True Grit (2010) - Drama, Western

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A stubborn teenager enlists the help of a tough U.S. Marshal to track down her father's murderer.

IMDB: 7.6
Director: Ethan Coen
Stars: Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 141 out of 778 found boring (18.12%)

One-line Reviews (567)

This movie was a complete waste of money.

Many said it was boring or they didn't like the characters.

A bit slow in pace, the guy I saw it with got bored of it and fell asleep in one part.

Apart from some directing staples and their standard editing, story is rather disappointingly straight forward and I may say even unrealistic and boring.

dragged on and on.

For such a young actress she showed so much power, confidence and character it just made every scene she was in entertaining to watch.

I usually don't care for Westerns or cowboys, but True Grit was very well made and very enjoyable.

Her speech and facial/mouth expressions were so contrived.

It's slow, talky, distant, and indulgent.

Sure the cinematography is beautiful, the period dress excellent, but the movie is boring.

In other words, the movie doesn't seem to take itself too seriously, and that is what makes this film so entertaining.

The brothers are good, but not here, this is their most uninteresting peace of work and...

Hailee Steinfeld is quite engaging, and Matt Damon develops an intriguing complexity that makes one wish he had more screen-time.

The film had me literally on the edge of my seat, several times gasping and uncontrollably speaking out loud "wow, this is good".

It's boring, the acting is awful, especially Jeff Bridges, the scenery is not spectacular at all, I really don't know why they bothered to remake this film, it's just a waste of time.

OVERALL: 7.8 / 10 Plot/Screenplay (minor spoilers): 7/10 Just like the original John Wayne True Grit, the story lineated by encounters; and, just like the old True Grit, they are often uneventful and indistinct.

The dialog in these legal and cop shows is often very fast paced, full of big words, perfectly composed and delivered.

Jeff Bridges is hard to understand, and the screenplay itself made the dialogue difficult to follow.

The story itself is intriguing and we want to keep watching as a viewer to see what will happen and at times it is really exciting.

I expected that this movie would be great, instead I got an average, overplayed, and drawn out western.

A thrilling and sad.

It reminded me of the pointless color remake of Psycho- the Hitchcock classic- some years ago.

This was an intense scene and they use the lighting to give it that feel in those scenes.

Tedious, boring....

Flat and uninteresting .

Secondly, I don't think that it's a bad film by default, it is simply completely flat and uninteresting, especially compared to other works by the same directorial duo.

The story itself, the hunt for the father's killer, is told without too much contrived drama, though there are some suspenseful moments and a certain amount of bloody action.

most of the films I've seen him in , hes a ceo of some massive cooperation who pushes papers , but this time we got to see him shine and in a spectacular piece of art , not once did i see this film going down hill , get boring , or get repetitive which is usually what westerns are like , shoot a Indian shoot a bandit , film over , no!

I thought the acting was flawless, especially from the two leads, the setting and cinematography was breathtaking and the dialogue could be quick, witty and very moving.

It was amazing, highly entertaining, suspenseful, funny, and had a great story line.

He's a quandrum of opposites and he's absolutely unpredictable.

In your study of Hollywood cinema in the uneventful year of 2010, you should not assume this film was produced following the typical trend of studios plagiarizing each other, sequels, and adaptations of popular literary works.

Worse though, is the pointless deviation from the source material which completely guts one scene in particular and seems motiveless.

-------- As for the movie it self, it's highly entertaining and way better than the original.

The fact that Mattie loses her arm as the result of the rattlesnake bite (as per the novel) is more believable than the 1969 John Wayne version (although the Coens' handling of the snake pit sequence is stunningly inept and robs the scene of the tension it should have contained - as with any other things, the combination of the Elmer Bernstein's music and the editing make the 1969 handling of the same scene far more exciting).

However, aside for that, the movie is quite a bore...

Slow and 70% dull .

Hailee Steinfeld as the brave but innocent girl Mattie made me happy and I really enjoyed her character, therefore I found it extremely stupid when the Coens decided to take the innocent away from her by making her shoot the film's bad guy in such a rushed, confusing and very unsatisfying way.

But even with the script praise, I take a bit of an objection to how slow the first hour of the film is.

I should go down as one this years best movies though and I highly recommend it for anyone who likes a really well made western.

This is one of the most boring westerns I saw so far, and it doesn't do much to overcome its, granted solid, effort, which I recognize.

His ENTIRE performance, like everyone's was done in monotone.

Their attention to detail and their delicacy is at times stunning.

Whilst the Coens' remake of "The Ladykillers" was zany enough to warrant viewing, "Grit's" is a decidedly pointless affair, every scene matching Henry Hathaway's merely competent direction blow for blow.

It's visually haunting, well-plotted but Jeff Bridges's turn as Scrooge is tiresome.

In the remake, most comments seem to point out that it's a fairly traditional/entertaining western.

Seeing an ingénue is always exciting and Hallie Stanfield shines.

The whole story was rather boring and tensionless while the main idea could have been interesting.

I was hoping it to be a thriller or at least have some fast paced entertainment.

Every Moment Gripping From Start to End - A Must See .

Joined by LaBouef (Matt Damon), a Texas Ranger also in search of Tom Chaney, the 3 set off into the wilderness on a wildly entertaining man hunt.

Stonehill, Josh Brolin is a bit more frightening as Tom Chaney than Jeff Corey was, Domhnall Gleeson as empathetic as Dennis Hopper when playing Moon, and Barry Pepper-what a coincidence concerning the same surname for both actor and character-is just as compelling as Lucky Ned Pepper as when Robert Duvall played him opposite The Duke.

It takes the classic story of a western, keeps some of the age-old elements, but adds some modern twists to make it relatable and enjoyable to today's audiences.

Confusing .

Still, there's a decent sense of a dusty, rustic style and a no-nonsense tone, both of which combine with the scenery (and screenplay) chewing performances to make for an enjoyable experience.

The rest, however, is just a pointless waste of time.

Everything presented from the costumes to the settings to the dialogue— I felt completely immersed in the narrative.

Yet for others, the sublime eloquence that only a Harvard English professor could lay bare can be very enjoyable.

It dragged on for too long and didn't seem needed.

The first real scene with Rooster in the courtroom was boring and lacked real drama.

Disappointed in the acting and slow plot .

The Coen Brothers' script is perfectly pitched, giving poignancy, humour and tension with ease and perfect balance, making this entertaining,classy and captivating filmmaking.

it would always be more of the same - the same self-indulgent, ultra-specific, not universally appealing Coen produce.

I told my entire family to come see this move the day after Christmas and they all fell asleep.

The story is otherwise clever and gripping, and modern cinematography makes those wildness scenes very appealing.

That, along with several absolutely unnecessary and pointless scenes, contributed to creating an impression that the writers didn't really know what to do with certain parts of the movie.

The Coen's have managed to craft a classic old time Western rife with stock genre characters, and infuse it with evocative beauty, mythical tones and Biblical undercurrents.

