United Passions (2014) - Drama, History, Sport

Hohum Score



Follows the passing of the FIFA baton through three association presidents: Jules Rimet, Joao Havelange, and Sepp Blatter.

IMDB: 2.1
Director: Frédéric Auburtin
Stars: Sam Neill, Tim Roth
Length: 110 Minutes
PG Rating: N/A
Reviews: 18 out of 28 found boring (64.28%)

One-line Reviews (40)

Even the framing device of kids playing a soccer game is dull, despite the only girl on either team (playing the goalie) who apparently cannot block a shot, suddenly takes the ball down the pitch like Pele and nails a 20 foot shot.

This is propaganda.

I prepared for the worst: for a boring FIFA-propaganda.

It's 1937, fancy being in this German propaganda film?.....

She is carried off the pitch by players from BOTH teams and yet even that was boring.

This movie is a boring drawn out muddled up tale about how everyone who likes FIFA is god himself and everyone who doesn't is a racist, misogynist.

It was like a cry for help masquerading as a shiny medal of honor; a film functioning as a massive ego-boost first and propaganda second.

It's honestly like a propaganda film biography of el presidente designed to encourage the cult of personality in some tinpot banana republic.

However, the biggest crime committed other than the celebration of FIFA as this above-board, honest organization thanks to Sepp Blatter (not), is that the film itself is dreadfully boring.

Worse than Bad, it is Boring .

FIFA financed movie is naturally one sided but well made and quite entertaining .

The second half is strait-up propaganda extolling the virtue of Sepp Blatter.

Even as a propaganda device, this is a horrible film.

If you like watching propaganda, then this is the film for you.

Having been a football fan for over 27 years i was blessed to be able to see the true events surrounding the intriguing story of the organization FIFA.

There is really no plot here – just a series of events that occur, few of them in any way interesting.

Also Sam Neil puts in a fine performance playing Joao Havelange, his first lines were mind blowing, I must also give credit to the camera team and make up artist, who must of been slightly inebriated during the making of this film.

But the film went above and beyond the typical aspects of propaganda with its overbearing self-importance, acting as if FIFA single-handedly saved the human race from extinction and is thus the hero of humanity that deserves endless praise and glory.

Well, like any shady regime, you pump out propaganda.

With Gerard Depardieu (in an enjoyable performance) and Sam Reilly as former FIFA presidents Jules Rimet and Joao Havelange and Thomas Kretschmann as Horst Dassler, head of sports apparel giant Adidas.

First half exciting at times, second half more like scoreless soccer game to an American .

I'll give you one example of a hilarious scene where the FIFA president and his daughter give a speech towards the most cliché pompous and prejudiced British guy.

If you like watching propaganda, then this is the film for you.

" If I would tell the story to one of my friend, I'd be in trouble, because there is no storyline, there's nothing.

Due to their obsessive need for control and outrageous arrogance, the men in the upper echelons of FIFA clearly trampled over every crew member's sensible input to save the film from being anything but the laughable piece of propaganda that it was, blatantly attempting to excuse FIFA from taking any responsibility for its unlawful actions so its billionaires can continue stealing money.

The film crystallizes the fact that FIFA's upper management is full of severely insecure businessmen whose low self-images manifest into a compensatory imaginary world of their own self-aggrandizing and self-indulgent delusions of grandeur, which they sadly mistake for reality.

Boring .

Furthermore, the film makes being a FIFA president appear to be the most boring, most uninteresting job on the planet and even the fancy locations like Rio for example cannot crack a smile for anyone.

I isn't subtle it's just plan offensive, this is as low as the propaganda movies Hitler used to convince kids joining the Nazis.

In 2011, a Chinese film called 1911 was released, and failed because it was merely propaganda disguised as a film.

It is quite entertaining if naturally very one sided.

If anything I begin to sympathize with Wilcox much more than any other 'protagonist' in this confusing story.

Breathtakingly awful propaganda from the Mafia that killed football .

Boring Propaganda - SPOILERS .

Shameful propaganda.

Jamming some tenuous bit about women, in the most contrived, patronising way at the end, was genius!

I went to see this for free today on the premiere in Portugal, I wasn't expecting much because I saw the IMDb score, and YouTube comments saying it was propaganda, I honestly taught everybody was overreacting and went to see it with an open-mind, besides that I love Tim Roth with all my heart.

the film contains boring script,bad direction,bad screenplay no proper story this movie is only propaganda movie by A FIFA about the history of the FIFA.

As previous reviewers have said, this smells a lot like propaganda.

Gross-out comedies without the comedy, sickeningly cliché romantic movies, and unintentionally hilarious flops.