Underwater (2020) - Action, Horror, Sci-Fi

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A crew of oceanic researchers working for a deep sea drilling company try to get to safety after a mysterious earthquake devastates their deepwater research and drilling facility located at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

IMDB: 5.8
Director: William Eubank
Stars: Kristen Stewart, Vincent Cassel
Length: 95 Minutes
PG Rating: PG-13
Reviews: 174 out of 755 found boring (23.04%)

One-line Reviews (500)

While the plot might be derivative and not original , it still manages to be entertaining.

Intense scenes, good ending, a lot of Sci fi.

Watching it really was a waste of time

Is it a horror movie, an action packed movie, or a science fiction?

Intense from the first scene.

What a boring story and movie without explain anything...

One of the worst movies I've watched.

An entertaining underwater creature features flick with some flaws, but a fast-paced action packed !

I don't really know enough about movie production to make that call, but the extreme lack of clarity in the water scenes throughout the movie was more frustrating than suspenseful.

Entertaining Underwater Creature Feature .

Sure, it's clichéd and predictable, and it shamelessly borrows from a litany of superior genre films, but it's also a very entertaining and enjoyable aquatic creature-feature.

This movie was intense from the start, wasted no time.


The whole film is filled with jump scares and excitement that kept me on the edge of my seat.

It is of course mostly improbable but as a horror B-movie is suitably entertaining.

Very predictable.

Very entertaining, watch it now.

The sound design hits every horror cliche and the music is a hodgepodge of a hundred scores you've heard before.

Difficult too believe all these years after the amazing film Abyss , with all the modern writers, that such a boring film can be made .

This movie is a pure waste of time unless you like boring movies with a bunch of unnecessary noise.

Kristen Stewart brings this movie from stunning to breathtaking .

Don't waste your time with this title.


Well, the plot is simple, you have seen it a hundred times with movies such as Aliens and even the Meg in terms of the underwater sea creature element which was honestly a fairly enjoyable but all in all a pretty bland movie.

There's really no script in this movie.

But it does do established themes very well, and is the one thing it should be: ENTERTAINING.

I think this was intentionally done to grab and keep your attention as horror movies often start slow and build up suspense.

Just confusing .

You might end up deceived by the idea that the plot is about mining in the Mariana Trench, but here the good idea end - everything is predictable, it's something you've already seen in other movies.

Pretty boring and hard to follow.

A well-made creature-feature; it may not be original, but it is entertaining .

A good method to sell horror is isolation and there are few places more terrifying than the deep sea; darkness, cold, intense pressure, and life forms too alien to describe.

Boring at new level .

, don't waste your time watching this loser.

It was entertaining, it had the potential to prod against the big budget sci fi movies out there.

As I was saying earlier, I did get bored a bit here.

Overall, Underwater is ironically shallow while being intense, fun, and effective as it moves quick making you feel claustrophobic throughout with a good performance by Stewart, I just wish there was some more downtime before the earthquake started to get to know these characters that were so boringly written.

Surprisingly enjoyable.

It's like watching paint dry.

Plot is so predictable I almost fell asleep.

I could barely watch it to the end, that is how boring I found this thing.

Monster fans will love this thing, yet it's sold like it's another bland sci-fi snooze fest.

Like I said, It's only good to watch if you're bored.

End is predictable and not effective.

The movie was just so predictable.

This is by no means a great film, but there was enough that was entertaining that kept me engaged, even though it does feel like it rides that line of ripping off some classic films that clearly influenced it.

Don't waste your time.

This was, by far, the worst movie I have seen in many years.

The other enjoyable aspect featured here is the final half where they've survived and become aware of what's been stalking them throughout the compound.

Don't waste your time.

Underwater is a bingo card of subgenre cliche .

This was an intense film right off the bat, sound and cinematography were incredible, fantastic performances all around, got me in a couple of jumps.

There is no story, no character development and no suspense.

Still entertaining.

For one the story is pretty predictable, still following most of the rules and trends that the SyFy channel movies do.

Worth watching if or when it is screened on telly...

But it was different and engaging right from the beginning as there was no time to stop to explain or learn, because everyone is simply focused on the goal of escaping to the surface because of limited oxygen.

Her story is an interesting one, but it is dimmed and dulled by the rest of the cast - cardboard characters, each of them a survival horror movie cliché.

Kristen Stewart and TJ Miller were the most enjoyable.

Huge opportunity with the underwater creatures to be scary and suspenseful.

My son is into horror movies and he is on the edge of his seat.

A cliche' filled horror movie .

Overall a decent entertaining way to kill some time.

Everything was fast paced and intense, I think this is the most intense PG-13 I've seen in a while.

