Uncut Gems (2019) - Crime, Drama, Mystery

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A charismatic New York City jeweler always on the lookout for the next big score makes a series of high-stakes bets that could lead to the windfall of a lifetime. Howard must perform a precarious high-wire act, balancing business, family, and encroaching adversaries on all sides in his relentless pursuit of the ultimate win.

Director: Benny Safdie
Stars: Mesfin Lamengo, Suin Zhi Hua-Hilton
Length: 135 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 119 out of 577 found boring (20.62%)

One-line Reviews (393)

There are certain times within the movie that feel a bit disjointed.

Hands down one of the worst movies I've ever seen in my life

Interesting but intriguing film .

" Gems will satisfy the casual movie-goer looking for an entertaining flick with an actor they're comfortable with watching.

Good - The story is compelling and draws you in.

Storyline was weak to put it charitably, absolutely going nowhere.

With that said, the first ten minutes (after Ethopia) was borderline unbearable due to the way the music was mixed in to me and at home I might have just turned it off.

This movie is a dead bore.

Overall, it was enjoyable enough with a certain style selection that I liked, not loved.

I think Adam Sandler's performance in this film is great, but the film was way too hard to follow.

The film is masterfully crafted, and thought the plot can seem a bit repetitive and or pointless at times, for the most part it does tend to pay off.

There's no character development, no plot, and no point.

There's alot of confusion going on in this movie.


An auction and a basketball game stand out as the movie's most suspenseful sequences, which is a feat to say the least.

Very intense!

Horrible Purposeless Wasted use of good actors No story Lousy dialog

The sheer amount of times the n-word is unnecessarily used in this film is enough reasonable cause for any non-African American to get uncomfortable and walk out of the theater.

That was INTENSE.

It's the story of Howard Ratner a New York City jeweler who lives life on the edge walking on the very cracked side of society.

The constant yelling, chaos, distractions, pointless scenes and music left my blood boiling throughout the entire movie.

Chaotic and boring story line .

I was flat out dizzy when I left the theater, not the least because I was trying to hold onto the sheer amount of material at work in this hard-boiled account of a New York City jeweler who gets hold of a highly exotic super stone from Ethiopia and uses it to leverage one knee-deep debt after another that he has accumulated in his shady dealings.

If you've seen a Safdie Brothers movie in the past you know what you're in for, but if you haven't, think of a scene from a Robert Altman movie -- the frame stuffed with tons of people all doing something separate from each other and all talking at the same time -- and then stab it with the adrenaline shot John Travolta sticks into Uma Thurman's heart in "Pulp Fiction.

So, if you like it, want to like it, your partner maybe likes it, or if you just need to get really angry OR waste important life-time ticking, then by all means, go ahead.

Dont waste your time.

Suprising, original, enthralling and dizzyingly engaging.

Pros: Very fast, chaotic, but controlled enough to have a general structure A really believable look into another person's life and everyone he interacts with Nice soundtrack, synthy and deep, really heightened more than a few scenes Really good acting, every character is portrayed very well Intense as hellCons: Some bits of really silly writing Because of it's detail of Howard's life, some parts end up feeling bloated, uneededBest part: the Weeknd concert room, best example of the movie's speed and style Worst part: sandler saying "I'm gonna cum" when the rock comes in

It was very hard to follow the film, and because of that I felt there was very little character development.

I put this movie near the top of my worst movies of all time list, second only to Magic Mike XXL (maybe).

No storyline.

Every plot twist was so predictable it became and layers deep you knew what was coming next.

Unlike the rating this one of the worst movies I ever seen, and gave me anxiety from the obnoxious yelling.

oh and the music was confusing too.

It was boring, shot poorly (almost like someone with a video camera was just walking around...

The result is a frantic, chaotic, frequently nail-biting, sometimes claustrophobic, but always fascinating mashup of a movie.

A Gripping Monotone .

