Twelve Monkeys (1995) - Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller

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In a future world devastated by disease, a convict is sent back in time to gather information about the man-made virus that wiped out most of the human population on the planet.

Director: Terry Gilliam
Stars: Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe
Length: 129 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 81 out of 577 found boring (14.03%)

One-line Reviews (376)

A breathtaking feast of visuals and uncertainties .

An extremely intriguing story that continues to unravel and thicken every minute.

Maybe that's why I found 12 Monkeys just downright predictable in every way.

The confusion this causes also builds up tension and makes the movie exciting to watch.

I say 9.5/10 (it got too confusing and weird once in a while)

I think, however, that this film proves that he has some trouble connecting these fantastic images with a truly gripping narrative.

twelve monkeys is very different and but still very intriguing.

stunning visually and intellectually stimulating .

A waste of time .

For art-film viewers the sight of Willis and Pitt might be a bit jarring, and likewise for the mainstream action-adventure crowd the amount of intense and odd camera moves will seem one-of-a-kind.

OK, time to shut up now, even though there is plenty more to say, if you haven't watched it, watch it, if you have and enjoyed it, buy it and watch it over and over, and if you didn't enjoy it...

Madeleine Stowe also does a good job even though I thought she was confusing at times.

Just such dramatic irony adds the unexpected mystery of the film.

Hard to explain really, but that's how it is, it's mind blowing.

From reading the comments on this site, it seems like you either love or hate this film, and for that reason alone it's worth watching!!

The only real weakness is that the film is too long.

Unique (as are all Gilliam's Films) and deeply confusing (same) story of apocalyptic times and time travel.

It's a well done movie, often chaotic and confusing and disorienting, which was actually a good way of getting the viewer into the head of Cole, who must have been feeling exactly the same way.

Overall this fine film is well worth watching if you like sci-fi that is a little strange!

Just for the record that kind of flick has a confusing story, the editing is made in a non-linear way and at times you find yourself question what the hell is happening.

Ultimately, while I don't think the film does full justice to its premises and possibilities, it does well enough to be entertaining and thought provoking.

The movie was entertaining for the most part, but there were times between the gripping narrative where the scenes felt extremely subdued and frankly quite boring.

Gripping .

It could be I caught this one in just the right frame of mind to find it entertaining, enough so I might give "The Fifth Element" another try.

After Pleasantville, this is the worst movie I have ever seen.

Having said that, the positive points of the film (in addition to those already mentioned) seem to leap out at hit one smack in the face: inspired camerawork, thrilling storyline, nice soundtrack, a keep-you-guessing plot...

Overall, `Twelve Monkeys' is an entertaining film, that almost keeps you in the edge of your seat.

Plus the special combination of directorial vision, superb writing, and mood enhancing cinematography delivered an engaging piece of dramatic fiction.

Twelve Monkeys — Ready for a slow crude take on a fatal pandemic.

I find this a superior product and much more enjoyable to watch.

Intriguing mental game .

But intertwined with this main plot are other themes, especially that of the confusion between madness and sanity in an increasingly insane world.

This movie is thrilling and has great acting performances from Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and Madeleine Stowe.

Overall you feel as though the film goes nowhere and does nothing, it also manages to do this at an achingly slow pace and with no memorable characters or even a character you can identify with.

Whatever the case, this is an excellent sci-fi film with a compelling central mystery.

It's most certainly one of the best Sci-Fi films I have ever seen, and it's very suspenseful at times as well!

A very gripping and compelling film .

It is entirely pretentious, dull and stupid.

One thing is certain; this fast paced film will keep you on the edge of your seat wondering who is sane or insane as the line between sanity and insanity is very thin and most often defined by those observing from the outside, the opinion of what is normal or abnormal is often in the eye of the beholder, or at the very least the majority accepted viewpoint.

I really dug the opening, and the finale will have you on the edge of your seat, plus the people who say Willis can't act watch this movie!.

A fine film 'Twelve Monkeys' conveys a confusing story of rebellion, activism and time travel as well as cause and effect.

Night Shyamalan, `12 Monkeys' is an engrossing action/suspense/drama that will keep you going until the very end.

Twelve Monkeys is a creative, mind blowing, and very twisted tale that is prepared to mess around with your head for a few hours.

But, entertaining, to a degree.

12 Monkeys is just empty calories for your eyes.

"Twelve Monkeys" is an intense sci-fi thriller that while strung together with great skill is particularly mind- numbing.

A visually stunning and mind-bending sci-fi movie from Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python fame).

Since the boredom from the first hour and a half and the 30 minute climax, this movie receives a 6/10.

This movie is very fast paced, you shouldn't miss any of it because it gets kind of confusing.

He also meets his psychiatrist ((Madelein Stowe) who eventually teams up with Bruce to save the world ( as she sees that he is correct in his tellings), he is sent back and forth from his time to the past and eventually sent to 1996 where he then questions his own sanity but later pulls through to reveal a suspenseful end quarter of the movie and later builds up to the somewhat shocking climax, where he tries to stop the man carrying the virus( not actually Brad Pitt) and is instead shot by the police as the killer gets away.

