Turbo (2013) - Animation, Adventure, Comedy

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A freak accident might just help an everyday garden snail achieve his biggest dream: winning the Indy 500.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: David Soren
Stars: Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti
Length: 96 Minutes
PG Rating: PG
Reviews: 21 out of 99 found boring (21.21%)

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His obsession with speed and all things fast has made him an outcast in the slow and cautious snail community, and a constant embarrassment to his older brother, Chet.

Is this movie way too predictable and stupid?

It often follow a really clichés and predictable formula that other films done better.

The execution of the race sequence was thrilling and exciting, especially the final laps.

The story is entertaining and fun, with a lot of positivity as Turbo moves up his dream ladder.

But since his a snail and his too slow,his other snail buddies thinks his off the rails only when he spends some time by himself, he comes across a car tournament and accidentally goes inside one of the cars which contains a special formula called Nitrogen something that goes into Turbo causing him to be speedy and fast.

While on the surface, "Turbo" is nothing special in the animated movie department, the film proved to be incredibly entertaining and very funny.

dreamworks makes the most worst movies ever.

The race sequences are electrifying and the various forms of snails are amusingly creative, but the humans are bland (and worse, stereotypical) and the gags are hit and miss at best.

Yes, a very entertaining animated movie, I laughed often and found myself tense and pulling for the little snail at the end.

Our protagonist snail is just a normal garden snail and lives with many other snails who have a mundane life which bores him to death.

This film is about a common garden snail nicknamed Turbo who dreams in competing in the Indy 500 against his idol despite being a very slow snail.

As a whole though, I found the film's pace leading to the climactic race quite slow for a movie about speed.

The 3D is watchable and enjoyable.

If you like animation and have time away from your facebook status updates and you are free from procrastinating your life away, please do yourself a favor and see this fun, exciting and comical bit of work


In the end, first time director David Soren's Turbo is a mediocre animation that has some great concepts and talented voice castings to boost the varying and interesting characters but only to be underwhelmed by its own weak script, repetitive and cliché plot elements as well as lack of emotional invested to deliver a strong message in the end.

This movie is dumb and really boring and that's all I really have to say about it.

It's enjoyable, slick and plenty of fun.

Turbo is not without flaws, the film does start a little slowly, it is a little too predictable and the character of Guy Gagne is uninteresting and stereotypical.

I find it ironic that the movie is called Turbo, but it's rather slow paced.

Overall, it was a generally enjoyable film.

He wants to race with the fastest cars in the world, but of course he is just a slow snail.

The storyline itself isn't original though, Disney Pixar's 'Cars' has done it before with an engaging animation and smart story.

The black snail being some sort of hip hop tough guy who thinks he's fast but is slow?

I had the impression that it will be mediocre but was pleasantly surprised that I liked and enjoyed it.

Interesting to see the garden snail's view on life, and the opposition from the snails is completely understandable -- snails are born, they are inherently made, very slow.

But if we get past that, it is definitely a fun movie and is worth watching if you enjoy animations.

I wouldn't say "Turbo" is among my very favorite animation films (from 2013, Epic is easily my favorite still), but it's impressive how the genre is on such a high right now that even the lesser popular films like this one still guarantee a really entertaining time at the cinema.

I do like the concept of a slow being such as a snail trying to race in the Indy 500.

It's 90 entertaining minutes that feature some good music occasionally.

I took 3 kids (aged 7-10) to see Turbo yesterday and we all enjoyed it very much, despite the fact that at least one of us (me) quickly noticed a lot of parallels to 'Ratatouille'.

The interactions between human and snail was a little desperate, silly and uninspiring for me.

Anyway, the storyline was pretty ridiculous, but it worked in this fast paced movie which is definitely made for the kiddies.

Turbo is one of the worst movies I have ever watched.

They keep it pure, simple, enjoyable & fun.

I think turbo is the best of the year so far, better than Ralf, and maybe better than previous year's animations, like brave, ice age 4, Madagascar 3 etc.Visually it is stunning, the cars are amazing and the action is almost unparalleled.

Even when Turbo decides to focus all of their attention on the cliché and less inspiring plot, Turbo is still a technical achievement on its own merit.

" At the end there was just adrenaline and this makes the moment even unique.

Is entertained, heart warming but most important is very exciting.

Set in Los Angeles, his obsession with speed and all things fast has made him an outcast in the slow and cautious snail community, and a constant embarrassment to his older brother, Chet (Voiced by Paul Giamatti).

