UHF (1989) - Comedy

Hohum Score



An unemployed visionary becomes the manager of a local public station. The station becomes a success, with all sorts of hilarious sight gags and wacky humor.

Director: Jay Levey
Stars: 'Weird Al' Yankovic, Victoria Jackson
Length: 97 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 15 out of 207 found boring (7.24%)

One-line Reviews (38)

Along the way, Al comes up with several gimmicky shows for the station, all of which are showcased in a slow, tedious, unfunny way.

This is one of the least funny, flattest, most contrived and absurd comedies I have ever seen.

And of course there's the pointless romance story line that does nothing for the movie.

Al's humor is riveting and engaging, without resorting to crude sexual jokes or disgusting bodily functions.

And, of course, it was entertaining to see such well-known performers as Michael Richards and Fran Dresher in this early role.

Start to finish, this is a very entertaining and funny film that is still worth watching after several viewings.

Clean and engaging humor .

There are some dull moments in this story though.

It's a perfect bored-Saturday-night film.

I say it's worth watching (if you lucky enough to find it).

But overall, it is a perfect movie to watch when entertaining a room full of morons, and all will have a great time.

Very predictable and not funny.

Indeed, the parodies of films like Rambo and Indiana Jones actually look reasonably good, though far from original, entertaining and anything less than self-indulgent.

Look So Boring.

Still, the movie also had its dull moments.

I think that all that enjoy really stupid yet funny movies, with cheap budgets, and pretty dumb pointless plots, will think this is just great.

One needs to be able to tolerate and enjoy the occasion stupid and pointless joke to enjoy the film.

UHF creates a huge crime in comedy, it bores us.

UHF is a hugely enjoyable comedy.

UHF is simply an unfunny, formulaic, clichéd and utterly bland experience.

He's not going to be some big romantic lead, but he surrounds himself with a decent cast (except a wasted Victoria Principal), does some funny stuff, and generally ends up with an enjoyable flick.

A single Al music video is far more entertaining than the entire film.

Michael Richards -- before "Seinfeld " -- makes a fascinating character out of Stanley Spadowski, and Weird Al is just being himself, which is all he has to do.

One of the funniest and most enjoyable movies I have ever seen.

This is not a film for everyone; despite my having been a fan of Al for about a third of my life, I was bored watching this film more often than not.

Some funny concepts and situations early on get over-shadowed by a sophomoric script, unsteady direction and a ho-hum resolution.

What I really noticed in this film is that it's possible to be funny: a) without having every second word begin with "F" b) without being crude c) without being worried about political correctnessand most importantly, it's possible to make a wacky film that isn't stupid, pointless and eye-rolling-ly moronic provided that you have originality.

This film, particularly the opening sequence, is classic Al, and is so funny, I have really enjoyed it every time I've seen it.

There are a couple of memorable, though weird (they don't call him Weird Al for nothing), gags that are enjoyable even on repeat viewings.

Very zany, very funny, and very unpredictable.

Allow yourself to wade through the slower first 1/4 of the movie so you can get to the GOLD, such as Gandhi 2, Conan the Librarian, or the commercials for cut rate funerals or for Spatula City!

The movie is one of those where when you're bored, it will always make you laugh.

This whole movie feels rather slow, with too much dead time between gags and barely enough of a plot to keep going.

And predictable is boring.

I just finished watching the film today for my first time and i have to say it was an enjoyable film.

Weird Al is wonderfully entertaining in every medium (music, TV, concerts) and movies are no exception.

Instead, he gave us a predictable film.

evil (Channel 8) story a bit ho-hum and the humor a little too...