Twister (1996) - Action, Adventure, Thriller

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Bill and Jo Harding, advanced storm chasers on the brink of divorce, must join together to create an advanced weather alert system by putting themselves in the cross-hairs of extremely violent tornadoes.

IMDB: 6.4
Director: Jan de Bont
Stars: Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton
Length: 113 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 71 out of 401 found boring (17.7%)

One-line Reviews (266)

In their brief scenes in this movie the storm chasers make this movie one of the most enjoyable to watch.

Not as good as Speed, but still enjoyable.

Philip Seymour Hoffman is also in it, and that is one thing that makes the movie at least bearable to sit through, but mainly this film is a big bore.

I often found myself bored watching the tornado sequences on screen .

It's just a bland, overall useless, over-rated film.

In conclusion, I highly recommend this very suspenseful, nail-biting, and action-packed thrill ride to all you Bill Paxton or Helen Hunt who have not seen it.

Even so, it's still an enjoyable movie all the same.

The plodding story lacks zip and the character interaction is painfully poor, but as action films go, Twister is one of the 90s most entertaining films.

Yeah I know, this came out when I wasn't seeing so many summer flicks as later, and well--it seemed pretty clichéd and predictable.

Twister (1996): Dir: Jan De Bont / Cast: Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes, Jami Gertz, Philip Seymour Hoffman: Total waste of two hours that could be spent doing something constructive like picketing theatres that play this film, or getting together with so poor dote who was going to waste their hard earned money on this sh*t storm film and play the game Twister.

" The one-liners in this film rule but other than that, some cool scenes and the visual effects this movie is quite empty.

It was pretty exciting at times.

The effects and the pacing of the story make for a rather intense experience, and even though the characters are pretty much cut out from cardboard, they do have enough personality to make you care about them.

Boring movie .

Some interesting science, formulaic characters and plot (though the absence of the Spielberg 'smarter than adults' snotty kids was refreshing) a few nice touches like 'Dorothy'.

I have to give credit to director Jan de Bont, who managed to take a movie that has very little in terms of meaningful story and yet still turned out a movie that was both exciting and fun to watch.

Most people will come away from 'Twister' relishing these exciting bits and forgetting the wearisome interaction between the various forgettable characters.

Its competition at the time was "Independence Day", which is an unwatchable hokey movie, and this movie is better than that film in that it is a watchable hokey movie.

Sure the plot is about as predictable as a Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd cartoon.

You will find yourself immersed in the hunt, following Helen Hunt (no pun intended), Bill Paxton, and the team of storm-chasers throughout the Great Plains, dealing with excitement, accomplishment, and anguish along the way.

Overall this movie is very enjoyable and had some very excellent special effects.

Twister serves its purpose: Thrilling the viewer.

Not many people really hate this movie with a passion, they just found it kind of stupid or boring.

I get a rush of adrenaline and a thrill at the power of nature every single time.

Altogether, Twister is one of my favorites simply because it is entertaining beyond belief.

Despite the merely mildly effective attempts at character development, mostly rambling from Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton (playing off each other as a recently divorced, storm-chasing couple who still have the hots for each other), the film works so well really because of its intense action scenes.

The thing that makes this film so good though is the action, which is very intense, especially the Tornado that strikes at night, and the really very good CGI, which, for 1996, is very impressive.

That's going to be boring.


One intense ride .

But, this movie overall should serve as a pretty nice and entertaining movie for a Saturday afternoon.

The kids might be bored after the first ten minutes.

Twister is certainly an entertaining movie.

After a fairly impressive opening, Twister unfortunately soon settles in to a rather banal set-up; Bill's ex-wife is chasing tornados and Bill heads over to see her to make sure that she signs the divorce papers and decides to bring his fiancé along for the ride.

Although it is a shame to admit that "Twister" is another example of Hollywood now taking the assumption that if you lure the audience member with the best thing of a movie, that that's all they're going to want from it, whereas an audience would really be interested if they were lured into a big special effects movie, only to discover that there's also a fresh, exciting story that envelops and surpasses it.

All complaining aside, the amazing and numerous action sequences are well worth slogging through the boring storyline.