" Character studies are wonderful enough in their own right if done properly, but the added layers of insanity and impatience makes the film a truly thrilling experience that never seizes to run out of steam.

A loud, angry movie with no plot.

The worst movie...

The Stream: Typical storyline and some really bad teethThe Big Screen: An intense film that depicts the dangers of gamblingThe Final Bill: A solid movie that is best watched in a loud environment and with friends-S2SThis movie stars and I do mean stars Adam Sandler in what some may say is his best performance.

Should be an Oscar nominee Unexpected just like the late great Robin Williams .

Don't waste your time, unless you have some weird fetish for Sandler doing his old man voice, d'ed near non-stop for over 2hrs.

I feel like watching this was a waste of my time.

it made me dizzy at times), full of characters that were unpleasant and horrid, predictable, and violent.

Sandler can act, the movie was unbearable.

This film was extremly well executed at being suspenseful, fast paced, exciting and intense.

I highly recommend it.

This has to be the worst movie ever made.

Worst movie .

This movie is stressful and thrilling .

Wanted to leave after the first 5 minutes.

The pacing is very quick but to the right extent, filmed in close-up and medium close-up shots from chest or shoulders up or just a headshot of a character arguing with someone else makes the film as intriguing with support of its dialogue and writing.

Intense, full of suspence and just when he made it......

The music did a wonderful job of setting the tone for each scene and creating a very engaging movie.

The cinematography is absolutely stunning, and the soundtrack is great too (Now I've had 'Rain' by Madonna stuck in my head for the past week!

The siblings patiently build a narrative that is an unpleasant and riveting experience.

Overall the presentation, the thoroughly entertaining story and characters make this an all around well crafted film that is one of the best of the year.

Interesting / Intense .

Finally, much like Good Time, this is one of the most thoroughly unpredictable and original additions to the yearly catalog.

Boring and dull portions seem to have been emphasized.

the pointlessness of the film is a subtle joke.. the mundane lives people live...

The Worst Movie I have ever seen .

And even though the dialogue may be deemed authentic to some viewers, it still promotes ignorant stereotypes and renders the characters frustratingly one-dimensional and flat-out uninteresting.

However, if you're a person that goes to the movies for the experience, for the thrilling feeling of being on a roller coaster ride, to have yourself at the edge of your seat for the entire thing, then this is the perfect movie pic for you.

The loud weird techno trance music was distracting and took away from the whole movie , especially the critical intense scenes.

Uncut Gems is a great film with a great performance from an unexpected place.

Totally original and enjoyable.

It's never heightened but it's always dramatic, making the mundane cinematic at every turn.

Calling it suspenseful would be an understatement.

I got bored with him.

If Safdie Brothers -- given their youthful age past age 30 -- cannot make the future movies without filling in excessive and constant language, then they are problematic in their delusional thinking that the more frequent and foul the profanity is, the better and more intense the movie is.

Every play, every basket will have you on the edge of your seat.

From veteran actor Judd Hirsch, to Broadway Superstar Idina Menzel to the great (and underused, in my opinion) Eric Brogosian to the always watchable Lakeith Stanfield, Sandler was able to spar and parry with these performers at a breakneck pace that was intriguing, fascinating and hard to watch.

His performance is riveting & captivating.

This film was an endless adrenaline fueled rush, and The Safdie Brothers did a fantastic job directing.

Total and utter crap dont waste your time, the first 20 minutes is just people talking over each other to the point that you dont know what is going on and youre getting a headache.

We left the theater not interested in how it would end.

They are at their best when crafting a tension filled, fast paced thriller.

If I hadn't been with a few people, I would have walked out within the first quarter of the movie.

The protagonist didn't seem to have any redeeming quality, making me search hard for some more depth to this film, only coming up (mostly) empty-handed.

Thrilling Ride .

Boring .

The story was good in and kept me on the edge of my seat most of the time, just pay attention it's intricate, but predictable at times.

It was inventive, it was different, it was stressful, it was unexpected, it was original, it had good pacing, a good plot, and I love the ending.

