Troy (2004) - Drama, History

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An adaptation of Homer's great epic, the film follows the assault on Troy by the united Greek forces and chronicles the fates of the men involved.

IMDB: 7.2
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Stars: Brad Pitt, Eric Bana
Length: 163 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 144 out of 1000 found boring (14.4%)

One-line Reviews (645)

Over all though it was very entertaining which is what it's supposed to do, Entertain!!!

I lost my entire night to this snoozer, and I'm very bitter about it.

>SPOILER ALERT< The biggest problem, however, is that at the end, the writer and director took the cheap, predictable, Hollywood way out.

This is easily one of the worst movies of the year.

The film easily would have achieved a rating of 8 or 9 from me had Achilles role been more competently handled - even with the tedious soundtrack.

The Trojan War is confusing because there are so many characters and you have to pay attention to detail which may be hard if your interest on the subject isn't too high.

It just bored me to death.

You'll be treated to misplaced British accents (and mangled ones at that, via Brad Pitt) and formulaic historical-epic dramatics, delivering all the charm of "SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE trying to be SPARTICUS.

Troy is an exciting film worth watching even more than once though watch it as a compelling action flick,not as a historical epic.

empty characterization .

For a movie with such a lengthy running time, Troy is wildly entertaining, although it's ironic that the fight scene between Achilles and Hector was far more dramatic than the full battle scene with thousands of warriors.

Stunning in a sarong, convincing as a slightly one dimensional pouty egotistical young warrior who has to face up to the fact that this battle is not going to be like any other in his past.

The cinematography is breathtaking (this film was filmed in Mexico and Malta).

Watched Troy Featuring Featuring Brad Pitt (Fight Club) as Achilles, The Stunning Diane Kruger(National Treasure) as Helen, Orlando Bloom(Pirates Of The Carribbean) as Paris , Eric Bana( Hulk ) as Hector Trojan General , Brian Cox(X2) as Agamemnon a Greedy King Of Greece, Brendan Gleeson(Harry Potter) as Menelaus and Sean Bean(Lord Of The Rings) as Odysseus also Starring Peter O' Toole(Lawrence Of Arabia) as King Priam The film was amazing it delved into the Homers Iliad and made it life action also enjoyed the who epic scale of one of the greatest battles in history also it was crazy the many lives hinged on the war also I really Enjoy Achilles and his Rivalry with Agamemnon showing that he didn't care much for the Agamemnon's Goals also the forbidden love story was good knowing that as a viewer Helen had a good reason to leave Menelaus, Great Screenplay By David Beinoff(Game Of Thrones), Costume Design By Bob Ringwood(Star Trek: Nemesis) and Direction By Wolfgang Peterson(Air Force One) Truly an Epic Greek Spectacle 9/10

From a seemingly uninspired cast to plodding character development, there was not much room for enjoyment.

And ultimately the movie is just plain boring to watch.

It was an entertaining action movie.

I thought Eric Bana's performance was riveting.

The Horse is none too magnificent, a dull, smaller than I expected creation with about 10 Greeks in it.

Massive and so is the battles,we have 2 extremely realistic and intense duels between main characters,the editing's really good,the Cinematography:beautiful ,And man,the cast...

But, as the main review says here, it was VERY long and my butt was getting as bored sitting as my mind was frustrated trying to find a little emotion.

This is a enjoyable movie that has a lot of the right elements although it's kinda rushed and weak in some areas.

The story is pretty authentic and the director has made a good effort to stay true to the story and make it entertaining.

In all, the one thing this movie is especially excellent at is entertaining, and it is definitely a visually satisfying movie.

This movie was just a flat out dud and bore.

CGI done wrong can work in detriment of the film, making the action feel bland and repetitive instead.

Apathetic and unpredictable as the Gods were, there's a more powerful and fearful force that the Greek couldn't even give a form to help themselves understand like they did with the Gods.

Boring and unimaginative.

And Orlando Bloom still remains one of the most overrated actors of our time, this is another stiff and uninteresting performance from him.

As each minute crept by with horrific boredom, we felt appalled by the cheap, anachronistic sets and special effects, terrible writing and direction, and pitifully bad acting.

All in all, despite loving 'the Iliad' and hating change to it, this film was, well, enjoyable.

An empty product, with a beautiful cover.

To sum it up in 2 words: Incredibly dull.

If you are looking for a great movie "based on" the Iliad with an engaging storyline then see this film.

TROY is definitely a movie worth watching again and again.

Flawed in many ways but yet perfectly entertaining to watch.

Strangely the film's length did not bother me, as it was a fascinating experience.

Kinda boring for an epic .

I can honestly say I probably never wouldve even seen the movie if I hadnt read about the legend of the Trojan War, I found it fascinating.

Well, accent aside, he's actually enjoyable as the half-divine killer.

Good job to Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, and Rose Byrne for three stunning performances.

The movie was exceptional and I highly recommend it to all (except those that are squeamish and/or prudes).

It is very well-paced, visually gorgeous and exciting from start to finish.

I rate this movie as being very good and I hope everyone else enjoyed it just as much as I did.

The duel between Hector and Achilles remains one of the most engrossing battles put to film.


A stunning job!

Surprisingly, the movie is still entertaining.

I hope you'll find it very interesting and exciting, I recommend that you watch it!

We see a horde of about two thousand Greeks in dark armor plodding relentlessly towards Troy, while ominous music throbs in the background.

Hot people and fantastic cinematography, still boring though.

There are certain things they had to alter in order to make the movie more entertaining to the average viewer.

By showing both sides of the war, none of the characters are reduced to one-dimensional, stock villains (except maybe Agamemnon) but instead are believable, intriguing human beings.

The opening attack of Achilles' Myramons on the Trojan beach is an expert bit of swordplay; the one-on-one fight between Achilles and Hector is an intense and physical combat, and definitely the best scene of the movies.

Wolfgang Peterson's "Troy" takes the essential elements from Homer's Iliad, fills in the gaps and creates a compelling story for audiences three thousand years later.

Troy was an entertaining action movie, and I would recommend it if you do not want an accurate portrayal of Homer's The Iliad.

Even when there are fights and battles, they are boring.

Production-wise the movie is stunning.

It's more enjoyable to watch when you know a little background information on the movie.

While perhaps not the epic some envisioned upon its' release, director Wolfgang Petersen's adaption of Homer's The Iliad is faithful enough, more than thrilling enough, and its lead actors dominate the screen.

Create stunning sets and perform even more stunning camera work, really spectacular stunts and special effects and sounds.

Although it had some flaws, Troy was a very entertaining movie.

While the battle scenes were entertaining, they weren't good enough to save this film.

The fight scenes were well staged and exciting.

The casting, the script, the dialog - all were mediocre and BORING.

Brian Cox was a brilliant villain and the fiery exchanges between him and Achilles were entertaining.

The second major failure is that the movie wants us to like Achilles, and I left the theater wishing that Briseis had cut his throat when she had the chance.

Shame on Hollywood for treating one of the most culturally significant myths in the history of storytelling in this trite fashion.

It's entertaining and informative, and I definitely think they did Homer's 'Illiad' Justice.

Its boring, poorly acted (my goodness, Brad Pitt is so bad in this movie its painful), and just bad.

The dialog is pretentious posturing and war-mongering.

The most stunning perhaps are the fight scenes.

Besides the moronic philosophy the film really struggles with hamfisted cinematography - poor pacing, and really tedious fighting 'n' f*&king scenes.

