Uncle Sam (1996) - Comedy, Horror

Hohum Score



Desert Storm vet who was killed in combat rises from the grave on July Fourth, to kill the unpatriotic citizens of his hometown, after some teens burn an American flag over his burial site.

IMDB: 4.5
Director: William Lustig
Stars: William Smith, David 'Shark' Fralick
Length: 89 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 12 out of 70 found boring (17.14%)

One-line Reviews (22)

The problem with the movie is the first half of the film is rather slow.

It may not be as consistent as 'Maniac Cop', but it is a lot of fun, and much more entertaining than most of the b-grade horror mediocrities clogging up the video stores shelves.

This, along with movies like Orgy of the Dead, Jack Frost, and the Wizard of Gore (the worst movie ever made), are movies that can be enjoyed by the luckiest of souls.

The main trouble is that the tale is wildly rushed -- too many awful characters crammed in (and worse, wonderfully written and performed by the thrilling cast, for what we see of them) just to die or disappear within the deliberate time frame, clearly only there to represent their stereotypes, and one is left feeling cheated out of getting to know them better.

It's more interesting as a drama; there are surprising complexities in Larry Cohen's script, and unexpected poignancy in some of the scenes with Isaac Hayes as a disillusioned war veteran.

Working with a typically insightful/erratic/cliched/inspired/absorbing/impossible-to-pigeonhole script by the infamous Larry Cohen, you can tell that they really have something on their mind here other than just another slasher film ripoff.

Anyone who thinks this is the worst movie ever, didn't see a bad horror movie in their life time.

"Uncle Sam" works well as a satire, criticizing the US Army forces that often don't really know what they're fighting for as well as typical blind patriotism, but foremost it's an exciting horror flick with several violent deaths and a cool, old-fashioned villain.

It has some interesting deaths but the move itself was kind of boring.

Some of the characters aren't even needed, the dreaded Pointless Character curse.

The plastic mask is cool, let's face it, Uncle Sam is 97 % cool and worth watching over and over again.

That's one of a few confusing things that crop up in the story that make you go "Huh?

The film is very slow to start, with practically nothing happening in the first half of the film.

The cast includes Robert Forster (who probably wishes this dud wasn't on his resume after his success in "Jackie Brown") & Bo Hopkins, who both phone in their pointless cameo roles.

I got it when it came on video, and it started slow, I thought (what the hell?

His body is brought home after three years, intriguing his impressionable young nephew, Jody (Christopher Ogden), who wants to grow up to be like Sam and serve his country.

watch the preview, skip the dull, slow, annoying product itself .

In my top 10 worst movies of all time .

The Best Worst movie I've ever seen .

This show was more comical than horror, I still enjoyed it because it was that way, there are individuals who have excessive behaviors, who finds work in the military, police, or security services to vent their own warped sense of reality.

Although Uncle Sam isn't the worst movie I've ever seen (Cycle Vixens holds that honor), it is the most enjoyable extremely bad movie I've ever seen.

If you people want the worst movie ever made, Go rent the movie "Troll 2".