Unexpected ending .

Once you get past the rushed feel of the first act, this movie becomes very enjoyable.

I get that the bottom of the ocean is dark, but it made it hard to follow the "logic" of the characters.

Underwater started out promising, but once they introduced the deep sea creatures, it got bogged down in the same old boring storyline that is a shameless copy of O'Bannon's 'Alien'.

Quite enjoyable little film.

It's in my top 20 pointless movies of my lifetime and I'm almost 40!!!

Movie is action packed right from the start.

Entertaining and well done.

Predictable plot, bad acting, stereotypical characters to whom I couldn't get attached (+ one super cringy sarcastic "funny" dude, as always)...

I'm writing this in the cinema while watching the movie cause I'm bored and wanna kill some time .

TJ Miller's characters teeters on annoying to kind of funny, the captain played by Vincent Cassel is boring and cliché, and the rest are stock and derivative of the genre.

This was very confusing for a film that literally has no script or characters.

The little bit we get about each character's background only highlights every predictable character trope.

I think it's one of the worst movies I saw lately.

The production is great and the movie is beautiful, but its cliche and has bad acting.


It is insanely claustrophobic and has a few moments of genuine intensity and it is entertaining.

It has a great atmosphere, and a fast, thrilling pace.

This one was quite enjoyable when it worked.

Sit closer to the screen to feel completely immersed into the thrill.

Waste of time .

Others have outlined the plot here, but suffice to say, I got bored halfway through and didn't care a jot about any of the card board cut out characters.

It reminded me with Ad astra,which has good effects but there's no story or point!

Sadly, "Underwater" might have been more compelling had the filmmakers confined themselves to the disaster plot rather than piggyback a monster invasion on it.

The visuals were all breathtaking, with one exception.

Unfortunately, "Personal Shopper" was terribly boring and sleep-inducing.

Stupid and boring .

Overall Underwater is an exciting and entertaining film though it is also ironically very wishy washy in it's premise, and though it seems to have a narrative, it loses its own footing as it delves deeper into its own story, leaving me as a viewer uncertain of where we started, where we were going, and where we ended.

Very predictable and entirely unnecessary "horror" flick.

Among it's better qualities is the overall fine setup at play that features some rather enjoyable setups which are rather fun at points.

I Really Enjoyed It .

The one being dragged by the monster and one creature is taken on board.

I was quite excited for "Underwater", I love an entertaining creature feature & there's really not enough horror movies taking place in the depths of seas or oceans.

Don't waste your money on this.

Putting the climax at the very beginning can be so boring then it leads to a predictable storyline.

Boring and predictable .

Throughout the whole movie my heart was racing and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next!

This film is literally unbearable and boring.

This was an enjoyable movie, with an okay story.

Uninteresting characters, no plot, blah blah,blah.....

They were all uninteresting, two-dimensional characters, to say the least.

Fairly boring.

OMG don't watch a movie like Aliens or Fury Road, I'm sorry if a woman being competent at her job (you know the thing the company she works for put her down there to do) if a feminist propaganda thing to you.

As many have said, the character development was lackluster, but so much of it was very entertaining.

Don't waste your time on this one, watch a rerun of any other sci-fi movie instead.

Unengaging claustrophobic murky poorly lit no plot alien underwater retread signaling the end of the main actresses career.

It is entertaining and lets leave it at that.

Make the film unwatchable!

Waste of time for me.

Forgettable and bland even for a pg-13 movie.

With subtle homage to Ripley Scott's alien, the movie was over all a fun suspenseful thriller.

No plot introduction; terrible screenplay/script; good CGI/cinematography except for first scene; acceptable ending; good last 30+ mins of "horror"; Kristen good acting .

Entertaining .

It is atmospheric and quite exciting.

It was a bit formulaic.

The characters appear as nothing more than vessels for the plot to continue onward, as the little characterization we do get from each member of the crew, is lackluster and dull.

Don't waste your time.

It's fast paced, action packed and scary: exactly as expected.

There are plenty of decent stuff to watch besides this gigantic waste of time.

This movie is nowhere near worth watching in the theater.

It was so exciting.

Not interesting, hard to follow, difficult to see anything at all, inability to understand the goal and how-to of saving themselves...

This picture looks nice but rest of it is really waste of time and money.

This movie was intense from start to finish.


When did Hollywood become soo boring.

You have so much things to do in your life, for waste your time to watch this movie.

Slow and plodding, you're presented with familiar scenarios and bog-standard movie tropes.

Enjoyable enough nothing to think about easy watch, I dont get the negativity?

As many reviewers stated: bad acting, bad script, no originality, even the effects are boring, it was too dark to see anything.