The mix of cliché American heroism and a stubbornness to acknowledge cultures, aside from the odd American with British accent culture Hollywood seems to fancy, left me wondering when the fascist Hitler would appear on screen and be usurped by Achilles, apparently champion of all things egalitarian.

the Film gets so boring and repetitive.

Overwhelming and breathtaking epic film with all-star-cast .

I insisted on going to see it, getting the stunning Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt in the same film just doesn't happen often enough to miss.

For what it's worth, a lot of us have read the Illiad and heck, many even enjoyed it.

Go watch paint dry instead.

Indeed, the pivotal sword fight between Hector and Achilles which is very close to being a cinematic work of art is marred by pointless cutaways to Burrows anxiously biting her bottom lip.

As for the empty spectacle, there's no Peter Jackson at work here, judging by scenes that were out of focus, scenes that seemed to be lifted straight from The Two Towers and music that was highly unoriginal.

battle scenes were realistic and action packed.

Perhaps Troy is just a little bit more slow-burning that some other epic ‘classics'.

Nothing really new or innovative is in this film, making it just one big budget production over a story with the most predictable ending.

she should really have been stunning.

Apart from the visual spectacle, and the exciting battle sequences, it boasts a good-looking cast.


See Pitt's confusion and revulsion when King Priam appears in his tent.

The battles are entertaining, including the duels.

I watched Troy for the 1st time yesterday, and to be honest, I quite enjoyed it.

Aside from Bloom's acting and some slow moments, the film is enjoyable and worth your money.

If you ask me, this song goes on way too long...

We must recognize the director, Wolfgang Peterson ( Das Boot, Air Force One , The Perfect Storm) which reached orchestrate an intense, clear and consistent cinematic vision of Troy .

It was very enjoyable to watch.

It is entertaining, which for cinema is very important to me.

I promise you it will be more entertaining.

Very Entertaining .

This foreboding to future millenia is trite, and the use of computer imaging was far overdone.

His compelling performance as the timelessly fascinating Hector is nothing short of brilliant.

Checked the cast which was good and then wasted more than 3 hours of my life on it!

This alone almost ruined the movie, but the shoulders of Bana, Gleeson, Cox, and Bean were able to make this a movie worth watching.

If you're looking for an exciting story with tremendous production values, then Troy is right for you.

It was a sad moment when Achilles killed Hector, and then dragged his body with his chariot back to the Greek camp.

The story of the Trojan War, which is a 10 year long struggle, is a very exciting story if you like ancient mythology.

This movie is quite long but very intense the whole way through.

surprisingly entertaining .

Definitely worth watching - my rating: 8 of 10 stars.

Still, it is very entertaining and worth several views.

Great story, engaging characters, brutally intense fighting scenes, in depth costume design, accurate historical facts, and one hell of a love story are all things that should be in the 2004 Troy.

It does has its flaws, but it's still basically faithful to the Iliad and has an engaging dramatic ending.

In a most compelling and exciting way, it will transport you to a time and place far away, to the Greek islands of over three millennium ago, to be precise!

I've seen this movie, read the book, gone back to see the film and find it enjoyable and believable.

)Troy plays fast and loose with history and Greek Mythology, but it ends up being a pretty entertaining movie, as a result.

absolutely breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


WHAT other epic offers you this intriguing dilemma?

Really, other than Peter O'Toole giving us some real class, what a thrilling actor he always is, it's a shame that this great Greek myth has been turned into such a dire movie.

Even though the main character was boring, bland, and hard to relate to the rest of the cast blew me away, mainly Hector and Agamemnon.

The editing and camera effect are boring the lighting does a good job and the editing was pretty standard as well, this film won't get you awe and in the least, it will make you think the film is just slightly more than just another mediocre action Hollywood film.

I like that the movie didn't include the Gods in it because that would have made it weird and confusing.

The film is actually pretty enjoyable.

Overall, this is a good but not great film, that has a good soundtrack, and is an entertaining watch.

"Troy" is hands-down THE worst movie I've ever wasted time on.

Very entertaining movie - highly recommended .

It is just straight action that'll have you on the edge of your seat and has a pretty good story line for a movie of this type.

it is - like so many other Hollywood films of this last decade - just crude empire propaganda built to buttress the beliefs of the American Public with "a bit of history".

If you want to be entertained with good acting, and realistically bloody battle scenes that are quite drawn out, then watching 'Troy' will do it for you.

CGI is often called the bane of cinema, but when used so well as it is here {see the ships approaching Troy for instance} it proves to be an effective and entertaining tool.

Though this movie was entertaining and well made, the lack of respect given to the original story was unacceptable.

The Myrmidon beach landing was quite entertaining and their armour was stylist if a little too fantasy inspired for my tastes.

for the admirers of Homer's Iliad, the film is a waste of time.

It's the only war film I've ever fell asleep in, and I, a filmmaker, as well as a damn good film buff, know when to fall asleep.

All in all though, I found the film to be a truly epic piece of cinema with thrilling battles and a very great cast.

The writers found it entertaining to kill off every character possible and found only Paris worthy of living?.. WOW!.. CRAP!

It was entertaining and kept you on the edge of your seat.

All the characters are "MIND BLOWING".

Wolfgang Peterson spends 170 million dollars to turn our heros into boring Greek gods.

Boring .

On the other hand film is worth watching.

Where was Cassandra, one of literature's most fascinating and tragic heroines?

"Troy" is one film worth watching.

"Troy" is an exciting movie that tells the story of Achilles and the Trojan War.

Eric Bana did a fabulous job as Hector he gave the film added credibility and Sean Bean as Ulysses was also a good if unexpected pick.

Troy is an action packed epic tale complete with kings, their warrior sons and of course, Achilles, played as a brooding and mostly unwilling soldier by Brad Pitt.

The movie is visually stunning regardless of the its overblown and historically inaccurate depiction as a gigantic city of massive columns and statuary.

I think a slow and thoughtful pace can sometimes heighten the experience.

Uninteresting Story .

Loads of high-adrenaline entertainment that was put together brilliantly on screen in some of the best choreographed battles in cinematic history.

Even though some of the acting was excellent (Eric Bana), I could not take this movie seriously and walked out after Hector Killed Menelaus.

When the opposing armies march against each other on the level lands in front of Troy, the spectacle is breathtaking in its scale.

I was bored to tears.

Watch this only if you are really bored and have a high tolerance for bad dialog.

Although "Braveheart", on paper, is much the same type of film, it was entirely entertaining, I think because there was so much more of a story to hold the film together.

This film was truly entertaining.

But it is entertaining!!!!

The problem is, however, that the fight scenes take up most of the time and the focus - and are in my mind just as boring as the LoTR ones after the first 5 minutes.

With such amazing screenplay, mind blowing action, and soothing music, Troy has all the qualities of making a classic, it is very unfortunate that it is so lowly rated.

Eric Bana and Brad Pitt were very intense and perfectly embodied the legendary soldiers that were superior to entire armies.

Her bland acting and monotone delivery makes her even more unattractive, and I could feel nothing between her and Paris.

The battle scenes were rather gory and intense but most dramatic scenes felt contrived.

In return we have Peter O'Toole and his 'will of the Gods' who sounds like he's making fish noise with his mouth - the lowliness of the dialogs "love your wife and defend your country", it is just unbearable.

I went into Troy expecting not to like it, due to the fact that I don't like historical epics generally, and Wolfgang Petersen's "Das Boot" is one of the most boring films I've ever seen.

