Under the Silver Lake (2018) - Comedy, Crime, Drama

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Sam, a disenchanted young man, finds a mysterious woman swimming in his apartment's pool one night. The next morning, she disappears. Sam sets off across LA to find her, and along the way he uncovers a conspiracy far more bizarre.

IMDB: 6.5
Director: David Robert Mitchell
Stars: Andrew Garfield, Riley Keough
Length: 139 Minutes
PG Rating: R
Reviews: 59 out of 216 found boring (27.31%)

One-line Reviews (137)

Only a compelling plot and excellent script can hold interest for this long.

If you can really appreciate true cinema and love some Easter eggs hunting go watch it, otherwise you'll fall asleep in less than a hour if you're only a superficial viewer.

The film does suffer from being a bit too long and slow with the next passage not being as interesting as the last.

Under the Silver Lake is a pretentious, self-indulgent, convoluted, overlong mess.

Self Indulgent Tripe masquerading as art .

And now we know the Silver Lake represented in the film is far from interesting, it's down right bland, empty, hollow and yearning for a creative spark, which is probably an insult to the people that inhabit the area.

One of the worst movies I've ever watched.

This seems to be happening more and more these days in films, is it a lack of talent in storytelling , a pretentious trend or just plain laziness masquerading as 'art'.

I was way more bored than I was interested.

Please don't waste real time in your life on this movie.


party" sequence on a downtown rooftop full of bland L.

Hopping from one character to another, this investigation process is fortunately valid till the first hour, after which the film shifts into a thrilling chase that consists of typical clue solving scenarios and unknown territories invaded blatantly and unprepared by our protagonist in order to keep your heart pumping.

This is what "boring" means...

Unwatchable Mess .

for example : the drone scene where the two guys wait for the "model" girl to show up, it lasts way too long and it doesn't add anything, the girl is seen crying , and the characters doesn't seem to care....

But the repetitive skunk thing stank.

What an exercise in pointless drivel.

I'm pretty sure the writers must have been on drugs, because there was no other way to come up with something so weird, senseless and dull.

It was a really good work and showed that horror films could be intensely entertaining without the jump scares.

What a pretentious vacuous excuse of a flick.

The film has a languid tone and paints a vivid picture of Los Angeles, in the tradition of the great L.

Gets lost in its own self-indulgent nonsense and adds up to nothing.

Too long, but entertaining.

Garfield puts on a great performance in this dark thriller chasing the proverbial 'girl of his dreams' but uncovering a mystery far more interesting, making this a great and exciting story from start to chilling end!

So boring

What the film does well is keep the story entertaining and leaves you wanting to see the next step in the mystery unfold (although the pacing is brutal at times).

The first 10-15 minutes are compelling and I hoped for a good noir/mystery, but all it offered was aimless wandering and an incoherent sequence of boring events.

Perfomances from actors are great and engaging and the strange storline really pulled me in.

This is one of the most pretentious, pointless, boring movies in recent years.

Toooo long, toooo boring.

Ok David, I know you're looking at these reviews, we are going to make a film together, It Follows and this one were both masterpieces that blew my mind away, I described this film as a long slow intense psychedelic slog into the underbelly of Hollywood madness and I loved every minute of it, and the ending tied it all together, ala The Invitation, you rock

Right from the get go there are some really interesting and mind blowing uses of the camera, that drew me into the film straight away.

The music is unbearable.

I'm into mysteries, I'm into noir, I'm into giallo, I'm into people making things that are ambitious and unpredictable, I'm a sucker for Riley Keough, and I was a pretty big fan of IT FOLLOWS.

Stunning visuals, garbage writing.

The locations are all the most cliche L.

It's basically a series of disjointed stories, all left incomplete and joined together by the main character's quest to find a neighbor that he's infatuated with.

such a waste of time!

Sam's pointless exercise in attempting to decipher meaningless hidden codes in treasure maps reminded me of M.

Good acting, entertaining dialogue, and not a moment left bored all through a mysterious story what more could you want!