This confusion and oddity is deepened in the approach of director Terry Gilliam, who uses rather overt stylisation to make the world of Twelve Monkeys as distorted and alien as possible.

" Without a doubt, this is one of the most successful, fascinating time-travel movies ever conceived.

In addition to that he makes them entertaining as well.

It becomes a bit tiresome to me.

Gilliam handles with gripping expertise an ingenious plot from David and Janet Peoples (adapted from the short French film "La Jetee").

This film is quite confusing and for no reason, as it does have an interesting premise but overall it is rather boring at times.

It's smart and compelling.

and also saving one's self becomes the most important thing, trying to save an unknown but remembered love, even when it is pointless, is important....

Brilliantly spooky and weirdly compelling .

The goal of the work only becomes apparent later, and by then there is confusion about whether Cole is really on the mission he thinks he is or is just deluded.

He has created, with the help of an underrated screenplay, a fascinating world with some dizzying scenes and a gorgeous style that leaves a memorable image for days after you watch it.

It succeeds in being simultaneously entertaining and thought provoking, and deserves to be regarded as one of the best science fiction films of the 90's.

Terry Gilliam creates a perfect, grey and depressing, yet intense and occasionally grotesque, post-disaster atmosphere.

this was the only single movie where I fell asleep...

Cole's confusing of illusion and reality screams Alfred Hitchcock's masterpiece "Vertigo," in which a mentally unbalanced James Stewart tries to turn Kim Novak into a reincarnation of the woman he loves, who he believes has died.

As far as mind-bending, "Wow, could this really happen"-type thoughts that you'll get from it, totally worth the watch.

It is overlong, full of overacting, the sets look amateurish, the story is very confusing and the end is completely unsatisfying.

Great plot, but predictable .

It's a complicated story line, which you do have to follow closely but deeply absorbing right to the climax.

But several unexpected things happen in the course of his adventure back in time.

The selection process is wonderfully weird with Cole's brief future stint on the earth's surface exceptionally breathtaking.

This is a intriguing film with time travel in it although at first you may not understand what is going on, and is thought provoking cause of the time period Bruce Willis's character changes between.

The plot is both suspenseful and thought-provoking, as Willis's efforts to prevent the disaster run up against the time-travel paradox...

In short: A weird and heavy movie that might not always keep your attention despite an amazing Brad Pitt, but be sure to watch the entire film for its unexpected ending.

Sometimes it is the funniest of comedies, sometimes a great tragedy, sometimes just breathlessly intense.

I think that director Terry Gilliam is an ultimate moron to have tackled this nonsensical story that literally went nowhere, fast.

So I wasted 2 hours and 10 minutes on this pretentious, overacted, convoluted film which ultimately went nowhere.

All of this is reflected in the design and the mise-en-scene, with the colour scheme featuring a dull rust against a production design of absolute ruin; as we move from one dilapidated setting to the next with this collection of oddball characters ranting and raving to the camera, combined with that wounded, downbeat narrative, which makes the experience all the more disheartening.

And in this exhausting ride, he meets a young fanatic poor man's prophet, played by Brad Pitt, and in his disjointed mambo jumbo, tries to grab some bits of truths that can help him to find shadows of truth in this existential mess.

Especially when Jeffery was placed next to James; a dismal, catatonic character whom is the epitome of psychotic, it's much easier for the audience to be entertained by Jeffery then be bored by James.

Though the cinematography may be fairly dull at times, this is acceptable as it was an intentional stylistic choice.

worth watching over and over again.

Nevertheless, the movie is slow and it keeps going back to the future and present, thus creating a sense of confusion.

Any who dismiss Twelve Monkeys as a silly exercise in filmmaking or a confusing movie about time travel have missed the point.

This is a poetic, sometimes ironically funny film that, despite the bleak subject matter, emerges as something highly enjoyable.

Complex and engaging thriller .

This is the worst movie I've ever seen!

The plot is sufficiently intriguing to keep the viewer guessing and there are strong performances from Willis, Stowe, and Pitt.

This is immensely engaging and involving.

Complex, one of a kind story is only fitfully entertaining .

It is excellently cast, and the performances in this film are stunning.

It's so original and so entertaining.

The film ends up being a bit of a disjointed mess.

Overall, I would recommend this film if you have seen a Gilliam film before and enjoyed it.

Stylistic sci-fi thriller is insanely complex but well-constructed and engaging .

Director Terry Gilliam is great at creating an intense paranoid, what-is-going-on-am-i-crazy world and without him the film could have been totally ruined.

Then almost at the end of the movie there is a very abrupt, but very exciting climax.

"12 Monkeys" has some moments, mainly where the plot twists appear, that are riveting.

It is a compelling, mysterious, wonderful 29 minutes of film, very French.