It also felt prolonged and boring.

boring .

For the first half of the movie I wished this cliche'd damsel in hysterical distress would just die and be put out of my misery.

A boring, jump scare filled and lazy horror film that borrows way too much from better films.

Random cliche scenes ( Like come on, we know that if a couple gets lost in water one of them or both would miraculously find a safe haven ) They also tried to bring in the " underwater " feel (blurry visions and darkness) which was also a bit too much under my perspective.

Dull movie .

The performances are as exciting as watching Doc McStuffins.

Too many boring conversation, and overuse of the jump scare scene!

The film makes up for it with some suspenseful scenes and impressive looking graphics.

In a lot of cases I love this, but when you have an ensemble of 5-6 characters, I think it's good to slow down in a couple moments and build character.

A sci-fi with sea monsters, a storyline that gives affliction at times very good but with a very cliché ending

Still good popcorn movie and enjoyable to watch.

It's worth watching...

" A disjointed and shallow story line, with absolutely no character development.

It was dull, it was boring.

i dont know why soo many bad reviews but still the movie exciting.

While the deaths were bloody, they were pretty boring & naff.

It's not even dumb fun, it's just uninteresting Also dear TJ Miller, you're a one not actor and extremely annoying.

The classic trait of an unseen monster lurking around a confined space is an overused trait in Hollywood but that doesn't mean this isn't one of the better films to use it, the few glimpses of the monster work well to build tension , however, Underwater is hampered with many of the genres typical cliches making certain points predictable and therefore causing many moments to feel unsatisfactory and a few deaths meaningless.

Mildly entertaining .

It turns out to be a worthy sci fi horror film that is worth watching if your into those kind of movies.

Mixing well with the pace comes very suspenseful moments that utilize so many special effects to paint the terrifying canvas of the deep in new ways that will insight nightmares.

A bit a waste of time.

The CGI/cinematography and Kristen and the director stepped it up for the last 30+ minutes of "horror" and because of those 30+ minutes, the fine ending, and Kristen's slow-motion last final scene, I say this movie IS worth watching despite the worst screenplay/script ever, poor plot (was there even a plot?

There are parts you can critique but I noticed I was gripping the arm rests and had some jump or heavy focus moments that drown (pun) out any take-aways.

Impressive, enjoyable action movie .

Good Effort Worth Watching .

Dont waste your time.

It's a total waste of your time.

And other moments that merely made me cover my eyes in suspenseful anticipation.

Overall is a great entertaining film!

The look was ok but the writing and acting was super boring.

Suspenseful .

The Stream: Poor, boring and obvious plot development leads to a lack of empathy for the characters or their menaceThe Big Screen: The typical lifeless performance by Kristen Stewart strangely wasn't horribleThe Final Bill: Wait to view this on a streaming service if you can't find anything else to watch after scrolling a while.

And although Eubank is most certainly no Boyle, Underwater is a lot better than its lack of advertising, clichéd premise, bland title, and generic trailer suggest.

Mildly predictable, mostly conventional story.

Entertaining, I would say yes .

Seen a lot of bad reviews but surprisingly enjoyed it.

That sounds like I'm ripping on the film, yet - amazingly - I actually quite enjoyed it.

I also admit there are a few scenes that are slow and the camera is set on something difficult to see, or when it gets eerily quiet and you're almost counting on a jump scare.

I thought this was very entertaining...

Fast paced and gripping.

Good use of atmosphere and good pacing, focusing on being intense rather than building suspense, and the special effects and big reveal at the end are good.

For those who can't, it will be tedious.

Horror comes fast but movie is boring .

Good if you are Bored.

But I enjoyed it as a Sci Fi romp.

The worst movie I've seen this year.

As for the storyline, it's a bit cliche with the whole "unfamiliar environment & something's hunting the characters" but it did a decent job trying to keep it entertaining with great set design and sick diving suits that looked like something out of the Lost Planet games.

But it's a fun, creepy, suspenseful movie that kept me engaged in it the entire run time.

Acting except for the stuffed bunny was acceptable but it just become boring towards the predictable end.

I for one found it to be very entertaining.

Quite suspenseful most of the way through, well written and cinematography is so great.

other than that a very cliche and ordinary movie

same old boring, monotone Kristen Stewart .

When I say this movie was unbearable to watch I'm not saying it lightly.

John Gallagher Jr., Jessica Henwick, and Mamoudou Athie also star in this underrated underwater horror film that will keep you on the edge of your seat and your anxiety through the roof.

Deep-water exploration is fascinating, drilling for resources at those depths could have been examined from a colonizing sort of perspective, and/or the psychological effects of spending so much time under the pressures of the sea.