But generally speaking,this is a pleasantly surprising and thoroughly enjoyable action yarn with a lot going for it.

The film Troy can sometimes be a bit boring, but after a while something pretty exciting can pop out of nowhere.

Entertaining and admirable.

The ending scene where they was burning Troy that was intense.

If you want a big budget pseudo-historical movie with epic battles (although far from the best), gripping duels, charismatic heroes, tragedy and romance, this should fit the bill nicely.

Beautiful sets, thrilling battles (particularly the one-on-one clashes), and a terrific ensemble cast elevate this film to the status of epic greatness.

Not exactly Ben-Hur or Spartacus, but still enjoyable .

James Horner's score is uninspired and dull.

Troy has everything a traditional movie-goer could want: thrilling action, sprawling scale, state-of-the-art special effects, A-list actors, exciting soundtrack, endearing heroes, quotable lines, romance, drama, and political intrigue.

Aside from a few niggles - including a fairly clunky script which does the film no favours - and an extensive running time, Troy is an enjoyable film, which deserves to sit high up in the ranks of sword-and-sandal epics.

It was slow, and boring and the acting was terrible, including Brad's.

It was decent entertainment, while I drank a beer and fell asleep.

Just so you know who to blame for this bore.

There are hundreds of American films of superb quality, such as "Some Like it Hot', or "Requiem for a Dream" There are others: 'Lost Horizons' (the musical); 'The Exorcist II'; Dino de Laurentis's 'King Kong', which are so very bad that they lurch into such heady realms of camp that they become wildly entertaining in their own perverse way.

Aside from that, the film is very enjoyable, the battle scenes brilliantly filmed, the sense of time, of antiquity, excellently conveyed.

Casting is great, Kruger is breathtaking as Helen (and Byrne equally captivating), Bloom is spot on as pretty boy Paris with some vestige of courage, Pitt and particularly Bana are rock solid as the key antagonists.

This aside, the movie will be entertaining.

I was so bored and had to make myself try to stay awake during it.

Not only the storyline was destroyed, the changes in the main characters are unbearable.

Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Brian Cox, Eric Bana, Diane Kruger, Rose Byrne and Sean Bean round out the cast, but it is the veteran actor Peter O'Toole who, as Priam, delivers the one truly compelling performance.

They give you beefed up Brad, who doesn't do bad as Achilles, though some more spear splintering rage like the Beach assault, rather than moping petulance might have made it better, an acting talent of an Eric Bana to portray a convincingly noble and believable Hector, O'Toole to deliver a heartbreaking Priam, a menacing enough Menelaus from Gleeson, though not near enough of "Menelaus, the best of men", and a passable Helen from the beautiful Kruger and whimpy enough Paris from Bloom--and all the CGI that one movie could eat, --AND the most riveting story of the last 3000 years and what do we get?

Its a really exciting movie that keeps you on the edge the whole time.

From the trailer alone, I thought this was another epic worth watching.

It constantly amazes me how, despite the uncounted original works of fiction that have never seen conversion to celluloid, Hollywood continues its tedious remake schedule of old, already done-to-death films.

A dull character in this film, Kruger does her best.

In history Achilles drags hectors body around troy a couple of times and then dragged it to camp.

Orlando Bloom is a surprise too, in the role of a snivelling coward whom the audience end up hating – nice to see him more than just the bland hero, so kudos for that.

Filmed in the opus of the epic, the climaxail battle was rousing, and the movie played out to a satisfying, if disturbing, end.

Eventually the story becomes more boring when a love interest enters into Achilles life so some of the women watching the film can be excited .

Who cares it is a bad adaptation.. it is super entertaining and stunning...

Brian Cox seems to ham it up to much, but Brendan Gleeson and Sean Bean do well enough with the bland characters they are given.

He didn't ask, or spring for, an intelligent and entertaining re-telling.

These parts of the story were vaguely referenced but ultimately left out to spare confusion.

Overall the action is very satisfactory and entertaining.

Do these ignorants think that the stories they present are more exciting than history itself?

TROY isn't a "documentary" of the original classic, but is an entertaining movie inspired by it.

The action sequences in the film, to be sure, are exciting to watch, whether it's the seamless integration of live action and CGI in the large scale battles or the intricate choreography of the one-on-one fights (Achilles' duel with Hector is, as expected, a highlight).

I must say, 3 hours of Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom barely dressed couldn't save this movie, and I walked out after an hour and a half.

In fact, the desperation, confusion, and uncertainty in my trying to decide whether to leave at about the 45-minute mark was more moving and involving than anything in the film!

Enjoyable even if inaccurate .

All in all, this was a thoroughly enjoyable epic the likes of which has not be seen in a long time.

For instance, the intense percussion during Achilles and Hector's showdown is magnificent.

And the action sequences are perfectly choreographed and entertaining on many levels.

'Troy' is a 'Greek-myth' movie just like any other (yawn) -minus the pantheon of gods and goddesses who played key roles in the fates of the heroes (and villains).

Brian Cox, normally fascinating in every film he does, just fell flat on his face in this film with the yelping of British words during this era.

What a poor movie - no plot - no character development.

The piece was so thoroughly entertaining I saw it 2 times.

Ho hum Hollywood Big battle Formula #1 .

The best part of any Greek story was the Gods, seeing as they were all-powerful and unpredictable creatures.

The movie overall was enjoyable.

If you looking for an adrenaline rush the check this sure to be cult classic out.

It was slow, missed all the important stuff (eh, wasn't the war meant to last 10 years and not 2 days (+12 days pausing)??

This was a waste of two hours of my life.

Just finished seeing this rather shallow and tedious film.

People who have never read Homer's classic story may not be miffed, but as an ardent admirer of the play, I found the movie unfulfilling, unexciting, somewhat dull, and marred by inconsistencies, terrible acting, and bland dialogue.

It is with this in mind that I believe 14 years on that Troy is a film worth watching, if not for its complete accuracy to the tale it depicts, then for the compelling themes it explores.

Until then, don't waste your money on this trash.

Despite the hot actors, the intense battle scenes and the amazing sets, I felt bored, because a) I knew what the outcome would be--who didn't?

The orchestral score (a specialist area of mine) was particularly poor for a film of this budget; varying between bland arrangements and sub-standard emulation of Lisa Gerrard (think 'Gladiator') style vocalisation in the 'poignant' sections.

However, as a stand alone film I found this very boring.

This movie is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable movies that I've seen that is at the length of 3 hours.

When the movie shows life through land battles they stop abruptly and another long stretch of empty conversations start up.

This movie has its weaknesses, but it is still worth watching for the entertainment value as long as you are not looking for a historically accurate perfect adaptation of the original story.

To my mind, though, the best person in the cast is O'Toole, in a tour-de-force performance as the doomed king - probably a role he could do in his sleep, but nevertheless engaging.

As for it being untrue to the book - far from it, the film contained all the right bits and only ignored the boring stuff like the Games and unnecessary characters like Idomenous and Diomedes.

Oddly, he is also perhaps the most compelling figure in the movie - perhaps this is because Brian Cox is capable of playing some of the most menacing villains and bad guys in the history of film.

Good, entertaining, Pitt horribly miscast .

In Conclusion, Tory is an action packed film about the Trojan war, not a lot is memorable about it.

I decided to give this film a 7/10 because it's a really good movie, but it can be a bit boring at times.

This movie is perfectly well-made, from the distinguished art, to the intense battle sequences.

