Uncut Gems (2019) - Crime, Drama, Thriller

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With his debts mounting and angry collectors closing in, a fast-talking New York City jeweler risks everything in hope of staying afloat and alive.

IMDB: 7.5
Director: Benny Safdie
Stars: Adam Sandler, Julia Fox
Length: 135 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 232 out of 1000 found boring (23.2%)

One-line Reviews (503)

This is by far the worst movie I've seen all year and I feel like 134 minutes of my life have been stolen from me.

Horrible movie -- let me count the ways: It's loud, obnoxious, crude, boring, tedious, repetitious, inane, and dumb.

Like everyone said it's just too much yelling which makes it unbearable to watch and listen.

This movie is unbearable.

It was like watching a slow drawn out couple of days with a loser jewel thief and gambling addict with no story line and no great acting.

Total waste of your time,.

Insanely gripping .

An Adam Sandler movie worth watching.


A torture to watch, a headache in the morning .

This is the worst movie I've seen in a long time.

Bad to worse to why did I waste my time .

Like the disco sound when the main fella was checking up the gaff which was left actually empty...

I do need to mention that the pace is quite a bit slow (without making the movie dull), and at times I did feel that maybe too much time was spent with me waiting for some clue as to what was meant to happen.

The plot a slow and boring.

I stopped watching half way through, plot was boring and the characters are uninterestingly yelling at each other.

Most engaging film i've seen in years.


Fantastic and thrilling ride from beginning to end.

Waste of time .

But after 10 minutes into the movie you start to realize this is going to be an adrenaline fueled rush coupled with yelling and cursing throughout, to the point of it feeling exhausting.

Long and boring .

The plot bored me.

This was predictable.

He was trying so hard, that there was no acting as I could see, just tiresome trying....

Boring, annoying, waste of time .

A dull and uninteresting film that's only draw card is Adam Sandler acting.

The entire movie carried this intense energy that had me psyched up, including sandler himself who played the role so well and with such charisma.

I guess it's artistic, but probably of the pretentious sort.

Most boring movie .

A thrilling, addictive, anxiety attack of a film made with a level of technical assurance and mastery that's rarely equalled - with Adam Sandler in a career redefining performance.

They manage to keep you on the edge of your seat through Sandler's performance and energetic editing, which maintains that sense of anxiety and stress that we're suppose to feel.

There's no plot other than Sandler handing over a million dollar opal to Kevin Garnett, then his trouble getting it back from the scheister thus they both run with, all punctuated by LOTS and LOTS of SCREAMING.

I don't understand the great critic reviews, as this was the worst movie I've ever seen.

There is no story , no plot just ends abruptly.

Worth watching .

Absolute trash, loud, predictable plot, annoying music .

Not recommended, kind of boring and all adam does is keep screaming until his voice is stuck on your head, and the plot twist?

This movie will take you on trip, a very fast trip that will lead you to an unexpected destination.

A plus, it features the most riveting TV basketball match shown inside a movie; and I am not a sports fan.

Unwatchable.. The first 10 minutes with the terrible background music and everyone talking over each other is deafening.

If you are intrigued by that type of social/anti-social dichotomy, or even better know someone like that, then you will bravely navigate through the chaos in the bulk of the movie to a riveting denouement.

A waste of time.

Waste of time .

Waste of time .

Stressful and hard to follow, just like that last sentence.

Worst movie I ever watched.

Absolutely adrenaline-pumping and another great film by the Safdie Brothers!

Truly one of the worst movies it has been my misfortune to watch!

Boring feom the beggining.

The film had an unrelenting pace about it, constantly moving to the best of the downward spiral of the protagonist Howard Rather (Sandler) and became increasingly more intense as the steaks were raised higher and higher.

Disappointing and a waste of time .

No plot.

I didn't really understand what was going on as it wasn't written well, and the ending was abrupt and pointless.

Totally unwatchable, laced with meaningless profanity and misguided adulation for a sports star.

My recommendation to anyone considering watching this movie is don't waste your time.

I'd recommend if you've exhausted Netflix of anything worth watching and you have 2 hours to kill or need something to fall asleep to.

It's one of the worst movies I've seen.

No real plot or plot development.