Well made, but it really loses the plot at some point, it does become pointless, unless the point was to depict that there just is none.

This one a waste of time and resources.

Andrew Garfield gives an empty performance, going through the motions.

Thos movie was long and boring.

The climax of the film is fascinating, understated, and refreshing.

Out of the blue, he meets and instantly falls in love with Sarah (Riley Keough), but when he visits her apartment the day after meeting her, he finds her gone and the apartment empty, apart from a shoebox with a photograph and a few trinkets, and a strange symbol painted on the wall.

Cons: terrible script, bad slow pacing, muddled "message" that only applies to weird men.

i don't want to say too much about the film because its so weird and so exciting.

I would have given an 8 to this movie for the characters and places the movie was shot, but watching further I was kinda disappointed because the movie was going nowhere.

what i will say that this beautiful, exciting and sick film kept me glued to the screen for the entire run time

i watched the trailer for this film and expected a cool mystery movie but what i got was a fast paced exhilarating investigative thriller which had me and the entire audience laughing out load at the film and from the film.

Boring movie .

All the while there are strange dreams, cult story, subliminal messages in songs and boring, not even innovative, conspiracies.

A mysterious, gripping atmosphere, painfully transforming into a coward, light-minded mess, filled with idiotic and senseless content.

If you want to witness a slow drowning on film or are contemplating a bad film choice you've come to the right place in Under The Silver Lake.

I wish I had seen it at the theatre I would have walked out instead of continuing to watch it .

This movie is an awful waste of time.

Dont waste your time !

Its all over the place, some pointless characters also.

I enjoyed it, my wife less so.

I watched 2 movies this week and one was confusing as the other .

In other words - it just gets boring.

Filled with pop culture, mystery and a modern version of "The Dude" portrayed by a great Andrew Garfield, Under the Silver Lakes is an utterly entertaining and funny mission of a man who's obsessed with a woman he's met once, and the search that unwraps in a series of adventures including strange parties, conspiracies, the music industry, oddball girls and drifters, all in the context of L.

Just an empty film, lacks cohesion .

This is a film that wanted to be clever and quirky, but instead left us bored, confused and actually angry at how horrid this was.

Any ratings above a 5 are surely posted by cast and crew or lonely, pretentious art-house students with nothing better to do after a hard day at school trying to decipher the collective works of David Lynch.

All in all, the film is an enjoyable acid-trip journey through the L.

What a waste of time.

totally waste of time and money.

There are holes in the plot, it's difficult to follow, very unrealistic.

At a certain point you reach a level of saturation, resulting in confusion over what the movie is actually about.

I think this film's biggest sin is that it pretends to be a statement on the male gaze and how problematic it is while still using the male gaze to its fullest capacity, in every cliché imaginable.

the guy can do anything ,, the plot of the movie is strong ,and even though the movie started a bit slow and somewhat scattered it picked up in the second half ,, in summery the movie went from weird to sad to creepy ,, i'd say the mystery genre was obvious and sensible as for the crime/action it was actually a bit slow ,, but the tense kept on heightening every now and then ,,As for the comedy ,, i wouldn't say it was that clear ,,maybe the dark side of it was somehow on reach but still ,, i think with actor as talented as Andrew you could've gotten much more, and we and he deserved more.

If Mitchell actually has anything to say about subliminal messaging, the commodification of women, wealth buying privileges even in the afterlife, the pervasiveness of pop culture, or conspiracy theories, it's lost within a painfully dull and self-indulgent plot.

Category top 3 worst movies I ever watched in my hole life.

What a waste of my time to watch this and of resources to create this movie.

Very different and very entertaining .

I really don't recommend this movie, it's boring and not interesting what so ever!

Enjoyable enough and compelling to make it all the way through, and Garfield is good.

It was really hard to follow the movie through its random segments, its messy, scrambled fragments and all the meaningless sex scenes.

Garfield is very engaging as the rather unpleasant 30 something slacker, Sam.

Overall it was a quite boring movie...