It's a entertaining epic movie where these mythological stories are shown in a way like it could have really happened that way kinda deal.

The movie is exciting and the battles are good, my favorite scene is before Achilles fights Hector, and he repeats the same line that in Homer's book "There are no pacts between men and lions"!!

His best scene is the part where he and Briseis do the wild thing--(it was also predictable, the whole events surrounding them build up towards that)--Looked pretty real to me!

Rousing,exhilarating historical action yarn .

Totally mind blowing.

"Finally when Achilles killed Hector, being alone at the gates of Troy, no single soldier tried to stop the man who is going to desecrate the body of great Hector, no single arrow was shut, nothing happened.

For me the mystery behind this ancient Greek plot is all the more intriguing and boosts my favour for the film.

Overall I thought it was a good idea to leave out the whole story with the gods and instead focus on reality was a good thing as the including the gods would have made the film too confusing and far too long.

Many of the battle scenes are riveting, especially a dramatic early scene involving a spectacular stunt and the bravura showdown between Achilles and Hector (Eric Bana), one of the best duels I've ever seen.

This is a very entertaining movie and it had a story, which you have to be careful with action movies.

Troy is a great movie which is entertaining all the way, has great action parts and great sets.

Brad Pitt's Achilles is absolutely fascinating.

I quickly grew bored with him and wished for every scene with him to be over quickly.

The endless road to boredom .

Some scenes like the fighting of Brad Pitt(the first scene) as well as when Spartans enter Troy are fascinating.

With that in mind, I really didn't expect a whole lot out of the movie when I went to see it, so it is probably this reason why I actually found it reasonably entertaining (note that I said REASONABLY entertaining).

The fascinating thing about this movie, and what made it brilliant to me, is the fact that they portrayed the Trojan War and the famous characters in a realistic fashion.

Adding a little nudity, quite a bit of blood and gore and a bit more character depth made this film one of the best and most intense I've watched this year.

Director Wolfgang Peterson nearly spoils a splendid epic, tacking a cornball climax on to a riveting tale.

It's such an enjoyable movie and gives so much historical knowledge.

Well done commercial cinema that still brings us superficially historical parts and sharpen the desire to research more about these topics always exciting.

Save your money.

The result is an entertaining summer epic worthy of its Golden Glory and Brad Pitt's Godlike physique (he modeled his body after that of statues of Greek gods and heroes).

Brad Pitt's Achilles fascinating .

Beautiful scenery and breathtaking action keep you glued to your seat until the tragic drama plays out its course.

The hand to hand battles were excellently done (on a par with Gladiator) the blood, the guts, the confusion were wonderfully portrayed by all the cast involved, even the bad man management was well done.

In certain scenes the score just pulls you in and you become immersed.

Nonetheless, out of Wolfgang Peterson's effort to make such a compelling story, I give it a 9/10.

The actors were superb, the cinematography was flawless, the choice of locations were amazing, the sets were mind boggling.

Wolfgang Petersen was criticised for being too much of a claustrophobic director to take on one of the biggest films ever made, but he handles the epic, large scale of the film nicely, if perhaps maybe not using as many swooping, stunning shots as he could.

It seemed to take way too long for the famous Trojan horse to appear.

The action scenes were exciting and the main characters of the iliad are all there and are killed by the right people, the biggest change is the timeframe of the war.

The action in this movie is insanely brutal, realistic, engaging, and exhilarating, and most of it is due to its practicality.

This long, drawn-out, dull, pretentious, silly and highly disappointing epic shows that tons of money, a great cast, an excellent director and amazing technical and visual effects are not enough to overcome bad writing and poorly executed dialogue.

Worst movie, ever.

Her acting was boring and very disinterested.

Troy is one of the best films of it's genre, up there with Ben-hur, Sparticus and the 300 Spartans, with great battle scenes,stunning costuming and superb acting from a top name cast, most notably Brad Pitt,Eric Bana and Tyler Mane, also it does follow Homer's story "the Iliad" very closely.

) Other than the highly contrived love-interest in Briseis, Achilles doesn't seem very human at all.

He could have easily played Achilles and played him well, but he lacked the intense rage that defines Achilles.

Achilles is unpredictable and dangerous, he was "born to end lives".

Eric Bana's (Hector) constant, unabating patriotic jargon and implied atheism is tiresome.

Still, while these flaws are prevalent, Troy still is able to succeed due to its attention to artistic detail, entertaining action sequences, and solid actors whose characters we can connect with and enjoy watching.

The battle scenes were stunning, and the backdrops were lush.

Not great, but worth watching...

Which are cool and thrilling at the the same time.

In the end, "Troy" is a polished and entertaining film.

), the same dull dialogs, the same bad acting (with some exceptions: Sean Bean, Peter O'Toole and few others).

It is too long and the young will get bored.

The battle scenes are breathtaking and exhilarating.

What I will say is that this movie was entertaining.

It's entertaining and educational at the same time because the events really did happen.

' Well, give it a day or two…), it is a tremendously entertaining rendition of a Greek classic.

Troy doesn't present a clearly delineated struggle between the forces of good and evil, and this makes it all the more intriguing.

It should satisfy anyone seeking a good action flick, though it gets pretty intense at a few points.

Diane Kruger who plays Helen - she looks stunning in this film, def passes off as the most beautiful women ever seen.

Never mind whether ancient Greeks should be introspective (although if you believe in anything Julian Jaynes said, they probably even COULDN'T do so), this entire production was a waste of time.

But, the huge fights between both armies were boring.

Cut this to a minimum and you have an uninteresting love affair, some (although impressive) muscle show-off and (without the divine interaction totally) inconsistent events following one after another.

However I think it's somewhat harsh to criticise this film for its anachronisms, and believe it should be appreciated for what it is, an enjoyable historical blockbuster, which delivers on its promise of epic entertainment.

Beautiful sets, beautiful cast, beautiful cinematography but oh so BORING.

This is a stunning, magnificent movie, perhaps the best war movie I've ever seen.

The hand of the director carries out an interesting story as well as thrilling and unsweetened , reasoning the causes and motivations of their roles , taking their time and giving large doses of artistic genius .

There was no story behind the whole 3 hours mess.

But even in spite of huge discrepancies as the one just elaborated on, Peterson's film is worth watching and enjoying.

Without these symbols, the battles of Troy are empty and meaningless.

The overall story was very well-told and compelling, and while Homer's poem is a classic, it is not necessarily well-suited for a film.

Fascinating, how lots of decent people involved with this train-wreck didn't help it get over the finish line.

This movie does not take the viewer on a journey through ancient history, it fails to offer an adequate portrayal of the Ancient Greeks' way of life and of thinking, reduces all characters to numb clichés mumbling dull dialogue, offers repetitive and pointless battle scenes and lacks any sort of attempt at an inventive directing.

Dull .

Achilles and Hector's battle is quite bland, just two guys jumping in circles and occasionally swinging their spears.

Even if the movie was a bit too long, it was quite entertaining.

First of all it's far too long.

Most of the characters were uninteresting.

The battle of Troy --- in fact the war for Ilium, but don't let's bother about a mere detail like the name of the city in question --- according to those who lived much closer in time than we, bore no resemblance whatsoever to this utter travesty, which sacrifices all to make war into glamorous entertainment and, ultimately, recruitment propaganda.

It's about human passion and emotion and becoming more human, as well as telling an entertaining story of conquest and battle.