Lots of yelling, dragged out scenes about the main actor who's on a streak of bad luck and decisions.

The plot is face paced and the story is gripping.

His character Arno portrayed the habits of an adrenaline compulsive gambler ALWAYS ON THE EDGE; ALWAYS ON THE GO with perfection by using other people's money without taking into consideration the consequences of his greed, gambling addiction and monies owed to loan sharks.

It's unbearable to watch.

I found the experience of spending a day in the life of a wheeling and dealing jewel salesman highly entertaining.

Even so, I was able to watch it till the predictable end, whose main message about addiction(s) is not concealed enough to engage the viewer thinking.

Strangely compelling .

Fast paced and totally unexpected from Adam Sandler this movie keeps you guessing till the end.

Remarkable, suspenseful, heartfelt.

Waste of time.

What's fascinating about the film, and what's stayed with me, is the way the film uses sound to make you match emotions with its protagonist.

This was one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Lastly, sure, the ending had good anticipation, probably the best part of the movie, but the final moments were absolutely stupid and pointless.

Very confusing, not sure what was happening.

Boring boring movie.

Some intense scenes.

But even the best made movie about them is more nauseating than fascinating.

" There are only so many times the story can reinforce the bad situation the protagonist is in - it becomes extremely repetitive,, with no resolution in sight.

An intense, exhilarating, and anxiety-inducing movie-going experience...

If you like shouting and no script...

All the yelling got me really bored and thinking...

Here, as Howard, complete with goatee, fancy glasses, "club" clothes, he is a portrait of a man living on the edge.

I found the music irritating and although true to life, the actors talking or shouting over each other made it difficult to follow conversations and at times became downright annoying.

This movie is definitely worth the two hours and fifteen minutes sitting on the edge of your seat!

In my opinion this movie balances on a thin line between good and bad, between entertaining and annoying.

No plot!

The movie is slow at first.

Two plus meandering hours of frenetic plotless, pointless, handheld photography with absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Unlike other thrillers, Uncut Gems provides a low key, slow burn thrill that keeps you on edge till the very final moments.

Don't waste your time .

If you didn't know 10 minutes into this long, pointless film that Sandler's character was going to die , then you are a moron.

Unbearable to watch, loud and annoying .

Uncut Gems is a gripping and heart-pounding experience .

Uncut Gems is two hours of collective adrenaline spikes and I highly recommend it.

"Uncut Gems" finds Adam Sandler in another foray outside the world of comedy and he cuts a fine performance as the fruity-looking and bustling world-weary lead character whose testing of fate leads to his abrupt and unexpected downfall.

The film went nowhere at all, until the last ten minutes.

Super intense .

Worst movie I have ever seen .

Repetitive and Boring .

The movie could have doubled its box office with a safe Hollywood ending; but kudos for the gutsy depiction to seemingly glorify flawed humanity, living on the edge, until displaying the repercussions of falling off.

For some unbearable reason I was compelled to watch it to the end because I had to see his loathsome character meet his demise, and even then I questioned if he would get up at the end as the head shot was in his cheek.

It is repetitive, irritating, filled with unnecessary language and just a dull experience for the viewer.

It was edge of your seat action packed and has a wild plot twist in the end of the movie.

The ending was predictable and I knew it from the first fifteen minutes.

Unrelenting and intense tour de force .

An overly busy, disjointed bag of yelling and swearing and more swearing.

It's an anxiety filled existence but it's exciting!

It was boring and filler.

Intense drama of disgusting people .

Adam Sandler trying his best to imitate Al Pacino at his worst does not appall, it is cheered, silencing the corpse writing, direction and producing, obscuring the lord of the flies underlying it, begetting confusion atop confusion.

Hard to follow.

That was INTENSE!

I forgot how the NBA playoffs went in 2012, so that last game really had me on the edge of my seat and hoping that Howard's bet would be a success.

This movie is slow.

We saw it in the (packed) theater and everyone was biting their nails on the edge of their seats, groaning at every wrong choice Howard made.

Bad day scene after bad day scene made this mess of a film repetitive and boring.

With that said, it's the fact that he is a terrible person deep down and is so greedy that is what made it so engaging and unnerving at times.