My 5 year old daughter said it was boring.. but she mention a special story line in this movie which actually was really funny :)I rate it 7 stars worth as I really enjoyed it's adventurous theme and being small snail in this big world and how things look a like is really interesting for me.

A fun movie, that might not reach any Pixar heights, but is still more than entertaining and can be a satisfying view for the whole family (kids and parents that is).

I was ready to pull the fire alarm in the theater just to get those near death from the overwhelming boredom out of there!

" A very entertaining story of a little snail that believed ' I think I can ' at the Indianapolis 500 " Russell & Cissy Russell & Cissy's Entertainment Values With Spoilers Release Date: July 17, 2013 / Dreamworks R & C Warnings Minimal - Adult situations Rating: PG-13: Parental Guidance Suggested - Runtime 1:37 Russell & Cissy, the Two Movie Critics rate movies based on Entertainment Value only.

The whole message kinda get lost in the slow speed of this film as good things that relate to his dream just tend to happen to fall into his lap.

Well, what makes Turbo good is the fact that they used one of the slowest moving animals, and made it a huge fan of speed.

The race at the end is quite fast paced as well which was good and of course he couldn't do it without a little help from his friends.

Expected it to be slow :) .

As it turns out, after Turbo does his 4 laps at 226 MPH, just a bit slower than Gagné's 230 MPH, he is entered in the 33rd spot.

It is a very basic story about a snail with dreams of being as fast as a race car and obviously the whole thing is really predictable but that is what these kids movies are always all about, the important thing is the journey of how they get there, namely is the story entertaining enough to sit through?

However, after an unexpected accident, Theo is granted incredible speed and also inherits some characteristics of an actual car (headlights, radio).

This animation is visually stunning and beautifully lit, emerging better than some of the animations this year.

It is visually stunning with its use of glowing color in the race scenes, lots of well-chosen music, many, MANY laugh-out-loud moments, and the voice acting is particularly effective.

I was surprised at how enjoyable this film was, & I recommend it for the whole family!

So go see "Turbo" this weekend, Adam Sandler and his pals have enough of our money, give it to real grown-ups who know how to make really enjoyable films like "Turbo".

Great entertaining movie .

There are scenes I love;potatoes and lawnmover etc. So,film is OK for 7 year old kids,it is easy watchable and wrecks the bore.

Although when Turbo's best buddy Chet (voiced with melancholy sarcasm by Paul Giamatti) gets snagged by one of the killer crows, Turbo, who gained the power of becoming a jet- powered hot rod after being sucked inside an engine during a local race, goes to the rescue and both snails wind up saved, or captured, or both, by one of the most annoying cartoon and/or computer-animated characters in history: a fat twenty-something Latino named Tito whose uncle owns a taco stand, one of several stores in a forsaken outdoor mall with shops run by other completely uninteresting characters.

The idea is crazy but it is actually quite exciting to watch.

The plot line was extremely shallow and cliché, with virtually every element stolen from other kids movies – from the line "there's nothing in the rules that says a snail can't enter the race" (Air Bud came to mind immediately) to the extremely predictable ending ripped right out of the much better movie Cars.

Surprisingly fun and entertaining animated film.

At the beginning of the movie "Turbo" Theo the snail is unhappy at the fact he is slow.

It must be a slow day when they came up with this film concept.

Overall, 'Turbo' is an enjoyable, inspiring and entertaining animation movie to see this summer.

Overall Turbo 2013 is a one time watch for everyone who loves racing,snails or if you are bored and looking for some good movie at Sunday morning look no further this is the film for you and kids my rating is 5/10.

Jackson, Luis Guzman, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, Ken Jeong, Michelle Rodriguez and Snoop Dog, "Turbo" takes the absurd and makes it entertaining.

It's funny, entertaining, fun and enjoyable.

It all encompasses into possibly one of the most predictable 'heartwarming' conclusions on record.

Enjoyable Animation Romp .

Chat is Theo's older brother and is the exact opposite of the other in personality, preferring to stay slow and safe.

Next it's a little too predictable for my tastes.

'Turbo' is on the right track to be fascinating .

He bored living normal life with his brother Chet at the garden and trying to escape from it.

A film worth watching and I'm curious about Soren's next projects.

Simple, yes, but the visual and emotional aspect is what helps makes this movie so entertaining.

The story is a bit predictable of course but it was still an enjoyable film all round.

the concept of the friends of the Turbo about the races and their strategies are mind blowing...

Though the film has a linear sequence of predictable scenes, the supporting character and certain comical portion of the story keeps one entertained.