, but over all I thought is was quite an exciting and thought provoking film, recommended.

Those who pick apart this movie are nit-picking because it's a very entertaining film while not overdoing the action or the stereotypical characters.

Unfortunately the pacing was too slow for my taste.

But the acting is solid and the plot twists are entertaining enough to almost want to watch again.

Instead the movie exists as a tightly wound, exciting experience, but one that draws far more of its compelling moments from elements grounded in reality through both ethical discussion and the characters that drive the thing forward.

It lost my interest as soon as it was clear that the lead character was a mole - then it was just another film about a mole, and boring at that.

The film's dialog is well written, making up for the sometimes slow pacing scenes that take awhile to transpire.

This does not make the movie obsolete, but it does make it more tedious to genre-savvy audiences.

this is the same old American story, and it's getting boring.

It seems more reasonable to classify Traitor as an exciting drama rather than an action flick.

Usually when a movie is a clunker the audience starts fidgeting and becomes restless.

For that reason, confusion is what keeps the movie interesting.

It's a very entertaining movie and was surprisingly not very well known...

Hence despite a series of suspenseful moments and a modicum of fights and explosions it's not likely you'll be on the edge of your seat.

At times, the movie can get slow.

Moderate Well Crafted Pro-Islam Propaganda .

The main issue I had with the movie was later when we get a bad and very predictable twist that Cheadle works for a solo agent and no one knows about their secret work.

His best performance to date being the lead in the stunning movie "Momento".

If you happen to be studying Propaganda Techniques used in Hollywood Movies, then this one is one to watch for you.

TRAITORI really enjoyed it.

The indoctrination is intense, the brainwashing is constant and up to the last minute, the candidates fit a certain profile and they would not function in normal society for a week, let alone for years on end.

Now before I get to ahead of myself I have to let you know that the story gets sort of confusing at times, at least for me.

It seems very contradictory and to put it bluntly, seems like yet another piece of American propaganda.

For example, Body of Lies was boring because it offered nothing new to audiences.

Rating : Above average, well worth watching.

So it should come as no surprise that Cheadle is electrifying and deep in this film, and it is his performance that makes the film what it is: a deeply engrossing political thriller that will definitely make the audience think about the movie, and of course, the current state of affairs in our world.

Don't waste your time, there are a lot of great movies with interesting stories, this one is just not one of them.

Besides the blatant anti-Muslim propaganda, the movie even contains parts where flashy images show regular looking people traveling on public transportation, who according to the movie really are terrorists who could be carrying a bag, a notebook, or simply people with an Arab appearance.

The overlord of the terrorists is a bland, champagne-swigging fellow who claims such behavior is justified by the Quran.

The picture is fast paced and nicely done.

Director Nachmanoff does a solid job with it but what he could have done better would have been to deliver more tense set pieces – not create them, they are already in the film, but just deliver them in a more intense and fevered way.

But we had never seen the conflict from the enemy's point of view, and because of that, Traitor is a refreshing and fascinating portrait of the causes which motivate the rebellion and disgust against the North American expansion.

), it was above average but failed at being a really good movie, BUT kept you on the edge of your seat.

It was technically well done, but the story was straight and predictable.

If you're a liberal looking for some anti-American propaganda then be sure to rent this movie.

I only give it a 7 because, while it was entertaining and worth paying to seeing, and Cheatle has moved up another peg in my list of great actors.

Traitor is neither pretentious or preachy, it's actually more akin to Hong Kong crime flick Infernal Affairs, where the police force has a mole and the triads also has a mole.

I watched it on demand so i didn't sleep through any of it, but i did fall asleep during it.

), a little too propaganda-ish for my taste.

The first hour of "Traitor" was simply great, but after the first hour it started to lose it's entertainment value and became a bit tedious.

If you're looking for a thought provoking suspenseful thriller that covers some political controversy, well, it suits this need perfectly fine.

Overall a highly enjoyable flick with great substance that shows it is very possible to change a movie dramatically just by masterfully shifting the audience viewpoint without them really realising.

It is a well made film even though it moves a little slow at times.

Some call this 'predictable'.

sadly,i found it boring,predictable,muddled,pointless.

Thrilling and exciting movie about terrorism , spies and geopolitical issues .

It has some dull moments in which the viewer might become disinterested, but, overall, the film is fairly entertaining.

It makes the movie much more entertaining to watch as Samir grapples with his role as an undercover in the terrorist cell.

The pace at some stages flags but overall it all hangs together well and much of the slower stuff is needed to bring value to the action.

I am surprised that someone like Steve Martin, known primarily for his comedic talents, came up with a story that is an intense thriller about terrorism.

Yet the story is a compelling one and Don Cheadle gives an Oscar worthy performance in the lead role as a terrorist/traitor.

So during most of the movie we, the audience, know the secret of Horn's mission, but unexpected things develop which puts everything in jeopardy, including Horn's life and the lives of hundreds of Americans.

That might well be an accurate portrayal of how these plots are developed but it's a bit confusing as you're trying to follow the story.

The film seemed slow at times, as I was constantly waiting for a particular moment to happen, while 5 pacing scenes would come in the way like a roadblock and just aggravate me a bit.