The cinematography is gorgeous, rolling plains and the wild west – it's all stunning.

don't waste your time at the theater.

With the outstanding performances by its stellar cast, stunning writing, and captivating visuals, True Grit is a film worth your time.

Again, the performances by the 3 leads are great, but I just wish the story had been more interesting and engaging.

Disappointed and bored!!.

The Coen brothers did made some bad movies, but TRUE GRIT was a masterpiece in rejuvenating the classic cowboy behaviour and it was truly an enjoyable experience.

however once the journey to find the girls killer began it was exciting, funny, and unpredictable.

Another Coen's masterpiece, fantastic direction and writing; intriguing dialogs; hilarious and smart humor; exciting and epic moments on Western style, the Coens once again didn't disappoint at all.

Slow and boring.

Boy-oh-boy these people sound menacing, I feel scared for our dear heroes as they creep ever so closer to finding these treacherous scoundrels, but I bet it's gonna result in a mind blowing conclus...

True Grit is not going to suit all tastes, its not your typical popcorn action spaghetti western, its a classical journey story - truly enjoyable and refreshing.

People wear a wider variety of hats (with more than just the stetson), the clothing colors are much more drab and hair styles are not at all neat--they ALL look like they could use shaves and haircuts--like most people did in the west.

Spot-on performances from all involved, superb dialogue, beautiful cinematography and a straight forward storyline made for the most enjoyable film I have seen in some time.

They are artists who don't regard their audiences as a focus group, but as men, women, and children who yearn to see an intelligent, exciting, and literate cinematic experience.

To help her, with breathtaking casuistry, she persuades Marshal Rueben 'Rooster' Cogburn (Jeff Bridges), who has killed 23 men and loves to 'pop a cork', and Texas Ranger LaBoeuf (Matt Damon) to accompany her.

A fairly entertaining movie and one that could pick up a number of technical honours at the Oscars.

"True Grit" is a fascinating experiment in that regard, though in adapting Charles Portis' 1968 novel for the screen (and mindful I'm sure of the John Wayne adaptation to which their film would inevitably be compared), Joel and Ethan Coen contribute less of themselves than might be expected.

After not watching the original for decades, I watched the John Wayne version last night and enjoyed it immensely.

Coming from someone who grew up on John Wayne, that holds his movies with high-regard, to include the original True Grit, I found this latest telling to be honorable, well done and entertaining.

But the movie seems empty, and Rooster lacks charisma, and it seemed just like an episodic Western drama, with no real excitement or passion, except the very last scene when Rooster rides the horse all night to the doctors; that scene was the most dramatic and meaningful of the entire film.

"True Grit" (2010) was the most boring movie I have ever seen.

Making an uneasy alliance with a pretentious Texas Ranger (Matt Damon) they take up the pursuit of Chaney, encountering a myriad of situations both comic and horrific, many times both combined in a breathtaking and hostile environment of hard characters.

I found myself yawning and hoping that something would happen soon.

The trio of turns from Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Hailee Steinfeld are all fascinating and multi-layered.

Very enjoyable rendition of the "True Grit" story.

The story was very compelling and kept me watching and wanting to know what was going to happen.

It also show that the slow cut method was often used and this type of cutting more often stimulates the feeling of a tranquil observer which to me is a way to attract a particular group of viewers.

Honestly, the first time I watched it, I fell asleep.

A Boring Film Wins An Award .

The fact that the girl meets the murderer of her father was predictable and the way how she met him was quite unoriginal for example.

The score swings seamlessly between thrilling orchestra and delicate piano and the overall feel/ production design and costume is spot on.

After leaving my friends and I had agreed that the film was poor and deserved a two out of ten, the scenes of action that the trailers reveal are literally the only enjoyable scenes in the entire movie, the remainder of the film is filled with constant dialogue which barely kept me sitting on my seat for the whole film.

Ultimately, True Grit is a piece of pure entertainment – and it is quite an entertaining film: thrilling, engaging, and very, very funny.

Please save your money and go watch something else instead.

A ringleader of the murderous gang that Cogburn, LeBoeuf and Haddie pursue is Lucky Red Pepper (played by Barry Pepper), whose luck eventually runs out in a brutal scene when he enters into an intense dual with Cogburn.

Then we are introduced to the main character Mattie Ross who is energized by an astonishingly riveting performance Hailee Steinfeld.

Possibly because with all it's beauty, it's engaging and intense characters, it's great acting and technical execution it kinda feels "old".

You'll be sitting on the edge of your seat from the opening scene!

I think it was just the ending that dragged on a bit and maybe wasn't necessary.

But the film is also too slow and boring at many times.

A very entertaining movie based on a genius dialogue.

A slow moving realistic western with excellent performances...

The Coen brothers delivers again, this time with a classic western story and it is fun, engaging and entertaining.

awful dialog and boring story .

Things get off to a slow start.

"True Grit" is heart-warming, suspenseful, and quite thrilling.

Could they actually remake a classic like True Grit worth watching?

Still, problems like the slow pacing and the third act keeps it from becoming a great one.

The Coen brothers consistently produce some of the most entertaining and provocative films in Hollywood.

If you are going to continue promoting movies which are bleak, dull, and uninspiring, then you will do so without my movie-ticket cash.

Save your money and skip this movie.

This is just a yawn fest of a film.

The distinct difference in the basic plot and decision making of Rooster, in the remake, compared to the book or the original movie, is confusing.

Josh Brolin seemed out of place as Tom Chaney and Barry Pepper was bland as Ned Pepper.

While the interactions between Bridges and Damon are entertaining throughout, they're limited, and the Maddie role is repetitive and tiresome.

Jeff Bridges had the great John Wayne to compete with, not an easy feat at all, and while he is a more monotone Rooster Cogburn he is a revelation charisma and performance wise.

The acting is good all round and some of the photography is beautifully evocative of the epic landscape except for the epilogue which seems to be shot on DV and was a lame ending anyway.

The cinematography is very dull and lifeless.

I thought it was quite fascinating how film techniques can make a little girl such a great character.

In short True Grit 2010 is a waste of time for the moviegoer, DVD watcher and most of all the film makers.

However, at the same time I found the story to be painfully slow and far too simple for my tastes.

It's enjoyable from start to finish, largely due to the performances.

And while generally "old school Hollywood fashion" would be something I would cringe and run away from, the Coens make it enjoyable, emotional and breathtaking.

the original certainly wasn't brilliant; it was the high end, or at least offbeat end of oaters; this one is the product of too many like-minded people on something that makes them agree with each other about characters yakking endlessly about nothing to do with the plot, about static interiors, empty minor characters, and just loving bridges mumbling and bumbling, a fair amount of it incomprehensible- as though he thought to himself i'll do wild bill and one of those except more stupid and slightly drunk so can't talk correctly; the girl is a stick;, as though the lines are on teleprompter; the brother's forte of acerbic, sometimes witty, generally cynical dialogue the smash cuts try to keep up with; not here; dialogue is stilted, not western, not funny, not ironic, not interesting; a dreadful redo

Entertaining 'True Grit' .