The fast paced dialogue goes with the insanity.

It was super interesting and fast paced.

There is an immediacy and ever escalating drive which comes not only from the performances, but from the fast paced direction, with in-your-face, dazzling camera work mostly shot in close ups, where the performance has got to be be truthful and nuanced because there is no place for the actor to hide.

Save your money .

Uncut Gems was a thrilling movie that kept me on my toes for near the entire film.

Once the most started, I was glued to the screen, and the movie only got more and more intense.

Just know going in that it's pretty intense and graphic.

waste of time.

Waste of time .

The entire movie's plot is so predictable that I laughed at the end of the film because I knew how it would end about 20 minutes in.

Maybe, I heard a little too much about the movie before going in, hearing mostly things like "this movie keeps you on the edge of your seat" and "you keep seeing the terrible decisions he makes.

If you like gritty and intense movies, Uncut Gems is for you.

This feature has a confusing beginning and is too hectic to try to keep up with the plot.

Uncut Gems, like the propulsive engine of the film Howard Ratner, is relentless, frenetic, and fascinating to the inevitable end, and it's a masterclass in tone definition.

From Adam Sandler's riveting performance, one that proves he really has the skills when pushed to the test to pull off some of the best acting I've ever seen; to the Safdie brothers insane directing and writing skills that make you feel like your in a trance, this tension fuelled trip of gangsters and gems never slows down.

Boring .

All the gleam and glamour in some scenes help contrast with the more mundane and gritty approach to the more serious stakes that affect Howard's life.

They are formulaic and I always found his comedy kind of weird with that goofy voice he did and acting like an idiot.

Also, he start and end has some pointless CGI of travelling into a jem, up a colon and into a wound.

I hated the constant yelling and the plot line was completely predictable.

Outside of opening and ending with some questionable visuals, "Uncut Gems" will leave you on the edge of your seat and hit you with an absolute punch of a third and final act.

It's tense, uncomfortable, thrilling, amusing, and it must be seen .

Their catalogue of films at this moment seem on paper to be typical of arthouse cinema, but are so kinetic, intense, gritty, rugged and down-to-earth that they transcend into pure crowd pleasing theater-going experiences.

Loud, noisy, and empty .

Uncut gems, directed by the Safdie Brothers, is a Jam-Packed anxiety-inducing thriller, that delivers a jolt of adrenaline, right to the edge of your seat.

This is by far the worst movie I have ever seen.

The chaotic nature of the movie and the unsettlingly loud voices of the characters immersed me in the movie.

From the start of the movie, its easy to pick up that this is going to be a fast paced one.

The music was absolutely horrid, nothing flowed, no story just randomness yelling and constant agony - no let up of crappy feelings.

The directors are very exciting young filmmakers.

Completely predictable tragedies with several missed opportunities to actually thrill the audience.

" The movie is one sweaty clenched muscle of suspense, moving at a breathtaking pace.

Clearly one of the most disjointed crime "thriller" genre films ever made.

An Intense Roller-Coaster .

Adam Sandler is not only very good, but also extremely entertaining in a way that you do not want the movie to come to an end.

Rough, unpolished and dull .

The movie is intense and over the top.

Very enjoyable experience great story and performances were brilliant by all cast

IMHO terrible morality lessons, tons of swearing (F bomb dropped at least 2 to 3 times a minute), and a complete waste of my money and my time.

Don't waste your time or money.

The story seemed nearly pointless, with Howard (Adam Sandler) making more and more stupid decisions.

but i still feel like it was worth watching.

Julia Fox (remember that name folks) (channeling Marisa Tomei) plays Howard's employee and girlfriend in a stunning, breakout performance.

Critics may like this art (garbled mess) but I rank it as one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

He's a hustler who has to move faster each day to prevent the collapse of his house of cards: sports bets, pawns, loans, lies, and empty promises.

One of the worst movie I've seen in my 76 years!!

