Una (2016) - Drama, Romance

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A woman confronts an older man, her former neighbour, to find out why he abandoned her after they had a sexual relationship.

IMDB: 6.2
Director: Benedict Andrews
Stars: Ruby Stokes, Rooney Mara
Length: 94 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 10 out of 42 found boring (23.8%)

One-line Reviews (29)

Led by Mara's brave naked performance and Mendelsohn's unflinching persona Una is a riveting drama which succeeds in almost all aspects.

It's not always on top of its game as there are buried problems - one is the pacing, some of the story fails to translate itself from Harrower's intelligent playwriting as some of it feels overly slow.

Contrived .

The setup is intense.

VERDICT: Worth the watch for the magnetic lead performances.

' Melbourne-born Mendelsohn's career includes the Adelaide classic, 'Return Home', 'Mullet', 'Australia', 'Slow West' and a string of blockbusters.

Boring, Plot-free Movie Romanticizes Pedophilia .

engrossing drama .

He shoots these brilliant moments with gripping almost real results.

Despite this Una is a riveting provocative drama with outstanding tour de force performances from both parties.

Fascinating .

Slight boring, quite manipulative, great performance from Rooney Mara as always.

This is why she is such a sought after actress-she is so compelling.

uninteresting .

The story is slow and a bit boring.

Benedict Andrews directs with a suspenseful touch, passion for the subject and potent realism, he doesn't allow the film to hold back nor does he allow it to go overboard with the unsubtle.

Instead the movie plods along, slowly and nauseatingly recounting the sordid yet mundane history of the relationship of the main characters.

Other than that, the film is boring and pretentiously acted, lighted and scored, leaving you with the feeling that the play might have had some great dialogue that was its redeeming feature and that the filmmakers decided to cut and replace with something "more filmic" such as long gloomy contemplative sequences that are plain boring and self-serving.

Not only because of the uncomfortable topic and leaving much unanswered but overall approach is too artsy for my taste, so the movie has issues with pacing and holding tension.

If there were a movie about a 40 year old who somehow developed an intense crush on a 13 year old which he didn't act upon - sure, that movie could possibly be framed in such a way that it hopes to elicit sympathy for the tortured protagonist.

Rooney Mara is fascinating at internal characters like this and it's no wonder that she is perfection here.

She seems to be hiding so much and its quite thrilling to realise that you just don't know what her character is going to do next.

Having work problems continually interrupt their tense conversations became repetitive and stale.

Under Andrews' direction, Ray is sympathetic, however, and is particularly compelling in pushing back against her accusations, making it clear that he "was never one of "them," though, to his fellow inmates in prison where he served four years for statutory rape, it was apparently too subtle a distinction.

The dialogue is maudlin yet tedious, the characters act nothing like real people would behave in that situation.

The movie made me fall asleep several times.


This unfortunately tends to be the bigger problem as it often can become difficult to follow a certain point of the story.

Mara Rooney and Ben Mendelsohn fill their characters with confusion and remorse.