But the real gem is Hailee Steinfeld who delivers a confident coming of age performance, in order for the film to work she needed to nail it and not only did she do that...

In summary, if you enjoy typical, formulaic Hollywood movies with cookie-cutter scripting and acting, this movie is right up your alley.

The flatness of performance and dull, drab feel of the staging makes it a rather boring drag.

A sensible, well written and entertaining western with very good performances.

Westerns usually don't get my drift, and they usually use repetitive actions to win me over.

And the overall slow scenes where we knew they were headed was tedious.

Mostly though what True Grit does is deliver an enjoyable story in an engaging and satisfying manner.

But it wasn't a perfect movie, there were some long and boring monologues that really didn't seem like they belonged in the movie.

Overall True Grit is an enjoyable film and while it is probably not the most memorable in terms of the genre I would recommend it as film by itself.

That downer of a finale ruins the enjoyable and positive spirit of the rest of the movie.

This masterful, touching, and hugely entertaining picture is a rousing depiction of manly leadership and moral certitude set in a world unencumbered by political correctness.

Thoroughly enjoyable .

Only in the last fifteen minutes did things get the least bit tense or exciting.

Anyway, this is a very fine "late western" and very entertaining.

Mattie was boring.

The film was suspenseful all the way through.

It was funny, scary, suspenseful, well written, beautifully shot and so on.

In addition there is some very sharp humour - mostly wordplay, but some physical - which makes the 2010 True Grit even more entertaining.

Bridges is entertaining and believable as the wasted Cogburn.

The plot was predictable from the onset, the acting was flat and just had no heart...

Even with as great as this movie was up until that point, I left the theater with a bad feeling.

Worst Movie .

True Grit is a thrilling, funny, and blazingly well acted rare great western.

If you've seen the 1969 True Grit and enjoyed it (and I have, and I did), it is impossible to approach a remake without carrying out comparisons, no matter how much you want to.

Even Glen Campbell(who was reamed as the original La Boeuf) is FAR MORE INTERESTING AND ENTERTAINING than Matt Damon's dull, dull, and flat disinterested performance.

"True Grit" is masterfully sculpted, uncompromising storytelling, and amazingly entertaining.

His performance was 'okay' - and the film itself is so wonderful that I still highly recommend it - even to those who are not fans of the Western genre.

It left me with a sad feeling that they managed to spoil what could've been a thrilling, heartbreaking and epic story.

True Grit though long winded it may be is an excellent character study, immersed in the environment of the old wild west.

As for the rest of the cast: Josh Brolin gives an uncharacteristically dull performance, playing the punk-cowboy as though he had autism, and making him seem like a self-parody as opposed to a dangerously drunken idiot.

Sorry but why do Hollywood have to shoe horn in a politically correct one dimensional unrealistic tedious role into every movie nowadays?

Unless you like being bored and annoyed to death by a 14 year old who acts 40, don't waste your time going to see this movie.

), totally unrecognizable but delightfully engaging as a late-arriving villain.

Pointless waste.

I'm bored already writing about this film, all except it's poop.

The pace is quite slow during the whole movie, until the very end where everything is suddenly excessively accelerated, only to be stretched again with another unnecessary scene, without making a point.

The lead Mattie was pretentious.

The most compelling part of the movie is the relationship that develops between Rooster and Mattie.

I refer to that because that movie is very slow.


We have that hope throughout, and it helps keep our attention during the slower moments.

" In fact, that's precisely why the movie worked a lot better than many of their previous offerings (usually involving trashing one of their prototypical straw man anti-heroes as well as reveling in their ubiquitous 'glass is half-empty' philosophy of life).

So I thought (and was hoping) I missed a good one and was in for an enjoyable experience when it came on TV recently.

I wanted to love each and every moment of the film, but the slow pace just easily could have been amended to not feel so agonizing in some sequences.

The Coens are nothing if not consummate filmmakers and "True Grit" is another well crafted, entertaining film from them.

The movie has couple of excellent suspenseful shooting scenes.

The story, in cliché terms, is that of a young girl who sets out on the vengeance trail for the robber who murdered her father.

Confusing I know, all I can say is go and see it for yourself and see what you think.

The composition of the shots is stunning.

Not The Duke, but still enjoyable.

The introduction scenes are entertaining and memorable.

Grit just kind of wanders around, poking in the dirt while occasionally, almost listlessly, killing someone as if out of boredom.

The nostalgic speeches of Rooster about his wife, his career and his demons are completely random and not very touching, the thoughts of the young girl are quite linear and predictable while Matt Damon showed two different attitudes in a rather disturbing than convincing manner.

occasionally exaggerated with their characteristic creation of bizarre characters and strange stories, and I think that in the films The Ladykillers (2004) and A Serious Man, they exceeded in that so much that they reached the level of boring self-parody.

Does not surpass original film,but is nonetheless enjoyable.

Although its well made, the acting good, Bridges great, its just a totally pointless exercise.

I struggled to find any bright spot in this movie and it tried to deliver at the end but it failed, and then dragged on.

This retelling in no way surpasses the original,but is nonetheless enjoyable to watch.

The film is less about what is going on and more about the dialogue, which is snappy and entertaining and at times funny.

Again, I am not a fan of westerns, but watching the original last night was much more enjoyable.

Tedious and boring to sit through .

Rip your eyes out boring.

However, I have heretofore not mentioned the fools that populate movie theaters in 2010, as I did not want to put that illness into my reviews, but this time my viewing experience was so interrupted at the start by punk teens and their DAMN mobile phones, that it did effect me the entire film, though they left five minutes into the movie.

Even taking this film on it's own merit, it was 100 per cent boring.

While it doesn't sound like a boring premise, it gets dull pretty fast when there are long stretches of the movie where the main characters are traveling by horse and pony.

The acting by Bridges and Damon is sub-par, along with much of the rest of the cast, and maddeningly ho-hum throughout.

There's nothing wrong with the story for this film - it's compelling, entertaining over the full length and entirely fitting to its theme and time frame.

The majority of the film is slow, building the character of 'Tom Chaney' to be this elusive, faceless nemesis, almost being comparable to 'Keyser Soze' in 'The Usual Suspects'.

The costumes, the buildings, the interiors, and the dialogue were so meticulously crafted that I felt entirely immersed in a world long since forgotten, and often misunderstood.

Then Mattie proves herself to be a hard-nosed negotiator with the town's merchant, in an amusing but also long-drawn out, and unrealistic scene.

Worst Western ever, and very boring!

The girl playing Mattie is about as exciting as a piece as wood and the actor playing LeBoueff brings nothing to the table.

It is an enjoyable challenge just to keep up with the banter between Cogburn, Mattie and LaBoeuf (Matt Damon), a Texas Ranger who also happens to be hunting Chaney.

overall a very good film, highly recommend it over Black Swan, Social Network (which was okay and is still worth a watch) and the King's Speech.