Acting sublime, such a unique and irritatingly intense character really brought up to 11 by Adam.

Love this intense film!

This movie dragged on and on - at one point I actually asked out loud, "Is this movie ever going to end?

This was a sheer waste of time.

The Safdie brothers continue to solidify themselves as some of the most exciting filmmakers working in the thriller genre.

In the course of the whole view, the audience can feel the shock of the eardrum, the confusion of the mind, the eagerness to sit on the edge of the chair for Howard, and be caught by the anxiety, curiosity and excitement that can't be stopped, and eventually the unexpected blow.

All the shouting is exhausting and boring.

Tedious journey as an unpleasant person has unpleasant things happen to him .

If you want to waste two hours of your life then watch this film.

That crazy making mixed messaging of arbitrary purposelessness has happened because this is a movie of the damned, and all movies of the damned, full of fire and devoid of light and characterized by confusion, deliver the devil living there with a direct line to manipulate audiences away from properly condemning evil, the truth eaten by a horde of ghastly locusts, happily accepting that timeless nothingness is meaningful and objectively undistorted, sending the small helpless collective audience brain bursting, like a fish gasping for air crushed underneath the fisherman's boot, assuming Sandler's performance must be accepted with impunity.

It has turned out to be one of the worst movies I've ever tried to watch.

Such a Waste of Time .

What a waste of money

Incredibly tense and entertaining.

Except that, this movie is boring, without purpose and waste of time.

The lack of likeable characters, the confusing music score, and the over-the-top language can be disorienting.

It's also confusing- there are many plot holes and way too many side characters.

Stupid and boring.


Could be one of the worst movies of the year....

Noisy, fast paced and ridiculous .

Not only it doesnt work, it is so annoying that i wanted to turn it off whenever the music starts in the movie.

Absolute pointless.. No direction to the movie.. No likeable characters.. nothing..absolute Shambles of a movie!!

"So sobs Howard, the adrenaline-junkie diamond dealer gambling addict played by Adam Sandler in "Uncut Gems.

It was 2 hours of people yelling followed by a predictable ending.

Waste of time.

It is fast paced and jarring and that is a huge part of the dead here.

I strongly recommend everyone to watch this movie because it's simply amazing, it has an intense and interesting plot and an unbelievable interpretation by Adam Sandler that everybody has to watch.

Too fast paced for its own good.

I feel bad that Adam Sandler actually took this role, because thus film is a chaotic mess that unless you are a jeweler, with an intricate knowledge on how to sell jewlery to Rappers and Basketball players, as well as an intricate knowledge on the jewel trade in NYC, you will be so confused from start to that flat, dull thud of an end.

The film takes you on an anxiety rollercoaster from start to finish through intense overlapping dialogue that feels very reminiscent of Tarantino.

Only critisism being is the Saftie Brothers did the 'kill the main character card' in 2017s Good time, so it was a little predictable.

I like to think I'm not particularly prudish about swearing, but when that's all there seems to be and it's delivered at top volume it all gets a little tedious.

The audience is drawn to and immersed in his fast pace of life, his endless mistakes and corrections, as well as his stressful struggle to regain control over his life.

Very fast paced and the story of Howard is wonderful.

By the end of the film the audience will very much be on the edge on their seats waiting in anticipation of whats to come simultaneously anxious about the film.

His character was pointless, besides showing that he was a liar and irresponsible too.

The characters are disgusting or boring or awful or annoying.

This movie is entertaining as long as you don't mind a lot of adults regularly yelling.

A majority of the film was a shouting match littered with cusses and disjointed conflict.

While the story was predictable, and the abrupt ending was also completely predictable, the story was left unfinished.

I was sweating while watching this, soo intense.


An unapologetic adrenaline shot to the senses.

Their style of photography is a really fascinating blend of 70's/80's style long-shot cinematography with a more modern mix of quick-cuts and close-ups.

One of the most boring films I have ever attempted to watch, usually no matter how bad I stick with it.


Movies depicting addicts and adrenaline junkies aren't for everybody.

All in all the audio and visuals make the movie unwatchable and if you where to read the story or tell it in a more calm and organised fashion it would be slow and predictable.