The movie was much more diverse than to be expected and very unpredictable; as it possessed Adventure, Drama, Action, War, and Romance movie genres.

and fascinating.

The setting and production look very handsome, evocative and imposing in scale.

It is a movie worth watching, i have watched it at the releases, and i keep on watching it on DVD from time to time.

Brad Pitt mostly bores as Achilles, Mr. wussy foot, who starts as blood hungry warrior and ends as blood hungry warrior.

It does provide entertaining spectacle, and hopefully people will become interested enough to learn about the actual legends.

I really enjoyed it!

I do like it on one hand as it's action packed, has great fight scenes, and very good acting.

Achilles trusts three people on his quest for immortality--Patroclus (the cute-as-a-button Garrett Hedlund), Myrmidon veteran Eudorus (the intense Vincent Regan), and Ithaca's King Odysseus(the charismatic Sean Bean).

The sets are dull and uninteresting.

On the negative side, the movie suffers from over length, corny dialogue and banal characters who frequently get lost on the vast canvas of the film.

Remove that, and you end up with a boring and probable box office bomb about some guy getting really, really, really lost on his way home from Troy.

All this pretentious, self-reverential speechifying merely succeeds in throwing us out of the drama every time someone utters one of those "prophetic" lines.

There were some fine actors who shined forth and I enjoyed their performances; however, over all it was dull, dull, dull, dull.

Honours should be given to Eric Bana for his role as the suitably regal heir to Troy, who suffers the wrath of Achilles in a simply choreographed yet remarkably compelling clash, and to Peter O'Toole who plays Hector's father and king of Troy, Priam.

The cinematography is stunning.

A boring waste of talent and money .

It's an entertaining movie no doubt, and one that can be watched over and over and enjoyed.

If on the other hand you want and exceptionally well-made, imaginative and thoroughly entertaining film 'based on the Iliad', this is your number.

Troy is a meatloaf: you take some rests of cold beef, etc., you mixed everything and voilá: an unbearable stuff you scarcely can swallow - surely not enjoy.

The battles are breathtaking , thousands of people took part though mostly were staged by means of computer generator .

The battle scenes are engaging and mightily told as camera work with computer animated graphics make a modest amount look like many many thousand,from men to ships.

The result was a boring film that was trying to be both melodrama and action pic.

In fact, this movie restored my faith in Hollywood's ability to make an epic movie that's more than just a tedious exercise in special effects.

I enjoyed it.

All in all, Troy is definitely an entertaining movie, and the production is remarkable, but a few major historical inaccuracies, strange casting choices and a particularly cliché Hollywood ending lower my appreciation for the film.

Everything in this movie was done to perfection: the acting was superb (Brad Pitt could actually get best actor for this one and Peter O'Toole could definitely get best supporting actor), the music was astounding (probably one of James Horner's best, not to mention the beautiful song by Josh Groban), the plot and dialogue were incredible (making a very intense and moving film), the action sequences were amazing (some of the best I've seen), and the sets and costumes were believable.

An Enjoyable and Exciting film .

Breathtaking .

The visuals are also stunning.


Brad Pitt's portrayal of Achilles was bland, and his acting was as monotone as Ben Stein's voice.

For those that want to see Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt naked I recommend to look out for pictures in the internet to not spending the time watching the rest of this horrible, boring and stupid film!

The film also ended as an action cliché.

The visuals are stunning and the shots have a lot of grandeur.

Troy is loved by the public, and I respect that, and as adventure/action film lover,i find it very entertaining as everyone else.

They are well choreographed, exciting, and action packed.

The music is grating and repetitive, and again sounds somewhat rushed.

I actually lost track of time and had a good amount of adrenaline released in my circulation.

Wretched waste of celluloid and time .

There are many great performances in this film, and the script is generally quite good, but it doesn't quite reach its highest levels because Achilles and Paris, very key characters in the story, fail to provide any impact in the audience in either their actions in the story or their fairly bland portrayals.

It did have a few tedious parts, but on the whole was worth watching.

He was brave and gave a very convincing and compelling performance.

Brad Pitt's contribution just came off as flat and bland.

While not a history (or classics) lesson (see 'goofs' section for inaccuracies), the film is hugely entertaining and well made.

This film featured some great actors, Bard Pitt and Brian Cox to name two, it felt as though they were on cruise control all the way through this spouting dialogue which could only have been written by committee it felt totally disjointed and out of context with the story it was trying to portray.

It has been generally established that indeed this impetious young man made a conquest of the another rivals wife in whose name bore the burden of "Helen of Sparta" and like the film states sparked this terrible conflict.

is completely fascinating and so realistic that you will have chills.

Intense From Start To Finish.

If you want big battles with a lot of effects and really entertaining and tragic story watch "Lord of The Rings" one more time.

Wolfgang Peterson's attempt at bringing the seemingly mythological tale of the sacking of Troy is realized in a cheesy, yet mildly entertaining piece of war and infidelity.

"Troy" is a thrilling ride, one of the year's best and most underrated action movies.

The battle scenes are brutal and exciting.

The plot, even for those who had never heard about Troy, was as predictable as the number that comes after "1" is "2".

This movie was absolutely mind blowing from the acting all the way down to James Horner's fantastic musical score.

Pretty long ho-hum stuff .

A enjoyable blockbuster which delivers on its promises .

The battles are exciting and far more realistic than most battles in movies, where the armies clash and formation, tactics, strategy go out the window for 3 minutes of frenzied hacking and smashing where the viewer hasn't got a clue whats going on.

However, it is a very enjoyable movie with excellent acting, great props and costumes, amazing cgi effects (did you really think they got that many people as extras in the armies?

The music is too intense in some battle scenes.

I was bored out of my skull!

All in all a very lavish, exciting and well done spectacle.

<<End Spoiler>>I squirmed and sat bored throughout the entire movie.

started to get a bad feeling after the predictable 'main character battling gigantic ugly foe, oh look he killed him really quickly scene'.

Drawn Out Pretty-Boy Story .

I thought it was entertaining, exciting and fun.

but in the was entertaining...

The film makers made the right choice and concentrated on human (sort of) characters, and human themes: love, war, grief, honor, cowardice, greed, etc.The film is visually stunning.

There's no room for the interfering God's and memorable character's such a Diomedes, they have all been cut out for a typically turgid Hollywood romance between Achilles and slave girl Briseis, BORING!!!

Troy is just as entertaining, epic, star-studded, bloody, and philosophical as Game of Thrones.

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of confusion and obvious suspensions-of-disbelief with many of the characters.

Note: I saw the three-hour director's cutThe epic story, wonderful performances from the cast (as well as their sex scenes) and the battle/combat scenes make "Troy" a very enjoyable movie.

Troy is enjoyable and exciting all the way through.

It is similar (due to the period setting and overall feel), but where as GLADIATOR was wise and had a rapid pace, this one is slow and contrived.

Actions had consequences, which led to more actions, which built and built to an intense conclusion.

Was it exciting?

If you are in the mood for a sand and sandals epic, save your money and go watch Gladiator again.

This is the story of some stubborn, spoiled and bored gods.

Overall, then, a bad re-telling of the Iliad if that is what it is supposed to be but, if one can bracket that kind of purist demand, an enjoyable action film with some great action sequences and good performances.

A Flawed But Entertaining Epic .

I've been told of the reasons behind the term, 'Achilles Heel' but if you follow the 'Iliad' and the legends surrounding the death of Achilles, you'll understand just how banal the scene is.