It happens so often that good ideas get shoddy execution in genre films, but here you have one which is so well-designed that on occasion the visuals are so fascinating you'll miss a crucial bit of information because you weren't listening properly.

The film is also non- diegetic, because there is no story teller involved.

Plus it was way too long.

Subsequently "12 Monkeys" was a cinematic marvel intelligently executed with all the pizazz and intrigue one could expect from a suspenseful, psychological thriller.

Whilst the brilliant cast are always given attention,I feel that the star of the film is the truly breathtaking screenplay by Janet and David Peoples,which is able to keep the amazing complex plot going,with out ever letting it fall apart,that uses threads in the story that are set up right at the very beginning ,and instead of being hinted at too strongly,they are instead used intelligently as an underlying issue through out the film,until the unforgettable ending,when they are brilliantly revealed.

The film is definitely mystifying, intriguing, even infuriating,as it shows what happens when an unconventional talent meets straightforward material.

But what really makes it interesting and keeps the audience involved is the fact that you know everything that Cole knows, which allows you to share his frustration in dealing with an unimaginable situation, and it makes it a tense and exciting experience.

For those who don't enjoy complex, sometimes confusing movies, you ought to forget "Twelve Monkeys".

I guess the film's weirdness and very slow pace just didn't appeal to me--perhaps you'll love it.

Probably one of the most complex stories ever crafted on film, Twelve Monkeys is also one of the most engaging.


Terry Gilliam does a wonderful job here, with fantastic stylish camera work, excellent camera work, great use of colors, good locations and lots of other cool shots as well, plus he kept the film at an extremely engrossing pace.

And the denouement at the airport is heart-poundingly intense because we see it coming so clearly through James's dreams.

Intriguing story, lackluster execution .

"Twelve Monkeys" is intelligent, provocative, bizarre, funny, and suspenseful stuff.

The cinematography is solid and indicative of a post-apocalyptic underground world with hints (empty streets, posters, rubbish) flowing even into the present.

If you're just an average joe, you'll be bored out of your mind.

For all the jumping back and forth in time the film is rather slowly paced.

For this sole reason, my overall impression must have been impaired, and a good movie, perfectly enjoyable, suddenly becomes a term of reference for all ''time-travel, mind bending, dystopian science-fiction'' that insists on popping up in my conversations.

It's complex, its' compelling, it's damn fun and entertaining to watch.

The story line in worn out, the constant changes in time and location only add to the confusion, characters are undeveloped, and the movie just overall falls flat of my expectations.

In conclusion, Twelve Monkeys is an outstanding science fiction film which isn't too overly-complicated, but complicated enough to make your 2nd viewing of it feel a lot better and engaging.

This film hard to say really strange and madness i like films like this becouse i want get bore of it 9/10

Therefore the ultra-predictable finale (even a 3 year old can figure out the ending 50 minutes into the film) was an obligatory compromise of the writers in order to make the film digestible .

The story seems to go towards SF but i think its closer to a drama because of the slow rhythm of the story.

It is clever and entertaining along with everything that makes a Sci-Fi movie great.

Gilliam's organic machines of the future are intriguing and strangely beautiful.

The confusion and frustration of the main character is played well, and the awaiting doom and destruction for the world is nerve wracking and forceful.

The acting is really good and the story line completely absorbing and fascinating.

Overly confusing .

How did I ever last until the (predictable) end?

Not his best work as a director, and its sad cause he could've done so much to add character to this dull film.

the plot, and the development of it, is mind blowing.

Repetitively enjoyable.

In addition to giving us a riveting story, Gilliam also makes us look at our society from the perspective of a disastrous future, like reading about the Human race in a historical encyclopedia as if it was an extinct species.

All in all, this is a movie that takes you for an intriguing ride and leaves you with a bit to think about.

It is mind blowing, entertaining, and just plain crazy!

Supporting Willis are Madeleine Stowe and a young Brad Pitt, both of whom portray their characters superbly, Pitt is almost unrecognisable in this film and that is a credit to his ability, goofy hand gestures and the wonders of an odd haircut and moustache Directed by Terry Gilliam (of Monty Python Fame) this film twists and weaves like a snake; perhaps a little predictable at times the film is ultimately satisfying and the viewer is left with all loose ends tied up nicely.

There's also an interesting dynamic between Cole and the "modern day" therapist played by Stowe--they are both forced to question their sanity, which creates an intriguing ambiguity for the audience and the unusual and shocking conditions that create a somewhat plausible possibility of romance for the characters.

The most intriguing thing about Gilliam's characteristically idiosyncratic film noir venture is its eerie, almost apocalyptic depiction of modern America.

A most intriguing time travel adventure.

But this movie is high up there due to the stellar cast performances, highly detailed (occasionally confusing) script, and its amazing plot.

Riveting..Utterly unnerving .

It was too predictable to make this movie immortal.

The entire movie had me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out what was going to happen.

This is a must-see for people who loves sci-fiction for it is both satisfying and entertaining due to the excellent performances and mind-blowing plot twists.