Stressful waste of time .

The story is predictable and quite honestly dumb.

Please don't waste youre time on this movie

Sandler's performance overshadowed by cliché plot line .

Please don't waste your time


It's about a Jewish con man/gambler and that's all you need to know because the rest is just exhausting, pointless drivel.

Messy and confusing, don't believe the hype .

A waste of time .

This movie is a 2 hours waste of anyone's time.

I think this was the worst movie I've ever seen.

One of the worst movies I've seen in awhile.

Apart from the Julia character, the other actors involved actually look bored playing their parts.

A violently fast paced story line , an intense cinematography , a well delivered performances from the actors .. this movie has all what you need !

I'm 16 and I've seen my fair share of movies, everything from the greats (Shawshank, Platoon, Natural Born Killers, Citizen Kane, etc.) to the stinkers (Troll 2, Stone Cold, etc.). This movie easily tops the list of the most intense films that I have ever seen.


But this story looked entertaining and it's not a comedy so I gave it a shot, and to be honest I did enjoy it.

I can't think of anything good to say about this slow movie, no real plot, no message, empty.

This movie was intense.

No plot problems.

Waste of time, it's just shouting and screaming for no reason..just noise Who calls this a movie ?

Loved the intense of it.

Slow start - great finish .

Really boring.

boring .

This is tedious and just time wasting filler.

Sandler embodies the role, the character study is fascinating, the people playing themselves are solid, the screenplay is strong.

Every time I make the mistake of giving a series or film by netflix a chance and every time again it's a waste of my time, as with this film.

Then just to add chaos to the confusion they added a weird 70s/80s style soundtrack that is so loud you have to put subtitles on to figure out what everyone is saying all at once.

I can't evaluate the movie as a whole, or give an opinion of Adam Sandler's performance since I couldn't get past the first 10 minutes because of the loud and inappropriate foreground music which drowned out all dialog and made it unwatchable.

Further, there is a thrilling climax with many surprises and twists to add further impact to this movie.

Worst waste of time ever watching this lame movie that ends awful!

One of the worst movies i have ever seen.

The worst movie ever .

The last bit is rather exciting and includes some very real (and expected) outcomes.

I'm still trying to understand the hype about this movie : noisy, confusing, and a bad sound.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

But Julia fox and her thick booty was worth watching

Besides that its a kinda boring story for more than two hours which isn't easy to watch .. I was mostly bored and won't watch it again..

This is movie is suspenseful, heartfelt, genuine and surprisingly comedic all at once.

A geniusly intense movie, not for light hearted viewers .

Predictable storyline - not sure where there high reviews came from?!

Don't waste your time to watch this movie, as I did.

Don't waste your time.

The movie was very chaotic and hard to follow at times with some very poor dialogues.

Believe the bad reviews and don't waste your time

One of the most exciting films of the year.

Movie started out really weird and the background music for the first ten minutes was unbearable.

It's the worst movie I've ever seen.

This has now made it to my worst movie of all time.

Perhaps, these flaws could have been quelled either with a more tightly-edited production to "remove the fluff and non-essential characters," OR through a multi-part series with time to develop deeper, more authentic characters and remove any confusion in the production, thereby establishing rapport with the viewer extending beyond the final scene.

Long run-time for a slim plot, didn't have the stylistic flourish to justify it but just about held me to the end due to Sandler's great performance and occasionally engaging script.

The end was predictable from the first 15 minutes.

Looks more like a commotion and ruckus, rather than a compelling story telling.

Don't waste your time.

It felt too disjointed for me.

There is drama, but in a repetitive kind of way.

A fast paced movie with the guy trying to keep on top of things with high stakes and losses and wins coming close on each other tails.

His perfectly timed blank stare of confusion in the copious moments of chaos throughout the film are perfectly in tune with its styling of setting and story.

Waste of time .

Waste of time .

The movie hits you like a bolt of adrenaline.

Too much fuss about a boring movie.

I admit, I was on the edge of my seat rooting for Howard to succeed, even though he didn't gain my sympathy.

So gripping.

The end was so unexpected, absolutely amazing!

It's more enjoyable even tho you already know the outcome of the movie (and NBA game).