A forgettable movie with uninspiring monsters and uninteresting characters.

It would have made for a suspenseful race against time.

I wanted to give them a push at times to hurry along and get over dragged out scenes.

Trust me, if you're just looking for an entertaining sci-fi action horror film, it won't disappoint you.

The best part is the creature though which is actually very vicious and intimidating with a very intriguing origin.

Solid, Suspenseful Horror Movie.

At some points it's difficult to determine who is being dragged off to end his or her participation in the movie.

Did I mention that "Underwater" is boring and a rip off?

The setting, scenery, and cinematography and music however is stunning.

Shakey cam darkness and boring, its like a low budget netflix movie, endless closeups in dark water with heavy breathing and panic faces of generic characters who behave as stupidly as required for a lazy plot writer.

Slower paced, not very clear to see what's happening on screen and then the final bit of action and monster stuff was pretty cheesey looking and scripted.

Lucien die when being dragged up by a creature?

This movie is utterly boring and at no moment is capable to draw the spectator in.

I enjoyed it and will probably rewatch it with my kids as they get older, too (kind of a prep for the Alien universe).

And this one, while slow in the first 5 minutes, goes of the rails into it fast.

Boring .

I would only recommend it to people who are interested in these type of slow, tension building movies with little pay-off and those who are desperately looking for a movie that has underwater experience and is within the horror genre because to be honest there are only a couple other such movies out there that I can think of.

Empty horror movie .

Uninspired cliché - intoscreens.

We luckily have an unlimited pass so we see a lot of movies both good and bad.. this one is most obviously on the bad list..there's no real plot, we're never properly introduced to any real story line or characters, we have NO idea why they're drilling or what they're drilling, and well.. the only thing that kept it afloat was TJ Miller and his one liners.

Action packed but predictable.

No acting, no story, no logic.

Somewhat enjoyable for a free movie .

This is an entertaining underwater creature feature.

Bland .

The movie is supposed to scare you with some very cliche scenes.

I thought it MIGHT be exciting, which, some parts were, and I looked up reviews on IMDb and YouTube, and I thought I'd give it a go.

And walking underwater is slow.

Barely enjoyable cliche .

Directed by William Eubank, the explosive opening does provide good momentum to the story but the director is unable to capitalise on it, and once more characters show up, their dull interactions & bland chemistry do enough to ruin the palpable sense of danger.

In short, Underwater is a very lean sci fi horror that delivers both slow burning, and thumping suspense.

The action is immediate and hard hitting and thrilling.

Now that it's finally seeing the light of day, there's a real sense of Disney just wanting to be rid of Fox's clutter, and they either didn't know how to promote it or didn't want to promote it, as the marketing campaign has been next to invisible (and the bland title certainly doesn't help), with the film grossing a paltry $7 million in its opening weekend.

When Norah's rocket illuminates him for the first time, it's a breathtaking moment.

I like this movie because it is a very thrilling film.

So Boring.

But the plot completely feels disjointed and not well put together.

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Fortunately the dialogue was so uninteresting it really didn't matter.


A slower pace and a bit more showing rather than telling would have done this film wonders as it truly does have an interesting story to tell, and has an incredibly talented group of actors on board to help tell it.

Worth watching .

Really enjoyed it and I wasn't sure if I would.

Entertaining Sci-Fi Horror .

Characters got no charisma, they're bland and souless, you don't get attached to none of them.

The story is cliché and with little explanation as to why they're drilling or what went wrong, although some of this is explained by the end.

Even the sounding is cliche.

Although I really liked the look of the facility, I would've appreciated some backstory to the propaganda like posters you see on the walls, and maybe a look at the day to day life in the facility for the people who work there.

The ensuing chaos and unpredictable nature of what's going on with the station exploding and failing around them unexpectedly turns into a fine series of escape plans to get to a stable environment where they can regroup and get their bearings on what's happening, allowing this to turn into a rather fun survival thriller with the different obstacles they need to overcome to escape the station.

Once you ignore the undereducated hollywood squad including the same manipulative propaganda tropes you've seen all year, the film itself is a pretty good reimagining.

It's the dialogue that is mostly cringe-worthy, as well as the predictable and unnecessary jump-scares.

"Underwater" shamelessly steals ideas and plot points from better, more entertaining films like Alien(s) and The Abyss, trying to pass them off as something new with the assumption that the audience should be admiring the filmmakers for this.

The film felt too random, pointless, bland due to the lacking in depth & backstory which could've saved this one, that & a few unique, cool & bloody deaths could've made this film way better than it actually was.

Enjoyable for Sci-Fi fans with a hint Lovecraft .

Otherwise, dont waste your time.