The journey the 14 year old girl and her marshal take through the landscapes of the dry forests where each one learns about the other and share a good deal of memories is enjoyable though some may say irrelevant to plot.

The film (some of you will find it a little slow) is well made which is worthy for Oscar nominations (lets hope it doesn't snub it like the Golden Globes or there will be pain) so see it.

but I have to say;it is one the worst movies seen recently,actors are in their lowest possible performance,Jeff bridges is very hard to understand at all,we should ask the people who gave the movie 10 out of 10 if they could come up with a line or two of jeff's dialogues!!

And he's so slow and and solemn that it's hard to tell when he's drunk and when he's sober.

The subsequent screen chemistry between the three is enjoyable to watch.

Mattie Ross, the main protagonist and driving force of the Coen Brothers latest release True Grit, is one of the more intriguing and noteworthy characters of cinema in recent years.

They've conquered yet another frontier, and it's as exciting as ever to imagine which they'll turn to next.

Save your money .

very boring.

PROS:-the performances are excellent for the genre and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld was fantastic and hopefully will get an award for her performance -the dialogue was witty and will well written and kept my attention -a treat for some horror fans, Jarlath Conroy makes a brief cameo which was fun -the soundtrack is very good and keeps the western on life support-the action pretty suspenseful and keeps the movie goingCONS: - the movie takes way too long to get to the point and it just drags to the good stuffOverall,the movie is a good thrill ride and brings us back to a time when westerns were fun,but it can get boring at times.

A waste of time .

But that's my problem and even though I didn't like those films mentioned, they had a intriguing style, which made me understand why they are such avidly acclaimed film-makers.

He has a small role and his character was boring too.

Feels less like a Coen brothers movie, but that can be forgiven, since the film is highly entertaining, and Steinfeld is exceptional.

Funny, moving, exciting, and absolutely stunning.

Pretty predictable, too.

As expected, the film under review treats the revenge-tale-with-child-interest in revisionist terms as opposed to the original's rousing adventure approach.

It is perfectly watchable and entertaining.

Glen Campbell's LeBoeuf, while not a stellar piece of acting, was fun and entertaining.

To a degree where the movie is stunning in the first place and keeps getting worse with every time you watch it again.

grayish winter) looked more stunning in the original.

True Grit is an enjoyable movie that will likely please many audiences.

Granted, I came into the film fresh off of the high from No Country for Old Men, assuming a more serious form of Western with snippets of humor thrown in here and there to break up the tension from the stunning visuals.

While its perhaps more meditative than some and it certainly isn't an action film by any stretch of the imagination (regardless of its body-count), there's often a sense that the story has been imbued with a slower pace than necessary simply to include long sequences of deliberately cumbersome but unintentionally repetitive back-and-forth banter and odd, almost dream-like asides that serve to paint this version of the old-west as one of strange folk struggling to earn their keep anyway they can, an admirable attempt to introduce some extra - and, actually, unneeded - personality that often falls flat thanks to the fact that the rest of the piece isn't anywhere near as weird - or as slow - as these moments.

Beautiful mountain scenery/photography again, but it was inferior to the original filmed in Technicolor, as digital cannot yet match that labor-intensive and very expensive film perfection.

The look, direction, music, mood, acting, script is all of the highest quality and it was enjoyable from start to finish.

There's nothing wrong with the way it is filmed either - scenery shots are amazing, there's long slow scenes that give space to reflect the moment in time they play in and almost the entirely film is a real pleasure to watch.

Moving forward, then, it is the themes of the film that perhaps become as intriguing as the story, straightforward as such films seeking justice, revenge or the thin line between both, are.

Particularly enjoyable were the action sequences.

In fact I found this whole movie boring.

Their version of True Grit is an engrossing masterpiece.

Slow, powerful western movie with a focus on dialog .

After this the movie spirals into a formulaic approach to story-telling; there seems to be a time constraint in which they need to crank out the remaining details listed in the script.

Away from nurturing original screenplays into engaging feature films (they've done around about two in ten years since The Man Who Wasn't There), the brothers have much more recently taken it upon themselves to bring to screen an array of previous pieces following their explosive start as a film-making duo whom started from scratch.

The film is not a staid work of art; it's a living, pulsating, and very exciting piece to see, something that will delight just about everyone in the audience, with the depiction of our heroes' quest for justice.

The great Jeff Bridges is compelling and larger-than-life as Cogburn, the role played by John Wayne in the 1969 version.

Their second turn at exploring the American West is practically a flawless enterprise, a beautiful, haunting, funny, and exciting movie, a story with heart, a solid intelligent storyline, and terrific acting, one that introduces the birth of a very talented performer, a 14-year old young woman who someday will become a star, Ms. Hailee Steinfeld, in her movie debut, something that appears an unbelievable feat since she has only done shorts and TV shows until now.

Enjoyable Western...

Certainly the ending appears to have been cut short; there is none of the pain, discomfort and tension that there is in the book and the John Wayne version managed to portray several parts of the film in a more suspenseful manner.

Maybe the philosophy behind what is entertainment has changed, or maybe what people find entertaining has changed, or maybe what the movers-and-shakers think WE should think is entertaining has changed.

The pace is rather slow and the Coens seem interested in showing the diversity of the American landscape a little bit too much and the 19th American idiom seems slightly over done .

The natural beauty of the setting is breathtaking.

While funny and exciting, I don't think this True Grit is more exciting or funnier than the first adaptation.

The final confrontation with the men they are hunting is turns suspenseful, surprising and a little too short-lived.

Captivating, gripping, extremely well written and the musical score was perfect for the mood of the film.

Well acted, great production but dull .

The cinematography is outstanding and is some shots moved my focus from the characters to the stunning scenery.

To have him just killed by the Mattie as well, was a disappointment as firstly she was not authorised to kill, as she was not a Marshall and so would have been trialled for murder, as well as the fact that neither of the bounty hunters in the film would have got any reward, rendering the whole ordeal fairly pointless.

At any rate, this is a classic Western as only the Coen brothers can do it—snappy, witty dialogue, three-dimensional characters, explosive action, and sentiment that is earned rather than begged for.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of the film is the characterization and story development.

I found it to be rather dull and boring.

Moreover, since much of Bridges' dialogue comes out garbled, the viewer often finds himself at a loss as to what exactly the man is saying, which makes it rather hard to follow the plot at times.

The Wayne/Campbell version whilst not the best western ever made, is at the very least a well made exciting movie.

Matt Damon as LaBoeuf was very enjoyable.

Boring with NO action .

The whole scene with finding the hanged man, cutting him down, and meeting up with the Bear Man dentist (the most Coen-like character in the entire film, but out of place), was also pointless.

These three sprawl across the west and encounter some unexpected and dangerous surprises during their chase for Chaney and his goons.

In most cases- you'll scratch your head and ask yourself why you waste so much time watching horrible acting.

Surprisingly this doesn't detract from the film at all, which is a riveting character journey in classic old school Hollywood fashion.

For the rest, the pacing is too slow, Jeff Bridges' speech is often hard to understand, and the other male supports are wasted.