It did have exciting parts and the suspense at times is what pushed it from being a seven as opposed to a six for me.

Green) is fast paced and eye-catching, both of course taking second place to the awesome effects.

This valiant attempt at three dimensional character went balls-up as soon as De Bont opened The Hollywood Cliché Handbook (Disaster Movie Edition) – hoping against hope we wouldn't notice Jo's vocation is itself sorely one-dimensional.

Seems these perves get their thrills by facing extinction, the nonces relating an absolutely pointless anecdote about Bill standing his ground before a tornado, railing at it naked and drunk, earning him the nickname The Extreme.

De Bont is no miser when it comes to entertainment value (eg "Speed"), and so we get plenty of "Twister" action, each encounter being bigger and more exciting than the last.

I usually love disaster films because with a solid and believable plot, they can be quite thrilling and intriguing; I do feel this movie was one of the flops in the disaster movie category, to be blatantly honest.


· They survive a direct hit from an 'F3' tornado and nothing happens?

Twister, in relation to director Bont's other film Speed had action unfolding during the opening of the film and never letting up, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

I'm serious, nearly 75% of the conversation is spent building up to an extremely predictable romance.

And yet somehow, despite not having any story to speak of, despite not having a single coherent character arc, and despite not having an actual beginning, middle, or end, Twister is, against all odds, pretty enjoyable.

Overall the film is enjoyable and one that everyone should see.

The atmosphere was very thrilling for me as well as the suspense and the cinematography was very well done.

It isn't exactly strong in the plot department and neither does it contain convincing characters, but with some neat CGI special effects popularized by JURASSIC PARK and some thrilling action scenes, TWISTER became one of the biggest hits of the 90's, and it's not so hard to see how fun this movie is.

This is the best example in recent times of a movie with excellent special effects, and no plot whatsoever.

If there were more the the plot than that, I might accept their derring-do as engaging character flaws - unfortunately, the story really begins and ends right there.

Overall it was really entertaining.

But, some of the character chemistry like those between Hunt and Paxton were good, giving a nice intriguing subplot of the little love triangle involving Paxton's character's fiancée Dr. Melissa Reeves (Jami Gertz).

Good comedy, witty dialogue, and a gripping story with lots of conflicts makes the movie even more watchable.

The special effects are extremely well-down and there are many a time when you're on the edge of your seat, watching each tornado getting more and more devastating as the film goes on.

Twister is a enjoyable, well-made, action flick that highlights the devastating power of mother- nature.

The rival storm chasers for instance were kind of pointless and really added nothing to the film.

) and what happens to them totally uninteresting.

Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton, Cary Elwes, Jami Gertz, Lois Smith, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Alan Ruck, Anthony Rapp, and the rest of the cast (as well as Jan De Bont, Steven Spielberg, and Michael Crichton) make this an entertaining and educational movie!

Aside from this small point, the rest of the movie is predictable and lacking.

It's one of those 90's flicks that actually is still quite good fun thanks to solid and visually exciting action, effects that hold up for the most part and excellent performances from the entire cast.

In some movies you wait and wait for the action scenes to wake you up but in 'Twister' you keep waiting for the action to slow down just a bit so you can catch your breath.

The worst movie I have ever seen(small spoilers) .

What makes this romance so unexpected is that he arrives on the scene with his new fiance.

Sure, it was entertaining, and it kept my attention.

"Twister" stars Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton as Dr. Jo Harding and Bill Harding, whom are investigating and chasing an immensely intense series of tornadoes.

The fact is Twister's lack of plot, uninteresting characters outside Helen Hunt which has a few moments, and tiring scene after scene of tornados just outweigh that.

There are many things to criticise in this film, the lack of plot being one of them.

And as the storm becomes increasingly dangerous and more volatile, it will eventually lead to a harrowing and thrilling series of life-and-death decisions for our heroes.

Yes, the plot was predictable, the characters one-dimensional, and the love story cheesy.

The tornado action is stunning!

If it wasn't the script, it was the acting(if one can call it that), or it was the directing or sleep-inducing special effects.

No heavy think required, the perfect prescription for a boring Monday night.

I thought this movie was very action packed and realistic.

On the surface, this is a good, fun, exciting film.