It's not because of bad special effects or production values (they were good), but rather the complete lack of character development, poor scene planning and empty story-telling.

So predictable to see a group of people trapped underwater and making a way to escape.

Impressive and unexpected cosmic horror .

You would find counting cloud formations more intriguing than this movie.

William Eubanks deep sea monster movie hits the bottom of the ocean running but soon runs out of propulsion becoming a lazy cliched snooze fest.

Well, it's a story that's taking uninspiring turns, uses a bunch of tropes we're all painfully familiar with, the characters, for the most part, also fit that bill.

Got soooo bored.

Extremely boring and predictable.

The characters are introduced instantaneously, when in this movie genre is more enjoyable to know their background to suffer or enjoy who is saved or not.

If it was too much work to flesh out a back story they should have just left out the monsters all together and made it a straight escape movie to cut out the lingering questions and confusion.

Simply waste of time!

Pretentious jokes.

its not that good enough to be on the very edge of your seat, but close )Cliche deaths,Yes !

The whole group was so bored I almost took it out mid movie, I got so embarrassed.

From Ravi Bansal's brilliant art direction to Marco Beltrami's anxiety inducing score, to Dorotka Sapinska's amazing costume design that perfectly fuses modern-day tech with rich sci-fi elements; "Underwater" assembles an all-star team to create a fascinating world ripe for exploration and discovery.

Great underwater special effects it really was quite gripping.

Preachy, annoying or just boring and meaningless.

Right from the start the sense dread gets gradually ascends and then we get immersed in this survival/scy fy/horror film.

Dont waste your time .

I think the project could go further and although I did not consider it a bad movie, I think it could be done much better, especially a deeper and more intriguing story could be made ...

Sure, cliche...

This also is one of the most cliched predictable movies ever, I pretty much knew what was going to happen to every character as soon as they were introduced and it went down exactly how I thought it would.

This movie had a lot of jump scares (some may be unneeded) but still enjoyable.

I felt really bored.

There is no story or anything lone those lines, what you have is the ending of a film in a way, its almost like Titanic without the first hour of the film, it jumps straight into the sinking stage.

Turn your brain off and just enjoy the film if you can, don't waste your money if you're going to want the intelligence of films like Alien or The Descent.

its never really explained, its not a mix of alien either, nor any underwater movie ever made it does stand on its own, the FX are amazing but a part from that there is no plot story, only going to one spot to the other in hope of survival.....

Once again these are repetitive and annoying.

Highly enjoyable mainstream genre effort .

Was actually fun, and did a nice job of building to an exciting ending.

Thrilling adventure with lots of jump scares .

A snooze fest .

The movie itself is too dark and dull.

This movie is so unoriginal and boring.

The basic premise of the movie was engaging - people locked in a place without a chance to escape - and a lot could have been done with only the danger of being so deep below the surface.

Saw this and The Turning this weekend, what a waste of time and money.

Most reasonably expensive to make films ,tend to be 2 hours and more,which most of the times make em too tedious to watch.

Going to theatre's now a days are boring and the atmosphere is not the same as it was growing up...

The movie though was boring until we get the climax and I think part of that is the lack of fleshing these characters out, especially with the ability of these actors.

A thrilling, high-production-value horror-suspense movie, that is honestly pretty good even from an objective standpoint.

The duration of the movie had me on the edge of my seat, awaiting to see who would make it to the end or not.

Disorienting and disjointed.

But after a highly intense build up, the film slowly transcends into an action/comedy rather than scifi/horror like I would have wanted.

Run of the mill action sci fi flick but it was enjoyable.

Despite it being derivative, Underwater is a great sci-fi horror that's tense, fast paced and extremely enjoyable.

If you haven't seen Stuart Gordon's Dagon, I highly recommend it.

Like I said earlier, it is entertaining.

The monster is lame and the script is boring.

It's just that the film becomes boring and generic very quickly.

At one point, one character gets dragged by a monster (or maybe an Octopus, I'm really not sure), and when they show who got dragged I was like, "Oh, I thought it was someone else, I didn't realize it was this person being attacked.

Overall I enjoyed it.

It is fast paced with action, has a good cast ensemble, and puts you onto the edge of your seat.

The movie is an enjoyable time-killer.

So empty and shallow...

Initially, "Signal" director William Eubanks looks like he was content with making a gripping disaster epic about a troubled corporate drilling platform boring the Mariana Trench, seven miles below the surface.

good effects, no story.

The thing is, he is a supporting actor used for comedy relief and on this horror-like film, he did his job to perfection as the type of character who points out when they are in a horror cliche right on cue.

Instead they just dive, pun intended, right into massively disjointed fast paced chaos.