The entire film has moments that get pretty intense, but for the first and last 5 minutes, eyes bulged open, jaw on the floor, and I walked out of the theater feeling like I'd just left the circus or something.

The ending, or some variation, was pretty predictable, and none of the characters were very likable.

Well-Acted, Intense, & Obnoxious .

This movie ranks in my top 5 worst movies of all time.

The story is simply breathtaking and Sandler shines in every single scene.

The affair is engaging, entertaining, gripping, affecting and shocking in equal measure.

I liked the movie a lot , it was an intense 2 hour watch , a few twist and turn of events, Adam Sandler plays a character you absolutely dislike till the third act of the movie, he is a ruthless and devious business man who has a gambling addiction, who is consumed with scoring big at any circumstance, his performance was brilliant and manic at the same time, the overall structure of the movie moved at a fast pace and wasted no time making it's point about the Horrors of being trapped by your own deeds and the hand dealt to you because of it, a good crime thriller.

The Safdie Brothers excel as filmmakers by constantly inducing conflict throughout the film and engaging the audience from start to finish with heart-stopping tension.

There was no plot, there were no characters you felt sorry for, just a lot yelling and screaming.

We gutted it out and stayed for no other reason than to see how this dumb, pointless movie would end.

Chaos, overdone foul language, a time out was needed for the director so they could rethink the "feel" of this movie and find some good vibes in a movie that should be entertaining.

It has been a fascinating ride watching the numerous ups and downs of Adam Sandler's career.

Adam Sandler goes against type to an intense, dark, gritty work that is one of his best performances.

Story's slow, but intense, with lots of twists and turns.

The sneaky and unethical persona of Ratner is what drives the whole feature, and despite him being a horrible human being with no proper care of the people around him, everything he ends up doing just to push the limits on his schemes makes the narrative all the more fascinating.

It is really fascinating seeing the story unfold, there is a lot of unpredictability with the central character of "Howard" , which makes the film even more gripping...............

A Highly Provocative and Riveting Thriller .

As enjoyable as this was the dialogue has the characters shouting over each other quite often which comes off as difficult to understand and a little messy.

Crappy movie, waste of time and money...

The intense nature of this film ultimately lends itself to being seen.

Very very thin plot no story to develop.

Let's talk about the essence of this film, Adam Sandler materializes Howard Ratner with all his baggage, the bad and the good, he embodies this character and brings it to life, I'm really tempted to call this his best work to date, it's a big claim but it deserves it, "Punch Drunk Love" was something else but this is just breathtaking, honestly, it just wows.

Uncut gems is very enjoyable despite any negative vibes I would highly recommend it!

Watching someone make horrific mistakes, moment after moment, seems pointless.

This said, I enjoyed the suspenseful structure, even though it's constantly shouting and yelling that confound me as to who's saying who, with shaky cinematography and frenetic editing.

It's a suspenseful outing into the gritty lives of jewelers, bettors and loan sharks and goes places I didn't expect.

It was predictable, annoying, unsympathetic, confusing, frustrating.

I will admit that the near-to-the-end scene involving a bet on a game did have me on the edge of my seat.

I didn't like this movie, it's very boring.

Simply breathtaking .

Worst movie this year .

An energetic, fast paced experience that makes good use of its main star .

Relentlessly thrilling and a chaotic journey- not too far behind that movie is Uncut Gems, which I was dazzled by.

The movie is energetic and intense from the very beginning and succeeds in keeping that momentum through the whole movie till the very end and that's very impressive.

If you can ignore the rather obvious premise and the fact that the Safdies have crafted a rather one-note character for Mr. Sandler, Uncut Gems still is occasionally entertaining, with enough twists and turns in the plot, to prevent the discerning viewer from dismissing this effort outright.

Kinda Empty .

If you are super, super bored, or if you really love Adam Sandler, or if you really love synthesizer soundtracks from cheesy 1960's sci-fi space movies, or if you really just love horribly made movies, this might do it for you.