Heart-warming, climactic, suspenseful- "True Grit" is RAW .

pointless .

Yes, the movie is crafted impeccably well, but, wow, it's also downright boring in places.

Anyway, I found the "no story here" ending kind of nullifying as to the rest of what I had seen.

In an age with a relentless onslaught of those horrid comic book superhero movies and bland romantic comedies alleviated only by the pretentious dreary indies and headache-inducing 3d pap thrown in the mix, it's a relief to see a movie so well crafted as this.

She is very mature on her role and her performance and stunning dialogue shines quite powerfully for a girl who was only 13 at the time of filming.

I can honestly say I've seen a ton of westerns in my time, but this movie put me to sleep, it might have been a very good adaptation from the book, but it was as boring as a movie could be.

Jeff Bridges tries his hardest to have a grittier persona than John Wayne but only succeeds in boring the pants off the viewer.

But it was still highly entertaining and the ending was unique in a good way, once the initial dissatisfaction fades away.

This movie, while entertaining, has too many drawbacks, I'm surprised it was nominated for academy awards.. First of all, the dialogue is poor.

Not only a remake but it reminded me of the last movie I saw, which was also an utter waste time, talent and money - Winter's Bone.

In any case, it's a pretty good movie to watch, if you're into the realistic, gritty, slow westerns, like 'Unforgiven'...

I left the theater liking the movie – John Wayne and all.

Don't waste your time on this one - it'll only tarnish your admiration for the greats who dabbled in this half-hearted effort.

They're chemistry is much more believable and enjoyable.

True Grit succeeds admirably at being an entertaining movie with a brisk pace.

Along for the ride is vicious Ned Pepper and the dull Tom Chaney.

'True Grit' (Coen brothers) offers you a very enjoyable ride with Mattie.. A dedicated 14- year old who's going after the murderer of her Dad.

Since this is a Coen brothers film, that also means that the adventure will be compelling and the characters will be interesting.

) The original "True Grit" is worth watching if only for the locations, including the old courthouse in Ouray.

I personally found the first part of the film a little slow and the dialogue (especially Bridges) difficult to understand.

If you wait for it to come out on disk, you wont be missing anything, but if you find yourself bored with some time, seeing it in the theaters will not hurt anything.

Worth watching!

I found myself bored and restless during the movie.

The movie is beautifully shot and all the hallmarks of a Coen Brothers production the snappy and authentic dialogue is expertly suited to the period and the supporting cast are on par with Bridges performance including a superb turn from Matt Damon as Texas Ranger La Boeuf full of self importance.

She is absolutely stunning in the lead, brimming with confidence, intelligence and Southern sass.

He gives a reasonable performance and his competent enough, but he looks out of place (like Christian Bale as Dickie in The Fighter) and comes across as rather a bland character.

However if you are simply looking for a great night out for you and your friends don't waste your money on this and go and see something a little more reliable like 'Paul' or 'The Fighter'.

-------- All in all, it's very entertaining and definitely one of the best movies of 2010.

This film is exciting, thrilling and every single minute of it is worth watching.

This remake was so boring at times.

Two frequent Coen brothers collaborators work some real magic: cinematographer Roger Deakins, whose widescreen compositions are wonderful, and composer Carter Burwell, whose music is breathtaking.

Go ahead and take a long bathroom break and grab some popcorn on the way back to your seat boring.

The Cohen Bros proclivity for verbose and prolix dialog grows tiresome as the years wear on, especially when critics lavish them with awards for films that consistently showcase this glaring problem.

Music-Bland and at times out of place.

This was a good and entertaining movie.

But it happens to most everybody who spends anytime outdoors, because we are only human and the natural world and weather and events are sometimes violent and unpredictable.

The movie is a "dark" western, with excellent acting, very realistic settings, a depressing "period" look, brilliant dialogs, a slow pace and a compelling story.

Ho-hum .

He is obviously very good at what he is doing, but most of the time he is drunk, untidy, grumpy, melancholic, weak, boring, irritated, and broken.

Overall, an entertaining disappointment...

That's fair enough, but from that point the film really slows down, and the trade-off for such an engaging screenplay turns out to be a lack of progressive, fast-paced scenes that really define the plot structure of the Western.

I understand that this 2010 version was more derived from the original book but it was very dry and didn't have any entertaining value.

Overall if you are a genuine fan to western movies 'True Grit' will be an enjoyable experience for you.

No beautiful soundtrack to serve as a plus to the visual grandeur the movie was depicting which sometimes can make me sit still for an otherwise, boring flick!


Entertaining dialog!

Matt Damon and Jeff Bridges are a great acting combo who make every scene fun and enjoyable.

The Coen Brothers' version of True Grit is a wonderful film and probably one of their most conventionally entertaining productions.

Their version of True Grit is wildly entertaining and perfect for filmgoers of all ages.

Fortunately I don't think this is a major detriment to the film because the characters are so enjoyable.

I found the film enjoyable, the story entertaining and the scenery very nice.

And the Coens manage to finally come up with an action film based more on a realistic look than one based on "contrived hate and depression" that only raving lunatics could enjoy.

The action doesn't really pick up until what feels like the end, and by then the slowness, boredom, and bad acting had already made me lose interest.

Steinfeld does a stunning job on screen.

But what is really worth watching is Hollywood's latest child star, Hailee Steinfeld establish her credentials in the acting world, especially when she is playing a character of such resilience and determination as Mattie.

I highly recommend it.

All the music and cinematography is stunning.

Given the brevity of the film, a mere 110 minutes, it seems such a waste to kill the run time with introductions of arbitrary elements for subplot development which unfortunately don't progress at all all.

Funny,exciting,great dialogue excellent performances.

Some may find it a bit copycattish in terms of dialogue,but I found it very enjoyable.

Directed with true grit and impressive performances, True Grit outsmarts the original and simply entertaining.

Some were quick to praise the way the film opened with the aftermath of the murder, rather than plodding its way towards the catalyst for the series of events like the 1969 version.

A carbon copy waste of time.

Instead of the cliché teenage Disney-fied, or more recently Nickelodeon-ed, spunk, Steinfeld instead calls the bluff of her elders.

Very dry script throughout.

Also, there is a few humor in the movie which really enjoyed it.

This is a very well made and quite entertaining film.

It's a waste of time to watch if you've seen The Duke, and all who played in the 1969 movie, and it's a ten-dollar movie ticket wasted.

It is modern, fast-paced, and very entertaining!

Rooster's life is plodding along at his preferred languid, mellow pace until he is confronted by a 14 year old schoolgirl Mattie Ross (ably played by newcomer HAILEE STEINFELD), who hires him and then demands that he bring to justice Tom Chaney – a member of the "Lucky" Ned Pepper gang and the killer of her father.

A stunning piece of work in what all told is a stunning film.

True Grit is the Coen brothers doing what they do best: telling a strong, believable story with characters you feel you can know amidst incredibly evocative scenery.