These Things Tend to Deliver Mind Boggling SFX and Allow the Rubberneckers to get by Proxy a Cathartic Thrill and not Much Else.

This movie may have faults but it is always entertaining no matter how many times you watch it

Only a large waste of time, talent, and money.

Audiences may not be thinking all this stuff over - and certainly the movie doesn't say much if any of this stuff explicitly - but I think they feel it, and that's why people feel drawn to watch this movie repeatedly, despite its essentially basic and predictable nature.

The story is so dull, it's scary.

It is a bad movie with no characters, a bad story(or maybe no story at all), OK special effects and a terrible result: the return of disaster movies to Hollywood!

It is a shame, because Twister features lots of brilliantly thrilling action set pieces.

But, honestly, is this movie really more empty than any other big-budget suspense movies?

It's mindless entertainment but it is indeed entertaining.

I enjoyed it and I sat through the entirety of the film.

Ho hum.

How could I justify the waste of time mindlessly staring at tornado images and listening to the chatter of lovebirds in the cab of a pickup?

What I did like was the interaction between Bill and Helen; I think a bit more of why they were divorcing would've been more entertaining and enlightening.

" In one predictable case, it goes after a drive-in (which of course is showing a goofy horror movie--what else?

But remember, Twister is enjoyable.

) I loved the big, loud, thrilling action sequences and the fun characters.

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

The acting is great, the special effects are excellent, the action is intense, and this film actually has a great storyline to it.

The flying cows were pathetic and a suitable metaphor for the whole of this unremitting tedious nonsense.

That the plot revolves around sexual confusion is underscored by Bill's fiancé, who is a sex therapist (consistently experiencing 'bad communication,' through her cell phone -- rare in those days).

"Twister" is an entertaining movie, despite it being from 1996, and it still does hold up its own even today.

Waste of time

It was starting to become very repetitive.

It's action packed and funny just like cartoons.

Add into all this overacting leads, a completely predictable love triangle situation AND a ridiculous subplot involving a rival scientist, and you have a film which is pretty good for a few bellylaughs on a Saturday night!

It's a shame, because I expected a film that was scary and exciting.

At times, this drama makes the film a little tedious.

This was a film to entertain and get you on the edge of your seat.

Enjoyable, to an extent.

So predictable.

Everybody knows the devastation a tornado could cause, but seeing actual people chasing them down is intriguing.

Both are boring and annoying.

An entertaining ignorance of the laws of physics .

On top He is a bad driver, go zigzags, cant drive straight, and go slow.

The film is good since the plot and stunning visuals keeps you watching from start to finish and you want to sympathize with the main characters while they try to succeed with their goal while going through a major conflict.

The friendly banter and witty repartee seems forced and quickly becomes tiresome and irritating.


The visual and audio effects were stunning and real, and the writing believable without being over dramatic and heavy-handed.

If you like it, you are an idiot that thinks anything is entertaining.

" The marriage-divorce scenario is completely predictable as to how it's all going to resolve.

Loved that whole Drive-In scene - Very Intense!

especially Helen hunt she was stunning .

Even in 1996, it seems, the standard "government-good; business-bad" cliche still thrives in the movies.

The main strengths of the film come down to the extreme likability of the cast and the thrilling beats of action and adventure that de Bont excels at crafting.

There are about 5 intense tornado encounters throughout this movie, and each one is more extreme than the last.

evil storm chasers who want to make money with stormchasing, now thats a good one and a cliché-struck herd of stormchaser-science-nerds, it has partially awful dialogue, sometimes so forced it hurts, it is as realistic concerning true stormchasing and true meteorology as "Alice in Wonderland" and even it's tornado-sfx are actually not that convincing (the "wizard of Oz-tornado" looked far more realistic!

enjoyable .

Waste of money.

However, this movie was entertaining.

While their flight appears slow and peaceful, children of the farming-centric "Tornado Alley" know very well that cows have chronic diarrhea and due to the erratic flight paths of flying cows it might be difficult to avoid a bout.

Emotions are predictable and dealt with.

