Turkey Shoot (1982) - Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi

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Deviants are held at a rehabilitation fortress until they're set into a deadly game of survival, in the hopes of returning to world society.

IMDB: 5.9
Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
Stars: Steve Railsback, Olivia Hussey
Length: 80 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 12 out of 51 found boring (23.52%)

One-line Reviews (43)

Nevertheless, it's a fast-paced, trashily entertaining film, and the actors are adequate for the little they're asked to do.

I'd have ignored the main baddie being named Thatcher,a direct swipe to a then-current political figure in England, if the rest of the movie was entertaining.

Yet, there's something irresistible about this "Blood Camp Thatcher" that immediately causes you to forgive the repetitive plot and its many holes.

"Turkey Shoot" is the most boring prison movie I've ever seen.

While the film does have it's downfalls (soundtrack, explosions, and some of the acting) it's a highly enjoyable film for those that are seeking out a simple and fun movie.

But, it is, and will always be a bore!

All this leads to utterly predictable outcomes, resulting in an attempted overthrown of the 'authorities'!

Entertaining trash.

It's thoroughly trashy, extremely fast paced, and genuinely exciting.

Of course, it comes as no surprise which inmates are bagged, and which survive, but with so much cheesy gore on display, who cares if the outcome is a mite predictable?

Steve Railsback is rather intense in the heroine role and buxom Lynda Stoner makes the most out of her character.

Nevertheless, this still delivers the goods, features some decent actors slumming BADLY, and it's never, ever, boring.

"Turkey Shoot", on the other hand, has everything you could want: humans hunting humans, an intense shower scene (with both men and women), and some sort of societal commentary.

Director Brian Trenchard-Smith boldly goes all out and throws caution to the wind with snappy pacing, truck-load of pyrotechnics and flair to boot.

I personally found this hilarious and entertaining because of how Trenchard-Smith pushes the envelope and hits the viewer with so many moments of "Woah"(like when Tito gets the machete buried into his skull, flopping into the terrain loader as he bleeds out, or when a trap involving sharpened stakes impales Gus Mercurio's guard Red with his stomach spilling out)that I just sat back in astonishment.

Among the unwilling individuals forced to participate in this ghastly blood sport are strong-minded rebel Paul Anders (the always intense Steve Railsback), sweet innocent Chris Walters (a personable portrayal by the ravishing Olivia Hussey), and enticing tramp Rita Daniels (a nicely saucy turn by fetching blonde Lynda Stoner).

TURKEY SHOOT is a pretty bad movie that has gained a cult following over the years but I think most are just going to see a boring action picture with more hype than anything else.

Although the whole thing makes little sense, there is plenty of over the top action, and for some unknown reason "Turkey Shoot" is strangely entertaining.

There is some intrigue about how the prisoners escape their ordeal, but it becomes quite predictable, quite quickly.

It's not overly gory, but entertaining in a way.

Overall Turkey Shoot holds up as an entertaining popcorn flick and with its blend of extreme violence and lovable characters (for the most part, villain-wise anyway) makes a entirely watchable exploitation movie.

This is enough of a cliché of dystopian sci fi that they only had to mention it and everyone will assume it's set in the future - no need for fancy sets or costumes or anything that looks in any way "futuristic".

This was so mindlessly entertaining, you forget about the constant weird inconsistencies in the script.

A bit disjointed and silly at times for as "serious" as the film seems to take itself - but definitely enjoyable...

Aussie exploitation expert Brian Trenchard-Smith keeps the entertaining story moving along at a brisk pace, delivers a handy helping of delightfully excessive and outrageous gore, maintains a blithely trashy tone throughout, adds several amusing moments of pitch-black gallows humor, and even offers a satisfying smattering of tasty gratuitous nudity.

The most boring prison movie ever made.

The aspect that saves its dull camera work comes from the variety of lush Australian landscapes ranging from the sandy concentration camp style centre to woods, fields of long dry grass and beaches.

What follows is an onslaught of blood and gore which is incredibly enjoyable and odd at the same time.


Supid, naive, but somehow entertaining .

It's a typical B-movie shot in 16mm with bad acting, dull scenario and special effects made with fire crackers.

Viewers are treated to a machete in the head, dissection by 'dozer blade, a jungle style booby-trap impalement, removal of hands by machete, a couple of bloody arrow attacks, ONE (yes, one) head explosion, and the complete obliteration of an upper torso by machine-gun fire.

A highly entertaining way to pass an hour and a half, give it a go if you can find a copy and think it sounds like the sort of film you might enjoy, because you probably will.

This film is a total, total (and I mean total) waste of your time and effort.

This movie feels extremely derivative - when I watch it, I get the feeling that I have seen similar scenes from a number of other movies - Bridge over the River Kwai opening, when the older inmates look a the new arrivals (early in the film), someone with coke bottle glasses which reminds me of Dustin Hoffman's character in Papillion, the somewhat sadistic camp head guard - Cool Hand Luke and, in particular, the little known "The Hill" - overall, predictable.

Still, it's hard to concentrate on the cast when the film offers this much gratuitous violence, action, and engaging thrills and spills… this is a B-movie to buy!

Will you survive watching this bloody bland film.

Save your money or enjoy a really, really awful movie.

Probably one of the worst movies of all time...

Turkey Shoot: Surprisingly enjoyable .

Another problem is that at 93-minutes the film goes on way too long and in reality it runs out of gas around the fifty-minute mark, well before the actual game begins so there's simply not enough energy or excitement to carry the film.

The films narrative starts by following the lives of three newly arrived inmates and their view upon the extreme violence and toil prisoners suffer throughout their stay, mostly beatings and depravity by a hugely entertaining large bold Australian with a handlebar moustache.

Trenchard's turkey status pic, again, addictively entertaining .