Treme (2010) - Drama, Music

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Life after Hurricane Katrina as the residents of New Orleans try to rebuild their lives, their homes, and their unique culture in the aftermath of one of the worst natural disasters in the USA.

IMDB: 8.2
Stars: Khandi Alexander, Rob Brown
Length: 59 Minutes
PG Rating: TV-MA
Reviews: 6 out of 43 found boring (13.95%)

One-line Reviews (32)

The closest characters to being having any dramatic basis or being likable/compelling are the bar owner who lost her brother in Katrina and who subsquently gets raped as a result of the dissolution of New Orleans, and an outspoken English professor/activist who then commits suicide that we surmise is from the aftermath of Katrina.

The intense drama series "Treme" is one of the best shows out there.

Treme is an absorbing viewing experience.

If you're a jazz or blues lover, the music alone is worth the watch.

Reality, for the most part, is mind numbingly dull.

The reason why it was almost a chore to get through the first couple of episodes wasn't because it was slow, which it was.

Slow moving, sometimes too much schlock, this slow moving drama is not for most people, despite it's lofty intntions.

I like jazz or blues but after hours of watching people play with absolutely no dramatic purpose, combined with a lack of any likable or compelling characters/stories, I tuned off.

The depth and lengths they went to capture the true essence of New Orleans post Katrina is awe inspiring and goes without saying, eye opening.

Slow isn't bad by default, and I like shows that take their time layering their characters and stories.

It is so engrossing, realistic, historic, funny, compassionate and important.

However, there is a reason why fictional TV shows and moviesdon't follow real life people: we're boring.

It just bores me to tears.

It is true that the first 3-4 episodes are slow.

I highly, highly recommend it

The characters and their stories take a while to develop, but once they arrive, they are compelling.

I do enjoy a good character study, and these characters are all wonderful, non-stereotyped, and fascinating.

If The Wire was a "slow burn", Treme is a long smoldering fire left to burn after midnight, just to still be there in the morning.

The script is snappy, The characters are interesting and multi dimensional, the production is slick and the backdrop is an unusual and thought provoking set.

Even the most most raw, gritty and realistic TV shows, such as the Wire or Six Feet Under, distill real life into characters and stories which are compelling.

The street musicians are especially engaging and entertaining.

Thrilling to see so many cameo performances by legendary musicians.

They all run the most boring and realistic course that you can think of.

But this bored me to tears from the get go.

I even like Davis, though Steve Zahn's (does he play any other kinds of roles) arrested adolescent can be tiresome and is pretty much the epitome of the best and worst of NO.

I'm not from America so I have no idea what this series is to people who are from the States but not from New Orleans, but for me it was as fascinating look into a place and people I didn't know anything about going in.

I thought the video-blogging professor and the struggling chef were the most engaging story lines.

The pace was glacial, the drama dull.

We were in New Orleans when this was first being advertised - and I thought "what a bore.

The characters and story were bland, and very uninteresting.

I felt the character Sonny was just random and pointless.

Things are sometimes too slow and meandering.