Meanwhile, Hunt's supporting crew is made up of those lovable, formulaic oddballs that teach us how hip it is to be a science geek, and how "un-hip" everyone else is who just doesn't "get" what they do (like Gertz, who, in an effort to be portrayed as an "out-of-it" fifth wheel, is, in spite of the writers' intentions, actually the most sympathetic character in the whole movie!

CGI was still fresh and exciting.

Twister has really made me experience levels of boredom that I never knew existed.

There is actually no plot at all in this movie - some caricature kinds of human actors are rushing and running in every directions.

I love it not so much for the so-so plot, but because of the edge of your seat action and mind blowing special effects.

the Twister and at the end, right before she kills the tornado with a giant DirtDevil, the tornado could spit up all her dead friends to ensure that she needs years of intensive psychotherapy.

I enjoyed it on a lot of levels.

The acting was excellent, each actor completely absorbing their role and the dynamics between characters was spot on.

Very suspenseful, nail-biting, and action-packed thrill ride .

It is a classic cookie-cutter film, as trite and cheesey as a film can be, and I was pretty sure it would flop.

The lack of story perhaps meant that their acting abilities weren't really stretched too far.

I'd go on with the story but it feels pointless.

finally an enjoyable movie about natural disasters...

I just can't believe so many people have bad things to say about this move,Sure its not the best movie out there, but it is enjoyable considering the effects were amazing, the characters were developed decently and the story was put together pretty well.

Well, it was everything that I expected, but I also enjoyed watching the movie as the characters were actually quite entertaining, and the way the movie was created did give quite a bit of suspense to it.


One point to Twister for being unexpected.

Not only is Twister a film with Hollywood's hottest star, Helen Hunt, it also contains a thrilling edge-of-your-seat ride through a plot filled with more twists and turns than a ride through a town with a lot of turns in it.

Every tornado was different, and suspenseful.

Predictable stuff.

) followed by EVEN BIGGER tornado (Yawn)...


What I like about the film is the way it builds up like a National Geographic documentary, through the increasing power of Tornados, culminating in a thrilling climax with the big bad mo-fo F5 twister.

So I think Twister is a damn good adventure-movie; however the finale inside the tornado is very silly - but I could forgive that because the whole feature is so spectacular and exciting.

OK, let's say that the two lead storm chasers (Hunt and Paxton) are a couple on the edge of a divorce.

Very exciting and smart, Twister is a one of kind picture.

When two storm chasers go after twisters in the Midwest, your talking a serious adrenaline rush.

Never boring, always exciting, with a theme(tornados) not previously used for a "summer blockbuster" intended flick.

It's predictable and riddled with inconsistencies.

The tornado ('Tornado' wasn't as striking a title as 'Twister') is one of nature's most extreme expressions of itself, and the scenes with the humans battling against it really do get the adrenaline running.

There is a romance between Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt, which is clumsily drawn out, and a kind of side-story involving Cary Elwes as a bad guy (bad mainly because he is a tornado chaser who is financed by a corporation, and therefore he is a reckless idiot for the money, not for the pure motives of our heroes).

To be honest though, it's not as bad as you might think, if anything it's really very entertaining.

Saying this movie had no plot is an insult to some very courageous people .

Worth watching over and over, technical errors notwithstanding.

Suspenseful and Sucsessful .

In my opinion, TWISTER is a very suspenseful, nail-biting, and action-packed thrill ride.

*Gripping suspense and action.

Although, not a masterpiece, Twister is still a good disaster film worth watching and a great take for Jan De Bont.

It is certainly fast-paced and exciting, but also regrettably formulaic.

The special effects re-enacting the dangerous twisters on land were exciting enough--from a gasoline truck on a road picked up in the air, twisting while in the air, and dropping onto the road in an exploding fireball---to a barn being broken up into thousands of flying splinters of wood.

The plot is formulaic and predictable; if you don't know who's going to die or what's going to happen at the end, you've never seen an action film.


The story itself is so predictable with Bill and Jo set to divorce and the former ready to marry a therapist.

It's fun and exciting, even if it is lacking in meaningful story content.

It truly keeps you on the edge of your seat, which is where any good film should put you.

But it's couched in a rather bland plot, with lots of annoying characters.

Most people did not seem to like "Twister" because it had no plot.