, as the previous reviewer attests, well, realism if you like cliché filled dialog.

In The Illiad, Paris gave Helen, the Goddess of beauty, an apple and took her away from her home of Troy which erupted a war that dragged on for many years.

Without hesitation, I must say that TROY is the worst movie I've seen in years.

This was a very wise decision because it made Troy more realistic, gritty, and all the more entertaining.

The scriptwriter has masterfully transfigured the original tale of gods, monsters and supernatural warriors into a gripping historical drama laced with heroism, intrigue and romance.

because it is boring, it is much too long.

As it stands, the plot is dull and way too long.

Bana as Hector was great and Bloom as Paris was entertaining.

All the good actors turn into bad (except – Eric Bana) and the whole action hero scenes is just a waste of time.

The tedious pacing was matched only by the slow animations of the actors, were there any?

I mean it was very boring,even trough the battle scenes i was yawning.

Wolfgang Petersen did a terrible job of directing and was shameless in his constant posing and posturing of his lead actor, so much so that even though Brad Pitt is beautiful to look at, one became really bored with watching him strutting around flexing his muscles.

Although everyone is obviously trying to do their best (I mean the additional crew of make-up artists, hair stylists musicians, stunts and doubles and the sort), and this is why I give 3 points at all, the main characters are uninteresting and the story is incomprehensible in itself.

A scientist called Julian Jaynes has written a fascinating study (look it up) of how The Iliad shows that men thought differently in that era, before men's capacities were externalised into technology.

Alexander was "boring" "slow" and "too realistic" and Troy was "glorified too much" and "big name actors ruined it.

The first time I saw Troy was in the cinema and I really enjoyed it, also that Diane Kruger(Helen)was really attractive and Brad Pitt(Achilles) was really great.

All in all I really enjoyed it.

A classic story was reduced to cliché and far away gazes.

The best part about this film is that it is tremendously entertaining.

In the Illiad Achilles is vain, powerful, proud, and given to fits of anger and intense jealousy and hurt feelings.

Engrossing and gorgeous as a spectacle, as history, and as drama for our times .

But just as I was getting bored, another fighting sequence came along.

The presence of the gods on the battlefield was absent, some of the most fascinating characters, like Diomedes, were cut entirely.

And you know what, if you stop playing "spot the inaccuracy", this movie is actually enjoyable!

A convincing and compelling adaptation of the Iliad .

If you can get past Pitt, this is definitely worth the watch and the production value is extremely high.

The job of picturing a massive battle scene is not good; too much flaws, too 'bad' animations (with repetitive objects).

His only redeeming quality is that the scenes of him fighting are entertaining in the way its almost superhuman.

If you somehow missed this movie the first time around, I couldn't say it's a "must see," but it does make for an enjoyable evening.

The battle scenes were well done and exciting.

This movie is a good to see when you want to fall asleep very quickly.

unbearable meatloaf .

Its got all the right looks for a great film the cast is perfect Brad Pitt is a stunning actor to watch and the battle sequences are mouth watering, i really think a lot of viewers don't take the time to understand the effort that goes into making a full feature film!

After winning, Achilles took Hector's body and dragged him back to his tent.

It's thoroughly enjoyable, well-acted, well-directed, and an utter pleasure.

The duel between Achilles and Hector is a thrilling, emotionally charged highlight.

) makes this a film worth watching, and worth enjoying.

This sword and sandal epic is very entertaining.

The first time I saw this film, I thought it was too long and boring.

The fight between Hector and Achilles is one of the most exciting and fresh fight scenes ever made.

It was an excellent done movie: emotional, gripping, action packed, romantic...

We (yes more than just me) were so close to turning it off, we were was so bored.

The action scenes are exciting, and the imagery is awesome.

The honor between kings or leaders and the men who laid their life down for them was awe inspiring.

troy was a great movie it was thrilling fileld with great action and stunning moments such as the collision of two huge armies which was realistic and well done.

Contrived, plodding, almost comical...

The story "inspired", rather dragged from, the Iliad lacks any sort of emotional power without the gods and the hinted-at homosexuality.

At that point, the wise person will walk out of the theater or turn off the video or DVD and be left with a fairly satisfying experience.

The battle scenes were, admittedly, stunning, and didn't make the mistake of running on for far too long as many films have in the past.

Approaching like a classic work of art just, well, it just makes it long and boring.

Hell this movie was such a bore I could hardly believe my eyes.

"Troy" is well-photographed, well-acted, and thoroughly entertaining.

which I found was highly entertaining.

And like I said, everything technical about this movie is stunning.

Entertaining Film .

Brad Pitt's character Achilles is way too arrogant to sympathies for and Eric Bana's role is too small and uninteresting to regard him as the big hero.

Boring and insulting!

a great, enjoyable film .

The battle scenes were not too bad, but the pace of Troy is agonisingly slow at times and you soon wish it was all over.

It doesn't display huge battles with 'grandeur', and it is neither an audiovisual challenge, as 'LOTR' is, Peter Jackson's entertaining toy full of special effects for your eyes and ears.


You really wont feel that bothered about moments that are supposed to be really tragic or intense.

Nevertheless, the story is an entertaining one which modern visual effects bring to life in a vivid manner.

I see the cup as half full as opposed to half empty.

Then they first meet, you can all but feel the adrenaline rush between them.

The battle scenes and special effects were cool too - very intense and entertaining, and isn't that what we go to movies for in the first place?

But in spite of it all, I think I enjoyed it in the long run.

Nevertheless, it did prove to be a very enjoyable cinema-going experience, although I don't think I was meant to find it so funny.

This said, the movie is still tremendously engaging and interesting to watch.

I am going with mind blowing 9 out of 10 for Troy.

The writer should be tied to somebody's chariot and dragged until he promised never to write a screenplay again.

" If you're up for compelling ancient history, check out "Gladiator.

The movie may be just under 3hrs long but is fast paced and keeps u engaged.

So so so so so so boring!

James Horner's score is nowhere near one of his best or most inspired, the rushed composition process does show, but it does have its rousing, beautiful and haunting parts.

He seemed bored throughout, and more intimidating in a hunky lifeguard way then in a dangerous soldier way.

Troy is the epitome of Hollywood's recent spate of blockbuster epics; it is bland, empty, meaningless, and any other word you might find in a thesaurus under "dull".

The battle scenes were very well done and extremely intense I recommend this movie to anyone who likes old war movies.

The actors are doing a pretty good job in their respective roles, the movie looks quite nice and the fights are gory and entertaining.

The cinematography is stunning, the art direction, sets, props, costuming and makeup effects dazzle the viewer and the music score adds emotion to the proceedings.

Performances such as Eric Bana's stalwart Prince Hector, Peter O'Toole's doddering King Priam, Brendan Gleeson's ogreish Menelaus, Sean Bean's astute Odysseus, and intelligently crafted fight choreography for the *mano a mano* duels all serve to elevate this movie above that of trite action blockbuster to that of Guilty Pleasure Trite Action Blockbuster.

This is one of those "fall asleep and get a prize-you won't have to watch it" films.

Yet sometimes a flawed masterpiece is far more interesting and compelling than a supposedly perfect work.

Orlando Bloom, Mr. peach fuzz, and Diane Gruger, the slut that launched a thousand ships, are the perfect bland couple.

The fighting got a bit tedious after a while and the ending was...

