Trolls World Tour (2020) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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When the Queen of the Hard Rock Trolls tries to take over all the Troll kingdoms, Queen Poppy and her friends try different ways to save all the Trolls.

IMDB: 6.1
Director: Walt Dohrn
Stars: undefined, Anna Kendrick
Length: 90 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 33 out of 215 found boring (15.34%)

One-line Reviews (69)

Exciting, great storyline, and kept me glued wanting more.

This was just pointless and horrible.

Fun, formulaic, dazzling, and messy .

What a quite enjoyable ride.

Worst movie I've seen in a really long time.

Surprisingly funny, intense, and adventurous!

The humor may be a little repetitive as well.

This visually stunning movie is stuffed with sight gags.

It'd be awfully boring to look and sound the same.

Waste of time and money.

Kids with a healthy knowledge of rock music will feel heartbroken and misrepresented because of this cliche-filled movie.

We really enjoyed it as well.

Waste of time and money.

Typical Liberal Propaganda .

Trolls 2 was a GREAT concept with lots of potential to introduce kids to music of their parents generation (again), but it just fell too flat trying to do too much and overlooking what parents would really find funny (and entertaining.

The new trolls are very exciting and beautiful The music is amazing but the movie repeats the previous movie was a similar drop but still the movie is exciting and stunning

Stereotypical take on genres and very pretentious notion of hate towards pop culture.

The characters are a bit mixed, the old characters don't offer anything new that much, but the new characters are so much more interesting and has personality, the Trolls from Pop are really just themselves, The Twins, Smidge, Fuzzbert and even King Peppy don't even do that much expect either try to be funny or to create the journey, even Poppy and Branch hasn't changed at all that much, they are just the same characters like before, Poppy is trying to prove that she can be a great queen with her happiness and positivity, while Branch is looking out for her and being quite doubtful, they are not awful, but they do get tiring and bland, even Branch who I kind of liked in the first film is just kind of there and doesn't do much, Biggie is kind of pointless and he doesn't do much besides helping Poppy and Branch and is the comic relief, Cooper doesn't do much besides looking for similar Trolls and even his screen time is pointless, however the new characters are actually a lot better then the original characters, my favourites are Hickory (Sam Rockwell), Delta Dawn (Kelly Clarkson), King Trollex (Anthony Ramos) and the main villain Barb, all of them has great designs, they are great comedic timing, they are interesting and play a key role in the film, with Hickory being my absolute favourite character in the film, how unlike half of the characters, the voice acting is what makes these characters, well...

The continuity is confusing and has nothing to do with the first movie, to the point that I'm literally lost how the first one could have happened in this Troll universe.

But considering how noisy yet empty the experience felt for me and how much I was cringing at the lame humor and obnoxious side characters, I decided to cave and settle on a merciless 4/10.

So if that troll merchandise feels like it went to waste years ago, you can rest assured those dolls may get new life.

I enjoyed it!

Very fun and entertaining film for the kids.

In fact, they used nearly every common cliché you can think of.

Predictable, shallow plot.

I didn't think I would say this but, this actually had a bit more effort put in then the first film, but it's still not that good, Trolls: World Tour is far from a DreamWorks classic, but it is slightly better then it had any right to be, the concept is great, it has better comedy, the animation is colourful and full of style, the new characters are incredibly entertaining along with great voice acting and catchy music!

Meh over hyped colorful pointless movie.

A quite entertaining sequel!

Propaganda that industry commercial music, money music is good and rockers and free performers are bad.

Highly recommend it!

Few decent songs but otherwise boring crap.

Don't waste your time.

Not the case with this one, Barb's got edge, skills, and a wickedly designed arsenal, but it's a little too one sided and boring in terms of an animated adventure.

My God movie was so boring I fell a sleep.

1) The character relationship arcs were cliché and overly predictable.

It got pretty boring during the last 10 minutes.

The first movie was awfully bad with cliché and predictable plot, this sequel is even worse in every single way.

The message was excellent, relevant, entertaining, and necessary.

A conflict from nowhere appeared just to make a second movie and then turned out to be completely pointless

I soon reached for the wine in an attempt to add entertainment to a paint by numbers plot and irritating and repetitive songs.

All of this exploration happens at a good pace, with little slowness present as the Trolls hope effortlessly between kingdoms in search of the sacred strings.

The VERDICT:Overall Trolls 2 comes back with the fun, cute, wonderful energy that made the first one so exciting.

But instead, they sing a slow country song that Poppy and friends both say "sounds so sad".

We're watching it now and it's hard to follow.

There are a few reviewers that even called this movie "left wing propaganda"...

We all enjoyed it.

Colorful but predictable...

Compared to the first movie this is trash i mean it's really boring just some songs and nothing more

Trolls is a little over 80 minutes long and it certainly has it's enjoyable moments.

This is not as good but still enjoyable for all ages, with some stunning visuals.

Another leftist propaganda that went too far .

Cliche .

Propaganda for sole purpose of creating diversion.

Boring, unfunny, and a weak plot.

I read a review that said that the moral was "confusing" due to what Poppy was preaching at the beginning about everyone being the same, despite funk kind and queen clearly changing her mind.

Boring, predictable, and a waste of money .

No storyline just a desperate attempt to put 50 songs into one movie.

However, this was still a relatively enjoyable family film with a great, unexpected and timely commentary about diversity and acceptance.

I know I'm not the target audience, but it should at least be entertaining to older folks, and this film only manages to be mildly disappointing.

There's basically no storyline here, just a loose parody of Thanos and his infinity gauntlet.


Only interactive chair prevented me from falling asleep.

Such a waste of time.

Really enjoyable film .

How confusing.

But Cliche.

The first Trolls movie was well written, had a story, and was entertaining.

All of the celebrity voices in the movie were enjoyable.

It's just plain confusing and dumb.