It's still a good movie though and well worth watching.

This is a pretty exciting adventure movie about weather scientists Bill Harding (Bill Paxton) and Dr. Jo Harding (Helen Hunt), undergoing a divorce, who band together to track down tornadoes to install an advanced weather alert system in them so they could track down the storms' movements at least 15 minutes in advance.

Who wants to watch people chase movies, it had no plot, and the only thing good about it was the cow.

This is boring movie.

The writing is tremendously bad, and nearly every line uttered in the film is an action movie cliché.

Brilliant, mind blowing stuff .

In Twister, the plot is flat, and when there is some action scenes, there are sliced by some boring dialog over the CB radio.

The special effects are beyond impressive and literally blow you away, but the characters are paper thin, the performances uninspired, and the dialogue extremely banal.

Twister(1996) is about as entertaining and exciting as a trip to a whale watch here in Boston.

Like the plot, it seems to have been produced by a cliché generator much less sophisticated than the machines that created the film's special effects.

But Mother Nature, in the form of a series of intense storms sweeping across Oklahoma, has other plans.

The scenes with the tornados though are the highlight, but the talking scenes get kind of boring after awhile.

I can't even say this is a great movie to just switch your brain off and enjoy, because the only thing worth watching are the tornadoes themselves.

A pitiful waste of talent and time.

Overblown and empty at it's centre, Twister fails to do justice to it's subject matter.

For pure adrenaline-pumping action, TWISTER is the goods.

The heavily anticipated disaster drama was action packed much like Bont's other films.

I like the film so much i went on the TWISTER ride at Universal Studios in Florida, the ride is exciting and continues to furthur your interest in the film or spark off an interest to see it.

idiotic, boring, silly, corny, lousy acting, nothing new .

If you looking for that intense, edge of your seat, thrilling movie than this is the one.

Worth watching!

Both movies are very exciting.

) They come replete with a caravan of black, official looking vehicles (that's rather cliché) while Bill and Jo and their team travel around in a motley crew of multi-colored vehicles.

This film took what could've been a genuinely intriguing and lethal natural phenomenon movie and turned it into another cut-rate,summer blow-em-up blockbuster.

One of the best scenes occurs at a movie drive-in, where one hits unexpectedly while the storm team takes in 'The Shining' and the ensuing chaos and destruction is truly breathtaking to behold.

It is too mundane to bore you with.

Highly entertaining film is well directed by Jan De Bont, who creates a breathless feel to the story, and has a fine cast of characters, especially Helen Hunt, who is a knockout.

The film is exciting and the characters are interesting.

When a small town is hit by an unexpected tornado, everything happens off screen, and naturally everybody survives.

And every other cliché that the writer could possibly think of is in there, the bad guy Cary Elwes, DEAD!

Don't waste your time unless you want to keep the kids occupied for a couple of hours.

By the way, the dumbest thing about this film, is the mpaa rating (PG-13 for intense depiction of weather), which makes me wonder why any kids live in the midwest or in the carribean during hurricane season.

Just plain entertaining.

The movie is exciting and the actors are fun to watch-Dusty's character is funny and Helen Hunt is always beautiful.

This movie was a sweet and exciting one.

) and exciting.

I saw Twister twice at the cinema, and at least three times since - and I've enjoyed it every single time.

By the time the camel is finally silenced and the story reaches its predictable conclusion, the cliches and improbabilities threaten to overwhelm, and the film ultimately fails to completely satisfy.

(There's a pretty blunt association of the storm with sexual confusion, as a story is told about a drunk, nude Bill confronting the storm.

They are extremely entertaining.

Two of the chasers are on the verge of divorce and this event brings them back together for one last time, just like the storms their actions are unpredictable.

The story is simple, but compelling a couple on the verge of divorce must reunite to put their new machine to study tornados in action.

Fun and Exciting .

But, the content was really good, the music is sometime romantic, sometime exciting.

Of course, after they've seen "Sharknado" they'll wonder why they find mere twisters so boring.

How many ways can a writer describe an empty barrel?

Overall though, while I consider this a film I don't put much thought into, it's still an entertaining and very exciting flick, keeping me glued for every single minute!

So predictable!