It's also amazingly compelling.

bad script + bad acting = a total waste of time!

I feel like certain plot-points, specifically with the main character's family, feel pointless by the end of the movie.

It is intense and will draw you in.

Intense - Not for everyone .

It was fast paced and well made.

Worst movie I've ever seen in the last year!.

Strange, cringeworthy, but at times intense .

For me, a good movie has to be enjoyable.

2 hours of screaming - no plot, no interesting characters, pure abuse .

Probably the worst movie I've seen...

This is one of the worst movies that I wasted my money on and I cannot believe the good reviews.

Pointless, really.

What a waste of time .

One of the worst movies I've ever tried to watch .

I enjoyed it.

Picture a boring script getting torn to shreds and neglectfully taped back together while missing key elements.

The last five minutes are the most entertaining, but still it's predictable.

It's painfully mundane watching an addict live his life and his lies.

The editing and the intense soundtrack, along with the smooth, fluid movement of the shots complements the tone perfectly.

Sandler was absolutely gripping and believable as a compulsive gambler with no redeeming qualities.

A lot of the shots are close ups and it gives off a genuinely intense feeling of claustrophobia.

Everything original, no fillers, or drawn out dialogue.

This movie is gripping from first till last.

Very fast paced, entertaining and well acted.

Suspenseful Thrilling Ride .

Everyone is constantly yelling and talking over each other it's unbearable, it gave me extreme anxiety within the first 10 minutes.

If you're one of those people that watches a movie for it's story and stick around to see how the beginning resolutes at the end then this is the absolute worst movie to watch.

This is one of the most entertaining films of the year and shows off just how mesmerizing Adam Sandler can be as a dramatic actor and screen presence when given proper material.

3 couples walked out of the theater and almost everyone was relieved when Sandler got what was coming to him.

Long and boring .

Unwatchable .

The Safdies seem experts at having things go from bad to worse in stressful but riveting ways.

What a trashy waste of time.

This movie on the other hand was unwatchable.

I was Literally on the edge of my seat the hole time Great Performance from Adam Sandler, The Safdie brothers' direction is on another level in this film.

Centered around a gambling jeweler who needs to retrieve an expensive gem to pay off his debts in New York City's Diamond District, the film took the sibling duo nearly ten years to get the green light, and all their films prior were actually made so they could prepare for a project this intense.

I'm glad I stuck through, worth the watch for the story and to see Sandler care again.

Very unique movie, so fast paced and entertaining!

There was no plot, character development, or appeal.

Worth Watching .

There's no story line anywhere and it left us unsatisfied.

Apart from some artistic choices the Safdie Brothers made that I didn't enjoy, I'd say that this was a thrilling movie I shouldn't have doubted.

It's one of the most intense movies I've ever seen and I was even sweating by the end of it.

Think of the worst movie you have ever seen in your life then times it by 100.

Adam Sandler (and the entire cast) kill it, the musical score is loud and exciting, it looks beautiful, and it has an energy that I haven't seen in any other film this year.

Save your money

The story and characters are entertaining...

It is a smart - and fast paced - film that doesn't try to "dumb it down" for the audience.

The plot was very intriguing.

Would have rather watched paint dry.

This is only the second movie I have ever left early.

Absolutely immaculate film, had me on the edge of my seat the entire length of the movie.

This was a surprising movie, lots of suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat

Huge waste of time and money .

I also thought the story interesting and gripping?

The story itself is meaningless, pointless, and fails to present a persuasive theory.

Gripping film.

Escalatingly intense; pure Safdie madness .

This is an intense and exciting look into a flawed gambler who owns a jewelry store.

No plot, no backstory, no value.

It was actually painful to sit through more than 2 hours of screaming actors dropping f-bombs with no real plot.

Save your money.

In fact, Uncut Gems is a rare treasure, a thrilling and darkly funny film.

Save your money .