When the movie had finished I was completely stunned by how the story got me into it, how interesting and absorbing it was from the very first minutes!!!

and have to admit I enjoyed it a great deal, and not once did thoughts of comparison with the original film enter my mind.

With a slow fade in scene, silhouettes, and warm tones, we're pleasantly surprised when the film strays from the beaten path character wise.

In the context of the Coens' previous work this is not their best, it is up there, though without the quirky humour and irony it might disappoint fans-but it is a very good, well executed, compelling film.

There is too much mundane dialog and the narrative is too rambling to sustain interest.

Quite boring all the way, plus an over dramatized finale .

Apart from this, the dreary visuals lessened the entertainment value considerably – while the maiming of its protagonists (the heroine loses an arm to a snake-bite and Matt Damon's characters bites off part of his own tongue!

According to writer Earl Hunsinger, "The true story of the Old West is boring.

Matt Damon's performance was the only thing worth watching.

The film relies on tidy screen writing, tight direction, compelling acting and literally jaw-droppingly beautiful, painstakingly detailed sets.

The Coen brothers must have been drawn to the quirky characters and the language of the novel, and while this is certainly not their best film, it is a very entertaining western with some standout performances.

Just when I thought I was getting into it, another slow scene would pop up, and then another, and then another...

It's 90% the same and a waste of time.

The Coens could make the worst movie in motion picture history........

How can there be mastery when the viewer is penned, like a country chicken, in the cage of a myopic, pointless story line?

Can't really discuss "True Grit" without comparing versions, but the Coen brothers have succeeded in making an engaging movie (not to mention Western)and their version is an improvement in a couple of ways.

I found it utterly boring, dull, and tedious right from the first moment.

*** While the movie starts at slow and a little bit annoying pace, it soon picks up after our unlikely team leaves town.

As for cinematography, it was simply boring, there were little techniques employed

An entertaining, but pointless remake.

Simply, too much of boring and for most of the time dragged out dialog.

Moreover, the original "True Grit" had certain elements that by today's standards might be considered sentimental, formulaic, or Disney-esque--i.

I was on the edge of my seat, not wanting to miss a word.

I saw the '69 film a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Quick witted, she provides a great mix of crude comedy and intense determination.

It's genuinely funny, and stays entertaining throughout.

If you are expecting an action packed adventure with a captivating, deep plot, don't bother watching True Grit, as it will put you to sleep.

True Grit 2010 is highly entertaining for many different reasons, it has an interesting plot & story & information about the old, wild west, includes some formal dialogue, great scenery, violence, and there's NO SEXUALITY REQUIRED which is RARE for Hollywood these days.

It has long, lengthy, tedious, monotonous, redundant conversations about mundane and uninspired normal everyday things.

Like all the Coen Bros movies, True Grit is beautifully shot, the scenery is stunning and there are some typically quirky moments in the cinematography.

She talks like a machine gun; rapid, repetitive, mechanical.

If it were up to me I would have used more contemporary dialog of today rather than that that old stodgy Quaker nonsense .

The old cliché of a man got to do what a mans got to do has been told so many times it goes beyond predictable cliché .

the whole story came across as pretty pointless to me: lack of a driving force, no memorable moments, excruciatingly linear plot, seriously underdeveloped characterizations for both main and secondary characters (e.

As i have said, as a movie it is good in it's own right but why waste time, talent and money on remakes.

This remake was a waste of time, money, and space.

This movie looks stunning the cinematography is beautiful and very well lit.

It was okay, but I found many parts boring for some reason.

The relatable story, the memorable characters, the realistic scenery, and the action packed gun fights make True Grit an extraordinary remake that is truly better than the original.

The movie was lacking in action scenes also, and what action there was didn't make a good impression, instead it was bland.

By the end, however, he triumphantly emerges as a knight in shining armor, a hero, almost a Prince Charming – masculine, strong, exciting, charismatic, energetic – and counterfeit.

I find the frequent use of darkness in the cinematography is far from atmospheric or clever it is a vastly over used cliché of modern film making.

Coen Brothers created by comparison a dull and dry movie.

Just shoot em ups scripts with good guys and bad guys, which is just boring for me.

What was unexpected was for them to tread into remake territory, bringing the John Wayne classic back, a film I admittedly have not seen.

The Coens have shown that they can do fantastic comedy (see The Big Lebowsky) and of course fantastic Drama (see so much of their work) maybe this was their attempt at making fantastic but formulaic westerns?

One might say that it works perfectly even considering the slow pacing and the carefully developed plot.

A slow and boring remake- Disappointing .

Aside from Jeff Bridges's performance as Rooster Cogburn i found this film a little dull.

Unlike many of the films released this year, the Coen's True Grit begs for a second viewing just to appreciate the nuances in character and theme, in spite of the entertaining distractions.

Overall, it's not the usual Western American movie, it's hardcore, entertaining and highly enjoyable at the same times.

A slow wild west story, it starts off as a narration by the protagonist, who recounts her experience while she was a 14 year old girl.

It is a very well made movie, well acted, well filmed with an engaging story and characters.

The narrative was almost making me sleep because the progression is very slow and most of it is just the characters travelling.

It's hardcore, entertaining and highly enjoyable at the same times.

So, maybe John Wayne was fun, over-the-top and hammy but it was a part of the character (just like a Norma Desmond and Jack Torrance) that made him enjoyable, the ending with Cogburn jumping over the fence is like Wayne's epitaph to the genre that forged his legend.

I wont bore you with the story, as you can read that in the description above, so I will make this review short and sweet.

The others are either bland and one-dimensional (such as Matt Damon's LaBoeuf and Josh Brolin's Tom Chaney), or downright annoying.

The film is action packed and at times delightful.

Old because of the subject approached which might feel for some people to be boring or pointless.

"A surprisingly funny (maybe not so surprising, this is a Coen Brothers movie), poignant, rousing adventure of a western.

All this is pretty exciting and is just delighted.

Like previous Coen films I found the story to be slow paced and dragging in parts, I felt there was no development with the central characters, no sense of where they had come from and why they were the way they were, this made me completely disinterested in them or what happened to them, by about halfway through I couldn't care less who lived or died.

I felt confused and bored throughout the film.

" The truth is I nearly fell asleep on this movie, that's how dull it was to me.

The unexpected, and inexplicable, plot twists came mostly at the unsatisfactory ending of the film.

The Coens' writing is, like always, superb: every character is interesting and every line of dialog is entertaining.

There were some extraneous details thrown in (the bear man) that probably added little to the story, but I found them entertaining nonetheless.

We are talking about a Coen movie, so with it there is always stunning cinematography in the hands of the camera maestro Roger Deakins.

Then, in a rather ridiculous scene, Damon's character LaBouef gets dragged around while Rooster picks off a few shots from a distance at night.

Others were mostly comparable or interchangeable, including a bland Josh Brolin as Tom Chaney, the killer of Matty's father and the purpose of the manhunt at the core of the story.

Jeff Bridges has done a fascinating thing by taking on his character of Deputy U.