The creatures were ok but I think they could have gone with more of a slow burn or psychological terror approach.

Just a boring character with no point.

No story or anything in her thinking.

Bland acting.

The acting's nothing special, the characters have little depth and the humour doesn't sit right with the supposed "horror" setting, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

But I can see people getting bored of the movie in general by that time.


At the end of the day, Underwater might not be quite the monumental achievement its ancestors from decades past are, but it is intriguing, moving, and and captivating in its own right.

It's an empty story.

The concept and plot is still exciting.

But the story and the characters are really empty.

Quite a lot of the movie was boring.

To be completely honest I actually qiute enjoyed it, even though it was extremely predictable.

Managing to become incredibly suspenseful and claustrophobic about their trip through the unknown conditions of the situation, this section of the film gets off to a fine start.

I really enjoyed the visuals as well as the pacing even if it was predictable.

Overall the movie is fast paced and moves along rather well.

What follows is something quite predictable.

That attempt at "realism", when combined with the CGI and the jump cut editing makes for a confusing visual mess.

And for a thriller/sci-fi, Underwater increases its thrilling factor by slowing down its motion picture.

Worst movie in 2020 .

I could barely stay awake to finish it.

No anticipation, no story at all, destruction starts in the first 5 minutes.

I enjoyed it.

The first attacks with the strange creatures are rather enjoyable, featuring the survivors coming upon the creatures feeding on the remains of the deceased crewmember which is all the better with the strange lighting and bizarre look of the creatures.

The kids were bored.

You know what you're getting with a film like this, and the best you can hope for is that it looks good and is entertaining.

For the same reason a lot of people probably avoided it: its formulaic horror-thriller story deep at the bottom of the ocean.

This movie is not trying to be Aliens, where the titular organism is as horrifying as it is fascinating.

Bad acting aside Kristen Stewart is good looking enough in order to keep watching, but I did pause the movie to randomly check reddit because the movie bored me.

I find it confusing and boring.

this movie is boring A.

Look at how we have advanced in all the scenes and cinema effects, details, we even have better looking actors and actresses so just a bit of cliche content shouldnt bring this movie below 5.

What I liked: Fast pacing Good intense scoring The claustrophobic feeling Not so much: Character development At some points, it gets easy to become distracted(even when they are giving major plot points, and whatever "backstory"- which isn't a ton, I found that I had to go back a few scenes a couple times.

Basic storyline, formulaic one-by-one technique but its spotlight mostly covers on the intense escapade to find their way back to the shore.

Worth watching.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat from the beginning to end.

But overall it is such a shame as the setting and the budget could allow gifted people to make a movie which is compelling and suspenseful.

(3) Overall, is this movie worth watching?

Pedestrian and frankly boring .

Cliche movie .

I do have to admit that I did get bored with this for a good stretch.

over 70% of the film is boring .

It's a very suspenseful movie, with a great ambiance.

literally breathtaking .

However, being a fan of good Sci-Fi Horror movies, I was pleasantly surprised to find this movie entertaining and engrossing.

It barely gives you a chance to get comfortable in your seat before it sends you into a explosive and intense opening sequence.

Rehashes virtually every cliche of both its genres to such an extent that it begs the question "why bother at all?

It's 1 of my top 25 worst movies ever!!!

Bland characters, bad casting, almost no character introductions, I didn't care about any of them, did't even remember one name, disappointing creature design, just...

While there are cliche moments throughout there are enough thrills and turns within the plot to keep your interest.

The creature effects are cool and the sounds effects are intense.

Thrilling, terrifying, and claustrophobic; this movie doesn't let up for a minute.

Zzzzzzzzz .

The monster element is a slow burn.

Eubanks should be a director to watch for the Sci/fi thriller genre as he is absolutely brilliant with his keen eye for detail and intense visuals.

Vincent Cassel is not at his best but the role of a cool-headed, stalwart captain fits easily into his wheelhouse and his performance is enjoyable.

And anything with Vincent Cassel in it is always worth watching.

I found myself getting immersed in the little world on display here.

Practically unwatchable.. .

Just barely worth watching for the close-ups of Kristen Stewart's bare feet as she runs around in her Underwear (which would have been a better title).

Entertaining - Many Users Are Being To Harsh .

Boring movie nothing really happening.

The performances are uninspired and the characters are shockingly bland.

An entertaining movie with no story.

Renting this from Redbox was a terrible waste of my time and money This production Hit BC a new all time low for worst movies I have ever seen The words don't exist to Describe just how awful it is.

Uninteresting characters, drab dark environment.

Surprisingly Entertaining .

Ending a little bit unexpected.

an entertaining underwater thriller .

Save your money and wait until it's streamed.