He does an excellent job displaying his emotional confusion as even he begins to doubt his own sanity.

I loved it, it made me think about it (and about the possibility of the time-confusion-thing) and it was very funny at times.

The romance spin was so cliché I found myself wondering if it's even possible to have an American movie without a romantic subplot.

Definitely worth watching.

You'll be on the edge of your seat trying to grasp the story, as it slowly reveals itself.

By this point, James – once gripped by an unshakable determination – now slumps in utter doubt about his own reality; while Dr. Railly – the cool and rational scientist – has finally become wildly convinced, after absorbing James's proofs, of his horrific predictions.

Looking for trite, manipulative, "attempt to confuse the audience to hide ineptitude of the film" flicks for your next get together?

A bizarre, far-fetched situation is portrayed in a plausibly human, dynamic, thrilling way.

I haven't been a big admirer of Madeleine Stowe's work (or maybe it's just her knack for picking terrible projects, like "Bad Girls"); playing a psychiatrist who teams with Willis, she's strong and engaging here, giving her best performance ever.

They don't cover philosophy, science, physics, consequences or technical terms so the movie is very dull.

This movie is so weird and confusing, when I watched it with my mom and brother, I kept pressing pause and asking them to explain what was happening.

So really then, an incredibly well made, well acted, confusing story told quite simply.

It's a fascinating film that no one should ignore and, personally, one of my favorite movies.

The story is intriguing and thought provoking, and the acting is first rate from all the principals.

On top of being internally consistent, the plot is compelling and the ending is dramatic.

2nd worst movie of all time .

Weird at times, yes, slow-moving and at times confusing, yes, depressing as hell, yes...

The movie contains a very thrilling end too.

In a genre market over-saturated with space operas, borderline fantasy action films, and straight to DVD garbage, it is extremely rare that a compelling, challenging, and intelligent movie like "Twelve Monkeys" even gets made.

Twelve Monkeys is an insane time-travelling, action packed movie that stars Bruce Willis who plays James Cole, a man who is sent back in time to collect information about the devastating plague that ensues in November of 1996.

All the characters are fantastic, and the story is extremely compelling and fascinating, plus Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt and Madeleine Stowe are all simply incredible in this!.

True masterpiece and very enjoyable.

And there's the silliness of it - so this time at least, it was pointless.

Potential viewers be warned of features that might affect your judgement of the movie: a confusing beginning, Bruce Willis' hard-to-comprehend character, and some slightly campy scenes in the future.

The story itself is engaging: one man, James Cole (played by Bruce Willis in a heart-warming performance) travels several decades to the past to retrieve information about a virus that's wiped out mankind and left only a few survivors alive living underground: with the information he'll collect, scientists hope to find a cure so everyone in the future can return to the surface.

Stunning movie that displays Gilliam's amazing talent .

The most daring example of this is the whole Jeffrey/Pitt subplot of The Army Of The Twelve Monkeys, which takes up reels and reels of screen time but in the end is actually completely redundant; it's funny, intriguing and completely fools our heroes.

As you realize the awkward and perplexed script is kind of hard to follow .

) of placing an object in the midst of an ocean of empty space.

Worst Movie Ever!

However, there is just something incredibly annoying and confusing about Twelve Monkeys.

I remember seeing in 1985 the short film that 12 Monkeys is based on (La Jetee) and thinking the concept of a time traveling man who unwittingly witnesses his own death to be quite intriguing.

This is a dense but engaging science-fiction comedy, with Mr. Gilliam providing a great visual playground for the cast, crew and viewer.

So many little details in this movie give it an excellent story, with a compelling plot and characters.

I loved the speech about other time-travelers given at on point (ie, a bullet found at a battle too early for the bullet itself) - for some reason that was terribly intriguing.

Director Terry Gilliam brings us a brilliant, confusing and somber sci-fi story about a time traveler(Bruce Willis)from 2035 going back to 1996 to investigate how a deadly virus will spread around the world.

Overall: It's worth watching and worth discussing about.

I fell asleep during the middle and had to finish it the next day.

Its entertaining, thrilling, interesting and Mind Screwing.

Surprising, engrossing, very dark film .

The plot can be quite confusing which makes the film even better - in the fact that you have to work out how it all works.

This long, bizarre, complex, dizzying, and unique scientific saga certainly holds your interest, with a lot of innovative ideas, dazzling effects, and good performances, but its nuanced vision of the time traveling process is confusing and difficult to flesh out, especially at the finale.

A gripping and intriguingly original story is paired with a cast of excellently developed characters.

Pitt, in particular, avoids the "pretty boy" persona he seemed to have cultivated up to that point, and delivered a stunning rendition of a mad mastermind.

Complex and Riveting .

What results is a fascinating character that swipes your attention each time he appears on screen.

It's a confusing and disorienting story that left me at least guessing for much of its run time about what actually was reality.

Other "allurements" of the movie include an unexpected performance by Brad Pitt and the sequence of action,cynicism and affection of the film.

I very much highly recommend it.