LaBoeuf takes a stab now and then at a spoken remembrance, but all he is capable of are trite secular homilies and tedious personal facts.

As has become expected of the brothers, especially in recent years, the film looks incredibly beautiful, mainly thanks to regular DP Roger Deakins' stunning cinematography.

Altogether it was a very enjoyable experience.

Highly entertaining, highly recommended.

But over all the movie was great and exciting.

Marshal is always entertaining, and Damon always seems like he's having fun, no matter what is happening in the story at the time.

What it turns out to be is an often touching sometimes exciting film that completely fizzles before it's over.

The story is compelling, and the dialogue is surprisingly droll which enhances the bleak atmosphere even more.

Scenes dragged on and on with hardly any action, and there was so little emotion in any of the actors' expressions and dialog, I wondered if this was just a test filming ("OK, everybody.

Matt Damon's LeBoeuf was just boring.

Gripping, and extremely well acted.

Solid effort, but boring.

Yawn .

During the last two weeks, I saw both films back to back and found them gripping, entertaining and very well made.

If your expecting a action packed western like it's advertised in the trailer, you will be left disappointed.

The movie is very very slow.

This is sooo boring I can't believe all the people praising it.

It was slow moving at times.

A stunning performance .

Ross was not all childish virtue when portrayed by Kim Darby in the original movie, and the remarkable cunning which she displayed was entertaining, inspiring, and her script was more honest in light of what she was up against.

A very boring movie!!.

Only problem I found with this film was much of it was slower than molasses.

A large portion of the movie is shown in the trailer and so many of the events, in an already somewhat predictable storyline, are known going in.

Well, they did their laid-back thing, which is sometimes enjoyable.

After sitting through two hours of constantly waiting for the film to become exciting it eventually ended in a spontaneous scene that wasn't needed and made no impact to the story whatsoever.

But after seeing the trailer again and realizing that i actually fell asleep the first time and possibly missed the good parts, I decided to take a second look.

Unbearably tiresome, bleak, vacant and stale.

But this would be because he prefers more fast paced, up beat films.

instead of concentrating on CGI we get real dialogue, and suspenseful situations.

Great, entertaining film by the Coen Brothers.

To both our horror this film was very slow and too manicured and staged to even be halfway believable.

Mattie is a confirmed church-goer with a good lawyer, and if she weren't so determined on her revenge, she would actually be impossibly small-minded and dull.

Action scenes are not the center piece of this film at all; however, the few action sequences are very suspenseful.

All the while, this talking does imbue our protagonists with personality which is deftly channeled into the shooting and gun-slinging of the second half making for nail-biting and suspenseful action sequences where our characters are put to their test.

The Bad - It is particularly boring at times when the two main characters are conversing whilst slowly moving along their journey.

The most boring movie I have ever paid for (I saw the Good Shepard in theaters).

The character development is a bit convenient in places, bu True Grit is still highly entertaining all the way through, despite having little to no action.

Highly enjoyable.

I almost walked out of "No Country for Old Men" in the last half, thinking the Coen brothers had creative differences.

Without any comparisons (to the original), it's just long and dull....

Highly entertaining, highly recommended .

Their horses were moving so slowly, I was wondering if finding Cheney was even their goal anymore, or was it to chew the cud and listen to Rooster talk about his ex-wives to Mattie (yawn)?

I greatly enjoyed it.

For that reason the film could be accused of being sentimental However the excellent script, direction and acting means that, sentimental or not, "True Grit" is a highly entertaining film.

The plot was simple and straightforward, too much so to hold my attention, and where it took a turn, as when the girl suddenly found Chaney, it was predictable.

It would have taken far too long to convey this information by use of cinematic means.

But Cogburn is also such a one-note character, that the machinations between the two principals, begins to grow tiresome.

That being said, I wont bore you all with a lot of blather or technical jargon about the producers, set designs etc. etc., and I'll keep this simple!

Jeff Bridges, on the other hand, is just a dull stand-in for all the greater Hollywood tough guys (with real charisma) who have long retired).

The scene close to the end of the film where Rooster rushes on the horseback to get bitten by the deadly rattlesnake Mattie to the doctor as the day light changes to darkness and the huge surreal stars lit the sky is breathtaking and its beauty brought the tears to my eyes.

British cinematographer Roger Deakins provides his customarily excellent photography (perhaps he will finally win the Oscar that he is long overdue - his work on the 1993 version of "The Secret Garden" is stunning).

I found this 'True Grit' to be mildly interesting but often slow-moving.

theater and thoroughly enjoyed it both times.

but a very slow, simple, and boring story .

This is a movie filled with unpredictable characters, anti-heroes, and villains who are more stupid and half-drunk than diabolical.

When I heard this was coming out I went back and watched the 1969 version so that I could make a comparison and I found them both very gripping and entertaining in their own way.

The message of True Grit is that this feeling of comfort and resolve can be obtained in a violent and unpredictable world by sticking to your guns, maximizing your assets, and rolling intelligently with the proper restaint when something unexpectedly bad happens.

They are masters at creating intense suspense and sudden action such as the famous scene of Rooster riding with two guns for a showdown with the bad guys.

evil that is stunning to behold, and is felt deeply.

i found this one dragged a little bit for my taste.

Bridges is a bit like John Wayne in a sense but more unpredictable.

Flat and boring.

I wont compare it to the original, but it is a fantastic movie and well worth watching (even if you don't like westerns).

For me, True Grit was pretty much a bore.

But after the third time the experience runs so dry it becomes a flick that starts empty handed and ends nowhere.

Going to any Coen Brothers is always unpredictable and a sure treat.

All bring something exciting and fresh to the table.

The film is an engaging series of episodes; encounters with Native Americans as well as dead men hanging from trees and one particularly memorable sequence seeing a doctor riding out through the snow in bear skin filling the time.

The relationship between the main characters isn't that convincing, I never became truly invested in their friendship, they were usually quite disjointed, so I never felt sad at the end.

how come word of mouth has not killed this off, a tedious, boring film.

Perhaps it's pointless even to compare this version with the one from forty-plus years ago, since the Coen Brothers have gone out of their way to make it clear that they are not attempting a remake with their film.

If you've seen the 1969 film, then the Coens' take is dull as hell.

There were long boring drawn out scenes of nothing important.

The Bad: What an unoriginal bland story!!!

Sadly, it just plays as boring.

In summary, this movie deserves the 10 Oscar nominations it got especially those of Bridges, Steinfeld, and the Coens and the music of Carter Burwell was just as compelling as the previous one's Elmer Bernstein.

Terribly slow to the point of being ponderous.

But the film turned out to be a waste of time and money.

The story is simply but the events make it truly enjoyable, creative, interesting.


That movie was extraordinarily entertaining as was the followup "Rooster Cogburn.

It was tiresome and painful to watch.

Waste of Time - Don't Bother .

Typically westerns are boring with cheesy cinematography, terrible acting, and wretched screenplay.