It's esoteric, layered, nonsensical, funny, dark, absurd, confisusing, detatched and unpredictable.

Not everyone likes this, but I really enjoyed this unpredictable, crazy, entertaining, exiting and unconventional movie.

If you are not really talented, that 'pretentious' adjective is going to come to mind, and it's the worst thing you can say about any form of art.

It is sometimes rather hard to follow what Sam is up to, and about what's meant to be real and what's not, however director David Mitchell manages to sustain a sufficiently intriguing atmosphere for most of the duration of the film.

It's trying really hard to be something special but after an hour I just wanted to turn it off.

And while you can also consider it a bit cliche, the way it is woven into the story makes it kind of unique.

They make self indulgent art house trash like this.

Absolutely the most boring film I have ever 'started" to watch, could not watch even 30 minutes!

Homage to the 1950s Film Noir, entertaining form over function.

What a bore

There are not enough words for this turgid endless, plotless, characterless drivel.


Dont waste your time.

What a waste of time just going nowhere, strugling to keep my self intrigued.

Quite Unique and Compelling .

Many people may argue that there are several instances of useless but entertaining information in the movie, I believe these to be misdirects, paths to change your view of Sam and question what information actually matters to you.

'Under the Silver Lake' is a fascinating production reflecting a new generation's desperation to find meaning in the meaningless.

There's just more of the same, scene after scene going nowhere.

First, it's strengths: it is astronomically ambitious, unpredictable, and it will go WAY out of it's way to try to be weird.

Weird but extremely compelling.

There are just so many elements here that are fascinating and engaging.

The fact that there are a lot of story threads going on at once that can be confusing, I ended up enjoying the experience and balls of this film to be very different to any other film I've seen in a while.

Overlong, pointless and boring .

the problem is that if you have no story, you don't need 2 plus hours to tell it.

I see many negative reviews here, but unfortunately they all seem to come from people who expect films to be purely entertaining, movie fans who are unfamiliar with the brilliant movie references the film presents.

This movie is sick and boring!

Supposed to be artsy and creative but it's just a boring boring slow film..

Dont waste your time .

most likely the WORST movie you will EVER watch.

First, it's pretty slow-moving in parts where it did not need to be.

It's a good detective movie and worth the watch.

Some are given cameos before they become important to Sam's quest but they remain entertaining throughout.

very intriguing movie until the writer or director or both forgot which direction they were going and said it's just Guna be a dark comedy film with a terrible ending....

Words like "weird" and "bizarre" are rightly used in the reviews here, but words like "original", "inventive" and "fascinating" are equally appropriate.

A complete waste of time.

A COMPLETELY INSANE waste of time - that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.


Literate, but a bit empty .

At some point someone has to be honest enough to call out bad choices, lack of story, lack of focus and or care on the part of the film makers.

A weird dramedy that's strangely engaging.

Ultimately the credits at the end were the most enjoyable part of the movie for me and my biggest takeaway is how the REM tracks are still sounding so energetic, so great, and so relevant twenty years after their release.

While this was rather an enjoyable little 'trip', this adventure mystery romp, the ending ruined it by not giving proper closure to the story.

Brutally pointless .

On top of having a seriously wacked out premise/concept, one which effectively lenses itself to delicious wierdness at evey turn, what's perhaps most exciting of all about Mitchell's sophmore effort is that it actually manages to be just barely accesible enough to maintain a constantly mounting aura of genuine intrigue, while simultaneous growing astonishlingly off-the-wall random and zany at every moment.

Waste of time.

Andrew Garfield's character is also quite unlikeable, which makes the entire experience even more tiresome.

Under the Silver Lake is a tiresome, self-important, overlong, intellectually juvenile mess.

No real plot.

But credit must go for attempting this, I'd rather this outcome than a safe, boring and predictable story.

Don't waste your money on this movie

I think we saw every cliche in the book.

" (You know a movie is trite and in trouble if I can predict the big surprise.

A little boring .

Under the Lake of Confusion .