Really a very bad movie in every aspect ,I couldn't enjoy it at all, such a waste of time !

The ending felt somewhat contrived, though still interesting.

The ending itself also constitutes the reuse of a tired cliche.

There's been a ton of garbage out there coming from seasoned filmmakers, so this was refreshingly exciting and entertaining - start to finish.

the story is repetitive, the horror - if there's any - depends only on the typical jump scares not the story elements, you can't relate to any of the characters, the sound is a disaster and the cinematography is unclear and foggy and the directing is all over the place.

Part of our love of the Alien film series, is that each one has its own cast and its own envirantfir is to identify with after the movie is overWithout that.. we are left with a murky, mess that ends up boring us and having us come up for air long before the film intends us to do so !

There were a few jokes here and there but because of the foundation of being a borefest, you couldn't give a rats about the jokes.

But its a mashup that is done really well and its very entertaining from begining to end.

There's a plethora of writers who can take a simple story and make it entertaining and so that's what I expect.

It is implied in the credits exposition that living in deep pressure causes unpredictable side effects.

Every time the film prepares to show off the lurking beast, it does so by ratcheting up the score and blaring a foreign sound for nothing more than a boring jump scare, every scare is laughably predictable.

Boring and predictable sci-fi movie .

Started off quite good, but then got a little tedious and rushed.

Its hot, fast paced, action packed, beautifully shot and well acted.

Nothing happened.

Clearly should have been rated 'R" based on sensual images, language used, and intense imaging with fright and gore.

The result is an inherently watchable film that's fast, frightening and creepily chilling, whilst still managing to be exciting and oddly uplifting.

Definitely had me on the edge of my seat, can't even imagine being in the position they were in haha.

HilariousAnyways, defo worth a watch, very enjoyable make sure you turn the light off and the sound up!

The monsters looked a bit boring except for that final reveal at the end.


For people with 2 neurons or a little more, don't waste a second (even in boring quarantine) of your precious time.

Eubank also hasn't lost his touch, his visual style is recognisable and the concept of the creatures is intriguing, the full scale of what they are is not revealed for a while, and it is a vision to behold.

The movie seemed too fast-paced and formulaic of a typical 'creature-feature' movie in order to be enthralled by the tension of inescapability.

The black guy in a horror cliche, really?

Intense aquatic horror.

Entertaining .

It's a film that's about panic, and how unexpected heroes can be made through instinctual response to adversity.

Slow plot, boring and predictable dialogues (like you can guess in every step what's going to happen), in other words, total cliche!

Underwater is by far from a January movie, I went into the theater with no expectations whatsoever and to my surprise, this movie delivers on various notes and is surprisingly incredibly entertaining.

There were some scenes that were a little confusing when things amp up.

This is the opposite of a slow film.

Waste of time .

It is a lot of fast editing cuts and shaky camera movements which can make it a little confusing.

I was bored from start to finish .

Boring .

the story is boring and the worst thing is the bad science and physics of this movie.

The big finale, featuring the last-ditch effort to get out of the doomed facility before it explodes and the creatures get inside, gets incredibly enjoyable as the slick and glossy visuals offer quite suspenseful moments within the frantic action as the cliffhanger involving the monster attacking them has a lot to like.

This movie is quite entertaining and is not tying to be anything other than what it is, an entertaining movie.

If you are a fan of Horror movies then this movie isn't for you and it would be better not to watch it but even if you are not a fan of those kind of movies don't watch it because you are going to waste your time.

As mentioned above, there is comedic relief, and while enjoyable at times, there are other times where the awkward joke is too forced or beaten over the head for it to really work.

The movie is exciting and the actors are good.

Overall, Underwater comes packed with genre tropes & clichés and is predictable for the most part but its breezy pace, consistent thrills & final creature revelation still makes it an adequately entertaining aquatic horror.

But sometimes it is what it is, this flawed but highly entertaining Cthulhu movie had a bad fate in store for it.

But if you can set all that aside, keep your expectations set on "thrill ride with very little plot required", you will enjoy this movie.

No story....


I'm pleased I rented it, really enjoyed it, and am probably going to check it out again - we'll see if the bad choices make a second watch unpalatable.

The movie mainly fails in its predictable script, flat characters and cliche story.

I thought it was well executed and very "Aliens-esque" enjoyable.

I had my guard up at first (because of the negative reviews) but to be honest it was quite enjoyable.

As for watching this movie Kristen Stewart was basically the only entertaining thing lol.

I respect the effort to make the movie and I also find it enjoyable so it's 8 to me

The set and production design are impressive, and they help create that isolated, suspenseful atmosphere.

We were on the edge of our seat.