Of course, it's also quite confusing and takes a while to get into.

Brad Pitt (channeling Dennis Hopper in Apocalypse Now) gives an overrated, but okay, performance and Bruce Willis and Madeleine Stowe are engaging.

Imaginative, clever, engaging and very enjoyable – one of the best sci-fi's I've seen .

Since the time travelling was so confusing for James he was declared insane by the people of the 90's, and he even gets put away in an insane asylum.

An evil genius hammy even by Gary Oldman standards, he is virtually unwatchable.

talk about confusing..which this movie was.. i watched it and i was Totally lost.. it made no sense what so ever to me.. im wondering why Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt would want to be associated with such trash??

It is far from the typical sci-fi fare that gets the geeks salivating, but it is an absorbing thriller and one that, even through its unreality, carries a striking humanity.

Fascinating .

Brad deserved his Oscar nomination, and I thought the ending was very powerful stuff, plus it's totally unpredictable throughout.

rent or order 12 monkeys and you'll see a fascinating plot, bruce willis and brad pitt used to the best of their abilities, and an overall awesome film experience.

His character is so intense and fills a crucial point in the end.

"Twelve Monkeys" is an engaging foray into the possibility of a non-nuclear apocalypse, an armaggedon caused by the release of a killer virus.

Bernard Herrmann's haunting "Vertigo" score plays over the dialog between Cole and Kathryn as they leave the theater in an attempt to carve out their own small space in life.

The ending makes the whole movie watching experience a total waste of time.

Although I enjoyed its plot, I feel that James is being dragged away from one place to another, always being the wrong man at the wrong time, always suffering or being injured and thus, being unable to do more to defend the beloved or to advance into his investigation.

Like Willis, Stowe gracefully accomplishes a solid performance to make for an engaging character.

Madeleine Stow tries hard but flings between overacting and boredom.

Gilliam spins the story to some truly unexpected places, giving us a hard hitting character study and a madcap sci fi adventure with surprisingly down to earth storytelling for such a genre, and a melancholic sensibility that keeps you in the film's mood long after you have finished it.

A lot of the joy (in a virtually joyless Movie) are the visually stunning sets and props.

This movie has the power to drag you into the complication and the unpredictable incidents happening while the protagonist is trapped in different dimensions of time; you have to catch up with the movie because the clues, the connections and just everything needs you to follow with the flow of the puzzle waiting be solved completely, until the devastating and highly dramatic finale of the movie.

The plot is cleverly drawn out, and you're never quite sure what is reality, what is not, nor what may happen next.

If you are a fan of unpredictable dark Science Fiction, unfamiliar plot and exceptional performances you must see this movie!

i thoroughly enjoyed it.

Engrossing scenario that gets better with time.


Cons: Muddled, very confusing, feels too close to Brazil.

Things get muddled pretty quickly and the story twists itself into some confusing knots.

Though unfortunately flawed by some mediocre acting, in particular Willis' woodenness and Pitt's overacting, "Twelve Monkeys" is a fine movie which, in addition to creating a dark and very suspenseful atmosphere, actually dares to introduce serious ideas.

But following the main characters through their race against time, almost literally, is totally absorbing.

I have a certain amount of respect for film-makers who venture to create a time-travel movie, simply because of the risk and complexity involved; it is no secret that many of these films are flops due in part to the uncertainties of the science, and the confusion they cause many viewers as the events unfold on-screen.

Like I said, it was a good time-travel movie and Brad Pitt makes it worth watching.

The film however can still be appreciated for its entertaining approach to time travel.

If you fall asleep two times during a movie it's no wonder you won't figure out what the movie is about.. Don't pay ANY attention to the low ratings on this one.

I can honestly say when i first watched this film (maybe not in the right frame of mind) i hated it, for the next 5 years i always said 'this film is boring', over complex, what's going on???

]This movie is so fascinating that every time I have watched it I wish I could forget everything that has happened in it so that I will be able to experience the film for the first time again.

Likewise, Brad Pitt's atypical role is thoroughly entertaining.

The whole flick will not please everybody for its gruesome take, the slow development, and the logical conclusion, which I must admit is as it should be.

really damn bored!

The director Terry Gilliam however has brought the film brilliantly together, making a fairly complex syntagm visually stimulating and engaging.

When I first watched this movie, I had some difficulty following it, BUT I still enjoyed it.

He is sent back naked, but he is not the Terminator, cold and ruthless, but his ramblings and panicked foretelling of the coming disaster mistaken for psychotic delusions, and it is clever that Gilliam manages to make these interrogations and psychiatric evaluations so mundane, like they are lifted from any run of the mill police procedural as the detectives check out potential suspects (and there is almost always a deluded mental patient), and thus so terrifying because Cole's mission is compromised and no one is aware of the impending doom.

Gilliam has made a full feature length film based on Chris Marker's French short "La Jetée", keeping the heart felt messages but also bringing in more Sci-Fi bonkers in a down beat, engaging and beautifully created 129 minutes.