With a title like Twister, you would think that this movie would have a lot of tornados in it potrtayed in an adrenaline packed way.

The visual effects of all the twisters is breathtaking, having first seen it at the cinema it really worked and every viewing on my rather smaller TV set does not diminish the effect.

This effects are phenominal and maybe even worth watching on the big screen.

Technically horrible, yet thoroughly enjoyable .

The acting in this movie is very dry.

Let me sidetrack here:most films where there is a menace of some sort,but in this case we'll stick to nature,shows the audience through the course of the picture how lethal and intense it is by killing (or even just seriously harming) a good portion of the players involved.

Corny at points but still very enjoyable.

Empty-headed .

Seeing them tossing buildings, animals and vehicles in the air while the tornado-hunters are in the cross-hairs is a thrilling sight.

The Twister is a spectacular, exciting adventure, and I think it's not a simple catastrophe-movie.

Amazing special effects make their presence known early in the film, followed by a heart-pounding, suspenseful journey of storm chasers attempting to drop a scientific probe directly in the path of a tornado.

This show is everything Twister could never hope to be: true, interesting, exciting, credible, funny, entertaining and informative.

Despite obvious mistakes by the film-makers, It is a fun, intelligent, and visually stunning piece, with a great performance by Helen Hunt.

This was some viewers' idea of a good time, but with such dullards at the heart of the story, one begins to yawn with an hour left on the clock.

"Twister" is, before all else, a fast-moving disaster movie, squeezing in no less than five big tornado encounters and enough CGI to whet the folks at Industral Light & Magic for the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Twister is one of those movies that you see not by its story and its depth, but for its compelling imagery, water tornados, sandstorms, cows hurling in the air, everything is seen during the heroes chase for the ruthless Twister.

The script as well as acting is what lead to a very popular and exciting film.

I'm not saying Twister is bad because it isn't, its entertaining as long as you take it for what it is for,an action /disaster movie.

The start of the film is brilliantly intense (if a bit silly) - and is explained to us later in the film in a highly emotional scene - it has a link to one of the main characters.

While parts of this action packed film are unrealistic the film is overall enjoyable for families, adults and children.

I know, the first question anyone who has seen this movie will ask is how I can possibly give a movie with barely written characters and no plot and 8 out of 10.

The tornados are awe inspiring works of digital wonder created by ILM and really come across as powerful.

But this movie is, never the less, highly entertaining.

However, I will say that this film is fun and exciting.

The cliché twist of this 1996 film is that the disasters they experience throughout the movie actually mend their relationship.

Director Jan de Bont, perhaps best known as a cinematographer who transitioned to the role of director with the excellent "Speed" before slipping up with later duds like the sloppy "Speed 2" and the over-produced and under-scary remake of "The Haunting" does what he does best here, which is make thrilling action that will keep the audiences glued to their seats.

it's exciting and fast paced,there's even a bit of lite humour.

Bill paxton does a good job in the lead (yeah people have said that he is dull and that they should have found someone with more charisma.

It's not supposed to be a deep and thought-provoking film, it's just meant to be entertaining, and it most certainly does that!!!

"Twister" is just as intense, and if I may say so, a lot more fun.

Sometimes we need a good bit of the old "dumb fun", and this movie is sure to please anyone who wants a fast, enjoyable experience.

Is Twister the worst movie I have ever seen?

First of all, let's say that this movie has no plot at all.

Instead,it seems to be no less than one-third concerned with crazed,adrenaline-junkies who work for the National Weather Servicewho want to chase and(if at all possible)face-to-face with the most powerful of cyclones(an F6 being the ultimate).

These characters are really super uninteresting, the weirdo gang never develop at all.

How did they do it but the lead up to the final action is trite and unbelievable.

All in all, this is an entertaining movie.

An empty movie?

The movie was exciting enough.

Its twisters are impeccably realized through some impressive CGI, and they are thrilling to behold.

It's silly, contrived, and the special effects aren't enough to make this watchable (I've no idea how people can enjoy a movie only for it's special effects).

The script is full of holes and predictable clichés, but it is still entertaining enough with a few good lines and characters.

That's a really fun and enjoyable movie...

Personally I thought it was pointless.