Though the plot isn't too layered, It was gripping the whole length of the film.

There are parts that go on way too long (like the walking!?

Don't waste your time.

Movie is too long.

It was as entertaining as watching my friends bet on a game and then watching them watch said game.

Hectic, difficult to follow, uninteresting story.

It's boring.

Don't waste your time.

Just don't waste your time watching it

The story behind the opal rock is chilling when you think about it and the way it hynotizes KG is downright compelling and as a deep seated horror lover it was even creepy to me.

No story, no lesson, no events.

Really really unbearable.

Please hear me out, DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!

Let me start off by saying that after watching about 1h I had to turn off the TV and find something else to do because this was just tiring and upsetting.

It's very entertaining.

The Safdie's have proven themselves masters of intense film making!

A waste of time in my opinion.

Unbearable non-stop shouting .

The movie is really intense.

Unexpected and incredible .

There were many intense scenes, shouting and chasing that makes you think adam might die any minute.

Uncut Gems is the worst movie ever made.

They've fabricated this fast paced, anxiety ridden character piece about Howard's gambling addiction and his need to win.

Don't waste your time...

Boring rubbish, give it a miss.

Simply Stunning .

He is intense, funny and captivating.

So the movie is thrilling because you see this man who is getting in worse trouble every time he moves and you are interested in knowing if and how he will come out of the situation.

The majority of the film is boring as you struggle to get through the monoluge or even believe in any of the characters.

The central character has no redeeming qualities at all: smart ass, bad father/husband, and his endless bouts with black customers and mob bosses is just a huge mess that is a waste of time.

It is boring and nothing happens.

Bottom line: There's no story to tell.

The truth actually is that when they all talk together, mistakes cant be heard so easy and bad acting hides behind the confusion.

Story is boring.

Adam Sandler shows his acting chops here by doing some sort of conglomerate imitation of Cagney, Pacino, and DeNiro all rolled into 2+ tedious hours of shouting, pushing, and unconvincing toughness signifying nothing.

The ending was unexpected.

waste of time .

I began to zone out during the first half of Uncut Gems - it was people talking over one another constantly, which gets tiresome very quickly.

Howard is the most annoying character I've witnessed in my whole life and it makes watching this movie unbearable.

Unbearable .

People keep talking on each other, creating confusion.

Here he's living on the edge every minute of the day, in a high stakes world that threatens to blow up any minute.

While it was completely unexpected, I just did not understand why would they kill Howard off after they were all going to get paid.

I found this movie about as 'entertaining' as a root canal.

Worth the watch regardless.

Gripping, All The Way To The Final Scene.

Completely predictable.

definitely a film worth watching!

no meaning, no story, no nothing.

Boring and drags out .

Critics must be getting bored if they're pushing this rubbish.

This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

Worst movie ever .

The cinematography is beautiful, the acting is fantastic, the story is tense, exciting, and very well thought-out, and the ending will most likely catch you completely off guard.

It's so fast paced that it makes you want to vomit!

Intense enjoyable mess .

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING happened so far.


Honestly up there with the one of the worst movies I have seen!

Chaotic and hard to follow.

Unwatchable .

I just got really bored and didn't really vibe with what was happening in the movie.

Waste of time .

It was kinda boring.

It was heading nowhere with other characters coming in and out and a storyline more boring than me catching a train to work everyday.

Waste of time .

The title says it all; no story at all, the same panels follow each other with no development and constant yelling abou money: "where is my money?

What an epic waste of time.

From there, it's an intense, heart stopping thriller with Sandler constantly trying to get his money back to endless horrible results, trying to sell the opal at an auction, balancing his relationship with his wife (Idina Menzel) and his mistress (newcomer Julia Fox).

This is unbearable.

When many people critique the 'messy' overlook of this movie I found it entertaining and intriguing.

Don't waste your time.

A glass scratching, finger crunching film that has so bad in lots of ways and yet so fast thrilling in others.



I agree with the other reviews that describe the abrasive yelling and pacing, with next to no story or character development.

Scenes dragged on with So much shouting and talking over each other it got really irritating.

Unwatchable .

well it was tiresome for me to watch it.