As regards the mise en scène, I loved the breathtaking battle sequences (especially the duel between Patroclus and Hector and the one between Hector and Achilles: the latter is nearly a homo-erotic scene, with the palpable physical contact between the two heroes), the magnificent scenery (especially the palaces of Agamemnon and Priam, and the Greek camp), the accuracy in reproducing weapons and armour (notice that, just like in Homer, only Ajax fights in the Mycenean way, while Achilles and Hector use more recent tactics).

It can be enjoyable also for classicists .

Troy is an entertaining thrill ride that ultimately turns out to be--for the most part--emotionally hollow.

The squaring off between the two bitter rivals, Achilles and Hector - two men who, under different circumstances, might have been the best of friends - is excitingly well done and suspenseful.

Mind Blowing Action Packed - A Must See.

Well, as I am a teenage girl, I found that the only thing truly worth watching was Brad Pitt's butt and Hector's (can't remember actor at present) fabulous acting.

He creates beautiful open plans, and a moving camera exciting.

But the cliché drivel this movie buttresses its storyline and dialog on are insulting, to Greek literature *as well as* to its audience.

(Ho hum.

It can get quite upsetting so you need your tissues at the ready, but the film is action packed.

I've been reading other comments on this movie and here's my 2 cents:This was by far one of the worst movies, ever.

they were just out to make an entertaining flick, and they did a tremendous job of that.

Boring .

His monotone delivery of his lines got tiresome early on.

In general, the story was extremely bland with a significant amount of dialogue.

One thing on my mind when i watch this movie and it is WOW,without a doubt it is in my top 3 movies of all time along with Gladiator and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World ,,amazing and breathtaking ,Brad Pitt not one of my most desired actors but he plays this role as Achilles like no other could,and Helen(Diane Kruger) is as stunning as ever.

It is truly a much richer, perhaps even exciting experience, as your expectations have been lowered, and often this makes a movie-watching experience better.

The battle scenes are particularly powerful and some of the cinematography is quite breathtaking.

This film had me sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time.

One aspect I did find quite entertaining was the fight sequences, when the fake Achilies goes to war, just a magnificent scene and the outcome...

The plot of Troy is a dull story of how Paris, who is poorly "acted" by Orlando Bloom, steals Menelaus' wife "Queen Helen" and Menelaus finds out then he sends an army to Tory to get her back.

Despite a great cast and being billed as an epic, it turned out to be as credible and engrossing as a turnip sandwich (or some other word that begins with "tur").

I was hoping it was going to be gripping throughout the movie, but there were times where I was getting a little bored.


Spectacular, but boring .

What were the most unusual/enjoyable parts of the movie?

Eric Bana comes out of his role as The Hulk, a decidedly cartoonish but undeniably entertaining comic book movie, and delivers a stunningly convincing performance as Hector, the older and much wiser brother of the man who started the war, not to mention the heir to the Trojan throne.

Oh sorry, also the terrifically touching, moving, stunning acting of the king (Terry what's his name?

But what audiences are left with is, a compelling, visually, acted and directed knockout of a phenomenon.

Kinda pointless to watch.

A lesser epic (in comparison to the source material), but still entertaining .

I guess Peterson wanted to hopelessly bore so we would forget about how bad the movie is.

The film is well-made on a visual scale, but the direction is too slow for my taste.

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes ancient world war films or a good enjoyable action/light drama movie.

in the confusion, Priam is killed by Agamemnon, who is in turn killed by Briseis, and as Achilles escapes for a new life with her, Paris shoots him through the ankle and he dies.

Some of the dialogue is beautifully poetic, and the sets and costumes are stunning.

It is a rousing film and contains some awe-inspiring visuals.

Historical movies are so scarce these days that I badly wanted to like this movie more than anything in my decent movie going history but had to watch in between my yawns how in a tediously boring way the movie was parsed together.

A story that, in this case, is well written, flows well, isn't not boring, quite engaging, and scripting thats solid.

All the sword play is this film is fascinating.

Particularly in the action sequences, which are exciting and tremendously well staged, showing the passion that was missing in some of the drama.

Diane Kruger as Helen is not that hot or extremely talented but Brian Cox do alright as Agamemnon,chewing the scenery in a sometimes very enjoyable and a few times over-the-top way.

I love action/war movies so this film was exciting to watch, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a blockbuster masterpiece.

So the old empire is nothing but the new empire, being dull, possessive and mad as its kings; which could explain the obvious sense of bewailing at the soundtrack with all the long, gone too long, mourner female vocal while Troy was being destroyed for no fault it did.

this feels strangely pretentious and uninvolving.

What a waste of time and money.

I was right, for this is yet another slow-moving movie mostly composed of beautiful environments, yet its plot seems ponderous and gives itself a very low chance of second viewing.

Menelaus was doubly moronic for dragging Greece into a drawn-out bloodbath over a dame when he had innumerable boys on whom to sate his lust.

Third, the dialogue was so cliché it made me laugh aloud on several occasions.

I was bored with this .

It had a well-structured plot and outstanding acting which made it very entertaining.

The biggest mistake is erasing the mythical element so crucial in the saga, with gods meddling in the war, fighting among mortals, their fates deeply interwoven with the human protagonists' - without this, it becomes the rather mundane history of a siege.

This film was a punishment, a slightly intriguing bore at first, which after the first hour and a half caused utmost apathy and empty staring at the flickering images on the screen.

Recommended for people who want to waste their time and money, or like such sort of productions worse than the ones of the 50's!!

Direction choppy and boring.

There's no dialog here, no story, no interesting characters, no believable emotion, no reasoning, no sense, no acting; just shoddy visuals, and a completely unreal depiction of combat - just the sort of thing you need to watch if you want to go to Iraq and get your head blown off just to make Dick Cheney richer.

"Troy" is a very disappointing, predictable, nonsensical spectacle.

But seeing as Bloom is among the least talented actors in Hollywood, it makes the character all the more unbearable.

The CGI is overblown and uninteresting; it looks so artificial and grandiose that, instead of being "epic", it looks rushed and childish.

Orlando Bloom, while he looked the part of pretty Paris, certainly could have used some acting lessons because he was boring as a wooden horse, strike that, the wooden horse was slightly more interesting.

Absolutely mind blowing.

I watched this movie for the second time last night and I must say, I actually enjoyed it.

Hollywood has an exceedingly tiresome habit of lionising its epic heroes and demonising its villains.

Brad Pitt is nice to look at as well, but his character Achilles is as dull as a doorknob.

It is so entertaining that you could rewatch it again and again and not get bored.

And Brian Cox, notwithstanding the characterisation of Agamemnon is always enjoyable to watch.

Entertaining epic marred by bizarre plot alterations with surprisingly good performances, esp.

Trojan Bore .

Again very exciting, high adrenalin.

Chug lots of beer & settle down with a pizza if you want to make this an enjoyable experience.

A complete waste of time & talent.

The movie is extremely entertaining.

The problem with the film is that it is boring!

Yet, the film still is tremendously entertaining thanks to the performances of Bana and O'Toole.

Agamemnon's ironic sense of humour is enjoyable.

Troy actually turned out to be a pretty enjoyable film.

What a cliché.

Troy was a visually stunning epic film based on a historical epic poem by Homer.

Achilles is easily the most interesting and entertaining character.

It was a very entertaining movie.

Its entertaining, epic, and over all 10/10.

Troy is a LONG three hours of uneven spectacle.

This movie is the great way to waste your 10 dollars and two hours of your life.

The story was quite good, but I felt it dragged on for too long.