Do not waste your time, boring af movies r becoming so boring, there's nothing good anymore

Zzzzzz .

Strong, suspenseful and beautiful at times...

Gave it a fair chance, worst movie I've watched in a while and I enjoy bad movies .

Underwater's crew is different though, as Steward leads the bunch in a thrilling adventure that puts science skills to the test.

Boring .

A snooze fest of a film aspiring to be another "Alien" without putting in the work, Underwater feels like eating air.

If they would have linked it to the Cloverfield universe then this movie would have worked better, however as a stand alone flick it fails to impress in certain parts and leaves you unsatisfied throughout with a mix of enjoyable and unsatisfying moments makes Underwater an very average film.

Unwatchable, cringy and awkward.

So basically you sit through an extremly boring movie for the monster to show up.

Literally the worst movie I've ever seen .

This movie is thriller and mind blowing.

Nice sets, engaging tension, good alien design anf execution.

Just what I wanted out of a fun, thrilling day at the theater.

To much darkness Zzz .

Predictable story.

You are immersed into what will happen next.


The pace is fast and intense, the thrill is there and make me jump twice.

Some of the scenes of claustrophobia are intense and I liked the dynamic of the group.

Incredibly boring, awful cliche storywriting and no character development.

However, it is entertaining to watch for at least once, provided that you have large screen and decent sound system - there are lots of low light scenes and atmospheric sound effects.

The Mariana trench is again a fascinating thing in the world it is so deep that's getting a gist of it will definitely make someone scared.

Watch for entertaining purposes only .

This was a very boring movie.

character development, story, music, there isnt really a plot, it's just a flat thing that uses way too many clichés and its too predictable....

Those that thought it was boring clearly missed salient information as they were distracted with their own stuff and as a result didn't feel it hung together well.

Suspenseful, freaky creature feature.

Simple , Interesting and Entertaining .

Boring .

The other members of the crew are kinda bland, although if I'm ever in a life-or-death scenario with someone like T.

The darkness in the scenes seemed to be there to hide details, scenes where similar to the last, plot was predictable and thankfully the audience got saw revenge when Kristen took her own life.

Henwick's performance is thoroughly solid and enjoyable.

It was a good start in the beginning but kind of a boring movie.

The cast is uncanny but surprisingly charming, intriguing, and funny at times.

Just every once and a while they felt the need to include a slow mo shot.

I will say the film is intense and thrilling not really scary at all.

Starring Kristen Stewart in the lead role, it rehashes virtually every cliche of both its genres to such an extent that it begs the question "why bother at all?

don't waste your time .

Apparently everyone is a movie critic and some were super hard on this movie but I found it to be action packed from the first couple of minutes and it kept my interest the entire time!

Although, i really enjoyed it to be honest.

, its empty, the void, the blackhole....

It stays pretty intense for most of the run time, and the characters weren't terrible to be with either so so far so good.

I enjoyed it , it has some intense moments, and the pace moves along swiftly.

This film is a monster theme, no sense of terror, no deep sense of human nature revealed, only empty 90 minutes.

This film really had no plot, it had no climax, and it didn't entertain at all.

An intense ride from start to finish .


Aside from the less than stellar writing, I found myself enjoying this film far more than I had anticipated, and I would certainly say it is worth the watch.

(Surprisingly Gory) Cliche Ending, definitely Yes !

Besides that this is a (and this is pretty hard to do) BORING monster film.

First off, why Boring Kristen Stewart for this movie?

It was Shell Shockingly Boring 👎 .

The pacing was good and it was entertaining.

It won't change your life, but it's an entertaining and well-made creature-feature.

", that's the energy of this movie, trying to be a cooler version of Alien with underwater sequences which are just boring after a point.

It was entertaining and I liked it.

A mix of movie cliches of the genre, don't waste your time, it lacks the desire of show something original.

The ending was a little unexpected , not the whole ending though.

"Underwater" works best while making viewers feel claustrophobic, but in the end this is a boring rip off of great films of the same genre.

Found it Boring right from the opening.

A cliche creature movie , too boring at times.

The action hits you right out the gate and the slow parts aren't too long or bad.

Some visual effects with no story at all.

As such, it 'drown' in the sea of most formulaic Horror movies with a few good moments to just about reach the surface.

When something exciting happened it was over too fast.

Sometimes its super fast and sometimes its so slow, you cant even tell that only 1 minute has passed.

It is a decent near-future underwater survival film and I think alien-like predator detracts from that with cliche moments.

I do wish the movie had taken its time at the beginning and had the confidence to start slower, introducing the characters, the setting and the first unsettling signs of something wrong (say, sighting strange creatures BEFORE the catastrophe).

I was actually mad when we left early.