The show is very intense, and keeps you moving on your feet, it never slows down every minute of it is intense and stakes keeps on rising.

I was on the edge of my seat near the end.

It was stressful and predictable.

It's frantic, unpredictable, exhausting, anxious, paranoid, visceral, and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Dialogue tries to be real and raw replete with f words but comes out as repetitive and annoying.

Do yourself a favour and don't waste your time watching this movie that consists of horrible music, a lot of yelling, swearing and too much Adam Sandler.

It's just unbearable.

The editing and pacing Is definitely intense.

They manage to make one of the most suspenseful films of the year, with a fantastic score, incredible acting and resourceful directing.

By the end of the movie almost half the people had left the theater because it was such a waste of time.

Ya please don't waste your time and if you have kids and actually love them, don't play it at any point while they are in the room.

The pace makes it impossible for the audience to get bored.

Borefest, with a lot of shouting!

From the intense direction, and the unnoticeably masterful editing, a good movie is warranted by how well all of the tools are used to expand the unique story being told, and all of those tools were firing on all cylinders for Uncut Gems.

Uncut Gems is intense, stressful and chaotic.

But overall I sorted the movie more to the category waste of time.

Waste of time .

Wooden, boring acting.

Boredom On Top Of Chaos .

Entertaining at times .

People speak over each other, loud obnoxious soundtrack, 80's feel, unlikeable protagonist, no story line to speak of.

Not so with Gemstones, a porous, pus infected scam burning with aborted rage and banal commonplace of regurgitated themes.

The movie is slow, boring and you create zero emotional connection with anyone because you want everyone to just stop talking and the movie to end ASAP.

Make the film quite bored to watch!

Don't waste your time folks!

Worst movie ever .

This movie was an intense roller coaster that had me gripped throughout.

By far Adam Sandler best work to date, my eyes couldn't leave the screen for a second, intense as hell.

Unbearable .

I'm not sure which parts could have been cut out specifically, but I was honestly getting bored towards the end.

This movie is so incredible boring, that I'm writing this review while watching it in the background.

Tautly paced, emotionally gripping and full of tension and energy.

Enjoyed it .

Absolutely tedious .

Constant people talking over each other and the relentless score was unbearable.

Movie is incredibly intense and gave me a sense of anxiety different to any other thrillers.

The plot in 'Uncut Gems' is convoluted and it can be very difficult to follow exactly what is happening because it moves at such a relentless pace.

This is a waste of time .

Great acting (yes some predictable), I especially thought Garnett did well.

The characters were boring.

The tension is unbearable at times, and I say this in a positive way of course, meaning the movie achieved it's primary intentions, as I see it.

It is a good enjoyable movie and definitely worth a watch.

This movie came highly recommended by friends as a thrilling ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

I enjoyed it even more on rewatched, it is definitely closer to a 4.5/5. Uncut Gems is like having a panic attack.

No plot - Just an interminable sequence of stupid actions done stupidly.

Overall the movie had me on the edge of my seat due to the stupidity of the main character.

If you got two hours to waste it's enjoyable.

It gets your heart beating fast in suspenseful moments...

The first 11 minutes are basically unwatchable.

Dialogue omg intense dialogue.

For real, don't waste your time unless you enjoy being constantly stressed out and being bombarded by roiling anxiety.

but I kind of just enjoyed it.

What I thought was the most intriguing thing about the movie is that it appears to be a comedy underneath the veneer of a thriller movie.

This is not a film to put on as an 'easy watch film good film' by any means, but both the soundtrack, cinematography and acting keep you on the edge your seat throughout.

The plot was very intriguing.

Don't waste your time

There's really very little plot, its basically real life tv style film making, watching Sander's life implode as he makes bad choice after bad choice for no apparent reason.

Pointless movie.

It belonged to the most boring movies I saw.

Sandler Shines in Manic Adrenaline Rush .

This is why it is unexpected and captivating.

Absolutely breathtaking.

Boring and not worth the watch .

Chaotic, stressful, and intense.

It was definitely worth watching.

Worst Movie of the Decade -- Maybe the Century .

Boring .

Love it or hate it, it's worth watching.

The intro itself took nearly 12 months of totally nothing happening apart from the main character getting a colonoscopy.