I love movies with an unexpected twist at the ending, and this was one of the twistiest!

But fortunately ,after paying just a few patience,every thing turned to be clear and fascinating!

i rate this film a 9/10 for its great plot, phenominal acting and its different yet intriguing feel about it.

The future scenes had a similar feel to Brazil in a lot of ways, and even the present scenes were often really visually compelling.

"12 Monkeys" is a relentless zigzag of a film with a twisted plot of unexpected turns...

I was making mental notes as I watched to kill boredom.

Then a bunch of crap happens and I paid attention but was so bored I didn't really care.

Full of Gillian-isms, Empty of Willis-isms - in a good way...

incredibly tight, fast paced and different .

It's familiar, belabored, too slow, and too long.

The 12 Monkeys is one of the worst movies I have ever seen, it makes me wonder why Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis ever signed up for this movie, in which they have to drool, spit and do other disgusting things to get them to the end of this dreadful movie.

The story is really good and there's a lot of very interesting scenes portraying the mind of James Cole on the edge of madness.

It is very entertaining.

They say you'll never forget your first time, and this is true for Twelve Monkeys, who wasn't caught up in the relentless, intense and fascinating plot that tightened up around the characters?

The storyline is engaging, it makes the all the characters have a real role in the movie and not merely supporters for the main character, Brad Pitt is indeed brilliant, explaining why he got an Oscar nomination.

He is believable in the role and he makes the film worth watching.

The fact that you don 't get bored with this non - adrenalin proves the success of the script and the great interest of the characters and the basic premise (despite the orders from the PTBTand the repeated statements from Cole himself , his mission is essentially the salvation of the world although he doesn't admit it ) .

Soon he becomes irreversibly caught up in the lives of these people, and the lines between reality and insanity become dangerously unclear…Who would've thought that one of the Monty Python boys could turn this rather clichéd Sci-Fi flick into something new and exciting?

, you wont want to waste your money on this flop....

The concept, while typical (life after people, apocalyptic scenarios, etc.) is really intriguing.

Complementing the acting, are the symbolic backdrops: the subterranean world immersed in red metallic shades (hell), and the sublunary world, bitten with the bitterest icy cold (living hell.

And this movie has the most beautiful, the most stunning and the most perfect ending sequence in the whole world!!

********Spoilers********************"Twelve Monkeys" weaves a fascinating story about fate and destiny using the time-travel paradigm, "can we change the present from the past?

Stowe is as talented as she is hauntingly beautiful, and her role as the non-believer gradually accepting an unbelievable reality becomes increasingly compelling, as we see her own grip on reality crumble as Cole's does.

Waste of time .

It includes brilliant characters and superb role performances, especially from Willis and Pitt, and an original and an entertaining story which forms a plot that's so intelligent and clever.

Willis, usually a hideous actor (with the exception of two films: "The Sixth Sense," and well, this one), gave a very unexpected, riveting performance.

Still, it's a very entertaining and fulfilling movie experience.

However Willis's frailty and uneasy confusion is a real sight to see when you consider that no one besides Gilliam and M.

badly acted, lousy plot, boring .

Paired with Brad Pitt, in a stunning role as a psychotic man, both guys deliver quite a performance.

As for the often-overrated La Jetee, that some people think should not have been `remade,' it is a visually stunning and poetic film.

The movie is totally worth watching.

The whole 'butterfly effect' is also a bit confusing, when you take in 'You Can't Fight Fate' aspect.

An intense film about time travel, this sci-fi entry was directed by Terry Gilliam, a member of the comedy troupe Monty Python.

A suspenseful ride with both funny and thought-provoking sequences.

I found this to be one of the more enjoyable movies I have seen in quite a bit.

Brad Pitt's portrayal of Goines is curiously engaging, although his character is not especially sympathetic.

There's something humorous and mischievously entertaining about "Twelve Monkeys" that keeps it from taking itself too seriously and falling prey to pretention, but then it comes back at you just as intense and creepy as a movie can get.

different but still intriguing .

It has got a fascinating story, that inspires your fantasy and gives you a lot to discover on a second or third look.

Where "12 Monkeys" arguably shines brightest is in the sometimes convoluted but always compelling storyline.

The acting is good, especially both Bruce Willis, as the put-upon everyman, and Brad Pitt, in one of the most odd, yet compelling, roles of his career.

Bruce Willis completely pulls off the confusion and disorientation of his time traveling.

This is probably one of the most boring and ridiculous movie I have ever seen in my entire life.

I loved it, and highly recommend it to anyone who has good taste in movies.

What makes this movie so damn great is the constant twists, you will find yourself guessing all the time, at times i felt very confused, at other times i thought i had everything in place, then a twist and you're lost again, this makes the movie a constant original and unpredictable experience, and the end, which can be interpretated in a large amount of different ways, is very powerfull and mind bending, which is really fantastic, this is a movie that will be looked back at in many years as an even greater masterpiece.

The script is very sparse with details -- which leaves many in a state of confusion during most of the movie.