THE visual effects in this movie are stunning ( a definite Oscar contender ) for next year.

The action scenes are exciting, and the imagery is awesome.

it was entertaining.

There's more time for character development and the battles are much more intense.

Just watch his brilliant Das Boot, one of the most riveting war movies ever made and then watch this piece of Hollywood junk.

The film is very entertaining and it never gets boring with a running time of 163 minutes.

I am a fan of not only the "what happens" in a movie, but all the things that come together to make a film enjoyable -- acting, direction, lighting, scripting, music, effects, etc. The reasons that I enjoyed it so much are far to numerous to list in a short review, so I'll just touch on a few that stick out in my mind.

Although it may not be as memorable as the "epic" 300, it is still something very entertaining to watch.

The drama is engaging; unlike Gladiator, which expected us to root for the hero, Troy asks us only to appreciate the characters' conflicts and situations.

Let's start with the good points - it's an action packed with plenty of high quality computerised war scenes.

As well as the mass Lord of the Rings style battles, utilising computer graphics to display epic tussles between the Greeks and Trojans, there are several equally exciting duals between the principal characters.

Diane Kruger's boring, one-dimensional Helen wouldn't have launched one ship let alone a thousand.

How anyone can call this film boring is beyond me.

The battle scenes are exciting and well staged, they're based on historical data and are accurately executed.

While some of the battle scenes are entertaining they do not make up for sitting through the rest of the movie.

Patchy, yet fascinating - and all the more compelling because for that fact .

And, can you say pretentious?

Added to that, the battle scenes are breathtaking and the fight scenes Eric and Brad provide deserve admiration for their athletic prowess.

The Action Is Entertaining .

A really entertaining -AND educating- film.

You see him ruthlessly waste a whole Trojan battalion, but demonstrate compassion in sparing a man's life because he has a son.

That was one of the most awful contrived moments I've seen for a long time.

And in history when falsehoods replace truth via poetic license, it is called propaganda, or, a lie.

The biggest mistake is its breaking of the foremost rule in storytelling; create characters that the audience cares about, or everything they do and go through will be pointless.

The filmmakers must have thought a full decade would slow the story down, and as the ending was going to be the same anyway, a few weeks was about right for the Trojan War.

I found it to be very entertaining.

The movie takes a long time to "mesh," and has a very slow start.

Although the 2000 epic Gladiator staring Russell Crowe very obviously paved the way for Troy, I found this movie to be entertaining and original.. Not being fond of Brad Pitt as an actor (or in general) I had my doubts regarding his ability to portray such a character.

This movie may not be thought-provoking like Gladiator, but it is still a very entertaining, powerful, and stunning piece of cinema fluff.

Generally, I don't think too many people have a real problem with 'Troy' and whilst it can't quite reach 'classic' status, or being truly great, it does a good job of entertaining us.

Rousing, if historically inaccurate .

In many ways, the movie is dragged down by all the intrigue and the various other expositions.

I can understand why Troy is not a 5 * film, but overall I think it's a really enjoyable film and worth watching!

The intensity displayed by all characters is breathtaking.

There's some good action sequences though and a few decent scenes, overall a good movie to watch on a boring night at home.

The result is one hell of an entertaining film.

The story was contrived, unbelievable, the acting silly.

It's really the one-on-one battles that are more enjoyable and impressive than the large army clashes.

The scenes bored me accept for the ones with Hector, he stole the show.

As for the other things, since a few characters are more boring or rotten than in the Iliad, changing their demise time isn't that shocking.

To seek rational explanations for this and that is a waste of time.

Yes, the movie is somewhat inaccurate to Homer's Iliad, but at least this movie is flat out entertaining.

This film does an excellent job, in a short amount of time, in conveying those ideas in an entertaining way.

But if you could forgive this mistake, you will find that this movie is worth watching.

I enjoyed it immensely, and I hope all who see it enjoy it as well.

The scene where Hector takes his father's blessing before going out to battle with Achilles, knowing fully well, only death awaits him, is mind blowing.

I think it is worth watching.

Consider it for what it is and has always been, a great and very entertaining fairy tale, like the Lord of the Rings is of today.

Prefer to watch paint dry .

Despite the greatness and entertaining of the film, it leaves me with a very uncomfortable feeling-- the underlying notion of injustice that this film projects!

But one of the most unique things about this film was the way the fightscenes were "choreographed", they were so innovative, original, unexpected, exciting!

The film is very entertaining.

Good fight scenes and great dialogue, but it was too long and a little boring in places.

The Iliad and Achilles have always been fascinating mirrors to the western mind.

This 3 hour "epic" stars the very boring and bland Brad Pitt as Achilles.. Where i say only watch this film to see Brad Pitt fake cry, my god did i laugh so hard.

Flawed, but Entertaining .

The battle scenes in the wide open spaces of deserts (near the castle-like buildings) are very gripping and unmissable, even if the story may not be perfect, and the women who watch this will love Pitt taking off his top and seeing his backside.

It was a complete waste of time, money, and effort to watch it and an unspeakable waste to make it in the first place.

It's extremely entertaining and still manages to fall in at almost three hours.

The dialog is utterly banal.

Bana gives the kind of intense performance that Brad Pitt never achieves.

This similarly purveys the vast battle sequences that thrill with their grandeur but provide enough gore, and are followed by compelling dialogue of war-weary warriors, that we get a feel of the senselessness of the fighting that strongly resembles Homer's storytelling.

This thing is all but a total bore to sit through.

"Troy" is an exciting movie that tells the story of Achilles and the Trojan War.

The overall feel of the movie was enjoyable and the movie did what it set out to do.

This is not a great film, it is far too long, and it is just about void of any great acting.

Despite quite an exciting showdown between Achilles and Hector the other fight scenes are totally uninspired, if only Ridley Scott and directed this!

Agamemnon's vanity is too trite.

I've read a number of comments which criticise the lack of depth in the film, especially in relation to a purportedly more evocative title such as 'Gladiator'.

I have to say I found in thoroughly entertaining.

The romantic elements fare the worst, whereas the action was exciting and passionate the romantic elements were pure soap opera with no chemistry let alone emotion.

The worst movie i have ever seen.

I recently watched "Troy" for a second time and realized just what a mediocre snooze fest it is.

If you like bulging muscles, tanned men, beautiful women, naked Brad Pitts, visually stunning scenery, amazing battle scenes, excellent stunts, some great acting, tear jerking moments, doe-eyed Orlando Blooms and Greek mythology then I would recommend this film for you.

Character dynamics are intense.

Achilles' first kill is jaw-droppingly unexpected.

Pitt was uninspiring as a hero.

The story does get a bit ponderous and slow at times but then along comes another exciting bit.

Breathtaking, Full of Emotion, and Talent .

The war scenes are breathtaking.

The changes made in the movie are in its favor, they made it more exciting and added some life to the movie.

the setting and tone are perfect even if at times it can be a little predictable.

But these are fairly small blips on the radar of a bloated film that goes on for way too long to maintain interest - at least with these characters and this script.

This movie is boring, too long, and has virtually no redeeming qualities.

Entertaining epic, even if it doesn't exactly follow the legend .

) This film is what all epics should be - enjoyable, with characters that you can remember, epic battle sequences and settings and set in a historical background.

The script was good and the storyline was very engaging and believable, if historically inaccurate.

But there is only one truly flawless actor to show himself on the big screen through out nearly 3 hours of film, and that is the mighty Sean Bean, as Odyseuss.