If I hadn't been there with a friend, I would have walked out.


Worst movie that I can remember, and I see 30 movies in theaters a year.

Howard's death was so unexpected and brutal.

Save your money.

The writing was entertaining and the ending really did catch me off guard.

I do wish there was a little more than just flourishes of relief, though I'd be lying if I said Sandler was anything but exceptional and riveting playing degenerate crumbling right before our eyes.

With that said, it's the fact that he is a terrible person deep down and is so greedy that is what made it so engaging and unnerving at times.

Directed by Josh and Benny Safdie, who also co-wrote the meandering and predictable screenplay with Ronald Bronstein, Uncut Gems shows all the wealth, sleaze, and crassness in this world of high finance set in the Jewish Diamond District in Manhattan.

Very predictable, no incredible cinematography either.

The story is intense, suspenseful, and I was on the edge of my seat for a majority of the film.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

He's excellent in this tense & engrossing film.

Adam Sandler's performance is stunning, immersive and anxiety inducing.

Overall, I enjoyed the movie & there were some riveting scenes.

Other than that don't waste your time and money.

Starring Adam Sandler in the lead role, it is an energetic, fast paced experience that makes good use of its main star.

riveting from start to finish .

Boring Repetitive 2 hours waste of time .

The writing, immaculate direction from the Sadfie Brothers plus a score from Daniel Lopatin are sure to give you one of the most intense and morally challenging viewing experiences of this year.

Adam Sandler at His Best in Intense Crime Drama .

Endless Adrenaline .

Wow I haven't seen a movie that had me on edge of my seat in a long time, this movie was stressful, anxiety filled, funny, action packed, and drama filled.

The husband said it was the worst movie he's ever seen.

I have never gotten up and walked out of a theater mid show before....

And I won't get into spoilers, but it gets intense near the end of the film.

If there's anything I can say about Uncut Gems, is that it's a really intense thriller I wouldn't have expected Adam Sandler a part of.

He lives life on the edge ...

Its a full on film, there is lot going on at a fast paced..........

my palms were sweaty and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see if it was going to end badly like most gambling movies do.

The score, though not something that would be on my playlist, was certainly appropriate, and compelling In its way.

Ronald Bronstein, Benny Safdie, and Josh Safdie wrote an engaging script.

After watching this movie for the first time, I was honestly really confused with everything that had just happened before my eyes, but I was so bought into the film as a result of Sandler's great performance and the compelling story behind it Best movie of 2019 period

Having spent the last 2 years watching regurgitated ideas on the big screen, it's great to se something truly original and entertaining.

Seriously, it's downright riveting.

In a nutshell this movie offers No story no development of characters loud annoying music teamed up with actors who prefer to shout every line Pathetic!

However the story of the movie is a little bit odd and the movie itself is a little lengthy also the story kind of gets a little boring towards the middle/ending of the movie a lot of repetition is involved.

Its confusing, loud, without plot.

While Good Time was about likeable guys who continously fuck up in entertaining ways, Uncut Gems is about unlikeable guys who fuck up in non-entertaining ways.

Intense roller coaster ride.

Enjoyable and very gripping .

Don't waste your time or money .

Kevin G is fantastic and the new Julia Fox is amazing and absolutely stunning!

What's fascinating is how some people who've seen this film feel bad for Howard, as if he's just sick.

Although set in a realistic environment, the filmmaking does wondrous accomplishments with its limitations, like shooting a lot of the shots up close to create uncomfortability and fast paced cuts to create paranoia.

simple as that, Save your money and use your time for anything else--both are better spent elsewhere.

Entertaining movie that wasn't very good .

Between poor choices and the most horrible luck on the planet, the situations Sandler's character gets into had me on the edge of my seat, sick to my stomach and yelling at the screen.

Everytime you wish he'd just stop while he was ahead he does just the opposite making this film a frustrating yet enjoyable experience with an ending that smacks you in the face.