The film has an "into-the-funhouse" feel about it -- it's worth watching for the production design alone.

Both Willis and Pitt are enjoyable in roles that were probably very fun to portray, but it is Stowe who really shines as the articulate and engaging psychiatrist.

The majority of the movie is boring talking scene that say things you figured out from the first trailer.

Terry Gilliam gives a stunning movie, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

This movie was so engrossing.

The plot is engaging particularly once you begin to believe that Cole might really be insane and this is all part of his delusion.

The lighting while Cole is in sitting with the scientists underground and being reviewed is dark and dreary.

The twisting plot plays with both Cole's and our sense of reality and it is genuinely gripping from start to finish Gilliam's direction is superb, whether it be the realistic world of the 1990's filmed with clever angles and shots or the wonderfully twisted world of the future, it is all excellent and was such a pleasant find in my local cinema at the time.

Among the more conventional aspects of the film are glamour and love interest provided by Madeleine Stowe as a psychiatrist, a road sequence when Cole goes on the run, and a suspenseful ending.

But the story, conception and plot is abysmal and the pacing is slow as hell.

A breathtaking thriller.

The movie is well worth watching if you are into time travel.

It's absurd and pointless.

The pacing is spot-on, this doesn't really stand still at any time, yet you are allowed time to relax in-between the intense sequences, and are not overwhelmed to the point of being drained.

A good movie is worth watching whether it's original or derivative and a bad movie is still a bad movie even if it's uniquely bad.

" The effects launched by travel into the past are so fundamentally unpredictable, they can't stand up.

Enjoyable movie...

Through the claustrophobic atmosphere created by the combination of cluttered production design and distorted, wide-angle lenses that Gilliam pushes right into the faces of his actors to create a disturbing exaggeration (underpinning the central character's fear and confusion of seeing the world for the first time), the film becomes an overwhelming and certainly unforgettable experience; with the depiction of an almost post-nuclear holocaust, where only the remnants of existence are left in the catacombs of industry, creates a potential future nightmare that is plausible in its reality.

Director Terry Gilliam's hit-and-miss genius is in full flower here, a perfect match for this fascinating story.

Very compelling sci-fi/romance/action/adventure.

What a boring movie .

weird but strangely fascinating .

The script is totally crazy with some easy tricks on it but it's quite entertaining and Gilliam proves that he's got imagination (the futuristic scenes are just great).

It deals with madness, time, and how we chose to have our destinies stay the same or change or do anything to find out about ourselves, and it's done in such an entertaining fashion that it's got layers to it.

I guess the fact that I knew what to expect but forgot many of the details made it a much more enjoyable experience.

reasons the recall- 1-extremely confusing 2-overacting 3-boringthis is for them-did you all ever happened to watch a movie?

The star Bruce Willis is just as focused and intense like he is in his "Die Hard" films.

This is the film that could have been a bizarre nonsense, but it works, and the reason is quite simple: the film had a story, and much more, a compelling one.

The story is basically Bruce Willi's character trying to save the world from a virus that will wipe out most of humanity while animals aren't effected by the virus, but the time travel and the laws behind it is quite realistic which makes it gripping.

An intense film about time travel, this sci-fi entry was directed by Terry Gilliam,Twelve Monkeys is a science fiction film inspired by Chris Marker's 1962 short film La jetée.

Worst Movie Ever!!.

"Twelve Monkeys" is a fascinating piece of science fiction, with "elements" thrown into the mix that can only be the work of director Terry Gilliam.

The Collector's Edition DVD comes with a 90-minute documentary that I will review on its individual page on the site, a theatrical trailer, production notes and a commentary track of Terry, the director, himself, and producer Charles Roven, and it is entertaining and informative.

This emotional element of somehow rediscovering this world as natural in contrast to unnatural and quaint underworld plays a pivotal role in engaging the viewer into Twelve Monkeys ambient.

A post-apocalyptic future gets the "Gilliam" treatment - and it's visually stunning!

Very enjoyable.

This is a really intense movie.

Most of the "plot twists" were predictable or uninteresting.

It chases its tail and makes a fascinating tale that can be viewed from many angles as many different stories.

The complexity and detail that Peoples and Gilliam put into this film is breathtaking.

It's a marvellous piece of storytelling and an exercise in how to tell a non-linear, confusing story and simply and as stylishly as possible.

Pitt's performance, initially interesting, gets tiresome.

Gilliams record, apart from his Monty Python related work, includes the enjoyable TIME BANDITS, and BRAZIL, a masterpiece, IMO.

Now i see Twelve Monkeys, and i must admit, this movie was very challenging, original and extremely unpredictable, it can be analyzed in many different directions, which is what i think is the strength of a true masterpiece, a movie that can have different meanings depending on how your mind is built.

it keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very end.

I remember the first time I saw the ending and realized that James Cole watched himself die and how fascinating (and terrible) that really is.

It's an original film that will have any viewer on the edge of their seat until they're able to piece together this eery dystopian adventure.