I find it the superior of the 2 movies and highly recommend it.

Boring, boring, boring.

A good entertaining film, and for those that have not seen the original John Wayne/Kim Darby/Glenn Campbell version, it would probably tick all the boxes.

They were kinda pointless huh.

This was one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

I recommend the film thousands of times, and I'm surprised of how much I enjoyed it.

There really aren't that many action scenes, but the film maintains an enjoyable balance of humour and tension throughout.

It was a slow, pointless movie, with some absurd scenes (so how exactly did a wounded Jeff Bridges recover to the point of being able to reach the summit from the valley in just a couple a couple of minutes and be able to merrily jump down in the hole to save Hailee?

Keeping you engaged at all times, it demands for you to constantly turn corners in each scene for a better view which is either filled with a high pitched suspenseful unpredictability or Hattie's superior logic and verbal acumen confounding and vanquishing a variety of men of the West.

I was hooked throughout and there were plenty of suspenseful moments and also some funny parts, especially the 'best shot' competition between Cogburn and La Boeuf!

If it ties up everything in a bow, it is seen as trite and naive.

" There is nothing in this remake that I would consider significantly different or better than the original: cast, script, locations, cinematography, etc. I love Jeff Bridges but his mumbling, drab interpretation of Rooster Cogburn is two-dimensional compared to Wayne's.

But I find most of their work to be pretentious, pointless, and sickeningly violent and cruel.

All of the characters are very intriguing and entertaining.

The first time it makes sense but after that it becomes simply repetitive.

The movie is gripping, and the performances were very powerful.

Well Made But Rather Slow .

Let me just start with this- Its boring!

After the indulgent confrontation, the new film takes an unexpected turn at attempting to bring serious closure to the story.

True Boredom .

The 2010 version has a choppy story line, dull music, uninspiring locations, boring scenery and the dialog was disconnected, difficult, boring, and choppy,at best !

But even though Rooster saves Mattie in the end, I miss somewhat a closer contact between them, a developing relationship between them and I would have liked to see a more intense final ending between those two characters.

They are totally 1970s in their contrived formula for the most depressing thing they can think of, which is exactly what the self smug, self righteous geek in the café always concocts.

If a plodding script and dispassionate acting are your cup of tea, then by all means True Grit 2010 is for you.

Certainly the fact that the Coens are more artistically inclined than the commercially conventional-though still entertaining-Henry Hathaway has something to do with it.

Overall, 'True Grit' is an enjoyable film that will appeal to a much wider audience than just fans of the Western genre.

The Coens are known for adapting their unique style to whatever genre they take up next, and while we've seen how it works out with comedy (Burn After Reading) and dark thrillers (No Country for Old Men) with the western, they've thrown in the right ingredients, in terms of the lingering mood and atmosphere present in these type of films, but one that is so lost in this style it feels a bit alienating to a modern audience used to a more quick fire, fast paced type of style, and sadly the movie does bore in parts.

True Grit was enjoyable tale of 14 year old Mattie Ross's (Hailee Steinfeld) journey to have the murder of her father avenged.

But, honestly, I felt it was one of the weakest Coens efforts, it was a ho-hum Bridges and doesn't deserve the buzz it got.

Don't get me wrong, this is an enjoyable movie.

Every scene is riveting, and will have you on the edge of your seat.

Bridges' Cogburn is taciturn and fascinating, rivaling the performance of the legendary John Wayne himself.

However, the slow-pacing begins to bore at times.

Enjoyable character-driven Western .

The journey for these 3 characters all the way to the end was actually quite enjoyable.

It was an enjoyable story then, and it's still enjoyable now.

I was disappointed and bored!!!

Entertainment value- The story line kept me on my seat and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

You've got to judge the film as a whole, and on that basis, I still prefer the original maybe because it had something entertaining about it, something that made the remake look bleak, austere and all with these voice-over monologues, something needlessly solemn about itself.

Don't get me wrong here, I still enjoyed it.

These lacks of logic and some boring points throughout the whole movie could not have been hidden only by a few sympathetic word plays or jokes throughout the whole flick.

Don't Waste Your Time .

True Grit is thrilling, and at times, funny.

The supporting cast are in reality just reading old lines here, as they come across as completely boring and this movie is just HORRIBLY DULL in comparison to 1969!

When he finds two outlaws, Quincey and Moon, in an empty dugout, Quincey cuts off Moon's fingers and stabs him in the chest, to prevent him from talking, with Cogburn forced then to dispose of Quincey.

I give it a 3 for some good acting, but I heard several people while leaving the theater commenting "what a waste of money" and I couldn't agree more.

The film starts out slow, but this is on purpose as it builds up slowly overtime until you are placed into the fast paced thrilling action sequences.

I found True Grit very funny and entertaining.

The story has some intriguing elements - the young girl seeking revenge, her character, her choice of Rooster as the hunter; Rooster himself; the Labouef character and his contrast with Rooster; the nature of the villain (before he is seen);and the usual thrill of a chase.

The movie, when made in 1969, also paid far more actors, and more interesting scenes, while treating the viewer to much stunning outdoor footage, accuracy to the location or season notwithstanding.

Something like a convincing final duel or intense chase between the good and the bad was missing.

Besides, they're awesome in their own mundane way.

Pity, because the names in directing and the cast prepares us for something much more interesting than a boring movie, where the journey to revenge and atonement is without 'true grit' and mostly without any originality.

It's an entertaining re-make and lived up to the hype.

Jeff Bridges is gruff, ornery and mean as Rooster Cogburn, though at times he seems happy to have company and becomes chatty and even a little lighthearted, his blunt statements and frontier logic provide moments of unexpected levity.

The picture, though epic in scope, is tightly filmed and enjoyable in each segment.

Overall a very enjoyable movie.

It was VERY boring.. I was actually yawning..See it if you like the book and are more of a Story person, If you like real westerns with gunslinging and all of the other cool features with westerns do NO SEE IT!

He tries to speak eloquently, but his articulation is slow and almost painful to listen to....

I didn't much care for the epilogue, but with the wildly entertaining journey that came before it, I can't fault the film that strongly for it.

Having been in a bit of a hiatus since the late 1970s, the Coen brothers have proved that you can still make an exciting Western, even today.

Overall, it feels more like a collection of predictable events sliced together by fillers than like an elaborate plot.

i've come long over hills and savannah, seen mist and the sun burn slow amber over terrain that in turn felt wild and familiar.

Mattie Ross is one of the more intriguing and noteworthy characters of cinema in recent years .

It's such an entertaining film, with some emotional power that resonates afterwards.

The production is top notch but the dialog, the script is dull and the ending rather anti-climactic.

It was a bit slow in the beginning.

I watched this film last night and have to say I really enjoyed it.

If only the film industry could equal this stunning creation more often!

And to add more confusion, the actors were talking in strange accents that you couldn't make out what they were saying much of the time anyway, especially the Jeff Bridges character.

It was really entertaining to see him in that kind of role.

In particular the last act is very entertaining.