But that was eclipsed by the horrible and pointless script.

He was utterly deplorable as a person but was a great leading character for the film, always engaging throughout.

Don't waste your time or money on this forgettable flop.

Waste of anyone's time.

Boring .

I don't recommend watching, overall a waste of time.

A thoroughly enjoyable film, Sandler at his best, and undeservingly snubbed by the Academy.

Unique, anxiety inducing, intense, and shocking.

If you wanna see a bunch of yelling with a predictable finish and bad soundtrack, save yourself a lot of time by watching "Jerry Springer" clips on YouTube.

Waste of time .

It is confusing, hard to hear with all the background noise including the soundtrack.

Please don't waste your time to watch it.

No spoilers here, just gonna say be prepared to watch such an intense movie that you may have to take a couple of breaks at some of the high level parts to catch your breath.

I think its his worst movie by far--and he's made some real dogs in his time.

When his assistant Demany (LaKeith Stanfield) brings in Kevin Garnett (playing himself) to peruse the shop, Howard, in his typically frenzied enthusiasm, weaves a tale so compelling that KG insists on borrowing the opal for good luck.

Worst movie in a long time.

Well, quite a lot tedious actually.

This movie was super compelling.

Yelling, swearing, no story to follow, it's just chaotic tension through the whole movie.

There seems to be no real plot, other than Sandler's constant stupidity, and not a single likeable character on the screen.

Worst movie that was ever made - 0 star .

Total waste of time.

To much confusing and can't understand nothing!

We just watched this film and thought it was a complete trash, waste of our time.

This is an intense and exhilarating movie-going experience.

Intense and exhilarating from start to finish.

Uncut Diamonds is in the top 5 worst movies I have ever seen.

The movie itself is a fast paced whirlwind of stress and excitement.

Scenery is fake, characters are fake and no story line.

Bad movie Shouting and Speak loudly there is no plot in this movie It caused me headache 🤕 My review 1 out of 10

Unusually Intense.

However, while that applies to a (too) few good moments in the movie (basically the second half), most of the time it's just a boring, noisy mess that's painful to watch.

It was unbearable.

I got bored to tears pretty early on and luckily my husband had had more than enough about an hour in.

Plot is boring and you know how it ends.

Sound director fell asleep .

Don't waste your time and avoid a headache .

Entertaining, engaging, unexpected and heart-felt.

It's exciting, its surprising, it's realistic, it's magical.

With all the hype,plus the main topic being bets,and Kevin Garnett in it,I expected a very entertaining movie to watch.

But unlike your average Tarantino movie, this dialogue is loud, fast and above all, utterly pointless.

Even so, the anxiety of the film, and some of its duller moments, in my opinion overall detract from what I believe was close to being a big hit for me and my filmophile experiences.

I guess there was no script and director just let actors talk and yell.

This is the most frustrating & stressful movie I've ever watched ,, it was kinds gripping tho!

From the intrusive, cacophonous soundtrack to the predictable storyline to the obscene caricatures to the frenetic directing to the unbearable yelling of lines ....

The character is at once hideous and compelling, complex and confusing.

" Taking place over the course of a couple of days, "Uncut Gems," directed by Josh and Benny Safdie, hurtles along a narrow track over a yawning abyss, following Howard as he attempts to pay down his huge gambling debts by, of course, placing increasingly risky bets.

Him playing this dark gritty and charismatic gambler was thrilling.

Complete waste of time.

Thrilling from start to end .

I was on the edge of my seat and in a constant state of suspense throughout the entire runtime.


Through a sense of immediate adrenaline throughout the entire film, where every character is trying talk over the other, Sandler commands real attention....

2 hours of pure waste of time.

bad .. boring .. ugh.

Completely unwatchable.

Boring And too much shouting.

A Frantic Bore .

It has been a fascinating ride watching the numerous ups and downs of Adam Sandler's career.

I rarely stop watching in the middle of a movie, but both for me and my boyfriend it was unbearable.

The plot is hysterically predictable.

Good grief what a waste of tIme....

This ones a little more intense.

Extremely predictable from start to finish.

If you are being forced to watch it, please, take some anti-stress pill before watching it, because besides making people tensed, and stressed, and waste 2-3h of their life...