The goings get confusing, and the culmination is the weakest link.

He had great acting, his confusion seemed very real.

Its intriguing, original, interesting, breathtaking, shocking and authentic.

Terry Gilliam, the man responsible for the many wacky cartoons in Monty Python's Flying Circus, directed this film which turns out to be clever, haunting, and also extremely confusing.

The movie was too B-grade characters ordinary, music dull, dialogue is very average nothing interesting.

Extremely confusing .

Cole ends up getting sent back time and again, either years too early or too late, often meeting psychologist Kathryn Railly (Madeline Stowe) and then being dragged Back To The Future, as it were, and becoming ever more dazed and hallucinatory as to what is real, what is memory, what is past, what is future, and what the hell Brad Pitt is doing.

Intriguing, to be seen more than once .

Willis is great in a very atypical performance here; he's a tough guy but without any macho posing or snappy lines, and handles his dangerous psychosis and fearful déjà vu with many intense moments, like the bit where he hears Fats Domino singing Blueberry Hill and cries with joy.

Mad, Massive & Mind Blowing .

So, basically, we have a movie made by the most anarchic and extravagant movie director (and he's quite polarizing on that level), playing on different time-lines and operating a real ping pong game of a narrative, and with psychological confusion to spice up an already complex plot.

(Sept 2012: I just re-watched it after 12 years, I enjoyed it again!

Interesting, compelling and entertaining, "Twelve Monkeys" proves you can make an old idea work when you treat it in an original manner.

The fact that time shifts without warning back and forward throughout the film makes events sometimes unexpected, but I prefer this type of film to the simple A to B type predictable films that Hollywood pumps out.

It is, of course, a pity that IMDb requires me to waste yet more of my time by not accepting a short review.

Downbeat, imaginative, engaging and one of the more accessible of Gilliam's films, it stands out as one of the best American sci-fi's of the past few decades.

Twelve monkeys is a very good movie that keeps you right on the edge of your seat and thinking because this is not a plain good old action ordinary action flick.

I was thinking the acting was great and Brad Pitt actually did a great job for a change, he's usually so boring.

Intelligent, Exciting, Enjoyably Confusing Thriller Of Time Traveller On The Run .

It's a thrilling ride.

It's a consistently compelling mystery within the framework of a time-travelling sci-fi narrative.

Great stars + a relatively good director + a compelling story (with depth) + a multi-dimensional ending that can obviously be interpreted in many ways = ONE HELL OF A BLOCKBUSTER NIGHT!

Cole leaves a message for the scientists at the airport, telling them that following the Army of the Twelve Monkeys is pointless, and he will not be returning, an acquaintance from his own time, Jose (Jon Seda), confronts Cole and gives him a handgun and instructs him to follow orders.

And last but not least, credit is also due to screenwriters David Peoples, and his wife, Janet, who took Chris Marker's evocative film and enriched it with their own stirring vision of a future haunted by the past.

It starts off promisingly enough, but it just gets more confusing, and I usually like that but it also got more dull as it went on.

Twelve Monkeys gets you thinking about the future, about the past; it gets your adrenaline going.

What a waste of two hours of my life!

I could slide my eyes of this fascinating movie with excellent acting and actors.

I liked the way Gilliam balanced the surreality of the future with the elegance of the visual effects to produce a rather engaging mix.

This exciting time travel thriller is extremely well made, features great performances, and above all is a terrific twisty-turny tale of coincidence, random chance, cosmic destiny and misunderstanding.

Lately I re-watched Twelve Monkeys - still an excellent movie, and I just miss all those innovative and exciting movies of the 90s like Matrix, Dark City, Fight Club, Trainspotting, Starship Troopers and - Twelve Monkeys.

One part has to do with that I like movies dealing with time travel and end of the world kind of stories with sceneries of destroyed buildings and empty cities.

This is a really excellent movie, with a gripping scenario and plot, superb performances and one of the most exciting climactic scenes I've ever watched.

Twelve Monkeys has a rehashed script that was taken from other movies including Andromeda Strain (which is a far superior movie) Logans run, one flew over the cuckoo's nest and a little know movie called Millennium from 1989, twelve monkeys take all of those movies and many more and mashes them together to make one dark long confusing boring mess that makes you shake your head at the end.

I was bored...

Stupid summaries - make things so much more confusing - you couldn't have just made it simple.

This movie tried really hard to have a tight plot and an unpredictable ending.

The dialogue was also amusing with it's irony, with it's complex but compelling sci-fi story, that is also clever and engaging.

Visually stunning .

Seriously, although the last say 30 minutes was a blast, the rest of it, I was sort of bored.

compelling film...

The main characters all deliver powerful performances, with Brad Pitt, as Jeffrey Goines, as possibly the films' funniest, weirdest, and most confusing character.

As confusing as it may be at times, that's not to take away from this film's many strengths.

Twelve Monkeys is a bleak, stunning take on Chris Marker's 1962 photo roman film, La Jetee.