The story has been done before, but with Adam Sandler doing it, it's incredibly entertaining.

The hype got me in the door and now I'm bewildered to see it referred to as "brilliant" or "suspenseful.

This movie was pointless.

An intense, thrilling & steadily escalating edge-of-the-seat thriller that's palpably tense, incessantly riveting & laced with a subtle psychedelic kick, Uncut Gems is another surefire winning feature from the Safdie brothers that presents the filmmaking duo in prime form, benefits greatly from its energetic camerawork, groovy editing & swirling soundtrack, and is all the more uplifted by Adam Sandler's career-best performance.

A 2 hour anxiety attack with a gripping and heart breaking plot.

Overall very dark intense film showing that when living in discomfort and doubt one will go to desperate measures and means to survive.

The background noise, boring music, and frenetic photography often made it hard to understand what was going on.

What makes his character so compelling is the fact that his worst impulses will always get the better of him, and even if he were to win big time, he would find a another bet for the thrill of it.

Save your money .

Cool visual style, music, and engaging storyline.

Disjointed, no idea what the story was.

Please don't waste your time or money , it's godawful!

Sandler plays a total loser in this rather tense and intense crime thriller drama and it's surprisingly damn good!

Safdie brothers put together this movie in the perfect way to get you on the edge of your seat.

Horrible horrible horrible movie of the worst movies I ever seen.

I enjoyed it.

The worst movie in decades .

"Come to think of it," I added, "I'm pretty sure the last movie I walked out of was Punch Drunk Love.

Felt real and intense .

The music alone made me want to leave.

It's like standing on the edge of a high dive platform over an empty pool in a windstorm.

I have been a long-time fan of Judd Hirsch in a number of roles, most notably "Running On Empty.

Intense 135 minutes .

It is pounding and riveting with some classic 80s synth to make it slick and you can literally feel your heart race speed up and become on par with the score as the film progresses.

Couldn't handle anymore nonsense, irrelevant, lack of storyline.

The plot is vulgar, but they managed to make it entertaining in the second half mainly because of the charismatic Adam Sandler.

Intense and exciting ride that really transports you .

But individually the actors were entertaining and played their parts extremely well.

Exciting .

Jumpy, disjointed, disconcerting and pretty dull, this is a movie not worth your time.

Is "pointless" a new genre.

Was way too long.

Overall nice and interesting plot, just a little slow in the middle.

The absolute worst movie I've seen in 10 yr's .

Movie is worth watching just to see his performance and specially the ending of the movie.

Idina Menzel, Lakeith Stanfield, and Julia Fox all nail their respective roles, but it's even more stunning to see complete amateurs like Kevin Garnett (yes, the basketball player) provide convincing performances when thrown out of their comfort zone.

It's a tiresome tale of a guy with a gambling addiction.

Really entertaining and fast paced intense, well done movie worth watching.

My wife and I both got bored annoyed by the yelling and decided to leave before the end.

Keith William Richards stands out as another trope-tackling element and both the leading ladies - Fox and Menzel - do well with thankless and/or confusing roles.

I found myself yawning a couple of times etc.Regardless thank you Adam and good for you!

Uncut Gems (as well Good Time) is a masterpiece of anxiety and utter chaos in a fast paced-real time-high stakes-panic attack-wonder wheel of excitement and pleasurable pain.

For the first 40 minutes I was intrigued and invested, but by the 1 hour mark I was starting to get a bit bored.

His character embodies the ever so present high of living life on the edge.

I found the story's third act very exhilarating, gripping and especially tense.

Excruciatingly horrendously unwatchable.

A big nothing burger, don't waste your money.

Boring .

Maybe I was just expecting more but for me it was entertaining enough but still very boring.

The dialog consists of banal conversations set in a gritty world that are just too improvisatory and self-conscious, with non-stop profanity and very little wit or characters to care about Yes, it all feels quite real, but it also feels quite dull.

Left the theater was so bad .

The story, backstory, and ending is all fascinating.

