Tremors 3: Back to Perfection (2001) - Action, Comedy, Horror

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The now famous Burt Gummer returns to his hometown of Perfection, Nevada for the first time in years, but the deadliest Graboid evolution yet forces him to save the town he swore to protect.

IMDB: 5.3
Director: Brent Maddock
Stars: Michael Gross, Shawn Christian
Length: 104 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 11 out of 100 found boring (11%)

One-line Reviews (44)

With a tired screenplay that attempts (and fails) to replicate the easygoing fun of the first two movies, uninteresting characters poorly played by bored-looking actors, and some of the cheapest, most perfunctory special effects money can buy, "Tremors 3" is a subpar facsimile of the first movie.

It was ok, and i really like Michael Gross aka Burt, but i thought it was pointless to make this movie.

For a third movie this is simply just a good and entertaining one, that is just slightly below the level of the first movie.

The creature do have a healthy amount of fear and respect in them based on the efforts to avoid them and contain them, but that goofiness is ratcheted up throughout here with the sarcastic quips, goofy solutions to problems and just plain exciting sequences that have a touch of cheese to them.

All in all, "Tremors 3" is the least enjoyable one so far.

The pacing like in the second film isn't as efficient, while the direction is sometimes a little stodgy and there was the occasional moment where it felt slightly overplayed.

The second sequel to the unexpected hit "Tremors" goes back to the source, Perfection, where all the mayhem ensued in the first place.

An exciting showdown in a junkyard between the 'blasters and three of the Perfection residents is the highlight of the film.

The series is tired, they all look alike except for the creatures - who are just boring - they're nothing like they used to be.

Trilogy's suck, this is the worst movie .

An odd and transitional film that is crippled by a low-budget and a sometimes contrived sense of nostalgia, this third outing never quite comes together as a cohesive experience despite fun performances and a few stand-out scenes.

It's simply a very entertaining movie.

Maybe it was the terrible acting, or the new monsters that light thier farts to fly, or it just might be that thier is no story?

" With that understood, it is hard to fathom how Tremors 3 turned out to be so entertaining.

Quite good and enjoyable third movie.

I won't give away much for the plot, but I will say that this is every bit as enjoyable as the first one.

The scenes between Burt and Jack were funny,as well as scenes between Jody and Jack (when she finds out hes been getting his supplies from FoodMall)Not an Academy Award worthy film,but entertaining,nonetheless.

The new characters are mostly nondescript and bland, although studly Christian and pretty Chuang are reasonably engaging compatriots for Burts' battle with the Graboids.

But, the best(..albeit far-fetched)sequence would have to be when Burt finds himself in the "belly of the beast"..literally. I have found the Tremors series to be quite an entertaining roller coaster ride with plenty of thrills and action.

Also very entertaining in this film is that all the characters from the original Tremors are here again ( Those who didn't die off course ) and there are references to the former characters.

This sequel lacks the monster movie flavor of the original, but still kinda enjoyable, mostly by the fans of the series.

Sadly, the script has a few plot holes and the acting is merely so-so, so it's only a 6/10 in my book, but on a boring evening when there's nothing decent on, it's a great alternative to re-runs.

Entertaining sequel with the Graboids turning into frightening dragons .

Enjoyed It .

It had a creative plot and good acting, and even though is wasn't much of a super horror flick, it still was pretty intense.

One of the worst movies I`ve ever seen .

Probably Michael Gross' acting and to some degree Susan Cuang's (nice and spunky - I liked her) made it enjoyable.

The Tremors series stays very enjoyable to watch.

The picture aimed to video rental market displays thrills, chills, campy fun and is quite entertaining.

" vibe that feels shoehorned and contrived.

It starts slow.

We feel like the monsters need to continue to evolve is kind of boring.

But it's enjoyable to turn on while paying your bills or doing the dishes.

Overall, entertaining and fun sequel.

The plot is not the best, instead it is rather predictable and feels too much like a retread.

The amount of early action scenes utilizing this makes for a lot of fun throughout here as this manages to feature such exciting scenes as the attack on the sham tour, the multitude of desert battles as the group continually has to evade their attacks while trying to dispose of the creatures as well as the final half where it features the full-on assault trying to keep the creatures from multiplying which contains enough action to really showcase the surroundings of the battlefield as well.

This turned out to be quite an exciting and enjoyable entry.

In fact i thought that it was pointless to make the second one, the only reason that i saw these two is because of how much i liked the first one.

The cover was a bit shlocky, and this time even Fred Ward bowed out, but the premise was intriguing.

Gross got boosted to star of the franchise after the departure of both Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward, and he certainly has made Burt Gummer a very entertaining character.

The climax in the junkyard is quite exciting.

Sometimes it's entertaining, but at other times it's merely tiresome.

If you have already viewed the first and second episodes, you know that nonsense can be entertaining.

One of the worst movies ever the characters are such bad actors they all give me a bad gut pain all the c.