U Turn (2016) - Crime, Horror, Mystery

Hohum Score



Mysterious events occur around a double road flyover in Bangalore.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Pawan Kumar
Stars: Shraddha Srinath, Dileep Raj
Length: 120 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 1 out of 27 found boring (3.7%)

One-line Reviews (18)

Screenplay is racy and thrilling.

Minuses: The 2nd half is a bit predictable and unraveling of an important twist may not go too well with a few.

Movie felt predictable with mystery elements given away with unnecessary special effects before murders.

Its minimalist, focused, fast paced and follows a linear narrative.

When she tried to confront her first guy,an unexpected event occurs which leads to unbelievable mass suicide where all the culprits she noted have died in mysterious circumstances and Rachana becomes main suspect.

Pawan Kumar (of 'Lucia' fame) narrates a gripping tale of Double-road flyover in his style.

Cons: Very slow movie, nothing happens in the first half, does not even feel like a build-up.

A Intriguing Tale Not to be missed !.

)Predictability- Because of certain cliché'd scenes it was predictable for audience which spoiled the experience of mystery thriller.

Acting by most actors felt flat and routine even in some intense scenes e.

Movie reviews U Turn Rating 5/5Wow the beautiful 🎥.. The story is so simple and presented brilliantly.. The daily happening small public incident can be made a 🎥, only if you have pavan as a director.. The director is champion.. All the characters have acted so well.. Music 🎶 is ultimate.. Background sound 🔊 is extraordinary.. The movie 🎥 concept is to educate everyone to follow up rules and it's shown so well.. Complete entertainment.. First half 🌓 of the 🎥 is mind blowing and second half 🌓 of the 🎥 is brilliant.. The suspense in the movie is director's play, can feel it in each and every scene..Overall it is a great movie 🎥 and a must watch movie 🎥.. Don't miss out by any chance.. Movie 🎥 can be seen again and again..Personal TouchThe best 🎥 in the recent time.. A very simple concept and holding audience till the end of the movie 🎥 is amazing...

U-turn : A turn-on engaging thriller .

The story & screenplay is well-crafted and engaging, especially, the 1st half keeps the suspense intact and audience guessing (similar to the movie's trailer).

Predictable story.

The story is so predictable that it feels like some new writer is trying his hand at a horror story.

Innovative storytelling with good thrilling elements.

In a way the film builds up and unfolds in a predictable sort which made sense to me.

Script was engaging along with direction.