This was by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen.

Worst movie ever if you only like big studio blockbusters .

Unexpected circumstances.

If you like thrilling or suspenseful movies, sports, or gambling, please do yourself a favor and watch this movie.

The Adam Sandler character was so predictable from 10 minutes into the movie you pretty much knew the story.

In any case, This movie's going down in the history books as one of the most intense rides you'll ever have on the big screen all without the help of a green-screen.

The film was gripping right from the start and was intense until the very end.

Don't waste your time.

There was basically no plot whatsoever in this movie.

One of the most suspenseful films I've seen in a while.

Consistently riveting, stylish, violent, and most of all unique, Uncut Gems is a very good film that feels like it wants to be great.

It's enjoyable

If a sleazy jeweler's scammy life interests you, please waste your money.

It's tough to watch, it's gritty, it's engaging.

Dragged my family out on Christmas night.

Hell of an intense ride Thriller/Drama.

The movie is real slow and it's weird seeing Adam Sandler doing something other than comedy.

We normally like Sandler but the pace and redundancy of the story seemed totally pointless.

I overheard a couple leaving the theater say it was hard to follow at times, and I understand.

Worst Movie I Have Ever Seen .

It seems like it was created by the type of people who think hip hop and instagram and smart phones are the most exciting things going on in our culture.

Lots a screaming; predictable .

Not sure why this scene was necessary, as nothing happened except eat up about 6 minutes of the movie.

There is a lot to like in this film which in itself is very entertaining through it's lengthy 135 minutes running time.

Don't waste your time or money .

Sandler did an amazing job and the movie leaves you on the edge of your seat for all the runtime.

BUT, it's so convoluted that it became boring after only 20 minutes or so.

For the duration of the film, we witness him juggling debt collectors, sports bets, his co-worker/girlfriend, and his family, and it's riveting.

This movie with the stupidest boring story line.

Fast paced movie with people endlessly yelling at each other but the movie is dull and stagnant for the most part.

One person said, "this was the worst movie I've ever seen.

That´s how much I enjoyed it.

When we left the theater a sigh a relief for escaping the onscreen madness.

The other people in the main characters life where dull and uninteresting....

All over the place, no plot point.

Its one note, unrelenting, gets to be tedious.

This is, hands down, the absolute worst movie that I have ever seen.

I was on the edge of my seat most of the movie.

Between the main characters shady deals, women, gambling and bad debts, it was just too hard to follow from segment to segment.

Intense and solid performance from Sandler .

This is a thoroughly pretentious movie that never captures the attention.

The woman at the counter who provided us a rain check shared,"Yeah, I walked out halfway through, too.

very predictable and pace is just awful.

I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Yes, this film is gripping from beginning to end, and that began to wear on me.

Uncut Gems is a well-acted, intense, and obnoxious movie.

Don't waste your time.

Good Time showed that they are masters of tension and momentum, with their impressive culmination of unique characters, editing, dialogue and of course musical scores, and Uncut Gems further cements that they are not only masters of tension, but they are truly two of the most exciting rising filmmakers right now.

It's a solid movie that keeps you interested and has a final sequence that does in fact keep you on the edge of your seat.

A character study in thrill addiction (gambling, sex, risk, adrenaline) .

For an audience not well versed in the subject of sports betting and the financial tricks being played, the relentless pace, while exciting, is also frequently annoying.

Stupid people acting stupidly in a manner that feels contrived and bizarre.

Intense movie...

Very confusing plot, everybody screaming and some very bad acting (Sandler was a B+).

Another notable aspect here would be the score, which somehow turns the most dire of moods into a comforted way of viewing the intense moments that just happened onscreen; something out of an old 80s Sci-Fi movie.

The film is fast paced with frantic conversations with people talking over each other, which although relentless, maybe helps to portray the gambling addicted adrenalin junky of a jeweller.

This is probably one of the worst movies I've seen all year.

Surprisingly Intense.