Worth the watch when the mood strikes to watch something dramatic and a bit dark.

They go even further and make "Uncut Gems" one of the most entertaining movies released in 2019.

The movie is frantic, chaotic and a total trip but it's also unwatchable because of it.

Otherwise it is quite possibly the worst movie I've finished in the last few years.

What a waste of time.

This movie was INTENSE.

From the opening scene everything about this movie is absolute garbage, dont waste your time, dont believe the rave reviews, dont be drawn in by the trailer, had to turn it off after about an hour, loud, pointless, unwatchable rubbish

Worst movie ever .

How exciting?

The visual effects were long winded and confusing and interrupted what little story pacing there was.

However, this is film is notable for being somewhat dull in places - in my opinion.

This was drawn out and could have been much shorter.

The camera shots are strange and confusing at times.

The overall performance effect of the film has reached between the two experiences of confusion and weariness, and the control and coordination are just right.

I almost stopped watching before the end of the movie because I expected it to be just more chaos with a predictable ending.

Boring .

It was painful to watch, worst than just a waste of time

In its rough-edged style and frenetic pacing, the chaos and confusion takes over leaving out traditional movie tropes and explores unfamiliar territory.

I don't know if this movie will lend itself to rewatching, but it was a memorable enough first viewing that I found absolutely thrilling

Filled with unnecessary scenes of filler; just an absolute bore!

Mesmerizing thriller, propelled by an awe-inspiring act from Adam Sandler, _Uncut Gems_ is super gripping, smart, darkly humorous and heart-breaking, in almost equal measures.

A waste of time.

If you're in the mood for an intense, unflinching look at life on the edge, this is a good choice for you.

The film is chaotic, loud, stressful, intense, beautiful to look at and even funny at times.

This is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

One of the worst movies I have seen .

Lame music, poor story, slow, just a full waste of a movie night.

This movie was so intense.

I have the mouth of a sailor, but still thought there was too much swearing and yelling to make the plot enjoyable.

Apart from that a good movie with an unpredictable ending.

A brilliant slow burn thriller, featuring a captivating performance by Adam Sandler .

From Uncut Gems' breathtaking acting to the masterful dialogue and writting, the film is truly to be praised for It's extreme intensity and Adam Sandlers dramatic performance!

I was on the edge of my seat for most of the movie.

Some scenes are dragged, and they actually lose the original purpose of creating tension and climax.

Need I say more, had to stop after an hour of pointless drivel.

Thought it was a camp movie at some points because it was so unwatchable.

The soundtrack is dumb, yes, but the movie as a whole is different in good and bad ways: confusing, stressful, tiring...

Very suspenseful with great actors that'll keep you on edge the entire movie.

This is an excellent and very intense film, with extremely good character development as we are watching the life of a gambling addict unfold.

A film that allows me to cause headaches, boredom, anxiety and countless bad feelings

Unexpected ending in a negative way.

The ending was so unsatisfying and pointless.

Too intense, no breathers.

Action from start to finish, this movie was the unexpected gem of 2019.

This movie ruined my whole night, pointless and not a single moment where you don't feel annoyed.

Sandler plays the role surprisingly well, but the characters are difficult to like and the storyline starts off difficult to follow and then fades into nothing.

But other than that, the rest 1 and half hr is just boring and annoying.

Everybody is yelling CONSTANTLY, score from the 80s is UNBEARABLE, dialogues is not clear because everyone is yelling over each other and the characters actions just doesn't make sense.

Boring .

Acting is VERY good but, the movie is boring.

I was involved, engaged and on the edge of my seat.

The movie definitely keeps you engaged with Sandler's stellar performance, intense high-action cinematography and unpredictability.

It's absolutely worth watching, especially since I seem to be on the low side.

Safdie brothers are amongst the most exciting directors today, they take chances, they have a unique and specific vision, they don't compromise to reach a wider audience or sell more merch, even if you don't like their stuff per se that's something any fan of movies should respect and encourage.

Sandler's character is very compelling and I found myself rooting for him even though he is a bit of a scumbag.

I was bored ten minutes into the movie.

The end is thrilling and you dont know what to expect.